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What is Big Rock?

What is Big Rock? Why couldn’t anyone come up with a more interesting name for the geologic phenomenon? As a amateur historian, I can tell you, without a doubt, that 4 million years ago robotic alien dinosaurs using magnets and lasers aligned the granite boulders to serve as a calendar, calculator and same-day dry cleaner.

Despite a rainy evening, the weather was perfect – cool and crisp. The trails were soft, but not muddy.

The Thang
Run up Bally C to Sweatow Run and down Club Thornhill. Finish with a roger on Elmstone with some ‘merkins and squats. I reviewed the course and then let the horses run.

The Circuit
Enter Big Rock, cross the wooden bridge
R and pass through the mini canyon
L down the hill
L through the tall grass
L up the steep hill
Run across the street to Elmstone Park
10 derkins in the shelter
10 pullups in the playground
.5 mi each lap
Repeat with one less derk and pull-up each lap.

The Brave is designed for OCR training and I did my best to bring the major elements of most races to the workout – technical trails, grip/hanging obstacles and general core/shoulder strength.

Wingman reported sliding down a trail hill
Mario managed to stay in front without a headlamp.
One Niner is back in top form, pacing Mario (and sharing his light)
Tuck put in an extra 2 mi and is headed to a Spartan this weekend. Solid.
Cobbler and Frehley modified, but kept going.
Cheddar was first up Ballantyne Commons (segment).

Thank you for the opportunity to lead!


Lots of partners stuff, lots of backward running and a standout performance by Market Timer. It’s The Maul! Here’s the run-down:

From the Cineplex we trekked east to the glow of Wells Fargo ATM.

Standard COP
Side-staddle hops x 20
Imperial Walkers x 15
(at this point Cheddar joins the group.)
Mountain Climbers x 20
Peter Parkers x 10
Parker Peters x 10

The Thing
We descended Piper Station Dr. past Chik-Fil-A and across Rea Rd to the Uwharrie (baby) Deck.
P1 Burpees
P2 Run out of the deck, around the corner, up the step and meet your partner
Repeat for a combined 100 burpees

During a medley of dynamic running – shuffles, high knees, butt-kickers and BACKWARDS – Market Timer turned on the hyperdrive. He should only run backwards.

We took the unnamed alley a bit too far and ended up in the Residence Inn. Not wanting to just turn around, we did 10 regular, 10 wide and 10 crucible ‘mericans. We backtracked a bit to the office building next door for more partner work.

P1 & 2 run down parallel parking lanes and return for
30 partner sit-ups
20 partner slap ‘mericans
10 partner slap burpees

We began our return via backward running Piper Station Dr. Market Timer moving like he’s on skates!!

Back to the ATM for Tammy Wynette (Stand by Your Man)
P1 10 ‘mericans
P2 10 squats
repeat until you compete 100 ‘mericans and 100 squats (not 50!!!)

Some bear crawls and 50 calf raises capped the workout.

As noted Market Timer was in the spotlight most of the morning.
Happy Meal and Mic Check always churning toward the front of the pack.
Thank you to Squid for carrying me on the early burpees.
Heartbreaker is still not 100%, but he was out there putting in the work. Glad you’re back!!
As a father, kudos to Cheddar for making it out of the house, albeit late.
Toolbag and Big League Chew were non-stop hustle!

Stonehenge converges with DaVinci this Sat.
CSUP Vagabond is  11/10


From the bus lot head down the path to the field for COP.

