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Banjo Wine Co. is open for business!!

Coming this summer for your sweaty pleasure is Banjo Wine Co’s first release, a light & refreshing Zinfandel. Best enjoyed out of a mason jar filled with ice because it tastes awful. Sadly Banjo was hurt and I jumped at the chance to Q. (We get points in the weight loss competition for Qing & posting, sorry!) Moving along….

This morning was 47 degrees and what looks to be the last day without rain for a while. A ton of bros showed up this morning to get their swole on.

Knowing Friday’s are busy and we got a great group of new guys, I planned a weinke without any teaming up. I have some new focus on rescuing the 6 while still giving the gazelles room to gallop until they can’t gallop no more! Luckily in WUC everyone does a great job of staying together and the idea of #NoMoreMary is after visiting a lot of sites that leave the 6 all by themselves. It will be a work in progress.

  • DCCS reviewed and disclaimer about circling back for the 6 given. I missed telling everyone not to sue me or the school, rookie mistake. Sue me.


Mosey around lot, down sidewalk to the back of middle school near picnic tables

Circle Up:

  • 20 x SSHs IC
  • 20 x Imperial Walkers IC
  • 20 x 6” Plank Jacks IC
  • 20 x Squats CC
  • 20 x Merkins CC
  • 20 x Bobby Hurley’s
  • 20 x Derkins CC audible called, nope
  • 20 x Carolina Drydocks CC
  • 20 x Inclined Merkins CC

Mosey towards Tennis Courts, OYO Up and back 3 times, 10 jump squats at the bottom and 20 Jumping Lunges at the top.

Mosey to Circle, 12 burpees a minute at the top, down to other circle for 11 burpees a minute at the bottom and then back to the top for 10 burpees in a minute.

Mosey to big lot for 4 corners, start with 10 monkey humpers in the center, and repeat MHs between each corner:

  • 20 Merkins
  • 40 LBCs
  • 20 Diamond Merkins
  • 40 Speedskaters

Long Mosey around parking lot, over to Wooden Benches, 2 rounds of 50 dips & 1 round of 25 step ups at the picnic tables,

Mosey towards covered stairs, 20 x Mike Tyson’s on the wall

Mosey towards buses, bear crawl covered sidewalk.

Back to COT. 30 seconds over.


30 brothers in total posted this morning, which is the size group I was hoping for. Lots of familiar faces and a massive amount of new guys. Great work was had by all and it was my pleasure to lead this AM.

I saw a lot of the gazelles getting in extra rounds where they could and it was great to see everyone finishing each section strong. Keep pushing….

Continued thanks to those that circle back for those in the 6 or even just hang with a few new guys each workout. 8 months ago when I started I was right where a lot of the newer guys are and those “rescues” meant a ton to me. Both mentally and physically each workout it was a huge motivator. Keep it up fellas!

Enjoy your Friday, ice up son, take some ibuprofen and while enjoying your drink of choice after a long days work make a few phone calls to friends/family to encourage them to join us ASAP.

Thanks to Old MacDonald for taking us out.


  • Tupperware has a rain soaked Q tomorrow! We take off at 6:30AM for 60 minutes. Followed by Coffeeteria and Qsource at McDonalds.
  • Sunday at 5 Stones @ 7AM – Men’s Bible Study
  • Speed for Need – March 23rd in Blakeney, see Rubbermaid for more details! They are planning to push 4 chariots and would like to have at least 12 folks running with.
  • Mark This Moment – Friday, March 1st – Daddy Daughter Dance coming up, see Fusebox for more details. A great group of guys going. Visit to buy tickets as this will sell out
  • Sign up for the local F3 newsletter via the and you can view the one that went out recently. Great story about our very own Shake & Bake!


This is my 10th Q and I still keep my plastic bagged weinke strapped on the hip. I probably need to invest in a DW arm strap as the fear of dropping that bag and losing my workout plans is strong at the beginning.

Lots of men showed up in the dark at Nesbit with a few new faces and a gang of SOB guys. Hopefully proper planning of my Q would ensure that we would hit the goals I had planned but was a bit worried just based on the number of people. Whatever, we will audible as needed. It couldn’t be worst than that DW Convergence. (Used initials to protect that PAX member as that was really, really, really embarrassing)

DiCCS completed. Several CPRs and two arm strapped cell phone bros.

Let’s do this….


Mosey to Circle. Circle up.

8 pack – Dana’s Dream Abs

1. 30 second side plank

2. 30 second side plank

3. 30 second 6” plank

4. 30 x LBCs IC

Mosey to bridge. 20 x jump squats. Bear crawl across bridge. 20 X Jump quats. Mosey to street. 10 burpees. Mosey to 1st Street. 10 burpees. Repeat at each street.

Mosey to circle

1. 20 x SSHs IC

2. 20 x 6” Plank Jacks IC

3. 20 x Squats CC

4. 20 x Peter Parkers IC

5. 20 x Mountain Climbers IC

6. 20 x Jumping Lunges CC (10 per leg)

7. 20 x Carolina Drydocks CC

8. 5 x Master Splinter Burpees OYO

Mosey back down hill, stopping for 5 x monkey humpers per house on the left.

Mosey to Clubhouse while circling back for the 6.

