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One Bite, Everyone Knows The Rules

So much asphalt at this campus and how would I use it? What can we get done in an hour and what will I even do after not Qing since Halloween you’re welcome. No costume planned, additional 10 pounds of holiday weight and I’m ready after spending a good full 30 minutes with my bidet this AM. .

I was running a bit behind writing my wienke on my trusty Piedmont Gas Bill envelope. It was a simple, constantly moving plan with pain in-between to keep that HR up! My 35th Q so far and I’m finally finding my repeatable pain groove and stride.

DiCCS given while tying shoes which surprisingly upset a few people. Bottlecap’s candy cane lipstick flavor only has a few days left but sadly he was nowhere to be found. Let’s roll…


Mosey to the front of the entrance and back. Circle up for….

1. 35 x SSH IC

2. 12 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC (after Frack showed up I had to do his favorite exercise)

3. 12 x Merkins IC

4. 28 x Imperial Walker

5. Jimmy Dugan

6. Calf Stretch

Mosey long way out to main road and back to the school for Bear Docks! This asphalt looked nice but holy hell it might as well have been made of glass. My hands are actually sore. If you can complete the full exercise up to 40 bear crawls and 10 dry docks you have my full, full respect. If not, keep pushing because these Webb’s are a real test of your physical growth. Once you complete one of these it’s major milestone!

Mosey to school loop and pair up. Partner 1 does a hot lap, while partner 2 completes:

• 100 x donkey kicks

• 200 x big boy situps

• 100 x Bobby Hurleys

Let’s mosey to other side of the school. Grab some wall.

• 35 x dips

• 35 x Air presses with heel lifts

• 35 x Jabs with Toe Lifts

• 25 x dips

Mosey to front of school. Big Gas Webb. 1 Big Boy Sit Up. 4 Gas Pumps. 4 Hand release Merkins. 5 rounds.

Mosey to Entrance. Switch between 20 x Speedskaters and 20 x Monkey Humpers at each light.

Mosey back to the front of school. Big Gas Webb again to close out the last 5 rounds.

Split into two groups. One group hot laps while avoiding stepping in dog shit and the other does:

• Elbow planks

• Plank jacks

• Squats

Back to COT with 75 seconds left and it’s time for 10 burpees OYO. Finished.

Thanks Mad Dog for the fastest prayer in this history of all COTs. One little race with Gerber and dude’s heart was ticking out of his chest. Hahaha.

Great coffeeteria as well!


15 pax for a semi wet, no grass filled morning at this wonderful campus. Apparently I was a little too serious on Q this morning compared to my normal jibber jabber but I live by the mantra, “If you can’t do it, you shouldn’t Q it”. The idea is simple but if you as the Q can’t actually complete the exercise yourself then you can’t call it out. It should serve as motivation!

When I first started these Webb’s I felt like I was going to literally die. Merkins with air presses. Bear crawls with dry docks. Ab Webb’s. Lt Dans. They are great measuring tools for your growth and I can literally remember the exact day I completed each of the above Webb’s without a break.

Heading into 2020 it’s time to set BHAGs! Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Tell them to your friends and family to help with accountability. Write them on post it notes and put them on your bathroom mirror to serve as a reminder. I accomplished all kinds of absurd things this year and it’s because I put them out into the universe.

Today was my 25th Q out of my 204 total posts in 2019! I’ve covered 594 miles this year where 19 months ago I haven’t done that much of anything in 10+ years. If you aren’t cheering for yourself on you are missing out. Chase your friends, challenge yourself and succeed at new things next year. Just had a conversation last week with BC about how he challenges himself each morning. Same thing with Stase this morning! Those bros are in wicked good shape minus the the tennis arms and are still chasing after something. Why aren’t you?

I’m not intending to be braggadocios but it’s important to celebrate the milestones regardless if it upsets Posse. Cheers homies, see you all in two days!


Watchtower Convergence on 12/31 at Bushwood. 6:30 start time (i think) and I’ve got the Q. Get excited!

1/1 Convergence for Chiseled and Dromedary but meeting at Cuthbertson @ 7am. Q plan TBD.

Dryuary (boring) planned for all 31 FREAKIN’ days of January. Damn it Bottlecap!

Weight loss challenge hosted by Foundation! More details coming soon but I think the goal is to see more of your “member” in 2020. Not a bad sales tactic to be reunited with parts of your body you haven’t seen since high school….

Is 5 Qs In A Row Too Many?

For my 34th Q I decided to answer the age-old question, “why would anyone want to Q every single workout for the week?” A few months ago I figured I would challenge myself to my own personal CSUP during my favorite holiday. I reached out to each Site, booked the week and then procrastinated my costume ideas. It was a simple plan of dressing like a jackass each morning and crushing the pax.

