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Soggy bottom boys

10 men rose from the fart sack to take the DRP on a moist hump day morning.

YHC arrived a tiny bit early to scope the terrain. Luckily, Calvary hadn’t moved anything.

Disclaimed and already sweating we launched.

Mosey one lot over for COP. IC – SSH x 20, Squat x 20, IW x 20, Merkin x 10, CDD x 10

All warmed up we hit the rock pile by the baseball field. Grab a manly pressing rock and circle up. Civilian count Curls, Overhead Press and Tricep extensions. Set 1 x 20 / run down around light pole. Set 2 x 15 / run. Set 3 x 10. Drop the rocks off at the pile. But wait, there’s more. Superset with smaller rock. 50 x Curl, Press and Tris. #smoker Deposit rocks in pile and mosey to the hotbox.

Leg work OYO: 3 sets of 10 jump ups, 10 split squats and 10 side step ups (Tks for the third exercise Puddin’) then run down soccer field sidewalk and back up between sets. Plank up when done.

Mosey out front to the circle entrance. Grab a less aggressive rock for some ab work. 3 sets of  LBC rock press, American Hammer and Flutter Press with a lap around the circle between each set. 20, 15 and 10 reps per set. Drop the rocks and mosey back to the launch with a little flyby of the Meathead PAX. They have gained quite a following.

Line up abreast at bottom of launch lot for 10 WWII sit-ups and all u got to the cars. Mosey back down for one more round. That’ll do it.

NMM: Haven’t been out to a workout in quite a while. It felt good to be among the PAX again. I dusted off my Q skills and we had a good time. To say it was humid is an understatement. We were all very moist by the time we got around to the ab work. Sweat angels were in full effect on the pavement. Lorax was missed, most were huffing and puffing and Clover was “chatty”. I recall breweries, shows and a pseudo cross fit work out conversation. Thanks for having me and reminding me to get my six out to more workouts. We are made for fellowship with other men.

Announcements: Nothing new in A51.

Prayers: Runstopper’s brother – health concerns

Stay strong and healthy during this trying time.

Pudding Pop with a strong take out.

Beastly Five Knolls

11 for a tour de Five Knolls Rd.
Short COP in lot to await any last min pax. Everyone is present so let’s get this started.

Mosey to five knolls neighborhood. Light pole intervals to the bottom of the hill. 5k pace with recovery each set.

The beast on Five Knolls hill. Exercise x 6 each manhole for 6 times up the hill. Recovery mosey back down. We did Merkins, Squats, CDDs, Lunges, Calf Raises and Monkey Humpers.

Mosey to bottom for one more trip up. This time no stops, just one steady state run up the hill to finish. Lots of Mary and plank in between hill sets.

Mosey to Calvary rock pile out front. 3 sets of 6 x curl, press and tricep extension with lifting rock. Mosey to hot box. Donkey kick Webb to 6. Mosey to start via outer driveway to get the full 4 miles. 6 burpees to finish.

Fully dressed eating breakfast moleskin. Tks to the pax for going along with me to five knolls. If Gummy were here we’d have to stay on campus. #grinchy Not to much mumblechatter as we kept moving. Geraldo was showing us how it’s done out there. The pax were nipping at his heels like a pack of wild dogs. Everyone else were trading places regularly. The final push up the hill was met with TBQ and almost a merlot sighting.

Thankful for all the pax this holiday season.

It always looks better on paper

It’s inevitable. You say to yourself, “Self, let’s make this easy on ourselves.” Then as you mull over “the plan” you add a little something here and there, then take away or theme it somehow. Two hours later you’ve crafted the “perfect” steaming pile of workout you can think of and avoided work successfully. Theme? Check. Cones? Check. Paper handouts? Check. Trivia? Check. Confusion and mutiny? Maybe. Let’s do this!

