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Kill the Hill

Spring is here and the weather was perfect.

Leave from OrthoCarolina
Travel north for a 1 mile warm-up to corner of Ballantyne Corp and Ballantyne Commons Pkwy and around the parking deck. Traditional dynamic stretches.

The Workout  – Acceleration Runs up Ballantyne Commons Hill to Johnston Rd. Starting with a mosey gradually increase your speed finishing with a full sprint. (It’s about .4 mile to the top.)Recovery jog back to the start. Rinse and repeat until 6:05.

This workout is a test of endurance, speed and mental grit! All the things that make Swift great. Most got 5 laps, Soft Pretzel and Bratwurst got 6. The new guy Right Turn had no trouble cruising past me for his final lap. Wingman got straight after it and Kirby and Atlas chugged along from start to finish. Even Citgo figure out where we were! Great work all!

Lots of fun challenges coming up –

Waxhaw Trail Fest
Functional fitness

Muscle Shoals, more like Muscle Swoles!

On a frosty Monday, six movers of metal joined me for a salute to the Muscle Shoals sound.

During the ’60s and ’70s, the biggest artists in the world retreated to small-town Alabama to work with famed music producer Rick Hall and the legendary Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, aka the Swampers. Away from the hustle and bustle of places like New York and Los Angeles, the artists were isolated and distraction-free with only one thing to pass the time: make hit records.

And that’s what happened. Over and over again.

But Muscle Shoals isn’t some musical relic of the past.

Still today, artists continue to make the pilgrimage to record there in search of that elusive Muscle Shoals sound that created so many iconic songs over the years.

15 Famous Songs Recorded in Muscle Shoals – Tennessee Valley Weekend

  • Warm-up
    • Side-straddle hops
    • Steve Earls
    • Arm circles
  • Neupert
    • Clean + press 6 sets of 2 reps (go as heavy as possible)
  • Complex
    • Two-handed swings, optimally with two bells, pyramid 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2
    • Thrusters, optimally with two bells, pyramid  2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2
  • Easy Strength
    • 2 set of 5 reps, sumo deadlift, diamond ‘mericans, lawnmower rows
    • Snatches – 5 sets of 5 reps each arm (50 total)
  • Mary
    • Sit-up and twist with bells x 20
    • Elbow plank – 1 min
    • Hollow body hold – 1 min
    • Glute bridge – 1 min


I’m still settling into this new program. It’s a bit more to remember as a Q, but I welcome the variety after months of swing after swing. My advice is to use Voodoo’s notes and plan a little extra to ensure it meets the time requirements. Thank you to the guys that came out on a banker’s holiday. Let’s keep getting better together.

Holiday Hurlers

A trio a dumdums showed up for four rounds of frosty HIIT.

:45 on, :15 off Tabata / 1:00 break between rounds

  • Ruck Swings
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Ruck Push-Ups
  • Ruck Overhead Press
  • Inchworms
  • Short (Pulsing) Squats
  • Walking Lunges
  • Squat Jumps
  • Burpees

Dirty Buy Out:

  • 2:00 Walking Lunge / Ruck Overhead
  • 2:00 Burpee w/ Ruck Jump
  • 2:00 Ruck Bent Over Rows


Well, I checked the schedule and found out I was Q for today’s SACS (and yesterdays Fast Twitch). It was a good reason to create the following setlist. I’m grateful, Cheese Curd and Hoover came out and put up with my musical “taste”.  And double props to Hoover for his doubledown.

I borrowed this workout from the Spearhead training course. I have a few weeks left and for $25 it has kept my rucking and weight training on track. The PATHFINDER Ruck Training Program from Team SPEARHEAD

Happy New Year!


Setlist – song, album, artist, running time
Link to the tunes

T.V. Eye
The Stooges

It’ll Never Happen Again
Pissed On Another Planet
The Scientists

Territorial Pissings
Nevermind (Remastered)

Feel All Right
… Play 9 Songs With Mr. Quintron

My Love Is A Monster
Bluff City
Compulsive Gamblers

Modern Art
Arabia Mountain
Black Lips

Reptile Style
Time Bomb High School
Reigning Sound

Bring It On Home
Rock & Roll Is Dead
The Hellacopters

Scream Dracula Scream
Rocket From The Crypt

The Reproduction Of Death
Survival Sickness
The (International) Noise Conspiracy

Let’s Dress Up the Naked Truth
New Bomb Turks

Abra Cadaver
Tyrannosaurus Hives
The Hives

You Can’t Touch Her
All Men Are Liars

Love You So
The King Khan & Bbq Show

Man Made of co2
Man Or Astro-Man?

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Holiday Hooligans

A trio of wise men gathered for a heavenly multitude of swings.

