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I’m Counting It

The Thang

Diccs, let’s mosey …

Weinke: Run.  Week 2 Speed Workout, 40 min at half marathon pace.


Since Nesbit was flooded, we called an audible on our route.  Which sucked because it’s hard to find anywhere flat in Millbridge.  Pax did not complain, adjusted on the fly and got straight to work after our opening mile mosey warmup.
Gerber led the way with Tooltime close behind.  The rest of us chasing them down for a mentally and physically 40 minute grind.  No chit chat here, this was work and very proud of all these guys.  I caught a few glimpses of Glidah and Dasher, both fully committed and running hard.  Deadwood too after he showed up late to the party😝.  Never count out Rubbermaid, he was there steady at it, encouraging us and putting in the miles.  Nails too, this guy is disappearing with weight loss and I see him getting faster every workout.  It seems He is posting more than ever lately.  Posse was there on his bike, kept lapping us, you should see his bike with neon lights on the spokes!!!  Also saw Centerfold (mashing) a few times with some very heavy dumbells.  When we were done, Dasher yells, “I’m counting it!”, referring to a virtual race he was scheduled to run with us this weekend.  Smart move Dasher, let’s see if the Pax let you get away with it🤣🤣🤣


100 for 100 reminder

Then I left … ask Gerber for rest of story

T-Pace ?!?!?

The Thang

DiCCS given, let’s mosey …

Pretty simple, it’s Pursuit, just run right?  Well, leave it to Bratwurst to devise an 8 week plan to prepare us PAX for a 5-10k race on July 4 weekend.  His plan puts all the science behind the “just run” theory.  Still in week #1, today’s speed workout involved 5 minute intervals at T-Pace and 1 minute of recovery, rinse & repeat 4-6x.  Which resulted in around 7 miles including the warm up and cool down.  Not too shabby.  For those interested T-Pace is Threshold Pace, a pace you can hold for a long run (an uncomfortable running pace) or to confuse you further it is about 1 minute per mile slower than your R-Pace (Race pace, dummy, come on keep up, your in Bratwurst world).  I just shake my head up and down and run, usually works out.  Well, that’s it for the weinke, didn’t seem too tough on paper …


The intervals had a way of sneaking up on you.  By the last one I felt like I had just ran a race, completely wiped out, ready for a very slow mosey back.  Which thank you Rubbermaid for guiding us back, much appreciated.  Most of the PAX I kinda of expected, but Nails, ToolTime and Rubbermaid were a surprise.  Loved seeing Nails out there getting it done, working really hard, you can tell he plans to get faster.  Rubbermaid said he clocked some sub 8’s, so he’s moving from run all day long to run fast all day long, watchout.  And that was my first time getting to know ToolTime, this dude is fast, hung right there with Gerber and I the whole time.  Gerber was crushing it, I kept slowing him down, he had this sling shot effect coming off the round a bout that both ToolTime and I had trouble hanging with.  Glidah and Dasher were there too, I don’t think Dasher woke up until interval 2 or 3, but Glidah had his back, kept him moving in the right direction:)


100 for 100

Pray for Thoms family and friends

Mayhem – Thanks for taking us out (neighbor)!



Unhappy Popeye

The Thang
DICCS given, let’s mosey …
Run & stretches
Run to school playground for 15 Merkins, Bonny Blair’s, LBC’s & Dry-docks in each corner w/ 5 Burpees in center (Repeat 3x)
Run to Millbridge model house for  1 diamond Merkin/4 Side Straddle Squats WEB to 8/32
Run to Millbridge pool lot for 11’s: LBC’s & Mike Tysons
Run to COT for Mary, times up
3.5-4 miles accomplished!
It was good to see all you knuckleheads this morning.  Chilly 40 degree start, but beautiful morning.  Popeye was the over 10 PAX alternate Q, imagine his disappointment when 9 PAX showed and he was stuck with us:)  He didn’t complain though, he just got it done, even when his knee said no more, he continued with exercises back in the parking lot.  Good job Popeye! Halfback didn’t seem to miss a beat, he was write in my face the whole morning.  Tim and Chainsaw were there before me doing a pre-run, amazing and love that name CHAINSAWWWW!  Double respect dude.  Glad we were a good push for you today.  Just in time for coffeeteria, special guest appearance by a PAX that calls himself HOLLYWOOD.  Don’t really know about this guy, but seems like I’ve heard of him.  Fuse was keeping us honest on the 6′ and home station, thx for the reminders:)  Sledge-o-matic was working hard today, we put on some distance, more than I intended.  MadDog kept us all distracted during the 11’s talking about the hottest movie stars we all grew up with … I thought DeepDish and Rubbermaid might have a heart attack talking about  Megan Fox … I know I lost count.  Mr. Rubbermaid brought coffee for everyone, good man, thank you sir!  Pax hung out a long time, until the police chased us off.
Lou has 100 PAX for 100 challenge going on, raise $10k for local charities from F3
Reminder to hit slack and sign up on Networking Channel, just your name and what you do, it might help a fellow PAX one day
8 Week Challenge from Wolverine/Bratwurst starts Tuesday.  3x week running workouts.  Race July 4.  Details forthcoming.
Special thanks MadDog for taking us out, nicely done.