Last night for Halloween the KISS makeup was too difficult to get off my face and I’m glad I didn’t pick any costumes that involved makeup. I might have also had one too many brews before bedtime last night but I’m about that rockstar lifestyle you guys. Waking up this AM was a little painful and I had zero planned for my weinke except the burpee mile. Thanks Moneyball for the assist!

I jumped on my bidet thrown, wrote out some pain stations and slipped on my final costume. It seemed fitting to close the week as a Gladiator….I AM SPARTA?? I got nothing.

Lots of pax this morning in 43 degree weather ready for some fun. DiCCS reviewed. Let’s go.


Mosey to front of high school. Circle up:

20 x SSH

10 x Moroccan Night Clubs

Jimmy Dugan

Calf Stretch

Burpee Mile to start! 2 burpees to start. Out and back 4 times with 12 burpees at each end. 50 burpees to kick it into high gear!

Mosey towards stairs. 5 Big Boy Situps. 5 Calf Raises per Step. Bear Crawl to wall. 10 Mike Tyson’s. 2 rounds.

Grab some wall. 20 of each: Jabs and toe lifts. Air Presses and heel lifts. Quick Break to shake legs. Back on wall and repeat. Burner.

Mosey to the back of the middle school and find some bench. 20 x dips, 15 x box jumps and 10 derkins. Mosey to alcove for 10 x donkey kicks. Repeat 2 times.

Mosey to COT. Ab work. Heels to Heaven. Gas pumps. LBCs. Box cutters. 6” plank jacks. Finished.


As I sit here on my couch in my soreness I’m happy with my overall outcome. I got some good laughs, some great pictures and completed my mission. Sadly my reign of terror has come to an end as of today due to poor planning by my wife and the fact we are leaving for the weekend today. I was hoping to close out all 6 but I’m content with the 5 in a row. It gives other idiots like myself something to shoot for and beat. Not sure why anyone would want to but to each their own.

Thanks to everyone that posted today. It was a pleasure to lead. A lighter pace than yesterday because I was exhausted but that opening burpee mile is a great way to get everything warmed up. Then focused on those legs and my beer belly. Feel the burn!

Lesson learned this week? Nothing. It was fun as hell to dress up and Q! I look forward to getting more creative with costumes and themes for future Qs. Anything to make you all laugh or talk smack is fine by me. Thanks again.

Thanks Akbar for taking us out!


  • Q School and Site Q School this weekend. See Posse for more details.
  • We are gathering lightly used clothes and toys leading up to the holidays for Christ’s Closet. See Deadwood or BC for any questions or donations.
  • Holiday Party is coming up on Nov 16th. Room is booked, hors d’oeuvres are ordered and all that’s left is you to RSVP. We are almost up over 60 people already! Please ping me at a workout or on GroupMe and send over your Ms name if she is attending as well.
  • Deadwood has the Q tomorrow at Commitment
  • Two upcoming CSUPs next Saturday! Vagabond and Christ’s Closet events. Find a buddy and pick one event. See anyone for more details at any post!!

There’s No Place Like Home!

For my 33rd Q and 4th this week I’m back to the site that made me but not before it broke me. I hated the site because it was brutal. Too much running, too many reps and too much intensity. I told myself I hated it because of the traffic/danger/etc but it was the freaking hills and that guy Moneyball that I disliked.

Eventually I was asked to be Site Q and the rest is history. I love the 87th worst site in WUC more than you all know. It’s got a lot to hate and I wanted to make sure we visited the classic spots.

I was struggling with my costume ideas but luckily my crossdressing brother Deadwood has a full wardrobe of ideas to choose from. He showed me that Dorothy costume and boom….”THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME!!” Weinke ready…

We pulled up to the parking lot and who do I see but Foundation dressed at DW and Deflated dressed as me, Zinfandel. I immediately asked Banjo to turn off the child safety window lock so I could stick my pigtails out the window and yell, “you all look ridiculous!”

Dorothy’s DiCCS given. Bottlecap’s Candy Corn lipstick flavor quickly discussed. Let’s roll…


Mosey to the front of the shopping center. Circle up for….

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 20 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC

3. 10 x Merkins IC

4. Jimmy Dugan

5. Calf Stretch

Mosey to Bad Idea. 10 x Bobby Hurley’s at the top and 20 Carolina Dry Docks at the bottom. 2.5 times aka stop at the top.

