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Davinci 5 Year Anniversary – Part 2 – The Moleskin

As noted in Part 1 of the backblast for the 5 year anniversary of Davinci there was a lot of great moments to call out from the morning.  This is Part 2 listing those moments.  Hop over to Part 1 for details on the actual workout.


  • Right out of the gate YHC mistimed a traffic light and basically had the crew running in front of and behind a car at said light. I can only imagine what was going through that person’s mind.
  • Upon stopping at 131 Main for the warmup there was a larger than usual gap with the 6. Soft Pretzel informed me that we had a Pax go down but is OK.  Man, this is going to be an interesting one.  Ends up Patent Pending (aka Kirby2) took a spill while moseying.  You see, Patent Pending was a FNG at the initial Davinci 5 years ago.  Maybe he started celebrating early?  Would he be able to continue?  Spoiler alert, he would and rocked the workout.  Spoiler alert #2…he would not be the only Pax to take a spill.
  • While doing Bonnie Blairs, Trickle actually noted they should be named “Eric Heiden’s”. YHC erroneously asked if that was a Dutch skater but Trickle clarified he was American which did ring a bell with YHC.  Somehow that conversation had twists and turns that eventually led to Trickle stating that he would post in wooden Dutch shoes next time.
  • Das Boot knew exactly who Trickle was referencing. Is it me or is Das Boot everywhere?  I know that he holds the Passport championship belt but it seems like he is in multiple places at the same time.  Does he have clones?  Das Boots?
  • After the rock workout Mighty Might noted that we did not do near as much upper body as we did legs. Well yeah, we are going for the triangle look.  And YHC stated early in the workout that was the plan.
  • It was interesting to hear Midriff talk about watching “The Last Dance” and not really being old enough to remember basketball when Jordan played and how incredible Jordan was. 1) It made YHC feel his age and 2) that’s awesome that younger people are now able to appreciate Jordan as a player.  Watching him in his prime, I don’t care what anyone says he is the greatest.
  • Speaking of the greatest, Teddy and Mic Check were discussing with YHC the Tiger Woods documentary on HBO. I have to check that one out.  And if you have not checked out the SNL parody biography of Tiger Woods from the mid-90’s check it out, it is hilarious.
  • YHC loves seeing the 2.0’s that come out to Davinci and crush it. I worked out a good bit of the morning beside Watson and he was not cheating any of the exercises.  Well done my friend.
  • On the way back to launch standing at the light to cross Rea Road, Trickle took a tumble. Not sure what happened but that was the 2nd man down. YHC likes to think that the leg workout was so tough that Trickle could not stand erect any longer.



  • Always great to have the Chicken Runners join for COT. Tuck, Bratwurst, Kirby and Gruden were gracious enough to wait on us slightly late arriving bootcampers and joined after running gobs of miles.
  • Speaking of Trickle, he noted that since the Davinci shovel flag deservedly went with Bucky up to WI that he was going to put together a new Davinci shovel flag. That is a HIM, sees a direct need and takes it on.  Thanks brother, it is much appreciated.
  • There were several guys at COT on Saturday that were at the original Davinci launch: Mic Check, Tuck, Patent Pending, Mighty Might and Loogie. Midriff asked them for a few words.  Patent noted having Loogie and Mic Check to keep pushing him was something that keeps him going these 5 years.  Mic Check followed up and noted that accountability is one of the best parts of F3.  We keep each other accountable but definitely find your “accountability buddy” where you can continuously push each other.
  • Tuck noted that the beauty of F3 is that if there is something that you want to do, do it and persevere. When he and Mic Check started Davinci it was at times on the brink of shutting down.  They stuck with it, made a couple of tweaks on time and location and now Davinci is thriving.
  • On that point, the example was made of C3PO and the job that he has done building The Appetizer. It has gone from him and Johnny5 and T1000 for several weeks to almost 20 a week.  Also, there was a need for a Monday bootcamp in SOB and Firestarter was started.  Now there are good numbers there as well.
  • Speaking of Johnny 5 and T1000 and accountability, Watson you have bragging rights of being there on Saturday and those guys fartsacking* Be their accountability buddy and get them back out. *I have no idea if they were fartsacking or had other commitments but there is a narrative here to push so I am going with fartsacking.
  • Also speaking of Firestarter and its success, YHC slyly mentioned that it was a result of the site Q’s at which point YHC and Teddy shared a laugh. The comment was picked up by others who laughed that Mary Kay ghosted the site from the start.  We attributed the success of Firestarter to MK and a hearty laugh was had by all.  All jokes aside MK is one of YHC’s accountability buddies and does keep me going in the ruck area.  YHC will step it up and keep MK going in the bootcamp area.


