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That’s a Long Damn Way

YHC rolled into the Blakeney park about 5 minutes before launch and wondered if he had the day or time wrong.  Where was everyone?  Finally YHC noticed Mary Kay stretching over by the playground area.  Hey co-site Q, we meet over here.  It was about this time that YHC realized that there were several guys hanging out in their cars enjoying the last few minutes of warmth because this was one of the first “cold” mornings of the year.  Clock hit 5:30 disclaimer was given and off we went.

The Thing:

Moseyed over to the Blakeney medical complex and circled up for COP: SSH, Hillbillies, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters, Yoga stretch right and left leg, Morroccan Night Clubs.

Next up a crowd favorite that YHC learned from a Goonie Q at Davinci.  Partner up and P1 runs down to the end of the complex at the 2nd daycare and runs back while P2 bearcrawls the same stretch doing a merkin at each parking spot.  Flapjack at the spot where each partner bearcrawls to working your way to the end of the complex.  The complex is looooong with the first couple of down and backs being just under a mile.  It was probably about the 4th or 5th trip down when YHC passed Big Tuna who noted “This is a long damn way War Eagle”.  Yes it was Tuna, yes it was…and we are all better for it. YHC called this one about 3/4 of the way through as we had gone for about 25 minutes and there were other things to get to.

Head over to the wall behind Old Navy.  Partner back up with the same partner, P1 does 4 wall climbs while P2 does burpees.  Flapjack for 4 sets.  A few rounds of PAX called Mary exercises.  Mosey back to launch but stopping at the alleyway for people’s chair with 50 overhead presses then Balls to the Wall and a repeato for 1 more set just to ensure that the shoulders are smoked.


It has been a great start to Firestarter.  There was obviously a need for a Monday bootcamp in SOB land.  And a great mixture of SOB regulars and guys who typically post in Waxhaw so it has been a pleasure meeting new PAX.  The goal of YHC was to keep things moving pretty quickly and get some distance in while burning out the upper body.  Hopefully everyone got their money’s worth.  Thanks for pushing hard fellas and thanks Teddy and MK for the opportunity to lead.


  • Keep stamping those passports and visiting different sites in SOB, A51 and Waxhaw.
  • Q school in A51 on 11/21 at Calvary Church, check Slack for further details.

In an Ornithology Battle Who Would Win…Eagle or Hawk?

A couple of weeks ago Cobbler reached out to YHC with an invite to head down South and Q Blackhawk.  Having never been to this AO I was looking forward to seeing what it was like.  Since I don’t like to Q a workout without actually physically visiting the site YHC made a reconnaissance trip down to Walnut Creek earlier in the week.  At said midweek visit it was noted that there are lots of various areas to be used for a variety of exercises.  There were even various trails that YHC didn’t have the comfort level to incorporate into the workout and preferred to remain in the main home base of the park.  Hmmm, what workout could remain in a central location but yet incorporate a bunch of different exercises?  Looking at my watch to determine if enough time had passed for traffic to have died down for YHC to venture back to N.C. it dawned on YHC…The Clock Workout.  This is a favorite workout of YHC’s and actually was done at Davinci a couple of months ago, but this was a new crowd so YHC shouldn’t get called out for being too unoriginal.  6:30 hit and 11 Pax (soon to be 12) were chomping at the bit to get started.  YHC gave a disclaimer and reminded the Pax to keep me accountable for keeping the workout socially distanced.

The Thing:

Off we went to one of the 167 baseball fields at the park.  Circled up for various warmups:

Hillbillies, Imperial Walkers, Potato Pickers, Mtn Climbers, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters, 6 inches and then a yoga stretch for each leg.