Tardy Q

The Thang

DICCS not given, I arrived 1 min late (explained later) …


Warm up mosey, SSH, Calf Stretch (I call it the Damascus Special), good old fashion Windmill, Imperial Walkers and Low Slow Squats.


20 Steps ups, 20 Derkins and 40 Dips


20 Bonny Blairs, 20 Scissors, 20 Box Cutters, Pistol LBC’s


20 Bonny Blairs, 20 Rosalita’s, 20 Pistol LBC’s

Run: Burpee Ladder in parking lot

20 Steps ups, 20 Derkins and 40 Dips


20 Bonny Blairs, 20 Mike Tyson, 20 Carolina Dry-Docks



45 minutes went by real quick.  Safe social distancing practiced by all.  Nice job Nails leading the pack today, your hard work is paying off.  Shop Dawg looking good with the weight loss, congratulations!  Was Blades of Glory wearing pajama pants today?  I could not tell:)  Everyone was breathing pretty hard today, nice hustle guys, keep up the good work.  Sorry I was a minute late, I looked up an old schedule with summer hours, my bad guys.


Q Source at Chickfila led by Nails, be there!

Develop your Plan B in case future F3 workouts get cancelled.

Posse said don’t be patient 31 who did not follow the recommended rules and got everyone sick.  Be smart, think & be cautious.

Ackbar – Good message, we all needed to hear that, thank you for taking us out!

Mile Repeats

The Thang

DICCS given, big group today, let’s roll …

Warmed up with mosey headed to CHS parking lot, had to dodge a bus coming on our left, we detoured and circled back to get us on route.

I’m not creative, period. I dug into F3 Exicon’s to find one or two new exercise and I changed up the typical warm-up drill for something different …

After our warm-up mosey …

  • Al Gore position, apparently optional for some PAX busy being chatty
  • Lined up for Frankensteins (or Toy Soldiers) 35 yds, transition to running another 35 yds.
  • Rinse and repeat this with The Flamingo (thx for the name Zin), Butt Kickers, High Knees each followed by 35 yd run
  • And how could I forget, we all did Cheerleaders too, as you’d expect … we didn’t last long, 15 I think (SSH w/ squat and hands below the knees)

Now that fellow PAX was feeling satisfied and loose, your Q asked everyone’s 5K pace, by the reaction I got, few PAX do. YIKES! We shall have to remedy this in 2020. You can all do a 5K, time to sign up. My goal was to run “mile repeats” around the campus and run at your 5K pace or a little faster …   Yeah I heard a little mumble chatter, but hey, your VO2 Max just improved … your welcome:)

Overall goal was to get some mileage in right???  C’mon it’s IGNITION!!!!  With some exercises between laps to allow heart rate to come back down .  How many laps? Good question, read on …

So the first 100 yds, Zin pointed out that we all must have the same 5k pace, because we were all together and boy were we mov’in!  Especially Deadwood, he was leading the front of the pack.  I gave it a little while and thought sure about half way he’d slow down, but nope, that dude kept on truck’in the entire mile.  Had to be around a 6 min/mile.  When we passed by the Flash group of course we all sped up to show off, I glanced at the watch, yeah 5:30 min/mile pace, is that wrong???  This may or may not have induced some dry heaving is some PAX (DW).  I know my lap two suffered because of that stunt:)  Freaking Gerber and Hollywood, geesh guys, talk about holding the Q accountable … you both suck are really strong runners.  We all know Gerber is FAST, but you all should have seen him when he SPRINTED to the bathroom on that second lap, LOL!  By the way, his third lap, seemed unfair since he was carrying a lighter load at this point. He ran off and left Hollywood and I.

After the first mile, we did exercises to allow heart rate to come down, things like Circle Burp, Merkins, Ab exercises. Then start w/ slow mosey for about 100 yds, building up to 5k pace for the next lap/mile around campus. Following each lap with more break exercises before setting out again.  Ended up with 4 laps … due to Foundation.

