Yes, we’re still on

ByCostanza Feb 10, 2018

YHC arrived early to welcome the PAX on a fine 50degree morning. As was getting close to 7am seemed like the regulars were fartsacking given the

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The 12 Days of Groundhog Day

ByVoodoo Feb 7, 2018

6 studs rolled up on Old Providence Elementary at 0700 on Saturday for another edition of Ascent. YHC pulled in to find High Tide's bright blue J

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Four’s a Crowd

ByCostanza Jan 27, 2018

High Tide, Costanza and Mall Cop were awaiting the missing Q but decided to launch. Just as we finished the COP, Wolfman joins in the fun. We dec

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The Samurai, Twisted Sisters and The Foul Shot

ByMadison Jan 15, 2018

YHC originally signed up to Q Ascent in late Summer, but had to reschedule due to an unavoidable family commitment.  It took nearly 4 months for

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Can’t see the lines, can you Russ?

ByGummy Dec 16, 2017

Nine men gathered in an elementary school parking lot at 7:00 on a crisp, 24 degree morning. Nice mixed crowd of vets, 2.0s and an FNG. I gave a

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Cantore and the Fartsack

BySony Dec 12, 2017

Posted on behalf of Pele Cantore and the Fartsack YHC heard the calls from Cantore last night and prepared the weinke accordingly. It has bee

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Moderate? What’s moderate?

ByVoodoo Dec 6, 2017

8 pax joined YHC on a warm December morning for the weekly installment of Ascent. It was a kettlebell day, so High Tide came early to do his TGU


Kettlebells on a sunny november morning

BySony Nov 13, 2017

You know when you have that gut feeling that you're forgetting something? YHC had that friday night, and fortunately was smart enough to check on

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Tabatas revenge at Ascent

BySony Oct 3, 2017

Preparing for a large crowd from RockZero, YHC geared up with a plan to test the entire nation, clydesdales and whatever you call those people wh

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PREBLAST: The revenge of the Tabata at Ascent

BySony Sep 29, 2017

With the Isabella Santos / Speed For Need race this Saturday, Ascent will remain open as a 7 am workout option! So all y'all over at the Rock Zer

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