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2 Guys, 1 Master

Dana and I are were Augusta. Dancing Bear was extremely worried about our distance away from the Hive but little did he know we were on mission for $1.50 pimento cheese sandwiches. Dana was able to secure Masters tickets and it was a celebration of him and I moving from the 6 to the 2ish together.

Great day on the course walking, watching and consuming. Interestingly enough the total of our entire breakfast, lunch and adult beverages at the course was cheaper than a single dinner last night. Incredible. Long day. Then a long night with a not so great AC unit in the hotel but we locked down nearly 6 hours of sleep…..

It wasn’t enough but we pushed through. We arrived to the closest location to us in Augusta at about 5:22AM and struggled to find the start. We just kept on pulling up next to cars in the parking lot and all 3 of them each pulled off. Not a great sign. Eventually we found the AO called Evans Pain Station. We were praying for a light workout….

DiCCS not reviewed. We didn’t have enough time to introduce ourselves and to show them our DiCCS. Hopefully next time….let’s begin.

“30 Burpees, welcome to Carnage!” Not kidding. That’s how they start.


After one hell of an opening it was time for mosey. Dana and I realized during the mosey the reason the takeoff site was hard to find was because they had a large concert taking place in the park which was closing a massive portion of it. These guys were being displaced from their home, how would they even cope?

Luckily for them they know their away around the territory. Circle Up. I think 10 merkins. Some squats. Plank it up. It’s time for the Compass. Multiple degrees yelled. I think 7 or 8 rounds with 10 Merkins after completing the nautical directions given. Mountain climbers after? This Q is mean. Freaking brutal. (I’m not giving away the Compass yet until I bring it to my Q on Monday)

Short mosey to stone walls for 10 step-ups per leg and 10 dips. Varying degrees of height and I think 4-5 rounds. Plank until 6 is in.

On your 6. 125 x flutters IC. Not kidding. Did I mention the Qs name was Diesel? Yeah, not good. Threw in some Rosalitas for good measure. Yikes.

Mosey to find some wall. Balls to the wall. 15 plank jacks. Completed 3 times. More on this later.

Mosey across the street. Lunge entire street stopping for 10 squats at each light post. 4-5 light posts. Burning up…

Mosey to center of park. Q was psyched that we had time to do something he wanted to try. I’m not entertained by this statement. Completed 1 burpee, box jump the wall and 1 more burpee. Complete 5 times.

Mosey back to start. I’m gassed. And very, very sweaty.


Maybe the bourbons before bed were a bad choice but we were both on vacation. Luckily the guilt brought on by the calorie intake was more than enough to force our post. We did not wake up excited and talk of fartsacking absolutely happened.

We pushed through and were immediately put into an EH with the start of 30 burpees. I had a lot to say at that time with heavy amounts of sarcasm about how happy I was to be there. (I wasn’t)

The balls to the wall plank jacks were fine but after sweating out all the crappy light beers I was concerned. I mean I’m standing nearly upside down and the sweat from my nether region is now headed down…….we will hope to call this exercise Bag Sweat to Chin. Maybe not.

Sadly I don’t remember everyone’s name but they were a hell of a group. I think 7-8 in total and Diesel crushed the Q. Hung out a bit at the end and shared some F3 war stories. Highly recommend posting in Augusta if you are in the area.

Thank you brothers from Augusta!

Lastly, this Monday I’m queing Ass Island and if you are still reading this BB you deserve to join me. The Compass will make an early debut….

Dude, Where’s My Car?

Man oh man, what freaking morning for my 16th Q. Planned out the weinke the night before like usual. Good solid idea on my iPhone knowing we would have packed house, I mean it’s Monday…..

Wife taps me on the shoulder at 5:18am and says, “aren’t you leading the workout this morning?” HOLY SHEET! Grab my pile of clothes, hop in the minivan and pulling out of the driveway at 5:20am. GPS says arrival at 5:34 and so I channeled my inner soccer mom with the driving skills of Dominic Toretto. All those years of watching the Fast and the Furious franchise would pay off in spades…

I arrived at 5:27 and what is happening? 4 people there? Lot seemed pretty full but everyone it seems was after Rubbermaid’s beatdown at Ignition. I mean I know it was cold but come on…

More brothers pulled up. DCCS reviewed. We gone!


Mosey to back of middle school and circle up:

1. 20 x SSHs IC

2. 20 x Squats CC

3. 20 x Imperial Walkers IC

4. 20 x Inclined Merkins CC

5. 20 x Carolina Drydocks CC

6. 20 x Jump Lunges CC

7. 20 x Derkins IC

Mosey to Basketball Courts, split into groups, plank bear crawl merkin ladder. 2 Merkins each until each person goes one time.

