The Stand: Man as Shepherd-Lord

ByPurple Haze Jan 31, 2014

  8 men (most fresh off Jamboree's #F3Centurion soul-crushing but a few guilty fartsackers) gathered in the Carmel/51 Panera for the week


Remorse, regret, or repentance?

ByBulldog Jan 31, 2014

14 pax turned up at Chic Fil A this morning to discuss section 5 or the book "Fight" by Craig Groeschel. The book has been a close look at the li

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Wield the Plow, Bear the Sword

ByPurple Haze Jan 10, 2014

8 men gathered in the Panera at Carmel/51 for #F3TheStand to discuss Chapter 2 of The Masculine Mandate.  Simply, men are called to be men.  So


Does the clay tell the potter what to do?

ByHops Jan 9, 2014

5 pax posted for another Thursday gathering of The Yardstick.  Agony had posted at Bastion prior, but the rest had not hit a 1st F workout prior

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“…putting things right all these centuries, is coming together right now….”

ByHops Jan 9, 2014

8 of the pax gathered in a corner near the WF Atrium; and the brown baggers of the Lions Den, after a pre-game Namearama, dug into Matthew 3:13-1

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2014- Area 51 Community Service Oppurtunity (COTS)

ByRadar Dec 16, 2013

Starting in January of 2014 Area 51 has committed 5 pax the first Sunday of every month to work with Christ Covenant Church and the Church on the


New F3 Compass Book – “Fight” by Craig Groeschel

ByBulldog Dec 11, 2013

Men of F3 - we are starting a new book for Our Third F meetings at the Arboretum Chic-Fil-A on Fridays at 0630 (and we will start to meet inside.


Tutoring at AG

ByChelms aka Tatertot Oct 16, 2013

F3 is making a great impact at AG Middle School.   However, there is always room for more tutors and not just on the days F3 has targeted.  

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