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Tweet & Meat Mondays at Stonecrest

5 Iron men bashed ‘bells and crushed concrete. After a cursory warm-up, we hit a three exercise circuit – squats, deadlift/high-pull and swing. Reps began 1, 2, 3 respectively and increased in multiple for 10 rounds ending at 10, 20 and 30. The round could be done on your six – sit-up and press, Russian twist and flutter press.


Conversations included:
-Lots of Panthers talk
-Halloween costume picks
-Whining about outrageous number of Russian twist reps
-There’s more to fitness than running.

PSA – Check out some gear workouts –
Strength training is vital to health, improves metabolism, and helps prevent injuries. If you don’t have a kettlebell or sandbag, there’s always plenty to go around.

Citizen Dick

Since I’m a good person, I’m writing this backblast. (Pats self on back.)

From the AO run to Rea Rd, stopping at each intersection for 10 ‘mericans and 10 jump squats.

Uhwarrie Bank Baby Deck
Lower level – 20 hip slappers, looong bear crawl (and/or crab walk) to stairs
Upper level – 20 donkey kicks
X 5

Goodyear Quarry

10 IC curls, overhead press and tricep extensions
Rinse & repeat

Head home repeating the required ‘mericans and jump squats on the way back.

4-ish miles

Bucky’s new shoes a pair of Brooks Glycerin (Bush song) began a 90s name that tune session that included early 90s grunge a la the Single Soundtrack. Linked here for listening pleasure – (I’ve seen Screaming Trees and Mudhoney in concert, both were great.)

Thanks to all who attended. Fire Hazard whooped us all in the garage and used an exoplanet during the rock work. Kirby and Paper Jam are no longer content in the six, major gains for these pax. Strong! Frasier consistently encourages everyone. Soft Pretzel and Bucky never slowed down the whole morning. Stonehenge faithful Cul-de-Sac looked solid knocking out more than 100 ‘mericans.

Sign up for the Holiday Party

Stair Masters of the Universe

Run to parking deck (the less crowded/cleaner one)
Rd#1 – Stairway burpee to top
Run down ramps
Rd#2 – Skip hop (bound every other step) to the top
Run down ramps
Rd#3 – Grapevine up steps (alternate lead leg each flight) to the top
Run down the ramp
Rd#4 – Single-leg hops (alternate lead leg each flight) to the top
Run down the ramps
Rd#5 Bounding sprints, jump 3 – 4 steps at a time and sprint to the top
Run down the ramps
Repeat from the beginning as many rounds and possible

After a few rounds of running down the ramps in between sets, we opts to descend the steps after each set and run the ramps after the complete circuit. This was a much better balance of stairs to ramps. Still got 3 miles.

Nine Inch Nail-skine
I recently ran my first/only ultramarathon. I learned many things about myself on that trail and mountain. Most importantly, I learned to not give up. Next I learned my training was out of balance. I spent a lot of time running far, but not enough time building leg strength. If I were ever to run that course again, I will spend more time doing hill repeats, stair climbs, squats and stair work.

No lolligagers out there today. Out front was Alf, and Job, Turkey Leg and Squid not far behind. Pitchfork is back, posting 2 of the last 3 days.

Coat Drive is on. Bring your new and used coats to any AO site Q.

Piqued interest in Peak 51

Warm-up Circle
15 Side Straddles
15 Imperial Walker
10 ‘Mericans
15 Plank jacks
10 Peter Parkers
10 Steve Earls

Point A -> B Opening Set
A series of mobility, agility and sprint drills approx. 20 yards each way. Examples includes high knees, butt-kicks, side shuffles, bear crawls, duck walks, lunges and burpee broad jumps. The drill last about 15 min. Each time we finished a set, it was concluded with 3 merkins.

Tabata Time
4 min per set 20 sec work, 10 sec rest
Set 1 – Thrusters
Set 2 – Curtsey lunge with side arm raise
Set 3 – Peter Parkers
Set 4 – Flutters, arms up

Point A -> B Closing Set
Repeato of the above. Sprints to close it out.

Low flutter, high flutter and Rosalita

Moment for Mission
I originally took this Q for Sparta and was shifted to Peak 51. All good. Always happy to help. Original intent was a tribute to Strange Brew who is recovering from Shingles/Menningitis. Cheers to you and speedy recovery.

This was my second Q this week outside my SOB region. It’s always great to reconnect with some dudes you rarely see.

5 Dry Docks

Seven kept it pretty simple (not easy) at Asylum.

Warm-up Circle
15 Side Straddles
15 Imperial Walker
10 Steve Earls
10 ‘Mericans
15 Plank Jacks

Point A -> B Opening Set
A series of mobility, agility and sprint drills approx. 20 yards each way. Examples includes high knees, butt-kicks, side shuffles, bear crawls, duck walks, lunges and burpee broad jumps. The drill last about 15 min. Each time we finished a set, it was concluded with 5 Carolina Dry Docks.

Tabata Time
4 min per set 20 sec work, 10 sec rest
Set 1 – Bonnie Blair (jumping side lunge)
Set 2 – Mountain climbers
Set 3 – Freddy Mercury
Set 4 – Burpees

Point A -> B Closing Set
Repeato of the above. It was significantly more difficult after the Tabata.

Low flutter, high flutter and Rosalita

Daily Affirmation
Sometimes the hardest job is doing something you’ve already done. It’s in that persistent grind where discipline and mental toughness is forged. Doing those sprints over and over again isn’t exciting, but it most representative of the daily work (both at home and for your employer). Learn to dig in and push through. Aye!