Thanks all for the hard work and good times this morning.  I recall when I first joined F3 3 years ago that I was amazed that guys got up early on Saturday to workout.  Not me I remember thinking.  But after going to Davinci and Stonehenge a few times I realized that Saturday workouts are special.  Maybe it is knowing that you don’t have to rush off for work or what but guys seem to really push it but yet socialize with each other.  Both sites have a great combination of 1st F and 2nd F.


Thanks Midriff and Soft Pretzel for allowing me to lead this anniversary edition of Davinci.



Davinci 5 year anniversary – Part 1 – The Workout

This Saturday at Davinci marked the 5-year anniversary of the site.  It was YHC’s honor to be on Q for the special occasion.  The 13 Pax in attendance provided so much good mumblechatter and memorable things to call out that YHC needed to break the morning into two backblasts.  This is Part 1 which is the detail on the workout.  For the moleskin details on the morning tune in for Part 2.

YHC stole this workout idea from Tagalong who did a leg/core heavy workout a year ago when he was getting ready to go skiing.  YHC is going skiing in a month so time to get those legs and core ready.


The Thang:

Mosey to the 131 Main parking lot for a warmup:

SSH, IW, Potato Pickers, Mtn Climbers and calf stretches


Head over to the rock pile behind the lash studio on Ardrey Kell and grab a lifting rock.  The 13 Pax spread out abreast with clarification that half will be running down one side of the parking lot with the other half running down the other side of the parking lot (keeping it socially distant y’all).

10 lunges each leg with rock. Put rock down and jump over rock side to side 10 times (over and back = 1).  Then run down to 3rd light and back.  3 sets of this.

15 goblet squats with rock.  Put rock down and 15 Bonnie Blairs (over and back = 1).  Then run down to 3rd light and back.  3 sets of this.

20 calf raises with rock.  Put rock down and 20 monkey humpers.  Then run down to 3rd light and back.  3 sets of this.

In order to even it out a little bit we did some 7’s with the biceps because curls for the girls.  3 sets of 7’s which equated to 63 curls with runs to the 3rd light in between.

Mosey back stopping at the First Citizens Bank for some core work.  Partner up with P1 doing J’Lo’s while P2 runs around the bank doing 20 donkey kicks at the drive thru and then flapjack.  Next round is P1 doing backscratchers while P2 runs around the bank and does 10 burpees in the drive thru then flapjack.  YHC had one more core exercise on the weinke but cut it short in order to get in one of the exercises from the original, very first Davinci workout.

We headed over to the stairwell with the yoga studio at top.  This was affectionately named Nakatomi Plaza in the original workout and YHC is committed to bringing that name back.  Pulling from the original workout we did some “Welcome to the party, pal”s.  6 diamond merkins at the bottom of the stairwell up and over and down for 1 burpee at the bottom.  Then 5 diamond merkins up, over and down and 2 burpees, etc.  We made it through 3 rounds before it was time to head back to launch.

On the way back to launch we passed the Blakeney fountains.  Apparently these were named Niagara Falls at the original Davinci.  We will bring this name back as well.

Mosey to launch arriving at 7:31. Now, head on over to Part 2 for the Moleskin.

Set It and Forget It

So when Cooter asked me a couple of weeks ago if I would Q Bagpipe on 1/12 I said “Sure”.  Looked at the calendar and nothing stood out so sign me up.  It wasn’t until about Sunday evening that I put 2 and 2 together to realize that Tuesday morning was the day after Bama would be playing in the national championship game.  Keep in mind that these games typically involve my family coming over to watch it and win or lose it means YHC getting to bed late.  Hmmm, it is going to be raining and I will undoubtedly be dragging.  I need a set it and forget it workout to hold in the Ballantyne Village garage.  Then it dawns on me that I Q’d such a workout 2 years ago but I can’t quite remember what I did.  And thus reason #164 to write a Backblast…went in and found my Backblast from 2 years ago and I was set.  I did have to modify some of the exercises for Covid (we miss you hand slap merkins and can’t wait for you to come back) but for the most part things stayed the same.  6 gentlemen rolled up eager to join YHC in celebrating Bama’s win (at least that’s how I interpreted it) and we were off.

The Thang:

Mosey to the Ballantyne Village parking garage and circle up for:

SSH x 18

IW x 18

Mnt Climbers x 18

YHC asked the group if they sensed a trend.  Tagalong must have done his research knowing the Q and correctly replied 18 national championships for Bama.

At this point YHC divided the group up into teams of 2 and gave each team a number.  I explained that we were going to run up one level where YHC had placed pieces of paper numbered 1 – 9 with a different exercise noted on each piece of paper.  Each team was to run to the piece of paper that corresponded to their team number and do that exercise.  Once both guys were done (main rule is to wait on and not leave your partner) then run up a level where there were 9 more exercises laid out.  Same theory where you find the piece of paper with your team number on it and do that exercise.  Then run down and find the next sequentially numbered exercise, back up to the corresponding number and so on until each team works through all 18 pain stations.

The actual order of the below is not 100% accurate as YHC did not write them down anywhere but you get the gist.

