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13 grizzly PAX showed up for a surprise beatdown on one of the smaller of muscle groups. The Tricep. Was this intended? No. But somehow we arrived at the intersection of Diamond Merkin Avenue and Dip Boulevard. Here’s what went down.

YHC came in hot and gave the disclaimer while still tying shoes. #flipperlovesitwhenIdothat PAX properly disclaimed we mosey. After a trip across the parking lots circle up for the ole COP.

COP x 10 IC

  • SSH
  • IW
  • Mtn Climbers
  • Merkin
  • Flutter
  • Hello Dolly
  • Low Slow Squat
  • Double Lunges (lunge fwd and then bwd to the 4 count)

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey to the HotBox for Thang 1 – 3 rounds of increasing reps 10, 15, 20

  • Diamond Derkins (decline merkins)
  • Dips
  • Diamond Irkins (incline merkins)

Peoples Chair to recover w/50 arm raises (missed 10 burpees OYO – but we made it up)

Move over to soccer field ramp for Thang 2. Suicides. Split into 2 groups. (this was thought out, but then YHC completely forgot what I wanted to do – so we winged it) #qfail

  • Round 1
    • Group 1 stayed up top and did jump squats
    • Group 2 did suicides to each garbage can
    • Flapjack
  • Round 2
    • G1 did lunges
    • G2 did the reverse suicide for each garbage can
    • Flapjack

Some more Peoples Chair w/25 front arm raises and then we did 10 burpees OYO.

Mosey over to baseball field hill for Thang 3. Triple Nickel

  • 5 CDD at top of hill
  • Run down
  • 5 Jump Squats at bottom
  • Run back up
  • Repeato 5 times

Plank to wait on 6 and we may have done 10 more burpees OYO.

Mosey over to main driveway for Shuttle Pyramid. Increasing Hand Release Merkins at each tree. 1, 2, 3, 4, etc to 8. Air Chair then go back down the pyramid. 8, 7, 6, 5, etc to 1. #TBQ Plank.

Mosey to middle of back lot and settle in for some Mary.

6ish Mins of Mary – each PAX picked an exercise IC x 10

  • LBC
  • American Hammer
  • Heels2Heaven
  • Box Cutter
  • Makhtar N’Diayes (tks runstopper)
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Rosalita
  • High Flutter
  • Good Mornings
  • Dolly
  • Burpees
  • (can’t remember 2 others)

AYG to the start. Fin

Office Chair Moleskin: Solid group of PAX in this cold yet surprisingly humid morning. Fog was abundant and YHC tried to keep us in lit locations on the parking lots or away form the traffic altogether. #safetyfirst The usual suspects were out in front, but there were a few nags that busted up front to nip the front runner at the tape. #gettingstronger The triceps became the unfortunate scapegoat of this workout as the merkins were in abundance. YHC had some muscle failure in the hotbox. Those 3 sets were no joke. We had a few Q fails this morning but we took it in stride as this isn’t YHC’s first rodeo and the punishment flows free from this PAX swirling ball of snakes. Good work to Mr Magoo who braved his second workout since Monday Basecamp and learned what a true F3 workout was like. #thereisnomodify Note from the Site Q’s to remember your brothers in the gloom at the closing of this holiday season. Call em, Slack em, Loop em back in. We’re stronger together. Thanks for the opportunity to be sharpened by the iron that this AO forges. Strong takeout by Lorax #HIM


  • Joe Davis 5k/10 sign up – March
  • Donations for Chimbote trip – See Chelms
  • Cooter is home and doing well
  • Reminder to reach out and bring those Kotters back into the fold

Stone-iversary 6.0

Stonehenge is perhaps the world’s most famous F3 monument. It was built in several stages: the first monument was an early henge monument, built about 6 years ago, and the unique post henge drinks circle was established in the late Frehleys Comet period about 2017 AD. In the early Haggis/Dolphin period many AOs were built nearby. But none as prestigious as Stonehenge.

