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Bang! Boom! Pow!

The AO at FIGHT CLUB / fox hole is loud and smelly. Kettlebells clang on the pavement, punches slam into leather mitts, pax groan and grunt through each HIIT cycle. It’s the sound of men getting after it.

Opening school lap
Side-straddle hops x 10
Imperial walkers x 10
‘Mericans x 10
Mountain climbers x 10

Boxing Stations
Jump rope – jump until fail, then do 10 push-ups, repeat unil time
Gloves and pads
Heavy bag

Kettlebell Stations 
Deadlift/2-handed swings
Single leg deadlift/cleans
American hammer/sit-up & press
High pulls/single-arm swings
Snatch/upright rows

Runner is the timer. Each time a new runner returns from the school loop, find a new station.

We end the session with a Core/’Merican ladder
10 crunches
20 ‘Mericans
10 toe-tap crunches
18 ‘Mericans
10 LBC
16 ‘Mericans
10 knees R crunch
14 ‘Mericans
10 knees L crunch
12 ‘Mericans
10 Pistol R
10 ‘Mericans
10 Pistol L
8 ‘Mericans
10 Chippy cross

Variety – This is the place is you want to add some spice to your workouts. There’s really no AO that a similar format. Plus, you choose the stations, so you can box or lift as much or as little as you like.  You’ll develop a new appreciation for boxers and their training after a few rounds. It’s exhausting, but worth it.

Greatest HIITs

Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeet’s get ready to rumble! Fight Club is back. Same location, new day. Fight Club now shares real estate with SOB ‘bell central Fox Hole. How did it work out? Perfectly!

School lap
Side-straddle-hop x 10
Imperial wlkers x 10
Low-slow squats x 10
‘Mericans x 10

The Thang

— On one side of the parking lot, dropped the ‘bells for community use. In each parking space was an exercise card.
10 high pulls / 10 rows
10 snatch (each side) / 10 swings
10 skull cruskers / 10 American hammer
10 thrusters / 10 cleans (each side)
10 squats / 10 push-ups
10 pull-ups / burpees

–On the other side of the lot, the boxing gloves, pads and jump rope  laid out.

–Heavy bag and pull-up/burpee section at the playground

Format: 90 sec activity / 45 sec switch & recover

Core Meltdown
15 regular crunch
15 toe-tap crunch
15 LBC
15 knees right
15 knees left
10 pistol crunch R& L
15 Chippy cross

My goal was to create a cafeteria style workout where pax could challenge themselves and get a good variety of boxing and bells. I couldn’t be happier with results. Everyone found a station and got after it. Great to see some new faces – Worm, Transporter, Chopper (R) and Doc McStuffins. Plus, the Fight Club vets – Chipotle, Loogie. Foxhole represented with General, Cobbler and Frehley’s. Stellar work gents!

If you are looking for upper body/core work, HIIT training, and fun – FIGHT CLUB / fox hole is your spot on Monday.

Special thanks to Loogie & Chipotle for bringing the gear.

Circle, Cones and a Hat

Fine weather, shovel flag planted and disclaimer proclaimed!

Carrying an armful of cones, I led the pax from the parking lot to a larger parking lot. I dropped the cones along the length of the ‘lot.

Side straddle hops x 15
Low slow squats x 15
Imperial walkers x 15
‘Mercans x 5
Mountain climbers x 10
Wide arm ‘Mericans x 5
Peter Parkers x 10
Parker Peters x 10
Diamond ‘Mericans x 5

Cone Drills
Line up abreast at first cone at every cone do 5 of the called exercises at each of the 7 cones, little baby job around the lot, wait for the six.
Jump Squats
Carolina Dry Docks
Speed Skater Lunges
Sky Humpers
Toe-tap Crunches

Bear crawl to the curb, 1 ‘Merican, little baby job back 10 Heels-to-heaven repeat via Jacob’s ladder format untitl
10 ‘Mericans and 1 Heel-to-Heaven

Back to the cones – 5 burpees at every cone!

Back to base 6MOM
10 flutter
10 LBC
10 American hammer
10 low flutter, err low Dolly
10 Freddy Mercury

This was a meat and potatoes bootcamp. Just at 2 miles and a full body beatdown, extra heavy on the chest today.

