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Bro, you’re on a friggin bike….

I’ve been experimenting with the form/pace/flow of my version of a “perfect” workout. How do you get mileage the gazelles crave without killing a Clydesdale? You keep it moving, steady pace with no breaks. Almost everything IC and CC with a smattering of OYO/burn out exercises. As the Q it sucks because of all the counting but it keeps the group together….

My 23rd Q and all I did was update my weinke a bit from Thursday evening to cover the ground at Sun Valley. It’s a huge freaking campus and I knew I would have a smallish group with varying degrees of athletic prowess. Oh word, 5 people already there at 6:52am? Two more roll up to make it 7….

Disclaimer given 90 seconds from the start. Showed the PAX the proper DiCCS and then shared my hate of Mary. I requested that if you finish early we should circle back for the 6.


Let’s mosey and stopping periodically for the following

1. 20 x SSHs IC

2. 20 x Mountain Climbers IC

3. 20 x Potato Pickers IC

*** An 8th person shows up!!

4. 20 x Merkins CC

5. Calf Stretch

6. 20 x Squats CC

7. 20 x LBCs IC

8. 20 x Peter Parkers IC

9. 20 x Heels to Heaven IC

*** And now a 9th person show up but on a bike? What’s happening….🚴🏾‍♂️🚴🏾‍♂️

10. 20 x Parker Peters IC

11. 20 x Carolina Drydocks CC

12. 20 x Bicycle IC

The Burpee Loop

• 1st Light, 1 Burpee

• 2nd Light, 2 Burpees

• 3rd Light, 3 Burpees

• 4th Light, 4 Burpees

• 5th Light, 3 Burpees

• 6th Light, 2 Burpees

• 7th Light, 1 Burpee

Mosey, along the back of the baseball field: 10 x Bobby Hurley’s, 3 sets CC

4 corners in the next lot, 10 x Speedskater and 10 x Mike Tyson’s OYO

Mosey to Playground for 3 sets of 5, OYO. 5 x derkins, 5 x pull-ups and 5 x inclined pushups

Mosey to portico for Wall Sits:

• 30 x Jabs IC

• 30 x Air Presses IC

• 30 x Heel Raises CC

• 30 x Toe Raises CC

Let’s lay here for DW’s favorite: Captain Therkin Web:

• 1 Sit Up / 4 American Hammers / 2 Merkins

Mosey to the benches. Team up and split:

• 150 x Dips

• 100 x Shoulder Taps – stopped due to time!!

Compass if time remains. Audible due to a car show in the school parking lot. Let’s work on those 8 packs:

1. 30 second side plank

2. 30 second side plank

3. 30 second elbow plank

4. 10 x 6” plank jacks


Thanks to Chastain for the sales pitch to Q outside of him and I’s territory! I’m not ever going to stop annoying you with the fact you post so far away from your own home. Thanks for the oppty to lead!

Thanks to the 8 men that joined me, never easy to wake up on a Saturday. We also had one FNG, from I think Pineville, who was in for a crash course in “what the hell have I been doing with my body all these years??!??!!” Way to push….

Thanks to Bottlecap and Crumbs for making the fort night journey out to Outland. That’s not easy trek from the Crests of Briar either, bet you had to print out directions from Mapquest to get there. BC led the OYO exercises and Crumbs was right behind him, well done bud.

Big ol’ shout out to Brutus for driving me this AM but really the kudos to you for jumping all in with us. Dude has been coming pretty consistently for like 4 straight weeks and even already posted while traveling for work in ATL? Dang!! Take notes boyz….

Welcome FNG Samoa, dude was a Boy Scout and it only felt natural to name him after a Girl Scout cookie.

Thanks BC for taking us out!


  • REMINDER: Third F opportunity (Open Door). We are starting a new book (Colossians) tomorrow so a great time to jump in. Use Father’s Day as a launching point to grow in your faith this year. Your wife can’t give you a hard time tomorrow cuz it’s YOUR day. Come join us no matter where you are on your faith journey. YOU WON’T REGRET IT. Great group of guys building each other up and tackling life’s challenges together. Each Sunday 0700-0800 at Five Stones office building (1117 Cuthbertson Road).
  • Last days of signups for FIFC. Let’s show our support. To the community. We are looking for F3 volunteers to sign up at the link below. Please make sure that you identify yourself as F3 when signing up. Anytime you can spare, whether it’s an hour, a day or anything in between would certainly be of good use. Meals will be provided for all volunteers. The event runs from Wed June 19th to Saturday June 22nd.

Zinfandel & Banjo’s Drunken Musical!!!

At about 10:01AM yesterday Dancing Bear shares that Damascus is out as Q due to bad case of vaginitis (I’m afraid to google it). Banjo and I share a special bond as two bros that drink big ol’ stanky IPAs at the pool while our kids endlessly go down the waterslide. It’s allowed us to bond in ways most men will never experience, pinky’s out.

Posting with this damn vest I didn’t want to take on a whole Q on short notice but Banjo was willing to split and who am I not to partner up. Then a few hours later he told me he was eating 1.5 ribeyes and had opened a magnum of red wine. Will I be alone? Will his knee fill up with fluid? Will the gout flare up? Only time will tell….

Roll up at 5:17AM with already like 8 bros in the lot. Holy sheet how many guys are going to be here this morning? Swimmers’ 2.0 and now Bottle Cap’s 2.0….. oh man, Rudy’s 2.0…..wait, where you guys going…. and Rudy’s leaving.

60 seconds to start. DiCCS covered and an FNG is here. Let’s go!!!


