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Mixed Bag

The Thang

DiCCS given, let’s roll …

Warmup run over beside tennis courts, SSH, Imperial Squawkers, Mtn Climbers, Peter Parkers, Calf stretch …

Exercise at top & bottom of hill, approx. 200 yds apart, Every exercise was 15 reps (2 is 1)

1 Hand release merkins/Bonny Blair(speed sktr)

2 LBC/Mike Tyson’s

3 Scorpion drydocks/Monkey humpers

4 Dorothy hurleys /Walking Lunge squat

5 Run back to Rudy’s shed (3/4 mile)

6 Wall sit air presses, Variety of Merkins

7 Back to COT for BB sit-ups, flutters and end with 30 seconds of Have a nice day!


Always honored to lead you guys.  Big group, no way I can call everyone out, but a few notables include:

  • Recalc’s Return from injury – nice to see you back in the bootcamp
  • Bread bowl pushing hard this morning, def getting stronger
  • And shout out to Tanyatine, Glidah, Dasher and Chicken.  These guys were all over the place, busting it out, picking up others … awesome guys.
  • I had not seen the BEAR in a while, glad Mark joined us, keep coming brother, we missed ya!


  • IPC Week 0 Challenge this Sat at Commitment – See Dasher for details/Q’s
  • Blackhawk also an option for IPC Week 0 Challenge – See Mad Dog- Jeff Thoms for details
  • Sept 7 Monday 1 year Waxhaw Convergence at CHS
  • Christ Closet this Sat right after the workout, moving bins from house to new building on site – See Ice 9 for details
  • Shirts orders due – See Gerber for details

YHC took us out!

Showing our Age

The Thang

DiCCS given, let’s roll …

Apparently I missed a good time last night (F2 at Lawson poolhouse)!  I think Easy Button was first one at Swarm, but completely asleep on the sidewalk … hey Easy, wake up, you coming?  Zinfandel came in on two wheels in that beast of a Jeep, he jumps out of the Jeep and yells at all of us about no shirts … dude, check the temperature!  Last night I had a tough time with the Weinke planning, off campus, on campus, needs to feel like Swarm, will I make it thru an hour?  Anyway, on the opening mosey, got an update on Glidah’s beatdown at The Floater (not sorry I missed that:).  After the opening mosey and warm-up, I gave a disclaimer “Do as I say, not as I do today” (trying to heel up my knee).  PAX were good with that and we are off …

Decided to stay on campus, plenty of good circuits to wear our butts out.  First up, CHS bus lot covered shelter and steps for 20 donkey kicks, mosey and 20 Mike Tysons, rinse and repeat 3x, quick math for ya= yeah 60 Mike Tysons out of the gate, that will wake you up and smoke the arms!  Mosey over to back of HS for 20 dips on wooden benches, run 400m’ish loop around the woods, 20 derkins, rinse and repeat 3x.  This is when Glidah confessed, I should have Fart Sacked!  I can’t lie, the comment brought a BIG smile to my face.  And then I agreed with him.  He Q’d yesterday and was heading to the lake with family and already planned a long run with his brother around the Lake, nice, go get it Glidah!  This dude is getting stronger and faster all the time, watch out PAX!  After the derkins, shoulders were smoked again, decided to share some love with the abs: 20 each Pistols, LBCs, Big Boys and American Hammer.  Up and away … mosey to large CHS parking lot where couple kids were in their car taking pictures of each other at 6:15am???  Zin said they probably had not even been to bed yet (I concur, crazy youth:).  And they probably figured we were just as crazy as we demonstrated the burpee ladder, zig-zagging between islands, we started with 1 burpee and ended together for 10 burpees.  That Burpee Ladder is no joke and Easy Button was right there with us, pushing hard, real hard.  Good job Easy, it did not go unnoticed!  Getting going after that was very slow mosey, Premature and I both feeling a little light headed.  Final circuit, Mosey to back of middle school for step-ups, diamond merkins and short run, rinse and repeat 3x.  Headed back to COT with 2 min to go, arrived right on time!  Quick fist bump/chicken wing congrats to PAX … I had to scoot for work.


