Gloom was in full effect

ByThe Hoff Nov 2, 2013

The second week of Olympus nearly tripled in numbers as 13 meat-heads came well prepared to grip heavy pieces of iron and swing them around for a

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Stairway to Heaven

ByCottonmouth Nov 2, 2013

Twenty-three disciplined men dedicated a painful hour to self-improvement just in time to get an extra hour of recovery sleep tonight. The Thang

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Ball So Hard!

ByRadar Nov 2, 2013

   The Thang Warm up lap around parking lot while we wait for Fletch   COP: SSH Seal Jacks  1 legged Burpees x 10 Right 1

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If it walks like a duck…

ByHigh Tide Nov 2, 2013

  With our regularly scheduled Q on the DL (speedy recovery, Passport), the second string Q was called in to take the Pax through their pac

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An Hours Worth in 50 Minutes

ByDolphin Nov 2, 2013

16 of south Charlotte's strongest pax kicked the fartsack in the teeth and leapt into the literal gloom this morning for Stonehenge.  A smaller

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