Swing Set
90 seconds each set

10 two-handed swings
8 push-ups

10 single-arm (weak side) swings
4 sit-ups with bell

10 single-arm (strong side) swings
8 push-ups

10 alternating swings
8 sit-ups with bell

10 American swings
8 push-ups

x 5

300 swings
96 sit-ups
96 push-ups

Weighted Carries
Farmer carry to deadlift high pulls x 5
Waiter carry to lawn mower x 5

Elbow plank – 1 min
Hollow body hold – 1 min
Glute bridge – until time (not very long)


1 Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight) ~ Ramones

2 Fairytale of New York (feat. Kirsty MacColl) ~ The Pogues

3 Merry Xmas Everybody ~ Slade

4 The Christmas Song ~ The Raveonettes

5 Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) ~ Darlene Love

6 Oi To The World! ~ The Vandals

7 Christmas Vacation ~ Descendents

8 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing ~ Bad Religion

9 A Christmas Duel ~ The Hives w/ Cyndi Lauper

10 Happy Xmas (War Is Over) ~ The Polyphonic Spree

11 Father Christmas~ The Kinks

12 Christmas Tree On Fire ~ Holly Golightly

13 We Three Kings ~ The Reverend Horton Heat

14 The Night Santa Went Crazy ~ “Weird Al” Yankovic

Link to playlist


The holidays are about hope. Today, the first wave of COVID-19 vaccines arrived to facilities across the US. Thank you to the very smart people who worked on the formula, the brave volunteers who participated in the trial and the logistics team and drivers for getting this valuable cargo to its destination. We are going to get through this year and better days are on the way.

Proverbs 13:12 Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

Swing Variations – Soundtrack by The Pixies

A small(er) group of men gathered for a Monday meltdown.

90 seconds each set
10 two-handed swings
4 thrusters
4 push-ups

10 single-arm (weak side) swings
4 thrusters
4 push-ups

10 single-arm (strong side) swings
4 thrusters
4 push-ups

10 alternating swings
4 thrusters
4 push-ups

10 American swings
4 thrusters
4 push-ups

x 5

Waiter, rack and farmer’s carries
Elbow plank 1 min
Glute bridge (almost) 1 min

After Van Halen and KISS playlists, I decided to push the sonic boundaries and play one of my favorites bands – The Pixies. It’s not likely that you’ve heard them, but your favorite alternative bands love them. They wrote guitar-based songs with hooks, but mixed artsy noise and cryptics lyrics that would alternate between breathy whispers or full-throated shouting. They were among a handful of 1980s bands  that provided a contrast to make-up and spandex rockers. (Other notables include REM, Replacements, Husker Du, Jesus & Mary Chain and Sonic Youth.) Over the years, a few songs have made it onto soundtracks and even commercials. You can find their best loved “hits” here.

Boxer-themed Circuit Training


Opening set – dynamic running drills and burpees with the standard warm-up COP.

4 rounds, 8 exercises, 1 min each

American hammer
Push-ups (I really think the word merkin is dumb.)
Squats with upper-cuts
Mountain climbers
Shadow boxing  <- Adding a link is pretty boss.
Heels to Heaven


Adding a pulled quote in the backblast makes it look really professional


Wordplay on Moleskine
Here’s the part where we write about an important life lesson. It’s also a good place to remember that wacky thing that happened. Also, mention that WordPress is awkward and you couldn’t get it to work.

Blood drive
Makeshift Marathon


Cobra Kai – Flip the Script

Cobra Kai is the follow-up to Karate Kid. The series focuses on the movie’s villian Johnny. After losing the All-Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament, he is directionless, drinks too much and works menial jobs. After a rescuing a teen neighbor, he begins the road to reclaiming his past and his dojo. The series is the perfect tribute with just the right amount of action, 80s nostalgia and fan service. It’s a must watch.

In response a Facebook friend of mine challenged us to “Cobra Kai” other 80s movies. Here’s my submission.

Teen Wolf’s career in the NBA is ended when he succombs to his predator instinct and kills rival player. Jailed he begins a journey into self-discovery with the help of a changling warden.

Opening Scene

An agitated Old/Teen Wolf is pulled from a solitary confinement cell, inside the walls are gouged with claw marks.
Warden: I guess they meant it when they said you’d be a handful. Now that I’m in charge. Change is coming Mr. Wolf. Big changes.
Old/Teen Wolf: What you do know about change. I’m a monster. That’s all I’ll ever be!
Warden: I know more than you think.
Old/Teen Wolf: You don’t know what I’m dealing with.
(Warden reaching out, with a clawed hand) 
Warden: Oh, I do…I most certainly do…
Opening credits roll, The Cramps I Was A Teenage Werewolf plays.

Submit your ideas on the comments or Slack.