Heard several times from Zinfandel about not being in shape, yet he was right with us the entire workout, go figure? (good work dude).  Premature shared he has never ran this much in his life, he has to buy new running shoes every 6 months now:)  I’m very impressed Mike, your determination and tattoos, keep showing up man!  Premature and I figured out we both are having similar knee problems, so call us if you have any knee questions, I’m positive we can offer completely bad advice:) at least I can.  Glidah reminded us that he was mentally a “2 mile guy” but with just a little time and effort with this group has broken that barrier wide open.  He and Easy Button were killing it today, no signs of aging on them.  Meanwhile Zin explained his calf muscle problems, inquiring about calf sleeves when he had a chance.  Some of us were def showing our age out there today!  Not all, just some, mostly me.  It was good being on Q, thanks guys for allowing me to lead, sorry I had to bolt out of there.


Check Impromptu since I left promptly.

SOB Invades Pursuit

Last time I attempted the 521 challenge was about 1 year ago, Frasier (from SOB) was on Q and it was no problem for him

I thoughts this morning’s rain would hold back some PAX, but we had an influx of SOB guys that kept our Pursuit numbers up.  Have to say, I did feel a little out numbered, but was glad to see them join us.

Diccs given and Bratwurst offered up mini maps to anyone unfamiliar with the route, nice touch Bratwurst!

Todays goal was to run to 521 and back with in our 1 hour time, cutting thru the neighborhoods, experienced plenty of hills along the way.  Along the route we worked in the Freedom to 5K training plan (most of it anyway).  Warm-up, then 20 min at T-pace and 4 – 200’s (which did not happen)!  Over half the PAX made it to 521 and the others were very close, so great effort by all!  We made it back to COT right on time, well except Endo, he made it back during COT.  We knew he was right behind us.  I tried to get PAX to make a tunnel for him upon arrival

Tiger Rag left some left kneecap skin on the concrete islands at the round about, guess he glanced at his watch for a second and that’s all it took to go down, but he came right back up and ready to go quickly.  We may not see TR in UC for a while

Near the end, we connected with Transporter and a new FNG he brought, now known as “Animal”.


There will be a 5k charity race in Ballantyne.  Hit up Kirby on Slack for details if your interested.  It will be a couple weeks after July 4 weekend.

100 PAX Challenge on-going, charities selected, hit up Posse for details.

Thanks for taking us out Bratwurst.


Piece of Cake …

Is what I thought today ‘s training would be … but I might as well forget about their being any “easy” interval days.

The Thang

DiCCS given, let’s mosey … about 1 mile, switched into some “Bratwurst” warm-up drills (have to be there).

Everyone ready?  Hit start on Garmin and we are on our way, we started much faster than we actually ended up, hard to manage that initial starting line adrenaline.  Today’s workout was pretty basic and I thought would be very manageable.  We ran for 10 min at T pace (about 1 min/mile slower than your 1 mile race pace).  After 10 min, we get a 2 min recovery.  Repeat 3 times.  The first two rounds were not that bad, but man did the third round suck.  Leave it to Bratwurst to figure out each and every week how to “break” us with some new workout.


We all took turns leading and pulling each other along when needed.   Ice 9 was always close by, all I had to do was listen for him, this dude pushes so hard the wheels nearly come off!  Rubbermaid was also grinding away, everytime I turn-around the dude is there.  Waxhaw Express guys posted 6:35 avg pace!  Today was no joke, good push by everyone!


F3 Spartan Race June 27, Fourth of July 4 miler race Uptown, 100 PAX Challenge

Thanks for taking us out Bratwurst!  Good message.


DiCCS given (1o sec before start, yikes!)

The Thang

Mosey to new Lawson Pool for some stretching (SSH, Smurf jacks, Imperial Squawkers, LSS, Mtn Climbers, Calf stretch)

Biggest longest hill first, 10 Hand release merkins Bottom (B) of hill & 10 Mary Catherines at top (T), rinse repeat 3x

Next street/easy hill, 20 Pistol LBC B / 10 Mike Tyson’s T, rinse repeat 3x

Next street decent hill, 10 Scorpion drydocks T /10 Monkey humpers B, rinse repeat 3x

Walking Lunge squat, 40 yards (as a recovery or until chatter returned)

Papaw Lane, great hill, short run, 10 Dorothy hurleys B / 20 Speed skaters T,  rinse repeat 3x

Head back for COT, End with some Mary!


