Bagpipe is a “go”

ByHaggis Feb 17, 2015

3 hairy SOBs went skating. The Thang: Mosey / shuffle to the parking deck. Haggis lead: run up and down several times and do a few merkins and

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Bagpipe Pre-Blast: Bagpipe is a “Go”

BySoft Pretzel Feb 16, 2015

Sons of Ballantyne, With the inclement weather approaching, wanted to let everyone know that Bagpipe is on as scheduled for tomorrow so that any

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The Minority Report

ByMarket Timer Feb 10, 2015

The pax count battle at Swift/Bagpipe continues as Bagpipe defections up the Swift totals.  Today, YHC even mistated the Swift count, which was

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51…and Counting….

ByFrehleys Comet Feb 4, 2015

For my (Frehleys Comet) 51st birthday, I thought I'd keep that number in mind for 45 minutes by doing multiple exercises with 51 reps.  Mission

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Thank You Haggis. Job Well Done

ByMermaid Jan 27, 2015

34 men posted at the Vine for Bagpipe and Swift. 21 men followed YHC for the boot camp style Bagpipe beatdown.  The Swift guys were most likely

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On the hunt for Nessie. The Legend continues….

ByMadame Tussauds Jan 20, 2015

20 SOBs met at 0530 at the Vine Restaurant at the Ballantyne AO in search of ole Nessie herself in Loch ness. Recent reports suggest that Nessie

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The Bag Pipe 600

BySoft Pretzel Jan 13, 2015

19 strong men unknowingly set out to complete 600 hundred reps and 6 laps around the pond.  8 Swifter's took a different and perhaps wiser path.

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Bagpipe bursts a bag

ByHaggis Jan 6, 2015

29 Pipers crushed the parking deck at Bagpipe.  12 Swifters ran around the hood.  Typical Tuesday morning at the SOB hideout. Haggis posting


T’was the morning before Christmas Eve

ByMadame Tussauds Dec 23, 2014

14 brothers launched at 0530 from the Vine Restaurant at the Ballantyne AO for a Christmas eve eve beatdown. Here’s what we did: The Thang:

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Bagpipe (posted by Soft Pretzel on behalf of Outback)

BySoft Pretzel Dec 16, 2014

First sign of trouble on my first Q started the night before when my co Q, Mr. Bean, pulled out.  Something about pneumonia, I still think that