The 150 lb Cheese Roll

ByTiger-Rag Jul 31, 2012

The hill was angry at 13 Pax this day, my friends.  Like an old man returning soup at a deli.   WARM UP SSH x 35 I-Walker x 30 Prison

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Training Camp

ByJoker Jul 29, 2012

24 men gathered in the Area 51 Gloom. The Thang Run Stopper QIC Warm up: all military count Side straddle Hop - 60x Merkens - 30x Little Baby

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Devil’s Turn/Off To A Fast Start

ByThe Shore Jul 26, 2012

15 Pax showed up for the first time at McAlpine Greenway to laydown some miles and build up a good sweat. The Thang: 6 were there at 5:15 to bu

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It Pays to Be a Winner

ByTiger-Rag Jul 25, 2012

Twelve big, hairy, American winning-machines posted around the VSF and started the day with some mental math.   THE THANG Number-ama: Cou

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Pain on Ciabatta, Hold the Rest (or 30-30s)

ByTiger-Rag Jul 24, 2012

Twelve Faithful posted around the VSF for an experimental tabatta.   THE THANG Warm Up Running with dumbbells x 1/2 mile (or so) Uphill

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