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The Cinder Block Rock!

We couldn’t use any gear so I decided to use the cinder blocks! 19 brave men came our for lots of heavy lifting and running (the bear crawl was for Doughboy). We also would like to welcome Big House to F3 Waxhaw! I do have to say, the workout looked a ton easier on paper than it was in reality. Based on the chatter, I didn’t make too many friends today.

The Warm Up – After diccs were given we did a quick mosey around Mt. Chiseled and a quick look at the location of the beatings to come. Took a quick mosey down to pick up cinder blocks for the guys who needed one. Warm up included:

  • 15 SSh
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 15 Merkin
  • 15 Mountain Climbers
  • Calf Stretch
  • Jimmy Dugan

We proceeded to Mt. Chiseled with our cinder blocks over head and did lunges and also what I call “Frankenstein” to the base of Mt. Chiseled.

The Thang – Partner up. Partner 1 does the exercise while partner 2 bear crawls up to the top of Mt. Chiseled and runs over to the other side to perform 10 Bomb Jacks. Run back over to the other side to relieve your partner. Partner 1 started with Burpie Press – 100 of them as a team! That hurts! The next exercise was 200 curls (might have to call an audible!) followed by 100 Rows – bent over or upright. Top that one off (arms now really hurting) with 100 Keddle Block Swings closing off the workout with the Chest Press with the blocks. After running out of time we circled up for our finish.

The Moleskine – That was a tough one but I appreciate Fuse giving me the opportunity to be able to lead such a great group of guys. All of you are really fantastic and I appreciate the support of all. We did have one FNG today and because he likes Ohio State, he was giving the name Big House. Welcome Big House.

Announcements – Fuse is looking for help at Five Stones Church for today, Thursday and Friday of this week. Please Contact Fuse Box for more information. Posse spoke about the Spartan Race this Saturday! 100 PAX Challenge – We still need more support – Let’s donate now! Tickets are being sold for a raffle to win a Lazy Boy Chair. Friday is graduation at CHS and it might impact the morning workout at Cutherbertson, be on the lookout.

Weights in the Wet

14 PAX made it out to the fog and wet to lift lots of heavy objects. I’m sure Deadwood would like me to give a summary of our directions but due to the lateness of the BB and the lack of time, I’m going to make this simple.

The Warm Up – we took a quick lap around Mount Chiseled  to get the juices flowing. Circle up for:

  • 15 SSH
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 15 Merkins
  • 15 Mountain Climbers
  • Cotton Pickers/Potato Pickers
  • Jimmy Dugan -left then right

The Thang – Mosey over to gear where we separated into partners to start. Yes Deadwood, I explained the stations. With one station being the runners, these PAX were our timers. The rest of the PAX worked on the following stations:

  1. Concrete Buckets (thanks Doughboy) shoulder shrugs and/or rows
  2.  Manmakers with 10 lb dumbbells
  3. Supines on railing
  4. Pit of Misery – 1st round step-up’s, 2nd round dips, 3rd round durkins
  5. Low -slow squats with cinder blocks
  6. Truck Tire Smash- with two really heavy sledge hammers!
  7. Weighted bars – Reverse curls
  8. Kettlebell Swing – 35 lbs
  9. Slam Balls
  10. Weighted Bar – 27 lbs – overhead press
  11. 25 lb dumbbells for curls
  12. Small short bars for Shoulder work – arms extended to the side and out front.
  13. Tricep Extensions with weights
  14. 25 Lb Sand Bag – sit up exchange with the bag
  15. American Hammers with bricks

The Moleskin – The PAX worked hard today, great job guys! We had no rain and the temperature was warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt. Thanks to Rudy and Chastain for helping me get ready for my Q today. It was a pleasure leading the team today in the workout.

Announcements –

  • Gremlin this weekend
  • Commitment
  • Homecoming – Trail Race – Christ’s Closet (Recalculating is just rattling this stuff off!)
  • Foundation at Floater tomorrow – Surprise at Floater tomorrow!!
  • 2nd F Lunch noon Friday at The Improper Pig – Rea Farms
  • 25th – Queen South party for Wedding Singer

Thank you to Chastain for taking us out.

Not a “Copy”, But an “Original”!

With the attempt to not give you guys the same old workout, I was looking to change things up a bit. My original plan was to break out the logs from the Middle School woods but they were pretty nasty, thus you guys got the hill! I din’t know it was going to rain so I am sorry if the benches were a little wet. We had a good showing today where 19 of the Pax (the usual suspects) came out and four new FNG’s today. They will be named later in the backblast. Let’s get into it…

