The Ramp Late is Better Than the Ramp Not Taken

ByGerber Apr 9, 2020

Because I was doing the CSAUP 4x4x48 Challenge on Friday/Saturday/Sunday I did not complete the killer workout from Friday.  Also, it wa

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4x4x48 is a good idea?

ByGerber Apr 9, 2020

Foundation posted a few weeks ago a 4x4x48 challenge since Spartan was cancelled along with every other spring race that we had signed up for or

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Virtual Jazzercise

ByGerber Apr 9, 2020

This evening edition of Clyent Dinner was done completely via Zoom in our driveway. No running, lots of Jazzercisey exercises.   Th

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Bywingman Apr 7, 2020

21 Pax set an SOB Virtual Record this morning. Garage was warm but the breeze on the round-outs was fantastic. Great way to start your day! 2

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Where are those bird sounds coming from?

ByMighty Mite Apr 6, 2020

One of the few bright spots of these virtual workouts is the reduction of my commute to the AOs.  Now that all I have to do is wake up, make a v

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