Today, together with Davinci, Stonehenge forms the heart of SOBs Saturday painfests, with a unique concentration of flatulence and perspiration.

24 strapping fellows paid homage on this cool and breezy morning reminiscent of the English highlands.

But enough history, let’s talk caber tossin.

COP – short warmup with much mumblechatter and Q fails. SSH x 20, Squat x 15, Merkin x 15

Mosey down to almost corner of Bally commons and Bally Corp place. Partner up. Catch me if you can to the fitness trail just before bridge. .7 or so miles. Plank up to wait on the six.

Split up into two groups and head down to each set of pull ups bars for a Mini Murph. 5 sets of 10 pull-ups, 20 merkins and 30 squats. This def was a #crowdpleaser and a baseline of sorts to think about what you may need to work on this year. YHC needs to get some pull-ups in more often.

Return back to middle to regroup. Mosey up to bridge for some 11’s. Start at bridge with monkey humpers, run to second street lamp and do lunges.

Mosey down hill to parking lot and partner up again for final catch me if you can back home. .5 mile

With #tbq achieved we circled up for ye olde COT.

Moleskin: Markettimer had a well timed last min media push on slack that brought the pax out for the 6 year anniversary of SOBlands oldest workout. Wingman dug up the first BB and it was a “blast” from the past regaling the efforts of many prepping for snowruck.

Everyone put in a solid effort this first day of the new year. I wish you all the very best in 2019 and remain blessed to be part of this amazing brotherhood. Tks to the Stonehenge leadership for allowing me to lead.

Announcements: Joe Davis Race – March

Gifts that keep on giving

Showed up early to locate some rocks and found none, nada, zero, zilch. Back to the launch to meet up with today’s crew. The fishing hole got repd online but didn’t bring the record pax. No worries. No new guys. No disclaimer. No excuses. No running… meh maybe a little.

COP – IC x 10 – SSH, IW, LSS, CDD, Peter Parker, Parker Peter

Run to rock pile at library next to practice field and pick a lifting rock to get cozy with.

Line up abreast. Lunge/Thruster (lunge walk right then left leg and thruster) = 1. Down about 20 yards and back. Move to guy on your lefts rock. Repeato until you get back to your original rock.

7’s – 7 of each thing = 21 reps x 3 sets – ascending burpees each set. 1, 2, 3

  • Curl (lower half curl, upper half curl, full range curl)
  • Tris on bench (extensions out past head, skull crushers to forehead, close grip press)
  • Thruster (squat, press, full thruster)

Line up abreast again. Squat lateral walk – walk left with rock out front. walk back to right. Width of parking lot. ~10 yards. Move to guy on your lefts rock. Rock overhead this time. Repeato until you get back to your original rock alternating out front hold and overhead hold.

Mary IC x 10 w/rock – There were flutters w/press, American hammers, LBC, a round of slow merkins and one other.

return rocks and run back to launch. 

Last item with about 3 mins to go. Merkin challenge to failure. 1 merkin, jump hands to diamond merkin, 1 diamond, jump hands to wide arm Merkin, 1 wide arm, back to normal. next set is 2 each, and 3 and 4… go to 5 if you can. when you can’t jump hands, walk them in and out. when u tap out, go to elbow plank.

5 days later moleskin – I named this for obvious reasons. There was stink and stank and stunk. No thanks to YHC and Frehelys. All were silenced during the rotating rock lunge thrusters and side walk rock. Leg day does it every time. Merkin challenge at the end helped the pax to finish with a bang. 

No announcements. Marco on the take out. 

Privileged as always to lead. 

Old Course Remorse

12… nope 11, made the trek to Calvary Church for this week’s chilly installment of Anvil. As everyone emerged from the warmth of their vehicles much attention was given to the attire each PAX was sporting. An assortment ranging from hoodies to t-shirts, pants to shorts and two in straight up tights. No newbies so off we go, not to the hotbox as requested by Brushback.