The Warm Up

  • Mosey around the parking lot of the Middle School. Along the left curb we gracefully performed a curb step-up alternating feet up on the curb to end of parking lot. Around the back turn we ran back towards our starting point and did Butt Kicks and High Knees on the run back to circle up. We performed:
    • SSH X 15
    • Imperial Walkers X 15
    • Frankenstein (again, trying to make this different) X 15
    • Potato Pickers X 15
    • Jimmy Dugan – left and right, walk it out to a plank
    • Mountain Climbers X 15
  • The Thang
  • Mosey over to the hill. Pax to team up at this point. Partner #1 up on picnic benches to start 200 step-ups and 200 dips. Partner # 2 runs down the hill (in the dark) to the cones at the bottom of the hill and Bear Crawl back up to meet partner #1 and switch. Thank you to Deadwood for starting an exercise for the finished Pax waiting on the “6”.
  • Mosey down path towards Transporters shed. At each of the lights I called an audible that I shouted shake and bake! When I yelled shake and bake you would perform a burpee. Now I was corrected by Shake N Bake as to the correct term he uses for the move. Sorry about that brother!
  • Stopped along the path to pick out some lifting rocks. Three rounds, rotating each time for some weight variety. Schneider got the heavy rock! Curls, Press and Triceps were the exercises.
  • Mosey to Transporters shed. On the way down the path karaoke/flapjack run and shuffle/flapjack run to the shed.
    • 20 Donkey Kicks – on your own
    • 30 Air Presses – in cadence
    • 30 Air Jabs – in cadence
  • Mosey around back of school to fence area behind High School. Partner up with someone different this time. Partner #1 starts with fence squats. The timer is partner #2 which runs to the turn-around and performs 10 plank jacks. Partner #2 runs back to meet partner #1 and switch.
  • We were under 5 minutes at this point so we made our way back home. We stopped at Transporters shed to get in 10 WWII sit-ups. With two minutes left we had the choice to jail break back to the start or mosey back, I picked the mosey!
  • The Moleskin
    • Thanks to Rockwell for allowing me to leads such a great bunch of guys! I must say, this is one of my favorite sites (Chiseled is the other). It’s an honor to be a part of such a great bunch of guys! Also, I loved how Blue Screen pointed out that between the two of us we have 117 years between us.
  • Announcements – (The posts from Damascus included)
    • 4 NEW FNG’s today!! Please welcome the newest additions to our group: 1. Cream Filled (he is 18) 2. Foul Tip (great story by the way) 3. Dad got let off easy on this one…Crypto and 4. Two Stroke (love it) Welcome to the new members.
    • High Hat sent out a thank you to the group for the prayers and blessings sent out by everyone on his Mother-in-laws passing.
    • Damascus –
      Pray for families impacted by this weekend’s shootings. Talk to your kids (age appropriate) as they have questions and concerns, even if they are not coming to you about them…
    • Damascus looking for a few REAL MEN who will run the Ragnar (10/5-10/6) – DM for details.
    • Boys and possible 2.0s can see Deadwood or Zin for the Atlanta Spartan.
    • Swimmers looking to finalize his team for the Prostate Awareness 5k – 9/14 and it’s a Speed for Need event.

“Gold Found at Mt. Chiseled!”

There really was no gold found on the Mt. Chiseled site today (Doughboy knows what I’m taking about). But 14 men did get to witness the hieroglyphics left over from Rockwell’s beating last week as they circled Mt. Chiseled. No “Family Picture” was taken to protect the innocent.

The Warm Up – After disclaimers came the mosey around Mt. Chiseled to start our warm up. Come back and circle up for: 15 SSH, 15 Imperial Walkers, 15 Moroccan Night Club’s, 15 merkins, 15 plank jacks, 15 mountain climbers.

The Thang – Our timer was (to start) a complete circle around Mt. Chiseled and back to the church. We had to modify due to the fact that we think we almost lost Schneider out there! Multiple stations of pain included: Fire Pit – 20 step ups and 20 dips, the railing for supine’s, that big ass tire, the rope swing, regular curls and reverse curls, military press with weights, shoulder shrugs with dam heavy buckets, rows with sand bag, a kettle bell lift (watch the jewels!), MAN MAKERS, fly’s with dumbbells, slam balls and two REALLY stupid heavy (I think they were only 50 lbs) weights we carried across the parking lot!

The Moleskin – You really cannot prove that we did not find gold because we forgot to take the “Family Picture” and we really do not want to share it anyway. Great job to all you guys for all the hard work today! A special thanks has to go out to Fuse Box, I could not have done this without his help and support. And I am totally to blame for the tardiness of the back blast!

Posse posted on GroupMe about his wives school and the fact that they need volunteers to help this Saturday from 8 am to 11 am. You should see his posting on the news channel. F3 Dads – 9:00 am Dogwood Park, Gerber is on Q, 3 – 14 years old kids, boys and girls can attend. F3 is doing clean up of our adopted road in Waxhaw – Zinfandel is coordinating the event on the 24th after coffateria – Nesbit Park, Waxhaw. Thank you Doughboy for taking us out!

Tabata Workout in the dry Copy Room!

In preparation for the rain, the plan was to have our Tabata workout under the shelter of the covered Copy Room where we could stay dry. But with the weather over 55 degrees we were soaked when we finished! 9 guys made it out to our Tabata workout at The Floater with a 5:30 am start.

Warm Up: A quick mosey to a gas station across from the Waxhaw Water Tower that had protective cover for our men. Disclaiimer given (they cant’t sew the gas station). 20 SSH, 20 potato pickers, Imperial Walkers, Michael Phelps (small circles, wider, real big circles).

The Thang: Mosey down the street to a church close by that had a covered area behind the parking lot. This structure was given the name, The Copy Room. The Tabata workout consisted of: Category 1- Cardio – 25 seconds on, 10 second break – 4 exercises per category A. SSH B. High knee kicks C: Side-to-side jumps D: Speed skaters – perform each exercise twice. 60 seconds between concentration.

Category 2 – Chest – Merkins, incline, wide and close hand.

Category 3 – Triceps and shoulders – Dips, Plank moves, plank jack, elbows and hold at 6 inches

Category 4 – Abs – Crunches, Flutter, Leg extensions, American hammers

Category 5 – Legs – Step-up’s, Low slow squat, front lunges, side lunges

Category 6 – Repeat Category 1 for Cardio

There was plenty of moaning and groaning as we learned the meaning of “no pain, no gain!”