Humidity notwithstanding, Da Vinci is back!

ByCircuit City Jun 6, 2020

QIC: Circuit City Pax: Soft Pretzel, Gilbert, Chopper (R), Swine Flu, Mighty Mite, T1000, Johnny5, Frankie, Kirby, C3PO, Bucky, Midriff 13 PAX

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Quarantine Breakout Tailgate Pre-Blast

ByWarEagle Jun 6, 2020

"As we are now in Phase 2 and nearing Phase 2.5 it is time for some good ol in-person fellowship.  Bring your bag chairs and favorite beverage a

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Jack Webb fartsacked.

ByHops Jun 6, 2020

Once upon a time, there was a workout called The Rock.  Upwards of 40 or 50 pax could be found under & amidst the south Charlotte Saturday m

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It’s Time To Get Uncomfortable

ByBillyGoat Jun 6, 2020

After being on quarantine hiatus from F3 workouts YHC realized it was time to get out of the routine I created for myself of solo running/workout

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This is FUN! We’re having FUN!!

ByTuck Jun 5, 2020

5 men gathered to help bring the Brave back to life, and sweat all over the damn place. Mosey around the parking lot for a minute and circle u

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