Moseyed to the center of the adjoining soccer fields.  By this point various Pax had noticed and pointed out the cones with folders strategically placed around the soccer fields.  In the center of the soccer fields YHC had planted a pitch fork to mark the center of our clock (what exactly is this called?).  The workout would involve running to each hour which was marked with a cone and perform the exercise noted at that hour.  Once complete with the exercise run back to the center of the clock and then run to the next hour, so on and so on.  Seeing as we had 11 Pax we split in half with YHC taking one group to 1:00 and Mary Kay taking the other group to 7:00. YHC knew MK could handle it seeing as he led this workout the first time YHC ever took part in it.  Here is what the exercises at each hour consisted of:

1:00 = 1 lap around Walnut Creek Pond (quite the scenic start to a workout)

2:00 = 20 burpees

3:00 = 30 lunges (R+L leg equals 1). At this point we had a late arrival join us.  Come to find out Doozie from Richmond, VA joined us to get a beatdown while in town.  He said that the website said that the wo started at 7:00.  I checked and the S. Charlotte site says 6:30 but if there is a separate Waxhaw or Indian Land site that shows 7:00, may want to change that.

4:00 = 40 derkins (great placement of picnic tables under a pavilion)

5:00 = 50 Big Boy sit ups

6:00 = 60 second elbow plank

7:00 = 70 merkins

8:00 = 80 monkey humpers (should have required Pax to face away from the houses overseeing this site so that they could get an eyeful)

9:00 = 90 plank jacks

10:00 = 100 dips (again, great placement of bleachers…it is almost like whoever designed this park had The Clock Workout in mind)

11:00 = 110 flutters (R + L leg equals 1).  Wrigley asked if each leg was one even though he knew the answer.

12:00 = 120 bear crawls along the soccer base line

With a little bit of time for the 6 to wrap up various Mary led by YHC, Doozie with a Richmond exercise and Atlas.  YHC then counted the PAX off 1-12 and instructed guys to go to the time corresponding to their number, perform that exercise and then bring the cone and folder back to the center #delegationofcleanup #worksmarternotharder.

The crew crushed The Clock Workout with about 15 minutes to spare.  Time for a burnout exercise.  Mosey back to a baseball field where YHC noticed some fantastic lifting rocks.  Grab a rock for a burnout superset.  12 civilian count of bicep curls, overhead presses and tricep extensions.  Then down to 10 of each exercise declining by two each set until 0.  Then moved to legs with the same superset of goblet squat thrusters.  Mosey to launch with 1 minute of plank and then finito.


  • Wrigley was not happy with YHC’s decision to make exercises R+L = 1.  He also threatened to chunk his lifting rock at YHC when goblet squat thrusters was called.  Apparently at one point he told YHC and Mary Kay that we were welcome to head back to Ballantyne at any time.  Despite the (always appreciated) mumblechatter he rocked the workout and crushed it.
  • YHC was able to find out from Doozie that he was in town visiting his parents who lived in Sun City.  I wanted to discuss more but Doozie pulled away starting at the 5:00 sit ups and smoked past the Pax from that point on.
  • Lambeau is about a week in and an infant in his F3 journey with his previous workout at MASH.  Regardless he pushed through the workout like a vet and didn’t look fazed.
  • Chainsaw showed that age is irrelevant and stayed towards the front of the group.  I get the impression that if the exercises were called each leg equaled 1 he would have been disappointed and called us out for being soft.
  • I unfortunately did not get to speak to On Time much but as a Q you are constantly evaluating how the workout is treating everyone.  He was quietly crushing the workout. #silentassassin
  • Glidah did great work with the exercises but more importantly was our photographer when YHC, along with several other Pax, could not figure out the timer function on the camera.
  • Twinkle Toes was a blast from the past and a familiar face.  I believe his first few F3 workouts were in Ballantyne land and he was named at a workout that I was at.  Twinkle, we will have to clown car up to WI and help when Bucky launches his WI F3 chapter.
  • T claps to Atlas, One Niner and Cobbler for pre-running before the workout.  YHC was totally going to pre-run too but ummm had to set up the workout and all…you know how that goes.
  • Thanks to Mary Kay for making the trip with YHC and helping to set up and clean up the workout.