Mosey around the lot, circle up:

1. 20 x SSHs IC

2. 20 x Imperial Walkers IC

3. 20 x 6” Plank Jacks IC

4. 20 x Squats CC

5. 20 x Merkins CC

6. Calf Stretch

7. 10 x Morroccan Night Club IC

Mosey to entrance for 4 corners, go around one time, I will call recover based on time.

1. 30 x Lunges

2. 30 x Monkey Humpers

3. 30 x Speed Skaters

4. 30 x Bobby Hurley’s

Mosey to front of elementary school, line up across for Bear Crawl, Dry Dock Webb. Call it after 8 rounds complete….

Banjo’s showtime….Mosey to playground for “Cindy”. 5 rounds with a run to the 2nd light in between each round. Rounds=5 pull-ups, 10 Merkins 15 squats.

Mosey back to parking lot. Gazelle partner with Clydesdale run do 5 x burpees at each end 5 x hand slap Merkins in middle. 5 rounds total

Partner up in 3s. 2 partners plank while other partner completes suicide type run.

Line up. Burpee Indian run. Then on your 6 for pistol LBCs until time is up. Complete.

Start with a thigh burner, loosen the shoulders and then get shredded….repeat!


I forgot how thick the air gets in the summer, like breathing through a freaking straw. Everyone keeps pushing through and it’s great to see so many guys getting further ahead in the ranks. That weight will fall off even faster in these summer months with the increased temp alone!

Thanks Banjo for splitting the Q! You don’t look like someone that would have any athletic ability at all honestly at first glance but after posting together for the last 11 months, you always push passed any comfort levels. This morning was no different, great mix of pain stations!

I hope to hear more about Rudy’s son and hope it wasn’t the pâté at dinner that set his body on fire the moment he touched asphalt this morning. I know I tried to sell you on the bidet upgrade to your throne while at Dreamchasers Friday night. I don’t post without a 10-25 minute bidet session, not kidding. The best $40 of your life and takes 5 minutes to install. Don’t believe me, can this many positive reviews be wrong??!??

Overall I don’t remember much else from the workout. The last thing I had to count was my Bear Crawl Dry Docks and thank you to BC and GF for counting rounds 7 & 8. I was spent! That “Cindy” at the playground is a welcome and dreaded exercise with the local jungle gym. Overall everyone got over 2mi + it wasn’t a complete debacle of people during each exercise = success!

I actually do remember now wanting to punch Banjo in the face after he called out burpee Indian runs. I heard quite a few people squeal as well but then I was like “bro you don’t even have a vest on!!” Not really but I thought I would go ahead and share the link to the 20lb man maker. Dana just got one and wore it Monday. Tupperware got one for his birthday, wore it once and maybe threw it away. Jingles and Transporter just asked for the link because they are sick and twisted people. Join the most exclusive club no one wants to be the only member, we call ourselves The Vesticals (name TBD)

Thanks to the 28 men that posted this AM! Leading these workouts is a true honor and we need some new faces to grab the bull by the horns! Step up, ask questions – you won’t regret it.

Welcome Blue Screen’s son, an FNG now named Motorboat and thank you for your service in the Navy!

Thank you to Goodfella for taking us out!


Speed for Need, maybe July 22, need 12 PAX to push chariots, great cause, Jeremy (Madison) will post details.

Fixing it for Christ July 19-22, goal to fix up 40 homes, food provided, details will be posted. Lou (Bottlecap) has details.

Bands Will Make Her Dance….. aka The Murph 2019!!

At the end of March I had the really stupid idea to challenge the gang to complete The Murph. 80% of the workout seemed manageable but that 20% that consisted of 100 x pull-ups would nearly impossible to complete. Who could I turn to? Only someone that’s been there through other difficult challenging projects (around the house).

You guessed it – PINTEREST!!! A site dedicated to updating a wardrobe, eating like a gerbil and other great/absurd things. I stand by it as one of the greatest apps of all time and over beers I would be happy to show you all the projects I’ve robbed ideas from. But back to those damn pull-ups….

A quick search for “pull-up challenge” and BINGO! Most of them were 30 day challenges but we would have roughly 50ish days cram for this exam. After some procrastination an exclusive channel was created in group me “42 Days to Murph” and two documents I found on Pinterest were combined.

21 members in the GroupMe Channel and I probably posted a daily reminder 90% of the time to keep everyone motivated. I’m pretty sure it worked because 20 guys posted this AM!! Bottlecap snagged 2 FNGs for this thing too…..


We met at the Kensington Elementary School’s playground with a clock I couldn’t get to work, a cooler of Busch Light and an assortment of chalk…

Wolverine and Deadwood got to the site early to walk the course and to look for places to draft with the idea that reducing wind resistance would allow them to see Hollywood in the distance.

At this point I think everyone is familiar with The Murph but one last time won’t kill anyone to hear. On your own and for time: 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups, 300 squats and finish with a 1 mile run.

DiCCS given. No man left behind reminder and that we would do as much together as possible while circling back to finish as a unit. Whoops.


1. Hollywood 27:00 **

2. Wolverine 29:00 **

3. Halfback 33:00 **

4. Swimmers 33:00

5. Bottlecap 34:00

6. Deadwood 34:00 **

7. Rubbermaid 35:00

8. Moneyball 37:00

9. Foundation 38:00

10. Damascus 38:00 **

11. Dana 39:00

12. Banjo 40:00

13. Spaceballs (FNG) 42:00

14. Jingles 42:00

15. Snoopy (FNG) 43:00

16. The Knish 43:00

17. Chicken Little 43:00

18. Zinfandel 44:41 **

19. Rudy 47:00

20. Eli 49:20 **

(**Zero Assisted Pull-Ups whether by man or band) If I missed anyone holla at me. I wasn’t paying attention but asked around.


