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So we are only doing 6 Exercises???!! Yes.

And for my 66th Q, I would go back to wear it all started. My first Q in 2018 and my 2nd in 2019 were there. While you never forget your first, my lower back always forgets how bad I am at rushing with gear focused “stuff”.

IPC wrecks me two years in a row and I’m just gun shy due to that pain. After Cowbell started, I tried it out and loved the constant fluid motion of knocking out exercises IC. My back didn’t hurt at all and the running in-between exercises I enjoyed. Short fast distance is my favorite. Long distance at any speed and I hate it.

Rudy pinged me a few weeks ago with some of the most aggressive Q request I have ever seen. He thanked me for signing up before I even agreed. Wouldn’t you know it worked! #voluntold

No rain, damp ground and cinderblocks on site. DiCCS given and we were ready to rock.


Mosey with your cinderblock and pick yourself out a nice parking spot that you would call home for the entire workout. Mosey behind Mt. Chiseled and circle up for….

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 10 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC

3. 15 x Imperial Walker

4. Jimmy Dugan

5. Calf Stretch

6. Can Opener & Runners Pose

Mosey back around Mt. Chiseled to parking…

Century Club workout! (Stolen completely from Dasher)

• 100 x KB Swing

• 100 x Deadlift to upright row

• 100 x OverHead press

• 100 x Flutters holding KB above head

• 100 X Lawn Mowers, 50 each side.

• 100 x Plank & Pull Through

• Run the parking lot down and back twice per 100. You pick when to run.

• Ran around the bull ring as a group between each 100 exercises

And that’s it.


That’s all we did while remaining nearly silent. Some mumble chatter in the beginning about needing a speaker but that died off. I think at some point in Rd 2 Fusebox said, “how is this any different than Chiseled?” This was in reference to me saying before I started that I would be “bringing Cowbell to Chiseled”.

Honestly a lot of the sites are very similar but focus on small changes to the style, pace or time. I don’t think CowBell is that different but the amount of running and pace compared Cowbell can get aggressive. Anymore aggressive that anyone of couldn’t post at either or? Absolutely not. Cowbell was added because it was needed. Like any new site we do, they all have been very successful.

Normally I rock a 26lb KB (see concerns about back pain) which has varying degrees of difficulty depending on the exercise called. I’m not dumb enough to use a 40lb KB like the very dumb Ice9. That dry heaving goofball.

Enter the cinderblock which comes in at 32-35lbs depending on dimensions. Bigger and rougher but perfect for the beatdown Dasher brought us a few weeks ago. Chicken Little and I were brothers in arms that morning getting through more rounds than we did this morning. It was brutal and things were sore I didn’t even know existed. It wasn’t great!

It was a beautiful morning with a lot of grunting and complaining. You start each round thinking “this is fine”and on rep 37 with 63 reps to go you realize “damn it!!” As the rounds got later I saw a few pax throwing in the towel on the called exercise. I don’t know why but I suspect Low T. The make medicine die that now…


Q School this weekend!

The Rooster next weekend!!

How Low Can You Go?

And for my 65th Q, I would continue to ask my kids to do more stuff. So far they are unsure how they feel about CC and IC, maybe time for Kids Q School? Nah. Prepping them for this was some of the fun around the house the last 24 hours.

Funny enough I was supposed to lead next Tuesday but someone tweaked something so I jumped at the chance to go early. Honestly because I would be gone by next week so the heavens made this happen. Yahoo!

Child friendly 6ft DiCCS:

• 6ft – reminder to keep yo distance!

• Di – the usual F3 disclaimer

• C – Cellphone on a pax in case of an emergency

• C – CPR, who knows it?

• S – Safety, are we crossing any roads? Anything to be aware of?

Well it’s 530pm and we were off… I noticed way more cars than usual already. We would audible immediately. It’s gets wilder from there…


Mosey around the lot and circle up for….