Jack Webb’s. 1 x Drydock & 4 x Bearcrawls. Brutal.

Mosey around 1/2 Circle, 10 x merkins at the top, Mosey around 1/2 Circle, 10 x wide merkins at the top, mosey to model home 10 x diamond merkins at parking lot, Mosey to main road and to next entrance, 5 burpees. Mosey down hill. Lunge from last street to main entrance.

Mosey long way around Kensington, find some wall. Wall sit. 20 x Toe Lifts. 20 x Heel Lifts

Break into 5 groups. CC/IC as a group on all exercises.

1. 20 x Mike Tyson’s

2. 20 x 6” Plank Jacks

3. 20 x Mountain Climbers

4. 20 x Speed Skaters

5. 20 x Jump Lunges

Mosey to other parking lot. Find a partner. Bobby Hurley while other partner runs downstairs, 1 burpee and back. Complete once.

Indian Run back to COT

Circle up at base circle for inclined merkins with varying forms of standard, wide and diamond.



What a great morning. 28 guys followed me in the gloom. Started dramatically slow with the focus on Dana Abs right out the gate. Then we ramped the HR dramatically as soon as we started the 2nd mosey.

We utilized the Mill Bridge compound’s hills, Clubhouse parking lot and 1/2 circles. I’m really hoping some Ring doorbells caught us doing those monkey humpers in front of their homes.

Personally I think the real highlight was the Jack Webb’s with 1 x Carolina Dry Dock and 4 x Bear Crawls in cadence. Thank you Dough Boy for the idea and Banjo promises if we do that in the summer people will be throwing up!! I can only dream…. counting out bear crawls was exhilarating. NOPE!

This is about the time a random truck entered the neighborhood and the driver slapped me on the ass. Deadwood slept in again…..lock it up little guy.

Then we moseyed over to Kensington Elementary for wall sits with toe and heel raises. Someone asked what was so hard about that but clearly wasn’t in that 90 degree wall sit because those things suck!

I was too gassed to remember any great memories. I appreciate those that kept running back for the 6, one of the most important parts of F3. We all need to be doing more of this regularly.

Special shout out to Draper! He joined us a couple months ago out at Chiseled and has stuck with it. Your athletic ability is visible man, keep pushing!

Welcome FNG, Wolverine!

Thanks to Bottle Cap for taking us out? I think it was you, I can’t remember.


  • BBBBBOOOOOOONNNNEEEE FFFFFFFRRRROOOO….. jk. It’s the daddy daughter dance. Sign up now, sells out every year. See Fuse for more information or visit:
  • Men’s Bible Study – 7am @ 5 Stones
  • Go annoy your buddies you haven’t seen post recently, we all need this!

This is absolutely Deadwood writing this….

Hey guys, it’s me….DW! As you all can assume already, I started planning this workout years ago. With such an awful site like old #87, nearly any PAX member can have success here…..

I had a goal of avoiding any and all Mary since my abs are already looking spectacular. My wife calls my stomach the most impressive thing on my entire body. I’m not sure what that means because it small and has zero definition. I hope she lets me in on the joke soon.

Anyways, I ended up running the PAX until they couldn’t breath any longer. While I have a wienke wrist thingy now I’ve actually just slipped in a mirror. Now when I’m out so far ahead of everyone I can sneak a look at myself and think “who’s that good looking guy in there?” Makes me giggle every time….

Time for the show. DiCCS reviewed.


Around a 3/4 mile mosey to the track at the school – circle up on ball court for Warmup:

  • 30 SSH
  • 15 Crab Cakes
  • 5 Reg Merkins
  • 5 Wide Merkins
  • 5 Wider Merkins
  • 5 Diamond Merkins
  • 6” Plank
  • Single leg toe Plank – Hold 10 seconds
  • Flip Flop

Mosey to Bad Idea 7×7 – Subtract 1 each round

  • Bottom – 7 Speed Skater (Each Leg)
  • Top – 7 Merkins

Mosey to BBall Court – Side to Side 7’s – 1-6, 2-5, 3-4, etc with Merkins at both sides

Mosey to Dreamchasers – Burpee Every 5th Light pole

Run the Block – Audible Halfway down and back

  • 5 Jump Squats
  • 1 burpee

Timing running low, Mosey to Keith Jong Hill with 2 Splinter Masters at stop sign


Once I nearly lapped everyone I was forced to Mary by myself. Al Gore was my go to or when annoyed by loud breathing I would call an audible to show those that aren’t as fit at me, Deadwood, some mercy. As I said before it’s absolutely me still writing this.

A few nightlights was Rudy locating us in the gloom a few minutes after the start and joining us at our first warmup, well done bro!

At one point I asked Chainsaw if he wanted 10 count and he blurted out, “NO! I will still out run you Philip!” Classic father-son moment.

Gerber brought an FNG but didn’t circle back for his nephew much. FNGs counts were off a bit forcing him to be an overachiever but he hung strong. It’s just about time we get the Gerber Q….

Speaking of Qs, Airdrop continues to push hard and we need more stories from this guy. Constantly at the front and if I’m being honest me, Deadwood, the site Qs for the Floater put on a clinic on closing those ready for their VQ. Incredible stuff MB and Zin. See you in March Airdrop for your cherry pop!