8 pax accepted the challenge of cold, wind and most certainly, pain. They came layered in spandex and sweats to battle the cold as best they could. Some had shorts. There were no t-shirts. I had the famous baklava. I looked silly, but remained toasty warm. #winning

Quick DCCS, partner up with similar speed and off we go, but not without 5 Burpees OYO. Stop quick as a possible LIFO drove in. Nope, just security. Well, we’re here already so let’s do some COP.

  • SSH x15
  • IW x15
  • Merkin x10
  • Mtn Climber x10.

All warmed up, we mosey out to the lot adjacent to HWY 51 where I introduced a rather aggressive Weinke. But first a message from Monday. It was Veteran’s Day, I missed it. Well a workout at least. But hey, we can celebrate veterans any day right? RIGHT! So we did. Introducing the Calvary Asphalt Post-Veteran’s Day Trivia Challenge. It’s simple. No really, it is. Pshhft. Whatever!

We started at the first parking lot row and answered a Military Trivia Question. The answer held our fate as number of reps in exercises.

Q. How many branches of the US military are there?*

Answered correctly by Lorax. We now do Merkins at each row end and beginning incrementing by 1 starting at 1. 🙂 11 stops = 66 Merkins, 6 rows = .5 miles.

Q. What was the Air Force formerly known as?*

Wrong! Thanks Snowflake, Space Force is incorrect. Time for Squats. The penalty for insubordination is multiply the reps by 2 at each stop starting at 1 and incrementing. He subsequently stated, “I guess it doesn’t pay to be sarcastic.” 132 squats and .5 more miles we arrived at our next question.

Q. What is the Smallest branch of military? (In the USA)*

Correct! Nice job Fallout. WWII sit-ups it is. 1 each stop with 1 increment. 66 WWII and .7 miles later lands us at question 4.

Q. What is the Navy Mascot?*

Wrong! Ok, I admit that was unfair, but really fun to hear some guesses. Penalty of 2x increment for SSH each stop. 132 SSH and another .7 miles got us to the start lot where we had to cut short our goal of running all the parking lot asphalt. But we still got time, one more question and exercise set. This ones for all the marbles!

Q. What was the Army in charge of exploring and mapping in America?*

Correct! Sweet 8lb baby boy, Snuka is an animal both physically and mentally. Burpees all around for the last 2 row runs. 15 Burpees later we arrived at the bottom of the launch lot where we laid down to die, but not before a called AYG to the cars. #waytoleaveitallouttheremen

As I said, this was an aggressive workout and my hope was to get all rows in which would get you 3 miles and up too 660 reps if you sucked terribly at trivia. Thank goodness we have brains to go with our brawn. I’m always amazed at the level of fitness in our Respect pax. I would put our guys vs your guys any day. #respect Next time we’ll get it all in. Here’s the link to strava route if you’re interested.

*Chime into the comments to try your hand at answering the questions from the workout. Or just google the answers if you’re a no fun having cotton ninny muggins.

Announcements: Xmas party RSVP is over, but I’m sure if you ask pretty pretty please with sprinkles on top, MightyMite will let you come. So do it. It’s always a blast and who doesn’t want to see F3 Karaoke.

Schweaty Stairway to Heaven

Cars started to slowly trickle in and shadowy figures emerged from their air conditioned comfort. Second guessing their decisions to wake up, get dressed and blindly follow some fool’s idea of a good workout. Luck for me, I am that fool and I have that great idea, so I guess you could say I had the upper hand.

“And you’re gonna need it”

Quick DICCS/Disclaimer to appease the lawyers and we start.

Ickey felt our first movement was unnecessary and ill-conceived. I don’t disagree, but something told me to hold at the launch to preform 10 Burpees to start. Good thing I heard voices as LIFO extraordinaire, Scabby, jogged up to the circle just in time to move out.

Mosey out CCHS and down Little Ave, turn right on McMahan Dr, right on 51, right into CCHS and up the parking deck to the top. Circle up for a quick COP.

SSH, Windmill, IW, Mtn Climber and 1:30 plank

Mosey on down too far stairwell. Descend and get in the People’s Chair while YHC lays down the skinny on our Thang.

