And it’s OUTTA Here!!!!

ByZippidy Jan 21, 2014

8 strong / determined men rose up and entered the chilly, WINDY gloom they call Outland for 9 inning's of work. The Thang and here's how we pla

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Warning Label: Do Not Do This. May Cause Injury or Death

ByAlf Jan 21, 2014

29 PAX showed up for YHC's effort to keep the Skunkworks pain on 11.  We started with the standard burpees OYO but then headed down to the lot

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at the [place] of brotherhood…

ByPassport Jan 20, 2014

on a day designated to celebrate the life of a great and prophetic man, 12 PAX showed early and showed out to celebrate in our unique fashion. W

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Wiggler: “Tired of the same old you?”

ByKenyon Slider Jan 20, 2014

“Tired of the same old you? Tired of being out of shape and out of luck with the opposite sex? Tired of being overweight and under-attractive?

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Attack of the Beards

ByJoker Jan 20, 2014

15 men gathered at McKee Road Elementary School.  The Thang Warmup run around the school. End in field inside the mini-track.  COP - SSH x3

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