Be Aware………..of Burpees

ByChastain Feb 20, 2020

The story takes place Wednesday evening before Floater. A text is sent to Deadwood, “Are you on Q tomorrow”? The response was yes, but I am n

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Smooth isn’t exactly the word I would use…

ByDeadwood Feb 20, 2020

18 pax joined me for a tour around Marvin Ridge with a few puddles along the way. I didn't have a super elaborate Q planned this morning but I

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One year later I’m no different but not the same. Huh?

ByTommy Rose Feb 19, 2020

Five Pax roused themselves for a balmy 49 deg Tuesday AM at #Thrive.  This was my one year F3versary with these dudes in F3 Union County.  More

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Some say its the length, some the girth, but apparently its the surface area.

ByAlf Feb 19, 2020

...I'm talking about a lifting rock here.  What were you thinking? 7 PAX posted at Anvil.  It was drizzly even if the radar said it wasn't,

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LRC 3 for 6

ByFoundation Feb 19, 2020

Today we had 3 pax for 6 miles (4 laps) around the Standard Loop.  Pace continues to increase for all Pax.

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