Goal was to stay busy, bust out some hills and body exercises.  Never really did catch my breath, or if I did it was during 6″ planks and merkins of some variation.  Hope others felt that way too:)

Beautiful weather, 64 degrees, and all PAX got their money’s worth.  Special guest Gaylord did twice the work with his face protection, good grief how did he do that?!?

I’m totally blown away by how much faster and stronger the PAX are this summer!  Proof that we are better together.  Thank you all for allowing me to lead you this morning for the workout and prayer!  Your the brothers I never had … thanks guys!


Spartan Race, Saturday, 6/27, 7am (arrive 15 min early), park near bus lot of CHS/CMS and meet up by restroom (Rudy’s PP, Transporters Shed).  BRING COUPON – some extra will be provided.

100 For 100 PAX Challenge on going!

Spartan Preview

Hope you didn’t miss our Spartan preview work-out … if you did, don’t worry, we will run it again June 27 at 7a, BE THERE!

10 Pax didn’t let the 93 degree temp’s and humidity stop them!

Diccs given, Lets Mosey, around the spirit trail (shade) and then stretched (shade).  SSH/Smurf’s jacks, Merkins, Potato pickers, Low slow squat, Calf stretch

Run to Lightpoles: 5 Bobby hurleys, 5 speed skaters at each pole

Run to basketball court: Ladder drill, 7 burpees/1 Gas Pump

Run to CHS canopy for water break, THANK YOU LOU NALI, Big Boy’s under the canopy, Run down ramp to bottom of steps for staggered Merkins, Repeat 3x

Run to CMS picnic tables: 15 dips, 15 Derkins, 15 step ups, repeat 3x reduce by 5 each round

Run to COT, 45:50 by my watch, so only taking heat for 50 seconds late, yes late.

PAX worked super hard in that heat, CarbLoad completed a Trifecta today!

Christ Closet shelf building Sat at 8 ish, PAX 100 for 100

Tony and Lou took us out, prayers for Drive-By healing and improved health!

Refreshments provided afterwards, thanks again Lou!


Border Patrol

Waxhaw Express and Pursuit meet up again, this time for a Border Patrol route thru Millbridge.  Not sure how many times exactly we went back and forth between NC and SC, but I assure you no illegal substances were transported across the border!

Diccs given, Let’s mosey for about 1 mile, stretched and away we go …

So 10 PAX showed up, 7 there to “Run” and that they did, up and down the hills of Millbridge, one especially large hill was quite fun.  The other 3 Pax came for the Waxhaw Express “Interval Training”.  It’s week 5 of 8 and fewer and fewer Waxhaw Express folks are showing up these days … hmmm.

Short BB, sorry, work is really getting in the way.

Don’t forget about PAX 100 for 100 and this Sat, 8 ish at Christ Closet to build shelves!  See you there!

Finding Tuck

The Thang

DiCCS given, let’s mosey …

Warmed up with an opening mile on route to the famous “Frank and Beans” route only found in Millbridge.  Loosened up with some “Bratwurst” style exercises (minus the skip-kick thing).  For Waxhaw Express, this is Week 3 of an 8 week plan to prepare us for a 5k/10k race on July 4th weekend.  Today’s workout was simple to say, not so simple to execute.  Basically, we ran 10min on/2 min off.  The 10 min was at T pace (T = Threshold, your 1 hr long race pace, usually about 1 min longer per mile than your 1 mile race pace).  While your processing that, consider after our 10 min T-Pace, we got 2 min off/jog.  2 minutes never went by so quick …  Rinse and repeat for 3 sets!


