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We Eat Pieces of _____ Like You For Breakfast!

The costume choice was simple for my 54th Q but I honestly didn’t love the options all that much. Focusing on the positive, #1 it wasnt a dress and #2 it wasn’t hot as a damn sauna inside. At 39 poop/fart jokes are still some of my favorites so dressing as literal doodoo was perfect.

Interestingly enough I’m not sleeping well this week in fear I will sleep through my alarm like that 1 time. But this week is too important to my being so…

Crappy DiCCS given. Bottlecap’s poo lipstick flavor quickly discussed. Let’s roll…


Mosey to the basketball court. Circle up for….

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 20 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC

3. 10 x Merkins IC

4. Jimmy Dugan

5. Calf Stretch

6. The new classic, leg stretch

Mosey to Bad Idea. 10 x Bobby Hurley’s at the top and 20 Carolina Dry Docks at the bottom. 2.5 times aka stop at the top.

Mosey to graveyard. Big Gas Webb. 1 Big Boy Sit Up. 4 Gas Pumps. 2 Hand release Merkins. 5 rounds completed.

Mosey to Waxhaw Elementary. Break into groups of 3. Partner 1 stays on one end. Partner 2 goes to other end of lot. Partner 3 is the timer and will jail break to one side of the lot to swap spot with other partner. When not running the other partners are completing the exercises. Rinse and repeat until each person has run twice. Exercises are Speedskaters, elbow plank and Squats. Audible because people are idiots.

10 minutes to get from Waxhaw Elementary. Let’s roll. What’s that rumbling noise? Is that a choo-choo yonder into the distance? What’s the protocol with no time left to get back to COT in time? My maternal instincts kicked and I knew I had to get my children back in time so told everyone to just keep running. I was right you know.

We arrived at 6:13.5am. Finished up another round of the Ab Webb. That was a wrap


I learned instructions are hard when having to count higher than 2. Good lord was that audible painful. Just when I thought we figured out it got worse. Live and learn a bit. And by that I mean, never do that again.

Interestingly enough Tic Tok approached me at the end to let me know we met once a year or so ago while at a work dinner in Charleston. Apparently I was chatting him up about F3 a bunch and he knows Glidah and Catfish. Hot damn, it worked!!

It was a great morning. I hurt all over. Taking off for 4 weeks was well worth it but getting back out there is brutal. I’m not looking forward to it happening again but undoubtedly will. If you haven’t posted in awhile tomorrow is an opportunity to refill your F3 soul a bit.


• Special Friday workout/convergence. Bring your favorite costume and some awesome energy. We got something special planned.

• CPR class – see Surge if he ever decides to workout again

• Virtual Turkey Day 5k or 10 – see Chicken Little for more details

• Freed to Lead! Passionate about ways to lend a helping hand or clean up something in our community, take charge. We will follow!

How do you even Name-O-Rama, bro?

Woke up ready to go at 430 but my stomach needed extra time to handle its business. Sprinted out of the door, drove through a red light (carefully) and arrived with 45 seconds to spare. The eye balls whenever I roll up in these costumes does not seem to bring joy to people. More people seem puzzled more than anything.

I’m a clown in the sense of trying to make those around me laugh. At least that’s my attempt when I’m in and out of costumes. (Insert being nude makes people laugh jokes). I had to google Dromedary and turns out it’s a one humped camel. Hmmmm…

3 Wise Men? Man i don’t know but it made sense in my head. I think it worked out just fine compared to all the boring workout attire everyone else was wearing. You aren’t focusing on being an idiot enough fellas…

Quick DiCCS given. Let’s roll….


Mosey Around the Lot and circle up:

• 20 x SSH IC

• 10 x Imperial Squawkers IC

• 10 x Moroccan Night Clubs

• Jimmy Dugan

• Calf Stretch

• Leg Stretch

Mosey aimlessly for a moment due to relocated buses due to early voting. And it’s Dromedary Time – bottom of the hump, top of the hump and other side of the hump

• 10 x Bomb Jacks

• 10 x Mike Tyson’s

• 20 x Big Boy Situps

Mosey to side road and stop along sidewalk. 1st Homage paid to the site Q in honor of Dana Abs (40sec each)

1. 40 second side plank

2. 40 second side plank

3. 40 second elbow plank

4. 40 x LBCs IC

5. 40 x Plank Jacks IC

6. 40 second side plank

7. 40 second side plank

8. 40 second elbow plank

9. 40 x American Hammer IC

10. 10 x 6” plank jacks IC

Mosey to small lot and circle up. 2nd Homage. Goodfella’s Burpee Station. 10 burpees a minute for 3 minutes. Barf. That sucks.

