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Hearts on Valentines Day

11 Pax gathered on the smooth, warm pavement of CC for a Valentines Day workout.  Dollywood was trying to figure out what to wear and thought YHC looked “dressed for speed”.  Nice to know one can still look fast after not having posted in months – no speed on land here.

Moderately disclaimed we took a mosey over the grounds with some running drills and gathered on the field for COP.  Pretty standard SSH, IW, Squats, Mtn Climbers and Merkins.  Lots of chatter with the Pax in high spirits and YHC not really pushing things too hard.

We moseyed over to the corner of the track for some better lighting and pulled out the deck of cards.  One at a time Pax draw a card with 2X value of card for reps.  Suit determines the category of exercise:

Hearts = burpees

Clubs = push

Diamonds = core

Spades = legs

1 lap of Elizabeth Warren run after each round of the circle

Made it through 2.9 rounds


Being Valentines Day, lots of chatter on relationships today

  1. Everyone wanted to draw a heart – we drew 8 of the 13 hearts and did a lot of burpees as a result
  2. An unamed Pax (protecting the innocent) has been married so long he didn’t remember what the Honeymooner looks like
  3. Another unmaed Pax (protecting the innocent again) had such big plans for the day that he repeatedly modified with Monkey Humpers
  4. Yeti and his M have another baby on the way – congrats!
  5. It was fun to get out and do something different than my normal swimming routine this AM – thanks for the invite and opportunity to lead.

Friday Morning Lights

On a fine (but not yet frosty) Friday morning, 7 men gathered in front of the purveyor of Peruvian poultry to get the weekend started right. Moderately well disclaimed, we were on our way.

The Thang:

Mosey to the high priced breakfast place lot for a little COP – SSH, IW, Squats, Mtn Climber, Peter Parker, Parker Peter

We then moseyed across Providence to the most brightly lit parking lot in Mecklenburg county and stumbled on some chalk writing on the pristine pavement. It seemed to be a workout and the Q not having a better plan decided to follow it.

Merkin, Heels to Heaven, LBC, Carolina Dry Dock, Lunge, Burpee, Dolly and Dive Bomb Merkin

Do 20 of the first exercise, run a lap, then do 20 of the first and second exercise and run a lap, do 20 of exercises 1,2 and 3 then run a lap. Continue until time is called. For the astute reader, this is a version of Smokey’s famous Board workout.

Moseyed back across Providence to the cars for 10 quick OYO merkins and COT


  1. We’ll blame the lower than average turnout on the temps rather than a lack of marketing by the Q
  2. The new temps did bring out a variety of attire – Asto was rocking the toboggan and Shop Dog the sweatshirt. Shop lot the sweatshirt during the grinder but Astro seemed comfortable. What is he going to do when it’s 20 degrees?
  3. Welcome to our visitor Candy Cane from ENC. There is an AO within 10 minutes of your hotel 6 days a week so come back and visit again.
  4. Quiet crew during the grinder – everyone getting after it and challenging themselves – Job pushed on to finish the whole list with an extra minute or so after time was called.
  5. Always a pleasure to lead.

Ultimate Circuits of Chance

11 men posted to the gloom of Joust this AM and this is what went down.

About 0526 4 men had assembled and were talking about how big turnouts always come with fun Friday ultimate games.  When YHC said that I had blown the marketing for today, Header looked up and said “we’re playing ultimate?” with the same expression you 5yo 2.0 has when they think your going for ice cream.

7 more quickly assemble, include Baracus who confidently parked the 4 door fergn’ sedan between two large pick up trucks.  He was equally confident in his shiny white shoes that looked like something you might see on a mall walker.

Disclaimer was given and off we went for a short jog to the goal line for a LOP (line of pain)

100 yards down field, 100 SSH and return

75 yards down field, 75 MC and return

50 yards down field, 50 LBCs and return

25 yards down field, 25 merkins and return

Appropriately activated, we moved down to the lighted end of the track to engage in circuits of chance – drawing 3 cards from a standard card deck.  Hearts were running, Diamonds core, Spades legs and Clubs upper body.  5x the card value for reps and Aces could be 1 or 11 like blackjack.

Lots of squats, merkins and sister mary catherines ensued.  Tulip showed his honest upbringing by not knowing that an Ace is only a 1 or an 11 not any number in between.

There was some mary and indian runs since we couldn’t draw a heart to save our life.



