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The Hips Don’t Lie

On a cold, blustery morning, 7 PAX entered the warm and toasty scout hut to recover from the week’s beatdown. Here’s how it went down:


  • Start out with Devotion (Fruit of the Spirit)
  • Corpse Pose- (Breathe in through nose out mouth)
  • Slowly get into Table Top
  • Cat Cow (5 times)
  • Side Bends (5 Breaths) L/R

The main thing


  • Mountain
  • Sun salutation (X4, 2nd and 3rd OYO)
    • Arms reaching overhead
    • Full fold (heavy body)
    • Up to halfway lift
    • Into plank
    • Down into up dog/Cobra
    • Move into Down dog (Walk the Dog)
    • Step into Lunge, then move into full fold
    • From full fold to mountain
  • Start Salutation, Once in downward dog Left right leg as high as possible and swing through to move into Warrior 1(5 Breaths)
    • Warrior 2
    • Peaceful Warrior
    • Warrior 3
  • Back to Warrior 2, and move into Starfish
    • Hands to the floor
    • Right Leg
    • Left Leg
  • Repeato Warrior/Starfish with opposite leg
  • Mountain move to Chair (5 Breaths)
  • Move to Prayer Chair, and Chair Twist (Left)= 5 Breaths
  • Back to Mountain, Sun Salutation
  • To mountain and move to chair 5 breaths
  • Prayer Chair then chair twist (right)
  • Out of twist to mountain and Sun Salutation (X2 OYO)
  • Start Salutation, Once in downward dog Left right leg as high as possible and swing through to move into Crescent Lunge (5 Breaths)
  • On your six, begin with two stretches
  • Right leg in, reach for your left (switch)
  • Butterfly- sitting tall, pushing your legs with your elbows in order to open up your hips (5 breaths)
  • Mountain- Sun Salutation (twice) go into a third time lift right leg up and go into…. Dead Pigeon (Right)
  • Hold for 45 seconds, and move into Down dog. Finish sun salutation, and move into another one until you lift left leg up and go into left side of Dead Pigeon Hold for 30 seconds, and move into finishing sun salutation (end in mountain)
  • Standing in Mountain, on your six down on the ground move to Supine Spinal Twist left (5 breaths, 15 seconds) then right (5 breaths, 15 seconds)
  • Then move to one legged wind removing:
  • Once you do both sides do happy baby, and back to Corpse pose
  • Review Devotion again



A good solid group this morning. Not a lot of mumble chatter initially, but upon beginning our Warrior poses, in order to ensure the PAX had their hips in check for Warrior 1 I referenced’ that your hips don’t lie… and being one of Paper Jam’s favorite songs, he proceeded to sing the whole song (not really) and that became the consistent theme  of the workout. Thankfully the music selection was themed more around “relaxing Yoga instrumental” as listening to Shakira can be stressful.

Kudos to the pre runners this morning- it was a bit too cold for my taste.


New Moderate Running workout on Thursday Morning at Socrates Academy. See Madison for details.

Paper Jam leading a workout Thanksgiving day 6:30 at the fountains at Blakney Shopping Center

Joe Davis run, coming up, check the Preblast for a coupon code.

Thanks Paper Jam for the Take Out.

I mean…. Brakeman’s opens at Six…..

On a gloomy Thursday morning, 7 PAX stumbled through the cold and the rain to make their way to Peak 51.

After fruitless attempts to sway the Q to calling an audible to Brakeman’s we got under way:

Run to around the church to the side parking lot:
20X IW
20X Hilbillys
20X Mountain Climbers
Head to the top of the parking lot for 7s
top: 1 Burpee
bottom: 6 jump squats
Mosey to the main church parking lot
Partner up
Partner 1 does called exercise while other does specific traverse exercies to the light. then Flapjack . Repeat until at the end of the parking lot
1st round: bear crawl LBC
2nd round: bear crawl LSS
3rd round: karoke Carolina dry docks
4th: backpedal merkins
Around the school:
Partner up. One partner runs one direction the other the opposite.
When you meet your partner do 10 hand slap Merkins. Repeat 3 times
Mosey back to the school brick restroom for the People’s Chair w/ arm presses
Totally my bad on how late this is- Thursday night I promptly headed up to Boone to watch the good guys shellack Southern (Go Apps!) and BBlast responsibilities totally slipped my mind- and here we are.
There were wonderful plans to show up right at 4:50 in order to do the pre run- but due to laziness on my part showed up at 4:55. No matter- as ZERO pre runners beside myself.  What can one do but a modified pre run/scouting trip to see if the Ao was wet (newsflash- it was)
Houdini showed up at 5:23 when there was only one other PAX and promptly attempted to convince Q to move this 1st F work out to a 2nd F fellowship time. I was slightly open, and we even had a Site Q’s blessing- but once our 5:28 crew showed up, I made the call that this was not the time.
Well done Sapling- new to F3 and posting on a day that scared away most of the regulars. Good work!
My past several workouts have involved a lot of running, so I tried to work on the Bootcamp side of things. Unfortunately, today just happened to be soaking wet- so the PAX didn’t appreciate it as much as they normally would I think.
Smokey emerged with his normal UT Vols cap- and promptly went back to his car and emerged with a Tennessee UT Orange Beanie. Well done staying on brand even while layering up.
SPEAKING OF layering up- Slim Fast is the master of it. I grew up in the mountains with 10 degree mornings, and yet Slim’s ability to stay warm and mobile puts any skill I had to shame. Also, the fact that he showed up for a Thursday morning workout two days before he cranked out a half marathon- he might be my hero.
Lumberjack did what any good lumber jack does- showed up, but the work in, cut down a couple a trees and went along with his day. Lois cranked it out, and then got to see what true #Funbelt football looks like with me Thursday night (#GoNeers).
2nd Peak 51 Q, and second time Sensei has not shown up. I’m not hurt or anything, I just cry on the inside.
Joe Davis run- Slim Fast needs volunteers to help provide bagels for Joe Davis run- he’ll bring some materials to Peak this upcoming Thursday to help ask grocery stores for donations. If you’re interested in help Slim Fast let him know- it won’t be too much work (especially if everyone helps)
Also, sign up for Joe Davis run
Thanks Sensei and Lois for letting me Q today. Even with 40 degree temps and super wet conditions, no where I’d rather be than with this group of men.

Explorin with Dora

On another textbook muggy Wednesday morning, 8 Pax ventured out to Conviction. Here’s what we got into:




15X Mountain Climbers

15 X LSS

Running stretches to the Sidewalk

Partner up

Dora- Partner 1 Run! Partner 2 run to baseball field and back

100 X Merkins

200 X Squats

300 X LBCs

Once done, mosey on over to the hill for some:


Bottom of the hill: Burpees

Top of the hill:  Jump Squats

Peoples chair- Ear Flappers

Snake Run to bus parking lot



15XFreddie Mercury


Stretch it out



There was some trepidation on my part- In my year of F3 Experience, I have never Q’d outside of the comfy confines of area 51- heading into Union County felt like a whole other world (even though Conviction is closer to my house than most Area 51 workouts).

However, my fears were soon put to rest as upon arriving I saw a few familiar faces- mixed in with some new ones.

Another muggy day- it was especially hard for me because Wednesday’s are normally devoted to Gumby, which comes with Air Conditioning.

The Mumble chatter was STRONG- everybody made sure I knew how they felt about Dora and her explorin ways. Shake and Bake was especially not happy about having to run between “hatchet row”

Finally, a Snake Run where the PAX listen and go at the speed asked of them. First time it’s happened in my  time Q’in


F3 Golf coming up

Horsehead is on at Outland, and Bernakey is on in Monroe. E harmoney SHOULD’VE done overdrive, but Woody took it

Nomad has Q at Conviction next week


Thanks Bullwinkle and Site Qs for having me out- I’ll be heading back your way soon.

