BySoft Pretzel Oct 16, 2013

A lucky 13 of us made our way to the parking garage this morning.  The PAX knew right away we had a little extra morning when we turned left ou

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Preblast: Devil’s Turn – Oct. 17

ByHoney Bee Oct 16, 2013

Tomorrow, Devil’s Turn will have a progressive party.  For this party, there is no need to dress up, headlamps and GPS watches will suffice. 

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Hills and Hairburners

ByRadar Oct 16, 2013

24 Pax showed up to conquer North Face, Sand Bags, and Hair Burners.  The Thang  Mosey over to the other side of church. 20 SSH 15 EWs 20

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Tutoring at AG

ByChelms aka Tatertot Oct 16, 2013

F3 is making a great impact at AG Middle School.   However, there is always room for more tutors and not just on the days F3 has targeted.  

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100 Yard Tunnel of Love…Really?

ByThe Hoff Oct 16, 2013

 5 Pax posted early Tuesday morning for a healthy dose of PAIN simulating a Welcome Party handed out by our GRT Q, Big League Chew.  The Thang

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