The Workout –

John J. Delaney Loop
Typical warm-up
3 sets of graduated sprints with 10, 20 and 30 reps push-ups, squats and big boy sits
Dips and step-ups on the fountain
Bear crawls, lunge walks and broad jumps at Harris Teeter
Lake laps and burpees
Run home (fast)

Back to Cobra Kai. What does that have to do with F3? Everything. It’s the story of a high school athlete who figured he peeked and failed. He’s friendless and purposeless. Then, he gets into fitness and works on reaching out to the community. He’s not perfect, but through the series, he keeps trying. That’s your message friends – keep trying. Your life is far from over. Find your purpose, reclaim your life and never give up.

Rucking and (Big) Rocking

This is a double-decker BB. Deal with it.


The nameless sandbag/ruck workout at SCMS featuring YHC, Geraldo and Proehl.

6 Cones or Markers or whatever spaced down…you are going to do suicides on these.
Cone 6
Cone 5
Cone 4
Cone 3
Cone 2
Cone 1

ALL Suits and Cards 2 – 6 = Suicide Cone touches.
Example: draw a number 2 card (Two Cone touches): Run to Cone 1, back to Start, run to Cone 2 and back to start. Done.

Example: draw a number 5 card (Five Cone touches): Start and Run to Cone 1, back to Start, run to Cone 2, back to Start, run to Cone 3, back to Start, run to Cone 4, back to start, run to Cone 5, back to Start. Done.

Rest of the cards:

Hearts: Jumping Jacks
Spades: Burpees
Clubs: Push Ups
Diamonds: Squats
Face Cards = 15 reps
Aces = 20 reps
Jokers = Run a lap

The verdict: If you want to feel old and out of shape. Workout with Proehl. He’s 19/20 in the army and crushes every workout he attends. Also, he’s super nice. Geraldo gave us the back round on this workout and let us know you could face it twice at a GORUCK event.


FRIDAY – The Brave
Eight hombres moseyed to Big Rock and did an AMRAP around the boulders descending and ascending a nice hill filled with roots and rocks.

The Verdict: Be sure to check Slack, keep an extra headlamp in your car and make sure those batteries are charged.


As I introduced the crew to Big Rock I mentioned that these boulders were a gathering place for Native Americans. To survive in those time you needed to be fit. Hunting, hiking, tracking and foraging took strong bodies. You needed fellowship. Men worked in teams to find food and build shelter. Lastly, those men, all men, need faith. We need to know that there is a power and purpose beyond ourselves. We need all three Fs.



Shine a Light

I’m not alone in claiming the Rolling Stones as my favorite band. There’s a strong case to be made for the Stones to be the greatest band of all time. For 60+ years, Mick, Keith and Charlie have written iconic tunes recorded timeless albums and fundamentally changed what it means for a band to tour. For today’s Meathead setlist, we fired up Exile on Main St. and went 10 swings a minute for 25 minutes. Next we alternated farmer’s and waiter carries with deadlift/high pulls on one end and thrusters on the opposite side of the parking lot. We finished with the core classics – plank, hollow body hold and glute bridge.

Since it’s a double album, we didn’t get to the end of the recording, but the song Shine a Light has a special meaning for me. Mick is singing about his former bandmate, Brian Jones. Jones became addicted to drugs was dismissed from the band (the band he started) and died soon after in a drowning accident. The song is a plea for serenity for his former mate.

Lyrics of "Shine a Light"

The song is both mournful and hopeful. Even in the depths of desperation and death, we seek peace for our friends and family. Chances are we all know someone battling demons of addiction and mental health issues. It’s impossible to “fix” these people. We can only be there when they are ready. Print a list professional help and resources, drive them to appointments, remind people to take their medicine and complete the journals and breathing exercises. Join them for a walk in woods Pray together.

Luke 11:33 ESV

“No one after lighting a lamp puts it in a cellar or under a basket, but on a stand, so that those who enter may see the light.


Pax – Teddy, Old Cooter, Young Cooter, Mr. Magoo, Swine Flu and YHC

Simple is not easy.

Warm-up with the usual side-straddles, Imperial Walkers, plus Steve Earles, ‘mericans, ,mountain climbers, plank jacks, Super-Mans, flutter and Dolly.

Hill 1 (by the Target road sign)
Dora 123*
100 ‘mericans
200 squats
300 little baby crunches

Hill 2 (adjecent to Elm)
100 burpees
200 plank jacks
300 mountain climbers

*Partner combined total

Grinders with bomb jacks and Carolina dry docks

Flutter, Rosalita and high flutter

Molten Skin

Strong word by a small crew. Minimal bitching despite a pretty wretched q with continous uphill movement.

Lessons for today
Simple is not easy.
Your partners can help you.
Work as hard as you can.
Understand the purpose. We do this not to suffer, but to improve our health.
Appreciate the reward. Be proud, but not boastful of your accomplishments.
It will pass. Every hardship and trial ends, eventually.
Thank God for your blessings, but recognize your responsibility to do his will.