Mosey to the Shed:

• 25 x Bobby Hurley’s CC

• 25 x monkey humpers CC

• 25 x Squats CC

• Wall Sits:

  • • 30 x Jabs IC
  • • 30 x Air Presses IC
  • • 20 x Heel Raises CC
  • • 20 x Toe Raises CC
  • Mosey to Circle:

    1. 30 second side plank

    2. 30 second side plank

    3. 30 second elbow plank

    4. 30 x LBCs IC

    5. Lap Down to Circle & Back

    6. 30 second side plank

    7. 30 second side plank

    8. 30 seconds of Makhtar N’Diaye

    9. 20 x Pistol Right Leg LBCs IC

    10. 20 x Pistol Left Leg LBCs IC

    Mosey to the wooden benches. Team up and split:

    • 150 x dips

    • 100 x inclined merkins

    • 150 x In & Outs

    Mosey to portico and complete 20 x inclined shoulder taps or 40 x planked shoulder taps OYO. Head downstairs. Calf raises at each step and another 20 x inclined shoulder taps. Audible called due to time

    Mosey past lunch tables to a nook. Was planning to do Jack Webb’s aka Icey Mikes. 1 x Mike Tyson and 4 x Speed skaters, to 10 & 40, but ran out of time. Moseyed back to cars….wait what’s going on?

    60 seconds left and got a few more LBCs in while some questioned just what happened to all the cars. The end!


    I’ve been planning this event in my head for probably about 6 months. We all just so kindly leave our keys on the seat, on a tire, etc. Rockwell reached out to me about Qing in the coming weeks and luckily April Fool’s Day was open and it was the perfect move to get the PAX away from the main lot.

    I enlisted two trustworthy men with the high honor of missing a workout with the hope of passing on a good laugh to everyone. What we didn’t know is how long would it take to move all the cars and could they even find all the keys?

    23 men posted this morning across Ignition and Flash, which is the lowest numbers I feel like in awhile. I know it’s cold but let’s lose that winter weight together brothers!

    Back to WUC new valet service, it takes two men approx 19 minutes and they covered 2.3mi to move 19 of the 23 cars in the lot this morning. To those other 4 guys, where do you hid your keys? I don’t hear any “jingling” during the workout so I think we now all assume you guys are masters of the art of keistering. Google it or don’t.

    I hope everyone got a good laugh about it this AM! All in good fun and to those that were upset/pissed/not entertained, I’m proud to share that Bottlecap has been antagonizing me for the last few hours. I wanted to believe he was paying it back to me but screenshots of a text thread and it seemed pretty real. The Cuthbertson Middle Principal had shared that the superintendent was in town and was none to pleased with all the cars in front of the school. Would I be the newest dumbass Damascus that would ruin a site for generations to come?

    Luckily we may never know if it’s real or not, just so Bottlecap can hold this over my head. What we do know now is that the superintendent is an F3er and his name is Patches. Last name is O’Houlihan so a reference to the movie Dodgeball is amazing!

    Major shoutout to my two brothers Dancing Bear and Deadwood for helping out with this practical joke. I brought up the idea over beers on Friday and they were immediately on board. We had some reservations about who might not giggle about it but since we are an equal opportunity organization everyone would be dealt the same deck. Except those that are “Trojan horsing” their keys. I have so many questions.

    Beer on me if still none too pleased. Happy Monday and Happy April Fool’s Day boys!

    Thanks to MB for taking us out


    • Posse has F3 stickers in his car, hope he finds it!
    • Site Qs please see Mad Dog, he has reflective fanny packs waistbands as we continue to be safer in 2019!
    • Doughboy has Watchtower tomorrow!

    My Dude turns 7…..

    For my 15th Q I decided to keep it moving and utilize some of the numbers from my son’s 7th birthday, March 21st. A little story about my first born Connor, who I started calling “My Dude” for whatever reason when he was born. Up until last year we rocked a White Russian bar at all of his birthday’s in reference to The Big Lebowski. 100,000% chance I drink one today and you should too after this morning’s workout!

    Back to the plan for today, which I was pleasantly surprised to see it wasn’t in the 30s this AM and then I saw it had rained. Would that impact my plan? Would less people show up because of the chance of rain? Would my body eventually stop spewing hot lava??

    The Crest’s of Briar clown car’d it today and I was running pretty late. Luckily my bidet makes clean up a breeze (contact me for details, I’m a huge advocate and anyone without one is a peasant). Only $30 off of Amazon!

