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Giddyup with Cowgirl

Started it off with a run to the goal line and 100 yard side straddle run followed by 100 yard backwards run. Then the standard IWs, Low Slow Squats and Merkins.

To get the PAX angry at me early on we did 4 corners on the field w/ 10 burpies at each corner followed by 100 yard side straddle run and 100 yard backwards run. To painfully bring our heart rates down we did 1 min left hand high and 1 min right hand high.
The fun continued in the next exercise as we alternated between bear crawling 20 yards and lunging 20 yards goal line to goal line and then run backwards 100 yards back. The PAX was picking up one my sadistic pattern at we repeated the 1 min left hand high and 1 min right hand high. I saw a few knees drop on the ground so I knew things were going well.
The next exercise looked great on paper but ended up feeling more like someone could fry an egg on my abdomen by about the halfway point. We partnered up and did whatever the exercise is when you lay on your back and get your ankles thrown down to the ground while holding your partners ankles for leverage. Then you would wheelbarrow ten yards and flapjack with your partner alternating back and forth every 10 yards for 100 yards.
Usually I like partner exercises because it builds camaraderie, friendship and mutual trust; however, due to the excruciating pain we were putting each other through I found myself loosing trust and hating my partner who happened to be Caddy. I’m pretty sure he feels the same way about me now. Repeated the 100 yards backwards run and 1 min left hand high and 1 min right hand high.
Mosey to Stadium. 20 Durkins and 20 Dips to get a little preburn before we did a set of Sevens with Durkins on the bottom and Burpies on the top.
Indian run back to the parking lot and alternated between staring at the sky and doing 40 flutters in cadence.
Stood up to admire the sweat angel we all created on the asphalt. Nothing more beautiful and a circle of sweat angels at 6:15.
Congratulations, you’ve been beaten by a Cowgirl.
Honor to lead!!!

If Memory Serves Correct

Easier to wake up than some mornings, it felt nice outside at first but grew to be pretty muggy for a workout. Little rain beforehand, enough to make the ground wet and make me regret placing any crunches and sit-ups on the menu.
1 lap around the track, circle up in the middle
5 Merkins OYO
15 Imperial Walkers IC
5 Merkins OYO
15 Low-slow Squats IC
5 Merkins OYO
25 yd. Bear Crawl, 25 yd. Lunge Walk
The Thang:
Start at the end zone, with different exercises listed for each 10 yd. mark on the field (see below)
0 yd. (End Zone) 10 x Arm Raises
10 yd. 10 x Merkins
20 yd. 10 x Squats
30 yd. 10 x Big-Boy Sit-Ups
40 yd. 10 x Carolina Dry Docks
50 yd. 10 x Lunges, 10 each leg
60 yd. 10 x Russian Twist/American Hammer, 10 both sides
70 yd. 10 x Plank Shoulder Taps, 10 each arm
80 yd. 10 x  Mountain Climbers, 10 each leg
90 yd. 20 x LBCs
100 yd. 20 Burpees
Each iteration of the suicide starts with 10 arm raises at the 0 yd. line. The exercises stack up on each additional run, so you must complete all preceding exercises at their respective markers before advancing further. If you forget which exercise belongs to which marker, the punishment is a 5 Burpee substitution, with the exception of the 100 yd. 20 Burpees. So a little bit of a memory game too.
All in all, that’s 100 merkins to deal with at some point during the suicide.
Jog a lap around the track, stopping at the bleachers.
Pair up in groups of 3, send one partner (P3) to the other side of the bleachers.
P1 runs the bleachers, winding up and down until he reaches the other side. P2 stays and does squats while P3 does merkins at the other side.
P1 relieves P3 on the other side and they switch roles. Now P3 must run the bleachers back to P2 while P1 does merkins.
Essentially a 3 person relay with a set of bleachers in between.
2 rounds before time ran out. Run back to the parking lot.
20 LBCs IC to finish it out.
Count it up and we’re done.
Really great work done by the PAX this morning, plenty of Merkins for one day. Smokey earned his name on the suicide by smoking us. He did well enough for me to put off the Burpee Challenge (where everyone has to do their age in Burpees…feels good being 22) til next time. Also extra credit to him and Leo for carrying that kettle bell all the way back to the lot. Thanks everyone for letting me lead.

