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Run faster, climb higher

“Storm” down the strip maul for COP
Side-straddle hops x 20 (IC)
‘Mericans x 10
Imperial Walker x 15 (IC)
Wide arm ‘Mericans x 10 (IC)
Squats x 10 (IC)
Diamond ‘Mericans x 10 (IC)

Without getting hit by a delivery truck, SPRINT to the first speed bump, mosey back
5 burpees
SPRINT to second speed bump
10 lunges (each leg)
SPRINT to the 3rd speed bump
15 Imperial Walkers (each leg)
SPRINT to the 4th speed bump
20 ‘Mericans
SPRINT to the 5th speed bump
25 plank jacks
SPRINT to the end of the building
30 squats

Flo over the hill, cross the street and line-up in People Chair on the St. Matt brick wall
50 air presses
7 muscle-ups, to stand
7 donkey kicks
14 muscle-ups, to stand
14 donkey kicks
21 muscle-ups, to stand
21 donkey kicks

Return to AO, on way back 10 Peter Parkers and 10 Parker Peters

Finish up with ‘Merican/LBC ladder
10 ‘Mericans, 10 LBC (IC)
9 ‘Mericans, 9 LBC (IC)
8 ‘Mericans, 8 LBC (IC)
7’Mericans, 7 LBC (IC)
6 ‘Mericans, 6 LBC (IC)
5 ‘Mericans, 5 LBC (IC)

The plan today was to reduce the miles, but increase the speed. Sprints are essential to building speed, muscle strength and mental toughness. I saw lots of guys pushing through each distance – Bucky, Mighty Mite and Mic Check were really flying. The wall work gives some underused back and core muscles. And, we did lots of ‘Mericans, because F3. Just a bit over 2 miles was covered today.

In the next few days, the weather is going to wreck some people lives. Please keep your family safe and when the clouds clear, consider investing you time and money to help our neighbors rebuild.

Prayers for safety and providence from the storm.

Squirrel Lake Ladder

Disclaimer read and we soared from Matthews Elementary through the street repair obstacle course to Squirrel Lake Park.

Side Straddle Hops x 20 (IC)
Imperial Walker x 10 (IC)
American push-ups (what do other country’s push-ups look like?) x 10 (IC)

The Drill
From the back of the lot compete a set of 3 exercises run up to the white post (approx. 200 yards) and return to adding 1, 2 and 3.
1 Jump squat, 2 American push-ups & 3 Heels-to-Heaven
2 Jump squats, 4 American push-ups & 6 Heels-to-Heaven
3 Jump squats, 6 American push-ups & 9 Heels-to-Heaven
10 Jump squats, 20 American push-ups & 30 Heels-to-Heaven
Run back through the orange barrels to school for COT.

Sparta is A51’s The Brave. 4+ miles of running, plus enough bootcamp to keep you guessing. I don’t post much in Matthews, so I wanted to keep the pain stations in a safe location. Squirrel lake was pretty dark, but it was away from the cars and school buses that came too close for comfort on Trade St. Kudos to Madison and Tebow for completing or nearly completing the ladder and racing back on the return.

F3 volunteers will be EH throughout the Matthews Alive Festival. Grab a stack of cards from Madison. Encourage FNGs to post on Thursday at Matthews Elementary. Aye!

Magic in the Misery

“There is magic in misery. Just ask any runner.” — Dean Karnazes

Extra Credit
The early birds kept the pace in check this morning.

The Required.
Disclaimer was delivered.

The Route
From the Vine, take Ballantyne Commons to Bright House Financial for dynamic drills. For the sake of simplicity and expediency, we did the basics – toes, heels, high knees and butt-kicks. No big whoop! We looped around Community House back to Ballantyne Commons and hung a right on Ballantyne Corporate.

At the bridge, I delivered the workout details. Run down Bagpipe Hill to Brixham Hill Dr, turn around and gather speed as you descend and sprint up Bagpipe Hill. Repeat until time is called.


