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Conditions: Wet, dreary

Side-straddle hop x 15
Imperial walker x 10
Merkin x 5
Plank jack x 10
Mountain climber x 10
Merkin x 5

Run toward Belle Johnston Park

Stop 1
Peter Parker x 10
Parker Peter x 10

Stop 2
Squat (not low, slow) x 10
legs together squat x 5
Sumo legs x 5

Belle Johnston Park (undercover) EMOM – every minute on the minute
P1 1 jump squat & 14 merkins
P2 14 merkins & 1 jump squat
plank the remainder of the minute
Switch side and repeat down the ladder

Run back to Pineville Police Station

Burpee EMOM
10 a minute
5 minutes

I haven’t seen an EMOM in a while and it was time for a refresher.This workout wasn’t too complicated that’s what made it difficult – form trumped speed.  It typically starts off easy enough, but halfway through, it’s not so fun.


Prayers for Benny

BROlympics 2/24

Run Jen Run 3/3

Richard Sheltra 5/10K 4/29



Meaty HIIT

HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training Accumulator

For each round, there are 5 exercises (see below). In an accumulator format, start with 1 exercise for 20 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds, adding another exercise until all 5 exercises are completed in succession. Then, work back down until only the last exercise is left. Each round takes 13 minutes. Take a 2-minute rest, then start the next round.

1 – Rest
1-2 Rest
1-2-3 Rest
1-2-3-4 Rest
1-2-3-4-5 Rest
5-4-3-2-1 Rest
5-4-3-2 Rest
5-4-3 Rest
5-4 Rest
5 Rest

Round I

  • Deadlift
  • 2-handed Russain swing
  • Alt single-hand swing
  • High pull
  • American swing

Round II

  • Swing
  • Squat
  • Squat & press
  • Clean
  • Snatch

Round III

  • Freddy Mercury w/ KB hold
  • Skull crusher
  • Russian twist w/KB
  • Greg Louganis
  • Flutter w/ KB hold

With no time to spare, we actually couldn’t fully complete Round III, but we made it bit further than when I recently tried this workout at Foxhole. Well done!

As I mentioned, this was my second go-round with this Weinke. I made a few adjustments to the exercises and cut out the little baby jog (no running at Meathead). Another big difference from SOBland to A51 was much more focus on the exercises and a lot less mumblechatter. (That may be more of an issue with a few of the present pax – Fireman Ed, Frehley’s Comet & Madam Toussaud.)

Our playlist was 90% urban hits of yesteryear, 5% contemporary pop and 5% classic rock. Odd, but it fit the bill.

It’s hard to take note of everyone while staring at a 20 sec countdown, but you couldn’t not notice Hoover with his rucksack and double bells and Bull Dog ripping through sets. Well done!

I shall be back to Meathead.

An actual Arsenal backblast

I have ten minutes between meetings to write this blast.

If you are coming to Arsenal, you need to pre-run. That triple hump hill will put hair on your chest.

After a succinct disclaimer, we left the ventured behind the school.

Wide Merkins
Diamond Merkins

Playground Pull-ups
10 pull-ups
Counter-clockwise lap
10 knees to elbows
Counter-clockwise lap
10 burpee pull-ups
Counter-clockwise lap

Back at the two-tiered parking lot
Run a lap
1 burpee, 2 Carolina Dry Docks, 3 heels-to-Heaven
Run a lap
2 burpees, 4 Carolina Dry Docks, 6 heels-to-Heaven
Keep going…
10 burpees, 20 Carolina Dry Docks, 30 heels-t0-Heaven

We finished with Merkins & LBC

The multiplier is all about mental toughness and that’s the only toughness that really counts. Keep pushing through. When you think you don’t have any left, I 100% guarantee you have more. Persistence!

Thanks for the opportunity to lead in SC!

Short Stack

If you post at Stonecrest, there’s always a chance your head to the Murderhorn. Not today! Always one to mix-it-up, I brought the pax to the underutilized two-story parking deck. Since I worked at Denny’s in high school, let’s call it the “short stack.” We also did a lot of push-ups.

On the way to the Target lot for COP, we broke up the little baby jog with high knees, side shuffles, butt-kickers and backward run. (It helps keep the pax focus less on the distance traveled.)

Side straddle hops x 10
Imperial Walkers x 10
Wide-arm push-ups x 5
Mountain climbers x 10
Stagger right push-ups x 5
Mountain climbers x 10
Stagger left push-ups x 5

Short Stack Ladder
Run the deck, circle back to the entrance for
One burpee, two Carolina dry docks, and three heels-to-Heaven
Repeat and add a multiplier of 1x, 2x & 3x.
Finish with 10 burpees, 20 Carolina dry docks and 30 heels to Heaven.
Total 55 burpees, 110, 165 heels-to-Heaven

Back to the Target Lot for
The Clock ‘Merican Drill
12 push-ups, move clockwise 1 push-up, move clockwise 2 push-ups, all the back to 11.
78 push-ups.