We start at the bottom, do 4 Merkins.
Ascend first flight, do 8 Merkins. Descend to bottom, do 4 Merkins.
Ascend first flight, do 8 Merkins. Ascend second flight, do 12 Merkins. Descend second flight, do 8 Merkins. Descend to bottom, do 4 Merkins.
Ascend first flight, do 8 Merkins. Ascend second flight, do 12 Merkins. Ascend third flight, do 16 Merkins. Descend third flight, do 12 Merkins. Descend second flight, do 8 Merkins. Descend to bottom, do 4 Merkins.

108 Merkins later and much heavy breathing we move over to the next stairwell. Repeato with LBC as exercise and reverso (top floor to bottom).
16,12,16 / 16,12,8,12,16 / 16,12,8,4,8,12,16 = 184 LBC

Move over to last stairwell and do Squat reverso again. (bottom to top)
4,8,4 / 4,8,12,8,4 / 4,8,12,16,12,8,4 – 108 Squats

Mary was called for as the six rolled in. All present and accounted for we took the long way around the stadium to Little Ave and back into the launch lot. Three-ish mins of mary and a final round of 10 burpees till time.

Chelms sandbagged till the Squat tower and Snuka worked hard to keep him honest. T-Claps to some very strong Respects. Mr McGoo is also in the 50+ club and was burning up some merkins.

Mumblechatter was loud and proud throughout the duration of said events. I expect nothing less. Strong words of encouragement from COT about 3rd F and finding your place in the community. Lots of opportunities to step up and take this thing to the next level.

T-claps to everyone that endured YHC’s 45 minutes of suck and I look forward to doing it again soon.

Udder out (five days later 😉

Triple Nickel Sammie

YHC has a hard time summoning the desire to drive from Steele Creek to A51 sometimes. What can I say, I’m lazy. But when I saw Lorax post his need for a Q this week I jumped at the chance to Q. But not without waiting a good 15 mins to see if anyone else would take it. 😛

So with the ball of snakes swirling last night I concocted a plan that would leave, at the very least me, everyone sweaty and smoked. With 7 on the line, not including Lorax, and a short disclaimer that was BrushBack approved we launched this weeks version of ANVIL.

Mosey out by entrance 4 and circle up for COP in the lot.

Cop IC x 10 SSH, IW, Merkin, Mtn Climber and LSS

All warmed up we grabbed some lifting rocks at the baseball field.

In parking lot we got acquainted with our rocks with a set of Curls, Push Press and Tricep Ext. x 10. Fully aware of our bad rock picking decisions, we began our first Triple Nickel.

Rock Merkin x 5, run to island, Rock Squat x 5, run back to start = 1 round
After 5 sneaky hard rounds we placed, gently, our new igneous friends back in their habitat to wait for our return on another day.

Mosey to playground for three rounds of 5 Pullups, 10 knees to chest (while hanging) and 15 Merkins. Swing-sets are slippery in the morning and subsequently dangerous when grip strength deteriorates rapidly. #dangerdanger #crowdpleaser

Early finishers got a prize in the form of plank outside the playground.

Mosey to HotBox where we started with a round of peoples chair with arm raises. head around to the benches and jump into another three rounds of Jump ups x 5, Irkins x 10 and Dips x 15. The PAX rushed through this and were left with no choice but to repeat it in reverse. Jump ups x 15, Irkins x 10 and Dips x 5. Circle back around to the front of HB and PC a little more.

Mosey over to center driveway for an unsavory animal walk down the way.
Bear crawl/CDD x 5 each tree to halfway (4 trees)
Flip it over for Crab walk/Lbc x 5 each tree (remaining 4 trees)

We missed 2 trees at the end. 🙁

Mosey to north face’s little brother and finish out our Triple Nickel sammich. Monkey humper x 5, run hill, calf raises x 5, run back = 1 x 5 rounds. I love making people do Monkey Humpers cause no matter who you are, you just look stupid. HA! You’re Welcome

Mosey to get some much needed Mary in at far end of launch lot.
Heels2Heaven x 10, Flutter x 10, Dolly x 10, Backscratcher x 10 and Box Cutter x 10.