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 20 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC

3. 15 x Imperial Walker

4. 15 x LS Squats IC

5. Jimmy Dugan

6. Calf Stretch

7. Can Opener & Runners Pose

8. 10 x CC Merkins

Mosey to the playground. Dad’s are going to partner and kids will partner up. Kids will do an obstacle course:

1. Zig Zag through the swings

2. Climb up and over the wall or 10 laps around the wall

3. Monkey bars or 10 burpees

4. Up the steps and down the slide

Dad’s will complete below exercises while alternating between completing 3 laps:

1. 25 x Merkins

2. 25 x big bois

3. 25 x squats

Kids finished early and I told them they could just play on the swings. All i heard was “really!??!!” and “awesome!!”. Just a good reminder how bad the kids need these small moments.

Mosey to rocks. Grab a lifting rock for a few CC rounds and a run inbetween.

20 x Curls

20 x Dead Lifts

20 x Tricep Extensions

Audible #2. So many cars.

Sit-up Webb

• 1-10 Situps

• 4-40 American Knockouts

• 2 x Merkins between rounds

Did the above in reverse starting at rounds 10 and 40. Took a break at round 7 in fear kids would be losing it over boredom.

Kids would line up for some Limbo time! I snagged the local Hooters girl, Wrigley, to hold the other end of my stick. The dads ran a boring lap around the school while the kids rocked it. They did great and we declared Girl-tano and Unicorn the duel winners. Well done ladies.

Back to the lot. Line up long ways for a smattering of dumb things to do. Then we jumped back on round 7 and back down to Rd 1 of the Webb. Brutal fun!

Back to COT. My son called LBCs. I called Parker Peters and closed with 4 Spider-Man Merkins. And that’s a wrap


Beautiful night with a gang of great people. Solo dads, dads with kids and just an all around great family feel in the group. Big group tonight and a lot of cars. I’m not good at thinking on my feet unless it’s a cutting jab of sarcasm.

The 2 reasons I’ve asked my boys to participate more is to: #1 show the importance of “doing their part” and #2 while they are small/young, they still have voices and the people their want to see them succeed.

It’s easy to not see all that goes to make all these sites “happen” week in and week out but it’s really a beautiful thing. Just a bunch of great people ensuring others success each morning while also encouraging others to participate in the noise. Jump in with both feet fellas! Ask where you can help…

Welcome Unicorn, Mulligan and the edited name, now TBD. Said just Iike that…


• Q School this weekend!

• The Rooster still looking for volunteers!!

More Like Viva La Rain… Amirite?

And for my 64th Q I pulled into the Waverly shopping center and pulled in by the parking deck to count number of floors. See 15 guys running around in there already. I’m completely baffled by this since it’s only 523am. Oh snap, does this site take off at 515am?? Please no…

Confirm on the site it’s a 530 start and then I see our very own Urologist in his car sipping on a nice glass of urine….and that’s when I knew I was in the right place. Great to see you this morning Swimmers and I left my sample in your coffee cup before you lefts. Per your request. I digress.

We have a handful of cars show up, it’s sprinkling but i see a wide open parking deck with out names all over. 6ft DiCCS was shared/explained so that the boys of SOB could pass it on. I mean it’s funny but also it actually is very memorable

6ft DiCCS:

• 6ft – reminder to keep yo distance!

• Di – the usual F3 disclaimer

• C – Cellphone on a pax in case of an emergency

• C – CPR, who knows it?

• S – Safety, are we crossing any roads? Anything to be aware of?

Well it’s 530am and we were off…


Mosey around building and into the backdoor of the parking deck. Circle up for….

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 20 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC

3. 15 x Imperial Walker

4. 15 x LS Squats IC

5. Calf Stretch

6. Can Opener & Runners Pose

7. Jimmy Dugan

Mosey up the deck a floor for a reverse Tyson Press Webb. Start at 10 and 40. Work your way down to 1 and 4. 5 x big boy Situps between rounds.