Mosey to sidewalk and finish Round 10 of the previous Webb’s. 10 & 40 of:

• Squats / Jump Lunges

• Big Boy Situps / LBCs / 2 x Dry Docks

Thighs are en fuego.

Mosey smaller lot. Grab a Partner & Split Some Fun. Partner 1 runs a hot lap while partner two splits

• 100 x Heels to Heaven and we are out of time….

Mosey back to start. A brief round of bicycle and that’s a wrap.

Thanks to Johnny Utah for taking us out!


Another gorgeous morning and I’m stuck inside a hot, hot costume. Maybe less dresses next year and more skirts? Ice9 was asking me about my level of comfort wearing a dress and I would rate it, on a scale of 1 to 10, as “grossly more confident”. It’s not the first time I’ve dressed like a lady and certainly won’t be last. I learned it from my dad and the legacy must live on…

I’m going to continue to focus on Ice9 since he runs out front like he’s late for something every workout. Sometimes into oncoming traffic regardless of safety but you can’t knock the guys hustle. When he shows up, he leaves it all out there and sometimes it’s last night chicken casserole that is left behind. Are you even “Ice9-ing” bro?

I believe he’s posted more in Waxhaw now than in the last 2 years I have been here. He loves working out with his dudes up north but I think he’s finally come around to our sarcasm/stupidity. Maybe that’s wishful thinking but more importantly…

What is happening with the way Ice9 does Name-o-Rama? Kurt Myers. Ice9. 49. Nope. Are we, Waxhaw, alone in the fact this makes zero logical sense? I am usually gasping for air by the time we are back to COT and I’m supposed to remember to say the nickname in-between and not his age? Nah son. This has got to stop. Pass it on.

Thanks for letting me lead again fellas. We are at the halfway mark and I’m so scared for my body for the next 3 posts. Kill me now.


• Special Friday workout/convergence. Bring your favorite costume and some awesome energy. We got something special planned.

• CPR class – see Surge if he ever decides to workout again

• Virtual Turkey Day 5k or 10 – see Chicken Little for more details

• Freed to Lead! Passionate about ways to lend a helping hand or clean up something in our community, take charge. We will follow!

Dressed like a Jack@ss!!

And for my 52nd Q, awwww who gives a sh!t anymore. Should people be proud of the number times they have Q’d, number of pounds they have lost or even the number of times they have posted? The answer is emphatically NOOOO!

Coming up with a costume based on the site name wasn’t very easy. Do I dress as a tall building, do I stand guard outside the tower with a rifle in my hand or do I just chalk this up as a loss and do nothing.

Like we are always saying, you are only as good as your last post. But then it got me thinking that you will never be as good as someone who is an actual Prince. And you can quote me on that. So it seemed only right that I dress as an actual buffoon. And boy did I…

DiCCS given and we are off!! Another small soapbox moment encouraging proper form and interestingly enough it’s in one ear and out the other for most PAX.

Take note, both guys in the front and the back, your form sucks on squats, burpees and Merkins. Please look to get that ass down, full jump w/ clap overhead and getting that back straight with the core engaged on each of the previously mentioned exercises.


Mosey down along street and circle up at flag pole for:

20 x SSH IC

10 x Imperial Walker IC

Jimmy Dugan

Calf Stretch


Leg stretch

Let’s are crushed from the Webb’s so let’s mosey to the neighborhood.

OYO. Every 2 driveways on the right, alternate between 10 x Speedskaters and 10 x Bobby Hurley. Stop at next street and Mosey back for the 6. Regroup at intersection.