Whoa! Well done everyone, today was a gauntlet and we each fought our own battles. Mentally and physically. Shout out to Hollywood and Wolverine for being sub 30 minutes insane. 1000% chance you all wear vests next year.

Speaking of vests, my two closest bros prepping for all of this via the Pull-Up Challenge – Damascus and Deadwood! Thanks for helping to keep the energy up on the channel and pushing each day. We were unsure if we could get to the point of wearing the vests for the actual Murph but you all were impressive over the weeks rocking vests to post. Last night at 9pm I pinged them and I told them I’m taking my vest out of the package (finally) to wear while running the 2 miles. DW got sunburned and wasn’t excited and Damascus was ok with it. We rocked those miles this morning with 20lbs each (minus DW on 2nd mile, I’m sure he’s beating himself up about it).

Bands, bands and bands. If I never see another band in my life it will never be too soon. I’m taking an easy shot at you guys because I can and it’s what I’m good at. I know most of you guys and know you all have it in you to push (pull?) harder. All jokes aside, way to push through but now is the time when I tell you that we won’t be allowing bands in 2020. Partner assist yes but no bands. You’ve been warned.

This morning was incredible feat to complete whether you have been training for the last 6 weeks or just in great shape and able to knock it out. Let’s continue to think of other events/challenges to throw out there to make each other better. I couldn’t do a single overhand push-up without looking like a fish out of water. Proud to say that I can knock out 7 classy pull-ups like I’m putting on a clinic. I know that others have seen the same type of progress like Gerber and Chicken Little. It’s uncomfortable, some self doubt periodically and a ton of anxiety leading up to this AM but I couldn’t be prouder of what we each accomplished. Let’s keep it going!

Thank you Wolverine for laying out cones for the run this AM and thanks to Deadwood for the assortment of chalks. Sidewalk chalk for tracking rounds and hand chalk to help with grip on the bars. The help was appreciated!


We are 365 days away from The Murph in 2020. Next year many more pull-up prep via longer term challenges and a lot more vests.

July 27th Spartan Race in Asheville. Deadwood and I are hard commits. Banjo is dipping a toe in. We plan to go a weekend out of it with the Ms. Go up Friday, a well rounded dinner of sorts, Saturday morning race and then brewery hoping the rest of the day.

Ive talked of a GoRuck challenge in the fall and a quick google searched revealed a 50-miler in Nashville, TN on November 1st! Stay tuned….

Friggin’ Monday’s though…

Holy moly what a rough couple workouts it’s been over the last week. That Cindy workout on Saturday was just brutal and the bros were spent. I know I was. DW told me he had the Q again Monday and I laughed at him. Not with him.

He asked me to split the Q in hopes of avoiding a complete mutiny during his workout. I get it. His workouts are tough….the intensity levels are high and his personal expectations are a bit unfair. He also doesn’t pack any soft words of encouragement on that weinke of his, so you have to come ready to work. And work we did…

Holy sheet this is a lot of people. DiCCS given. Let’s ROLL!!


DW’s show begins. Two hot laps around the lot.

Circle up. Line up now that we are on the sidewalk. Exercise:

  • 50 x SSH IC. WTH.
  • 20 x Merkins IC
  • Calf Stretch
  • 20 x Imperial Walkers

Form two lines. Duck Walk Indian run. Guy at the back completes 2 x Merkins and then runs to the front. If you were low enough this was awful. If you were high, you heard me call you a crane.

Mosey to corner of school to find some wall. Donkey Kickoffs, 10 sec hold and 5 merkins between rounds. I apologize as I was the one that grunted when he said 4 Merkins but everyone pushed hard and luckily he audibled.

Mosey to Rudy’s Poop Palace and find some sidewalk. Lt Dan or Jack Webb’s? Starting with 1 WW2 sit up and going up to 10. A smattering of other abdominals exercises from 4 up to 40 between rounds.

Baton handed to me for the rest of the Q. Let’s go…

Mosey towards big lot for some circuit training. Stopping periodically for 6” plank jacks IC, Quantities of 2, 4, 6 and 8.

Mosey to next big lot for more circuit training. Quantities of 5, 10, 15, 20. Jump lunges OYO at each corner.

Mosey to small lot for last round of circuit training. Burpees OYO. Quantities of 2, 4 and 6 due to time.

Mosey to portico. 15 Mike Tyson’s, run downstairs, 2 burpees, back upstairs. Complete MTs until the 6 is in. Ouch.

Mosey to front of middle school. Partner up with opposite speeds. One partner runs 1/2 a hot lap while other partner completes exercise. Split 100 x Box Jumps or modify to steps ups. Audible called. Modified to dips. Recover due to remaining time.

Mosey back to start.


We all bring different ideals to a post. We all want different outcomes but I think most are there to improve. I love to break balls with my brothers and DW is a really easy target for me. We are friends and his sass calls for me to knock him down a few pegs. Almost hourly…

However DW is easily one of the hardest working brothers out there. Many can learn from him….

If you push yourself, he will pick you up when you fall. Chit chat while lagging in the 6 and prepare for him to bark at you.

Obviously some fun poking him this morning at his seriousness over the weekend. I think the point of his soapbox in his BB Saturday was less about mumble chatter and just more of a reminder of what we are there to do. Sometimes we need a harsh kick in the ass some gentle encouragement. Ain’t nothing wrong with that….

Many times we focus much more on how it’s said and less about what’s being said. Weed through the noise and chase the dude in front of you beating you every morning. Then when you catch him, chase the next and then one after that. Then when you catch DW tell him to shut his big fat mouth!! Bet you won’t….

Great job all 34 guys that pushed this AM. That’s was a brutal beatdown with all shapes and sizes of men. I saw people pushing hard and that’s what this is all about. Great to see a lot of new guys and a good reminder to chat those guys up with encouragement at the end to keeping showing up.

