The Return of the Burn

ByMic Check Oct 16, 2013

Tiger Rag introduced hairburners to The Maul some time back.  It still stands as the most difficult workout I have been a part of since being in

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The Hills are Alive with the Sounds of ….. uhgrunt#$@%&

BySalt Lick Oct 16, 2013

17 Pax started the day with a good ol' fashioned beat down. Mumblechatter was minimized, pain maximized Jog around parking area and circle up

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Math 101

BySkywalker Oct 15, 2013

28 DMZ warriors got after it in the Monday gloom The Thang: Run to Carmel Middle for warm up SSHx35 (Panthers score), Mountain Climbers x15, Mer

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Breakfast of Champions: One order of Kettlebell with a side of Merkin!

ByHarley Oct 15, 2013

34 pax peeled themselves out of bed to receive the second installment of their weekly BROWNpainment...kettlebell style! COP: SSH x 25 Small Shou

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Yasso 800 for Faster Speed at Fast Twitch

ByChelms aka Tatertot Oct 15, 2013

With only a virtual shovel flag at hand,10 men gathered in the early gloom for some speed work to get a sense of our time for Thunder Road The

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