    DiCCS reviewed and disclaimer about circling back for the 6 given. Let’s rock


    Mosey through darkness along the train tracks over to that random restaurant. Circle up:

    1. 21 x SSHs IC

    2. 21 x Imperial Walkers IC

    3. 7 x Merkins CC

    4. 21 x Jump Lunges CC

    5. 7 x Moroccan Nightclubs IC

    Line up at far end of lot, Dock Bears IC, 1 x Carolina Dry Dock and 4 x bear crawls. Going to 5 and 20.

    Mosey to Cupcakery, circle up for 21 x 6” Plank Jacks IC and 21 x LBCs.

    Mosey to S. Providence HS track “thingy”, partner up, partners head in opposite directions, 3 total laps, 5 x Hand Slap Merkins each time you cross each other.

    Mosey towards bridge, cross street together!

    Grab some bench for 20 x inclined pushups IC, hot lap, 20 x derkins, start mosey down long strip.

    All of the lights, flip flop between 10 x Speed Skaters (each leg) and 10 x Monkey Humpers

    Grab some wall at BB&T, 21 x Dips IC

    Begin mosey towards Keith Jong Hill, 10 burpees a minute for 2 minutes, 20 x Lunges at the bottom and 10 x Bobby Hurley’s at the stop sign

    Back to COT


    My apologies for a short DiCCS this morning but Mother Nature reared her ugly head. I appreciate the 15 total brothers that posted this morning even though I was posting “puking” GIFs yesterday as that’s what my co-site Q, Moneyball, requested of me. I didn’t see anyone spill merlot but I got some questions for the possible crime scene that The Knish created behind the shopping center.

    The chatter was relatively low from what I could hear except a few comments. “I thought you guys don’t do Mary” as I started LBCs. We don’t do Mary waiting on the 6, we circle back! We are an equal opportunity site and it won’t be only gazelles that will be able to see abdominals so help me god.

    Only other chatter I heard was about wet grass, DW and Easy Button confuses by simple instructions and Dancing Bear bragging about his 1st round knockout Terrapins….

    As I sit in this Uber currently I can feel the soreness beginning to cripple my chest and other parts of my body. A fulfilling feeling when you are the Q….make em hurt!


    • Speed for Need & F3 running in the Dash for Down 5k this Saturday. We take off at 8:29 and will probably finish around 8:55-9:05. If you are in the Blakeney area, bring your family and come cheer on your bros crossing the finish line!
    • Virtual 8k next Saturday at Commitment. Sign up for a minimal fee and join Damascus for a 60 minute 5 miler with some pain stations thrown in!
    • Centerfold has his VQ tonight at Clyent Dinner
    • Bottlecap has the Q at Impromptu

    All aboard….

    Choo-Choo boys for what would be my 14th Q! Unfortunately my redneck bud Banjo has hurt his knee spending too much time kneeling on concrete at his “job”. I got the bat signal and accepted the opportunity to step up because why not. My theme as I started planning this last night was to start with things I got made fun of for I know that work and build as we go….

    But do we even need gear to get freaking yoked? Probably not but we do need gear to make true progress on what I’m being told are vanity muscles (defined as: muscles that are generally harder to really build up with the soul purpose of being noticed and usually take to much work to keep up). Arms, legs and Abdominals.

    We started by throwing a small amount of coal in the engine to get these cold locomotives warmed up. With time we would continue to shovel generous amounts of coal into the hopper to really crank up the intensity.

    DCCS reviewed. Let’s get it!


    Mosey and then lineup so PAX can use curb.
    1. 20 x SSHs IC
    2. 20 x Squats CC
    3. 20 x Imperial Walkers IC
    4. 20 x Inclined Merkins CC
    5. 20 x Carolina Drydocks CC
    6. 20 x Jump Lunges CC
    7. 20 x Derkins IC

    Grab Bricks, IC & lap inbetween:
    * 20 x Glute Bridge w/ bench press
    * 20 x Al Gore w/ fly
    * 10 x Shadow Boxing w/ slow deep squats
    * 10 x Man Makers (that’s what Dasher called them and he’s in much better shape than me)

    Mosey towards Entrance
    * Partner Up and grab a lifting rock
    * Lunges to Next Light and switch rocks
    * 30 x LBCs
    * Lunges back, return rocks

    Mosey towards cars. Time for Station work – Partner Up
    1. Sledgehammer Swing on Tire
    2. Squats w/ 27lb bar overhead
    3. Overhead Press w/ Cinder Block
    4. Kettle Bell Swing
    5. Shoulder Shrugs w/ 2 concrete buckets
    6. Slam Balls
    7. Curls w/ Cinder Blocks
    8. “Swing for the Fences” w/ 20lb bar
    9. Tricep Curls w/ Cinder Blocks
    10. ****Timer: Out & Back w/ Pace

    Completed just short of two rounds. 30 seconds at each station with one quick hot lap in-between. 