Flip it over for a 45 sec reg plank and 15 sec 6” hold to AYG to launch.

Sitting in an office chair Moleskin
Ickey Shuffle is turning it on this season. Admittedly, he claimed to only be at the front because he can sprint well and short distances are his friend. Don’t be modest my friend, you are looking svelt and I can’t wait to see you tear up BRR this year. Snuka was grinding it out like usual. This 57 yr old wunderkind is a specimen for sure. I wanna be like him when I grow up. Brushback said he found his abs on the Knees to Chest and realized they were non existent. Hammer wore his reflective vest even though I reassured him we would not leave campus. Clover and Mr Magoo continue to bring it with each week. Keep up the good work. YHC about smoked himself more than once and officially won the AYG even though Ickey and Snuka were steps ahead, they stopped short of the cars. All the way through wins the race. Or in the immortal words of Sean Connery from The Rock, “Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home [with] the prom queen.” * #lifelessons

*edited for family friendliness

Sign up for Crane relay –

Beer Run – check slack channel #beerrun 5/18/19

Unofficial F3 event that rhymes with “shmearsmile” 6/7/19
check slack channel for details

F3 Dads Camp 8/16-8/18 –

TAP for Hammer’s former foster child who committed suicide. Also for Red Rocks and his continued recovery.

How many rounds is too many?

I’m not gonna lie, I would have rather stayed in bed this morning with the temp just hovering around the freezing point. But 14 pax had a better idea and YHC had a marchmadness plan. With two FNGs in tow and a partially heard disclaimer we launched.

Mosey around the lot to pick up the visitors. Mosey some more around the parking lots. Pax thought YHC was lost but we wound up just where we needed to be. Circle up for some COP

Cop 8 exercises x 8 and 16 IC – SSH, IW, Mtn climber, Flutter, Merkins, Squat

Mosey to halfway between playground and pavilion. Partner up and run the first round of RockZero madness.

64 – 8 rounds. P1 runs to do 8 pull ups at the playground. P2 runs to do 8 dips at pavilion Run back and meet for 2 burpees each. Flip flop exercises and repeato till you get to 8 rounds. Should get you 4 rounds of PU (32), 4 rounds of dips (32) and 8 rounds of burpees x 2 (16)

Little plankorama to wait on the six and one phone call from the M. Mosey to the volleyball courts.

32 – 4 rounds 8 sand pushups/lunge walk/8 pushups last round bear crawl. #crowdpleaser

Mosey to pavilion ramp

16 – garbage can suicides – 16 assorted Mary at the top. Run to last trash can and back. That’s one. Repeato for all seven cans and stride out to the parking lot

8 – 2 corner to corner runs. 8 ccds to start and end. From soccer field corner run zigzag across field to ¼, ½, ¾ and to the end. Walk to the opposite corner and repeato back.

4 – 8 flutter on end line then sidestep to half field. 8 flutter and sidestep otherway to end. 8 flutter and backwards run across 1/2 field to 8 flutter and a stride to the end.

Mosey up to parking lot where we had one stop for people’s chair and a potty break. Mosey to middle parking lot.

2 – 2 out and back runs from light pole to light pole with 8 Merkins on each side

Mosey back to launch and down the lot to bottom. There were eight upsets from a 10 seed or lower in round 1.

1 – 8 burpees stride out to end of parking lot

Circle up for a round of American hammer IC x 16 and Heels2Heaven x 16

Moleskin: hard work by all today with a solid group of 15 on a cold day morning. T-claps for ductwork and chaos for bringing out some new guys. YHC thinks Geraldos hearing is going as he missed the whole disclaimer but was able to keep an eye on cadence and remind YHC that he is rusty. That’s what not posting for a month gets ya. Strong work from hammer, sprockets and brushback who were all out front. I gotta admit I think the garbage can suicide is one of my fav things to force pax to do. The sandpit is an exciting place as well. Last round bear crawl sub for lunge was a shoulder smoker. Our two FNGs were stride for stride with their sponsors. Mr. Jenkins and Pythagoras are great additions to the pax. Humbled to lead. Tks for the Q gents. Enjoy your sat and go Murray state. Cause Syracuse already stunk it up for me. Udder, who likes to do the flutter, out.