Mosey to graveyard. Big Gas Webb. 1 Big Boy Sit Up. 4 Gas Pumps. 4 Hand release Merkins. 5 rounds completed.

Mosey to Waxhaw Elementary. Break into groups of 3. Take turns elbow planking while each PAX jail breaks to one side of the lot and back. Repeat with Speedskaters and Mike Tysons.

7 minutes to get from Waxhaw Elementary. Let’s roll. We arrived at 6:17am. Hooched it.


Great work by everyone today. Bad Idea is an awful place to start and I attempted to get my Strava title back on the first round but then a damn car came down the hill and we had to stop. 1:01 took me but Kid Rock owns 1st place at 47 seconds currently. I’m coming back soon.

Overall we kept the intensity up while cruising across 3.5 miles with a smattering of pain mixed in. Great push by everyone and love to see Carb Load and Smithers jailbreak the last 50ish yards to COT. Those guys don’t hold back the whole workout and make sure that tank is empty by the end.

Sadly no one has continued to follow me for all 4 of my Qs so far. Fear of rain and/or work travel must have been the issue. I know several of the guys are on their 4th day of the week and will make it 5 by tomorrow. Pushing your body to these limits is a motivator to post everyday for me. Find a brother to chase during a workout or someone to hold you accountable to posting on days you know you should. Personal accountability is important.


• Q School and Site Q School this weekend. See Posse for more details.

• We are gathering lightly used clothes and toys leading up to the holidays for Christ’s Closet. See Deadwood or BC for any questions or donations.

• Holiday Party is coming up on Nov 16th. Room is booked, hors d’oeuvres are ordered and all that’s left is you to RSVP. We are almost up over 60 people already! Please ping me at a workout or on GroupMe and send over your Ms name if she is attending as well.

Pour Some Sugar On Meeee….

Threat of rain in the forecast for my 32nd Q and 3rd this week! Would people fartsack due to fear of drowning and low T? Would someone show up in a wetsuit and a life preserver because they don’t take chances? Would Dasher flex his abdominals with a mean face in the family photo? A lot riding on this morning…

Quick story: in my 20s some friends and I walked into a bowling alley at like 10pm on Sunday as they were getting ready to close. People were still bowling and we wondered if we could play. The person behind the counter was loading a CD and we asked if they were still open. She responded, “if you are willing to pay cash and listen to Def Leopard the rest of the night we are welcome to stay as long as we would like!” We happily obliged and that night will live in infamy as one of greatest nights of my life. Fast forward to this morning….

Naturally I woke up to slip on my gold tights, Peterbuilt trucking shirt, cut off sleeve jacket, black wig and bandana as I prepared to channel my inner Def Leopard #1 fan status. Playlist prepped with some classics and my weinke felt good. Bat signal sent to the Providence Downs Costume Mafia to join in the festivities this AM and I began my journey over to Dromedary.

Disclaimer Given and then Goodfella asked me what I was dressed as. I ignored him and hit my speaker on to begin blaring Pour Some Sugar On Me to set the stage for the morning.


Mosey Around the Lot and circle up:

• 20 x SSH IC

• 10 x Imperial Squawkers IC

• 10 x Merkins IC

• Calf Stretch

Mosey small circle lot. Grab a Partner & Split Some Fun. Partner 1 runs a hot lap while partner two splits

• 100 x Bobby Hurley’s

• 100 x Carolina Dry Docks

• 100 x Squats

1st Homage paid to the site Q in honor of their 5 Anniversary: Dana Abs (40sec each)

1. 40 second side plank

2. 40 second side plank

3. 40 second elbow plank

4. 40 x LBCs IC

5. 40 x Plank Jacks IC

6. 40 second side plank

7. 40 second side plank

8. 40 second elbow plank

9. 40 x LBCs IC

10. 10 x 6” plank jacks IC

Mosey to straightaway in front of school. Up two, back one. 10 Lunges. Mosey Up 2 lights. 10 Big Boy Situps. Mosey back 1 light back. Circle back for the 6 when you finish.

2nd Homage paid to the site Q in honor of their 5 Anniversary: Goodfella’s Burpee Station. Mosey to front of middle school. 12 burpees a minute for 3 minutes.

Mosey to the Lunch Tables.

• 30 x dips

• 30 x In & Outs

• 30 inclined Merkins

Mosey back to COT due to time. Ab work.