Thanks Mad Dog for taking us out!


  • Watchtower News:
    • Breadbowl has the Q tomorrow!
      Only 2 weeks left before Watchtower officially moves to New Town Elementary on June 4th

    Memorial Day Convergences @ Nesbit Park

    • The Murph @ 6:30am. More details to come since this is a timed event but all pretty straightforward. 20+ dudes training for this for the last couple weeks. Be there!!
    • Special Boot Camp @ 6:30am hosted by Popeye and Fusebox. Talk of weighted backpacks maybe?
    • Coffeeteria to follow @ 7:30am via McDonalds (but you know I’m bringing my snobby ass Starbucks in there!!)

    What time is it anyway??

    I don’t expect pity from anyone from a bit of jet lag but yesterday was 20 hours of travel to get back home. It was brutal but it was good to be home! It wasn’t good to get a text from Deadwood reminding me I had the Q tomorrow…. BUCKLE UP!

    We got the kids to sleep at 7:30pm last night, which was my newly adjusted time 1:30am. The odds of me posting were 50/50 at best and so luckily I contacted our neighborhood concierge. They manage the community Rolodex and took my replacement Q with great concern.

    I quickly shared with them where I stack ranked across the community against all other F3 members. They quickly had the suggestion to go to the bottom of the barrel with the idea of making that person better….

    Turns out it was going to be split Q because Banjo and Dancing Bear are freaking awful….could I trust that they would get this done? They had no chance but to commit to me. I would need to trust in them because no way could I put enough brain cells into writing a weinke…

    I arrived, both Qs were onsite and it was time….

    Banjo provided that tiny West Virginia DiCCS that his wife told him was fine….off we go!!


    Banjo has the first “half”…

    Warmup mosey back behind Pet Smart and over to Target parking lot. Circle up:

    • 20 x SSH
    • 15 x IW
    • 20 x Merkins
    • Jimmy Dugan
    • Calf Stretch
    • 15 x Widearm Merkin

    Mosey back to new medical buildings for some EMOM. Every Minute on the Minute. 10 burpees & 35 monkey jumpers. Complete 3 rounds, on last round hump up to 50

    Mosey to Petsmart for Jack Webb’s of 9. 8 Donkey kicks, hold last for 10 seconds and then 1 merkin. Rep scheme:8-1, 7-2, 6-3 etc….

    Mosey to Target parking lot get in groups of 3. Burpee then sprint to partner at light pole, next partner does a burpee then sprints etc. 4 rounds.

    Dancing Bear realized it was way past half of the workout and it was his turn…

    Using the long lot in the Target parking light. 2 lights up and 1 back. The up is 10 speed skaters and back 10 high knee slaps. Once complete sprint backwards to the start.

    Second round. 10 mountain climbers and 10 plank jacks.

    Mosey to Petsmart for a Starfish a car. Burpee at the center between each round. 4 corners of 15 reps each. LBCs. Heels to Heaven. American Hammers. WW II sit-ups.

    Mosey back to COT. Times up.


    I weighted myself before leaving for my 7 day beer adventure with my lovely wife knowing my daily calorie allotments would be high. 207 is what I weighed when I left but as of this morning I weighed 220. It was totally worth all the incredible breads, cheeses and brews….

    I knew today would be brutal but I deserved what ever was coming. I am feeling indifferent about my split Q brothers, Banjo and Dancing Bear. I may never say anything even remotely nice about either of you publicly and even after this morning I don’t intend to change that. I do at least plan to just give you guys a simple thank you. That’s it.

    Also, please make a point to ask you both pee less in the pool this year. It’s gross.

    I’m slowly falling asleep typing this but I agreed to write the BB in exchange for the Q coverage. My end of the negotiations is complete. Goodnight and good day sirs.

    Thank you Bottlecap for taking us out.


      Soft Pretzel has Dromedary
      Chicken Little has Chiseled
      Watchtower’s location is changing in June

    Coming out like hot lava…

    When Hollywood asked me to Q Ignition a few weeks ago I laughed out loud for nearly 4 minutes and then responded with “sorry you have the wrong number….”

    I was a bit apprehensive of leading this crew of gazelles on a 4+ mi journey and that was solidified after having done 6mi with Gerber the week before. “Nope, not gonna do it!” (Insert Dana Carver voice doing Ross Perot)

    The family and I spent the week in Nashville with family making memories and eating more fried food than I have in a while. Varying degrees of success from a hot chicken perspective but the brews being made there are right on time. I share this all because I relived everything I ate and drank during the 60 minute workout this morning….

    I didn’t want to go off campus this morning so I mapped a run to get the mileage and inserted a lot of pain I learned from the fellas in Nashville and Augusta.

    Brief DiCCS given. No man left behind reminder and if we finish early we would circle back.


    Mosey to Darkness and then back to the parking lot path. Circle up for a brief warm up:

    • 15 x SSH
    • Calf Stretch
    • 10 x Merkins

    OYO run down path to Rudy’s Pants Party stopping at every light for 2 burpees per light.

    Mosey to circles. Partner up. 5 hand slap Merkins when you meet. Complete 6 times.

    Mosey to big lot for circuit training. Quantities of 2, 4, 6 and 8. Monkey Humpers 1st lot.

    Mosey to next lot for circuit training. Quantities of 2, 4, 6 and 8. Jump Squats 2nd lot.

    Mosey to small lot for circuit training. Quantities of 2, 4, 6 and 8. Burpees last lot.

    Mosey to corner. 10 x Balls to the Wall Merkins. Jail break to other side and repeat. Then 10 x Balls to the Walls Plank Jacks. Jail break to other side and repeat.