20 Side-straddle hops (IC)
20 Imperial Walkers (IC)
5 ‘Mericans (IC)
10 Low-slow squats (IC)
20 Mountain climbers

Partner slaps on the track
Partner up, run opposite directions on the track. When you meet 10 partner slap ‘mericans. Run in the same direction and meet for 10 partner slap sit-ups. Lastly, run and meet for 10 partner slap burpees

Eastern European leg stuff
7 Bulgarian split squats, run to light pole 7 Romanian single-leg lifts
14 Bulgarian split squats, run to light pole 14 Romanian single-leg lifts
21 Bulgarian split squats, run to light pole 21 Romanian single-leg lifts

We ran sprints of ever-greater distance and after each sprint, we did the called exercise
Rd 1 – 5 burpees
Rd 2 – 10 lunges each leg
Rd 3 – 15 Imperial Walkers (each side)
Rd 4 – 20 ‘Mericans
Rd 5 – 25 Plank jacks
Rd 6 – 30 Squats

Wall Work
People’s chair 20 air press, 10 donkey kicks x 3

Chippy cross
Pretzel crunch, both legs


Met Goonie for a pre-run. It’s always better and safer to run with a friend. Goonie reminded me many times that Basecamp is a moderate site. I think today’s workout was very fair. If anyone is following my Qs, I’ve used many of these elements before, but never in the same workout. I’ll be sure to mix it up a bit more next time. I think I’ll drop the BLIMPS, I think the fad is over. I’m not over sprints and I think most bootcamps should include them. If your are loping from station to station, you’re missing out on some major benefits including increased strength and stamina. Plus, sprints and other high-intensity exercise revs up metabolism to for maximum weight control.

Shout outs to HIPPA for leading the sprints and Floor Slapper for very enthusiastic high fives.



This was a first, halfway through my description of today’s route, I was thoroughly booed by Purple Haze. Here’s what elicited the response.

From Latin lot turn left onto Providence Rd, turn left on Pineville-Matthews and then left on Strawberry Ln to South Charlotte Middle School. Run the track as fast and as much as you want and head back using Pineville-Matthews and Providence.

Well, as we learned today just getting to SCMS is a haul – nearly three miles. If you did even 1 lap, you’d wrack up nearly 7 miles. This is a good challenge b/c it allows the fast guys to get as miles as one can muster. According to Strava:

6+ miles
Wild Turkey
Pop Tart

7+ miles
Turkey Leg
Purple Haze

8+ miles

9+ miles
JRR Tolkein (includes run-in)

Pop Tart & Retread made it home just after COT. (Apologies, I figured you passed me at some point.)
Rachel & Purrell pontificated on the size and species of a rotting carcass somewhere in the Providence Rd. sewers.
Why is Rachel not on Strava?
Lots of “runners” out there lately. Be mindful and respectful of others on the road.

Isabella Santos run this weekend. Convergence at Stonehenge.
11/11 Vagabond

The answer is 42

While pre-running with Happy Meal and Cul-de-Sac, we notice a the Duckworth Parking lot is covered with police cars and caution tape. We decide it’s best not to get to close. Little did we know someone was shot and murdered there just hours ago. Scary stuff. Be safe out there.

Despite the veteran crowd, I laid down a disclaimer. From launch, we dropped into the Staybridge Suites parking lot for COP

20 Side Straddle Hops
15 Imperial Walkers
10 Low, slow squats
20 Mountain climbers
10 ‘Mericans

Laps with a Partner
Starting at the first Loch Ness patio do 10 partner slap ‘Mericans. Then take off in separate directions. When you meet at the far side of the pond, 10 more.
Repeat with 10 & 10 partner slaps sit-ups and 10 & 10 partner slap burpees.
Mary until the six is in.

Quad Burners
Patio one 7 Bulgarian split squats (each leg) run to patio two 7 Romanian single-leg deadlifts (each leg)
Patio one 7 Bulgarian split squats (each leg) run to patio two 7 Romanian single-leg deadlifts (each leg)
Patio one 7 Bulgarian split squats (each leg) run to patio two 7 Romanian single-leg deadlifts (each leg)

Run to the picnic tables for 20 dips & 10 more ‘Mericans.

If you’re like me, you can’t tie your shoes without groaning.

