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Double Down on the DMZ Mile

Unfortunately for them, 8 pax emerged from the gloom for the weekly cross-region pain exchange at DMZ. It was painful, but fun! Fortunately for Aquafresh, he did not appear.

We circled up for a token warm-up, a few squats, SSHs, and mountain climbers. Site FNG Wonton received the veteran DMZ disclaimer in stride. Here’s what we did:

DMZ Mile: run down camilla, around school and back to lot. Everyone loved this, it was fun.
Mary for a few minutes
Mosey to Church Lot
Suicide by Burpee up the lot (5x hand release burpees at each of 4 lights). Everyone loved this, it was fun.
Suicide by Squat up the lot (25x squats at each of 4 lights). Everyone loved this, it was fun.
Recovery pace catch-me-if-you-can around church with 5x squat delay. No one liked this, too slow!!!
Mosey Back to launch for low slow squats. No one was fooled for long.
DMZ Mile. Everyone especially loved this one, even though it wasn’t fun
Finish with 5 min of Mary, Merkins, and Squats

Kudos to Wonton for upping the ante to two posts a week, let’s all support him!
Bug Eater is getting fast, launched at the first mile with a vengeance
One Eye goes slow downhill and fast uphill, don’t know how he does it
Nice to cross paths with Orlando again, with my BRR fear inspired focus on running and his biking, it had been awhile.
Runstopper is posting all over the place, good to sweat with him again
Hammer took over the lead post pitstop during the suicide by squats. Powerful legs or….?
Hannibal said he was smoked after burpees, but didn’t seem like it, nice work brother!

Always an honor and pleasure to take the helm of DMZ.

Keepin it Vanilla at Anvil

It was Wednesday, so we kept it simple just grinded for 45, no need for anything special.

The Thang

COP in place
Mosey to Avenue of Trees
Run Avenue with 15 Merkins at the end 5x
Run Avenue with 20 squats at the end 5x

Pax was now 1 mile in

Paused here for a few minutes of Mary

Mosey to entrance near 51

AYG to big rock, 5 burpees
AYG back, 10 burpees
AYG to big rock, 15 burpees

Pax now at 2+ miles
Mosey to middle of lot, partnered up, P1 lunge walks while P2 10 merkins, jogs to catch up, swap. Continue out and back.

Mosey to launch with teaser fly by, gather for one last sprint to cars.

Pax finished with 3+ miles


  • As usual, strong work by all! The elevation gain in that parking lot is sneaky, caught YHC by surprise
  • No surprise to see Purell, Rachel, Lorax and McGee out front. We think McGee tried to challenge Purell on the first leg of our longer run….
  • Mermaid wisely tapped out mid post, it was either fear of the upcoming burpees or some form of leg injury… hard to say which

Siren Call of the Parking Deck


SSH, Imperial Walkers, Freddy Mercury, Mountain Cilmbers, Merkins, all moderately reasonable rep counts. Blah blah blah. Mosey to garage

Infinity Loop

Partner 1: runs garage in figure eight pattern (up the end, down the middle, up the other end, down the middle) 5 burpees every time you reach the top.

Partner 2: 10 inclined pullups, 15 merkins, 20 LBCs repeat sets until Partner 1 returns then switch

Each partner runs the loop three times.


Mary for the six and then Mosey to aquatics parking lot

Lunge walk up hill, jog back

Bear crawl up hill, jog back

Sprint up hill, jog back

Repeat, with the sprint taking us back to launch

A few minutes of mary and done.


YHC made waves with his analogue watch, apparently everyone thought this was cool and now a new trend has been started. Despite rumours, the sun does not have to be shinning to get the correct time…

YHC was a little over eager to move on from the garage, nearly left the six trapped in the loop, sorry!

Lorax and Mermaid out front for the loop along with Purple Haze and No Show in the Hunt

Hops was crushing it

The Wall got out, nice post!

Strong work by all!