I appreciate Cobbler for reaching out to Q.  We all have our favorite AO’s that become comfortable and like home bases for us and that is great, we need that.  But it is also beneficial to venture out and try other AO’s.  It is a great way to meet new guys, learn new exercises and get out of comfort zones.  As noted earlier there is a variety of areas at Blackhawk for a wide range of workout types.  I encourage guys from all areas but especially Indian Land and Waxhaw to check it out.  Seeing as I was gassed after this workout and a worthless POS once I got home, I would have to score this round in favor of The Hawk.

39 minutes and 45 seconds

YHC has Q’d many a bootcamp workouts but this was his first gear Q.  Mighty Mite and Voodoo have been dedicated gear Q’s and have handled a majority of the gear workouts so it was only fair that some of us freeloaders step up to Q and give them a break.  Anyways all it is is swings with a couple of other exercises thrown in…how hard can it be right?  That is partly true but there are still lessons to be learned (more on that later).  So after some pre-workout jump roping by Wild Turkey and stretching by Uncle Leo the clock hit 5:30 and it was time to get started.  A brief disclaimer was followed by a brief warmup of SSH and small/big arm circles and then to the main event.

The Thing:

The overarching plan of the workout is to get 250 swings in generally broken out over 5 rounds with other exercises tossed in.

1st set = 20 swings + 10 plank rows each side + 8 goblet squats over a 2:20 minute span

2nd set = 20 swings + 5 presses each side + 8 KB lunges each side over a 2:20 minute span

3rd set = 10 swings + 10 offset merkins per arm + 6 KB chippy crosses over a 2:20 minute span

Repeat for 5 rounds

The thought was that the main event would take 35 minutes leaving about 7-8 minutes for carries and core work.  What actually happened was YHC paused the workout from time to time to allow for more recovery time.  My official statement is that some of the guys that were using heavier bells and taking the time to use proper form were finishing with just a few seconds until the next set.  More rest/recovery time is needed for that so YHC audibled for additional recovery time.  The truth is YHC didn’t want to be that guy passing out at his own Q so the unofficial statement is that YHC needed some additional recovery time.  Anyone that says gear workouts are not cardio workouts…pfffffftttttt whatever.  Once the  main workout was done there was a little over a minute left so 1 minute of elbow plank took us to 6:15.



The lesson learned here by YHC was to back down the additional exercises.  Since the swings were broken out over 3 sets, adding 2 exercises to each set eventually took almost the entire time allotted per set.  When I went through a set in my garage it worked out but what I didn’t take into account was how on sets 3-5 the timing slows down.  Regardless, it kicked YHC’s butt and hopefully everyone else’s too.  When we finished the tabata timer lady who lives in my iPhone stated that we completed our workout in 39 minutes and 45 seconds which Beetlejuice quickly added there’s the name of the backblast.

I am a child of 90’s and early 2000’s alternative rock so the playlist was from this genre.  Some hits that people knew along with some deeper cuts that are my favorites.  The playlist:

Beastie Boys – Sabotage

Diffuser – Karma

Foo Fighters – Best of You

Incubus – Pardon Me

The Killers – When We Were Young

Kings of Leon – Black Thumbnail

Rage Against the Machine – Bulls on Parade

Silvertide – Ain’t Comin Home

Tantric – Down and Out

Live – Iris

Be Sure to Tip Your Tour Guide

YHC was working on his workout plan the night before Q’ing Bagpipe when Cooter gave me an idea.  On Slack the night before Cooter promised YHC would provide a tour of the Bagpipe AO.  While the Bagpipe site is quite expansive with several directions to go YHC decided to focus on an area with some of the “named” landmarks.  5:30 hit and 14 Pax had gathered ready to go.  A disclaimer was given and we were off.

The Thang:

Mosey to the parking lot of a nondescript office building across from the Bull Ring (1st named spot).  Fun fact, YHC used to work at said nondescript office building 10 years ago before beginning the uptown commute.  Here we warmed up with SSH x 15, IW x 15, Potato Pickers x 12, Peter Parkers x 10 and Parker Peters x 10.  Some Pax were struggling with balance on the Parker Peters so it was time to move on.