Fun facts:
In one day your heart beats 100,000 times.
Toolbag got a new hat
There are about 100 billion birds in the world, and about 6 billion of them make their homes in the United States.
Cheddar is shaky on the exercise names
A slug has four noses.
I have never posted to The Big House, only Q’d.


Wave Hands Like Clouds

Opening Qi Gong/Stretches

Starting position/commencement

Energy ball – fluid movement

Upper Body
Arm work
Single whip
Move hands like clouds

Lower Body
Tai Chi walk
Heel pivot
Side Step x 3

Putting it all together!

Closing Qi Gong/stretch

Sacred Scrolls
I am not a professional and I am no Tai Chi expert, but I’ve always been curious about Tai Chi and have taken few class, including a leader workshop many years ago. This was my first time truly teaching Tai Chi. I really appreciate everyone’s willingness to try something new. I’m forever thankful for F3 and variety of workout options, especially Gumby.

If you are curious about more Tai Chi resources  – here are two reputable organizations –




The Internet is Going Crazy Over this Backblast

Clickbait – it’s the worst. On to the real story.

Prequel – Mary Kay, Frasier and I pre-ran Ben Nevis Hill. The internet can’t believe how fast Frasier. Celebrities can’t stop tweeting about Mary Kay’s F3 transformation. #beast

AC/DC’s Thunderstruck boomed from my cellphone. Every time Brian Johnson shrills, “thunder” or “thunderstruck”, you do a burpee. The internet can’t believe it’s a total of 33. (Toolbag “couldn’t hear” well, so he may have missed some.) #accountability

The Thang
We left the lot, cruised through the Bally Hotel. Safety note, it always smells like a gas leak. No that is not a Frehley’s Comet joke. He had tennis today. We stopped at the putting green in between the two parking decks. Inspired by a Tuck Q that happened so long ago, it’s public domain, we first raced to determine speed. Then equally distributed the fast guys and slow guys. Each team had to run a deck, stopping for 10 hand release ‘Mericans at each ramp. First entire team back wins. Flapjack, rinse and repeat with 10 heels-to-Heaven at each ramp. My team lost twice.

We ran past the helipad to the weird stone mini-amphatheatre on the golf course. Partnerships were formed.
P1 10 step-ups, 10 D’mericans P2 runs to the helipad for 10 jump squats.
Rinse and repeat.

Loooooooooooooooooooooong run back to home base. The internet is still freaking out over it.

I hate hype, especially corporate phoney enthusiasm. Be real.

This was my third Q this week. My fault, I did it to myself. It wasn’t easy, but that’s the point. Thanks to all who joined me at any post. We covered 4ish miles today, and that may have been a little more than comfortable for some. That’s what F3 is all about, doing stuff that’s hard, but doing it together.

Cerberus FNG Day – May 11. Bring a Facebook friend.

Next week at Stonehenge Cul-de-Sac earns respect. Word on the street, the bar will be open.

I love pretty dark-haired women and breakfast food

Shovel flag was planted, and the disclaimer was given, “I’m not a professional, but I love pretty dark-haired women and breakfast food. (Parks & Recreation Ron Swanson reference).

From Brazwell’s we headed north up Ballantyne Commons all the way (1.5 mi) to the Uhwarrie (baby) Deck.

Triple Nickel
Base of deck – Double ‘Merican burpees
Top of deck – Donkey kicks
Some guys finished early, Triple Sixtel?

We left the bank and headed east on Rea Rd to the (Robinson) Farm.

Sevens on the Balcony
Base of Stairway 1 – Hand-release ‘Mericans
Base of Stairway 2 – Heels-to-Heaven
Before leaving, we did some more ‘Mericans
10 regular
10 Stagger right
10 Stagger left
10 Diamond

We left the farm and ran to the St. Matthew wall on Elm.

Sevens on the wall

Climb up wall x 6
Big boy sit-up x 1
all the way to
Climb up wall x 1
Big Boy sit up x 6

Back to base, some people are faster than others. They know who they are.