• Transporter led Box Cutters

• Dana led Gas Pumps

• Goodfella led Heels to Heaven

• Transporter led American Hammer


What a morning it was. It drizzled a bit but was great weather overall. Not a ton of mileage but we crushed that core during Dana Ab’s and I did my best to make someone puke during the 3 rounds of 12 burpees a minute. That’s a crusher but something amazing happened. I looked up on my 36th burpee to see that literally EVERYONE finished at the exact time! Incredible, someone would say impossible…🤔🤔🤔

I don’t have a lot of feedback or lessons learned from today. I’m loving this week so far and we are all in for another treat tomorrow morning in downtown Waxhaw.


• Q School and Site Q School this weekend. See Posse for more details.

• We are gathering lightly used clothes and toys leading up to the holidays for Christ’s Closet. See Deadwood or BC for any questions or donations.

• Holiday Party is coming up on Nov 16th. Room is booked, hors d’oeuvres are ordered and all that’s left is you to RSVP. We are almost up over 60 people already! Please ping me at a workout or on GroupMe and send over your Ms name if she is attending as well.

What Could Banjo’s Uncle Do To A Bumper??

Oh man what a beautiful morning it is for 31st Q and my 2nd Q of the week! Crisp air, light humidity and my jeans are cut shorter than my pockets. I channeled my inner dirty redneck by looking through Banjo’s family tree. Oddly enough only about 2 or 3 limbs over the last 6 generations. #thatsaninbreedingjoke

As I glanced at each of his family members I eventually locked eyes with his Uncle Cletus T. Carson the 3rd. This guy was known for a lot of things in the area but as the only body shop owner in the trailer park he knew everyone. He was always busy but the local men folk kept coming back to his place because of his ability to suck chrome off a bumper. Never heard of that service but people laugh whenever telling a story about Cletus.

That made me think I should celebrate Banjo’s uncle and what an honor it would be to lead a group of fine men all over New Town Elementary. I threw on my daisy duke shorts, my cut off sleeve flannel, my pigtail wig, my mesh hat and my reconstructed Vietnam military boots. Sadly Banjo had too many IPAs and cigars on the golf course yesterday so missed his alarm.

DiCCS given for the most part.


Mosey down along street, around the entire school and circle up at flag pole for:

30 x SSH IC

10 x Imperial Walker “thingies” IC

Jimmy Dugan

Calf Stretch

Mosey big lot for 4 corners. 2 laps. 2 corners do 10 x burpees and 2 corners 20 x LBCs.

Mosey to neighborhood. 25 lunges. Mosey down to far end of caldesac. 10 x Bobby Hurley’s. Mosey to the top. Repeat 3 times.

Mosey to back of school for the track. Partner up with opposites. Someone you have never partnered with before. Partner 1 (gazelle)runs a lap. Partner 2 (Clydesdale) elbow planks. Everyone planks until the 6 is in.

Next. Partner 1 runs while partner 2 does 5 pull-ups and BB Situps until teammate returns. Mosey back to start.


Holy sheet wigs are hot. Flannel was a bad choice. Lastly, what was a thinking wearing some old ass Vietnam boots for a boot camp? True dedication to a costume is what pushed me through the workout and now the blisters on my feet are reminding me that I might be an idiot. Nothing new.

I appreciate everyone following me as I’m sure the view of me from behind was a real train wreck. Not to mention those rounds of LBCs during four corners with me on my back. I’m thankful for great elastic on boxer briefs to keep the family jewels in place regardless of what Dancing Bear prays for every night. No judgment.

Overall it was a quiet morning again. Does my costume suck the life blood out of the PAX in the AM? Is the form so on point by everyone that no one has anything mean to say? Am I breathing so hard that I’m missing the morning chatter? What the hell am I wearing tomorrow and who’s on this journey with me? So far I think it’s Recalc, Mad Dog, Sausage Party, Gerber, Doughboy, Smithers and Chastain. Are you knuckleheads in for the long haul with me? You are in for a treat and zero tricks will be turned.

Thank you MD for taking us out. Thanks for nothing DW for the awful photos.


  • Q School and Site Q School this weekend. See Posse for more details.
  • Christ’s Closet organization party this evening. See Dana for more details.
  • We are gathering lightly used clothes and toys leading up to the holidays for Christ’s Closet. See Deadwood or BC for any questions or donations.
  • Holiday Party is coming up on Nov 16th. Room is booked, hors d’oeuvres are ordered and all that’s left is you to RSVP. We are almost up over 60 people already! Please ping me at a workout or on GroupMe and send over your Ms name if she is attending as well.

Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates….

It was beautiful summer morning with Halloween looming around the corner when I thought, “how can introduce some fun into my Qs and push my personal pain levels?” I’m not honestly sure when I came up with the idea but I immediately started texting each of the Site Qs.