Moseyed over to the pond affectionately known as Loch Ness (2nd named spot).  As we all know there are three workout areas as you run around Loch Ness.  At the first do 10 derkins and 20 American Hammers, at the second do 10 box jumps and 20 American Hammers and at the third do 20 dips and 20 American Hammers.  Repeat for a 2nd round and plank for the 6.

Saunter over to the rock pile and grab a lifting rock.  Overhead carry your rock through the parking lot to the base of Bagpipe Hill (3rd named spot).  Put your rock out of the way where you will know where it is but yet out of the way of cars.  Run up Bagpipe Hill with 10 low and slow squats and back down Bagpipe Hill.  At the bottom find your rock for 15 right hand offset merkins with right hand on the rock.  Repeat up and down the hill with squats at the top and then 15 left hand on the rock offset merkins at the bottom and repeat a 3rd time with squats at the top and diamond merkins on the rock at the bottom.  As guys finished (mainly Sweetwater, Cable Guy and Midriff) there was time for some good ab work with the rocks.  YHC called flutter with rock presses, Tagalong called chippy cross with the rocks (which was sneaky tough) and I think YHC called American Hammer with the rocks.  Carry your rocks overhead back to the rock pile and return them.

Start back towards launch stopping at the Wells Fargo parking lot for some various Mary called by various Pax.  Then AYG sprint back to launch with a minute plank to hit 6:15.


While running up Bagpipe Hill someone mentioned Ben Nevis being one of the other Bagpipe landmarks (the long hill up Ballantyne Commons heading towards Lancaster Hwy).  Midriff asked how it got its name.  YHC was not sure but asked Tagalong since he is a grizzled F3 vet of many years.  Tagalong did not know but got home, did some research, and forwarded a description to YHC that Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the British Isles.  Since it is located in Scotland common sense would dictate that it was named by Haggis.  So there is your Bagpipe trivia for the day.

Strong work by all.  Loch Ness is a scenic spot and Bagpipe Hill is no joke and provides for an extra challenge rather than just running.  It has made more than one Pax spill merlot in its history.  All pushed through and finished the circuits admirably.


  • Mighty’s blood drive is on for late October.  Save your blood for then.
  • Happy Hour this Thursday (8/20) at Bradshaw’s outdoor patio at 4:30.  Sort of a welcome back HH since Bucky is back for a couple of days for work.
  •  YHC is still volunteering Loogie’s new, fancy beach house for a F3 getaway…Loogie just doesn’t know it yet.

Lets Gooooooo!

With a week filled of college football cancellations and other bummers to YHC’s favorite upcoming season of the year, YHC was ready to release some frustration and get after it.  In the grand scheme the aforementioned are minor inconveniences, but it was still good to get up and push oneself with 12 other men ready to go.  YHC and Kirby were the only takers of a pre-run but I expect that number to grow as things progress (and the heat/humidity drops).  5:30 hit and 13 Pax were off.  Here is what went down.


The Thang:

Warm up mosey around the Regal parking lot with shuffles right and left, butt kickers and high knees.  COP with IW, Hillbillies, SSH, Mtn Climbers, 6 inches, then brief yoga stretch.  Mosey to the parking lot behind HT.

Speed bump warm up.  Run to each speed bump stopping for an upper body and lower body exercise.  10 x wide arm merkins and 10 x squats – next speed bump 10 x regular merkin and 10 x right leg lunges – next speed bump 10 x diamond merkins and 10 x left leg lunges.  Repeat for last 3 speed bumps. T-claps to Long Haul for leading plank work while the Pax finished.

Now that we were warmed up time for the main event.  Mosey to St. Matt’s and grab a lifting rock to take to the parking lot.  Partner up and line up abreast maintaining social distance.  P1 does called rock exercise while P2 runs to 3rd light to do ab work and then runs back. Flapjack as needed to get to total.  Exercises were:

Round 1: 120 total bicep curls with runner doing 15 heels to heaven at 3rd light.