Good job by all PAX, including a couple of cyclists.  It was good having Bratwurst there to oversee his 8 week plan in action.  We had all levels of runners working hard in the hills of Millbridge.  Gerber was at the pointy end with Tooltime on his hip.  I watched in admiration.  Scuba Steve (my Navy Seal neighbor) has been hopping on the Waxhaw Express lately, good to get him on dry ground.  Endo and Bratwurst joined us too, despite Bratwurst recent MTB accident.  He decided MTB is hazardous to his health (and I concur), we also contemplated a name swap between him and Endo???  Glidah was missing Dasher, but held his own quite well, he was right there for all three rounds, possibly regretting every minute of it:)  And , we had two Train patrols on their MTB’s, Fuse and Posse!  Last but not least, there was a lot of hype and buzz among the PAX in anticipation of TUCK’s EPIC return to Pursuit from quarantine.  PAX searched the hills of Millbridge High & Low for TUCK, only to later discover someone Fart Slacked this morning.  We miss you Tuck!


100For100 – Half way there!  Give what you can.  Yours truly took us out.

I’m Counting It

The Thang

Diccs, let’s mosey …

Weinke: Run.  Week 2 Speed Workout, 40 min at half marathon pace.


Since Nesbit was flooded, we called an audible on our route.  Which sucked because it’s hard to find anywhere flat in Millbridge.  Pax did not complain, adjusted on the fly and got straight to work after our opening mile mosey warmup.
Gerber led the way with Tooltime close behind.  The rest of us chasing them down for a mentally and physically 40 minute grind.  No chit chat here, this was work and very proud of all these guys.  I caught a few glimpses of Glidah and Dasher, both fully committed and running hard.  Deadwood too after he showed up late to the party😝.  Never count out Rubbermaid, he was there steady at it, encouraging us and putting in the miles.  Nails too, this guy is disappearing with weight loss and I see him getting faster every workout.  It seems He is posting more than ever lately.  Posse was there on his bike, kept lapping us, you should see his bike with neon lights on the spokes!!!  Also saw Centerfold (mashing) a few times with some very heavy dumbells.  When we were done, Dasher yells, “I’m counting it!”, referring to a virtual race he was scheduled to run with us this weekend.  Smart move Dasher, let’s see if the Pax let you get away with it🤣🤣🤣


100 for 100 reminder

Then I left … ask Gerber for rest of story

T-Pace ?!?!?

The Thang

DiCCS given, let’s mosey …

Pretty simple, it’s Pursuit, just run right?  Well, leave it to Bratwurst to devise an 8 week plan to prepare us PAX for a 5-10k race on July 4 weekend.  His plan puts all the science behind the “just run” theory.  Still in week #1, today’s speed workout involved 5 minute intervals at T-Pace and 1 minute of recovery, rinse & repeat 4-6x.  Which resulted in around 7 miles including the warm up and cool down.  Not too shabby.  For those interested T-Pace is Threshold Pace, a pace you can hold for a long run (an uncomfortable running pace) or to confuse you further it is about 1 minute per mile slower than your R-Pace (Race pace, dummy, come on keep up, your in Bratwurst world).  I just shake my head up and down and run, usually works out.  Well, that’s it for the weinke, didn’t seem too tough on paper …


The intervals had a way of sneaking up on you.  By the last one I felt like I had just ran a race, completely wiped out, ready for a very slow mosey back.  Which thank you Rubbermaid for guiding us back, much appreciated.  Most of the PAX I kinda of expected, but Nails, ToolTime and Rubbermaid were a surprise.  Loved seeing Nails out there getting it done, working really hard, you can tell he plans to get faster.  Rubbermaid said he clocked some sub 8’s, so he’s moving from run all day long to run fast all day long, watchout.  And that was my first time getting to know ToolTime, this dude is fast, hung right there with Gerber and I the whole time.  Gerber was crushing it, I kept slowing him down, he had this sling shot effect coming off the round a bout that both ToolTime and I had trouble hanging with.  Glidah and Dasher were there too, I don’t think Dasher woke up until interval 2 or 3, but Glidah had his back, kept him moving in the right direction:)


100 for 100

Pray for Thoms family and friends

Mayhem – Thanks for taking us out (neighbor)!