Since none of the calendars communicate it was pretty easy and I only needed to bump one person, thanks Gerber! Next up was coming up with a costume and then planning a painful Q with the possibility of a theme.

Today was my 30th Q and the theme was the ever so famous Forrest Gump. I had Carson drop me off near the buses and then made my way down the long sidewalk for my entrance. “I was running….”. I started my sprint with the famous stiff upper body and a few of the PAX noticed my entrance. I should have had it filmed it would have made a great gif. Oh well….

DiCCS given. Let’s roll…


Mosey to the front of the high school. Circle up for….

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 20 x Imperial Walker IC

3. 10 x Merkins IC

4. Jimmy Dugan

5. Calf Stretch

6. 20 x Deep Slow Squats IC

7. 20 x Mountain Climbers IC

Money to Alcove for some classic Merkin Air Press Webb. My momma always said life is like a box of chocolates and this is going to suck. 1 Merkin & 4 Air Presses up to 10 & 49.

Mosey to circle by track and find some light. ACTION:

  • Forrest Gump: Lieutenant Dan, what are you doing here?
  • Forrest Gump: Lieutenant Dan, what are you doing here?
  • Lieutenant Dan: I thought I’d try out my sea legs.
  • Forrest Gump: But you ain’t got no legs, Lieutenant Dan.

So let’s lose the feelings in our legs together. This is called the Lt Dan. 1 deep squat & 4 jump lunges. Only half completed….for now

Mosey to large HS parking lot. 1st light, 10 x Speed Skaters and back. 2nd Light, 10 x Speed Skaters and back. Out to end of parking light, 10 x Speed Skaters and back. 10 x Monkey Humpers between each round.

Mosey towards stairs. 1 x Big boy sit-ups. 4 x LBCs. 2 x Carolina Dry Docks between each round. Half completed because my leather belt was hurting my spine. So let’s roll out…

Mosey to back of middle school picnic tables. Complete Lt Dans. Now find some bench. 30 x dips. 30 x In & Outs. Repeat but with only 15 x In & Outs.

Mosey back to COT with 2 minutes to spare. Complete the last few rounds of the previous Ab Webb. All done!


Big old group today! Lots of familiar faces and two FNGs. Thanks for following me across the campus today. Thank you to everyone that circled back for the 6! This is an essential step in our growing/building/“feel good about yourself for helping others” process. Get back to the circle first, break off and go back to the end when you can fellas.

Nearly zero mumble chatter. Maybe we had some but I missed it. Usually you at least hear Recalc comment on someone’s poor form but is didn’t do any Bobby Hurley’s so that could have been it. Maybe it was the slew of Webbs that kept the chatter low. Great push by everyone to close it out. Everyone got over 2 miles and pushed hard.

Lastly, I learned today that naming FNGs is not up to the Q and they MUST pick one of the awful names blurted out to them. For instance this morning an FNG says he works for Pepperidge Farm the company known best for its yummy breads and delicious freaking cookies. Bottlecap yells “sausage!” Then Goodfella yells “Tube Steak” and then I disappeared to my happy place where I would focus on the facts given to me. I went with Yeast, turns out that was taken so I went with a name that would enshrine the awkwardness that is BC and GF – Welcome Sausage Party!

Then Catfish brought his brother who I was unaware was an FNG because he made up a nickname for himself Stump. Nice try bud. He shared a little background about previous heart issues but I was more focused on the play with his brother’s name and I went with Noodler. Taken. WTF. I was afraid that GF and BC would yell something again about weiners so I quickly named him Mud Guppy.

Welcome fellas and thanks for taking us out Bottlecap.


  • Christ’s Closet organization party this evening. See Dana for more details.
  • We are gathering lightly used clothes and toys leading up to the holidays for Christ’s Closet. See Deadwood or BC for any questions or donations.
  • Holiday Party is coming up on Nov 16th. Room is booked, hors d’oeuvres are ordered and all that’s left is you to RSVP. We are almost up over 60 people already! Please ping me at a workout or on GroupMe and send over your Ms name if she is attending as well.

“Why Are We Even Doing This…” – Jerry Seinfeld S3, E17

Just beautiful to see Posse this morning show support for my 29th Q! He has always been a big fan of my counting and my workouts so it’s only a matter time before he gets my named tattooed on him inside of a really muscle-y looking heart. Brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it…

Yesterday I was pondering if I could find the strength to post though the pain to just do some chores around the house, none the less post at an actual workout. Yet again the joke was on me because I stupidly signed up to Q Asylum. I don’t blame the site for my pain and solely the boys in Greenville, SC for the ever awful IronPax Challenge. So glad it’s over!