Mosey down a floor and pair up. Partner 1 does a hot lap, while partner 2 completes exercise:

• 200 x Speedskaters

• 150 x Big Boy

• 100 x Bobby Hurleys

Lineup across deck. Suicides with exercises inbetween. 10 x Merkins, 20 x V-Ups and 30 x American Knockout. 3 rounds of suicides and 2 rounds of exercises.

Some mosey over to deck covered COT. Time for some Lt Dans with a few minutes left. 1 deep squat & 4 jump lunges. Completed 5 rounds.


It was raining out but we didn’t have to worry about it due to the concrete shelter. Other than my ability to count, give instruction, etc overall the workout went as planned. Kept the heart rate up, got 3 miles and I didn’t hear any complaints.

Sadly didn’t hear Ice9 dry heaving either but his counting shenanigans were present. I channeled my inner Recalc a few times focusing on the pesky bending of the knees during a squat, or the mysterious Speedskaters which is not a tap dance. Overall a semi quiet group but also chatting in a parking deck is awful because of the echo.

Thanks for having me Transporter. I hate the distance but I love the vicinity to Starbucks.

Happy Friday fellas and enjoy the weekend! I know I will be drinking a few nice beers thinking about the pain in my thighs.



Banjo Music and A Nice Glass of Zin….but for kids!

It all started last week when Banjo asked me to help him find a Q because of work travel. Little did I know that it would turn into a split Q after swapping with C3PO.

Regardless I’m happy C3PO was able to fill a gap for a fellow pax so quickly and I’m happy Banjo is back on the bandwagon and posting again. It was shockingly sunny so the mood was already going to be at an all time high for the last few days.

Banjo covered DiCCS. One FNG. Let’s roll.


Mosey to lot. Circle up for some warmup exercises and stretching. Followed by 4 corners and back to the center. Lots of confusion on which corner is which but successful none the less.

Mosey to basketball courts to see 8+ basketballs on the ground and a bottle of hand santizer. Also this would known as the place Wrigley would see what is my true kryptonite. Split up into groups, smattering of laps, challenges, awful jump shots and even worse layups. Fun was had. Mosey to put the balls back in Banjos whip and I take over…

I’ve been trying to get my boys more comfortable with CC & IC counting. I tell them “more than half the adults are horrible at it, you will be fine!” I have been warning them that a Q was coming up that they would need to help call exercises and they were a bit nervous. Assuming all the kids, except maybe Rock, would be a bit apprehensive I thought we would ask each of the kids to just call one exercise and to count it off. It worked! I think…

Several of the kids stepped out of their comforts zones and dad’s should congratulate them. Little milestones and soon enough they will be Qing…

Threw in more exercises, challenged dads a bit with some 20 x IC 6″ plank jacks but we kept it moving. Mosey back to COT, Banjo called a few exercises with 90 seconds to go and done!


The kids did great and welcome Sugar Daddy’s daughter Sugar Poo!

This kids group is special and my boys love it. If you haven’t brought your kids, why? Serious question. The Qs always do a great job keeping it light and focusing on the relationship of what’s actually happening. Well done all around.

Thank you Banjo for taking us out!

Spread ‘Em Blue Screen?

Sore. Tired. Useless. That’s a description of my body after Friday’s FSAUP. I probably would have fartsacked again today but Watchtower is so close and I’m on Q was a good reason to peel myself from my warm bed. Not to mention it was in the mid-40s.

Which leads me to my theme of today, “do what you hate!”. And that’s exactly what we would do…. run.


Mosey towards other side of school. Let’s circle up:

20 x SSH

20 x Imperial Walker

20 x Morroccan Night Club

Jimmy Dugan

Calf Stretch

Runners Pose

Mosey to Neighborhood. At each street 20 x Speedskaters. Stop at the caldesac. Circle back for the 6.

Speed drills??!!? 70-80% effort around the curve. Slow mosey around the backside of the road and back to the starting line. Complete 3 times. Booty whooper!

Every other driveway alternate between 5 x Bobby Hurley’s and 10 x Carolina Dry Docks. Mosey back for the 6. Regroup at stop sign. Some guys really struggled with this.

