Clean slate -“flock of seagulls” at a Community Yard Sale today only

ByTwinkle Toes Apr 17, 2021

Clean slate -“flock of seagulls” at a Community Yard Sale. Welcome and DCCS - never been here before so let’s go exploring .25 mi mosey t

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Thanks to Abe Froman for Visiting Bagpipe

ByWarEagle Apr 16, 2021

11 Pax kicked off their Tuesday with a little visit to the gloom.  At 5:30 disclaimer was given and off we went. The Thing: Standard warmu

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If You Swap Q’s Does That Make You a Swinger?

ByMadison Apr 16, 2021

Q swaps are fun -- especially when the only 2 Pax who are aware of the swap are the Site Q's.  Sensei and I planned a Q swap to keep things inte

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Maybe 5 or 6

ByMermaid Apr 16, 2021

Title was my expectation for number of pax. Far exceeded at 18, including YHC. Disclaimer given. Pretty full one, at that. Waffle House did point

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Foundation and Glidah are freaking LOSERS!!

ByZinfandel Apr 16, 2021

Both missed your BBs on April 5th? What you haven't pooped once since then? Lock it up. Two weeks later my memory of the workout was been erased

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