Any who, DiCCs given….let’s sorely get it!


Mosey around Petsmart

4 Corners IC, @ the center 25 x LBCs

1. SSHs x 25 CC

2. Imp Walker x 25 IC

3. Merkins x 25 CC

4. Squats x 25 CC

Mosey around Petsmart, stop at Hickory Tavern

• Short Lap, 19 Derkins CC

• Long Lap, 30 Dips CC

• Short Lap, 19 Incline Pushups CC

• Long Lap, 30 Heels to Heaven

Mosey down by Weddington Rd, run up past Chick-fil-A & to the traffic circle. 10 burpees a minute for 2 minutes.

Mosey Back behind Gas Station, around CVS and BB&T. Split into even groups. Round 1: Bunny Hop is the timer. Round 2: Toe taps is the timer

1. 6” Plank IC

2. Bobby Hurley’s IC

3. Mountain Climbers IC

4. Dry Docks CC

Mosey to Side Lot by Rack Room. Find some wall. 20 of everything IC:

1. Air Presses IC w/ toe lifts

2. Jabs IC w/ heel lifts

3. Donkey Kicks CC: 20 w/ 10 sec hold, repeat 10 w/ another 10 sec hold.

Bear Crawl Between Target’s Balls. Audible due to fear of scaring Target employees.

Mosey to Brooklyn Pizza for Random Webb. 5 BB Situps CC. 10 American hammer IC. 5 diamond Merkins. Rinse and repeat for 2 more rounds but with wide armed Merkins and last round with both diamond and WA Merks. Complete.


So what does my title for this BB even mean? Click this link:

Classic Jerry Seinfeld but he’s right. Some of us are posting each morning to avoid being fat bastards and some are just posting to help get themselves out of bed each morning so they feel like they are contributing to society in some way. Which is maybe the same things. Regardless of the reason it’s great to set some big, hairy and audacious goals! Weight loss, calorie intake or number of days a week you post are all great goals in the beginning. You either achieve those goals or don’t, pretty simple and private goals for most. Do they work? Who’s holding you accountable? Are you circling the wagons week over week letting yourself down?

What if you teamed of up with a like framed pal and set a collective team goal for a 5k, the Vagabond or a Spartan Race? This isn’t something you have to do but public accountability is a very simple, yet aggressive motivation tool. Some friendly competition doesn’t hurt either! Because what are we all doing this for anyways but then to better ourselves?

Push harder, dig deeper and reap new rewards. It’s not too late to sign up for this weekend’s Susan G. Komen 5k with Speed for Need! The Vagabond is on Nov 9th, it’s time to get some new mileage goals hitting the Carolina Thread trail running Wednesday mornings! Another Spartan Race in Spartanburg, SC on Nov 23 so you might as well sign up for the F3 Waxhaw Challenge Channel as we ramp up to start a pull-up/push-up challenge tomorrow!! Click here to join:

The IronPax Challenge has passed for now but the battle we push through every morning is still ever present. Let’s go!

Thanks to Transporter for sharing his story for the Hope Challenge and thanks to Damascus for taking us out.


  • Susan G Komen 5k this Saturday! Talk to Rubbermaid or Damascus for more info
  • Today ends the official Hope Challenge and thanks to Swimmers for taking the lead here. A few men stepped up and shared their story of struggle and growth. The fight never stops and no one is alone, if you need something – say something. If you see a brother struggling, speak up yourself or grab a brother you trust to help.
  • Christ’s Closet needs help! Two opportunities:
    Dana will be asking people to volunteer sometime at the donation house to help sort all the clothes we collected at Launchvergence. They were there this weekend and need way more bodies to help! Stay tuned…
    Shop Dawg and Team have a big event in West Charlotte on Nov 9th. More details to come but those looking to pass on the Vagabond, this is 2.0 friendly and a great way to spend a Saturday!

Damn, keep your opinion to yourself….

In my head Sunday morning I was thinking, “I wonder who is on Q at Ignition?” I click my trusty F3 South Charlotte bookmark and I see its Hollywood. Damn it. I wonder who’s on Asylum and see its Gerber. Double damn it. And who’s on at Flash……Zinfandel. Whoops. Time to mush my weinke’s together. So here goes my 28th Q….

If you have followed me in the gloom I try to do things to keep everyone together best I can. Do some rounds of different things to let gazelles run while letting Clydesdales to get that cardio in. Then mix it up with some painful group exercises that really help to keep that HR up and burn these damn calories from eating like 3 pizzas Saturday night.

DiCCS given. Let’s roll…


Mosey to the front of the high school. Damn it shoes are a bit wet. Circle up for….

