Baby, I’m a star(fish)

ByLois Jul 31, 2020

Six to seven hearty PAX Made a visit to one of Peak’s classic locales for a beatdown that can only be termed as “Old School Peak.” Why do w

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Chiseled: Classic Rock til You Drop

BySledge-O-Matic Jul 31, 2020

If you didn't know Mt. Chisled before, you probably wanted to grab one of my extra sledgehammers after this workout to knock it down to size.  A

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Reminiscing The Brave

ByJRR Tolkien Jul 30, 2020

MEMORY LANE Remember the OLD Brave? YHC does... barely. Good thing we have backblasts, so we can #relivethememories . Back in the day we'd run

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School is not in session (anymore…late)

BySurge Jul 30, 2020

Warm Up On a fine summer morning we went to school...and then it was over. Chastain and Fuse Box explained what we would be doing until 8:3

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Bad Idea’s All Around

ByCarb Load Jul 30, 2020

16 brave souls followed me into the gloomy morning dew to find our comfort zone and move passed it. (some more than others) DiCCS Delivered a

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