Head out of the windy confines of the “high ground” that Calvary Church occupies and onto Rea. Mosey down to Bevington. Regroup as we have already had a casualty to the uneven yet ground down sidewalk along the tree lined street. Our 12 had become 11 as a turned ankle rendered Hammer lame. Hope it’s minor issue Hammer. #iceup

20 SSH IC at Bevington and mosey on to Old Course.

Hold at Old Course for instructions on the McGee Special or “Peaks and Valleys”. At the peaks do Hand-Release Merkins. In the valleys do Jump-Squats. Start with a set of 5 and up it by 1 every consecutive set of peaks and valleys. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10… You get the idea.

The goal was to get to the stop sign of Old Course and Piper Glen. Snuka, Lorax and Brushback would have made it if I didn’t call them back to the 10 spot. We held up for the six and then reversed it on the way back out starting at 10 and going down to 5. Peaks = Jump squat, Valleys = HR Merkins.

Plank it up and wait on the six at Rea and Old Course. 15 American Hammers then As Fast As You Wish, AFAYW, to Bevington.

Regroup with some plank work and head up to Calvary entrance 4. At the bottom of entrance, I know I know – we don’t do exercises at the bottom of the hill, run up AFAP and do 10 HR Merkins, 10 Jump Squats and 10 Burpees. (no flying squirrels)

Mosey across the parking lot sprinkling in some side steps left and right, backwards run and finish it with some dynamic stretches. Frankensteins and Buttkickers.

Circle up for Mary. In Cadence LBC x 15, Freddie Mercury x 15 and Dolly x 15.


A strong group out there today. No one was left behind as the wienke was aggressive just like McGee. 😉 Old Course is a bit far from Calvary but worthwhile in order to get in a hill beatdown. Pair it with some exercises and you can convince the PAX that they did a Bootcamp and not a Running workout. (SHHHH)

Thanks to Lorax for posting the Q spot on slack. I need an excuse to bring my butt all the way back out to A51 from Steele Creek more often. #lazy #lunchrunner

Take out by Lorax

A51 xmas party – Sign up ends today. Get your spot

Joe Davis in March

Moisture Effort

Eight pax came out to get swole. We tried to match the moisture in the air with our volume of sweat now dubbed, Moisture Effort. Quick disclaimer as we’re all aware of the rules and mosey round the parking lot to wait on any LIFOs. None arrived so off we went to the track. Entrance to the track was denied, locked gate, so we bent the rules ever so slightly and careful mounted the fence to proceed.

SSH x 20, IW x 20, Mtn climber x 20, Merkin x 10

The Thang part one
Track lap with stops every 50 meters to do exercise x 5. Plank/people’s chair  to wait on six

  • Lap one – SSH x 5 and IW x 5
  • Lap two – American hammer x 5 and flutter x 5
  • Lap three – mtn climbed x 5 and Merkin x 5
  • Lap four – jump squat x 5 and sister Mary Catherine’s x 5 (jump lunge)

Carefully climb back over the fence and head up to Semis second home. Grab a lifting rock and proceed to the baseball fields.

The Thang part duex
Bi’s, Tri’s and Shoulders sets

  • Station 1 – Bi’s: do 20 supine pull-ups and 20 bicep rock curls. Run to stairs and back
  • Station 2 – Tri’s: 20 dips on bleachers then 20 triceps extensions with rock. Run out and back
  • Station 3 – Shoulders: do 20 decline merkins then 20 over head rock presses. Run out and back.
  • When done do 10 bent row rock pulls and 10 good mornings.
  • Circle up and supersize it with 3 rounds of increasing reps by 5 bicep curl, overhead press and tricep extension. Start at 10 and push through 3 sets to 20. AFAP

Return rocks to their home and grab some wall. Quick people’s chair then move into some Mary.