    A great group of usual suspects posted today with a continued newby from the Lands of Briar! Always a pleasure to lead the group and it was great to be challenged with the Chiseled site’s abundance of gear. Thanks to Fuse and Chainsaw for helping to grab stuff from the shed and spreading to the stations.

    After the warmup it was time to grab some bricks from my mean, lean, blacked out minivan for some Mosey. I think I heard something about my use of bricks but the PAX quickly quieted down some exercises and laps. Those bricks are heavier then they seem…

    Unfortunately the lunge walk to longer than expected but they burn was just so freaking good. One of these days I’m going to get my thighs to stop touching with my continued attack on their size. Little known fact, when I wear corduroy and walk it sounds like I’m starting a weed wacker. And the chaffing….

    I highly recommend buying some cheap cones and a wax pen to write the name of the stations for Chiseled. Saves valuable time at a site where losing a decent HR due to the length of explaining each station can be a problem.

    I snagged some sledgehammers on clearance a few years ago that would be a great addition to the site. Banging those bad boys against the tire made for an interesting full body exercise.

    Very little chatter except for a few one liners from the two angriest typical PAXs in all of WUC. May take some of that chloroform that Legalized is sourcing currently to start taking them down before each post. Nothing a little “tar and feathering and duct tapped to a tree” before a workout to knock few guys down a peg…. #zin-g

    Sadly no burpees and bear crawl due to time with rocks. I had something terrible planned that I will make sure to bust out at my next Q!

    Thanks for taking us out Legalized!


    • Speed for Need 5k, March 23rd, a gang of us are going. Even me who loathes running….see Rubbermaid for discount code and more details!
    • March 30th Commitment will be an 8k (5mi) bootcamp. Sign up here to join the main group in Hunterville or join us at the virtual site, aka Nesbit Park!! Sign up for only $10 here:

    I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more….

    In most cases it would be more cowbell but this time it’s sadly happily only that Deadwood has Mad Cow Disease and that Zinfandel is taking the Q!

    It feels good to find out that Deadwood is a mere mortal just like the rest of us! You think that guy is never going to run out of fuel during workouts only to find out he doesn’t consume enough vitamin C and unable to find off a small, tiny, little common cold. He has me on speed dial so he requested my presence on lead last night…

    I haven’t signed up to Q anywhere for the month of March but happy to fill in where needed. I only ask for a 24 hour notice in the future maybe? Moving along….

    DCCS reviewed and disclaimer about circling back for the 6 given.


    Mosey towards front of high school

    1. 25 x SSHs IC

    2. 10 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC

    3. 20 x Imperial Walkers IC

    4. 20 x Inclined Merkins CC

    5. 20 x Squats CC

    6. 20 x Carolina Drydocks CC

    7. 20 x Jump Lunges CC

    8. 15 x Derkins IC

    Mosey to back of high school benches. 30 Dips, run, 10 x Mike Tyson’s. Two times.

    Mosey towards Transporter Shed. 10 Jump Squats and 3 burpees at alternating street lights. Circle Back for the 6.

    Grab some wall in shed. Wall sits. 20 x Air Presses IC. 20 x Jabs IC. 20 x Toe Lifts CC. 20 x Heel Lifts CC.

    Mosey to back of High School. 20 x Step Ups and 20 x Derkins Inclined Merkins (due to mud) alternating between benches. Two times.

    Mosey towards football fields and head towards center of big lot. 4 corners. 10 big boy sit-ups at center. 10 x Squats. 10 x Diamond Merkins. 10 x Bobby Hurley’s. 10 x Wide Armed Merkins. Keep going if you finish early

    Mosey towards stairs. 3 Burpees. 5 Calf Raises per Step. Bear Crawl to wall. 10 Mike Tyson’s. Wall Sit until the 6 is in.

    Mosey towards front of middle school. 30 x Donkey Kicks and back to COT.


    20 bros for what would be my 13th Q and it was wide range of folks. Some 2.0s, lots of families faces and 2 FNGs, one of which is from the greatest Crests of the Briars!!

    “Do what you hate.” And boy do I hate Mike Tyson’s. So let’s do a bunch of them!

    Seeing as it’s a Monday I knew it would be a busy group of varying levels of effort. The goal was to do bursts of exercise with decently long moseys in-between to get the HR up and keep the group together. Those that finished early could knock out additional rounds or Al Gore until their heart was content.

    Thank you as always for the opportunity to lead! It’s always my pleasure and a great way to start my day.

    Welcome our two new FNGs, AutoCAD and Nails (Crests of the Briars) this morning!

