Threat of Rain Never Hurt Anyone!

BySkywalker Oct 7, 2013

A little spitting of rain before the launch did not deter 35 of the Nation's faithful from posting this morning. The Thang Circle Up for a few

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Pardon Me, Can I Open That Jar For You?

ByMall Cop Oct 6, 2013

9 pax entered the gloom to answer YHC's call to don a blue collar shirt to put in an hour of hard work, manual labor style.  Here's how it went

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Well, at least there wasn’t much running…

ByHigh Tide Oct 6, 2013

CrossFit "Nasty Girl" Cindy paid the pax a visit, seeking to evaluate our improvement over the past two months since her last visit.  25 minutes

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Mud-Run Prep, so… Where’s the Mud???

ByCounter Top Oct 6, 2013

13 PAX (incl 2FNGs) posted this morning's gloom for a run through Outland's Micro-Mini Obstacle Course for some #USMCMudrun prep. The Thang Mo

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A Devil of a Work-out and then we pay it forward

ByAbacus Oct 6, 2013

10 gentlemen came forward to work to better themselves and in the end also put in a little work to better the facilities where we are fortunate t

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