Round 2: (Pax made round 1 look too easy so YHC audibled) 160 total overhead presses with runner going to 2nd light and doing 10 JLo’s.

Round 3: 160 total tricep extensions (keep elbows in) with runner doing 20 LBC’s.

Round 4: 100 total sumo squats (keep the back straight and rock touching the ground) with runner doing 20 scissor kicks.

Head back to launch stopping halfway for the Pax to enjoy 15 Walter N’diaye’s (I have to look the spelling up every time) in the HT parking lot. Finish mosey to launch with just enough time for 8 burpees OYO.  Finish.



As stated early in this backblast it was great to get out and get after it with the Pax.  Lots of noise in the world today but for YHC posting with the Pax helps to normalize things.  As always great to see the regulars of this AO which make a sucky workout that much more enjoyable.  And fantastic to see the relative Nightmare newcomers like Sweet Water, Floorslapper and Beetlejuice (these guys are all beasts and are going to make the rest of us step up our game).  Strong work by all this morning and a pleasure to lead the group.



  • SOB blood drive coming in October at the Brace YMCA.  Specifics to come but eat plenty of red meat and drink lots of water leading up to that point…and don’t donate elsewhere so that you can give a pint.
  • Remember to wear lights and hi-vis shirts so that we are visible in the gloom.  It is staying darker longer as the time shifts.
  • YHC is watching more NBA basketball of random teams this very moment and FYI Dame Lillard is a bad man.

Non-Contact Individual Partner Work

YHC was honored to Q Stonehenge on the morning of the F3/FIA Local Impact 5K/10K.  As such I promised the 12 to 13 PAX relatively low mileage to spare those that were running the race immediately after the workout.  That still left half of the body to torment and burn out.  One FNG was present and seeing that it was Lex Luthor’s dad the name of Zod was basically already applied to him before YHC even got out of the car.  Is that our first inter-dimensional warlord name in SOB?  C’mon, there has to be others.  Anyhoo since we had a FNG a thorough disclaimer was made and we were off.

The Thing:

Slight mosey to another parking lot for COP that consisted of IW, hillbillies, Parker Peters, Peter Parkers, a yoga hamstring type stretch and Morrocan Night Clubs.

Next was a trip to the road that runs by the condos leading to the Ballantyne Village.  It was at this point that YHC realized that we were missing Zod.  Had he teleported to another dimension in search of more kryptonite?  Actually I think that the paternal instinct kicked in and he quickly realized that YHC had no clue what he was doing and adjusted accordingly.  The remaining Pax ran up the road stopping at every light for 4 burpees and finshing at Costigan Park.  Who knew the fountain that has plants in it instead of water has an actual name? Apparently Google Earth knows this.  Partner up.  P1 bear crawls down and back one of the four “spokes” of Costigan Park while P2 does incline merkins.  Flapjack.  Next round P1 still bear crawls but P2 does dips and flapjack.  The plan was for teams to move clockwise to each spoke so that it would be 4 rounds of alternating incline merkins and dips.  Billy Goat made the wise suggestion for each team to stay in their spoke for the 4 rounds thus minimizing sweat puddle mixation.  Good suggestion Goat!  Someone get that man a safety patrol badge.  Mary Kay also threw his 2 cents in about something but at this point, just white noise to YHC.

After this was completed mosey to Blackfinn.  Here we partnered back up and Tagalong peeled off to get his Impact Local run in.  Correct prioritization there.  P1 hits a people’s chair and does arm presses while P2 runs to benches by the Ballantyne Arch and does called exercises then flapjack.  Exercises consisted of 10 derkins, 10 step-ups (each leg) and 25 dips.  Once done repeato but substitute LBC’s for the people’s chair and arm presses.  Mosey to the Duckworth’s parking lot for our last non-contact individual partner drill.  P1 runs around and climbs Duckworth Wall while P2 does called exercise and flapjack.  First called exercise was 200 plank jacks total per team.  Repeato but with 200 flutters.