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 20 x Imperial Walker IC

3. 10 x Morroccan Night Club IC

4. 10 x Merkins IC

5. Jimmy Dugan

6. Calf Stretch

7. 20 x Deep Slow Squats IC

8. 20 x Mountain Climbers IC

9. 20 x 6” Plank Jacks IC. Ouch!

Mosey to big sidewalk near parking lots. 1 x MTs & 4 x Bear crawls up to 5 and 20. I love the 10 and 40 but I know others despise it. Decided to shorten and keep it moving. I also learned that I was brain dead and couldn’t count at all. So that’s great.

Mosey to back of the high school and find some bench. 30 x dips, 15 x box jumps and a lap around the circle. Rinse and repeat 4 times. Shout out to the Five Stones crew for rebuilding the tops of the benches….no more splinters in my weinke!!

Mosey towards stairs. 1 x Big boy sit-ups. 4 x LBCs. 4 x Merkins between each round. A good burner and it sounded like Dancing Bear was dilating based on the birthing noises he was making next to me.

Mosey down to Rudy’s Poop Palace. Find some wall. 20 of each: Jabs. Air Presses. Toe Lifts. Quick Break to shake legs. Back on wall. Jabs. Air Presses. Heel Lifts. Burner.

Mosey up hill to lunch tables. OYO. 10 x Derkins. Run to alcove. 10 x Donkey Kicks. Rinse and Repeat 4 times.

Compass if time allows I wrote on my cheat sheet. I didn’t realize that I needed to put degrees on it to help Dancing Bear. I yell out 90 degrees to the right and he says that’s 45 degrees. Being brain dead I don’t challenge him only to realize he’s an idiot. I will just say that DB works for a home builder and if you saw him near your home please call the warranty company ASAP.

40 seconds to fill. Recalc yells 10 BHs and 15 seconds left DB yells for Heels to Heaven. Time!!


Great morning everyone! My weinke went as planned and based on the nearly zero chatter SUCCESS! Either that or they were whispering about my terrible plan. I felt good about it regardless.

SOAPBOX TIME! Let’s get it over with…..

Form. From form form form form. If you are injured, you can probably disregard. But also if you are injured, see what is hurting you and check your form. While injury or overuse could be the reason for your pain it’s also very likely that it’s poor form. Easily fixable though…

Those that are NOT injured, keep reading. This Iron Pax Challenge has brought to light some questionable form. I’m not standing on this soapbox to say that I’m perfect, I’m trying to keep an eye on it constantly. I personally just see it as a good time to remind all of us that, and this might be solely my opinion, but I would rather see Pax modify to do less reps but with proper form. It will help build the muscles needed to do the full amount of reps! That is the point of all this I think….

If you are in the front 1/3rd in every workout but your form stinks….knock it off. If your push up is what some are calling the “crinkle fry” on Twitter you are making me hungry during posts. Let’s take that push-up passed the crinkle, engage your core and get that elbow to 90 degrees boys! Let’s get those hips parallel to your knees in a squat! Honestly I don’t think anyone is counting other people’s reps but crappy form is very noticeable. You can do it!

This is all very hard to come to any type of self realization. It’s hard not to read this and not be a little offended too. Not my intention. Intention is solely to get better. If your ability Bear Crawl hasn’t gotten further in the last year, push harder. If you can’t complete 10 IC merkins, look at your form. If you have questions or comments ping me. While my personality on GroupMe is that of a sarcastic asshole at times, that’s not all I bring to the table. It’s a good portion of it but I’m also very open to assisting anyone in anyway (as long as its not helping someone move homes).

Great push my all the pax today! I always enjoy leading these workouts and hope those thighs will feel itchy with soreness by tomorrow morning. You are welcome.

Thank you Trojan for taking us out!


• So many opportunities to lead here at F3 Waxhaw. Have an idea? Run with it, run it by a friend or bring it up in COT. Lead lead lead!

• Do you have an awesome community clubhouse we could rent for our F3 Waxhaw Holiday Party? We are looking for a location for the evening of Dec 7th. Holla at me or Twinkle Toes!

• F3 Waxhaw Awards show is called the Effies! It’s on Nov 16th at the Briarcrest clubhouse. (No kids and no wives)

• 5k Speed for Need runners wanted! Sept 28th, ask Posse for more details.

• New Site coming soon on Friday’s. Introducing Diesel! Zero mileage and gear focused at Five Stones Church. Thanks to Brutus and Chastain for running with this!