Shoulder Circuit
1 With a rock 10 thrusters
2 Shimmy across the lower parallel bars
3 Shimmy across the tall parallel bars
4 10 man-maker ‘Mericans (IC)
5 Across the bridge, 5 pull-ups
x 3

Wells Fargo Wind-up
Run, shuffle, bear crawl and shuffle around the bank
x 2
20 heels t0 Heaven

Back to Base
10 burpees OYO

Thank you to Cul-de-Sac and Happy Meal for joining me on the pre-run. Happy Meal has already established himself a solid SOB. Dude posts everywhere and is crushing workouts. Cheers to you. Cul-de-Sac continues to share wisdom and positivity throughout his careers twists. He’ll be an asset wherever he goes.

Run faster, climb higher

“Storm” down the strip maul for COP
Side-straddle hops x 20 (IC)
‘Mericans x 10
Imperial Walker x 15 (IC)
Wide arm ‘Mericans x 10 (IC)
Squats x 10 (IC)
Diamond ‘Mericans x 10 (IC)

Without getting hit by a delivery truck, SPRINT to the first speed bump, mosey back
5 burpees
SPRINT to second speed bump
10 lunges (each leg)
SPRINT to the 3rd speed bump
15 Imperial Walkers (each leg)
SPRINT to the 4th speed bump
20 ‘Mericans
SPRINT to the 5th speed bump
25 plank jacks
SPRINT to the end of the building
30 squats

Flo over the hill, cross the street and line-up in People Chair on the St. Matt brick wall
50 air presses
7 muscle-ups, to stand
7 donkey kicks
14 muscle-ups, to stand
14 donkey kicks
21 muscle-ups, to stand
21 donkey kicks

Return to AO, on way back 10 Peter Parkers and 10 Parker Peters

Finish up with ‘Merican/LBC ladder
10 ‘Mericans, 10 LBC (IC)
9 ‘Mericans, 9 LBC (IC)
8 ‘Mericans, 8 LBC (IC)
7’Mericans, 7 LBC (IC)
6 ‘Mericans, 6 LBC (IC)
5 ‘Mericans, 5 LBC (IC)

The plan today was to reduce the miles, but increase the speed. Sprints are essential to building speed, muscle strength and mental toughness. I saw lots of guys pushing through each distance – Bucky, Mighty Mite and Mic Check were really flying. The wall work gives some underused back and core muscles. And, we did lots of ‘Mericans, because F3. Just a bit over 2 miles was covered today.

In the next few days, the weather is going to wreck some people lives. Please keep your family safe and when the clouds clear, consider investing you time and money to help our neighbors rebuild.

Prayers for safety and providence from the storm.

Squirrel Lake Ladder

Disclaimer read and we soared from Matthews Elementary through the street repair obstacle course to Squirrel Lake Park.

Side Straddle Hops x 20 (IC)
Imperial Walker x 10 (IC)
American push-ups (what do other country’s push-ups look like?) x 10 (IC)

The Drill
From the back of the lot compete a set of 3 exercises run up to the white post (approx. 200 yards) and return to adding 1, 2 and 3.
1 Jump squat, 2 American push-ups & 3 Heels-to-Heaven
2 Jump squats, 4 American push-ups & 6 Heels-to-Heaven
3 Jump squats, 6 American push-ups & 9 Heels-to-Heaven
10 Jump squats, 20 American push-ups & 30 Heels-to-Heaven
Run back through the orange barrels to school for COT.

Sparta is A51’s The Brave. 4+ miles of running, plus enough bootcamp to keep you guessing. I don’t post much in Matthews, so I wanted to keep the pain stations in a safe location. Squirrel lake was pretty dark, but it was away from the cars and school buses that came too close for comfort on Trade St. Kudos to Madison and Tebow for completing or nearly completing the ladder and racing back on the return.

F3 volunteers will be EH throughout the Matthews Alive Festival. Grab a stack of cards from Madison. Encourage FNGs to post on Thursday at Matthews Elementary. Aye!

Magic in the Misery

“There is magic in misery. Just ask any runner.” — Dean Karnazes

Extra Credit
The early birds kept the pace in check this morning.