Six Minutes of Mary – each pax gets a chance to pick an exercise x 10

  • Fireman Ed – 10 slow count merkins
  • Mailman – 10 something I forgot (Merican’ Hammer)
  • Sardine – 10 CDD one legged
  • Uncle Rico – 10 Freddie Mercury
  • Hannibal – 10 LBC
  • BOG – 10 flutter
  • Thunder Road – 10 rosalita
  • Udder – 10 heels to heaven

Nice to see some new faces, Mailman and Sardine, amongst the oldies but goodies. Mind the track fence when it’s wet. Danger Danger.

Track work may be monotonous but sprinkling in some holiday cheer with exercises every 50 meters keeps it fresh and the HR up. Uncle Rico led the way with his #smokeboots and nothing YHC could do would slow him down #tclaps. Fireman Ed and Sardine were huffing and puffing on my six as I tried to catch Rico. TR, BOG, Hannibal, and Mailman were all grouped right behind. A solid effort by all.

Rock work can be a blessing or curse depending on if you chose wisely or poorly. Everyone grabbed a solid stone, didn’t see any pebbles out there, and put in work. The station work was a grinder and the supersize me sets were just what we needed to be bulging from our fresh pressed button downs today#urwelcome.

Finish it up with some crowdsourced Mary and we call that a workout. Mailman has his VQ this week at Centurion so he got out the nerves with his Mary call.

Blessed to be able to lead and be lead by this fine group of men.

A51 xmas party Saturday 12/1/18. See preblast for info.

SOB xmas party Friday 11/30/2018. See preblaxt for info.

Joe Davis Run 03/09/2018. See preblast for info.

Prayers for M Hannibal and family as she undergoes Skin Cancer surgery this week.

Are you yanking my hose?

9 fearless fellows started off the week with the DRP and are better HIMs for it. Quick disclaimer and mosey out to 51, down to Jack Hughes park entrance, down the sidewalk and around the big ball field to the main field house. Circle it up for some COP.

SSH x 20
IW x 20
Merkin x 10
Mtn Climber x 10
Low Slow Squat x 15??

Mosey over to rock pile and grab a lifting rock for some upper body work.
Tricep Extension x 30
Overhead press x 30
Curl x 30

With the arms all warmed up we move to the next lot where YHC has set up some stations. Partner up (one group of 3) and get a quick break down on what is going on with all the orange cones, cinder blocks, a garden hose and 1 frisbee.

Station 1 – Garden hose (timer)
Partner 1 pulls fully extended hose to himself (approx 80 feet give or take) and then run it back out to full extension. Partner 2 does LBC. Flapjack

Station 2 – Cinder Block lunge (10 yards out and back)
P1 lunges w/cinder block. P2 does merkins. Flapjack

Station 3 – 6 Cone ZigZag sprints
P1 zigzags the cones and sprints straight back. P2 Flutter. Flapjack

Station 4 – 15 yard frisbee toss
P1 and P2 throw and catch. If there is a drop, 5 Burpee penalty. Successfully complete 10 throws, do 5 Burpees for being Awesome!!!

One time through all the stations and we took a karaoke left and right down the parking lot and then a backwards run down the other side.

Station 5 – Partner Situps
P1 and P2 leglock and do old fashion situps.

Station 6 – Line hop
P1 and P2 stand over a parking line and do single leg (R/L) and double leg side to side hops over the line. 1 hop equals back and forth over the line. Right leg x 10, Left leg x 10 and double x 10.

Station 7 – Cinder block clean and press
P1 clean and press cinder block x 10. P2 burpees x 10. Flapjack

Station 8 – Side step suicides
P1 and P2 Suicide between 3 cones starting in middle. Side step to close cone and back to middle. Sidestep to far cone and back to middle. Sidestep the full distance and sprint to other end. Change sides to get equal leg work.

The group of 3 was the timer for this set. Times up, grab all the wonky gear and head back to launch. Drop it all next to YHC’s 2.0 hauler and circle up for 1 round of mary.