    Thank you Mad Dog for taking us out!


    Ignition Backast

    Don’t call it a comeback

    I’ve been here for years

    (Well about 3.5 years but had a 2 year injury filled hiatus)

    I’m rocking my new hips

    Puttin’ suckers in fear

    Makin’ the tears rain down like a monsoon

    (It was more of a fine mist this morning)

    Listen to the bass go boom

    Explosions, overpowerin’

    Behind the competition I’m now the six

    Eating an egg sandwich when I write this backblast

    13 men gathered for what turned out to be a great morning for a workout. After a quick disclaimer we headed out from our parking lot.

    The Thang

    We moseyed from our lot to the front of the high school. We circled up for a quick warmup since we had a lot of ground to cover:

    * SSH x 15 IC

    * IWs x 15 IC

    Mosey to the stop light and wait for everyone to cross Cuthbertson and try not to get hit.

    * John Wayne Burpee Mile: Waynewood is about 1 mile to the end and there are 19 light poles along the way. 5 burpees at each light pole with 10 at the last one at the end for an even 1 mile and 100 burpees. Circle back for the six and then plank until everyone finishes.

    Mosey back up Waynewood, left on Dobson, stop at the entrance to Chisholm with 5 squats at every light pole along the way. Circle back for the six.

    * Run down to the bottom of Chisholm, 10 North Carolina Dry Docks and then back up the hill to the top for 10 Monkey Humpers. Rinse and repeat x3.

    Mosey up Dobson to the clubhouse.

    * 10 Mike Tyson’s and then run up Dobson to the entrance on Cuthbertson for 10 Monkey Humpers. Rinse and repeat x3 but due to time had to do the third set of Monkey Humpers on the way back at the corner or Dobson and Waynewood.

    Time was getting close so quick mosey back to the stop light at Waynewood and Cuthbertson. Circle back for the six.

    Cross Cuthbertson and very quick mosey back to the start with a lap around the parking lot to round up the six.

    Perfect timing as Flash was just coming in.


    YHC came on the the F3 scene in October of 2015 at Rebel Yell. A year later and running BRR on an injured calf left me with a torn calf muscle and unable to do anything for a while. That turned into an injury proned 2017 and 2018 filled with painful hips that resulted in two separate hip surgeries (first the left, then the right).

    Getting back into F3 has been a Godsend. The FIRST day YHC posted I was welcomed back as if I had never left. When I walked back in the house my wife could tell from the look in my eye that the fog was lifting and said, “he’s back” when I walked in the door and looked at her. Thank you pax.

    Today’s goal was to try and get everyone over the five mile mark while completing my least favorite exercises, Burpees and Mike Tyson’s. We got 100 burpees in and 30 Mike Tyson’s along with 60 Monkey Humpers and some other exercises.

    Hollywood and Wolverine were killing it as usual and easily got over 6 miles with all their circling back. Wolverine’s little red light on the back of his shirt kept getting smaller and smaller as the hour progressed.

    The rest of the PAX stuck together pretty well and got in at least 5.25 miles.

    Champion Forest is pretty dead in the morning so a great location except at the end of Chisholm we happened to have the one guy who leaves early in the morning back out of his driveway and then come back a few minutes after he left because he probably forgot something (or maybe he just liked the way Bottle Cap looked in his little yellow vest). Other than that it was a perfect morning and the conditions were great.

    Thanks for the brotherhood and the opportunity to lead.


    Dash for Downs – 3/21. $28 (plus $3 processing fee with code from Rubbermaid)

    You’ve heard of beer can chicken but what about Zin Chicken??

    “Mmmm, that sounds nice. I’ll have the Zin Chicken.”

    Small, weak and frail is how I would best describe Dancing Bear’s excuses ankles. I guess the pressure I put on him not to embarrass us with a weak Q at The Floater was just too much for his ego cankles. Get well soon miss, I would suggest more rest but  I’m not sure how you could fit more in your life…..moving along

    An APB was put on the Crests of Briars private messaging homing pigeon service letting us know of the need for a new Q due to pansy injury. Two men quickly started texting in excitement of happily taking the lead.

    After I had already had my co-Q cherry popped with a guy that’s been around the block way too many times, I was ready prove I really know my way around there. I was just in need of a younger man to share the skills I had learned and I knew just the man for the job…..

    CLUCK. CLUCK. CLUCK. Chicken Little mentioned recently he was ready to get back out there on Q. And ohhhhh boy did he….