Thanks to all 10 PAX that joined this morning! Welcome Depends, our FNG and temporary Briarcrestonite. Fresh college graduate turned sales rep for nursing homes, hence the nickname. Hope he joins again!

Thanks to MB for taking us out.


Dasher on Q tonight!

Deflated on Q tomorrow!

Popeye on Q Saturday!

Something else happening I’m sure I’m missing….

BB4TP = Bring Beer for the PAX!

I missed Monday and was looking to get an extra day in so I offered to Q the 86th worst location in WUC. Having done the 87th the week before I figured it couldn’t be much worse.

8 total posted yesterday at Clyent Dinner, a new record! Now knowing all it took was beer we should call this site Clyent Hoppy Hour. Let’s get into it…


DCCS given right at the start

Small Mosey Lap

8 pack – Dana’s Dream Abs

1. 30 second side plank

2. 30 second side plank

3. 30 second 6” plank

4. 30 x LBCs IC

5. 30 second side plank

6. 30 second side plank

7. 30 second 6” plank

8. 30 x LBCs IC


Up two lights, back one light:

• 5 x Shoulder Shredders

• 10 x Jumping Lunges (5 per leg)

Mosey from Transporters Shed to Tennis Courts

Lunge the whole sidewalk stopping for 10 Bobby Hurley’s at each light, 2 total

Line up bootcamp style for an exercise at the top & bottom of hill:

1. 20 x SSHs IC

2. 20 x 6” Plank Jacks IC

3. 20 x Squats CC

4. 20 x Peter Parkers IC

5. 20 x Mountain Climbers IC

6. 20 x Jumping Lunges CC (10 per leg)

7. 20 x Carolina Drydocks CC

8. 8 x Master Splinter Burpees in 60 secs OYO

Speedskater Strip (7 Lights) – deep & touch the ground

Small Lot = The Burpee Loop (7 lights)

• 1st Light, 1 Burpee

• 2nd Light, 2 Burpees

• 3rd Light, 3 Burpees

• 4th Light, 4 Burpees

• 5th Light, 3 Burpees

• 6th Light, 2 Burpees

• 7th Light, 1 Burpee

Make way back to COT, stopped at HS benches for 10 inclined merkins and MS benches for 10 derkins. Completed 20 dips and 60 seconds of pistol LBCs.



My Qs are focused on planning to avoid as much of Mary as possibly. While I really want Dana Abs too I would rather keep the PAX together. We pretty well achieved that.

The opening abdominals workout was to warm the core and knock them out before ramping up those HRs!

Everyone put in the effort and it’s hard to modify when in a group like that with bulk being in IC or CC. It was good to see people dying doing 30 secs of 6″ plank jacks. I hate them and that’s why I’m doing them every time I Q.

I will say some PAX seemed a little conFUSEd on the burpee portions doing more of what I would call a “burp”. Let’s sneak that full merkin in there next time twinkle toes. Just jokes (kind of).

Thanks to those that showed up and thanks to Banjo for taking us out.


  • Qschool Signups
  • AMRAP Friday
  • Deadwood Q for Commitment on Saturday

All those in favor of renaming The Floater to Brokeback Mountain say…..

Ayyyyyyyyy!! Not really. For my 8th Q, I postponed it one weekdue to a never ending J. Timberlake 48 hour “emotional” headlock. Thanks to DW for covering my shift last week and thank you to Moneyball for letting this slide. I brought even more shame to the worst location in all the land, for that you are most welcome.

What more curse words can be said about this site that the dirtiest mouth in all the land hasn’t already said? I’m not sure exactly but it was the least honorable location to Q….

15 PAXs in total this morning. Appreciate every single last one of them. Thanks for the support.

DCCS given to about 93.333% of the guys before start. Coca-Cola flavored lip balm caught the tail end but caught the gist. Let’s rock


Mosey to the dark, Workout at each light, alternate exercise:

  • 10 x Merkins
  • 5 x Bobby Hurley’s

Cross Street Together (several PAXs forgot the part of DCCS where I asked everyone to cross together, we would try better next time), Same Idea at all lights

  • 3 x Burpees
  • 5 x Jump Squats

Line Up Across the front of Dreamchasers, instead of a circle…safety first!

  • 25 x SSH
  • 25 x Imperial Walkers
  • 25 x Mtn Climbers
  • 20 x Moroccan Night Club

All of the lights, up 2 and back 1 at each light:

  • 10 x Speed Skaters (each leg)
  • 15 x Monkey Humpers

Cone Exercises at BB&T Lot, break into 5 groups

  1. Carolina Dry Docks CC
  2. 6” Plank Jacks
  3. Squats
  4. SSH
  5. Bear Crawl entry hill, this group is the timers

Mosey to Keith Jong Hill, 6 master splinters for a minute, 10 x lunges (per leg) up hill then jail break to stop sign. Mosey down. Repeat but upped the MS to 8. Mosey back to the start.

That’s a wrap at 15 seconds passed 45. Whoops.

Thanks to One Star for taking us out!


The path I created worked out well for the most part. The speedskater row was much longer than expected but we gotta get those buts right. An M, not mine, told me my ass fell off with working out and I want her to have something to galk at this summer.