Rinse and repeat. OYO. Every 2 driveways on the right, alternate between 10 x Monkey Humpers and 10 x Merkins. Stop at next street and Mosey back for the 6. Regroup at intersection.

Rinse and repeat. OYO. Every 2 driveways on the right, alternate between 10 x Lunges and 20 x LBCs. Stop at next street and Mosey back for the 6. Regroup at intersection.

Wall sits with a smattering of boxing, air press, toe lifts and heel raises. Thigh are burning like a mofo…

Mosey to big lot for 4 corners. 2 laps. 2 corners do 5 x burpees and the 2 corners 20 x LBCs.

A few minutes left so we knocked out round 9 of the still unfinished Webb’s from yesterday. 15 seconds of have a nice day.


3mi and a smattering if exercises. As you guessed it, tomorrow we will complete round 10 of both those Webb’s, do you don’t want to miss that. What can be said about this mornings workout that wasn’t already said in the Playhouse.

My plan worked but was my heart into it? No. At no point did I feel one with my costume and damn that thing was hot. Honestly not having my accountability partner there was a big hit to the ego. Not only is he a site Q but periodically he body shames me to ensure I will be posting at a workout soon. What can I say about Easy Button that hasn’t already been said…

He’s a piece of crap. Not the first time I’ve said that but the first time I’ve typed it. I usually hand write it into my diary but this is a good step. Is this what Glidah means when he wants me to step out of my comfort zone? I’m FREED TO LEAD!!??!

Another day in the books and the soreness will continue to become even more unbearable. Only 4 Qs left…(insert Ice9 dry heaving sounds!!). See you all tomorrow.

Thank you Chastain for taking us out


• CPR class – see Surge if he ever decides to workout again

• Virtual Turkey Day 5k or 10 – see Chicken Little for more details

Is the Flash ready for the big screen?

Holy moly I slept awful. You would think I would be better prepared for my 51st Q but it’s been a hot minute since I led. The excitement of Qing on a Monday morning mixed with the fear of oversleeping was just too much. However I got extra time on the bidet and almost nothing is better than that.

It was beautiful cool, crisp morning and I’m happy for that because whatever material this costume is made of is going to be hot.

It’s looking like a good crowd! DiCCS given. An FNG. A quick pep talk to focus on form. Let’s roll…


Mosey to the front of the high school. Circle up for….

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 20 x Imperial Walker IC

3. Jimmy Dugan

4. 10 x Merkins CC

5. Calf Stretch

6. 20 x Mountain Climbers IC or plank jacks. Whatever.

7. Leg Stretch

8. 10 x Deep Slow Squats IC

Mosey to side of high school for a classic Merkin Air Press Webb. 1 Merkin & 4 Air Presses up to 10 & 40.

Mosey to circle by track and form a tight circle. Time for some Lt Dans. 1 deep squat & 4 jump lunges.

Only half completed….

Mosey towards large HS parking lot. 1st light, 10 x Speed Skaters and back. 2nd Light, 10 x Speed Skaters and back. Out to end of parking light, 10 x Speed Skaters and back. 10 x Monkey Humpers between each round.

Mosey towards stairs. 1 x Big boy sit-ups. 4 x LBCs. 2 x Carolina Dry Docks between each round. Half completed and let’s roll out…

Mosey to back of middle school picnic tables. 30 x dips. 15 x In & Outs. Repeat but with only 15 of each exercise. Complete round 6 & 7 of each previous webb.

Mosey back towards, line up at the front of the middle in two lines. True Indian run back to COT with 2 minutes to spare. Completed round 8 of Webb’s. All done!


Decided to start the week with a gang of Webb’s. Decent distanced moseys in-between to keep the HR up and high rep exercises to burn out specific parts of the body was just perfect. Also a bit cruel but after my 4 weeks off I need a crash course in kicking my own ass.

Thanks to everyone for joining me this AM and thanks for pushing through. Apologies on my inability to count and/or give proper instructions. 5 days left to go this week.

Welcome FNG Waterboy and thanks for taking us out Chastain!


• Freed to Lead! Passionate about ways to lend a helping hand or clean up something in our community, take charge. We will follow!

• Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5k or 10k – sign up today! This is wife and family friendly so click Chicken Little’s link

• THIS FRIDAY – everyone is encouraged to dress up for a special workout we have planned. Let’s do it!!

PreBlasty-Blast: IPC Relay Edition – Week 2

We made a joke about playing with ourselves last week in this IPC Relay for 2 reasons: #1 its funny #2 we were hoping other regions would participate. Looking back it’s not funny anymore because it’s true. Are we offending other regions? Do they only like actually playing with themselves or do they like a challenge? Join us, won’t you….

In Week 2 hopefully we find out which region is willing to take us on and may the better smelling men win! This week should be pretty simple to turn into a “relay”. The only semi-challenge is to ensure each pax goes around the cones and which ever pax is next waits until that person breaks the (imaginary) line at the center spoke before beginning.

Looking at our cheatsheet you can see it’s best to split it into 14 x “exercises” per round. You can use as many or as little pax as you want but the more you have, the potential, merrier it will be. We are separating the Thrusters between rounds to an individual pax. As for the other exercises, whoever’s turn it is will do the exercise as well as the out and back rifle carry.

Hopefully this all makes sense but ping us with questions.

49:59 (IPC Edition – Week 1)

What’s in it for you? Tons of things are available to you here at F3 but the first F is all about what you put into it. Day in and day out, each of us put in different levels of effort during our posts but we each have different goals and outcomes. Some of us post to eat/drink what we want, some come to reduce stress and others come to improve little by little. I actually know several pax, including myself, who participate in all three of those categories.

This Iron Pax Challenge is one day a week for four weeks but only one month a year. It’s a measuring stick for where you are in your fitness journey. It’s not something you can compare year to year since the workouts change every year but based on where you finish in the group you can gauge where you are. And the “where you are” is subjective since it’s really you vs you.

So while it’s a competition, it’s also a test of what type of man you are and I’m not really referring to the athletic ability portion. I’ve been pushing on our social media accountability but it’s also an honor system. One I’m taking really seriously and maybe too seriously.

The question is would you rather finish on the top or would you like to actually earn your time? While a minor mistake in form or counting due to pace or fatigue is understandable, a lot of what I’m seeing during this IPC is hard for me to witness. At a Gold’s Gym I expect guys to puff out their chest but at F3 we have an unspoken Code of Honor.

I hope and expect everyone posting by next week to actually step beyond their comfort levels. This goes for IPC and just in general posting. If someone says your squat isn’t right, fix it. If the depth of your lunge is off then don’t count that rep. If you didn’t jump at the top of every burpee with your hands over your head you didn’t finish and that timer is still running.

As always, continue to modify as needed. If you have an injury or literal physical inability to do a certain exercise, replace it with something similar. More and more we are seeing a lot of guys modify just due to laziness. That’s a problem.

I get some people just don’t care and aren’t trying to finish at the “top”. You do you, I have not problem with that either. But when you say “finished” knowing you shorted every lunge and didn’t do a single squat please don’t enter a time. If you wouldn’t be willing to video tape yourself and post online than you are doing this wrong.

As for the name of this BB, 49:59 was my time in this weeks IPC. I know for certain my level of effort was dead on. My squats were probably too low and I might have overdone it on smashing my knee during the lunges but I know that my timer is stopped. Has yours?

(Zinfandel steps off of soapbox, exits stage left and end scene)


The above isn’t directed at one individual or a group of you. It’s all of us. It’s me as well. We ALL need to try and to push harder. We ALL need to hold ourselves and our brothers more accountable. If you are triggered by the above try and remove my “hollier than though” voice and focus on what my intentions are.

Great job to those that earned it the right way. Great job everyone for just showing up this morning. That is half of the battle at times. Shout out to Ghosted for picking a terrible day to join us!