Sprinting is vital to fitness. Sprinting and other high-intensity activities smoke calories, burns visceral fat and builds muscle mass. (Compare the legs of a sprinter vs a marathoner.)

I like this course because we stayed together, but gave the fast guys the room to vroom.

Welcome aboard E. Coli or whatever your new name is.

Race Isabella Santos!

Check Slack for #Sandbox service opportunities.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead! Always an honor. (If I missed your name, let me know and I’ll add it.)

I don’t want to

Yesterday, I woke up at 4 AM got on a plane to Atlanta. There I presented on a brand new work project and took some difficult questions. It was stressful. I flew back and was back home are around 8 PM. I was exhausted. I glanced at my calendar and noticed I had the Q at Gumby. Ugh!

This is not because I don’t like the site or site Qs. In fact, when I was hurt earlier this year, Gumby was essential to my recovery. I was tired. I had just Q’d Monday. I don’t regularly do yoga and I’m nervous about leading it. Plus, I really hadn’t prepared anything. Not good.

Truth be told, I was being selfish. F3 is not about yourself. F3 is about others. I couldn’t let those who would set alarms and show up down. Gumby was there for me, I would be there for them.

I can’t remember the exact sequence of movements, but we did a segment of active movement, standing stretches of neck, spine, shoulders and hips and legs. We spent time on wrists, downward dog and plank. We covered pigeon, downward dog and cobra. We finished with a stretch that resembled a burpee. It was all pretty basic. That said, I believe all got a thorough stretch. Plus, I got to play the Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse, The Strokes and Arcade Fire.

We all have a responsibility to each other. F3 is built on accountability. We show up on time, we lead each others sites, we help the guys struggling in the back. It’s not always convenient, it’s not easy. It’s better that way.

Everybody’s Special

Around the world
Figure 8s

Swinging around the school
Carry the ‘bell around the school stopping at each corner for 20 swing
C1 – 2-handed
C2 – 10R / 10L
C3 – Alternating
C4 – American

OCR training
Cross the monkey bars
10 Knee-ups
run to other jungle gym for 5 pull-ups
repeat five times

Inch Worm, ‘Merican + Squat ladder
Descend into inchworm do 10 ‘Mericans, reverse the ‘worm, grab your ‘bell for 10 goblet squats
Continue the ladder with 9 ‘Mericans and 9 squats until you reach 1 and 1

Squat Side Slide
Pick up your bell, goblet squat, laterally step to the right until you reach middle of the lane.
Turn and reverse

Bear crawl, Skull Crusher + Bridge ladder
10 skull crushers, 10 weighted bridges then bear crawl to the curb and run back
Continue with 9 skull crusher and 9 weighted bridges until you reach 1 and 1.

10 Snatches each side

10 weighted sit-ups, 10 Dolly w/KB
9 weighted sit-ups, 10 Freddy Mercury w/ KB
8 weighted sit-ups, 10 Rosalita w/KB
7 weighted sit-ups, 10 Flutter w/KB

We had a pretty “special” crew today

I didn’t get much sleep.
Cobbler was late, even though he was there 30 minutes early to pre-run
General was injured in a freak dog walking incident
Frehley can’t use one arm
Mighty was still feeling Saturday
Technically, One-Niner was healthy, but he forgot his bell. (General had an extra.)

That said, we all made it out and did the best we could. That’s the best anyone can do.

Ballantyne Village Massacre

19 men shoved off for adventure! Mario and Thin Mint left for an adventure date.


Run from the Vine to Ballantyne Village parking lot

Side-straddle hops (IC) x 20
Imperial Walkers (IC) x 15
Low, not-so-slow squats (IC) x 10
‘Mericans (IC) x 10

Up the Ballantyne Village Parking Garage stopping at each landing for:
5 Burpees
10 Lunges (each leg)
15 Imperial Walker (both sides)
20 ‘Mericans
25 Plank jacks
30 Squats

Down the garage steps to the basement, up the grass hill to the cones.

