What Rain?????

ByZippidy Jan 14, 2014

10 of Union County's finest rose up on this beautiful day, energized, charged, ready to attack and prepared to take in their daily dose of downp

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New Face(s) But Same Ole’ Suck

BySpackler Jan 14, 2014

9 Faithful inclusive of 1 site FNG powered through what Spackler had to offer at #F3FastTwitch. The Thang Indian Run from SCM to Davey Park (~

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Barracuda on Q at The Charge

ByBulldog Jan 14, 2014

A Barracuda led beatdown is in store at The Charge tomorrow at PDS. With balmy temperatures forecasted it is time to show up in force at the posh

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Soggy Bottom Boys

ByThe Hoff Jan 14, 2014

 9 Men got soggy and full of cold wet grass today as YHC began preparing the SPEARHEAD group for the next upcoming GORUCK Challenge on Feb. 7. 

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Why stop at 10?

ByBulldog Jan 14, 2014

34 fine fellas took the bait on the pre-blast (see video for those who missed it) and dialed it up one more notch this morning at Skunk Works. T

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