Scores & Highlights

  • It was reported by PAX that Foundation was pushing especially hard on lap 3, lap 3 guys, that’s when I was ready to collapse. And most importantly you need to know that weinke was complete after three laps, it was Foundations fault that you all had to run mile 4. He said “We going again?” It inspired me … I said “Do you want to?” He didn’t even reply, he just took off RUNNING. #Truth.
  • I don’t know if you all seen Smithers Group Me post, but that guy gets it. He has the right attitude and that’s 90% of the battle. The speed will come in time, don’t ever change that attitude. I love that you pushed yourself as hard as you did this morning. 6+ miles with exercises is no joke. Great work man!
  • Sprinkles … where were you? How old are you again? See you in the morning.
  • Zin … can I file a formal complaint aimed at marketing “FAKE NEWS”? I recall hearing very loudly “CIRCLE UP”. This had a negative effect on PAX Training and cadence mojo. Next time we FIGHT. LOL.
  • Bottlecap, please remember me when you crush your goal of a 6 min/mile here soon.
  • I appreciated when Shake, Legal Zoom and Sprinkles finished strong chasing down Hollywood, that is not an easy thing to do.
  • COT wrapped up nicely with a 2:45 second plank and pretty good form (for most of us). I may have caught Dasher flat on the ground toward the end, it was dark, so not sure it was him. And I thought I heard something about Goodfella ‘boning’ his wife? I hope it was Goodfella? And I’m pretty sure he confirmed it was performed in less than 2:45 seconds. #OurHero


I got wordy above, so I will make this short …

  • Always humbled that you guys allow me to lead a workout. You all make me better. Thank you.
  • I really appreciate the way we work together, guys going back for the 6th and encouraging each other for strong finishes, just noticing and pushing each other. Builds community.
  • I know I missed recognizing someone or something special today, my bad, it was not on purpose. 6+ miles right, that’s pretty special by itself, great work, hats off to all of you!
  • Think twice about pairing up with Legal Zoom, Fortunately I was not downwind when he crushed half our group with a FART. I think Goodfella was right next to him on the receiving end of that gift.


  • Q school something and soon … reach out to Posse soon he will know details. Or check Flash BB.

Streak is Alive!

The Thang

DICCS given, let’s mosey …

Warmed up with nice down Keith Jong hill stroll to the vet’s parking lot for some loosening up. IPC yesterday and my A** hurts, I needed the stretch more than the PAX. SSH, Mountain Climbers, Merkins … and were off!

Back up Keith Jong Hill, fun when you start, everyone is chatting it up, half way up and your like, dang … and then that last section really kicks up the incline and sucks every last ounce of air out of your body. Somehow that’s got to be tied to VO2max, or whatever that means. Regardless, its a gasser! I thought I’d circle back when I got close to the top and pick up the 6th, but all PAX pretty much right there, awesome work for 5:40 in the freaking morning:)

I knew we want to sit on our 6 after that so I figured some abs would be good. I made the mistake of mentioning this to DW who of course helped me make it into an ab “web”. Love that guy, always pushing … of course I’m in. Choosing to take the hard route is what these mornings should be all about, right? Why else get up? I believe we all want to get better and I believe it’s easier when we do it together and push one another. But it’s up to you to dig deep and find that desire within. The results you want do not come overnight, but push yourself everyday/consistently choosing the hard route and you will transform into the ultimate Iron Pax.

And good grief, talk about a test, I thought that “modified” triple nickel was a good challenge for all PAX. That hill was up hill both ways. 10 Bobby Hurleys on one end and 10 Mike Tyson’s on the other. I was trying to keep up with Kid Rock, geesh that dude is a freak. And I never could escape the shadows from Deadwood’s 10,000megawatt head lamp. I always feel like there is a huge truck right behind me.

Mosey to the school to find a wall for a couple sets of wall-sits, step-ups and dips. Lots of mumble chatter about PAX distance from parking lot, head back early … too early. Oh well, worked out fine, we got a jail break (or two?) and some last minute ab work and merkins and heels-to-heaven.


Thanks for all the PAX who contributed this morning and kept me straight on my cadence:) I heard we got in over 3 miles too!