BB&T parking lot 4 corners worked out for the most part. It was larger than I remembered (that’s what she said) but a little name calling got everyone moving between stations.

Always a pleasure to lead and love to see the different PAX pushing themselves to new levels. Rudy was right in the mix with my all morning and he won a new award, Brightest Headlamp of the AM! He’s giving DW a run for his money here.

Great to see Trojan posting so consistently lately, keep pushing yourself man. Great work!

Welcome back Gerber! Great to have our one Gazelle of Briarcrest back and keeping us somewhat respectable as far as athletic abilities are concerned. Maybe one day he will carpool with us or he will just continue to be embarrassed about where he lives just like Hollywood. Stay tuned…

One area of concern as of late is the high level of stress that seems to be coursing through Recalculating veins. I’m hoping it’s based completely on the fact he’s participating in Dry January and will pass in 14 days! Because if not so help me I’m going to be thrown out of the game due to a hard technical foul if he critiques my Bobby Hurley form again.

The rest of you are awesome. Thanks as always.


  • Dana on Q at Impromptu tomorrow
  • Lou is hosting Open Door every Sunday, 7am @ 5 Stones Church
  • Qschool January 26th, see Posse or Moneyball for more info!

Dumb & Dumber

While circling up at the end Impromptu yesterday, Recalculating through out the idea of splitting the Q for Commitment. I had heard this was frowned upon but I jumped at the chance to host with a local legend. While Recalc has a persona of the cranky guy, you will find he’s merely an exaggerated version of his actual self. While he does bicker it’s with the intention of laughter. If you get some words thrown at you, run with it….he means well.

So like Lloyd Christmas famously said in the 1994 smash hit, “You know, the elderly, although slow, and dangerous behind the wheel, can serve a purpose. Don’t you go dying on me now!” This quote couldn’t sum up my feelings for Recalc anymore….

Let’s go….


Jog to circle, circle up, disclaimer given, exercise:


• Moroccan Night Club

• Merkins

• Squats

• Imperial Walkers

Mosey to Community Entrance & Split into 3 Lines. Indian Run w/ a burpee to Elementary School Courtyard.

Individual Cone & Ladder Stations, split up into groups of 8. Planned to do Laps every 2 stations but my 30 minutes was running short. Stations were:

1. Burpees

2. Carolina Dry Docks CC

3. Mtn Climbers IC

4. Ladder Merkins OYO

5. American Hammers IC

6. Jump Squats CC

7. Ladder Dance OYO

8. 6” Plank Jacks

Burpees Count Down to the handoff, 10 Burpees a minute for 2 minutes

RECALC takes the reins….

Increasing stamina & conditioning with 3 x 220yd sprints. Goal to decrease times between each cycle.

Millbridge’s version of Keith Jong Hill. Not as steep but seemed to never end.

• Reverse suicide up the hill with escalating Hurley Trio at each stop

• Hurley trio: 1 Bob Sr (burpee), 2 Danny’s (broad jump), 3 Bobby’s Hurley’s

• Increase count at each end of suicide by 1

Re-up the conditioning back to the start. 3 x 220yd sprints to finish. Jail break to parking lot

Thank you Goodfella for taking us out!


Chilly morning but anything was better than Deadwood Qing again rain! That brisk 44 degrees didn’t scare off the 19 PAX that posted this morning. Recalc and I shot a bit from the hip on the plan but it worked out really well. My focus would be building blue twisted steel muscles….

Usual warm up but the slow Mosey to the entrance of Nesbit Park and we were already down a few PAX. Lost Popeye and hope he’s wiping icing his ailment. Then we thought we lost Rudy but he was picking up his 2.0, Lancer. We started the Indian Run to pick up the 6. Lancer asked where we were headed and little dude sprinted there! Great to see these young guys getting it….

We got to station work and quickly learned how many guys memories were completely shot. I handed them mental station numbers and 1/4 of the groups couldn’t remember. Quick regroup and we split up. Nothing major happened here other than my choice of Steve Winwood & Eric Clapton’s Live album not providing the energy we needed for the burpees. Def Leopard next time….

I happily jumped to the passenger seat and Recalc took us on a journey. I was completely confused with whatever he said we were doing but I was taught by my parents to respect my elders. 40 sec, 35 sec and 30 sec sprints it was. Shout out to Dana for letting the PAX pass him after stage 1 to rid his body of a taco infused hot air biscuit.

Disclaimer given by Goodfella about the need for Millbridge folks like to sleep and we should keep it down. After Recalc told us about the Hurling Hurley Family Suicides it was silent.

Minutes left and it was back to the 220yd sprints to get home. Bottlecap accused two Clydesdales of sandbagging but personally I would much rather compete in short sprints for 45 minutes than LSD (long slow distance). My frame was built for sprints and it seems Fuse Box’s body was too.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

It was a pleasure to split the Q with Recalc and to lead you group of great men. Always good to see the 2.0s joining us and seeing the extra push out of the Dad’s.

