Buckets Dough

ByDoughBoy Feb 14, 2019

The days have been long with a new job so sometimes you get a back blast written at the last moment that shares the pain and torment that was de

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ByChinMusic Feb 13, 2019

Record turnout for the 2/13 edition to WAMRAP -- or so I'm told. (It was only the second time I've posted at the new AO). I'm not naive enough

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A Nice Little Trip Around MRHS

ByDana Feb 13, 2019

23 men came to follow me around the Marvin Ridge campus on this damp morning.  After a quick review of campus conditions with some pre-runners,

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You Can Do Anything For A Minute

ByWoody Feb 13, 2019

Rolled up with only 2-3 minutes to spare. It was great to see another car (Car-Son) in the lot at Shiloh! Glass Joe rolled in right after me, an

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The Broken Promise(s)

BySpackler Feb 13, 2019

Promises were made. It wouldn't be raining, we would stay on the pavement and it wouldn't be leg day. But crazy things can happen at 5am in th

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