ByBonhoeffer Sep 21, 2019

7 PAX found out how much they could pull out of themselves in a well-rounded workout. The Warmup Started by the cars. Ran around front hil

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Backblast No. 1,290,293 – Calm down Sprockets

BySemi-Gloss Sep 20, 2019

Q. Mosey to other parking lot COP 15 IW 15 MC 15 merkins Mosey to Rea forest drive Partner up One partner runs rea forest to jasmine

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“A Nut For A Jar Of Tuna”

ByHoneycomb Sep 20, 2019

3 Pax made a reservation at Clyent Dinner tonight and enjoyed a 75 degree Palindrome feast! Today, 9/19/19 was the last palindrome day of 2019.

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Was there ever really a streak to begin with???

ByWedding Singer Sep 19, 2019

11:50am...I'm sitting with a bag of frozen peas on my nether-region and GroupMe starts blowing up. The it really going to die? Is

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Back to where it started..

ByCenterfold Sep 19, 2019

Dromedary will always be one of my favorite AOs because 9 months ago, this is where I showed up as a FNG. Boucher brought me out and despite th

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