    Mosey long way in front of high school to bus exit & entry. Team up. Run opposite sidewalks and meet for 5 x hand Release, hand slap merkins.

    Meet up under portico near middle school for 2nd set of 5 x hand Release, hand slap merkins. Audible called due to Flash being in the front of the middle school but also because I was experiencing a breach in the southern portion of my body.

    Mosey to Rudy’s Outhouse. Team up. One partner runs a hot lap while other partner completes exercise. 100 x Mike Tyson’s. Sorry.

    Mosey to back of Middle school. 20 x LBCs IC and 50 x dips OYO.

    Mosey back to start. Knock out 20 x Heels to Heaven. Mosey to COT and Lou yells to jail break it. Let’s get it!


    Great job from the 10 that joined me this morning! We kept it moving, we circled back, one 5 count, surpassed 4.5 miles, some got 5.5 and everyone was silent for a majority of the workout. All the boxes checked for a successful Ignition!

    Speaking of silence, Shake n Bake was the nosiest this morning “booing” every single exercise I called out. I loved it.

    Then we had Bottlecap challenging our speed of the jailbreak so I kicked it up into high gear. I get it but at this point I had a spicy neighbor knocking on my rear “door” and I was clenching more than I was running. I will say that those ball sweat to chin balls to the Wall Merkins were a shredder and adding in the plank jack on the 2nd half got the blood flowing to our brains. Which is important I think…

    I audibled to the newly “crowned” jewel on this campus, Rudy’s Outhouse, to pay respects and drop off my “offering”. Cold sweats and clenching I told everyone to partner up and knock out 100 Mike Tyson’s. It was written on my weinke so I didn’t feel bad missing half of it while I took care of business.

    Thanks to the site Qs for asking me to step up to the challenge and supporting me this morning. It was great to challenge myself to a new AO and hope to see more and more getting outside of their comfort zones. Today was my 18th Q and it was a doozy. I still hate running with a passion. Now a day of conference call hell….


    Who’s not seeing the results? Who is not improving physically? Who is not losing weight or not noticing new parts of their body developing? I’m 12 weeks away from my 1 year anniversary and I couldn’t be more hyped for it. I’m at a personal milestone after doing nearly nothing for 10 years but this post isn’t about my journey. This post is about all of our personal journeys…. Each of us is going through something wether we like admitting to it or not.

    Some of us have strong leadership qualities and some of us don’t. Some of us have too much confidence and some have very little. Some of us are struggling with our marriage, some of us aren’t the best fathers, some of us are too sensitive, some of us are terrible communicators, some of us hold others to higher standards than we are willing to hold ourselves too. Insert other shortcomings we as men deal with.

    As for the point of my soapbox, where am I going? I’m not entirely sure but I challenge each of you to grow your relationships within this organization by showing up more often. I’ve personally grown incredible relationships with men in this group. We challenge each other physically each morning, bust chops all day long and hold each other accountable to missteps, crossing lines, etc.

    I don’t know the best way to go about doing so but if you keep showing up and giving your all they will just naturally happen. If you aren’t making relationships you are missing out on what I believe to be the best part of F3: the silent C stands for camaraderie. Defined as “a mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together“.

    If you feel that a clique is building, I would challenge that a lot. What some people read in GroupMe can be taken in a much different way than the original poster intended. Or the person they are calling out is a friend and they know they can take a little good ribbing. I worry more when I’m not being made fun of.

    If you are looking to F3 to improve your health then find a friend in a “like” place that you can challenge each other. Watching people like Wedding Singer go through physical transformations like they have are people I would be asking more questions of. He did it right, what can you learn from him?

    If you are having trouble waking up early, what’s the real challenge? It’s probably going to bed too late and not finding a neighbor/friend to carpool with. That’s easily fixable in the grand scheme of things but takes a dedication and accountability by a brother. I mean if Tupperware, Flipper and Sprinkles can make it before high school, so can you. Who lives close to you to make a relationship with?

    I mentioned our relationships as a father and husband, we have Q Source, Bible study and Open Door weekly. If religion isn’t your thing ask questions of those that host/attend those events. This is a safe place with very open minds from everything I have seen.

    Not everything I mentioned above can be solved in F3 but I believe a lot can be put into perspective. A lot can be discussed with people that are posting on a regular basis because of the relationships that are being built each morning. But you have to commit. This is personal. Make your goals visible. A sticky note on your bathroom mirror to read while you brush your teeth. Tell your pals your goals for accountability purposes. Tell your wife. Tell your kids.

    My issues: I’m personally too sensitive and at times can give it, but can’t take it. It’s a work in progress. I at times hold others at a higher level than I might be willing to hold myself. Taking notes and understanding why. I was a bit depressed with where I was physically because of my weight. Not even a thought anymore. Luckily I’ve got a great relationship with my wife and kids but I’m still look to learn how to better communicate by reading and listening to podcasts. I still have other things I’m working on but it wasn’t until I came to grip with some of my bigger ones that I could even start on the others. It’s a endless journey…

    This was a random stream of consciousness and is NOT directed at anyone or anyone thing. If you took it personally, ping me to discuss. It’s not my intention. This has been on my mind for a couple weeks because I think what we have at F3 is so freaking special. Honestly it was an HOA issue over the weekend that showed a select few neighbors losing their mind about nearly nothing with such hate and anger. These guys don’t have what we have. Everyone is here for different reasons but I hope everyone shares the need/want to push themselves and to help others around them. We won’t all be great friends and that’s completely fine too. But find guys with like interests/goals/sarcasm and continue to grow. Start with yourself and as time evolves challenge others. {end scene}


    • Thanks Mad Dog for taking us out!
    • Deadwood has Watchtower Q tomorrow and he’s planning to impress Doughboy in hopes of joining his tripod of Site Qs
    • Watchtower will be changing locations in 2 weeks! Nothing to worry about tomorrow but more announcements pending…
    • Bottlecap is headed across the pond and needs Qs! I think he suckered talked Legal Zoom into this Thursday but this is a great site to start with. BC has nearly zero expectations for the workout so a great place to crash and burn while losing your vQ card!