  1. Definitely a randomrama today but hopefully everyone had some fun and got some work in
  2. Dollywood didn’t believe there was any pattern to the exercises and cards – hoping we set that straight
  3. Haven’t been to Joust in while but great to get back out.  Always an honor to lead.
  4. Smokey and Sweeney Todd showed the Q ultimate respect by doing 30 burpees after the workout

Life is Full of Riddles

3 Pax gathered under the parking lot lights at Joust on a chilly spring morning.  Based on the attire and numbers you might have guessed it was December.  The Q was carrying what looked like a grocery bag use to pick up a dog’s business, but the disclaimer was made and off we went.

Mosey back to and around the track for:

Triangle of Pain (you can’t really circle up with 3 PAX):


20 IW IC

20 Mtn Climber IC

10 Merkin IC

After that the Q revealed a flashlight and asked Smokey to pick a slip of paper from the bag.  It read

“It cannot be seen, cannot be felt, cannot be heard, cannot be smelt.  It lies behind stars and under hills and empty holes it fills.  It comes first and follows after, ends like, kills laughter.”

The Pax had 1 minute to solve the riddle and failed this time (answer:  The Dark) so to Grandmother Mtn we went for 11s – toes to bar at the top and LBCs at the bottom

Smokey tried for a rename today by virtually Slaloming down the frosty slopes of Grandma, work was done and the Pax plotted their strategy to solve the next riddle.

After the 11s, Yeti chose the riddle.  It read:

“What is the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the beginning of every end and the end of every race?”

Again 1 minute to solve and Yeti had the answer before he finished reading – the Letter E

The reward was a quick trip to the school wall for some posture wall sitting and traditional People’s Chair – much better than 11s on a steep hill and the motivation to solve the riddles increased

Smokey was up again with the riddle and pulled a slip reading:

“What is nowhere but everywhere, except where something is?”

Again a minute to solve and the Pax were stumped though Smokey was close with oxygen. (answer:  Nothing) so down to the field we went for 7s across the field – squats at the far side and money humpers on near side

Yeti pull the next riddle which was:

“The more you cut me, the bigger I grow.  What am I?”

Another minute passed and the Pax were stumped (answer:  a Hole).

Jack Webb let out a little chuckle and descended onto the field to lead us in a quick round of 1-10 merkins with 4x air presses

We were out of time so back to the cars for COT



  • 3 is a small group but offers great opportunity for 2nd We covered youth sports, Millenials v. Gen X, and career opportunities
  • If you want the definition of consistency, our parking lot walker stopped by today and let us know he’s been walking every day – 365 days a year – for 7 years.
  • Thanks to Gollum, the Riddler, Die Hard movies and Google for the riddles.
  • The Pax were curious so after COT we pulled out all the riddles – YHC thinks they did better without oxygen deprivation on the remaining riddles (answers below)
    1. We’re five little items of an everyday sort; you’ll find us all in “a tennis court”
    2. When is the time of a clock like the whistle of a train?
    3. What is strong enough to smash ships but still fears the sun?I’m strong as a rock, but a word can destroy me. What am I?
    4. What is round but not always around? It is light sometimes, it is darks sometimes.  Everyone wants to walk all over me.  What am I?
    5. As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives. Every wife had seven sacks, every sack had seven cats.  Every cat had seven kits.  Kits, cats, sacks and wives, how many were going to St Ives?





  1. Vowels (a, e, i, o, u)
  2. Two to two
  3. Ice
  4. The Moom
  5. One

Old School Without the Backpacks

16 men posted on this muggy like July October morning for some promised old school suckage.  YHC doesn’t post often on Mondays any more and was surprised to see some old school PAX (Ocho Cinco) gather up in the gloom.

Geraldo and LaRonda quickly learned that the 2 rocks mysteriously at our assembly point were coming with us and they were voluntold (YHC did say please) to grab the rocks and follow YHC

Little baby jog to the soccer fields for…

COP – 15x SSH, 15x IW, 15x Mtn Climber and 15x Low Slow Squat

Form up in two lines behind Geraldo and LaRonda for what amounted to about 2 1/2 laps around the field of Indian Coupon run

PAX were relieved when we stopped and dropped the rocks in their rightful place.

Partner up and find a spot on the sidewalk facing the field for 1-2-3.