Rocky start to Wednesday at Anvil


SSH, Seal Jacks, Merkins, Plank, Freddy Mercury, Low Slow Squat

Rock Work

  • Find a rock you can move, jog to parking lot near sand piles
  • 15x triceps press
  • 20x LBC with rock
  • Plank until all done
  • Run to Big Rock and Repeat
  • Run back and Repeat
  • Run to Big Rock and repeat
  • Return rocks

Mosey to far end of lot near cars, you have two options to cover ground to the picnic tables near the church.

  • Bear Crawl
  • Lunge Walk
  • Alternate as desired

Pick a core exercise to perform on your own while waiting for the six

Find a bench, complete 3 sets of the following:

  • Dips 15x
  • Derkins 15x

Plank for the six

Jog around church for 11s in parking lot starting one pushup, 10 jump squats with about 40 yard run

All you got back to cars, max LBC reps in remaining 2 minutes


  • Rock work to kick us off, fair warning was given to choose wisely. Kudos to Lewinsky for upgrading half way through!
  • Distances always seem farther when hoisting a rock, YHC admitted to Brilleaux that he had promised himself never to use the rock pile but the temptation was too strong to resist.
  • Bear crawl/Lunge walk traverse was painful, mental note that bear crawls after lunges are particularly punishing. It was unsurprisingly to see Rachel out in front by far for this.
  • Dips and derkins should just be forgotten…
  • 11s took it out of YHC, shifted to survival mode
  • Glad to see Mermaid with some gas left at the end, apparently he was eager for burpees but only got LBCs to finish out…
  • Great work all, Mickey did a nice job gutting through the morning, glad you got out.


Uncle Phil DMZ VQ


14 PAX who had not been lulled into a false sense of security by recent warm temps showed up to experience a DMZ VQ.  Brolympics recently left a mark on YHC so mileage was kept under control to mitigate permanent hamstring damage. Hopefully enough squats were called to compensate.

Professional quality disclaimer was given and we were off.

Mosey to school parking lot to get warm.


  • 15x SSH
  • 10x Merkin
  • 15x Mountain Climber
  • 15x  Low Slow Squat

The Thang

Mosey to track and partner up

Partner 1 – 400m run

Partner 2 – Performs deconstructed burpee exercises until partner 1 returns. Flapjack until 4 rounds complete.

  • Lap 1 – Plank hold
  • Lap 2 – Merkin
  • Lap 3 – Jump Squat
  • Lap 4 – Burpee

Mosey to front of school, stopping for some entertainment along the way

  • 1 min+ of peoples chair
  • More low slow squats

Find a bench and complete three sets of the following

  • 10x Dips
  • 10x Incline Merkin
  • 10x Carolina Drydock
  • Bear crawl to curb at school entrance and jog back

More low slow squats

AYG back to church parking lot, winner leads 6 minutes of Mary (YHC was not present to declare a winner, possibly Swiper?)

Various orthodox and unorthodox Mary exercises were performed

Mosey back to launch, bonus jump squats with remaining minute.



An honor to take the helm of DMZ for my first Q, strong work by all!

All pax (even Swiper) joined us in a timely manner this morning so YHC saw no need to venture into a neighborhood to add a hide and seek dimension.

YHC was accused of still having tags on his beanie, conveniently a hat with headlights was nearby to confirm it was simply design work on the hat, however lame.

Track work results seemed to be mixed depending on individual PAX motivation level. YHC is fine with that, you’re up against yourself.

Bear crawls appear to be a favorite with most. Found Kirk crawling in odd directions and staring longingly at Camp Gladiator participants running around cones nearby.

Mumblechatter seemed muted as we headed to the track. YHC was prepared to ignore. Picked up steam at chair sit, YHC ignored. Bench work was not suffered in quiet, YHC continued to ignore. Nearly reached mutiny levels during Mary, for good reason as YHC was losing cognitive abilities. Some response attempted. Luckily time was up so little harm done. First Q complete.