Mary = Heels2Heaven x 15

Frisky Moleskin:
YHC has been a bit preoccupied with various family health issues and was itching to get some “work” in on the ole pavement. When I received the message from Pvt Benji I jumped at the chance to Q. Admittedly I am a bit of a procrastinator and was thinking of various exercise routines last night whilst imbibing beside my fire-pit. I recalled a time not to long ago I pulled the garden hose across my yard and thought to myself, this would be a good workout. So, I brought my hose and some choice cinder blocks and paired it all together with a sprint/agility workout of my own making. Cinder block lunge walk is a real #crowdpleaser. As were line hops. Tag team duo Happy Meal and Tommy Boy were hustling hard. Commish and Side Car were setting off the “Lunk Alarm”. No Show, Pvt B and YHC took the long road with the 3 person partner group. DF and Cobbler suffered in silence. Everyone had the chance to show off their best “Dad” backhand frisbee toss and ultimately lamented the fact I brought all this gear 1/2 a mile from the launch as we picked it all up and took it back. Secretly, I was gauging frisbee talent and the idea of having a Joust like last Monday Ultimate game on the regular at The Big House. I think we can say, providing we get some numbers up, it will be GAME ON! Tks for the opportunity to lead.

Crane Relay is just 2 short weeks away. Check out the Pre-blast for any info. Details

Pineville Fall Festival this weekend – Come support your local F3 community and bring the 2.0s out for some fun.

If I get murdered in the city

Don’t go revenging in my name…

No pax were harmed in the making of this painfest. Well, almost.

24 gathered for an “udderly” amazing event at the Regal Theater’s sidelot in fancy pants Ballantyne. Where even murder is an issue. More on that later. Quick rusty disclaimer and short mosey to front of cinema. Circle up for COP.

COP – In Cadence
SSH x20
IW x10
Mtn Climber x15
Squat x15

With the mumblechatter at an all time high and YHC’s questionable cadence count we moved on. #animals

Slow mosey up to Elm and down along the sidewalk behind the cinema. I believe it was Chunder who said, “Oh no, Murderhorn is this way.” To which YHC replied, “Is it? I didn’t know that.” Wherein Mighty Mite chimed in with, “well someone did get murdered here recently…” YHC’s mind began to wander as his words trailed off. We were soon snapped back to reality upon arriving to our destination.

The Murderhorn (where no actual murders have been recorded. At least in Ballantyne’s version)

The Thang
Stop #1 – Heartbreak 1,2,3. Using .13 miles of The Murderhorn, teams of 3 will ascend and descend while completing cumulative exercise at each end. Exercise include 100 x Merkins, 200 x LBCs and 300 x Squats. The runner between the stops is the timer. Everyone end at the top and join in the Mary being called by Chunder.

Stop #2 – Mary Quad Burner. Mosey to the grassy area at the corner of Elm and Elmstone. Partner up. Partner 1 does Flutter while partner 2 backwards runs 25 yards to road and back x 2. Flapjack and repeato until cumulative Flutters = 200. We lost one pax to an ant pile. He took time to run it off which is a peculiar way to deal with pain. #toeachhisown

Stop #3 – Jacob’s Ladder. Mosey to launch lot and using the 25 yard +20% grade as our ladder. Ascend 7 times with increasing burpees at the top starting at 1 ending at 7. OYO AYG YVY AFAP FYI BTW OMG HIM

When all pax were done with Jacob they slowly started to assemble and do mary. YHC joined and properly lead this fine group of hill climbers. Dolly x10, Rosalita x10, Back scratchers x15, Freddie Mercury x15, LBC x20, Flutter x20.