Lower Level:

#1 = 15 diamond merkins

#2 = 60 second elbow plank

#3 = 15 goblet squats with kettlebells

#4 = 24 J Lo’s

#5 = 6 inches with legs for 1 minute

#6 = 15 shoulder tap merkins

#7 = 25 Heels to heaven

#8 = 20 merkins

#9 = Some guy or gal drove their car into this spot so we lost the exercise. It became Pax choice at this point.


Upper Level:

#1 = 15 Carolina dry docks

#2 = 60 seconds protractor

#3 = 10 lunges (R+L = 1)

#4 = 20 big boy situps

#5 = 20 wide arm merkins

#6 = 24 chippy cross’s

#7 = something with legs

#8 = 10 staggered right arm and 10 staggered left arm merkins

#9 = 15 dying cockroaches

Quick plank work while the final teams finished.  Just enough time to run back up and down collecting the papers.  It was my plan to leave the kettlebells and drive back to pick them up.  Midriff had other ideas and so no no, we are carrying these bad boys back.  So we took turns handing the bells off on our mosey back to launch.


Being the odd man out I hopped in with team #1 (duh) of Cable Guy and Rousey.  Had a great time working out with and catching up with these guys.  I was a bit of form police because the reps were relatively low with the intention of keeping good form.  Cable Guy makes it look so effortless and Rousey never runs out of energy.  I believe team #2 was Cooter and Jazz Hands who were first to finish.  Cooter is Mr. Reliable and always puts in work while it was great to see Jazz Hands back out.  The man has not missed a beat.  Team #3 consisted of Midriff and Tagalong who I think probably finished first officially and I think took on an extra round of exercises.

Some observations:

  • Upon arriving Rousey regaled us with tales of his bathroom results prior to leaving for the workout.
  • Great call Midriff on running the kettlebells back to launch.  Everyone got a little bit of that and it was a good topper to the workout.
  • In hindsight we could have used the car that pulled into our last pain station to our advantage.  I think it was a Prius or something that we could have all lifted and moved.  That would have been a one-upper to the gear workouts.


  • SOB/Area 51 blood drive February 19th and the Brace YMCA.  See Mighty Mite’s post on Slack for the link to sign up.
  • Continue to keep Bout Times son, Jennings, in your thoughts and prayers.  Hops has done a great job posting updates on Slack.
  • Bring gently used kid’s clothes and toys for Escobar’s annual collection for sending to Columbia, South America.  Kirby and War Eagle are collecting at workouts.

Always a pleasure to Q at Bagpipe and thanks to Cooter and Cable Guy for the opportunity to lead.

An Ode to My F3 Brothers

For those of you that know me know that I am not one who is apt to put pen to paper with a whole lot of introspection, but as 2020 becomes 2021 I felt the need to tell you all how thankful I am for you.  Apologies in advance for the length of this but I have a lot to say.  Much has obviously been made about the challenges of 2020 but I am grateful for the men of F3 who helped me to stay centered during all the challenges.  Whether it was a fist bump pushing me along while getting my butt kicked at a workout or laughing out loud at a post on Slack, it all helped to maintain some sanity.  Truth be told, for the majority of us 2020 was not as bad as it has been made out to be.  As my pastor noted, many of us were inconvenienced but did not suffer.  I am grateful to have had F3 through the year to help navigate the “inconveniences”.  That is not to say that some of our F3 brothers were not directly impacted during 2020.  And if you suffered a job loss, loss of a loved one or other hardship I truly hope that we were there to support you and be a sounding board or a source of normalcy for you.  And that is what I think the underlying strength of F3 is.  The fact that there is a large group of men that are there to support each other in whatever form is needed.  There are guys that we get to know well and develop close friendships with and there are others that we may have only worked out with one time or only know on Slack.  Regardless they all form a shield lock and have our backs no matter what and are willing to help.  As 2020 becomes 2021 things are obviously not going to swing a 180 and completely change overnight.  So, if the challenges are weighing you down please do not hesitate to reach out to your brothers.  WE HAVE YOUR BACK.

Now, there were bright spots in 2020.  We were able to get an awesome Beer Run in pre-Covid.  We pivoted during the stay at home and while it was not anyone’s preference, we were able to keep guys connected with each other and motivated with virtual workouts and happy hours.  The Hi Impact Local Race and Makeshift Marathons were fantastic events that provided brotherhood and impacts to local charities.  Since we were limited with social gatherings a fun trend has started with holiday workouts/post workout holiday parties with the Turkey Jam and Christmas Eve workouts.  The Passport Challenge has been excellent for encouraging Pax to venture to AO’s that they normally would not hit.  A wise man once said that F3 does not run itself so I would like to thank anyone who helped put on an event or participated in an event.  My sincerest thanks to the site Q’s who keep each site running smoothly and ensure that we all have a place to workout every day…well except Sunday.  I am extremely indebted to the SOB Board (Cooter, Kirby, Madame Tussauds, Mighty Mite, Soft Pretzel, Taco Stand, Thin Mint, Tuck and Wingman) who have provided guidance and thoughtfulness throughout this year and steered SOB through 2020.  And thanks to Voodoo and Bottlecap, the other region Nantans, as I appreciate the fact that we can bounce things off each other and look forward to more of the same in 2021.