  • Easy Button – this dude can hustle and puts in the work every workout. I can say that if you get a lurker “like” on GroupMe from Tim it’s worth 5. He’s picky for quality in the playground.
  • Recalc – I busted your chops a bunch above but I appreciate you. Always one to pick the group up in workouts with great humor and always giving over 100%.
  • Dancing Bear & Carebear – great you have you back bro and way to push today. I know that’s not easy to come back after a week off but it probably helped that you didn’t want to lose to your son. Hahaha.
  • Doughboy – we partnered up for those BH Suicides and you dusted me up that hill. Your endurance and drive every workout is something everyone should take notice of. Keeping all Clydesdales in check!!
  • Chainsaw – your level of effort is impressive! All of us are in awe of what you bring every workout and I’m looking forward to seeing you pop your cherry on Monday! #VQ
  • Banjo – finally this guy posts and hopefully one day he will Q a site other than Chiseled. Fingers crossed! Kidding, we clown car’d it a bunch this week. Crushed yesterday’s workout and was at the top of the pack today. Well done and keep letting Dancing Bear have it! Banjo is a bit quiet at workouts but dude is hilarious.
  • Legalized – posting a ton lately and those LUMENS would have made DW proud. All 100 of them! Keep pushing man, you are making great progress.
  • Fuse Box – I’m thinking about requesting a name change to Quiet Sweet Tea Sippin’ SOB but it doesn’t have the same ring to it. We throw a lot of sh!t at you here in the playground most of it deserved but you take it well. Way to push through today and pass BC and I at the end. Never seen such happiness out of you at a workout until we announced we were moving coffeeteria to McDonalds. Thanks for buying my $4 lady coffee!
  • Chicken Little – I think this was your first Saturday post and it was great to see you out there with us. You always pick me up when I’m walking slumping and I appreciate it. Looking forward to the 14% sour beer later today bud.
  • Southern Belle – thanks for driving the clown car this AM and your ladders. Everyone can thank you for enabling my merkin ladders. Another hilarious guy that doesn’t share his humor ever with all PAX but it’s a selling point if you are thinking about moving to Briarcrest. Dude slays everyone in our BC chat.
  • Dana – what can I say about you that I didn’t say already when I mentioned you farting away from the rest of the PAX. You are a real hero when it comes to manners and I appreciate you giving me a run for my money every workout.
  • Goodfellas – SSSSSHHHHHHHHH!! Keep it down guys. Zin-g! A leader on every workout and a leader amongst the entire WUC. Appreciate you pushing yourself and others constantly.
  • Rudy & Lancer – keep up the good work boys. I know Recalc gave you all a run for your money trying to locate us later in the workout but glad you found us. You are putting in the effort and we are all seeing the results, keep it up! VQ coming up soon and everyone will be there for that.
  • Bottlecap – sorry I missed you on Name-o-Rama and I will happily buy your 1 beer a week to make up for my error. Front of the pack per usual and even picking up the 6 with GF today. Thanks for humor and stepping up to lead in all types of facets.
  • Popeye – I’m not exactly sure when we lost you but I hope you are ok man. Let us know if you need anything!
  • Rubbermaid – I’m too distracted by how hard Tupperware works to talk about your level effort today. You left a little early to pick up TW from the fire house to take him to build burritos. Rubbermaid is teaching his boys right and those are stories dad’s here will share with their kids at some point. I know I will. A lot to be proud of brother!

Yikes. That just took me nearly 2 hours to type. Luckily I had a tasty 30th Birthday Anniversary brew from Portland to help me close strong.

Great to see Mad Dog today at McDonalds and hope he joins us in his finest sweatpant material outfits in the future!

Happy Saturday!


  • QSource starts after Asylum this Monday. 52 weeks of topics to focus on each week. Join in as your schedule allows and see the Slack channel for more info.
  • Step Up to Q! Not sure your ready to Q for 45? No problem, go the Recalc-fandel route and split that thang! Veterans standing by….

Happy New Year Burpees & Bear Crawls!

My 6th Q ever but what an honor to have the first Q of 2019! Sadly no one gave me that honor and I solely just volunteered myself to lead the crew this morning. As we start the new year I’ve seen posts about making resolutions and about not making them. I’m not a fan personally but one thing I do know is that we are all in this together. This workout would be tough but we would focus completing as a pack.

Slower disclaimer given, discussed where we would be going and shared the new focus on safety.


Mosey around the Petsmart and meet in the center of the parking lot. 4 Corners IC, @ the center 25 x LBCs but we will bear crawl to each corner

1. In & Outs x 25 CC

2. SSHs x 25 IC

3. Merkins x 25 CC

4. Squats x 25 CC

Mosey over to Hickory Tavern, find some space

• Short Lap, 19 Derkins CC

• Long Lap, 19 Dips CC

• Short Lap, 19 Incline Pushups CC

• Long Lap, 19 Heels to Heaven

Mosey around HT, run up past Chick-fil-A & to the traffic circle. 10 burpees a minute for 5 minutes.

Mosey. I had plans to run behind Gas Station, around CVS and meet at the BB&T. We ran straight to BB&T. Split into even groups for station work. The timers would be, Round 1: Bunny Hop and Round 2: Toe Taps. Cones set up

1. 6” Plank

2. Jump Squats IC

3. Mountain Climbers IC

4. Dry Docks CC

Mosey to Side Lot by Rack Room and 10 burpees a minute for 5 minutes 1 minute. Happy for the audible call on my part.