12 Men ran to through grass to Publix.

Hats off to pre-runners Happy Meal, Wild Turkey, Atlas, Bounty Hunter and Cul-de-Sac. 2+ miles of extra credit!

Standard warm-up with the exception of Steve Earls (squat + hill billy)

On the way to to Publix, we stopped in the grassy lawns of BCC –
Sky humpers

15s and 50s – dips, Incline and decline ‘mericans + mountain climbers

7s – burpees and heels-2-heaven

Stand by your Man around Walgreens – P1 does merkins, P2 squats run to next corner and switch x 2

Rock work – curls, overhead press and tris x 7 and 14

Mountain climber – bear crawl – plank jacks

Finish with sprints

I’d like to take this time to bring up a few notes from the workout
– In the 6+ years of Stonehenge, we’ve never gone so far north.
– Frehley’s is “allergic” to grass and ran on his own. Fair enough.
– As I leaned against a fence plank, I broke it. #beefy
– Cul-de-Sac found the rock pile and it was a nice break in the miles
– Kirby pulled a Cheddar and nearly missed the work out. Thx to Billy Goat for bringing him back.

Now comes the work

After declaring Independence, the fun really started. While we celebrate the signing and sending of that amazing documents; brave for sure, it’s the hard work after that declaration that deserves the recognition. The process of creating a more perfect union took a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Even now, it’s our duty as citizens to move our nation (and the world) to peace, justice and the pursuit of happiness for ALL.

Standard COP
Steve Earles
Mountain Climbers

Partner Parking Deck Ascent
Up the ramp with partner, stopping at each ramp
10 hand-slap ‘mericans
15 WWII sit ups
20 burpees
20 plank partner jump

Down the stairs and up stopping at each level for alternating plank jacks and Carolina dry docks x 3

Wall Squat/Push-up 11s
Facing wall squat (if you do this wrong you will break your face) x 10
1 ‘merican
repeat via Jacob’s latter until complete

Bottom of ramp plank pull through / top of ramp Coolers (F3 Exercises)

We left the deck and rounded up for sky humpers

10 Parter Derkin plank and run around the traffic circle x 3

Bear crawls with dips and dying cockroaches 7s

Not a lot of running, but I count 14 unique exercises and few push-up variations. Friends, there are lots and lots way to make a boot camp interesting, varying your exercises is just one option. New territory, changing speed/intensity and coupons work great, too. Check out the F3 exercise list, google some bodyweight exercises and steal from other great wienkes. That said, I did get a refusnik today. (Tolkein was concerned about “penis burn”. We scrapped it and moved on.)

Ice 9 Larry and Job “Larry Birded” the whole time. No standing around for those hombres. Tclaps.

Always a pleasure to lead.

Converge at da Vinci tomorrow. Pre-runs at 5:30 and 6:00 AM.


Tai Chi is a “soft” Chinese martial that uses circular, range of motion. All the movements are simple, but putting it all together in one continuous movement takes practice and discipline. (Sounds a lot like life.)

There are four main styles of Tai Chi, but I know the Sun style best. It has a higher stance, shorter steps and the footwork emphasizes balance.

I am a Tai Chi novice, but I always feel invigorated after reviewing the movements.

Lessons from Tai Chi:
– Remember to focus on breath
– Be present,
– Don’t worry about being perfect, allow your movement to flow
– It’s ok to start over
– Practice, practice & practice!

Special thank you to Swiss Miss for hosting me and Madison and Beaver for being good sports and trying something new.

Musical highlights included The Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse, Interpol and The Pixies.

This hill needs a name

Let’s start with the kudos – cheers to Mary Kay (2nd Brave) and Taco Stand for ditching Cerebus for South Charlotte’s toughest AO. Last but not least, Frehley’s Comet absolutely crushed the last sprint of the day outracing men 10 years (or more) his junior.

Here’s the play-by-play –
From the Gibson’s lot we ran to the Brighthouse Financial lot for COP
20 Steve Earls (Copperhead squat & Hillbilly combo)
10 Mountain climbers
10 Hip slappers
20 Mountain climbers
10 shoulder taps
30 Mountain climbers
Wheel-O-Merkin (60 in push-ups)

From there we ran to the corner of Ballantyne Commons & Ballanytne Corporate for instructions. The plan is to run from the base of the hill to the top starting at a jog and accelerating to a sprint. Your pace and heartrate should be pushed faster as you get closer to the hilltop. (The goal is to NOT slog up the hill at the same pace.) Most of us made it up 4 times. (Frasier got to the top five.) That hill needs a name.

We finished with a final sprint in the Gibson lot and a few minutes of Freddy Mercury.

7 guys, 9 exercises

Meathead – tunes and tons (of iron)

Side straddle hops x 10
Imperial walkers x 10
Halos x 10
Around the world x 10
Figure eight x 10

Thang – Multiplier Ladders

Round 1
1 burpee, 2 squats & 3 Russian swings
2 burpee, 4 squats & 6 Russian swings
3 burpee, 6 squats & 9 Russian swings
10 burpees, 20 squats & 30 Russian swings

Round 2 – same format
1 American swing, 2 rows & 3 deadlifts
10 American swing, 20 rows & 30 deadlifts

Round 3 – same format
Sit-up and press, Russian twist and flutter press

Not a lot to report today. Quiet group focused on getting in the reps. It was nice to meet some new people – Homer and Plasma and others who I don’t bump into too often Soul Glow, Fletch and Gypsy. Moreover, it’s good to take break from the miles to focus on the gainz. Thanks for hosting me.