A Devil of a Work-out and then we pay it forward

ByAbacus Oct 6, 2013

10 gentlemen came forward to work to better themselves and in the end also put in a little work to better the facilities where we are fortunate t

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Burpee-Induced Suicides???

ByBaracus Oct 5, 2013

The VSF was planted since both of our site Qs (Radar and Purple Haze) had better things to do than be punished early on a Saturday morning.  How

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Centurion – No Man Left Behind

ByStrange Brew Oct 4, 2013

19 men spoiled YHC's personal workout and all for the best, you just push yourself harder when others are around, especially when on Q and some o

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Enter SPEARHEAD, Leave Smoked

ByThe Hoff Oct 4, 2013

The Thang: With Metallica on the Boom Box and a crispness in the air, 5 PAX came with Rucks packed for a beat down this morning at SPEARHEAD. 

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The Legend of Grandmother Mountain

ByBaracus Oct 4, 2013

The shovel flag was planted and 9 men emerged in the cool, morning gloom to start their Friday the right way.  The Charlotte Christian venue off

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