Announcements: There are many races in the near future. Pick one and get training. Crane relay V2 in July. Fng/welcome back Kotters day 3/30 at blakeney. Check the schedule for details. Ductwork with the eloquent outro prayer.

Celebrity couples got nothing on F3

First there was Brangelina, then Kimye, Bennifer, TomKat and who could forget Billary. All good celebrity couples have a conjoined name. One expects no less from SOBLand’s premier and most popular AOs. Thus today, I declare a new power couple in the life of the F3 community. SwiftPipe. – Flipper says “I hereby swear I had no foreknowledge of said AO re-naming nor shall YHC commit to honoring said dubbing.  Should SOB choose to enact vengeance upon he who so besmirched said AO’s good name, let the record say YHC abstained from the subject entirely.”

In other news, 32ish pax gathered to start a Tuesday morning off with the DRP. With a few pre-runners trickling in YHC disclaimed a fairly unruly group. Swift departs with a few Bagpipe pre-runners in tow down to Rushmore Drive. As Flipper peeled off to go meet the 5:30 bootcamp crew the attendees of Swift followed one Udder-ly terrific guy to the Bull Ring. – Flipper says “YHC was thoroughly amused by the chorus of ‘bye flipper” when peeling off at the bull ring to jaunt, nay sprint to the launch.  Bagpipers were less amused by my less than early arrival, the Q search was almost at an end and a Qtiny brewing when I puffed in and weezed my way through a disclaimer.  Crisis thus averted….”

Swift Thang
Dynamic stretches of various shapes and sizes. Much lamenting for anything resembling a traditional bootcamp exercise. The soccer arms and soft hands were safe another day.
Yasso 800’s – YHC asked the pax to calculate a marathon pace of their choosing. We divided up into 3:00, 3:30, 4:00 and 4:15 pace groups. Run 800 at pace. Recover jog at pace. Repeato until 6:05ish. Ready, Set. Go! Several got to 7, most to 5 and a few to 4.
Mosey on back to the start for a quick round of Mary. Cause core is not a bore.

Bagpipe Thang
YHC arose early to provide a gear driven beat down, but at the last minute diverted to method which would provide more scenery, if mildly less brute force.Mosey down past the Wells Fargo ATM to circle up in the Courtyard-adjacent parking lot for COP

  • SSH X15 IC
  • LSSX15 IC
  • LSMX10 IC

Mosey to the fork in the sidewalks near the fitness trail, divide in twain.  Group 1 runs down for 10 pull ups and returns to plank while group 2 runs to the first patio for wall-tar-jai and the second wall for burpee jump ups, return to fork and flapjack. Upon return of group 1, group 2 runs again for wall tap sit ups and burpee jump ups, group 1 journeys to the trail again for pull ups and dips X10. Parallel Indian run back past the launch (don’t get run over) and pause at the traffic circle. Divide in Twain once more for a jaunt to the Duckworths lot and back while other group plank-jacks.   Little bit o’ Mary (HTH & Low Slow Fluttah) Mosey to the bottom of the deck and split evenly yet once more for…Group 1 Balls to wall while group 2 stair suicides to 1, then 2, then 3… Flapjack. Group 1 heel tap peoples chair while group 2 suicides… until the actual time registers and Q calls an audible to return to base. Rejoin the sifters for…. Mary? Clearly Udder doesn’t know Swift is only a cardio thang but who cares. Out

Swift: There are some wicked fast dudes in F3, but we already knew that. About a month ago I offered up my services to play “rabbit” to the greyhounds. Bratwurst had a place for me and my fate was sealed. Thanks for putting up with my 20 year old memory of HS and College track workouts. I enjoyed the time with other runners as most of my runs occur in the afternoon solo. I will def be out for more running workouts as I know y’all can only help me to get stronger and faster. Until next time.