The Beast!
6 rounds, 6 stations & 6 repetitions
Rd1 – Carolina dry docks
Rd2 – bomb jacks
Rd3 – American hammer
Rd4 – ‘Mericans
Rd5 – Dolly
Rd6 – Burpees

Stairway/Heels to Heaven
Starting at the basement do 1 Heels-to-Heaven, climb a flight of steps do 2 Heels-to-Heaven repeat and complete all the way up and down.

50 calf raises
10 Rosalita
10 Box cutters
20 Side the Kid

Cone Party
Bear crawl / sprint run
Lunge walk / sprint

Ring around the BoA
Sprint the length of the bank and jog rest of the way around x 3

Back to launch – 10 ‘Mericans


First, off kudos to Cul-de-Sac for being a faithful pre-runner. It’s a great way to start your engines and we’ve had some great 2nd/3rd F conversations.

Today, the gloom was especially gloomy – dank and foggy. I decided staying on the blacktop was the best way to avoid injury and destroying Ballantyne’s beautiful landscaping. (I love how the sprinkler are on every morning even after a thunderstorm.) We also had two FNGS, a kid and a few RESPECTS. So, I decided staying mainly in on place for a true boot camp. We did manage 2.5 miles.

Other questions & observations
Who had the better head scarf: me or Goldberg? (I was accused of looking like the Blind Melon bee girl.)
Dash got bored at one point and asked to watch a movie in the car.
Both are FNGs put in a noble effort and faked the exercises as well as most vets.
Toolbag won a race against Dash, but he lost the math test.
Happy birthday, Goldberg

Crane Relay
Paintball War SOB v A51
Isabelle Santos
Great Wolf Lodge



Opening Act
Loop around the right side of the school mixing in some dynamic warm-ups: lunge walks, low-side-shuffles, high-knees and butt-kickers

Side straddle hops (IC) x 20
Imperial Walker (IC) x 20
Ski abs (IC) x 10
Low, slow squats (IC) x 10
Rock hoppers (IC( x 10
Merkins (IC) x 10

OCR training
Monkey bars x 2

Hanging from monkey bars, knees-to-elbows x 10
10 ‘Mericans
Rinse & repeat

Box drill
Cones set in a square, 10 yards apart
Run forward, side shuffle, backwards & side shuffle x 10

Figure 8 Burpees
Find a spot between to columns do 1 burpee then figure 8 around the colums
Add 1 burpee for each subsequent round until you reach 8 burpees for a total of 36 burpees

Cones set up for a short forward, long backward and long forward sprint.
Sprint 1, then 5 burpees
Sprint 2, then 10 lunges (each leg)
Sprint 3, then 15 Imperial Walkers (IC)
Sprint 4, then 20 ‘Mericans
Sprint 5, then 25 plank jacks
Sprint 6, then 20 squats

Wacky Wall
7 donkey kicks, 7 muscle-ups
14 donkey kicks, 14 muscle ups
21 donkey kicks, 21 muscle ups

Final Act
Sprint (20 yard) & 10 partner slap ‘Mericans
10 partner slap sit-ups
10 ‘Mericans

Time’s up.

1.) Most did the grueling 3 mi+ pre-run. I met the group for just 1 mile and that was plenty. Arsenal has the toughest pre-run of any AO bar none.

2.) With all the rain, I wanted to keep on the asphalt. Cone drills provide a chance for agility and sprint work that we typically don’t get.

3.) We did a real bootcamp today. Less than 2 miles for the main event. We hit all the major muscle groups, worked on grip strength and kept our heart rates up the whole time.

3.) It’s always fun to work with a vet group that can joke around, but push 100% through the drills.

Isabelle Santos 5k
Crane Relay
Great Wolf Lodge
A51 vs SOB Paintball

Track Attack!

