I Was Told There Would Be No Running

ByStone Cold Jul 17, 2012

"Buddy" Block An elite Eight posted in the soggy gloom to explore off campus and play with blocks.... Run to Fields-3/4 mile Grab a Cinder B

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The Dirty Dozen

ByJoker Jul 16, 2012

A dozen men gathered in the Area 51 gloom on Saturday morning.  The Thang: Jog around field SSH x25 Imperial Walker x25 Warm-up shoulders Merk

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This IS mud, right?

ByTiger-Rag Jul 11, 2012

Seventeen Pax issued forth for a mid-week shellacking.   THE THANG Warm Up SSH x 30 Shoulder Circles Diamond Merkins x 25 I-Walkers

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Burpees or Beetles

ByTiger-Rag Jul 10, 2012

Nine Pax and a beetle posted in the gloom.   THE THANG Warm Up Jog 1/2 mile or so. SSH x 30 Mountain Climbers x 30   Century S

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07.3.12 Skunk Works/ Dirty Dozen’s Playground

ByStone Cold Jul 3, 2012

A Dirty Dozen posted  in the gloom for some play time with the QIC's fun toys (tires, med balls, jump box, sand buckets, etc.) The Thang Once

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