Headlamps required…..

By49er Aug 23, 2012

The Thang: Eleven Pax posted for The Devil's Turn; 2 for the 6 mile run and 9 for the 4 mile. Moleskin: The lack of a moon this morning made r

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Dirty Laundry

ByJoker Aug 22, 2012

23 men gathered in the gloom for a Death Valley party.  The Thang -Run to track -Warm up: SSH, Imperial Walker, Squats -Track work, in part

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40 is the new 30…Bring it!

ByStone Cold Aug 21, 2012

The Shovel Flag was planted and 14 of my F3 brothers helped YHC celebrate my 40th b-day in style with some pain management! The Thang: Run wi

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The Rock… T-minus 19 Days…

ByJoker Aug 20, 2012

26 men gathered in the gloom for a Saturday morning dose of pain and suffering.  The Thang  Countertop - QIC COP SSH x 30 Imperial Walke

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65 degrees and dark

ByThe Shore Aug 16, 2012

12 Pax set out for an early morning jog on the McAlpine Greenway. The Thang: 6 miles for those who set out at 5:15. 4 miles for those leaving a

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