    DCCS reviewed with a focus on safety


    Decently long nosey through darkness fog and line up across the side of Dreamchasers:

    1. 20 x SSHs IC

    2. 20 x Imperial Walkers IC

    3. 20 x 6” Plank Jacks IC

    4. 10 x Merkins CC

    5. 10 x Carolina Drydocks CC

    Mosey to across bridge and cross street together, at 1st parking lot, 5 burpees on your own at each corner

    Mosey to snow cone shopping center, 20 LBCs, lungs walk to other side, 20 big boy sit-ups, bear crawl back. Complete 2 times.

    Begin mosey towards elementary school, @McCain St complete 10 Bobby Hurley’s….

    Hand the car keys over to Chicken Little for the start of the CHICKEN SHOW!!

    @King St complete 20 Merkins and at @Arbor St complete 15 squats

    Arrived at Waxhaw Elementary. Break into groups of 4. Plank-Merkin-Bear Crawl Ladder. Complete BC 3 times.

    Team Up for partner runs and meet in the middle for 5 x hand slap merkins. Complete 3 times.

    Start Mosey back with exercises to keep group together. Sprints inbetween a few light poles.

    Back at shopping center find some wall, Mike Tyson cycle: 10x, break, 5x, break, 5x

    Continue Mosey back to start. Found some curb. 50 x dips. Throw in inclined merkins if you completed early. Back to COT


    After taking 8 days off I was a bit apprehensive about how I would feel/breathe/run/etc. Luckily only having to Q half the workout with my main man Don was a relief. I texted him a rough layout of a new part of campus we should try to hit and it worked out pretty well.

    We had 16 total guys post today but oddly when we started we had 14. From the fog One Star arrived out of nowhere and then our newest FNG showed up potentially regretting his decision to listen to after being invited by Wedding Singer.

    Thank you all as always, on behalf of the Chicken Man and myself, it was our pleasure. We both had fun and I think we should see more co-Qs in the future just to break it up a bit. Good times

    Not a ton of mumble chatter when you are on the tight sidewalks of downtown Waxhaw. We came, we saw, we conquered. It’s good to be back!

    Welcome Slip! Your 1st day always sucks. Push through the soreness and any possible frustration, join us again!

    Good to see another speedskater join us for his 2nd post this week, nice to meet you Apolo!

    Thank you Doughboy for taking us out.

    Lastly thank you to everyone for rocking bright clothes, vests, headlamps, cell phones, etc. The Floater doesn’t lead in much when compared to all other sites except when it comes to safety…easily #1 in that category.


    • Soaking wet Clyent Dinner this evening with Bottlecap on Q. Park at the front of the middle school for semi-covered area to workout in.
    • So many friggin Deadwood Qs coming up….Friday, Saturday, Monday, (checks notes….) and TUESDAY??
    • Christ’s Closet – Truck loading 4pm Friday, 10/1 and Delivery 10am-3pm Saturday, 10/2
    • Funeral services for Lynn Marie Longo will be this Saturday at 5 Stones starting at 11AM. You can also donate to Lynnie’s Silver Lining. 5 Stones is collecting for the family and donating to a charity of the families choice. Link can be found here:

    Banjo Wine Co. is open for business!!

    Coming this summer for your sweaty pleasure is Banjo Wine Co’s first release, a light & refreshing Zinfandel. Best enjoyed out of a mason jar filled with ice because it tastes awful. Sadly Banjo was hurt and I jumped at the chance to Q. (We get points in the weight loss competition for Qing & posting, sorry!) Moving along….

    This morning was 47 degrees and what looks to be the last day without rain for a while. A ton of bros showed up this morning to get their swole on.

    Knowing Friday’s are busy and we got a great group of new guys, I planned a weinke without any teaming up. I have some new focus on rescuing the 6 while still giving the gazelles room to gallop until they can’t gallop no more! Luckily in WUC everyone does a great job of staying together and the idea of #NoMoreMary is after visiting a lot of sites that leave the 6 all by themselves. It will be a work in progress.

    • DCCS reviewed and disclaimer about circling back for the 6 given. I missed telling everyone not to sue me or the school, rookie mistake. Sue me.


    Mosey around lot, down sidewalk to the back of middle school near picnic tables

    Circle Up:

    • 20 x SSHs IC
    • 20 x Imperial Walkers IC
    • 20 x 6” Plank Jacks IC
    • 20 x Squats CC
    • 20 x Merkins CC
    • 20 x Bobby Hurley’s
    • 20 x Derkins CC audible called, nope
    • 20 x Carolina Drydocks CC
    • 20 x Inclined Merkins CC

    Mosey towards Tennis Courts, OYO Up and back 3 times, 10 jump squats at the bottom and 20 Jumping Lunges at the top.

    Mosey to Circle, 12 burpees a minute at the top, down to other circle for 11 burpees a minute at the bottom and then back to the top for 10 burpees in a minute.