F3 Marquee
Back at Stonecrest Cinema lot, we placed our feet on the curb and did 20 sky humper, back arches, and 20 more sky humpers.

Stonecrest Hill
Run up with a partner, at base 10 partner slap ‘mericans
Rinse and repeat.
Rinse and repeat.

Oily Skin
Today was pretty fun. We worked really hard, the parking deck circuit is a grinder and the clock ‘merican drill had quite a few casualties. However, everyone was in a really good mood.  Perhaps the change of scenery helped? No real complaints, though I did hear Kirby telling the PAX they had 11 more rounds halfway through our 10 round parking deck work. (Also, no joke, Loogie jumped out of a port-o-potty on the top of the deck and scared the hell out of me. Good times.)

BROlympics 2 is coming on 2/24. Being an F3 event, it is completely free and open to all men and all regions and will be bigger and better than last year. Come get all the Fs you can handle. Compete in 1 event, all the events, or just come to volunteer or mock encourage the other competitors. Details and a link to pre-register are here:

HIIT Accumulator

HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training Accumulator

For each round, there are 5 exercises (see below). In an accumulator format, start with 1 exercise for 20 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds, adding another exercise until all 5 exercises are completed in succession. Then, work back down until only the last exercise is left. Each round takes 13 minutes. Take a 2-minute rest, then start the next round.

1 – Rest
1-2 Rest
1-2-3 Rest
1-2-3-4 Rest
1-2-3-4-5 Rest
5-4-3-2-1 Rest
5-4-3-2 Rest
5-4-3 Rest
5-4 Rest
5 Rest

Round I

  • Sumo high-pull deadlift
  • 2-handed Russin swing
  • Alt sing sing
  • High pull
  • American swing

Round II

  • Swing
  • Squat
  • Squat & press
  • Clean
  • Snatch

Round III

  • Freddy Mercury w/ KB hold
  • Skull crusher
  • Sit up + KB press
  • Russian twist w/KB
  • Flutter w/ KB hold

With no time to spare, we actually couldn’t fully complete Round III, there was only a quick little baby jog around the parking lot before we started with no COP warm-up. We dove right into the workout. Each round starts easy, but halfway through your sets, the reps really start to add up.


Mumblechatter was cranked to 100% today. With no running and some of the best cut-ups in the region, Kirby, Fireman Ed, Madam Tussauds and Frehley were particularly in rare form today. The workout exercise names and introductions including – Grab with two hands, that was hard, the ‘hole, start with the snatch and work your way down, take it from behind – to name just a few were plenty of ammo for this crew to launch into comedic riffs. Argonaut had to stop mid-swing a few times to rid himself of the giggles. It was great seeing Bounty Hunter and Fireman Ed at the ‘hole. Keep coming back! Gear workouts are essential for any athlete.


Brolympics – Feb 24 – Weddington High School – Sign up!!


A Day of Action

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.
~ Martin Luther King Jr.

It’s cold, it’s going to be freezing all week. Bundle up, wear two pairs of socks and get after it.

The Thang
Warm-up lap to Burning Tree and back to SCMS.

Side-straddle hops x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15
‘Mericans x 10
Low, slow squats x 10
Mountain Climber x 10

Run the triangle between the school and field, stop at each corner for 10 of each caller exercise.
R1 – LBC, ‘Mericans & Mountain climbers
R2 – Dolly, Carolina Dry Docks & mountain climbers
R3 – LBC, ‘Mericans & Mountain climbers
R4 – Dolly, Carolina Dry Docks & mountain climbers

Wall Work
People’s chair, air press x 20
7 donkey kicks
People’s chair, flys x 20
14 donkey kicks
People’s chair, Y’s x 20
21 donkey kicks

Step-ups & Pull-ups
5 step-ups (each leg), 5 supine pull-ups
10 step-ups (each leg), 10 supine pull-ups
15 step-ups (each leg), 15 supine pull-ups
20 step-ups (each leg), 20 supine pull-ups

Partner Ladder
P1  5 ‘mericans
P2 10 squats
P1 15 LBC
P2 Side-straddle hops
Both 1 burpees
Flapjack, then do 2 burpees
Continue until time is called.

Time Bomb Burpees
High knees, pax calls “down” and everyone does a burpee.

Today is Martin Luther King Day. Jr. Most of us have the day of, but it’s not a day of rest. It’s a day of action. Take time for service, kindness and support of people and organizations working to make MLK’s dream continue.

Prayers for Bout Time and Gremlin’s family during time of trial and struggle
BROlympics 2.bro, Feb 24 Weddington High School
Speed for Need Race – March 3, Symphony Park

The Brave is Dead. Long live The Brave.