Headed back to launch when YHC realized there was just enough time for a fun burn out game of Abe Froman.  Froman is of course the Sausage King of Chicago and seeing as this drill originated in Chicago…hence the namesake.  All Pax get in a circle and plank facing the center.  Each Pax does 1 merkin individually around the circle as many times as it takes until there is 1 man standing.  Once a guy drops out he must do the number of burpees equal to the number of guys remaining in the circle.  Ultimately this became a two horse race with Buckeye and Chopper matching merkin for merkin.  Eventually Chopper performed what was the 60th merkin of the Abe Froman and called it making Buckeye the last man standing.  I think we were running out of time so Chopper being the punctual man that he is bowed out so that he kept us on schedule.  We finished on to launch and Chopper called 1 minute of Dolly to finish us up.


The Moleskin:

Nice work out there guys.  It is great to see the numbers at workouts continually increase as guys are getting back out.  And thanks for being mindful of the social distancing.  Lex and Cul-de-Sac are doing a great job at Stonehenge as two new site Q’s (and this is coming from a Davinci loyalist).  Great marketing and actively reaching out for various Q’s.  Airwolf may be relatively new to the F3 game but man is he quickly working to the front.  And he even invited YHC to hit him with some mumblechatter about his selection of wall jumping placement.  Glad to have you aboard.  The Abe Froman showdown between Buckeye and Chopper was epic and a crowd pleaser.  Teddy and Mary Kay, kudos to battling through injuries and pains and still posting.  Way to grind it out.  Olaf amazes me because he busts it but never looks tired.  The man could post and then roll into one of his stores and no one would notice that he just ran several miles and did who knows how many merkins, dips, etc.  Goat and Turkey you guys are animals.  No literally, your names are animals.  YHC appreciates that you bust your tails at the workouts but also help keep the Q’s mindful of details that we need to practice in these times, but are easy to forget as a Q with everything else going on.  Tagalong was there just long enough for people to point out that he still has a majestic beard and then poof, he was gone like a fart in the wind.

All joking aside I appreciate you guys following my lead this morning and am grateful for the ability to get out and interact with everyone.  With all of the working from home and quarantining, it is needed.

Quarantine Breakout Tailgate Pre-Blast

“As we are now in Phase 2 and nearing Phase 2.5 it is time for some good ol in-person fellowship.  Bring your bag chairs and favorite beverage and join your F3 brothers in a socially distanced tailgate next Saturday 6/13.  Taco Stand has graciously offered to host the tailgate in his cul-de-sac at 6507 Coral Rose Road 28277.  He is the only house in the cul-de-sac so basically it will be like high school where a bunch of cars met in an open field and burned tires and played music (don’t tell me that only happened in small town S.C.).  The festivities start at 4:00 and go until Taco starts challenging everyone to sprints.

We will have some appetizers and if you are comfortable sharing food feel free to bring something.  No pressure as this is meant to be a laid back gathering with people able to socially distance as much as they like.  Mainly we want to just kick back up human interaction.  Also, feel free to bring M’s and 2.0’s as you would like…or if you have had 3 months of together-time and need a solo event then cool.  There is a pond there too so fishing poles are also encouraged.

I think that hits on about everything but if there are any questions reach out to War Eagle, Mary Kay or Taco Stand.  Looking forward to hanging out with you guys.”

Hitting B.O.M.B.S!

Happy Cinco da Mayo to all.  13 Pax joined YHC for an early morning beatdown to justify the tacos and nachos that would be consumed later.  Two things threw YHC off early 1) the morning storms and 2) a shoddy internet connection due to said storms.  I am thankful for the guys like Cooter who took on some of our first virtual workouts and experienced technical difficulties and showed how to work through them.  Switching from the laptop to the iPhone and going cellular seemed to do the trick. Now that we had those kinks worked out time to get to it.

The Thing:

Standard warmup with no cadence and all OYO:

SSH x 20, IW x 20, potato pickers x 20, mtn climbers x 20

Was then going to go with 30 second run out and 30 second run back but with some lightening and thunder in the area audibled to 30 seconds of high knees.  If it was just raining of course we would have been out there running as if we were in the gloom but lightening, ehhh wanted to be cautious.