Times in no particular order, just how they were listed on the board:

  • Kid Rock 40:38
  • Recalc 42:18
  • Sugar Daddy 36:52
  • Speedbump 37:25
  • JWow 40:51
  • Popeye 48:55
  • Centerfold 54:39
  • Rudy 48:47
  • Shop Dawg 38:50
  • Doughboy 49:47
  • Turnbuckle 67:29
  • Fusebox 39:20
  • Drive By 57:48
  • Posse 49:30
  • Deep Dish 50:35
  • Breadbowl 44:30
  • Ghosted 62:34

Wednesday IPC Times (these are already entered)

  • Tool Time 28:34
  • Dasher 32:42
  • Bottlecap 36:46
  • Gerber 38:51
  • Easy Button 39:54
  • Tanyatine 40:41
  • Mad Dog 49:37
  • Zinfandel 49:59
  • Carbload 50:01
  • Premature 50:02
  • High Hat 50:51
  • Sugar Daddy 53:36
  • Deadwood 54:48

Enjoy the long weekend and we will see you all Monday!!

IPC Relay – Week 1 – “Is This Really A Thing We Are Doing Now?”

Last week is in the books and it whopped our North Carolina bumpkin back sides. Was it fun? Sure. Are we looking forward to this week? Not entirely but we have just enough stupid friends around to drag us back week to week. A portion of us took this thing on in the suburbs of Waxhaw last Wednesday and were humbled to get through it. One of our brethren completed that thing just short of 22mins and I came in just short of 30mins. It was tough and I’m not sure where I would had made up time other than putting down the occasional craft brews and maybe not finishing of my kids meals with the idea of becoming less large in size. I digress….

I start my workday and boom, texts start flowing in that someone else completed the workout in 18mins and I think by this point I was aware of someone completing in 16mins. Could this be true? Was a video being uploaded of this record setting time onto YouTube using dialup speeds and we will see it in the coming weeks? Well my jealousy bone and my spidey skepticism was tingling! How could we mimic the greatest team ever to see just what is possible? So I broke up the 24 exercises and tapped on the shoulders of some elite pax to join me in my journey. Luckily we have more than our fair share of stupidity and 16 guys showed up Friday morning to crush it. We ended up getting 50 seconds faster than the Week Zero winner which was laughable at best. But the 2nd F laughter and camaraderie meant we would be doing this on a weekly basis for sure!


This week is a little different due to the burpee EMOM aspect but we have come up with a way to mimic the tiredness level of a single pax completing it. So her is what we are doing, 1st we broke up the exercises in batches of 25 reps each and that creates the need for up to 30 pax to participate. You could do it with less but we will leave that up to you. Looking at the chart below will help make a little more sense of everything but our main rule is every person MUST do the 3 x burpee EMOM until they are completely done. “Done” meaning, no longer do any exercises.

As an example:

• If you have 30 guys, assign each guy a round. From the moment the timer starts everyone does the burpee EMOM. Person in Round 1 does his 25 x Hand Release Release Merkins until he’s completed and the person in Round 2 begins their 25 x Hand Release Release Merkins. Each person stops doing their exercises to complete the 3 x burpee EMOM every time. The person in Round 1 does not need to keep doing the EMOM if they are not doing any more exercise rounds.
• Same idea as before but lets assume you only have 17 guys. The guy from round 1, once he finished his 25 x HRRM would move down the line to Round 18 but would continue with the EMOM.

Confused yet? Hopefully the pic on our socials helps a bit to keep track of which pax is doing what and when. We plan to mark of 30 spaces using parking spots and chalk to keep it simple.

F3 Waxhaw – IPC – Saturday

Great work this morning pushing at the IPC fellas. Each of you will need to input your time into the site by visiting:

Your name is grouped together by Region and Waxhaw is at the bottom of the “F3 Name 3000-3999” section. Times are as follows, only in the order I wrote them down:

• Rusty Trombone 69:69

• Turnbucke 52:26

• Mad Dog 29:41

• Shop Dawg 27:22

• Fusebox 28:56

• By Pass 39:36

• Premature 27:59

• Rudy 35:14

• Breadbowl 31:15

• Motorboat 28:43

• Native 29:08

• Dirty Sanchez 31:14

• Centerfold 35:50

• Speed Bump 25:13

• Gerber 26:44

• Chainsaw 33:52

• Deep Dish 32:43

• Doughboy 31:55

• JWow 22:47

• Popeye 33:44

• Drive By 32:55

• Blue Screen 22:31

• Recalc 28:56

• Your Mom 11:53

  • Tool Time 21:32
  • Easy Button 26:26
  • Carb Load 28:24
  • Chicken Little 29:03
  • Sugar Daddy 29:38
  • Zinfandel 29:38
  • High Hat 30:17

Congrats to Tool Time for the Week Zero champion of the IPC for F3 Waxhaw with a time of 21:32. I was there and dude is a legit beast.