Day old moleskin: YHC learned a few things today. There are a lot of SOB pax I do not know. #needtofixthat #postmore Murderhorn has nothing to do with actual murder, let’s be clear. There was a murder in Ballantyne recently and Mighty Mite can tell you all about it, he was there. #notasuspect #stonehenge Uncle Rico takes a licking and keeps on ticking or running in this case. He found an ant pile and tried to play with the cute little buggers. He then proceeded to run The Murderhorn as a way to deal with the pain. We have a multitude of Respects in our midst. I can only hope to be as good looking and healthy as these gentlemen when I am Respectful. Keep it up men. The mumblechatter was strong early, but once the hills started taking the air out of our lungs it got quiet. #missionaccomplished Everyone put out and the work did the work as the Goruck cadre would say. Thanks for allowing me to to lead. Toolbag, No Show and Commish have a great AO and the showing of 24 was impressive. #strong #hims

Announcements: Last call for Isabella Santos run and SFN Chariot pushing. Stonehenge is still happening and can be your warmup.

Davinci is converging with stonehenge this week

Lake Norman Basin run coming up soon.

Strong take out by Squid

You hate me… I hate me right now.

Lucky number 13, eventually. With our pre-runners in and all in the lot accounted for we launched 11 strong. Passing the crossfit box I tried to EH a solo SC doing a workout in the parking lot. Maybe they kicked him out? We’ll never know cause he stayed firmly planted next to his fern. You may notice I stated 13, we picked up a few bums along the way.

COP – AAA parking lot

SSH x10 IC
IW x10 IC
LSS x10 IC
Mtn Climbers x10 IC
Merkin x10 IC
Flutter x10 IC
Dolly x10 IC

The Thang

Round 1
Mosey to next lot in office park. YHC tells the PAX there are 5 sets of parking islands and we’re gonna use all of em. Modified triple nickel/Suicide run thing. Island set 1 – 5 merkins, do suicide set (out to middle island and back, out to far island and back), 5 Merkins. We started on the outside of the five islands which resulted in 6 sets of this awfulness. .7 miles and 60 merkins later we mosey north on Comm House rd,

Round 2
Bridge repeats – run out across the bridge and back (5K pace). First in chooses some mary x 25 (we picked up a wayward Snowflake running across the bridge on lap 1 – makes 12)
5 sets in the 15 min time allotment with boat/canoe, american hammer, lbc, plank set and something else that escapes me. 1 mile and 125 core exercise later we moved on to Round 3.

Round 3
Mosey to Torringdon main parking lot. Partner up (cause now we have even numbers) and run around perimeter of parking lot and at every parking island (x10) do 10 Hand Slap Merkins. #crowdpleaser Enough of that madness. Mosey on back across bridge to 1st stoplight. 1.3 miles and another 100 Merkins brings us to the final round.

Round 4
One more suicide set. Start at office park driveway, run (10K pace) to next driveway and back. Finish it up with 1/2 suicide to bring us back to the launch. .8 miles

With a few mins left we circled up and did a Ring of Fire. 1 runner runs around ring, we all do 5 merkins. 12 men x 5 merkins/man = 60 more merkins and 1 Tuck. Where did that guy come from?

BAM! Lucky number 13

Moleskin: YHC had what he thought was a fairly aggressive plan this morning. Many stops over a good distance to get the minimum 4 mile Brave requirement. A good mix of Chesticles and some more sustained running sessions to help get into a groove for pacing. The Pax held together well and were led on the runs by Fraiser and One Niner. Fire Hazard and Flipper are Merkin machines, even if yesterday was chest day. During round 2 YHC heard “Runner front” and it turned out to be Snowflake. We now officially had 12 and 1/3 of the Up’nOver BRR team. BRR Taper friendly means no hills, not low mileage. But how would anyone know what my made up phrase meant but me. 😀 Tuck found us after 57 mins back in the parking lot. I think he just played Candy Crush in his car the whole time. So now after reading this he can go out and do what he missed. There are lots of opportunities this fall for volunteering, supporting and participating in multiple events, see announcements below. Always a pleasure to lead the SOB’s and tks to Snowflake for the take out.