Finally, I would like to leave each of you with a call to action.  If you have merely been “inconvenienced” during 2020 I challenge you to lean into F3.  Bring your positivity and optimism to others.  Be that strength and that source of centering to others who have been struggling.  If you have been struggling in 2020 I also challenge you to lean into F3.  Allow the 1st F to improve you physically, the 2nd F to uplift you emotionally and the 3rd F to brighten your soul.  Each and every one of you in the Pax brings something different to F3 and that is what makes it fun yet meaningful.  It is also the reason that I went from saying the only reason that I would run is if a big animal is chasing me to for the last 3 years running around in the early morning dark with a bunch of guys, and loving it!

Happy New Year’s guys…oh and Roll Tide!!

And On the 12th Day of Christmas my Q gave to me…

YHC was up on deck for the Q of this week’s edition of Swole.  YHC is comfortable Q’ing a bootcamp after having Q’ed many a bootcamp but leading a gear workout is still a bit of uncharted territory for me.  Leaning on lessons learned from the last time yours truly Q’ed Swole I planned out a total body KB workout.  YHC has neglected legs recently so legs were more of a focus than typically done at a KB workout.  The only requirement of these workouts is to get 250 swings in.  The plan was 10 rounds (or is that really all?) with each round consisting of 25 swings, a called KB exercise and an exercise without the KB…each round taking 3 minutes.  And there was a 12 rep theme for our 12 Days of Christmas.

Oh and the other requirement at a gear workout is to have a music playlist that motivates.  The benefit of being the Q is you get to push your taste in music on the Pax.  I always go 90’s-early 2000’s alternative/grunge.  Here is what went down with playlist at the bottom.

The Thang:

25 swings each round with

  • 6 shoulder presses each arm and 10 squats (Day 1)
  • 12 goblet squats and 10 merkins (Day 2)
  • 6 cleans each arm and 10 squats (Day 3)
  • 6 lunges each leg and 10 merkins (Day 4)
  • 6 snatches each arm and 10 squats (Day 5)
  • 12 Romanian deadlifts and 10 merkins (Day 6)
  • 6 bent rows and 10 squats (Day 7)
  • 12 sumo squats and 10 merkins (Day 8)
  • 12 upright rows and 10 squats (Day 9)
  • 6 single leg dead lifts and 10 merkins (Day 10)

So at this point we have our 250 swings in but that is only 10 days.  At about Day 8 Voodoo asked if we were at 250 swings.  It probably felt like 250 with the huge bell that he swings (YHC wonders if that sounds as awkward in print as it does in my head).  Uncle Leo, ever the numbers savant, pointed out that we were only at 200.  And Wild Turkey had already done the math and noted that he had a feeling that we were going to do more than that.  And he was correct because there are 12 days of Christmas…obvi.

  • 25 swings with 12 flutters while pressing the KB and 10 squats (Day 11)
  • 25 swings with 12 burpees and 10 merkins to finish off DAy 12)  Editor’s note, YHC was not initially going to call the merkins along with burpees but Frehley’s insisted on the merkins too #overachiever

Just enough time for 60 seconds out and 60 seconds back of Farmer’s Carry and 1 minute of elbow plank hold.  Finito.


Alive – Pearl Jam

Far Behind – Candlebox

What’s My Age Again – Blink 182

Promise – Eve 6

The Bends – Radiohead

Enemy – Sevendust

Possum Kingdom – The Toadies

The Taste of Ink – The Used

Slither – Velvet Revolver

My Name is Jonas – Weezer

Plowed – Sponge

Impressive that most of the Pax knew almost all of the playlist and appeared to approve.  YHC knew Frehley’s would be the hardest to win over musically but he even admitted to liking a couple of the songs.  But he did remark that if his M caught him listening to Enemy by Sevendust that she would think he had lost his mind and promptly have him committed.  Mighty Mite was surprised that YHC listened to some of the harder music…there is much more of that Mighty that I will break out in the future.


Great work by all.  Everyone got after it and there was still room for some mumblechatter on music, sports, holiday plans and aging musicians trying to pull off teen angst in their upper 40’s.  Thanks guys for making it enjoyable as always and thanks Mighty and Voodoo for the opportunity to lead.

Just One Big Warm Up

11 men gathered in the gloom for this week’s edition of Nightmare on Elm led by YHC.  Pretty standard morning of 26 degree weather and everyone arriving at 5:29 in order to enjoy the last few moments of warmth.  The power of the fartsack is strong this time of year, t-claps to these fine gentlemen for not succumbing to the dark side.  Disclaimer was given with special emphasis on social distancing and keeping YHC honest in that regards #keepeachotheraccountable.  5:30 and we were off.