And I know I won’t catch all the PAX that deserve credit for their extreme effort in the morning gloom, but while I was killing myself, I have a few flash back memories of guys who are clearly working to get better. I tip my hat to: Kid Rock, Deadwood, Easy Button, Posse, Damascus (FLYING!), Dasher (dude is always pushing himself), Carb Load, Deflated, Rudy and Doughboy. I know – I know … I missed some of you other guys that worked just as hard, sorry, probably couldn’t see for the sweat in my eyeballs:)

I also seen a lot of guys that were new to me, I really look forward to our next second F opportunity to get to know you better and see what you look like in the daylight:)

Thanks for taking us out Damascus, even if it was in the middle of the road … my bad:)


Speed for Need – Susan Komen – Heathers Hero’s, see Damascus for details

Kid Rock leading new Saturday morning AO coming in October, like Black Diamond (hard like IPC). Will be monthly event. Kid Rock said it would be difficult, WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN FOR THE REST OF US? I got a name for it … MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. More to come…

Oh yeah, BIG SATURDAY for those in IPC. Final week 4, GO GET IT!!!!

3-2-1 Converge

The Thang

DiCC’s given, 21 of us went for a mosey, stretch …

So, entire workout built around a Fartlek.

3 min easy run, 2 min medium run, 1 min hard. And then we converged for bootcamp workout. Thanks DW and Popeye for your contributions.

Lots of hard work & sweat, proof was Dana’s shoes as we headed back to the COT … I heard squish, squish, squish from his shoes (been there dude, good work!)

We were all impressed by Lantzer (Rudy’s 2.0) and Lucas (Carb Loads 2.0). Lucas was our FNG. We all hope to see you guys again soon!


FNG news first! Carb Load’s son Lucas Atkins (13) joined us today. Lots of good names suggested, and since he dislikes the Lakers, we went with “Magic”. Go figure, Welcome “Magic”!!!

Waxhaw Elementary School cleanup is this morning. Bunch of PAX going. Posse recruiting us hard.

Dad’s camp also later this morning, contact Fusebox for details. I think its every Saturday and for the 2.0’s and dad.

Thanks for taking us out Shop Dawg!

12 lb of pain

The Thang …

DiCCS provided, let’s mosey, no wait, we never moved from our circle …

1 min Lunges, 1 min Box cutters, 1 min Curls = 3 min, repeat 3x = 9 min.

1 min Burpees

1 min Squats/Pulse Squats, 1 min Rosalitas, 1 min Merkins = 3 min repeat 3x = 9 min

1 min Mountain Climbers

1 min Glute Bridge, 1 min Flutters, 1 min Carolina Dry Docks = 3 min repeat 3x = 9 min

1 min Speed Skaters

1 min Partner/Wall Sits, 1 min LBC’s/Big Boys, 1 min Mike Tysons = 3 min repeat 3x = 9 min

Moleskin ….

The goal was to work Legs, Core and Upper body in small intense periods using the 12lb barbells, rinse and repeat until exhausted. Everyone pushed hard, seen a few tap outs, but mostly heard a lot of groaning and pushing thru the pain. Honored as always to lead this group. Great work guys.

Announcements …

Fusebox announced F3 Dads. Contact Gerber if interested in helping out.

Fusebox – Thank you for taking us out!

Side Hustle

The Thang

DiCCS given, let’s mosey …

Typical warm-up, SSH, Potato Pickers.

5 x – Bus lot hill repeats (Run hill, jog down, LBC’s, repeat)

Mosey to playground, for 5 pull-ups, 10 carolina drydocks, 15 big boy sit-ups, repeat, 5 sets.

Mosey to wall for 20 donkey kicks, 15 mike tysons, repeat 3 sets. Lots of groaning heard.

Mosey to baseball fields for core work, various PAX served up their own special dose of pain, beginning with flutters and several other extremely gut wrenching exercises.

Mosey (again) to parking lot. 100yd partner carry, switch, repeat. Noticed some modified with walking lunges. 2 PAX went down hard during partner carry right in front of me, nearly to finish line, good push guys, hope your okay.

Speed laps around the parking lot, run 100yds, walk/jog the short sections, run 100 yds, repeat for 2 laps (about 800 meters) around the parking lot.

Jog around parking lot 2 laps with PAX calling out their favorite pain station exercise at every turn, including merkins, carolina dry docks, jumping jack with squat and legs apart (totally forget the darn name, Lou’s special), low slow squats, can’t remember them all, but do recall some PAX tapping out on the 15 burpees (you know who you are:)

Mosey back to parking lot where it all began and circled up for more random core work and dips.

I was told we logged about 3.5 miles.


11 PAX today at Outland. Huge campus. Lots of opportunity. We didn’t even see that much of it. Thanks Chastain (Matt) for inviting me to your campus, it was an honor leading all you guys and I mean that sincerely. You guys all pushed hard today!

