Gunga Galunga

ByMall Cop Jun 23, 2013

36 pax including 6 FNGs posted for a downPAINment and dodged Spackler's explosive booby traps while learning to say Gunga Galunga in the proce

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Rookie Day, Part Deux, at Area 51

ByAbacus Jun 22, 2013

23 men, including 3 FNG, rolled out of the fartsack and hit the ground running for another Rookie Day at Area 51. Mosey to soccer fields for COP

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It was all a dream…

ByMarket Timer Jun 22, 2013

After a brief summer nap this afternoon, confusion of time and place set in.  Did YHC sleep through his alarm and neglect his Q duties?  Was

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Hit ‘Em High, Hit ‘Em Low

ByPurple Haze Jun 22, 2013

The shovel flag was planted on the grounds of McAlpine and 25 (including 4 FNGs) hearty souls set off for another #F3DayZero painfest. Bananas a

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The Fort: Gnat gonna do it….

BySantini Jun 22, 2013

32 posted this AM greeting the gnats in all their fury.  After careful calculation, 2 gulps of gnats equals a GU pack and/or half a hammer gel.

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