The lamented weinke

ByUdder Dec 18, 2013

8 brave members of the a51 tribe joined together for a celebration of the season. Lured in by strategic preblast and tweets assuring little to no

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Bad Dog! Bad! Get!

ByRadar Dec 18, 2013

  26 men went to work this morning at Death Valley. 6 showed up early for some extra credit KB work  The Thang-  Mosey over to the fron

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Horse Head

ByTiger-Rag Dec 18, 2013

Twenty men did the work of 50 lesser men.  And that doesn't even count the seven Pax that posted for Red Coats, Rednecks and Rucks, or the four

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Devils Turn Preblast

ByHaggis Dec 18, 2013

Two options for Devils Turn tomorrow: 5:15 option: The usual - meet at the greenway parking lot by Trader Joes. Run to South Charlotte Middle Sc

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Bagpipe goes anti-clockwise

ByHaggis Dec 18, 2013

  13 men felt dizzy after this workout... Mosey to parking lot for warm up: 30 Side Straddle Hops, 20 Imperial Walker, 20 merkins - plank

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