In the Brazwell Parking Lot
Round 1 Bear crawls
Round 2 Shuffle
Round 3 Backwards
Round 4 Alternating sprints
Round 5  All out sprint

A few observations
The new site is a real plus. Room 101 and Murderhorn are going to be staples, but you can definitely find other territory/challenges.
The route to each destination is 4 mi. However, with all the extra running we all hit 5+. Initially, I was really worried we wouldn’t finish in time, but I had to throw in the wall and parking lot stuff because y’all are too fast. (Perhaps I should have called 11s at Uhwarrie.) Maybe next time?

Wingman asked me what rep we were on twice, I gave him the wrong answer and was corrected twice. (Sorry, too much to think about.)


See me at Stonehenge tomorrow!!

May 11 – FNG Day at Cerberus (Waverly)

1 of 3

It’s going to rain all week and I have three Qs. Yippee! The fun started today. Despite dire warnings, it never mustered more than a light drizzle.

From the Vine, we went straight to the Ballantyne Village deck.

Dynamic COP
Level 1 – SSH x 15, ‘Mericans x 10
Level 2 IW x 15, ‘Mericans x 10
Level 3 LSS x 15, ‘Mericans x 10
Level 4 MC x 15, ‘Mericans x 10
Down the steps to the bottom.

Triple Nickel
5 double ‘Merican burpees, 5 heels-to-Heaven and 5 laps up the grass hill and around the parking deck

Wall Work
20 Air press
10 Donkey kicks
20 Y press
10 Donkey kicks
20 Butterfly press
10 Donkey kicks

We left the deck and ran through some nearby condos for a breather

Mucho Chesto
10 Regular ‘Mericans
20 LBCs
10 Stagger R ‘Mericans
20 LBCs
10 Stagger L ‘Mericans
20 LBCs
10 Diamond ‘Mericans

Ballantyne Village Cinema Stairs
Partner up P1 does called Mary, P2 runs the steps and does the called exercise
R1 10 jump squats
R2 10 Split Squats (both legs)
R3 10 Single leg dead lift (both legs)

Heading home we did an extended bear crawl. (I won.)

Conlan Cir Time Bomb Burpees
2 minutes of high knees and burpees

Sprint home. Fin. 2.5 mi.

It’s going to be a rainy week. You should post anyways. F3 is better because of the weather. Solid crew today, very little chatter or complaining. Drago caught on that I was a bit lost in the condos, but he didn’t make a big deal about it.

I mentioned above that I have quite a few Qs this week. I know a lot of sites need Qs – Swift, Bagpipe, Foxhole are among that list. The best contribution to F3 is Qing. It’s good for you and the PAX. Please see your local site Q and ask to be put down. Don’t wait to be headlocked. Thank you in advance!!

Who are these people?

The beauty of Cerberus is that is mixing PAX who don’t often post together. That was certainly the case today.

From Viva Chicken, we went straight to the Parking Deck

The Alpha
Level 1: 15 Side straddle hops, 10 ‘Merican push-ups
Level 2: 15 Imperial walkers, 10 ‘Merican push-ups
Level 3: 15 Low, slow squats, 10 ‘Merican push-ups
Level 4: 15 Mountain climbers, 10 ‘Merican push-ups

Quick trip to QT for Triple Nickle
Base of stairs 5 Carolina Dry Docs
Top of stars 5 Heels to Heaven

Bear Crawls at Village Walk Rd.
Alternate bear crawls and little baby job at each street light

11 at Viva Chicken
1 Heels to Heaven, bear crawl the parking lot 10 ‘Merican push-ups, mosey back
2 Heels to Heaven, bear crawl the parking lot 9 ‘Merican push-ups, mosey back
all the way to
10 Heels to Heaven, bear crawl the parking lot 1 ‘Merican push-up, mosey back
Finish with People’s Chair & 50 presses

The Omega: Back to the Parking Deck
Level 1: 10 burpees
Level 2: 10 burpees
Level 3: 10 burpees
Level 4: 10 burpees

Mary & ‘Mericans
10 Flutter x 10 ‘Merican push-ups
10 Rosalitas x 10 ‘Merican push-ups
10 Box-cutters x 10 ‘Merican push-ups

Final Assessment
Lots of positive chatter today, like most days. You hear the refrain, “Good work.” For some, such a non-specific refrain can be bleached of meaning, but when your sweating and trying to catch your breath saying, “Good work” is powerful. When you take the time to encourage another person, you are putting F3 principles to work. You are not thinking about yourself, you are encouraging your brother. It’s the reason we keep coming out. It’s not just about me getting better, it’s about us. Stay focused & stay positive.

Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset

It was brisk, barely above 40. There was sparse attendance, just three PAX. Nonetheless, we still put all three elements of F3 to work.

Halo x 10
Around the World x 10
Figure 8 x 10

The Thang
The Clock – 12 stations, 60 repetitions per station.
American Swing
1-handed Swing (30 per side)
KB ‘Merican, one-hand on ‘bell (30 per side)
Clean (30 per side)
Snatch (30 per side)
Greg Louganis (sit-up & press)
Skull Crusher AKA Tailbone tenderizer
Row (30 per side)
Shoulder Press (30 per side)
2-handed Swing
High Pull (30 per side)
If you finish, 720 repetitions

Swole Mole
Do you know anyone who says something like, “watching a sunset is my church.” PUKE! Watching a sunset may be an awesome reminder of the beauty and power of God, but church requires membership, participation and a responsibility include time, talent and treasure. Same goes for F3. F3 is free, but we are called to be more than just observers or passive participants. We have a responsibility to work hard, lead and serve. This may seem like a lot for a workout club, but here’s the thing – because we all work at this shared purpose we all benefit. In fact, the benefits are far greater than we can achieve alone. There were only three people today, but I if was asked to do the above alone, I couldn’t do it. I would give up. In fact, I ran out of time and was 90 reps shy of finishing. Voodoo volunteered and Racheal stepped up and we finished my reps together. I know I really didn’t finish it on my own, but I left that workout knowing that our success was my success.

Thank you.

I <3 JBR

Normally, I set all my workout clothes in the bathroom each evening. Last night, I mixed up my dress shirt with my workout shirt, so I just wore the t-shirt I wore to bed. It’s has a large I <3 JBR logo. JBR is an abbreviation for Jingle Bell Run. (Jingle Bell Run is the Arthritis Foundation’s signature 5k.) Today, Shrinkwrap theorized, it stood for I <3 Jelly Back Rubs. I weep for you Shrink Wrap.


Side straddle hops x 15 IC
Americans push-ups x 5 IC
Mountain Climbers x 10 IC
Peter Parkers x 10 IC
American push-ups x 4 IC
Parker Peters x 10 IC
American push-ups x 3 IC
Imperial Walkers x 10 IC

Uwharrie Bank Jr. Deck
Bottom of deck – donkey kicks x 10
Top of deck – hip slappers x 10
Repeat for 5 rounds

Sick Bears @ Piper Glen Animal Hospital
11s/Jacob’s Ladder
1 Heels-to-Heaven, bear crawl across the parking lot, 10 ‘Merican push-ups and run back to start
2 Heels-to-Heaven, bear crawl across the parking lot, 9 ‘Merican push-ups and run back to start
Repeat until 10 Heel-to-Heaven and 1 ‘Merican push-up

Moment for Mary
10 Sky humpers, 10 Chippy cross
9 Sky humpers, 9 Chippy cross
8 Sky humpers, 8 Chippy cross
7 Sky humpers, 7 Chippy cross
6 Sky humpers, 6 Chippy cross
5 Sky humpers, 5 Chippy cross

Partner 1, 3 burpees
Partner 2 takes off
P1 tags P2
P2 does 3 burpees
Repeat until you return to home base

Finish Strong – Hill Repeats
Run Cinema Hill until time runs out, the last one together.

Things I wanted to accomplish today:
Provide a challenging workout without high mileage. Check!
Travel to less used territory. Check!
Point out Shrinkwraps warped brain. Check!

Props to Morning After, Teddy & Tagalong for the extra efforts this morning. Strong morning fellas!
Great to see my boxing bestie Chipotle, let’s get those mittens on soon!  #FightClub!
Shrinkwrap, Brisket, Blackbeard and Uncle Rico all pushed through, especially the bear crawls and hill repeats.
Mary Kay & Billy Goat are thriving as site Qs. Always a pleasure to lead.

Tclaps to Morning After for earning a recognition as a member of the 40 under 40 Charlotte. He’s proof that you don’t need to be brash and boastful to be a strong leader.