“Watching” a podcast and Fake News (not related)

ByChelms aka Tatertot Feb 21, 2018

16 of the very finest in all of F3 (not just South Charlotte) gathered for another rendition of Anvil.   It was easy - relatively speaking (lik


Better than chocolates

BySnowflake Feb 15, 2018

9 Men got their hearts right at Anvil for Valentines Day. It looked something like this: After a quick disclaimer to the Pax, we took a lon


The Tale of Two Weinke’s

ByAlf Feb 7, 2018

Anvil is a great AO and group of guys.  It's also on Wednesday which is my usual off day.  Hard to get the body out of routine sometimes to do

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That Stuff We Did That Time Last Year

ByThin Mint Jan 20, 2018

10 PAX (including 2 Turkeys who survived another Thanksgiving) showed up in the cold, wet parking lot of Anvil. Little did they know that all the

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The Ultimate Beastmaster

ByMermaid Jan 17, 2018

The weathermen set the stage for a snowfall of epic proportions with the storm beginning precisely at 0530 when the F3 athlete warriors would go


Not that cold

ByChelms aka Tatertot Jan 3, 2018

11 men posted to Anvil in below 20 degree weather (19 per my car) but several wore shorts so not that cold.   I guess it was the high humidity


I’m not failing, I’m learning

ByWildTurkey Dec 27, 2017

Last night, a jet-lagged Ickey Shuffle called out for a replacement at Anvil. I took on the lead and we all learned some valuable lessons. Li

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We won’t miss that dude…

ByVan Pelt Dec 13, 2017

15 fought off the fartsack temptation, braved the cold, and showed up at the best AO in SCLT--Anvil.  It was so cold, Rachel had on long sleeves


Da Lobsta Rolls

ByMcGee Dec 6, 2017

This is McGee posting on Lobsta's behalf. GO PATS. Yeah, yeah, I know. I missed the last time I was supposed to Q. Whateva. Time to make up fo

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Thankful for Power Steering

ByIron Horse Nov 29, 2017

23 PAX posted (1 went MIA as we ended) to begin the joy of the Christmas season with a stroll through the 12 Days of Christmas.  I thought it we