The Required.
Disclaimer was delivered.

The Route
From the Vine, take Ballantyne Commons to Bright House Financial for dynamic drills. For the sake of simplicity and expediency, we did the basics – toes, heels, high knees and butt-kicks. No big whoop! We looped around Community House back to Ballantyne Commons and hung a right on Ballantyne Corporate.

At the bridge, I delivered the workout details. Run down Bagpipe Hill to Brixham Hill Dr, turn around and gather speed as you descend and sprint up Bagpipe Hill. Repeat until time is called.


Sprinting is vital to fitness. Sprinting and other high-intensity activities smoke calories, burns visceral fat and builds muscle mass. (Compare the legs of a sprinter vs a marathoner.)

I like this course because we stayed together, but gave the fast guys the room to vroom.

Welcome aboard E. Coli or whatever your new name is.

Race Isabella Santos!

Check Slack for #Sandbox service opportunities.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead! Always an honor. (If I missed your name, let me know and I’ll add it.)

I don’t want to

Yesterday, I woke up at 4 AM got on a plane to Atlanta. There I presented on a brand new work project and took some difficult questions. It was stressful. I flew back and was back home are around 8 PM. I was exhausted. I glanced at my calendar and noticed I had the Q at Gumby. Ugh!

This is not because I don’t like the site or site Qs. In fact, when I was hurt earlier this year, Gumby was essential to my recovery. I was tired. I had just Q’d Monday. I don’t regularly do yoga and I’m nervous about leading it. Plus, I really hadn’t prepared anything. Not good.

Truth be told, I was being selfish. F3 is not about yourself. F3 is about others. I couldn’t let those who would set alarms and show up down. Gumby was there for me, I would be there for them.

I can’t remember the exact sequence of movements, but we did a segment of active movement, standing stretches of neck, spine, shoulders and hips and legs. We spent time on wrists, downward dog and plank. We covered pigeon, downward dog and cobra. We finished with a stretch that resembled a burpee. It was all pretty basic. That said, I believe all got a thorough stretch. Plus, I got to play the Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse, The Strokes and Arcade Fire.

We all have a responsibility to each other. F3 is built on accountability. We show up on time, we lead each others sites, we help the guys struggling in the back. It’s not always convenient, it’s not easy. It’s better that way.

Everybody’s Special

Around the world
Figure 8s

Swinging around the school
Carry the ‘bell around the school stopping at each corner for 20 swing
C1 – 2-handed
C2 – 10R / 10L
C3 – Alternating
C4 – American

OCR training
Cross the monkey bars
10 Knee-ups
run to other jungle gym for 5 pull-ups
repeat five times

Inch Worm, ‘Merican + Squat ladder
Descend into inchworm do 10 ‘Mericans, reverse the ‘worm, grab your ‘bell for 10 goblet squats
Continue the ladder with 9 ‘Mericans and 9 squats until you reach 1 and 1

Squat Side Slide
Pick up your bell, goblet squat, laterally step to the right until you reach middle of the lane.
Turn and reverse

Bear crawl, Skull Crusher + Bridge ladder
10 skull crushers, 10 weighted bridges then bear crawl to the curb and run back
Continue with 9 skull crusher and 9 weighted bridges until you reach 1 and 1.

10 Snatches each side

10 weighted sit-ups, 10 Dolly w/KB
9 weighted sit-ups, 10 Freddy Mercury w/ KB
8 weighted sit-ups, 10 Rosalita w/KB
7 weighted sit-ups, 10 Flutter w/KB

We had a pretty “special” crew today

I didn’t get much sleep.
Cobbler was late, even though he was there 30 minutes early to pre-run
General was injured in a freak dog walking incident
Frehley can’t use one arm
Mighty was still feeling Saturday
Technically, One-Niner was healthy, but he forgot his bell. (General had an extra.)

That said, we all made it out and did the best we could. That’s the best anyone can do.