    Are we lost?

    I’m a big fan of the Watchtower site but I’m not feeling as “energetic” in the mornings due to new levels of soreness. Back pain, stiff neck, 6 miles with Gerber yesterday and we are on day 9 of 42 for this pull-up challenge.

    I have plugged the Murph enough at this point but if you haven’t tried an overhand pull-up since you were a small boy, be prepared to laugh out loud. Obviously our personal weight has a lot to do with our ability to do a pull-up but you probably don’t use those muscles all that often. New found respect for those in CrossFit that knock out those and the freaking muscle-ups. Yikes.

    Any who….decent weather, sore as hell and no excuses…let’s get it!

    DiCCS given. No man left behind reminder and that we would do as much together as possible while circling back to finish as a unit.


    Mosey to doctor’s office or bank that has the small circle. Let’s circle up:

    • 20 x SSH
    • 10 x Imperial Walker
    • 10 x Morroccan Night Club
    • Calf Stretch

    Mosey to sidewalk and up to CVS and over to BB&T for Compass. Learned this beauty from the boys in Augusta. Hard to explain but combine a plank with a bear crawl that only uses arms to go left or right but you never move your feet. Hence the compass nickname and now I get to holler out degrees, which direction and then IC push-ups. No breaks…

    • 90 degrees to the left, 10 x merkins
    • 180 degrees to the right, 10 x merkins
    • 270 degrees to the left, 10 x merkins
    • 360 degrees to the right, 10 x merkins
    • 180 degrees to the left, 10 x merkins
    • I feel like we did another set but I really couldn’t tell you

    Mosey to Neighborhood. 10 burpees at caldesac

    OYO. Every light 10 Speedskaters. Mosey back for the 6. Regroup at stop sign.

    OYO. Every light 10 audible to 5 x Bobby Hurley’s. Mosey back for the 6. Wait in the caldesac.

    OYO. Every other light alternate between 10 x LBCs and 10 x Carolina Dry Docks. Mosey back for the 6. Regroup at stop sign.

    OYO. Every light alternate between 10 x Big Boy Sit-ups and Monkey Humpers. Mosey back for the 6. Stop at the top. Mosey all the way up the hill stopping for no exercises because we are running short on time.

    Mosey to the bottom of the hill as a group. 20 x Heals to Heaven.

    Jail break to Pet Smart the gate entrance. Balls to the Wall Plank jacks x 20. Jump Lunges x 20. 3 rounds. Mosey back to the finish. Yikes.


    Like Farva said to Foster in 2001’s sleeper hit comedy Super Trooper, “Sing it again rookie bi-otch!!” I mean what was I thinking? I mean I’m no Rand McNally but I couldn’t do a little recon beforehand to find out how long that 2nd stretch of road was? Lock it up Zin.

    The workout went overall as planned and outside of my own critiques I think everyone was fine with the overall idea – 3.25 miles and pain stations. But I just had so many more tricks in my wizard’s sleeve I wanted to show you guys.

    I have been teasing the Compass since Dana and I posted in Augusta. It’s as terrible as I described above and that last 10 count was brutal. Cheers to everyone that pushed through.

    The rest of the workout reads just like I shared above. A few audibles due to pain and time but I like the way Damascus describes the boringness. “There is a mental component when you have a long stretch like you did that beats people down!” He’s not wrong as I was fighting with my mind to walk several times.

    Great to see everyone out this morning and I appreciate the opportunity to lead. Deadwood rocked a 20lb vest. Damascus was rocking 10lb vest and a chiseled jawline. Those two, Dancing Bear, Banjo and Gerber prerun – hitting up over 6 miles. Great to see the frequency that Gatorcub and Dasher are posting lately. Maybe GC posts that often but it’s felt like more lately to me. Wedding Singer continues to crush it. Toto hasn’t been completely scared off since the Jack Webb marathon that he did a few weeks ago. Hollywood and Bottlecap consistently pushing the pace to a level I don’t understand. I hope to see Loafer out more often and love that Mad Dog is out there always pushing himself hard. On a plus note, Fusebox and I didn’t get into fisticuffs – he even complemented the Compass and so I guess what I’m saying is that the Briarcrest Crew is coming back with pool bodies only Lawson could dream of!!

    I had higher expectations for my 17th Q but now it’s time for a beer in Nashville. I got no worries now and all of Spring Break to recover. Really I got until Monday when I Q Ignition though….see you all then!

    Thanks to Mad Dog for taking us out!


    • Chiseled – Split Q with Fuse and Banjo
    • Dromedary – Goodfella again, would you all recruit new Qs already!
    • Safety – please continue to be mindful of your surroundings. If a car is coming, don’t assume they see you. Move clear out of the way.

    2 Guys, 1 Master

    Dana and I are were Augusta. Dancing Bear was extremely worried about our distance away from the Hive but little did he know we were on mission for $1.50 pimento cheese sandwiches. Dana was able to secure Masters tickets and it was a celebration of him and I moving from the 6 to the 2ish together.

    Great day on the course walking, watching and consuming. Interestingly enough the total of our entire breakfast, lunch and adult beverages at the course was cheaper than a single dinner last night. Incredible. Long day. Then a long night with a not so great AC unit in the hotel but we locked down nearly 6 hours of sleep…..