The Thang

Mosey to the parking lot betwixt Harris Teeter and CFA for COP:

IW x 12, Hillbillies x 12, Peter Parkers x 10, hold 6 inches, Parker Peters x 10, Big Arm Circles forward x 10, Big Arm Circles backwards x 10, SSH x 15

Mosey to first round.  It was at this time that Frehley’s commented that he thought that we were just going to warm up the whole time.  Yep, YHC threw an extra set or two in there because it was cold and most of us (Mudflap excluded) are old.  And besides when it is 26 degrees isn’t the whole workout basically one big warm up?  Cross Rea down Piper Station Dr and run to the circle where the hotels and Auto Bell are.  Count off by 3’s.  1’s run to the Residence Inn sign for 10 hand release merkins, 2’s run to the fountains at the new hotel (Hilton) for 10 diamond merkins and 3’s run to Piper Glen Animal Hospital for 10 wide arm merkins.  After each station run back to the circle for 10 shoulder tap merkins.  2 rounds of this and the upper body was feeling it.

Now that upper body had been addressed time for some cardio.  Run to the Brown Bag parking deck.  Triple Nickel of 5 donkey kicks at the bottom and 5 burpees at the top for 5 rounds.  Be sure to run along the outside of the deck and not up and down the stairs.  YHC was originally going to make this a Triple Nickel Adjusted for Inflation and increase the reps from 5 to 10 to 15 but timing was not going to allow it.  In fact due to timing YHC had to audible and drop the 5 rounds to 3.

Time was running short but we needed to get legs in.  Run to the Stonecrest fountains at Chipotle and spread far apart on the fountain wall.  With your back to the wall put your left foot on the wall and crank out 25 right leg lunges.  Be sure and get low.  Then alternate for 25 left leg lunges with right foot on the wall.  Add in 25 low slow squats and finish the leg sundae off with 10 more alternating lunges.

Mosey back to launch and when we hit the theater parking lot time to shake it up and make the rest of the jaunt home backwards.  1 minute to spare and Long Haul led us in some plank work.


Solid work by all.  The time really flew by for this workout for whatever reason.  Long Haul was practicing social distancing by blowing past the Pax.  He was in the merkin group with Patent Pending, Cooter and myself and kept about a 200 yard separation from us because well he was that much faster.  We wondered if it was possible for one to outrun Covid.  Apparently it runs in the family as Long Haul’s 2.0, Mudflap, was at the front with his old man the whole workout too.  I know that this will come as a shock to everyone but Frehley’s was full of mumblechatter early on.  YHC thought that he had worked some of it out of Frehley’s until at the end Frehley’s challenged Long Haul to a sprint back to launch #sandbagging.  Steady Teddy was killing it as always.  Glad to hear the 2.0 is inevitably going to get a full ride and you will be able to retire early.  Patent P brought Shade out who had posted in Charleston and one other place I believe.  Shade did awesome and I enjoyed the little bit of time I got to speak with him (what is it with all these Wisconsin transplants in SOB land?).  And I always enjoy getting to catch up with Patent P.  It did make YHC’s morning to see the dynamic duo of Patent and Loogie show up, especially since Loogie is now officially a beach bum.  You guys embody the fellowship aspect of F3, even when pushing yourselves, which is why many of us get up to exercise at 5:30 in cold or hot weather.  Speaking for myself it is much more enjoyable than working out solo.  Circuit City ditched his traditional bright, hi-vis attire for an all black ninja attire.  It must be in keeping with Best Buy’s Black Friday promotion.  Cooter, appreciate the push in the pre-run.  Cooter wanted to go an extra lap but YHC wanted to keep some in the tank for the Q.  Cooter is becoming such a #seriousrunner.  So Rousey’s 2.0 and my 2.0 are besties.  A couple of months back my 2.0 was hanging with his when Rousey bemoaned that his gym was closed.  My 2.0 mentioned that he ought to try this F3 thing that her dad did.  Imagine that a 12 year old EH’ing guys.  Anyhoo Rousey showed up and 3 months later he is one of the most consistent and reliable posters and crushing workouts.  The funny part is that he was amazed when I told him that yeah, we work out outside even when it is below freezing.  Now he is showing up in 26 degree weather in shorts…I think the California weather is officially out of your system.

Thanks to Circuit City and Swine Flu for giving me the opportunity to lead.


  • Keep pushing through December in the Passport Challenge.
  • War Eagle’s regular reminder to social distance at workouts.  It is a better alternative than having to wear a mask at workouts.
  • Nightmare is looking for Q’s in January and February.
  • Check Slack for Madame Tussaud’s post about needing guys to get together to put together Welcome Home packages for A Roof Above.  These will go to homeless men who will be provided a new living quarters in the hotel that A Roof Above recently purchased.
  • Thanks Patent Pending for the takeout.