Bagpipe:YHC had never posted Bagpipe when Tagalong suggested a Q stop… sounded awesome to me.  This crew is TOUGH.  We covered almost 2.5 miles while working some oft disused muscles in our drive to get swole instead of swift.  YHC will happily return in the near future to either dish, or be dished upon, as the PAX have absolutely 0 quit.  Thanks to the site Qs for the opportunity, always a pleasure to visit our SOB brethren.

Announcements: Joe Davis – March 9th 2019

Bring your bells inside on cold nights

Seven foolhardy F3 #wamrappers found themselves in a situation. That situation, was a kettlebell complex with a pyramid twist. #F3style Sage advice was given the night before and then Alf didn’t even show up. Disclaimer stated, albeit poorly, we mosey’d on over to the deck.

Camp Gladiator was in full effect on the ground floor, so we took it to level one so as to not intimidate the campers or embarrass ourselves. Sidenote: music is nice for AMRAP workouts.

Getting to that Thang

  • KB Deadlift
  • Merkin
  • KB High Pull
  • Merkin
  • KB Swing
  • Merkin
  • KB Goblet Thruster
  • Merkin
  • Run up ramp to level two and down stairs to bells

That’s a set. Start at 5 reps. GO, GO WAMRAP!!!!!! Add a rep each set to make it up the pyramid. 20 mins in, we reached the top of our respective pyramids and it’s time to head back down. But this time, run up the stairs and down the ramps back to bells.

Finish up your last set and climb stairs to level 2. Plank w/6″ hold to AYG down ramp and back to bells.

Grab the gear and hoof it back to the launch.

Moleskin: No matter who leads the WAMRAP it will suck. That’s the point. So just hunker down in your own little pain cave and push on. Great work by all today. After 3 rounds there was a pile of clothes in the hallway as the PAX were heating up. #missionaccomplished Merkins in-between KB exercises were unsavory but necessary. No surprise that McGee, Purell and Orange Whip had the lead and 12 reps. Flipper and Squid knocked out 11 and YHC and Stumpy put in 10. No Camp Gladiators were hurt in the making of this workout. But I did go give my brother, F3 Electric Slide, a big hug afterwards. He is their clipboarder. Till next time. SYITG

Announcements: Joe Davis, BRR, F3 Golf and don’t forget to register for the Xmas party.


13 grizzly PAX showed up for a surprise beatdown on one of the smaller of muscle groups. The Tricep. Was this intended? No. But somehow we arrived at the intersection of Diamond Merkin Avenue and Dip Boulevard. Here’s what went down.

YHC came in hot and gave the disclaimer while still tying shoes. #flipperlovesitwhenIdothat PAX properly disclaimed we mosey. After a trip across the parking lots circle up for the ole COP.

COP x 10 IC

  • SSH
  • IW
  • Mtn Climbers
  • Merkin
  • Flutter
  • Hello Dolly
  • Low Slow Squat
  • Double Lunges (lunge fwd and then bwd to the 4 count)

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the HotBox for Thang 1 – 3 rounds of increasing reps 10, 15, 20

  • Diamond Derkins (decline merkins)
  • Dips
  • Diamond Irkins (incline merkins)

Peoples Chair to recover w/50 arm raises (missed 10 burpees OYO – but we made it up)

Move over to soccer field ramp for Thang 2. Suicides. Split into 2 groups. (this was thought out, but then YHC completely forgot what I wanted to do – so we winged it) #qfail

  • Round 1
    • Group 1 stayed up top and did jump squats
    • Group 2 did suicides to each garbage can
    • Flapjack
  • Round 2
    • G1 did lunges
    • G2 did the reverse suicide for each garbage can
    • Flapjack

Some more Peoples Chair w/25 front arm raises and then we did 10 burpees OYO.