Crane Relay – last day to signup 8/25 – See preblast –

F3 Dads camping @ Cane Creek – Oct 19-21 – See Fraiser

Santos Run – 9/29 -Speed for Need chairs in full effect – See preblast –

Saint Jude’s 5K – 9/22 – Speed for Need event – See Snowflake

SandBox 8/31 – Evening for Believing – Soft Pretzel

Indian Land 4 yr Anniversary – 6am @ Indian Land Elementary

Bon voyage Centurion

YHC got a late start and was tossing coupons on the pavement at the Tartarus at 5:25. Dangerfield rolled up stopping with sleepy eyes and asked, “Is this where F3 meets?”. “Yes, go around the stadium to the lot with all the men standing round.” Shut the back to the family 2.0 hauler and haul arse over to the launch. With 30 secs past 5:30 YHC arrived. The terms were set and 10 Burpees to start.

The Thang
Mosey to Tartarus and ‘splain to PAX what to do.
Bear Crawl ramp 1 halfway run to top
Flat, Karaoke left
Crab Walk ramp 2 halfway, backwards run to top
Flat, Karaoke right
AYG to the elevators. Ramp and flat

People’s Chair to wait on the 6 – Little trivia while we sit.

Does anyone know how long Centurion has been an AO? 6 years from Runstopper. DING DING correct. (YHC forgot to ask if PAX knew who started Centurion? He was among us. Escargot)

Mosey down stairs and up to Catholic entrance. Passed by 2 well known areas for downpainment, Front entrance stairs/ramp and patio, on the way to the pedestrian crossing on 51. YHC disclaims the pax in the best way to cross the HWY is via a designated crosswalk. Be safe out there.

Continue to the front of Camel Commons shopping center in front of Amelie’s to stop number two.

Carmel Commons parking lot crossing lines. 17 is the magic number of crosswalks painted all along the front of the mall from Amelie’s to Cabo’s. Run from crosswalk to crosswalk and do descending, from 17, Squats. Mosey over to the Bermuda triangle to plank and wait on the six. More trivia.

Does anyone know the 5 principles of F3? With much mumble and some chatter we got them all out.

  1. Are free of charge
  2. Are open to all men
  3. Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
  4. Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
  5. End with a Circle of Trust

Mosey over to stop 3, Planantine Hill, for a Triple Nickel in honor of our incoming Site-Q, Mermaid. 5 Handrelease Merkins at the bottom, Run hill, 5 StarJacks at top, Run hill. Repeato x 5
LBC while we wait on the Six.

Mosey back to Tartarus, observing much caution while crossing 51, for the last stop. Tartarus stairs with a twist. YHC pulled out all the stops for his last Q as Site-Q and brought his vast collection of bricks. Somewhere in excess of 150. I was promptly asked if I had not finished a project. Maybe… But this time the project is move the bricks from here to there. Split into 2 teams, shirts v skins, and move your pile of bricks (2 at a time per pax) from spot 1 up stairs across and downstairs to the new spot next to old spot. Team that moves all the bricks first wins a special prize. My Respect. 🙂

With that ridiculousness over, we deposit all the bricks back into the M’s truck and head back to the launch.

Tour complete, in more ways than one.


It was a yet another pleasant morning in the bowels of A51 land. Centurion is always a bit muggy with it’s proximity to the nearby McMullen creek. To say we sweat would be an understatement as we all looked like we had just gotten out of the pool. Touring the AO was a good way to make sure everyone remembered the various facilities we have access too. It was also a good opportunity to drop some knowledge about the AO and F3 in general. Always a fun time to ask PAX questions when they can’t breathe and think. #crowdpleaser