That’s a Long Damn Way

YHC rolled into the Blakeney park about 5 minutes before launch and wondered if he had the day or time wrong.  Where was everyone?  Finally YHC noticed Mary Kay stretching over by the playground area.  Hey co-site Q, we meet over here.  It was about this time that YHC realized that there were several guys hanging out in their cars enjoying the last few minutes of warmth because this was one of the first “cold” mornings of the year.  Clock hit 5:30 disclaimer was given and off we went.

The Thing:

Moseyed over to the Blakeney medical complex and circled up for COP: SSH, Hillbillies, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters, Yoga stretch right and left leg, Morroccan Night Clubs.

Next up a crowd favorite that YHC learned from a Goonie Q at Davinci.  Partner up and P1 runs down to the end of the complex at the 2nd daycare and runs back while P2 bearcrawls the same stretch doing a merkin at each parking spot.  Flapjack at the spot where each partner bearcrawls to working your way to the end of the complex.  The complex is looooong with the first couple of down and backs being just under a mile.  It was probably about the 4th or 5th trip down when YHC passed Big Tuna who noted “This is a long damn way War Eagle”.  Yes it was Tuna, yes it was…and we are all better for it. YHC called this one about 3/4 of the way through as we had gone for about 25 minutes and there were other things to get to.

Head over to the wall behind Old Navy.  Partner back up with the same partner, P1 does 4 wall climbs while P2 does burpees.  Flapjack for 4 sets.  A few rounds of PAX called Mary exercises.  Mosey back to launch but stopping at the alleyway for people’s chair with 50 overhead presses then Balls to the Wall and a repeato for 1 more set just to ensure that the shoulders are smoked.


It has been a great start to Firestarter.  There was obviously a need for a Monday bootcamp in SOB land.  And a great mixture of SOB regulars and guys who typically post in Waxhaw so it has been a pleasure meeting new PAX.  The goal of YHC was to keep things moving pretty quickly and get some distance in while burning out the upper body.  Hopefully everyone got their money’s worth.  Thanks for pushing hard fellas and thanks Teddy and MK for the opportunity to lead.


  • Keep stamping those passports and visiting different sites in SOB, A51 and Waxhaw.
  • Q school in A51 on 11/21 at Calvary Church, check Slack for further details.

In an Ornithology Battle Who Would Win…Eagle or Hawk?

A couple of weeks ago Cobbler reached out to YHC with an invite to head down South and Q Blackhawk.  Having never been to this AO I was looking forward to seeing what it was like.  Since I don’t like to Q a workout without actually physically visiting the site YHC made a reconnaissance trip down to Walnut Creek earlier in the week.  At said midweek visit it was noted that there are lots of various areas to be used for a variety of exercises.  There were even various trails that YHC didn’t have the comfort level to incorporate into the workout and preferred to remain in the main home base of the park.  Hmmm, what workout could remain in a central location but yet incorporate a bunch of different exercises?  Looking at my watch to determine if enough time had passed for traffic to have died down for YHC to venture back to N.C. it dawned on YHC…The Clock Workout.  This is a favorite workout of YHC’s and actually was done at Davinci a couple of months ago, but this was a new crowd so YHC shouldn’t get called out for being too unoriginal.  6:30 hit and 11 Pax (soon to be 12) were chomping at the bit to get started.  YHC gave a disclaimer and reminded the Pax to keep me accountable for keeping the workout socially distanced.

The Thing:

Off we went to one of the 167 baseball fields at the park.  Circled up for various warmups:

Hillbillies, Imperial Walkers, Potato Pickers, Mtn Climbers, Peter Parkers, Parker Peters, 6 inches and then a yoga stretch for each leg.

Moseyed to the center of the adjoining soccer fields.  By this point various Pax had noticed and pointed out the cones with folders strategically placed around the soccer fields.  In the center of the soccer fields YHC had planted a pitch fork to mark the center of our clock (what exactly is this called?).  The workout would involve running to each hour which was marked with a cone and perform the exercise noted at that hour.  Once complete with the exercise run back to the center of the clock and then run to the next hour, so on and so on.  Seeing as we had 11 Pax we split in half with YHC taking one group to 1:00 and Mary Kay taking the other group to 7:00. YHC knew MK could handle it seeing as he led this workout the first time YHC ever took part in it.  Here is what the exercises at each hour consisted of:

1:00 = 1 lap around Walnut Creek Pond (quite the scenic start to a workout)

2:00 = 20 burpees

3:00 = 30 lunges (R+L leg equals 1). At this point we had a late arrival join us.  Come to find out Doozie from Richmond, VA joined us to get a beatdown while in town.  He said that the website said that the wo started at 7:00.  I checked and the S. Charlotte site says 6:30 but if there is a separate Waxhaw or Indian Land site that shows 7:00, may want to change that.

