Invasion of the Fuzzy Vest

BySalt Lick Dec 9, 2013

14 men showed up for a drizzly beat down... a great way to start the work week. The Carolina fwinter (that's the fallish winter generally experie

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“What we need is a [wiggler].”**

ByKenyon Slider Dec 9, 2013

 “What we need is a . l can get us a . Hundred bucks says l can get us a for tomorrow.” ** Get out there tomorrow and Wiggle – holiday

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Bed Head Monday

ByFireman Ed Dec 9, 2013

8 men entered the gloom and avoided the very temping fart sac on this cold rainy morning; even one with beginning to get famous Monday hair the B

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Leatherwood Mountain Ultra Run

ByHaggis Dec 9, 2013

A perfect event for F3.  Enjoy the beauty of the mountains while you push yourself to the limit!  The title “Ultra Run” may put you off

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Will The Real “SLIM SHADY” Please Stand Up!

ByZippidy Dec 8, 2013

8  brave bad@$$e$ of Outland wern't deterred by Cantore's dismal future forecast, didn't fall to the temptation of the warm and comfy fartsack

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