    It wasn’t enough but we pushed through. We arrived to the closest location to us in Augusta at about 5:22AM and struggled to find the start. We just kept on pulling up next to cars in the parking lot and all 3 of them each pulled off. Not a great sign. Eventually we found the AO called Evans Pain Station. We were praying for a light workout….

    DiCCS not reviewed. We didn’t have enough time to introduce ourselves and to show them our DiCCS. Hopefully next time….let’s begin.

    “30 Burpees, welcome to Carnage!” Not kidding. That’s how they start.


    After one hell of an opening it was time for mosey. Dana and I realized during the mosey the reason the takeoff site was hard to find was because they had a large concert taking place in the park which was closing a massive portion of it. These guys were being displaced from their home, how would they even cope?

    Luckily for them they know their away around the territory. Circle Up. I think 10 merkins. Some squats. Plank it up. It’s time for the Compass. Multiple degrees yelled. I think 7 or 8 rounds with 10 Merkins after completing the nautical directions given. Mountain climbers after? This Q is mean. Freaking brutal. (I’m not giving away the Compass yet until I bring it to my Q on Monday)

    Short mosey to stone walls for 10 step-ups per leg and 10 dips. Varying degrees of height and I think 4-5 rounds. Plank until 6 is in.

    On your 6. 125 x flutters IC. Not kidding. Did I mention the Qs name was Diesel? Yeah, not good. Threw in some Rosalitas for good measure. Yikes.

    Mosey to find some wall. Balls to the wall. 15 plank jacks. Completed 3 times. More on this later.

    Mosey across the street. Lunge entire street stopping for 10 squats at each light post. 4-5 light posts. Burning up…

    Mosey to center of park. Q was psyched that we had time to do something he wanted to try. I’m not entertained by this statement. Completed 1 burpee, box jump the wall and 1 more burpee. Complete 5 times.

    Mosey back to start. I’m gassed. And very, very sweaty.


    Maybe the bourbons before bed were a bad choice but we were both on vacation. Luckily the guilt brought on by the calorie intake was more than enough to force our post. We did not wake up excited and talk of fartsacking absolutely happened.

    We pushed through and were immediately put into an EH with the start of 30 burpees. I had a lot to say at that time with heavy amounts of sarcasm about how happy I was to be there. (I wasn’t)

    The balls to the wall plank jacks were fine but after sweating out all the crappy light beers I was concerned. I mean I’m standing nearly upside down and the sweat from my nether region is now headed down…….we will hope to call this exercise Bag Sweat to Chin. Maybe not.

    Sadly I don’t remember everyone’s name but they were a hell of a group. I think 7-8 in total and Diesel crushed the Q. Hung out a bit at the end and shared some F3 war stories. Highly recommend posting in Augusta if you are in the area.

    Thank you brothers from Augusta!

    Lastly, this Monday I’m queing Ass Island and if you are still reading this BB you deserve to join me. The Compass will make an early debut….

    Dude, Where’s My Car?

    Man oh man, what freaking morning for my 16th Q. Planned out the weinke the night before like usual. Good solid idea on my iPhone knowing we would have packed house, I mean it’s Monday…..

    Wife taps me on the shoulder at 5:18am and says, “aren’t you leading the workout this morning?” HOLY SHEET! Grab my pile of clothes, hop in the minivan and pulling out of the driveway at 5:20am. GPS says arrival at 5:34 and so I channeled my inner soccer mom with the driving skills of Dominic Toretto. All those years of watching the Fast and the Furious franchise would pay off in spades…

    I arrived at 5:27 and what is happening? 4 people there? Lot seemed pretty full but everyone it seems was after Rubbermaid’s beatdown at Ignition. I mean I know it was cold but come on…

    More brothers pulled up. DCCS reviewed. We gone!


    Mosey to back of middle school and circle up:

    1. 20 x SSHs IC

    2. 20 x Squats CC

    3. 20 x Imperial Walkers IC

    4. 20 x Inclined Merkins CC

    5. 20 x Carolina Drydocks CC

    6. 20 x Jump Lunges CC

    7. 20 x Derkins IC

    Mosey to Basketball Courts, split into groups, plank bear crawl merkin ladder. 2 Merkins each until each person goes one time.

    Mosey to the Shed:

    • 25 x Bobby Hurley’s CC

    • 25 x monkey humpers CC

    • 25 x Squats CC

    • Wall Sits:

  • • 30 x Jabs IC
  • • 30 x Air Presses IC
  • • 20 x Heel Raises CC
  • • 20 x Toe Raises CC
  • Mosey to Circle:

    1. 30 second side plank

    2. 30 second side plank

    3. 30 second elbow plank

    4. 30 x LBCs IC

    5. Lap Down to Circle & Back

    6. 30 second side plank

    7. 30 second side plank

    8. 30 seconds of Makhtar N’Diaye

    9. 20 x Pistol Right Leg LBCs IC

    10. 20 x Pistol Left Leg LBCs IC

    Mosey to the wooden benches. Team up and split:

    • 150 x dips

    • 100 x inclined merkins

    • 150 x In & Outs

    Mosey to portico and complete 20 x inclined shoulder taps or 40 x planked shoulder taps OYO. Head downstairs. Calf raises at each step and another 20 x inclined shoulder taps. Audible called due to time

    Mosey past lunch tables to a nook. Was planning to do Jack Webb’s aka Icey Mikes. 1 x Mike Tyson and 4 x Speed skaters, to 10 & 40, but ran out of time. Moseyed back to cars….wait what’s going on?

    60 seconds left and got a few more LBCs in while some questioned just what happened to all the cars. The end!