4:00 = 40 derkins (great placement of picnic tables under a pavilion)

5:00 = 50 Big Boy sit ups

6:00 = 60 second elbow plank

7:00 = 70 merkins

8:00 = 80 monkey humpers (should have required Pax to face away from the houses overseeing this site so that they could get an eyeful)

9:00 = 90 plank jacks

10:00 = 100 dips (again, great placement of bleachers…it is almost like whoever designed this park had The Clock Workout in mind)

11:00 = 110 flutters (R + L leg equals 1).  Wrigley asked if each leg was one even though he knew the answer.

12:00 = 120 bear crawls along the soccer base line

With a little bit of time for the 6 to wrap up various Mary led by YHC, Doozie with a Richmond exercise and Atlas.  YHC then counted the PAX off 1-12 and instructed guys to go to the time corresponding to their number, perform that exercise and then bring the cone and folder back to the center #delegationofcleanup #worksmarternotharder.

The crew crushed The Clock Workout with about 15 minutes to spare.  Time for a burnout exercise.  Mosey back to a baseball field where YHC noticed some fantastic lifting rocks.  Grab a rock for a burnout superset.  12 civilian count of bicep curls, overhead presses and tricep extensions.  Then down to 10 of each exercise declining by two each set until 0.  Then moved to legs with the same superset of goblet squat thrusters.  Mosey to launch with 1 minute of plank and then finito.


  • Wrigley was not happy with YHC’s decision to make exercises R+L = 1.  He also threatened to chunk his lifting rock at YHC when goblet squat thrusters was called.  Apparently at one point he told YHC and Mary Kay that we were welcome to head back to Ballantyne at any time.  Despite the (always appreciated) mumblechatter he rocked the workout and crushed it.
  • YHC was able to find out from Doozie that he was in town visiting his parents who lived in Sun City.  I wanted to discuss more but Doozie pulled away starting at the 5:00 sit ups and smoked past the Pax from that point on.
  • Lambeau is about a week in and an infant in his F3 journey with his previous workout at MASH.  Regardless he pushed through the workout like a vet and didn’t look fazed.
  • Chainsaw showed that age is irrelevant and stayed towards the front of the group.  I get the impression that if the exercises were called each leg equaled 1 he would have been disappointed and called us out for being soft.
  • I unfortunately did not get to speak to On Time much but as a Q you are constantly evaluating how the workout is treating everyone.  He was quietly crushing the workout. #silentassassin
  • Glidah did great work with the exercises but more importantly was our photographer when YHC, along with several other Pax, could not figure out the timer function on the camera.
  • Twinkle Toes was a blast from the past and a familiar face.  I believe his first few F3 workouts were in Ballantyne land and he was named at a workout that I was at.  Twinkle, we will have to clown car up to WI and help when Bucky launches his WI F3 chapter.
  • T claps to Atlas, One Niner and Cobbler for pre-running before the workout.  YHC was totally going to pre-run too but ummm had to set up the workout and all…you know how that goes.
  • Thanks to Mary Kay for making the trip with YHC and helping to set up and clean up the workout.


I appreciate Cobbler for reaching out to Q.  We all have our favorite AO’s that become comfortable and like home bases for us and that is great, we need that.  But it is also beneficial to venture out and try other AO’s.  It is a great way to meet new guys, learn new exercises and get out of comfort zones.  As noted earlier there is a variety of areas at Blackhawk for a wide range of workout types.  I encourage guys from all areas but especially Indian Land and Waxhaw to check it out.  Seeing as I was gassed after this workout and a worthless POS once I got home, I would have to score this round in favor of The Hawk.

39 minutes and 45 seconds

YHC has Q’d many a bootcamp workouts but this was his first gear Q.  Mighty Mite and Voodoo have been dedicated gear Q’s and have handled a majority of the gear workouts so it was only fair that some of us freeloaders step up to Q and give them a break.  Anyways all it is is swings with a couple of other exercises thrown in…how hard can it be right?  That is partly true but there are still lessons to be learned (more on that later).  So after some pre-workout jump roping by Wild Turkey and stretching by Uncle Leo the clock hit 5:30 and it was time to get started.  A brief disclaimer was followed by a brief warmup of SSH and small/big arm circles and then to the main event.

The Thing:

The overarching plan of the workout is to get 250 swings in generally broken out over 5 rounds with other exercises tossed in.

