The Wind After the Storm

ByLorax Feb 7, 2020

With the storms that rolled through the area on Thursday and no school on Friday, I figured it might be a light day at Cerberus.  I'm not sure w

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A Windy Gloom and a Few Brave Souls

ByOne-Niner Feb 7, 2020

My goodness was the weather confusing this morning. Got up and it said it was 57 but then quickly dropped to about 50 when the workout started. B

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Downrange to Uptown Funk

ByGerber Feb 7, 2020

After last night’s storm here in Greensboro this morning was super wet and super windy.  Posted downrange in downtown Greensboro. 20 men

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Say Uncle!

ByChastain Feb 7, 2020

Road closures and a super windy morning didn't stop 5 PAX from posting and playing a game of "Say Uncle".   Warm up: 10 big arm cir

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Slippery when wet

ByDasher Feb 7, 2020

9 Men braved the rain and lighting this morning for gear workout that got the heart pumping. Warm-up Since it wasn't raining when we starte

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