A dozen assembled for Track Day at the The Brave for a simple, but not easy workout.

Disclaimer then disembark! Head west 1.5 miles on Community House Road to Community House Middle School with brief stops to collect the six and do ‘mericans.

At the track –
800m – go fast
400m – go fast again
200m – time for fastness
100 – fast-er-est you cant!!

At the basketball hoops, do five Bobby Hurleys (jump shot/squat). Run back with brief stops for ‘mericans.

‘Merc/Mary ladder
10 of each
9 of each
8 of each
7 of each
6 of each
5 of each

We ran five miles and did a lot of push-ups. (Sounds like F3.)

Field notes & observations:

Canadians invented basketball
Muggsey Bouges lives in S.CLT, someone EH him
Wingman may or may not have been accessory to murder.
One Niner shows up 30 minutes early to set up a yoga/roller station for himself
Mary Kay needs to overanalyzing the Brave and show up
Madam T needs to get to The Brave more often
Strange Brew was at The Brave launch. It was good to have him back. #F3OG
Hollywood placed sixth in the mile at the first (really second) BROlympics #glorydays



We set up the Elon Park Elementary school parking lot with kettlebell stations on one side of the lot and boxing gear (gloves/pads and jump rope) on the other. Get in a station and repeat exercise until time is called. Runner is the timer.

KB stations
10 high pulls ea. side / 10 rows ea. side
10 snatch ea side / 10 American swings
10 skull crushers / 10 sit-up and press
20 alternating swings / 10 dead lift
10 thrusters / 10 cleans ea side
10 goblet squats / 10 ‘mericans
5 pull-ups / 5 chin-ups / 5 burpees

Boxing stations
Jump rope
Gloves and pads

OneNiner broke my jump rope.
Chopper fixed it.
VanDamme gave Erector some boxing lessons
Cobbler punched a 9 year old. (His son, so it’s cool.)
Frehley’s Comet battled a head cold and mostly kept quiet.
YHC and Chipolte managed to not our teeth out.

BLIMPS are for pimps

Regal lap around the cinema. As we started the lap Chunder asked to do any hill work at the beginning of the workout. Request denied.

10 Side-straddle hops
10 ‘Mericans
10 Imperial Walkers
10 ‘Mericans
10 Low, Slow squats
10 ‘Mericans
10 Bulgarian ball-busters
10 ‘Mericans

The Thingamajig
My plan today was to keep the miles low, keep the intensity up and keep everyone (relatively) together. Also, No Show specifically requested no BLIMPS, so I made it the theme of the workout. For those who don’t know BLIMPS = 5 Burpees, 10 Lunges (each leg), 15 Imperial Walkers (IC), 20 ‘Mericans, 25 Plank jacks & 30 Squats. You can do it all at once or, as we did today, do an exercise then move to the next station.

We started down the Murderhorn stopping at the top, each street light and the top of the opposite side of the hill/enterance to the park.

5 pullups, 10 heels-to-Heaven & 20 dips
x 3

Starting with burpees at the playground, and staying together, we completed another set of BLIMPS

We met on the backside of the theatre for 50 wall presses. Squid takes his People’s chair form seriously (so should you).

The next BLIMPS set was done with climbs up the grass hill behind the theatre. (I fell once.) Fast guys got to extra run up the hill. Transporter took advantage.

We ran back around the theatre – the long way.

20 flutters
20 Sid the kid
20 Box cutters
10 Low-country crabs
20 Chippy cross

Great crew today – ages from 20s to 50s + an FNG. We stuck together and aside from a few concerns about the Bulgarian ball busters and low-country crabs the mumble-chatter was kept to a minimum.

Kudos to Lex Luther for bringing out “Cheese Steak”. He’s on the road a bunch, but it you see him give him a hello.

F3 Dads on Saturday Brixham Green Tent 9 AM

American 4-Miler/S4N 1 yr Anni