Zipa Dee reporting for duty

ByFar Side Jul 6, 2013

The PAX showed up at A51 for some muggy heat and pain.  Both were delivered quickly. The Thang: SSH x 20 squat x 20 IW x 20 Merkin x 10 Mo

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The World Tour of Pain

ByMighty Mite Jul 6, 2013

14 of Area 51's finest convened at McAlpine Elementary for a holiday weekend beatdown. The Thang:  Purple Haze Q As soon as the clock struck 7

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15:50 Jack Webb? Say it ain’t so!

ByRun Stopper Jul 6, 2013

20 strong and able-men gathered in the shadows of Calvary Church for a little surprise pop in at day zero. COT SSH x30 LBC x30 Prison Squat

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Deadly duo on Q at Kevlar

ByBulldog Jul 6, 2013

(Bulldog on behalf of Snakebite and Fletch.) 16 non-fartsackers fought off the desire to stay in bed after a wet July 4th to venture into the un

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Base Camp Monday 7/8/2013 Rookie Q Day

ByStrange Brew Jul 5, 2013

Passport and High Tide taking their first Q's, splitting the Base Camp workout on Monday.  Pain to follow.

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