What can Fireman Ed do for you?

This would have been entitled “What can Brown do for you?”, but the way he was yelling all morning at Fireman Ed, this felt more fitting.

Here’s what went down this morning.

Side Straddle Hope (15)
15 swings oyo
Imperial Walker (15)
15 swings oyo
Low Slow Squat w/ Bell (15)
15 swings oyo
30 curls oyo
15 swings oyo
15 tricep extensions oyo
15 swings oyo

Find a partner…
Everyone spread out evenly on the track. Partner 1 farmer carried both bells around the track. Partner 2 ran ahead and eventually caught up with Partner 1. Flapjack

P1 lunge walks with both bells around the track. P2 ran ahead and caught up with P1. Flapjack

P1 stands in place and does clean and press with right hand only. P2 runs a lap until he meets up with P1. Flapjack

Repeat this process 2x (switch to left hand on the clean and press the second time)

With your partner in a tight circle in the middle of the field.
P1 starts work on a specific exercise. P2 runs to the track, does a workout and comes back to switch with P1. When they switch, they do 2 partner merkins. Exercises and totals are below.

100 curls, 50 tricep extensions (5 jump squats at the edge of the track)

100 American Hammers, 50 good mornings (5 dry docks at edge of track)

100 flutter presses, 50 overhead presses (2 burpees at edge of track)

100 lawnmowers, 50 high pulls (6 sister mary catherines at edge of track)


It was a great morning. I appreciated Chin Music noticing me working on my between the legs dribble with the bell. #StephCurry

Bulldog had to take off early. I think the Imperial Walkers and Side Straddle Hops did him in.

Apologies to the 5 AM run crew. We did a little more mileage than normal, so hopefully your legs lasted the rest of the day.

And lastly thanks to Harley and Fletch for giving me the chance to Q.

Big time expansion going on! Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, Pittsburg, Minneapolis, Austin, Birmingham. Reach out to guys in these cities and let them know about F3. If you can go downrange and help start these off, do it! Lastly, put your skills to use for F3 nation.

Butterflies at Joust

We had a much appreciated 50 degree morning to greet us after to many weeks of bitter cold. We even had a few of the hibernating warm weather only guys show back up. 17 in total. Here is how the workout went down.


Field and warm up In Cadence 20 each

Side saddle hope

Imperial walkers

Low slow squat


We then Partnered up in 3s and moved onto the goal line for a series of workouts.  Each partner took turns doing each workout, rotating when the “pace setter” was done with the distance excersize.


Round 1 – 5 minutes

Gasers 50yd, Squats, Mercins


Round 2 – 5 minutes

Walking Lunges 20yd, Vups , Forearm Plank Rockers


We moseyed up the bleachers for our next set


Round 3 – 6 minutes

Stair run, 10 Pull ups 10 leg raises and LBCs until relieved, , Wall Sit Arm Raises


Moved back down the goal line


Round 4 – 5 minutes

Bear Crawl 20 and back, knee tucks, “Butterfly”

Round 5 – 5 minutes

Field Hops 20, mountain Climbers, Dry Docks



As a few of you have mentioned leading your first Q can be a little unnerving.  I thought I was fine until my wife looked at me Thursday night and said “you’re nervous”.  Well I wasn’t until she said that!  All together things went pretty well though, my voice only cracked once and “butterfly” / “flutter” what’s the difference really?  Field Hops and Bear Crawls seemed to be the fan favorites and by that I mean they were the favorite to be done with.  We did run out of time and I had a few more things up my sleeve, but I guess I will just have to save them for next time!


Thanks for the encouragement from all of you fine gentlemen.

Have a great weekend all!