Mosey to front of Target and all the way to the front left corner. Split into even groups for Indian Run. This would be a slow Mosey w/ one (1) Shoulder Shredder.

Finished right on time with each PAX completing two rounds of IR and SS.


A lot of people fartsacked today and normally I wouldn’t blame them but this year I do. Nine not scared men joined me in the amazing 65 degree weather at the Watchtower location for what would be a gag inducing workout. Too much holiday cheer? Maybe.

The goal was to keep the group together and I think for the most part that was a success. I couldn’t breathe from the start of 4 corners and thanks to those that helped me count IC. Not sure if that’s adrenaline or what but I gotta get that under control.

A bit of whining at the jump of four corners with the mention of bear crawls but I was still mad at Dough Boy’s lack of BC I wanted to welcome him back with open hands of bourbon spiked egg nog arms. The only thing I offered Breadbowl was dry heaving through out the 45 mins. Thanks to those that helped encourage that man to finish.

The laps around HT were pretty simple but then Ice9 asked, “what’s with this 19 counts?”. Hello, it’s 2019 bro! More on him….

Hooch was an a hole gracious enough to do two rounds of 10 burpees a minute for 5 minutes last week at the Floater. I love/hated it. He wants me to credit him in my syllabus for using it but I’m told he stole it from Transporter. Not sure of the creator.

Speaking of burpees, the form is all over the place these days on these things. It’s pretty simple but please lock it up. I hate them too but drop it like it’s hot and get them over with properly. I mean one guy was even dry heaving for the last half of those things. THATS NOT PART OF A BURPEE!! I’m not going to call that guy out but his name rhymes with Nice Shine. (Hahaha)

We knocked out the two rounds of station work and I had aspirations of another 5 minutes of burpees. Shoulders were spent and we had 7 minutes left. We knocked out 1 minute of 10 with my encouraging words of “we got this”. I was talking my mental Up mostly.

No other major highlights but I felt good with the plan. I appreciate the opportunity to lead you group of fine brothers and appreciate everyone that showed up. Until next time….


  • Back to regularly scheduled start times now that holidays are over. Dromedary and Chiseled tomorrow.
  • Deadwood on Q @ the Floater Thursday & Impromtu Friday. God help us all. I encourage each of the Site Qs to talk through expectations for each of your sites with him. He got an arm weinke holder and hopefully it’s not just affirmation of “Keep up the good work buddy!” written in it.
  • Safety, Safety, Safety is going to be a motto for those posting each morning. Let’s watch each other’s backs more than ever.

Finally Some Freaking Gear!!

Can you even take a punch? Seeing as it was Boxing Day I had the eye of the tiger flowing through me. Would my workout channel anything specific to boxing? Not a chance. Have I been in my fair share of scraps as a younger man? Buy me a drink and let’s chat offline.

The gear workout is a bit tough to plan out due to never having a headcount ahead of time. Do I have enough gear? Enough stations? When and how can I incorporate Hip Thrusts to Heaven?

Plus I was looking to really throw a curveball at the PAX and knowing Recalc would be there, expectations were extremely high. But would I actually incorporate gear into the gear focused location?


Mosey to Entrance, Grab Lifting Rocks, Mosey to right of Mt. Chiseled, circle up. Disclaimer given.

• 20 SSHs IC

• 20 Imperial Walkers IC

• 20 Mtn. Climbers IC

• 10 Peter Parkers @ 6″ IC

• 20 Parker Peters IC

Lap Around Mt. Chiseled

Activity with a lap in-between, count of 20 each:

• Al Gore w/ jabs

• Torso Twists w/ rock

• Slow deep squats w/ air press

• Speed Skaters w/ front lateral raise w/ rock

Mosey w/ rocks to 1st Light:

  • Lunge, Lunge & 5 x Tricep Extensions until 2nd Light
  • 10 squats w/ rock overhead
  • Reverse Lunge, Reverse Lunge & 5 Upright Rows until 3rd Light

Mosey to Side Lot for Station Work, Station #1 is the timer, Mosey every 4 stations as a group

  1. Double Ladder Merkins w/ Double Bear Crawl
  2. Overhead Punch w/ a 20lb Dumbbell
  3. Hip Thrusts to Heaven w/ 35lb Dumbbell on Waist
  4. Shoulder Shrug w/ Two Buckets
  5. Upright Row w/ 30lb Dumbbells
  6. Rope Work
  7. Bent Over Reverse Flys w/ 25lb Dumbbells
  8. American Hammer w/ 2 bricks
  9. Goblet Squat w/ a 35lb Dumbbell
  10. Plank & Rotate w/ Bricks in Hand
  11. Punches w/ Bricks in Hand
  12. Heels to Heaven



Thanks to the 9 PAX that posted with me! We covered little mileage but keep the hearts racing if you were pushing yourself. Those rocks were so freaking cold but got the ripping & tearing we needed to get jacked….

The Double Merkin Ladder with Double Bear Crawls as the timer was a great idea. The PAX yelling cheering each other on to hurry up finish strong was great. Then I threw in a short mosey lap after 4 stations allowed everyone to stop thinking about hurting muscles for a few seconds. This way we kept the intensity high when we got back to the stations.



(I’m a day late, see announcements from Hooch’s BB today)

It’s a celebration….

