Chiseled Comes To Outland

ByFuse Box Aug 17, 2019

I attempted to make a go at this octuplet thing. 7 workouts in a week and one second or third F event.  Unfortunately, my daughters baseball pr

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The six (cough)…I mean…the Q is in

ByScratch & Win Aug 17, 2019

13 pax gathered at the three-headed monster AO for what would prove to be a balanced beatdown, focusing on the often neglected muscle groups - b

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Circle of Pain — Middle School Addition

BySprinkles Aug 16, 2019

27 Pax: Damascus, Foundation, Deflated, Dasher, Hooch, Credit Score, Dana, Zinfandel, Schindler, Easy Button, Doughboy, Chainsaw, Maddog, Downp

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Easter in August!

ByHoneycomb Aug 16, 2019

7 Pax showed up for a very hot, late Easter basket themed workout. After our warm up routine we split into two teams. We had baskets spread ou

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Doesn’t everyone LOVE Donkey Kicks??? Especially at The Floater

ByDancing Bear Aug 15, 2019

Well it all started yesterday evening on my way home from work. I called Deadwood asking for some information. It kind of went like this. Deadwo

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