Modifying an exercise due to injury or ability is ALWAYS allowed. No one would argue that. If you are kind of doing the exercises but then modifying the count to be faster let’s look to finish it next week. Channel Glidah’s kind words about getting uncomfortable and pushing through our usual comfort zones. If you aren’t sore as hell you still had gas in the tank regardless of how hard you were breathing at the end.

This is You vs You challenge. You are either testing your continued progress or setting the bar for where you are in the start of your fitness journey. Keep going…

Overall everyone did great. I saw a lot of pain in those eyes this morning and I was right there on Wednesday completing that stupid thing. We got through it and we are, probably, better for it. Take a hot bath, roll those thighs and maybe take a short jog. Buckle up because day 2 is the worst and Monday morning will be hell.

“Milk was a bad choice…” – Ron Burgundy

I started typing up my Qs in my cell phone when I started F3 and that’s truly the only reason I know what number it is. I’m also a big fan of personal milestones, whether it’s pounds lost or number of posts in a year. And everything in-between. Put something out there and let’s help you get there.

Shop Dog mentioned he’s down 56lbs on Saturday. Posse posted with the Waxhaw Express on Tuesday. Glidah has become a freaking Chiseled role model (if you are into nearly perfect physique) by posting and pushing every single day. And Dancing Bear has posted twice this week. Lots of people to chase, set goals and let’s roll boys!

I was excited for this AM. I only drank a single IPA yesterday spreading 12 bags of mulch to keep hydration levels in top shape. Would it matter? Would the swamp that is downtown Waxhaw show us any mercy? Ahh great it rained a bit….

DiCCS given. Circle back for the 6 when you can. The air is thick as hell.


Longish mosey to school and circle up at basketball parking lot for….

1. 25 x SSH IC

2. 25 x Merkins CC

3. 25 x Moroccan Night Clubs IC

4. 25 x Imperial Walker IC

5. Calf Stretch

6. Upward Dog

7. Foot by your Hand Butt Stretch

Walkish mosey gravel lot and mentally prepare for a true jail break up Bad Idea. Don’t die and recover until the 6 is in.

Mosey to the graveyard and line up for “real” Spider-Man Pistol Webb. Start at 1 and 4. Work your way to 10 and 40. Thanks to those that helped count and apologies to Bottlecap for my miscount. Spider-Man Merkins are the worst.

What goes up, must come down! Jailbreak back down. Mosey back towards 75.

Find some wall near the smell of bacon. Balls to the Wall Jacks x 25. All the blood to my brain. Jumping lunges x 25.

Mosey down 75 and cross together at Irish Pub and shed a tear for lack of brew consumption in dark bars. At each light, flip flop between 25 x Speedskaters and 25 x Carolina Dry Docks. Audibled due to car traffic and threat of danger.

Grab some wall. 25 x dips and 25 x Heels to Heaven.

Mosey to church lot. 5 x Hurpees. Mosey to other church lot. 5 x shoulder tap Merkins. Rinse and repeat until time.

Back to COT. Thank you Dancing Bear for taking us out! Welcome the F3 artist formally known as Grease Monkey, he is now known as Dipstick. Sorry Dana but pastors that don’t like their name from years ago get to break rules


I’m probably the only one that remembers but last time I jail broke up Bad Idea I started my watch incorrectly. Thought I would have broke the record but no way to prove it. It was rough feeling but not as bad as trying to suck O2 through a straw once at the top. Just an ass kicker of a way to start a workout.

Here are the segment facts:

• Bad Idea uphill towards the Cemetery (about 320 meters, just short of a 1/4mi)

• Record: Chastain @ 45 seconds

• NEW RECORD: Chastain @ 43 seconds!! Someone finally made their arms work while running and shook the rigor mortise out.