On to the main event of the B.O.M.B.S. ladder and in honor of Cinco da Mayo notice the 5 exercises completed in reps of multiples of 5 over 5 sets (trippy huh?):

Burpees x 5

Overhead presses (with weights) x 10

Merkins x 15

Big boy situps x 10

Squats (with weights) x 10

One set of this to get the feel for it.  At this point the weather calmed down so it was 1 minute out and 1 minute back run.  If weather was still sketchy where you were then modified to 30 seconds alternating high knees and butt kickers.

We proceeded to walk up and down this ladder by increasing reps x2 then x3 and walking back down x2 and finishing with the original reps.  1 minute runs out and back broke up each set.  After finishing the 5th and final set we had a couple of minutes left so 2 minutes of flutter and heels to heaven.


It continues to amaze me how we are able to pull these virtual workouts off and get the consistent crowds.  I spoke with a buddy this weekend who does F3 in another town and he said they have no virtual workouts.  He said they have some guys that meet in small groups but for the most part guys are waiting for things to get back to normal.  T-claps gents for keeping this thing going during a pandemic.  I always enjoy when Flutie Flakes joins us so that I can see what the weather is like in New Hampshire.  It is also interesting to see guy’s setups like Patent Pending that had us in his Buffalo Bill room.  The only thing missing was Precious the dog and a bucket with lotion.

Solid work by all.  Hopefully everyone felt like they got their May 5th off to a good start.  Thanks Cooter and Kirby for the opportunity to lead.


Keep Em Moving

13 gentlemen ditched the fartsack and weathered the fog and wind to post at The Brave Friday morning.  Before announcements and taking off Frehley’s informed everyone that there was 0% chance of gaseous expulsions…both of the solid and gas form.  With that assurance YHC knew that these Pax were serious and ready to get down to business.

The Thang

Mosey to the parking garage on the corner of Ballantyne Commons and Ballantyne Corporate.  Standard warmup of SSH, Hillbilly’s, potato pickers and mtn climbers.  YHC took this opportunity to clarify that cherries grow on trees and potatoes in the ground, therefore potato pickers logically is the proper name for this exercise.  After warming up we headed to the start of the parking ramp.  Parking garage suicides were up next, run up one level and by the stairs 20 monkey humpers and 10 wide arm merkins.  Down the stairs and then up to the 2nd level repeating until all 4 levels were covered.  The six were our timekeepers so the overachievers that finished before the six were instructed to restart the suicides until the last guy finished.

After completing the parking garage we moseyed to the Lance building at the fitness trail entrance.  As the runners reached this spot everyone circled back for the six…keeping everyone moving at all times.  At the fitness trail partnered up. P1 runs to one pull up bar and P2 to the other pull up bar with 10 pull ups each.  Meet back in the middle for 10 hand slap merkins.  Flap jack pull up bars and meet in the middle for 10 shoulder taps (left and right = 1).  YHC called for 6 rounds of this.  After everyone finished it was time to head back to launch but since we were a ways from launch YHC called for taking it in sections.  First leg was to the top of bagpipe hill over the bridge, with circling back for the six.  At this point we stopped for 1 minute elbow plank hold.  Second leg was to Ballantyne Commons, circling back for the six.  Here we did a bit o’ Mary with heels to heaven.  Final leg was back to launch rolling back right at 6:15.


As YHC’s first Q of The Brave I was not quite sure what to expect.  It was YHC’s goal to a) get the prerequisite 4 miles in and b) make the workout challenging for all by keeping everyone moving at all times.  Hence the call for keeping the suicides going until everyone finished and circling back for the six at each leg of any mosey.  Overall we got at least 4.8 miles in and some upper body work.  I don’t care who you are, 60 pull ups will make you feel it.  Solid work by all, not a large gap between the thoroughbreds and the six.  I think a few guys only got one extra level of the garage in before all were done.

Thanks Tuck for the opportunity to lead.

