A Warm but Soggy Ascent to Base Camp

ByStrange Brew Jun 3, 2013

A Fireman Ed virgin Q and well done it was, had a few LIFO FNG's lucky for them it was Base Camp and Bugeater wasn't there to make them do the 15

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F3 Dads

ByHeader Jun 3, 2013

The Thang: Mosey up to the softball fields to the launch pad for COP: SSH X 15 Mountain Climbers X 15 Squat X 15 Merkin X 5 Mosey to outfil

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Run For The Hills

ByMall Cop Jun 2, 2013

34 Pax including 3 FNGs entered the gloom to make a downPAINment on the day The Rock style! The Thang: Baracus Lead Before things get started

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Bagpipe on Tuesday – Personal Record Day

ByHaggis Jun 2, 2013

Stung by the buzz that Honey Bee's workouts are becoming more severe than his own, Haggis has come up with a really nasty bag of ingredients for

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Schools Out – Where you at?

ByCounter Top Jun 2, 2013

4 men gathered in the gloom of Area 51 for an early morning beat-down. The Thang! - warmup jog around back of school to little baby track - SSH

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