Mosey to school and it’s time for some compass:

90 degrees to the left, 10 x merkins

180 degrees to the right, 10 x merkins

270 degrees to the left, 10 x merkins

360 degrees to the right, 10 x merkins

180 degrees to the left, 10 x merkins

Jail break front strip of school.

On your 6 for abs around the horn and complete!!


It’s been a long day. I’m tired and it’s time for a beverage. Thanks everyone that posted this morning! Welcome back Baio! Never tell us to spread em Meat Smoker again please! And shout out to Blue Screen for not only being a double respect but for really giving everyone, even in my youth, a literal run for our money this AM.


Running stuff. Boring

Beer with running stuff. Less boring.

What’s a BB Anyways? Sponsored by The Appetizer

16 eating yesterday at Appetizer! In the mix several pax and 2.0’s to do a warm up, Paula Abdul 11’s combination of LBC’s and burpees, and a 4 corner spritzer. Got in 2.0 miles tonight and had fun. We ended with a special prayer for shop dog’s father and family as they mourn the loss and celebrate the life of Mr Shop Dogs dad, then naming an FNG Lexie Brawn AKA “Goldfish” Goldfish is one of three daughters from Tim Brawn – Tanya Teen! Great having you all there.

In attendance: trickle; tumbleweed, Zinfandel, the dude, the bean, c3pO, Rubbermaid, freestyle, bolt, banjo, T1000, Lefty, and twinkle toes! Thanks everyone for a great workout together. See ya next time. –

Set Goals. Edit Goals. Reset.

So for my 62nd Q I had nothing planned until I was just about to close my eyes for bed last night. I’m exhausted, sore and I’m hoping for some amazing recovery in the next 6ish hours of sleep. Recalc called me in from the bullpen Wednesday and it was perfect timing because I needed a “boost” at the end of the week after the journey I have started.

If you aren’t following my every move, why not? Jk. I’m currently in the middle of completing all 9 workouts that we have to offer in the same week + a 2nd or 3rd F activity = 10. I’m struggling with what to name it but hoping to be enlightened along the way with inspiration. A few dudes have offered a few ideas which was mostly been helpful for the category of “what not to name it”. Dime Bag, Full Circle, Double Nickel, Postmaster, Local Legend….anyone have anything else to offer?

Roll up to the site to ensure enough stones are in the pile for my plan. See the Swarm crew getting it on in and thankful I couldn’t do that workout. Wolverine is too fast. 6ft DiCCS given. Let’s roll…


Mosey to the long road towards the high school. Stopping along the way for the following.

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 15 x Imperial Walker IC

3. 10 x Morroccan Night Club IC

4. 10 x Merkins IC

5. 20 x Deep Slow Squats CC

6. 20 x 6” Plank Jacks IC

7. Jimmy Dugan

8. Calf Stretch

9. Can Opener & Runners Pose

Mosey to back of the high school and find some bench. 30 x dips, 15 x inclined Merkins and a lap around the big island. Rinse and repeat 2 times. More like 1.5 times and we lost Akbar inside the great trench in the parking lot. Twisted ankle to start the weekend and a great reminder that we are still only in the 2nd week of January!!

Mosey towards big parking lot for some 4 corners with laps and rocks. When you have your rock: 20 of each: overhead press, tricep extensions and curls. Corner 1 otherwise is 20 x big boys, C2 20 x heels to heaven, C3 20 x bicycles and C4 is 20x american knockouts. Run up, run back, grab your rock and run back.

Mosey down to Rudy’s Poop Palace. Find some wall. 20 of each: Jabs. Air Presses. Toe Lifts. Quick Break to shake legs. Back on wall. Jabs. Air Presses. Heel Lifts. Burner.

Closing in on time. Stop for 20 x Speedskaters at each light. And that’s time!!


Lord knows no one wants another soapbox from me about form because we don’t need it anymore. Literally everyone is no longer modifying, right? Who knows.