• Bad Idea downhill towards the School (about 320 meters, just short of a 1/4mi)

• Record: Kid Rock @ 45 seconds

• It was not broken today but Tool Time crossed @ 46 seconds

Well done to everyone that posted this morning. We kept it moving, while doing a bunch of random exercises. I appreciate the opportunity to lead the group every time and this morning was no different. Thanks for following me, whether you liked it or not, into the gloom.

I’m super appreciative of this group. So many men to learn from, push with, chase down and lead with. Take the time to dig into some of the relationships here. It’s the secret sauce to coming back everyday.


• Scuba VQ tonight at Clyent Dinner

• Happy hour at 8pm, back Lawson pool

• F3 Waxhaw 1st Anniversary on Labor Day! Boot Camp, Mash and a 5k. What a day it will be!

• F3 Dads this Saturday @ New Town Elementary at 9am

• CPR training coming soon…

• Blood Drive coming in October

Hurpees Never Killed Anyone….

Woke up yesterday because of how long this journey would take. Googled how to use a compass and a map since no way in this part of SC would my cell phone work. Started my drive early as hell and then directions wanted me to turn on this really shady road and my gut instincts said “nice try, not today!”

Kept straight and finally hit 521. I was greeted with a beautiful entry way and noticed the fire station at the opening. I winked at it with the intention of saying “see you soon!” Drove my route to ensure it was worth of a solid beat down and we were ready.

Semi DiCCS given. Mention of circling back for the 6 as often as possible. Let’s moseyyyyyyyyy…..


Long mosey to the End of Walnut Creek Parkway. Line up across the fire station lot.

1. 20ish x SSH IC (at this time I continued with the safety portion of the DiCCS)

2. 20 x Imperial Walker IC

3. 10 x Morroccan Night Club IC (this is when Transporter mentioned that I skipped Merkins and maybe that was a sign of things to come. Correct.)

4. 20 x Deep Slow Squats I

5. Calf Stretch

6. Upward dog

7. Deep Butt Stretch Thingy

8. 20 x Mountain Climbers (thanks to I think Transporter who counted this out while I adjusted my socks due to them falling off of my heel. I knew we would be running a lot so….)

Longish mosey to large lot at the tennis courts. Line up across the stretch for the always dreadful but important demon, Mike Crawl. That’s right, starting at 1 x MT and 4 x BCs up to 10 and 40. We got through it and it was an homage to my man Chicken Little for making the journey.

Mosey towards the traffic circle and make a R at Baldwin Dr. Alternating Speedskaters & Monkey Humpers at street lights until you hit Fenwick. Circle back for the 6.

Partner up with someone you never have before. Run opposite directions. When you meet 5 x hurpees. Complete 4 times.

Find some sidewalk. 1 x Big boy sit-ups. 4 x “something ab related”. Everyone took turns on the ab related portion and Shop Dog is an a$$hole for calling 40 x Mike Tyson’s after the morning we had. Well done men.

Mosey back to COT. 1 minute late.


Thanks Carb Load for asking me to Q my 49th time, great site with a lot of potential. Turns out we went to two parts of the “area” they haven’t covered yet. I guess it pays to not visit a site ahead of time and I also hate wet grass and fire ants. So no on-field action for me.

It was a great morning and thanks to everyone working hard. We covered ground with Transporter getting up over 4mi but everyone got at least 3. We kept it moving the whole time and we are all better for it.

Shout out to Sugar Daddy for jumping into this thing head on. Him and quite a few others lately (Surge comes to mind) are posting more than some of our regulars. SD is a respect and still out front whooping tail. Well done sir.

Great reminder to keep asking friends, family and strangers. Don’t back off. Tell them when you want to them to go, don’t ask when they are ready. Don’t make it a yes or no, make it a “I can’t do Tuesday but I can due Wednesday” position. #ABAC

Thank you Transporter for taking us out!


• Upcoming blood Drive that TB is leading on Oct 17th. Sign ups coming soon.

• Next Thursday, 2nd F happy hour starting at 730pm @ Lawson’s back pool

• Next Saturday, family friendly Olde Mecklenburg Brewing gathering. See Shop Dog for more details