P1 – runs to second unlit post and back

P2 – does called exercise

flapjack until called quantity is achieved

Round 1 – 100 hand release merkins

Round 2 – 200 flutters

Round 3 – 300 squats

Round 4 – burpees (each PAX runs 2x)

Round 5 – 8 count man-makers (each PAX runs 1x)

Circle up on the field for 6MOM – 20x LBC, 20x LBC right, 20X LBC left, 20x Greg Lougainis, 20x Mtn Climber

10x 8 count man-makers IC

Form up in 2 lines for some Indian Run back to the cars



  1.  Good to get back out there on a Monday.  Spending a lot of time in the pool lately
  2. Guys were getting after it with the rocks early – some seemed to go faster when they got the coupon – sound off if you know who they were
  3. Little disappointed it took the PAX 3 guesses to identify the original Q for this work out, none other than Dora back in September 2013.  Coupons and 8 count man-makers were the dead give away.  The original backblast is here:
  4. Welcome to our FNG Pitch Fork who Wild Turkey claims to have had in a headlock for the last 2 years
  5. Thanks Smokey for the strong send off

#FunFriday Bait and Switch?

18 men stepped into the probably typical but seemingly cold Friday AM gloom with the promise on the Twitter of some #FunFriday. This is how it went down:

Mosey to the near end of the track for quick circle and 20xSSH
Mosey to the far end of the track for a quick circle and 20xIW
Mosey to the near end of the track for a quick circle and 20xMtn Climbers (no one saw the forshadowing in that one)

Mosey to the far end of the track, next to Grandma Mountain for something new. Not 7s or 11s but 14s. Burpees at the bottom and squats at the top.

After that little bit of work we moseyed up Grandma one more time for some gym work. Partner up where P1 does AMRAP pullups while P2 does 30 LBCs and flapjack 3x.

Mosey to the far end of the field for a little push-a-rama – Merkins x10, Wide Merkins-10 and Diamond x5

Finally on to #FunFriday with relay races. 4 man teams for 25 yard sprints. In the Total Request Live segment, we did one round with bear crawls rather than sprints

Mosey back to cars for 10 burpees OYO


1) Interesting how where you were yesterday influences what you think today. Stone Cold was in Tampa and this fine 35 degree morning felt cold. YHC had been in Pittsburgh this week where it was snowing with 23 wind chill yesterday this 35 felt great.
2) Yeti thinks we had a strong turnout due to a “magnetic” Q. YHC thinks it was the #FunFriday in the tweet
3) Why 14s up Grandma? Simple answer is that 1+2+3+…+14=105 so it’s another way to get to 100 burpees and a lot of trips up the hill
4) Amazing how fast you feel running on the flat track after all those trips up Grandma
5) Doesn’t appear the PAX watch many track or swimming relays. Somehow the 4 man relay had about 12 legs. Might have something to do with all the BRR training the PAX does. Relays don’t have to be 200+ miles…
6) Good to have Les Mis back for a time from South Africa for a bit

Frozen Gophers

17 men posted to the frosted plains of Death Valley on this holiday week. Rumor is that the DV AO is plagued by gophers and so we needed to chase it down. Here is how it happened

Mosey around the lot for latecomers (Floorslapper was later than that allowed for) and down the access path to the baseball fields for COP
SSH x 20
IW x20
Mtn Climbers x20
Merkins x10
Sometime during COP we picked up Floor Slapper and our FNG. FS wasn’t late, he was being hospitable to the newcomer…

Mosey to the top of the stairs for the gopher…
P1 runs the track
P2 runs to the baseball bleachers and does 10 burpees, 40 jump lunges and 20 flutters
Meet at the starting point for 10 hand slap merkins and flapjack
Repeat for ~25 minutes

Regroup and mosey to the grass by the bus lot for mary
LBC x 20
Dolly x 20
Freddie Mercury x 20
“Sherpa” x 10 (6 count exercise combining makhtar ndiaye and mountain climber)
Rosalita x 20


The gopher isn’t the most social of workouts (or maybe YHC isn’t the most social guy out there). So we spent a little extra time today in COT sharing what everyone wants for Christmas. YHC doesn’t remember all the requests but here are some of the highlights:

Smokey – the next Peyton Manning to enroll at UT soon
Semi Gloss – CMS to spring for heated seats in the Semi Gloss shack at DV
Puddin Pop – some colorful workout shirts because he’s putting the blue and gray away in ‘17
Fireman Ed – the freedom to wear tights without shorts to workouts
Retread – front row tickets to the Soap Box derby in his hometown of Akron, OH
Salt Lick – more pull-ups and less running at all workouts
Tiger Rag – Clemson national FB championship and a purple paw print for the hood of the Jeep
Floor Slapper – a watch that keeps time with atomic clock precision so he’s not late to workouts

If you’re still reading it might be good to know that that list above is a complete fabrication by YHC as an attempt to save what is otherwise a lack luster BB.

Always a privilege to lead.