Mosey over to baseball field hill for Thang 3. Triple Nickel

  • 5 CDD at top of hill
  • Run down
  • 5 Jump Squats at bottom
  • Run back up
  • Repeato 5 times

Plank to wait on 6 and we may have done 10 more burpees OYO.

Mosey over to main driveway for Shuttle Pyramid. Increasing Hand Release Merkins at each tree. 1, 2, 3, 4, etc to 8. Air Chair then go back down the pyramid. 8, 7, 6, 5, etc to 1. #TBQ Plank.

Mosey to middle of back lot and settle in for some Mary.

6ish Mins of Mary – each PAX picked an exercise IC x 10

  • LBC
  • American Hammer
  • Heels2Heaven
  • Box Cutter
  • Makhtar N’Diayes (tks runstopper)
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Rosalita
  • High Flutter
  • Good Mornings
  • Dolly
  • Burpees
  • (can’t remember 2 others)

AYG to the start. Fin

Office Chair Moleskin: Solid group of PAX in this cold yet surprisingly humid morning. Fog was abundant and YHC tried to keep us in lit locations on the parking lots or away form the traffic altogether. #safetyfirst The usual suspects were out in front, but there were a few nags that busted up front to nip the front runner at the tape. #gettingstronger The triceps became the unfortunate scapegoat of this workout as the merkins were in abundance. YHC had some muscle failure in the hotbox. Those 3 sets were no joke. We had a few Q fails this morning but we took it in stride as this isn’t YHC’s first rodeo and the punishment flows free from this PAX swirling ball of snakes. Good work to Mr Magoo who braved his second workout since Monday Basecamp and learned what a true F3 workout was like. #thereisnomodify Note from the Site Q’s to remember your brothers in the gloom at the closing of this holiday season. Call em, Slack em, Loop em back in. We’re stronger together. Thanks for the opportunity to be sharpened by the iron that this AO forges. Strong takeout by Lorax #HIM


  • Joe Davis 5k/10 sign up – March
  • Donations for Chimbote trip – See Chelms
  • Cooter is home and doing well
  • Reminder to reach out and bring those Kotters back into the fold

Stone-iversary 6.0

Stonehenge is perhaps the world’s most famous F3 monument. It was built in several stages: the first monument was an early henge monument, built about 6 years ago, and the unique post henge drinks circle was established in the late Frehleys Comet period about 2017 AD. In the early Haggis/Dolphin period many AOs were built nearby. But none as prestigious as Stonehenge.

Today, together with Davinci, Stonehenge forms the heart of SOBs Saturday painfests, with a unique concentration of flatulence and perspiration.

24 strapping fellows paid homage on this cool and breezy morning reminiscent of the English highlands.

But enough history, let’s talk caber tossin.

COP – short warmup with much mumblechatter and Q fails. SSH x 20, Squat x 15, Merkin x 15

Mosey down to almost corner of Bally commons and Bally Corp place. Partner up. Catch me if you can to the fitness trail just before bridge. .7 or so miles. Plank up to wait on the six.

Split up into two groups and head down to each set of pull ups bars for a Mini Murph. 5 sets of 10 pull-ups, 20 merkins and 30 squats. This def was a #crowdpleaser and a baseline of sorts to think about what you may need to work on this year. YHC needs to get some pull-ups in more often.

Return back to middle to regroup. Mosey up to bridge for some 11’s. Start at bridge with monkey humpers, run to second street lamp and do lunges.

Mosey down hill to parking lot and partner up again for final catch me if you can back home. .5 mile

With #tbq achieved we circled up for ye olde COT.

Moleskin: Markettimer had a well timed last min media push on slack that brought the pax out for the 6 year anniversary of SOBlands oldest workout. Wingman dug up the first BB and it was a “blast” from the past regaling the efforts of many prepping for snowruck.

Everyone put in a solid effort this first day of the new year. I wish you all the very best in 2019 and remain blessed to be part of this amazing brotherhood. Tks to the Stonehenge leadership for allowing me to lead.

Announcements: Joe Davis Race – March