It’s over, finito. It had a good run. Is so long for The Brave???

For most of my Qs, I pour over and come up with some wild routes. Then, I freak out that I’ll get lost and settle on a well-worn loop or down and back. For today’s adventure, it was a down and back. (One we haven’t done too often.) Plus, I tried to add enough ‘mericans and pull-ups to keep everyone satisfied.

Conditions: 60 and moist

The Thang
After the obligatory SSH, and IW, we left Vine American Kitchen. As we awaited a Cobbler to catch up, we hit Conlan Circle for ‘Mericans, plank jacks, and mountain climbers.

We descended Ballantyne Commons adopting high knees, side-shuffles, and butt-kicking strides. At the intersection of Ballantyne Commons and Ballantyne Corporate, we learned the atomic ‘mericans, essentially the bottom half of a burpee. At Brighthouse Financial we span round and round for wheel o’ ‘merican.

We continued down Ballantyne Commons and turned left on Meadow Run Ln, left on Thornhill and right on Elmstone Dr. At Elmstone Park, we got in four rounds of five pull-ups and 10 lbcs in-between each set. We left the park and grabbed a rock on our way to the Murderhorn. The call was three rockees (burpees with push-up on rock and overhead press of rock) at each streetlight. At the top of the hill, we did Freddy Rockurys. We traveled down the hill, ditched the rock and headed back to Ballantyne Commons. From there, we did a variety of ‘mericans at the most intersections. Back at home, we did a few celebratory burpees to run out the clock. We almost hit five miles, plus completed our daily pushup and pull-up goals.

As I mentioned, The Brave will resurrect on Jan 26. The new launch site will be Brazwell’s parking lot. This new site provides some variety for those who come out to Bagpipe/Swift and Stonehenge. Plus, the proximity to the parking decks and Murderhorn will ensure The Brave remains the Southland’s most treacherous workout.

Thank you to everyone to came out. It’s an honor and a challenge to lead F3’s creme de la creme. I do know this, you’d can’t get better if you don’t train often, train with intensity and train with the best.

BROlympics 2.bro, Feb 24 Weddington High School
Service Opportunities forthcoming with The Sandbox
Speed for Need Race –


2018 BROlympics 2.bro

Outstanding Olympic Quotes

“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.” — Jesse Owens, American track and field athlete and four-time gold medalist in 1936.

“The key is not the will to win. Everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.” — Bobby Knight, American basketball coach of the 1984 gold medal-winning men’s team.

“I am building a fire, and every day I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match.” — Mia Hamm, American soccer player and 1996 and 2004 gold medalist

“Blarfffffffff” – Mighty Mite, BROlympics 2017

Who: BROlympics is open to all men. All regions invited.

Date: Saturday, February 24, 2018

Time: Please check-in at registration no later than 6 AM.

  • Opening Ceremonies at 6:30 AM
  • Closing Ceremonies at 9:00 AM

Location: Weddington High School Track/Practice Field, 4901 Weddington Rd, Matthews, NC 28104

Registration: To speed up the registration process, all pax are encouraged to click here to pre-register. There is no cost to participate; however, opportunities to give to deserving community organizations will be available.

What: Ten individual events developed to test strength, speed, stamina and physical/mental toughness.  Participation in each individual event is optional.

Each participant will partner with a bro for all events (except 1-mile). Your bro will record your times, count your reps and encourage you to do your best. (Scorepad and pencil provided.)

1600m then 100m events heats open at the start of the competition. All other events sites will be open at the start of the games and you and your partner may complete the events in any order.


– 1600m

– 100m

  •         Preliminary heats of 8 PAX (1 in each lane), with as many heats as it takes to move through all competitors

American KB Swing in 90 sec

– Sled pull there/back (as in Spartan races)

– Max reps 135lb bench press

  •         No time limit, but once initiated cannot rest the bar on the rack or chest

– Kettlebell toss

  •         3 attempts per pax

– Dead hang for time

  •         One attempt

– Timed bucket carry on 200-yard course

– Spear throw (5 throws)

  •         Points awarded for accuracy

– Medley: “ThePhlygethon”

*Event list may change

Once you finish, you will turn in your scorecard at the registration table. Results will be tabulated on-site. In each event, first place receives 100 points, second receives 95, and it continues to fall by 5 points through fifth place, which is worth 80 points.  From sixth to 20th place, the drop is 2 points: sixth is worth 78 points, seventh is 76, and so on.  Then from 21st place on, the drop is 1 point: 21st gets 49 points, 22nd gets 48, etc.  This means that participating in an event guarantees you points, and skipping means leaving points on the table.