    Mosey to big lot for 4 corners, start with 10 monkey humpers in the center, and repeat MHs between each corner:

    • 20 Merkins
    • 40 LBCs
    • 20 Diamond Merkins
    • 40 Speedskaters

    Long Mosey around parking lot, over to Wooden Benches, 2 rounds of 50 dips & 1 round of 25 step ups at the picnic tables,

    Mosey towards covered stairs, 20 x Mike Tyson’s on the wall

    Mosey towards buses, bear crawl covered sidewalk.

    Back to COT. 30 seconds over.


    30 brothers in total posted this morning, which is the size group I was hoping for. Lots of familiar faces and a massive amount of new guys. Great work was had by all and it was my pleasure to lead this AM.

    I saw a lot of the gazelles getting in extra rounds where they could and it was great to see everyone finishing each section strong. Keep pushing….

    Continued thanks to those that circle back for those in the 6 or even just hang with a few new guys each workout. 8 months ago when I started I was right where a lot of the newer guys are and those “rescues” meant a ton to me. Both mentally and physically each workout it was a huge motivator. Keep it up fellas!

    Enjoy your Friday, ice up son, take some ibuprofen and while enjoying your drink of choice after a long days work make a few phone calls to friends/family to encourage them to join us ASAP.

    Thanks to Old MacDonald for taking us out.


    • Tupperware has a rain soaked Q tomorrow! We take off at 6:30AM for 60 minutes. Followed by Coffeeteria and Qsource at McDonalds.
    • Sunday at 5 Stones @ 7AM – Men’s Bible Study
    • Speed for Need – March 23rd in Blakeney, see Rubbermaid for more details! They are planning to push 4 chariots and would like to have at least 12 folks running with.
    • Mark This Moment – Friday, March 1st – Daddy Daughter Dance coming up, see Fusebox for more details. A great group of guys going. Visit to buy tickets as this will sell out
    • Sign up for the local F3 newsletter via the and you can view the one that went out recently. Great story about our very own Shake & Bake!


    This is my 10th Q and I still keep my plastic bagged weinke strapped on the hip. I probably need to invest in a DW arm strap as the fear of dropping that bag and losing my workout plans is strong at the beginning.

    Lots of men showed up in the dark at Nesbit with a few new faces and a gang of SOB guys. Hopefully proper planning of my Q would ensure that we would hit the goals I had planned but was a bit worried just based on the number of people. Whatever, we will audible as needed. It couldn’t be worst than that DW Convergence. (Used initials to protect that PAX member as that was really, really, really embarrassing)

    DiCCS completed. Several CPRs and two arm strapped cell phone bros.

    Let’s do this….


    Mosey to Circle. Circle up.

    8 pack – Dana’s Dream Abs

    1. 30 second side plank

    2. 30 second side plank

    3. 30 second 6” plank

    4. 30 x LBCs IC

    Mosey to bridge. 20 x jump squats. Bear crawl across bridge. 20 X Jump quats. Mosey to street. 10 burpees. Mosey to 1st Street. 10 burpees. Repeat at each street.

    Mosey to circle

    1. 20 x SSHs IC

    2. 20 x 6” Plank Jacks IC

    3. 20 x Squats CC

    4. 20 x Peter Parkers IC

    5. 20 x Mountain Climbers IC

    6. 20 x Jumping Lunges CC (10 per leg)

    7. 20 x Carolina Drydocks CC

    8. 5 x Master Splinter Burpees OYO

    Mosey back down hill, stopping for 5 x monkey humpers per house on the left.

    Mosey to Clubhouse while circling back for the 6.

    Jack Webb’s. 1 x Drydock & 4 x Bearcrawls. Brutal.

    Mosey around 1/2 Circle, 10 x merkins at the top, Mosey around 1/2 Circle, 10 x wide merkins at the top, mosey to model home 10 x diamond merkins at parking lot, Mosey to main road and to next entrance, 5 burpees. Mosey down hill. Lunge from last street to main entrance.

    Mosey long way around Kensington, find some wall. Wall sit. 20 x Toe Lifts. 20 x Heel Lifts

    Break into 5 groups. CC/IC as a group on all exercises.

    1. 20 x Mike Tyson’s

    2. 20 x 6” Plank Jacks

    3. 20 x Mountain Climbers

    4. 20 x Speed Skaters

    5. 20 x Jump Lunges

    Mosey to other parking lot. Find a partner. Bobby Hurley while other partner runs downstairs, 1 burpee and back. Complete once.

    Indian Run back to COT

    Circle up at base circle for inclined merkins with varying forms of standard, wide and diamond.