A Wednesday like any other…

12 men stepped into the best lit middle school parking lot in SCLT on an uncertain morning to keep moving forward. An even dozen is a great number for the first 2 F’s and we embarked into the darkness for some old school favorites:

Mosey to track for a moving COP

Half a lap and an exercise, rinse and repeat (like an old school Harley workout) – ran a full mile and did SSH, IW, Squats, Mtn Climbers, Lunges, Flutter, Freddy Mercury

Pair up for some laps and exercise – P1 runs while P2 exercises – 2 rounds with merkins and squats

Mosey to the baseball bleachers for stations
10 merkins, 10 supine pull-ups and 20 step ups – 2 times through

Mosey to the Semi-Gloss Shack for some People’s Chair with Block Presses (yes there are still some blocks at DV)

To the bottom of the dark, uneven hill by the parking lot for 7s – burpees at top and squats at bottom

Bear crawl to top of hill

Finished the last 90 seconds with some Flutters and Rosalita

1) Runstopper needs a sign to answer the questions about Ninja Turtle – must have heard him answer the same questions 3x during the moving COP. Good news is that NT is doing well and close to the starting point of the BRR in southern VA – really amazing to think about that hike
2) Joker’s Wolly Vest has a broken zipper. When he warmed up and took it off he had to slip it off like a dress. Think he should add a new one to his Christmas list.
3) Even during the workout Semigloss wants to go to the john – taking up the position closet to the bathroom door for People’s Chair
4) Dollywood and Ringer pairing up on the exercise and a lap left the rest of us in the dust – young legs
5) YHC has had the privilege to lead 2 workouts this week and has been taking inspiration from things I remember from the 4+ years I’ve been involved in F3. Certainly something I’m thankful for as we head into the holiday season.

Soccer Arms Cup coming up – players and spectators welcome.
Holiday Party sign up

High Turnout and Hanging Chad

With an extra hour’s rest, PAX turnout was high – 24. So high, YHC was accused of incenting PAX to post. With a quick disclaimer we embarked on the dark, uneven plains of MRES

Jog around back of school to mini-track (with bright new lane lines) for COP:
SSH x 20 IC
IW x 20 IC
Shore Shoulders – front and back
Low Slow Squats x 20
Mtn Climbers x 20 IC
Merkins x 10 IC

Jog to the gym for the main event – break into 4 groups – speed matters, find guys of like speed:
Station 1: (“The Saltlick”) 5 pullups and 10 squats – repeat til relieved and move as a group
Station 2: (“The Turkey Leg”) run from jungle gym, around school to lower lot
Station 3: (“The Joker”) lunge walk across the lot with 5 diamond merkins – repeat til relieved and move as a group
Station 4: (“The Squid”) pick a rock – 10 curls and 10 overhead presses – repeat til relieved and move as a group
Each group got 1 rotation plus 1 of work in before we needed to move on

Jog around and regroup for Mary:
Assorted core exercises with 10 flutters IC in between for some time

The Big Race: Red v. White v. Blue
Relay race down the lower lot and back in 3 team – PAX planked while waiting
Results below

See Cheese Curd if you want to run on trails in the Smokey Mountains next Spring
Sign up for Holiday Party ends soon – sign up

1) Good to be back at the old stompin grounds and have a great turnout. We needed some #’s to make this workout work with the 4 groups and the PAX delivered.
2) Relay results are currently in dispute with the Court of Arbitration for Sport – some dispute about a hanging chad and 24 not being divisible by 3
3) PSA – If you haven’t already – get out and vote tomorrow

Thanks for the chance to lead – never gets old.

Rolling into the Weekend

12 men rolled into the lot this morning to see what the fates held for them. Since our fearless site Q was DR YHC decided to engage in a little game of chance to drive the workout. Here is roughly what ensued:
Short jog around the track with some butt-kickers, high knees and shuffles to get the blood flowing
20x SSH IC
20x IW IC
20x Mtn Climber IC

Let the Fun Friday game begin
Roll the dice – do the exercise from the grid
Run up and down Grandmother Mountain
Repeato until time is up
Exercises were things like: 50 sister mary catherines, 50 yd bear crawl, 100 yd lunge walk, 50 merkins, 50 LBCs, 50 American Hammers, 25 burpees, 3 trips up Gma Mtn with 5 pull ups at the top each, 50 IWs…YHC can’t remember them all

1) The much discussed hair off between Semi Gloss and YHC was a draw and not much of a show since we both recently got hair cuts
2) Good to have Busch out again at Joust. Dollywood would have been lonely at the front without him
3) 50 reps of anything in cadence will give you a new perspective on the exercise – even LBCs and IWs
4) Probably late to the party on this one but to his close friends, Header really is John the Baptist
5) Thanks to all for the chance to lead and putting up with the randorama