What…we’re running?

ByHigh Tide Sep 21, 2013

8 strong, and soon to be confused, PAX leapt from the #fartsack and took on Ascent, confident in the knowledge that there'd be no sprinting and m

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Runaway tires

ByBulldog Sep 21, 2013

22 loyal Kevlar pax showed backup despite the Deadwood debacle of last Friday for a Bulldog beatdown. THE THANG Jog to from lot back around fi

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More Injuries than the Panthers secondary

ByRadar Sep 21, 2013

21 Men will sleep well tonight. The Thang Radar Q Quick Mosey to adjacent shopping center (Sand bags waiting) Circle Up One pax runs aroun

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Last Day of Summer at The Rock

ByHops Sep 21, 2013

MC planted the shovel flag after winning the battle with the fartsack, and 14 weekend warriors attacked The Rock on the last day of summer. Th

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Animal House

ByMy Sharona Sep 20, 2013

The animals were out in force for an old-fashioned animalistic experience at Centurian on Friday. Twenty faithful followed the WD layout a Core

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