    What a great morning. 28 guys followed me in the gloom. Started dramatically slow with the focus on Dana Abs right out the gate. Then we ramped the HR dramatically as soon as we started the 2nd mosey.

    We utilized the Mill Bridge compound’s hills, Clubhouse parking lot and 1/2 circles. I’m really hoping some Ring doorbells caught us doing those monkey humpers in front of their homes.

    Personally I think the real highlight was the Jack Webb’s with 1 x Carolina Dry Dock and 4 x Bear Crawls in cadence. Thank you Dough Boy for the idea and Banjo promises if we do that in the summer people will be throwing up!! I can only dream…. counting out bear crawls was exhilarating. NOPE!

    This is about the time a random truck entered the neighborhood and the driver slapped me on the ass. Deadwood slept in again…..lock it up little guy.

    Then we moseyed over to Kensington Elementary for wall sits with toe and heel raises. Someone asked what was so hard about that but clearly wasn’t in that 90 degree wall sit because those things suck!

    I was too gassed to remember any great memories. I appreciate those that kept running back for the 6, one of the most important parts of F3. We all need to be doing more of this regularly.

    Special shout out to Draper! He joined us a couple months ago out at Chiseled and has stuck with it. Your athletic ability is visible man, keep pushing!

    Welcome FNG, Wolverine!

    Thanks to Bottle Cap for taking us out? I think it was you, I can’t remember.


    • BBBBBOOOOOOONNNNEEEE FFFFFFFRRRROOOO….. jk. It’s the daddy daughter dance. Sign up now, sells out every year. See Fuse for more information or visit:
    • Men’s Bible Study – 7am @ 5 Stones
    • Go annoy your buddies you haven’t seen post recently, we all need this!

    This is absolutely Deadwood writing this….

    Hey guys, it’s me….DW! As you all can assume already, I started planning this workout years ago. With such an awful site like old #87, nearly any PAX member can have success here…..

    I had a goal of avoiding any and all Mary since my abs are already looking spectacular. My wife calls my stomach the most impressive thing on my entire body. I’m not sure what that means because it small and has zero definition. I hope she lets me in on the joke soon.

    Anyways, I ended up running the PAX until they couldn’t breath any longer. While I have a wienke wrist thingy now I’ve actually just slipped in a mirror. Now when I’m out so far ahead of everyone I can sneak a look at myself and think “who’s that good looking guy in there?” Makes me giggle every time….

    Time for the show. DiCCS reviewed.


    Around a 3/4 mile mosey to the track at the school – circle up on ball court for Warmup:

    • 30 SSH
    • 15 Crab Cakes
    • 5 Reg Merkins
    • 5 Wide Merkins
    • 5 Wider Merkins
    • 5 Diamond Merkins
    • 6” Plank
    • Single leg toe Plank – Hold 10 seconds
    • Flip Flop

    Mosey to Bad Idea 7×7 – Subtract 1 each round

    • Bottom – 7 Speed Skater (Each Leg)
    • Top – 7 Merkins

    Mosey to BBall Court – Side to Side 7’s – 1-6, 2-5, 3-4, etc with Merkins at both sides

    Mosey to Dreamchasers – Burpee Every 5th Light pole

    Run the Block – Audible Halfway down and back

    • 5 Jump Squats
    • 1 burpee

    Timing running low, Mosey to Keith Jong Hill with 2 Splinter Masters at stop sign


    Once I nearly lapped everyone I was forced to Mary by myself. Al Gore was my go to or when annoyed by loud breathing I would call an audible to show those that aren’t as fit at me, Deadwood, some mercy. As I said before it’s absolutely me still writing this.

    A few nightlights was Rudy locating us in the gloom a few minutes after the start and joining us at our first warmup, well done bro!

    At one point I asked Chainsaw if he wanted 10 count and he blurted out, “NO! I will still out run you Philip!” Classic father-son moment.

    Gerber brought an FNG but didn’t circle back for his nephew much. FNGs counts were off a bit forcing him to be an overachiever but he hung strong. It’s just about time we get the Gerber Q….

    Speaking of Qs, Airdrop continues to push hard and we need more stories from this guy. Constantly at the front and if I’m being honest me, Deadwood, the site Qs for the Floater put on a clinic on closing those ready for their VQ. Incredible stuff MB and Zin. See you in March Airdrop for your cherry pop!

    Thanks to all 10 PAX that joined this morning! Welcome Depends, our FNG and temporary Briarcrestonite. Fresh college graduate turned sales rep for nursing homes, hence the nickname. Hope he joins again!

    Thanks to MB for taking us out.


    Dasher on Q tonight!

    Deflated on Q tomorrow!

    Popeye on Q Saturday!

    Something else happening I’m sure I’m missing….