Lofty Expectations

ByMoneyBall Mar 18, 2019

Ignition- aka Hollywood's insane asylum. 4 mile minimum...let's just go ahead and say it now, a 4 mile Q won't get you invited back! 12 Pax took

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Polish Murph

ByOne Eye Mar 18, 2019

21 Pax rolled into the Gloom at Carmel Road Park to see what YHC had in store to celebrate St Patty's Day. Here's what we did: The Thang:

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Thirsty Thursday at Hydra

ByLaZBoy Mar 17, 2019

LaZboy, Gummy, Cotton Mouth, Harley, Jet Fuel, Sprockets, Leprechaun, Hannibal, Queen, Marge, Kirk, Pudding Pop, Bug Eater, Clover, Lewinsky, Ta

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Chatter Head Kotters Party

ByPuddin Pop Mar 15, 2019

Wow, where to start. Well, let's start in the corner some people would call, "TMI". I had a very active dump this morning. Probably wouldn't

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Et tu HIPAA? YHC’s First Year of F3: A Story Told in Interpretive Dance and Burpees

ByHIPAA Mar 15, 2019

15 true #HIMs betrayed the comfort of their own beds and instead crushed  a workout fit for Ceasar this morning on the Ides of March. This

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