• Carolina Thread Trail Run! Still going strong on Wednesday mornings leaving from Nesbit Park. It’s 4 miles out and 4 miles back. It’s not easy but it’s fun as hell. You obviously can bail on running until the end and push to whatever mileage you want. Ping Rubbermaid for more details.

• Oh man, CSAUP at Lake Wylie and I’m intrigued:

My Body is a Wonderland

Why must I sign up to Q after a long weekend or a late night. Maybe I will never learn but for my 27th I had to explain my wife that I couldn’t bar hop after John Mayer. Plus I needed to go home after soiling myself due to the fact I locked eyes with John during his guitar solo of “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room”. Boy is a dreamboat…..I digress.

I’m tossing and turning all night in fear of sleeping in. I wake up at 530. Go through my routine. Start driving to the Nesbit and about 10 minutes into the drive I realize Brutus, Banjo, Gummy Bear and Dancing Bear are in the back of the minivan. I blurt out “oh sh*t, how long have you guys been here?” Maybe I did over serve myself last night. We made it there safe-ish.

Holy, lot is packed. Familiar and new faces. Deep breathe. DiCCS given. Ugh. I’m not ready for this. Too late. Let’s get it.


Mosey to the Circle. Not necessarily in this order.

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 20 x Imperial Walker IC

3. 10 x Morroccan Night Club IC

4. 10 x Merkins IC

5. Jimmy Dugan

6. Calf Stretch

7. 20 x Deep Slow Squats IC

8. 20 x Mountain Climbers IC

Mosey to the elementary school for a mini-Murph. Break into 4 groups. 5 rounds. Cluster of misunderstanding. Called recover after I completed my 5 rounds. #selfish

1. Run around 2 laps

2. 5 Pull-Ups

3. 10 Merkins

4. 15 Squats

Mosey to model home. 1 x MTs & 4 x Squats up to 10 and 40. This took a while but it’s a deep burn.

Mosey to clubhouse. 10 x Big boy sit-ups. 1 x Carolina Dry Docks. Reduce and up by 1 each round. I felt like DW trying to count, embarrassing.

Mosey down Trail to circle for a mixture of exercises to close out the workout. Thanks to everyone called on for the assist here.


I’m yet to learn my lesson so I will just keep burning the candle at both ends. Today was brutal for everyone and I appreciate each of you pushing, circling back, motivating and just getting after it. It’s a pleasure to lead you fine men.

Welcome our bud from Indian Land, Double Respect….Hard Drive! Welcome our FNG Plumber’s Crack as well.

Shout out to Carb Load, Posse and (checks notes) ME for completing the Octuple Challenge! Drinks of your choice at the next gathering for posting at all 7 workouts in a week and coffeeteria. Your Octupus Stupidity Badges will arrive in the mail in the next 6-8 weeks. The challenge is open to all PAX but you can only cash in once! I’m running this until my wife says “stop it!” but most likely until the end of the year.

Thank you Bottlecap for taking us out!

ANNOUNCEMENTS: (way too freaking many, so some basic highlights but ask questions if you want more info)

• Still looking for new Qs for our August Challenge!

• Sign ups for the Iron Pax Challenge today but more details to come:

• September 2nd Convergence to kick of new region – F3 Waxhaw. Expect to have massive participation from many regions and is a can’t miss event. 7 am at Cuthberston (park by football stadium) with onsite Coffeeteria to follow at 8 am. More details to be provided and assistance needed from Pax to make this an Epic Event. Check GroupMe to see how to get involved

• Christ Closet preparing back to school giveaway on Aug 16/17. Ackbar to provide more details

• And other things….

All aboard…F3 Waxhaw is officially up and running!!

Usually, when a group separates to form it’s own group, that’s a sign of trouble. But F3 doesn’t operate that way. We celebrate when others lead. In this case, enough men in our area have been so changed by F3, we have the opportunity to create our own region! By doing this, more men in our area will be asked to step up in all different positions of rotating leadership. It will cause many men to unlock what it means to lead in our homes and in our communities. Where they were first only told to follow, now they are freed to lead.

This is has been a long time coming for a lot of us but we are excited for this announcement. A ton of time, discussion and opinions went into this and we hope everyone loves it!

Thanks to Schedule C for designing the logo and make sure to buy him a drink when his band plays downtown Waxhaw on Friday, August 23rd!

SAVE THE DATE: Our Grand Opening Convergence will be Monday, September 2nd. A multiple Q workout will take place 7-8am followed by an awesome coffeeteria! More info coming soon but let’s get the word out. We are expecting up to 100 PAXs that morning to celebrate this new chapter!

Shirts orders are officially open:

Please follow and Share our social, most can all be found using the @F3Waxhaw handle on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.