Today I will use my soapbox to remind you to keep going. Keep posting, keep pushing and use that sore/depressed/exhausted/frustrated feelings to keep getting your ass out of bed. Lots of new guys and lots of people seeking positive change in their lives. Whether that’s fitness, happiness, weight loss, friends or a little of the above. Or none of those but at least something that keeps you motivated.

Most guys have been posting long enough to realize where they are in the “pack” during a run. Who are you chasing? Have you started eye balling a pax when they show up in the AM with the goal to stick with him? Eventually to pass them? Don’t pick a gazelle, unless you are a gazelle, but lock on someone each workout. Those are reasonable goals you can see progress each day.

Same idea with completing the next Merkin-Air Press Webb goal! No modifications for an entire week of posting goal! Hours of sleep goals! Reduction of carbs/sweets goals! Dragging your kids to workout in the evening goals! Stress reduction goals! Happiness and sex goals with the wife! Do I have your attention? Spurred some ideas? I hope so. Access this document to put the “pen” to paper:–6LTfOhoocT0/edit

July 14th, 2018 is when I started at F3 and I weighed 262lbs. 2.5 years later my fitness goals are a thing of the past for the most part and all the other goals I have now are for more happiness in all aspects of my life. Set goals. Edit goals. Edit goals again. Achieve. Fail. Reset. You got this.

Thanks to Bypass for the reintroduction as part of the 6th man, welcome Inspector Gadget and thanks to our friend Akbar aka Ankles for taking us out!


Blood drive!



4 x workouts tomorrow!

From 7 workouts a week to 30 a week NOW!!

And for my 61st Q, I yet again forgot I signed up but that’s ok. I’ve been sharpening my skill set for this very moment. Or in this case, I can search in my phone for the last time my boys and I Q’d Clyent Dinner in the past! Little rinse and repeat with a few changes to our dinner menu? Yup…

Pull up to a few PAX in the lot but only one other dude with a kid there but holy sheet Tupperware was there!! Welcome back dude. Lot begins to fill up with more and more cars. Maybe our menu has gone viral? Or maybe the challenge of working out with your 2.0s had an impact?

6ft DiCCS given. Let’s goooooo…..


Mosey towards the middle school and circle up in front. Time to warm up and stretch these frames of ours:

• 20 x SSH

• 10 x Moroccan Night Club

• 10 x Imperial Walker

• Jimmy Dugan

• Calf Stretch

• Can Opener Stretch

Partner up, sizes don’t matter. First course is Mac & Cheese with a hot lap in between. Look at the first word of each exercise, it’s spells it. Nailed it!:

• Merkins

• Abcs with feet

• Carolina Dry Docks &

• Crawl Bear

• Hurpees (Hand Release Merkins)

• E2K (Elbow to Knee)

• E2K flip flop

• Squats

• Eleven Burpees – TOGETHER!!

Mosey to Picnic Tables. Gladiator course for the kids across the picnic tables while the dads complete:

• 50 x Dips, run to Alcove, 20 x Donkey Kicks, run back to rinse and repeat.

Mosey to long sidewalk and we have arrived at Rudy’s Poo palace. Abs at every light due to too much pizza. Everyone takes a turning calling one out and counting! 10 or 20 each…Rinse & Repeat.

Time for a fire drill…. everyone circle up in the grass. High knees and take takes turns yelling “FIRE!!”. Once yelled everyone drops down and rolls to the right, does a merkin, rolls to the left, another merkin and back up for high knees. Audible due to wet grass so we did a gang of burpees instead.

Back to the sidewalk for more abs at every light en route to to COT. We covered about every ab exercise that exists. Complete. That’s time…


First and foremost welcome back Catnip! Great to see you with your 3 daughters that did great today. Welcome Sour Patch, Enchilada and Pepperoni to our group. Honestly that’s what it’s all about. Having some fun with dad while actually getting a good workout in. Some dads are out there just to have fun, some are out to get their kids uncomfortable and some are there for both. Regardless of the reason our kids are getting better posting alongside us!