1st set = 20 swings + 10 plank rows each side + 8 goblet squats over a 2:20 minute span

2nd set = 20 swings + 5 presses each side + 8 KB lunges each side over a 2:20 minute span

3rd set = 10 swings + 10 offset merkins per arm + 6 KB chippy crosses over a 2:20 minute span

Repeat for 5 rounds

The thought was that the main event would take 35 minutes leaving about 7-8 minutes for carries and core work.  What actually happened was YHC paused the workout from time to time to allow for more recovery time.  My official statement is that some of the guys that were using heavier bells and taking the time to use proper form were finishing with just a few seconds until the next set.  More rest/recovery time is needed for that so YHC audibled for additional recovery time.  The truth is YHC didn’t want to be that guy passing out at his own Q so the unofficial statement is that YHC needed some additional recovery time.  Anyone that says gear workouts are not cardio workouts…pfffffftttttt whatever.  Once the  main workout was done there was a little over a minute left so 1 minute of elbow plank took us to 6:15.



The lesson learned here by YHC was to back down the additional exercises.  Since the swings were broken out over 3 sets, adding 2 exercises to each set eventually took almost the entire time allotted per set.  When I went through a set in my garage it worked out but what I didn’t take into account was how on sets 3-5 the timing slows down.  Regardless, it kicked YHC’s butt and hopefully everyone else’s too.  When we finished the tabata timer lady who lives in my iPhone stated that we completed our workout in 39 minutes and 45 seconds which Beetlejuice quickly added there’s the name of the backblast.

I am a child of 90’s and early 2000’s alternative rock so the playlist was from this genre.  Some hits that people knew along with some deeper cuts that are my favorites.  The playlist:

Beastie Boys – Sabotage

Diffuser – Karma

Foo Fighters – Best of You

Incubus – Pardon Me

The Killers – When We Were Young

Kings of Leon – Black Thumbnail

Rage Against the Machine – Bulls on Parade

Silvertide – Ain’t Comin Home

Tantric – Down and Out

Live – Iris

Be Sure to Tip Your Tour Guide

YHC was working on his workout plan the night before Q’ing Bagpipe when Cooter gave me an idea.  On Slack the night before Cooter promised YHC would provide a tour of the Bagpipe AO.  While the Bagpipe site is quite expansive with several directions to go YHC decided to focus on an area with some of the “named” landmarks.  5:30 hit and 14 Pax had gathered ready to go.  A disclaimer was given and we were off.

The Thang:

Mosey to the parking lot of a nondescript office building across from the Bull Ring (1st named spot).  Fun fact, YHC used to work at said nondescript office building 10 years ago before beginning the uptown commute.  Here we warmed up with SSH x 15, IW x 15, Potato Pickers x 12, Peter Parkers x 10 and Parker Peters x 10.  Some Pax were struggling with balance on the Parker Peters so it was time to move on.

Moseyed over to the pond affectionately known as Loch Ness (2nd named spot).  As we all know there are three workout areas as you run around Loch Ness.  At the first do 10 derkins and 20 American Hammers, at the second do 10 box jumps and 20 American Hammers and at the third do 20 dips and 20 American Hammers.  Repeat for a 2nd round and plank for the 6.

Saunter over to the rock pile and grab a lifting rock.  Overhead carry your rock through the parking lot to the base of Bagpipe Hill (3rd named spot).  Put your rock out of the way where you will know where it is but yet out of the way of cars.  Run up Bagpipe Hill with 10 low and slow squats and back down Bagpipe Hill.  At the bottom find your rock for 15 right hand offset merkins with right hand on the rock.  Repeat up and down the hill with squats at the top and then 15 left hand on the rock offset merkins at the bottom and repeat a 3rd time with squats at the top and diamond merkins on the rock at the bottom.  As guys finished (mainly Sweetwater, Cable Guy and Midriff) there was time for some good ab work with the rocks.  YHC called flutter with rock presses, Tagalong called chippy cross with the rocks (which was sneaky tough) and I think YHC called American Hammer with the rocks.  Carry your rocks overhead back to the rock pile and return them.

Start back towards launch stopping at the Wells Fargo parking lot for some various Mary called by various Pax.  Then AYG sprint back to launch with a minute plank to hit 6:15.


While running up Bagpipe Hill someone mentioned Ben Nevis being one of the other Bagpipe landmarks (the long hill up Ballantyne Commons heading towards Lancaster Hwy).  Midriff asked how it got its name.  YHC was not sure but asked Tagalong since he is a grizzled F3 vet of many years.  Tagalong did not know but got home, did some research, and forwarded a description to YHC that Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the British Isles.  Since it is located in Scotland common sense would dictate that it was named by Haggis.  So there is your Bagpipe trivia for the day.

Strong work by all.  Loch Ness is a scenic spot and Bagpipe Hill is no joke and provides for an extra challenge rather than just running.  It has made more than one Pax spill merlot in its history.  All pushed through and finished the circuits admirably.


  • Mighty’s blood drive is on for late October.  Save your blood for then.
  • Happy Hour this Thursday (8/20) at Bradshaw’s outdoor patio at 4:30.  Sort of a welcome back HH since Bucky is back for a couple of days for work.
  •  YHC is still volunteering Loogie’s new, fancy beach house for a F3 getaway…Loogie just doesn’t know it yet.