You know you might be a redneck….

ByRecalculating Jan 8, 2021

You know you might be a redneck - when you start complaining about the weather forecast a week before the "cold" weather (37 degrees) is forecast

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From 7 workouts a week to 30 a week NOW!!

ByZinfandel Jan 8, 2021

And for my 61st Q, I yet again forgot I signed up but that’s ok. I’ve been sharpening my skill set for this very moment. Or in this case, I c

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The Few. The Mighty. The Class of 90.

ByPosse Jan 8, 2021

8 Pax (or 16% of my graduating class ) came out to see what a full 13-year alum of the finest institution in northern Lancaster County could prod

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Finding Keith Gordon

ByHops Jan 7, 2021

Quick, customary disclaimer after everyone emerged from their well-heated vehicles at 5:59:37.  19 Area51 pax launched, and Floorslapper reclaim

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