Um, You are doing that wrong….I think.

ByPackage Jul 29, 2013

15 PAX, an all time high, showed up to the finest asphalt this side of I-485 to sweat out a kettle bell beat down. I learned a few things today.

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Training Camp

ByJoker Jul 29, 2013

18 men gathered this morning for a football-inspired training session.  The Thang Squats X 30 Imperial Walker X30 Side Straddle Hop X 30 Me

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Base Camp – Partner Up, Size Doesn’t Matter

ByStrange Brew Jul 29, 2013

    The Thang: jog around baseball field (long way round) to centre field for: SSH x 15 Merkins x 5 IW x 15 Merkins x 5 Perfect

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Ascent – The Climb to the Top Starts NOW!

ByStrange Brew Jul 28, 2013

The soft launch for Ascent has now come and gone with 6 brave PAX starting off the group, no doubt this will grow as the word gets out there and

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Qing Is A Great Stress Reliever!

ByMall Cop Jul 28, 2013

2 Shovel Flags were planted for 2 simultaneous workouts at Calvary, and the pax were eager to get things started.  We all ran to the launching p

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