I mentioned in my social post about the “connective tissue” that keeps us coming back and for most of us it’s adding in the 2nd and 3rd F. Due to this Covid world that’s a bit more difficult these days but night’s like tonight fill my cup beyond almost anything else. 31 pax is just a blessing to be a part of with that many kiddos. I’m more thankful for this F3 group than I’m able to show but it’s what keeps me so active in everything I do with our group.

When you first get to F3 you are so in your head trying to feel out what the group is about and trying to grasp just how out of shape you have gotten. That was me at least in the beginning but you slowly begin to wonder “who is making all this happen?”. Like how/why are people volunteering to lead? Then you are eventually asked to knockout your VQ and with butterflies in your gut you realize the high expectations that come with taking on that role for 45-60mins. I don’t get the nerves like a use to but I still put the same amount of time in an attempt at “fun” as I did in the beginning.

I’m 2.5 years in and still looking for ways to contribute because the impact this brotherhood has had on my life is immeasurable. When I first started I think we had maybe just 1 workout a day Monday – Saturday, except Thursdays with Floater and Pursuit. Now we have 3 x Mondays, 4 x Tuesdays, 4 x Wednesdays, 4 x Thursdays, 4 x Fridays, 4 x Saturdays and 1 x Sunday. Now add in MASH 6 x days a week. That’s freaking 30 workouts vs 7 when I started. Just amazing.

While sometimes a board member might see a day to add a workout it’s usually just a pax stepping up to lead. They don’t ask for permission per se but will run the idea by a few pax to get buy in. Then it just happens. It’s that simple. Do you have any ideas for F3 Waxhaw? Doesn’t have to be workout related. How will leave your impact? Create a lasting legacy? How will you help others around you that need it?

Cheers brothers and kids! Thanks for allowing me to lead and thank you to Chastain for taking us out.


See BBs from today for more info.

Unnamed Pax in Raleigh: “Meat Smoker is a bit of an inappropriate name…” Waxhaw Pax: “Welcome Meat Smoker!”

Posse suckered me into filling in as Site Q at Homecoming while he jumped on this new Clean Slate site. Little did I know it would be a hard start on 1/1/21. That was until I asked him yesterday who was on Q there tomorrow. No one he said which is just freaking awesome.

So for my 60th Q I would be unwillingly thrust into the starting line up on a day they are trying to drive traffic to the new site? Who would show up? I can tell you who didn’t show up…all 12 guys over at Commitment. #selfish

Banjo committed he would be there so I knew I had at least one. Up until about 6:28:30 it was looking like we were going to decide to just bail on the post all together but instead drink coffee. We had Manziel from Raleigh and a local FNG show up.

6ft DiCCS was shared/explained so that the boys in Raleigh could start swinging around what we showed them in the dimly lit parking lot. And we were off…


Mosey to the front of the entrance and back. Circle up for….

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 20 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC

3. 15 x Imperial Walker

4. 15 x LS Squats IC

5. Calf Stretch

6. Can Opener & Runners Pose

Mosey long way out to main road and back to the school for a reverse Tyson Press Webb. Start at 10 and 40. Work your way down to 1 and 4

Mosey to elementary school loop and pair up. Partner 1 does a hot lap, while partner 2 completes:

• 200 x Speedskaters

• 150 x Big Boy

• 100 x Bobby Hurleys

Let’s mosey to other side of the school. Grab some wall.

• 30 x Air presses with heel lifts

• 30 x Jabs with Toe Lifts

Lineup across parking lot. Exercises and Suicides inbetween. 30 x Dips, 30 x V-Ups and 20 x American Knockout. 6 rounds. One 10sec countdown was requested and I allowed it.

Mosey. Find some nice concrete for some planks. Mosey up to the entrance of the middle school and back. 2.5mins of Have A Nice Day to close it out.


Finished. 3.75mi + a smattering of exercises = usually drinking a beer with lunch. But not today, no thanks due to Mad Dog and Dryuary. Hopefully I will be stronger for it? Or possibly at least rid my waistline of this Covid-15 that I have put on during this time.