What would my birthday be without celebrating with my brothers? Also a great excuse to lead a creative workout with the soul purpose of burning as many calories as possible since I would later consume 1,000+ calories in crafty brews. I appreciate each and everyone for showing up this morning. Even those that fartsacked, you all still have a tiny, tiny, tiny piece of my heart.

I have to have a theme for my workouts just to change it up for my mental planning. So being born on 12/22/80 and turning the tender age of 38 I knew it was going to be a good day. Obviously I’m never worried about mileage but always focused on constant motion. Keeping the HR in zone 4 is my goal. As well as focusing on my problem areas. Beer belly and thunder thighs.

Sidenote: keeping things somewhat “fun” with the promise of 2.0s wasnt something I had to think about before. But boy oh boy did the kids show up for Uncle Zin this AM…


Jog to circle, circle up, disclaimer given
Duck, Duck, Skip an Exercise – Every PAX will run around the circle twice while the remainder of the PAX complete an exercise in IC. 2 rounds

  • SSH
  • LBC
  • Merkins
  • In-and-Outs
  • Squats
  • Mountain Climbers

Mosey to Elementary Entrance & Partner Up
Partner 1, Bear Crawl from one light to the next, P2 lunge walk between lights. Flip flop.

Mosey to Playground
Individual Cone Stations x 6, split up in groups, 2 rounds

  1. Burpees x 12
  2. Carolina Dry Docks x 22
  3. Bobby Hurley’s x 12
  4. American Hammers x 22
  5. Jump Squats x 12
  6. LBCs x 22

Mosey to the front left of the school, team up, Partner 1 is the timer, run down the stairs & back up:

  • Elbow and/or 6″ Planks
  • R Side Planks
  • L Side Planks
  • Monkey Humpers
  • Heals to Heaven
  • Protractor
  • Other stuff…

Mosey to Entryway, going after an 80 count, flip flop exercises between trees

  • Sumo Squats x 10 per tree
  • Speed Skaters x 10 per leg, per tree
  • Bonus trees….

Jack Webb’s – Merkins and Air presses

Finished on the dot! (in your face Posse!)


20 men posted and I appreciate everyone’s participation in my own little “fun house” this morning. Even more impressed with the 2.0s level of effort and I can’t wait for my boys to be a bit older so they can join in the fun.

  • Bottlecap & Crumbs – not a lot of chatter from the talkative BC this AM. Must have been showing off for his son Crumbs, who was crushing it. Let your freak flag fly BC, regardless of your child in attendance.
  • Chainsaw & Deadwood – What can I say about this father and son team that hasn’t been said already. This guys continues to show up day in & day out, leading the PAX regardless of his age – Chainsaw brings it! DW was there today too but whatever…ha
  • Dancing Bear, Gummy Bear & Care Bear – the first time GB posted up Deadwood nearly yoga’d him to death but luckily this young gun gave us a second chance. Mark’s oldest, Care Bear, joined us today and he shared his favorite exercise was squats on the ride over. I hoped to change that but he only shared that he least liked Speed Skaters. I will take it! Allowing Gummy, younger bro, to name his older bro was a highlight. DBs merkin form was on point today, show off…
  • Dana – my traveling brother, hitting locations all over the place. Him and I have been working our way up since meeting in the 6 and its great to see this guy’s progress. Great dude regardless of his silly nickname…I’m chasing you now!
  • Doughboy & Breadbowl – Easily my favorite family, thats no secret. Doughboy’s banter with his son is always a highlight but BBs confidence is going unchecked currently. I’m concerned. That kid starts crushing monkey humpers all of a sudden and when asked to go rescue the 6 he mocks them. Haha, I wouldn’t want it any other way.
  • Goodfella – I’ve known GF for like 7ish yrs now through work and I had no idea the guy is the Energizer Bunny. He even preruns and seems to never get tired. Always encouraging and pushing others, your effort is always noticed (and picked on).
  • Popeye – no YOU are an emotional headlock!! How about you check the lexicon! Haha. Little round of banter during COT but always good to see you at Commitment bud.
  • Fusebox – What can I say about my F3 sponsor that wasn’t already said at Coffeeteria? Was it nice? Was it mean? Did I talk about him at all? He will never know since he skipped it due to not liking Dunkin Donuts….lock it up. Next Saturday I’m driving and forcing you to be with these awful friends of ours…
  • Rubbermaid – dude has like 19 kids but none of them posted with him. Maybe he intentionally didn’t invite them so he could get some time alone. Its fine either way, I always have fun with him each workout and he crushes every post. Whatever you all do, do NOT watch RM during SSHs and imagine a baby bird trying to fly for the first time. (Please stop laughing)
  • Rudy & Lancer – I stayed as far away from Gasious Maximus as I could, if the stories are true – I don’t need that in my lungs in the AM. Keep putting in the work bud, you are killing it. I was lucky enough to partner up with Lancer for step running and he was absolutely pushing it to the max!
  • Southern Belle & Southern Bolt – most people don’t know it because of his kind tone and southern drawl, but the Belle is ruthless behind the keyboard. If you are his subject matter in the private Briarcrest group, grow thick skin. Great to have you back and trying to keep up with the Bolt. I wasn’t able to see him leading the 2.0s during the cone work but I’m sure he did an awesome job.
  • Shop Dawg – when I first started SD was my Mr. Miyagi. Kind and constantly encouraging those in the 6. This group of men cheering on a “spiritual leader” like SD this morning during the bear crawls will always be a highlight for me. The guy epitomizes the concept of No Man Left Behind and a great moment for the 2.0s to see.

