The Best err, worst? of McGee’s Q’s

ByAlf Jan 25, 2017

The backblast is coming in late today, but it's still today. 20 Men posted at Anvil after a fair warning of burpees.  And burpees we did. Mose

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Bulking Season

ByIckey Shuffle Jan 18, 2017

Winter is for adding muscle mass before the onslaught of running that always accompanies the summer months here in Area 51.  On a downright plea


Just around the block

ByBaracus Jan 11, 2017

Well, the weather looked pretty good for this morning when I checked earlier in the week.  After days of arctic temperatures in Charlotte, thing

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Welcoming back the sandbags to Anvil

ByAlf Dec 28, 2016

Read the Fast Twitch back blast yesterday and between that and Margo's Strava update it appeared he was in no shape to be Q'ing Anvil today.  Af

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Keeping it Simple

ByThin Mint Dec 14, 2016

Thang Swift mosey towards the hot box and circle up for COP All IC: IW x15, LSS x15, Merkin x10, Mtn Climber x10, Low Plank Jack x10 Mosey



ByMcGee Dec 7, 2016

Note: Please compare this workout to this one - 100 AYE. At 43 degrees with a 43 degree dew point, YHC's amateur meteorologist skillz predicted


I thought Castro was dead

ByVan Pelt Nov 30, 2016

In the balmy Cuba-esque breeze, 13 PAX gathered in the gloom. The virtual shovel flag flapped it the breeze. A less-than-adequate disclaimer wa


Power of 11

ByChelms aka Tatertot Nov 24, 2016

Disclaimer -  YHC is typing on iPad mini and can barely see the screen plus my secretary is on vacation early and spell check rarely works Elev

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Birthday Inspiration

ByMermaid Nov 9, 2016

YHC tweeted out that today would have been my brother's 39th birthday, which provided inspiration for today's beatdown.  12 men followed YHC aft


If you don’t feel like puking you aren’t going hard enough.

ByAlf Nov 2, 2016

12 Men posted at Anvil this morning and got what was advertised.  Strength plus high intensity cardio.  The pre-blast Tweet even scared off the