Lorax led with Snuka (Respect), Brilleux and Margo not far behind. YHC had to leave Centurion with a parting gift in the form of bricks. This time in F3 has allowed me to gather quite a collection of bricks and I brought them all out. The M’s 2.0 hauler was not happy with the rear weight, but to bad the pax needed the training. Brick Race was fun and exhausting. Team Shirts missed the part about just going one floor in the PD and climbed all three. Team Skin respectfully waited to correct them and allow for fair competition. Shirts still won. #rigged

On a personal note, it has been a pleasure serving the Pax of western A51. I am blessed to have moved in order to make more room for our family and have since been very sporadic in my attendance. While living in Steele Creek I have noticed we need to seal the ring of 485  in CLT with AO’s. I plan to move forward with planting some workouts that will serve western CLT. Be on the lookout for future mustard seeds and a friendly EH to help them plant and grow. Thanks to Margo for helping to keep Centurion strong. We can see the fruits of the Site Q’s and loyal PAX labor with new AO’s like Cerebrus and Brave. All born out of the ever growing and starfish splitting model F3 follows. Mermaid will undoubtedly be a fantastic Site Q and help to serve the pax of F3 and grow A51 to reach more #sadclowns and #futureHIMs.

Respectfully, YHC – Udder



Beerrun – The beerrun has come and gone. If you did not attend, you missed out. Fun times fellowshipping with great A51 and SOB pax. Tks Tuck for organizing. Be on the lookout for a late fall edition that will head north from NODA to Central. #beerrun channel on slack

Nicaragua Mission – Currently raising funds to fabricate a metal building for the community – See Escargot

Q slots open at Centurion – see Margo or Mermaid

Committing burpicide

10 uninformed pax found themselves in a pickle when they arrived and YHC was the replacement Q. What would we do with 45 precious minutes of pain? YHC had the plan and with no FNGs we set off… to the very next parking spot.


SSH x 15 IC. Mosey to end of lot. IW x 15 IC. Mosey to next lot. Merkins x 15 IC. Mosey to end of lot. Squat x 15 IC. Mosey to next lot. LBC x 15 IC. There were some mild groans from the sisterhood of the traveling COP but YHC was used to this group. Mosey around outer driveway to 51 entrance. No one bit it on a speed hump.

The thang part 1

partner up x 3. Partners 1 and 2 head to opposite ends of lot. P3 runs to relieve. Flapjack and repeato till finished with all exercises. On each end of lot – 100 Merkins, 200 Squats and 300 LBC. Totaling 200, 400 and 600 for the partner trio.

Thang part 2

Mosey over to parking lot beside 51 and YHC laid out the Burpicide. Increasing burpees every island. 8 islands equal 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 burpees. Suicide back each island but, stop at each island and perform that islands number. Which means 1,2,1,2,3,2,1,2,3,4,3,2,1,2,3,4,5… to 8. #crowdpleaser. YHC had only planned 10 mins for this and that’s all that was needed to yield an all out rebellion. I think McGee got to 6.

fully smoked we mosey around back to the launch for some Mary. Everyone called an exercise then with 2 mins left we head to end of the lot. 5 burpees and all you got to the start.


NMM: This has been in the draft bin for 4 days now. That’s my bad. Had a few individuals in mind with the burpicide and they must have had burning ears cause they didn’t show. Oh well, the pax present recieved the punishment for allowing YHC to lead. You’re welcome. McGee and Lorax were out front. Surprise surprise. I did manage to quiet the mumblechatter quite quickly. #myworkhereisdone All that said everyone accepted the challenge and threw down all they had. Great job.

On a side note we did have a medical moment. This serves as a constant reminder that we need to stay vigilant to our pax needs and be ready to act. Site Q’s are strongly advised to keep a phone on them if going far away from the launch. Also if you do have any condition or begin to feel “off” speak up and let fellow pax know. Safety first

Announcements: the Memorial Day convergence already happened.

Patriot 5k Monday with convergence before during and after. This is an experience for sure. Check it out. (Also was YHC first post 5 years ago)

Link for pax emergency info. Fill it out.