I hope I didn’t miss anyone in my long post. Thought I would have fun with this BB while I slowly sip this delectable adult beverage. Thanks to Dancing Bear for taking us out. See you all on Monday!


  • Convergence 12/24 – 6:30am start, 60 minutes – Doughboy’s Santa on Q @ Cutherbertson Middle
  • Chiseled 12/26 – 6:30am start, 45 minutes – Zinfandel on Q
  • Dromedary 12/26 – 6:30am start, 45 minutes – Goodfella on Q

No One Drinks Alone!

After being on the road for over a week, both business and pleasure, I was excited to get back out and lead this group of knuckleheads. I was able to post at 3 different sites while traveling but they lacked the intensity and humor that comes with WUC.

DISCLAIMER: Great dudes, great sites and I can’t recommend enough posting at other sites. {fin}

Transporter welcomed me back with open arms and absolutely crushed me yesterday. Leading up to the Effie’s though my adrenaline was already screaming with that excitement and I knew I would be ripping some tasty brews this evening so I needed to do my best to burn the calories up front. 

24 total PAX. Disclaimer Given. 


Mosey Loop, Lets get it….

22oz of Miller Lite Thighs

  • 22 x Lunge Walk between lights
  • 22 x monkey humpers at each light – everyone looks like an idiot, I love it

40oz of Dana Abs (40sec each)

  1. 40 second side plank
  2. 40 second side plank
  3. 40 second elbow plank
  4. 40 x LBCs IC
  5. 40 x Plank Jacks
  6. 40 second side plank
  7. 40 second side plank
  8. 40 second elbow plank
  9. 40 x LBCs IC

Jailbreak to the Shed, Grab a Partner & Split a 12 pack (12 bottles x 12oz = 144oz)

  • 144 x Bobby Hurley’s 
  • 144 x merkins
  • 144 x squats

Mosey to the top of the Hill and over to the Lunch Tables. Team up and split a 1/2 barrel key (165 total 12oz cups)

  • 165 x dips
  • 165 x inclined merkins
  • 165 x In & Outs

Mosey around the corner, Grab a Partner for Keg Stands

  • 1 partner runs the loop while doing bear crawls under the overhang
  • 2nd partner does a keg stand against the wall
  • Complete twice 

Mosey Back and we stopped for 12 x Hand Release Merkins at the flag posts


Beer was on the brain, reps and workout would be based on things that make me happy. Planned it all out while feeding my daughter her night time bottle. Then I slept great, Dancing Bear picked up Fuse and myself and my heart was racing when we pulled up to the school. I didn’t feel like circling up this and wanted to warm up the muscles gradually…..

Super shocker, not even two lights into the workout and Fusebox was already checking everyone out. What do you mean checking everyone out Ben? Exactly what I said. Follow me here: How do you think he spotted and started thong gate? Who publicly posted his appreciation for Dana’s abdominals? If the shoe fits….

His alibi is that he only wants to help with form but I’m starting to think that’s just an excuse after getting caught starring…..only time will tell. 

Honestly the banter at this point was some of the best. After we all saw Breadbowl leading the group we had a lot of comments to make since it seemed he really found his stride with lunges and monkey humpers. Well done young man, well done…

Speaking of an orangutang and a gorilla, Goodfella and Deadwood were squeaking early into my 40oz of Dana Abs. Heart wasn’t racing fast enough or something for those two. Sorry I skipped SSHs and a few merkins….give me time to get the hearts going. Not all of us are doing yoga on the reg, so these are new moves for our cores. 

After getting to Transporter’s shed I literally remember nothing except reading my cheatsheet and moseying between workouts. Heart moving too fast….

Laughably, keeping track of the number of reps and counting to 144 or 165 is tough, you guys. It wasn’t tough for me but I heard a lot of “like 47” or “how many did you finish with before?” and my favorite “just go to the next exercise”. 

The final hand release merkins were supposed to mimic picking yourself up off the grown after falling from too many adult beverages. I’ve never personally had to do it but I could imagine…..

I did learn that me planning my Q after a beatdown by Transporter and last time I went after Dasher, my intensity levels are usually higher than where I want a standard workout. Better make use of that Q juice!

As always, thank you all for letting me lead. It was a bit repetitive between stops this morning but I hope everyone equally enjoyed and hated it. 

Lastly, thank you to Recalculating for letting me host his site and for all the support leading up to my big day. Question for you, are those that don’t post at Impromptu the day of the Effie’s allows to post at that event in the evening?

PS – Monkey Humpers are terrible!

PPS – Honestly I will have tremendous respect if Short Circuit shows up again after the monkey humpers. We should get some aerial footage of that exercise though….for our social media, not for Fuse’s personal archives. 


  • The Effie’s!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bring clothes for both Bottlecap and Dancing Bear
  • Commitment tomorrow morning with Doughboy on Q…..ugh, good luck!