It was great to meet Manziel and I think he will be introducing our friends up north about Mike Tyson. I think I learned them in GA but it’s an ass kicker. It was great that he dragged his buddy out to join us this AM.

FNG now named Meat Smoker was hanging with us all day. Your first post is usually the worst but I can see him coming back. He’s already verbally committed to Flash on Monday so only time will tell.

My boy Carson was in his traditional Fusebox approved all grey sweatsuit. He may have lost a step due to hiatus but he’s back and damn it I missed him. One of the funnier guys I know and I can’t wait to drink a frosty IPA at the end of this current challenge.

Happy Saturday fellas and see you on Monday!


• 3rd F Tomorrow, see posts on GroupMe for more info

• Neighborhood walk group tomorrow!

• 3 sites on Monday, pick one now!

• See an oppty to lead? Throw your idea out to me, Posse, whoever to see if we could get people to support it. We have two new sites coming online in the next week or 2. If you see a day that has 12+ people posting every week, we might be safe to expand to a new area or to add a specific type of site. This idea applies to 2nd and 3rd F events as well….get creative!

Power Hour Pre-Party Shenanigans…

And for my 58th Q I would recycle a previous Ignition Q because I hated it then and everyone would be sure to dislike it a 2nd time. Yet again I forgot I Q but that’s ok, that’s why I type all my Qs into my phone. Should I change anything? Nah. It’s fine.

Slept like a baby. Back is a little tight this AM. Several of the Lords of the The Crest in attendance for what should be a exercise heavy beat down. Let’s get it!

DiCCS given. Let’s roll…


Mosey to the front of the high school. Damn it shoes are a bit wet. Circle up for….

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 15 x Imperial Walker IC

3. 15 x Morroccan Night Club IC

4. 20 x Deep Slow Squats IC

5. Jimmy Dugan

6. Calf Stretch

7. Can Opener to Runners Pose

Mosey to the base of the large parking lot near the stadium. 1 x MTs & 4 x Bear crawls up to 5 and 20. I love the 10 and 40 but I know others despise it. Stopped after round 8 because I was beat.

Mosey to back of the high school and find some bench. 30 x dips, 15 x box jumps and a lap around the circle. Circle back for the 6 each round. Rinse and repeat 4 times.

Mosey towards stairs. Seats taken by the Flash crew so we went down towards the buses. 1 x Big boy sit-ups. 4 x LBCs. 4 x Merkins between each round. 5 rounds completed.

Mosey down to Rudy’s Poop Palace. Find some wall. 20 of each: Jabs. Air Presses. Toe Lifts. Quick Break to shake legs. Back on wall. Jabs. Air Presses. Heel Lifts. Burner.

Mosey up hill to lunch tables. Audible after Carb Load said he was leaving. Front of the middle school to close out Rounds 9 & 10 of the Tyson Bear Webb. Fun.

Mosey to lunch tables. OYO. 10 x In & Outs. Run to alcove. 10 x Donkey Kicks. Rinse and Repeat 2 times.

Run to the front of the high school for 2 more rounds of the Ab Webb. Long mosey to football fields since I was concerned with hitting the 4mi minimum. 2 rounds of Ab Webb.

Long mosey back to COT. Time to spare so we did more Ab Webb while Flash joined in at the end. And that’s time…


Great morning everyone! My went as planned and based on the low chatter it was a success! Either that or they were whispering about my terrible plan. I felt good about it regardless.

I had planned for more of those damn runners to be there but supposedly due to children and/or work they had post elsewhere. (Insert GIF of Doctor Evil saying “Right…”

Great push my all the pax today! I always enjoy leading these workouts and hope those thighs will feel itchy with soreness by tomorrow morning. You are welcome.

Thank you Goodfella for taking us out!


My birthday Q is tomorrow! I turn 40 and I hate it. Join me.

Smuggler has a VQ tomorrow, good luck brotha!

Continued holiday hours, 1 (one) hour earlier start times for all weekday AM workouts. PM and Saturdays are the usual times.