    I’ve been planning this event in my head for probably about 6 months. We all just so kindly leave our keys on the seat, on a tire, etc. Rockwell reached out to me about Qing in the coming weeks and luckily April Fool’s Day was open and it was the perfect move to get the PAX away from the main lot.

    I enlisted two trustworthy men with the high honor of missing a workout with the hope of passing on a good laugh to everyone. What we didn’t know is how long would it take to move all the cars and could they even find all the keys?

    23 men posted this morning across Ignition and Flash, which is the lowest numbers I feel like in awhile. I know it’s cold but let’s lose that winter weight together brothers!

    Back to WUC new valet service, it takes two men approx 19 minutes and they covered 2.3mi to move 19 of the 23 cars in the lot this morning. To those other 4 guys, where do you hid your keys? I don’t hear any “jingling” during the workout so I think we now all assume you guys are masters of the art of keistering. Google it or don’t.

    I hope everyone got a good laugh about it this AM! All in good fun and to those that were upset/pissed/not entertained, I’m proud to share that Bottlecap has been antagonizing me for the last few hours. I wanted to believe he was paying it back to me but screenshots of a text thread and it seemed pretty real. The Cuthbertson Middle Principal had shared that the superintendent was in town and was none to pleased with all the cars in front of the school. Would I be the newest dumbass Damascus that would ruin a site for generations to come?

    Luckily we may never know if it’s real or not, just so Bottlecap can hold this over my head. What we do know now is that the superintendent is an F3er and his name is Patches. Last name is O’Houlihan so a reference to the movie Dodgeball is amazing!

    Major shoutout to my two brothers Dancing Bear and Deadwood for helping out with this practical joke. I brought up the idea over beers on Friday and they were immediately on board. We had some reservations about who might not giggle about it but since we are an equal opportunity organization everyone would be dealt the same deck. Except those that are “Trojan horsing” their keys. I have so many questions.

    Beer on me if still none too pleased. Happy Monday and Happy April Fool’s Day boys!

    Thanks to MB for taking us out


    • Posse has F3 stickers in his car, hope he finds it!
    • Site Qs please see Mad Dog, he has reflective fanny packs waistbands as we continue to be safer in 2019!
    • Doughboy has Watchtower tomorrow!

    My Dude turns 7…..

    For my 15th Q I decided to keep it moving and utilize some of the numbers from my son’s 7th birthday, March 21st. A little story about my first born Connor, who I started calling “My Dude” for whatever reason when he was born. Up until last year we rocked a White Russian bar at all of his birthday’s in reference to The Big Lebowski. 100,000% chance I drink one today and you should too after this morning’s workout!

    Back to the plan for today, which I was pleasantly surprised to see it wasn’t in the 30s this AM and then I saw it had rained. Would that impact my plan? Would less people show up because of the chance of rain? Would my body eventually stop spewing hot lava??

    The Crest’s of Briar clown car’d it today and I was running pretty late. Luckily my bidet makes clean up a breeze (contact me for details, I’m a huge advocate and anyone without one is a peasant). Only $30 off of Amazon!

    DiCCS reviewed and disclaimer about circling back for the 6 given. Let’s rock


    Mosey through darkness along the train tracks over to that random restaurant. Circle up:

    1. 21 x SSHs IC

    2. 21 x Imperial Walkers IC

    3. 7 x Merkins CC

    4. 21 x Jump Lunges CC

    5. 7 x Moroccan Nightclubs IC

    Line up at far end of lot, Dock Bears IC, 1 x Carolina Dry Dock and 4 x bear crawls. Going to 5 and 20.

    Mosey to Cupcakery, circle up for 21 x 6” Plank Jacks IC and 21 x LBCs.

    Mosey to S. Providence HS track “thingy”, partner up, partners head in opposite directions, 3 total laps, 5 x Hand Slap Merkins each time you cross each other.

    Mosey towards bridge, cross street together!

    Grab some bench for 20 x inclined pushups IC, hot lap, 20 x derkins, start mosey down long strip.

    All of the lights, flip flop between 10 x Speed Skaters (each leg) and 10 x Monkey Humpers

    Grab some wall at BB&T, 21 x Dips IC

    Begin mosey towards Keith Jong Hill, 10 burpees a minute for 2 minutes, 20 x Lunges at the bottom and 10 x Bobby Hurley’s at the stop sign

    Back to COT


    My apologies for a short DiCCS this morning but Mother Nature reared her ugly head. I appreciate the 15 total brothers that posted this morning even though I was posting “puking” GIFs yesterday as that’s what my co-site Q, Moneyball, requested of me. I didn’t see anyone spill merlot but I got some questions for the possible crime scene that The Knish created behind the shopping center.

    The chatter was relatively low from what I could hear except a few comments. “I thought you guys don’t do Mary” as I started LBCs. We don’t do Mary waiting on the 6, we circle back! We are an equal opportunity site and it won’t be only gazelles that will be able to see abdominals so help me god.

    Only other chatter I heard was about wet grass, DW and Easy Button confuses by simple instructions and Dancing Bear bragging about his 1st round knockout Terrapins….

    As I sit in this Uber currently I can feel the soreness beginning to cripple my chest and other parts of my body. A fulfilling feeling when you are the Q….make em hurt!


    • Speed for Need & F3 running in the Dash for Down 5k this Saturday. We take off at 8:29 and will probably finish around 8:55-9:05. If you are in the Blakeney area, bring your family and come cheer on your bros crossing the finish line!
    • Virtual 8k next Saturday at Commitment. Sign up for a minimal fee and join Damascus for a 60 minute 5 miler with some pain stations thrown in!
    • Centerfold has his VQ tonight at Clyent Dinner
    • Bottlecap has the Q at Impromptu