During the closing ceremony, the top three competitors in each event will be announced, as well as the top “respect” competitor in each event.  The individual event winners and the top three overall competitors with the highest total points receive custom awards.

Volunteers & Equipment
If you can’t complete this year, please volunteer. We need volunteers to help register pax, input scores, oversee events and take pictures and video. We need 45 lbs kettlebells and sleds. Click here for to volunteer yourself or equipment.

Final Words
This is a can’t miss event. (Check out last year’s highlights.) No other CSAUP or competition provides this level of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd F.  Come and compete against your bros and against your performance at BROlympics 2017.  If this is your first games, set a baseline to measure against future BROlympics.  Be there for yourself, but more importantly, your bros. SYITG!

New Year, New You

Nine pax made a conscious decision to start their 2018 in the best way possible: a freezing cold hour of work at Base Camp. YHC is pretty sure he wasn’t the only one to hear something like this from his M:

M: You’re working out on Monday?  But it’s going to be, like, 20 deg….. You’re an idiot.
Me: Uh…… yeah

Goonie Thang:
Quick lap around the parking lot to pick up any stragglers, and then head down to the track for a moving warm-up.  First time around the track (mosey speed), do 5 squats at each corner.  10 merkins at each corner on lap 2.  Huddle up and partner up for the main event:

Round 1: P1 starts running around the track.  P2 starts bear crawling.  When P1 catches P2, flapjack.  Continue until partners have completed the loop.  This was hard.  Several comments along the lines of “what jack@$$ thought of this?”

Round 2: Substitute broad-jump burpees for bear crawls.  Only made it about 1/3rd of the way around the track before time was called so Wild Turkey could take over the second half of the workout.  No one was upset about this, YHC included.

Wild Turkey Thang:
We left the track and little baby jogged to the school parking lot for rounds of Tabata. By now you know Tabata is eight rounds of a called exercise 20 sec on, and 10 sec off. It’s high impact interval training and science says it’s one of the best ways to get fit.

Round 1 – Man-maker ‘Mericans
Little baby lap
Round 2 – Squat thrusters
Little baby lap
Round 3 – Heels to Heaven
Little baby lap
Round 4 – Burpees
Little baby lap

3 man relays with LBC, Carolina Dry Docks, Dolly American hammer and bomb squats varying at the end points.

It was cold. It’s going to be cold all week. It’s tough, but remember, there are people in this city who are living and sleeping in this weather. Be grateful for your warm homes and families and work to bring that comfort to those in need.

It was a pleasure to Q a convergence. Thank you Goonie for the honor to lead. Keep posting men! SYITG!

Stonehenge – 5 Years of Changing Lives

With no disclaimer (the HORROR!) and little baby jog across the street.
Side-straddle hops
Little baby crunch

Loch Ness Laps
10 steps up patio 1, 10 derkins patio 2, 10 dips picnic tables
20 steps up patio 1, 20 derkins patio 2, 20 dips picnic tables
30 steps up patio 1, 30 derkins patio 2, 30 dips picnic tables
20 steps up patio 1, 20 derkins patio 2, 20 dips picnic tables
10 steps up patio 1, 10 derkins patio 2, 10 dips picnic tables


Little baby jog to the bull statues
10 squats
10 lbc
10 ‘mericans

Lake Laps
10 lbc, run a lap
8 lbc, run a lap
6 lbc, run a lap
4 lbc, run a lap
2 lbc, run a lap

Little baby job and jailbreak back to the Vine.

Like the end of every episode of He-Man, here’s the moral of the story – you can start a legacy. Five years ago, a group of guys just like you decided the workouts, fellowship and service projects they were too special not to share. They decided to bring it F3 to Ballantyne. (Haggis, Honey Bee and Dolphin helped scout the area that become the AO that is used by Stonehenge, Bagpipe, Swift & The Brave.) That workout grew into a new region and impacted hundreds, maybe thousands, of men, their families our community.

Let this new year be your opportunity to start something positive. It can be a new tradition with your family, a new project at work or volunteering at church or a community organization. It doesn’t need to be big, at least not right away. Legacy requires consistency. Greatness requires commitment – a discipline to repeat and improve.

See you next Saturday, and next Saturday, and next Saturday…

Long live Stonehenge.

written by Dolphin

It’s amazing to see how SOB has grown form a single workout (Stonehenge) to its own region with multiple workouts on every day in just 5 years.  It’s a testament to strong leadership of F3 Nation and every HIM that leads or takes part in all three f’s in the region.  Thank you to all who have helped drive this growth over the past five years.

A special welcome to FNG Fokker.  Thanks for coming out and hope to see you again soon.

F3 holds a special place in my heart and although I don’t get out like I used to, it is still very important to me.  YHC was very humbled by this workout and it will serve as motivation for me to get my butt back into “fighting shape”.