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Burpees for America’s 237th Birthday

15 hearty souls ventured into the gloom and found themselves celebrating July 4th one day early.  There were no beers or burgers at this celebration, but burpees abounded.

The Thang:

Jog to Wendy’s for some 1st meal COP (in cadence):

  • SSH x25
  • IW x25
  • Mountain Climbers x25
  • Peter Parkers x25

Jog to another section of asphalt and find a spot you like (we’ll be here a while)

10 burpees a minute for 10 minutes (100 burpees)

Mary (In cadence)

  • LBC x20
  • Rosalita x20
  • Bicycle x20
  • Greg Lougais x10
  • Russian Twist x10

10 burpees a minute for 10 minutes (100 burpees)

Jog back to launch point

10 burpees a minute for 3 minutes (30 burpees)

7 burpees (yep – 237 burpees total)

More Mary

  • LBC x20
  • Dolly x20
  • Bicycle x20
  • Rosalita x20


Naked Moleskin:

1)      Set a goal and then tell everyone about it.  I think the PAX thought YHC had lost it when they learned the plan was to complete 237 burpees today.  Many times the Q likes to hide what he has lurking around the next corner, but YHC needed to commit himself and the PAX to the task that lay ahead. #FEBA

2)      There was some chatter after the first 10 burpees but it died down pretty quickly after that as everyone tried to focus on the task ahead

3)      Strong work by all to complete what was a mentally and physically challenging workout.  Shout out to The Worm and Loogie with strong second posts

Window Sprinting

A dirty dozen were ready today when the doors opened at The Maul. Lured by doorbuster deals on walls and hills, the PAX weren’t disappointed that all we did was look in the windows.

The Thang:

Jog to the first parking lot by fast food establishment

COP (all in cadence)

SSH x20
Merkin x10
Imperial Walker x20
Merkin x10
Seal Jack x20
Merkin x10
Squat x20
Merkin x10

Jog to the small walls by two mid-level eateries

Exercises in cadence
Step ups x10
Wall squats x10
Decline Merkins x10

Sprint around parking island (~150 yards)

Exercises in cadence
Step ups x15
Wall squats x15
Decline Merkins x15

Sprint around parking island (~150 yards)

Indian Run to taller walls by purveyors of poultry and biscuits

Split into 3 man teams
Man #1 – taller wall jump ups
Man #2 – ARAMP Merkins
Man #3 – sprint around parking islands

Rotate until all have done each exercise 1x

Mosey to small grassy area for Mary (in cadence)

LBC x20
Flutter x20
LBC twist right x10 left x10
Dolly x20
Greg Louganis x20

Jog to grassy hill behind red dot retailer

Various running exercises up hill (long strides, sprints, bunny hops, bear crawls)

Indian run back toward launching point

Stop near sub and steak eateries for

Lunge walk up hill
Squats x20 in cadence
Jog down hill
Sprint up hill
Jog down hill

Running snake around parking islands with karoke right and left, backwards running, butt kicks, jogging and sprinting all mixed in

Finish with one final sprint in the launch lot

Naked Moelskin:

TCLAPS to all the PAX today, we covered a lot of ground and everyone did a great job sticking together in transit.  Long Distance lived up to his name today.

During the pre workout chatter YHC learned that the wall squats were part of a Tuesday workout, sorry for the repeat but it wasn’t planned

Runstopper wanted to move the large stone balls at our first stop today. YHC believes that you can’t lead what you can’t do, so I’ll leave that effort to Runstoppers next Q at The Maul

The tall wall jump ups felt like vertical burpees. Probably like vegetables for a 2.0 – not your favorite but good for you.

Interesting that nearly every stop our our tour today can be described by some sort of restaurant #socialcommentary

Thanks to Wingman for the backblast title

Fields of Dreams

26 men ventured into the breezy gloom at Death Valley for a mid-week downPAINment

Jog to baseball field


SSH x 20

Merkin x10

I Walker x20

Merkin x10

Squat x20

Merkin x10

Sore Shoulders 10 small, 10 big, 10 small rev, 10 big rev


Jog to another baseball field


10 burpee – 20 merkin – 30 squats – sprint to other side (bicycle to wait)

10 burpee – 20 merkin – 30 squats – sprint to other side (merkin to wait)

10 burpee – 20 merkin – 30 squats – sprint to other side (plank to wait)


Jog to walk


Incline Plank walk up rail

Repeat incline plank walk


Lunge walk and jog to football field


Cross the field doing:

Bear Crawl / Rolling Merkin

Lunge / Reverse Lunge

Crab Walk / Rolling Merkin

Lunge / Reverse Lunge



LBC x20

Dolly x20

Rosalita x20

Mason Twist x20

Swimmer x20


Naked Moleskin:

1)  We’ve got 4 baseball fields and 1  football/soccer field at Death Valley and today we covered them all.

2)  Good work by all on the 3 rounds of 10-20-30.  Definitely gassed at the end of that third round.

3)  Hope everyone enjoyed the rolling merkins.  YHC can’t figure it out, but they bring a special kind of pain to the shoulders.


270 and work for the Right and Left (leg that is)

22 Pax reported at 0530 on a frosty morning for some fun in the gloom that is Death Valley.


Warm up run around the baseball fields to the track



SSH – 20

Imperial Walker – 20

Squats – 20

Merkin – 20

Moutain Climber – 20


Electoral College 400’s – 270 exercise repetitions mixed into 2×400 yard run

400 yd run broken at each 100 with exercise: Burpee x30, Merkin x30, Squat x30, Jumping Lunge x30, SSH x30

SSH as all finish first lap

400 yd run broken at each 100 with exercise:  Jump Rope x30, Squat x30, Merkin x30, Burpee x30


COP for the Right and Left (leg that is):

One Legged Jump Rope: 10x right, 10x left in cadence

One Legged Dead Lift: 10x right, 10x left single count cadence

One Legged Jumps:  10x right, 10x left on your own



LBC – 20x

Dolly – 20x

LBC – 20x

Flutter – 15x

LBC – 15x

CCV – 12 right , 12 left


600 yard Indian Run

Run to baseball bleachers

20 dips and 20 steps ups

Run to baseball field far foul post, sprint to opposite foul post




Naked Moleskin:

1)       Tiger Rag remains on the anti-tights campaign and is ensuring that anyone (YHC included) daring to don the sleek, warmth providing clothing chosen by athletes around the world is mocked.

2)      First sight of frost on the field at DV provoked some cries of “but it’s cold” when the first set of Merkins were called out on the field

3)      Strong work by all on the Electoral College 400’s. Second set of burpees definitely left YHC gasping some cold morning air