You do know New Year’s resolutions start January 1st right?

YHC just knew that this morning Rebel Yell would continue the trend of large crowds and then some with this being the first workout after New Year’s and all.  With 2 minutes to launch there was about 4 guys then as we got closer to 5:30 the number bumped up to 9.  I am going to go with the fact that guys were still out of town or still on holiday time.  Me thinks next week will be the start of big numbers.  Nevertheless the 9 PAX that said to heck with the fartsack were ready to get after it.  After a disclaimer here is what went down.

The Thang:

Moseyed to parking lot in between HT and CFA for warm up.  SSH, IW, Hillbilly’s and Mtn Climbers.  One resolution YHC wants to add to his regimen is more stretching.  So we did some sort of yoga stretch that C3PO brought out at Davinci last week and then finished off with some calf stretching.  From here we crossed Rea to the parking deck at Brown Bag.  Unfortunately The Bag was not open so we could not get a steak sandwich so instead we did a round of 7’s.  Starting on the bottom level we did 6 Donkey Kicks, up the stairs to the other end of the parking lot for 1 burpee.  Run down back to the bottom for 5 DK and then up for 2 burpees, repeato until we finished with 1 DK and 6 burpees.  Long Haul ordered 6 inches until all were done.

From here we headed to the office along Ballantyne Commons ( I think it is an arthritis consultant) that has a great rock pile.  Heard a couple of PAX note that they had not been here and was a rarely explored area of RY.  Very true and should be utilized more.  The PAX partnered up and grabbed a lifting rock between them.  P1 started curls while P2 ran to the other end of the parking lot and bear crawled one of the parking lot sections.  Flapjack until 100 total curls…wait check that.  The PAX was flying through these so bump that to 120. Then P1 did triceps while P2 ran to the other end of the lot for 10 plank jacks…120 total.  Final round was P1 doing overhead presses while P2 ran to the boulder pile and cranked out 8 derkins…120 total.

Moseyed back to launch stopping midway for Hot Yoga and Mic Check to call a couple of Mary exercises.  Back to launch 1 minute past…sorry fellas for going long.


You would have thought that this was YHC’s VQ because I kept making so many audibles.  I had my weinke all laid out (huh huh) but the parking deck 7’s took a little longer than I thought.  So I scrambled some of my exercises up to make sure that I got the ones in that I wanted to.  And I was going to go with 120 reps at first but thought that I needed to shorten for time…should have known with this group to keep the bar high.  Then I had the PAX start to put their rocks back after 2 rounds of partner work but then 2nd guessed and decided that we had enough time to get a 3rd round in.  Thanks to Wingman for pointing these out and keeping me from getting a big ol Q head.

Nice work by all.  The day after New Year’s is a tough one to motivate for but YHC hopes that you got your money’s worth.  Observations: Long Haul stayed at the front with YHC to keep him company but I think that I was holding him back.  Amazing that at 50+ he stays at the front and doesn’t appear tired when all is done.  Not enough T-claps can be given to Loogie for posting and gutting it out with his shoulder hurting.  He is the epitome of working through the pain and still improving.  I am in awe.  It is well known that Mic Check has some of the best exercise form in all of SOB land but apparently his warning form needs work.  The PAX grumbled as Mic Check called out bumps and other hazards after they had already gone past them.  Hot Yoga is a man of few words but he knocks it out each and every time.  RY will look to get you on the Q calendar soon.  Swine Flu is a model of consistency posting both in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd F’s.  Thank you for becoming a pillar in SOB.  Cooter (2) has made it back from his leg health scare to be better than ever.  Impressive drive through that and awesome to see you back in the fold and then some.  As noted above thanks to Wingman for leading the mumblechatter charge.  I honestly think that mumblechatter is what makes our workouts fun and keeps guys coming out.  This was YHC’s last week as site Q of RY.  YHC would like to thank Olaf for being a site Q with me and being invaluable in keeping RY the best AO on Thursdays at the corner of Elm and Ballantyne Commons.