We had one new FNG, Japier (spelling?), who is a Sun Valley track coach. Fun facts about Japier, speaks two languages and from Jersey! Our own Ben Derrick – Zinfadel, in true F3 style, got an uber ride from Japier and recruited him to join us at Outland this morning (good job Zin!). Japier is already in great shape and was up front all morning with Lou. I’m think we made a good impression and hope we see him again. Due to his 2nd job (uber) he proudly accepted his new name “Side Hustle”. And I have to mention that damn vest that Deadwood was so kind to make sure he got it Zin and Zin had it ready for me. Holy$%*! … respect the vest. I took it off 30 minutes in, finished last 10 with it and nearly Vomitted! Yeah, I’m def getting one:)


Speed for Need, maybe July 22, need 12 PAX to push chariots, great cause, Jeremy (Madison) will post details.

Fixing it for Christ July 19-22, goal to fix up 40 homes, food provided, details will be posted. Lou (Bottlecap) has details.

Reminder from Ben (Zinfadel) about time change at Asylum, now begins 5:30a.

Brad (Smokey), nice job taking us out.

Cadence Shmadence!

The Thang

DICCS given, let’s roll …

Warmed up with a mosey to Dreamchasers, started with SSH, apparently I forgot how to count in cadence (off to a great start), but Deadwood picked me up, thank you buddy. But I still heard a little negative mumble chatter, proceeded to lash back out with never ending merkins … whatever, lets get this started.

Overall goal was to hit 3 locations:

1) N. Providence Rd. – 13 lights – Rotating between Burpee’s and Knee Slappers (5 each) on the ½ mile out. Jailbreak on return to Dreamchasers

• Two groups – Gazelles and Clydesdales – Gazelles had to go a little farther, Clydesdales just had to beat us back to Dreamchasers. Clydesdales won! We owe you some burpees or dreamchasers, you can pick.

• Wait, whose that running straight at us??? Ahhh … Gerber, should have recognized that gait, he takes one step for every two of mine. Glad you could join us.

• What I didn’t expect … Moneyball right on my heels.  Way to go dude, working hard!

2) Head to Waxhaw Elementary School – Playground

• Via “Bad Idea” hill, ran one time, AND EVERYONE GAVE ME THEIR ALL, I know by all the bent over bodies at the top of the hill. Loved it – THANKS GUYS.

• What I didn’t expect … Anyone ever notice the calves on MadDog??? (and no I didn’t look any higher – pervs)

• Partnered up on the playground for pull-ups (10 each) • Squeezed in some Mike Tysons, Figure 8 leg lifts, American Hammers, etc to keep busy

• 15 minutes left, needed to Mosey back for COT (but had other plans, time permitting)

3) Keith Jong Hill – YES, got back to COT with time to spare, we used it wisely on “Keith Jong Hill” – I don’t think anyone expected this, ha-ha! Does this make me a bad person?  Blame it on Deadwood.

• Headed down the hill with 5 minutes to go. Plan was go as far as you could and circle back to meet up on time for COT.

• What I didn’t expect … Was how many guys stepped WAY UP and RALLIED to the bottom and back up on time!

• Appreciated Damascus chatter, motivating us the whole way!


First, I really dislike WordPress. I heard we got in 4 miles in 45 minutes, plus our exercises. Dasher said we might have set a new mileage record for a 45min Floater bootcamp??? I guess I had it confused with Pursuit.  Hat’s off to all of you for really hustling out there. Especially Shake & Bake who did a monster pre-run, you’re a stud! My second Q, I appreciate you guys taking it easy on me and for the tips I picked up along the way for that AO, I hope you have me back. I learned I can’t count cadence yet and I can’t remember the names of exercises quickly … apparently I am old, but can run like hell.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all the guys that made positive comments to me. I hope to return that gesture. I can honestly tell you all that I used to be 40lbs heavier and couldn’t cut my grass without taking a break. Getting in shape is a journey. In time exercise will become habit forming. You will see positive changes which induce more positive change. I’m new to F3, but wish like hell I would have been involved sooner in my life. Keep up your F3 membership, recruit more and keep being that bright light in the world of others. Mucho Respect and Appreciation for all of you guys, my brothers!


F3 Dad’s camp – nearly, if not already sold out.  check slack.

Pray for Nails (heard he might be feeling ill)

And I think I am forgetting one (back to the being old part, mental note, let video recorder run to the end dummy)

MadDog – Thank you for taking us out!