Return of the Swamp Things

On a muggy Tuesday morning, 17 PAX made their way to Skunk Works for a beat down. Of course, I had to oblige:


To the rock and back


20 KB Swings

15 Imperial Walker Squat

20 Good Mornings

15 Mountain Climbers

Partner up for Catch me if you can (Church Loop)- but 10 Jump Squats instead of merkins

Meet at the front doors

Partner 1 runs the church lap, and Partner 2 starts with the below exercise, and flapjack:

Round 1:Overhead Press
• Round 2: High Rows
• Round 3:  Goblin Squats
• Round 4:  KB Merkins
• Round 5: Your Choice

Mosey to the square

Called Exercises, then run up and down steps

Exercise 1: 20 One Arm swings Ten each

Exercise 2: 20 Lawnmowers ten each arm

Exercise 3: 30 LBCS

Mosey back to Launch for some Mary:

15 X LBC

15 X Flutter

15 X American Twist



What. The. Heck.

After having a beautiful week of weather last week, and perfect weather for Fletch’s triumphant return last week,  I walked out of my house this morning into fourth of July weather in October. At that point the weinke wasn’t changing so I rolled with what I had.

The Imperial Walker Squat was a failed experiment- for some reason I absolutely love this little random modification, but it is never well received in the COP- feels like the PAX are just not up for a cadence count that goes up to four

Had a little mumble chatter prior to our Catch me if you Can run, but once we arrived at the church it died down significantly.

Not coincidentally around the same time the Swamp things emerged- you know that moment in the workout when everyone is soaked in sweat- yes because of the workout, but mostly due to the humidity. Happens all the time in the summer, so it felt like welcoming back an old, somewhat unwelcome friend.

Smokey was out in front per normal in group one of the church run- Sanka was frantically trying to keep up while discovering that Smokey’s way to skinny to draft off. Not sure who was leading the pack in group 2 for the church laps, but Dollywood was looking strong hitting the stairs.

T-claps to Chin Music and Baracus for the pre run- as well as anyone else I may have missed.


Friday night Poker Night at Lex’s house 9:00PM- he lives in Providence Plantation, hit him up on Slack or Twitter.

Let them Soar 5k- November 4th Benefiting the Exceptional Foundation details are on Twitter- Speed for Need will be there pushing Chariots. Sign up here:


Thank you Site-Q’s for allowing me the opportunity to lead. Skunkworks has played a huge part in my growth over the past year in F3, and it’s an honor to Q one of the hardest workouts  in Area 51.

“This isn’t Fast Twitch Tweetsie!”

Another Monday morning in the gloom- another opportunity to start the week off right at Base Camp.

After a little bit of scouting around the neighborhood to make sure what I had planned would work, 16 pax circled up, and after a detailed disclaimer, and Admiration of how the sweat glistens on YHC by the PAX, we got it going:

The Thang

Mosey to the front Parking lot

15 SSH

5 Burpees

15 Imperial walkers

15 Mountain Climbers

Head out of the parking lot down Wood Fox

Left onto Rounding Run

Dynamic stretching- Heels, Toes, Butt Kickers, High Knees

Park it at the top of the hill after Rising Run

Triple 5s on the halfpipe:

At the top of the hill, 5 LBCs

Bottom of the hill, start with one  Merkin (add a Merkin each time you reach the bottom of the hill)

Top of the next hill, 5 LBCs-

Repeat until you end with 5-5-5

Repeato, but with LSS, CDD, LSS

Snake Run back to launch (or because of Q-Mutiny, to the Middle of Woodfox, and mosey the rest of the way)

To the wall for the people’s chair plus air presses


20 LBCs, 20 Flutter kicks, 20 Rosalita



When asked to Q, I asked Drano what the breakdown for Base Camp looked like, and he mentioned somedays look more like a bootcamp, some days morel like a running workout. Seeing that I was born out of Mountain Goat, I leaned towards more running- Strava had us at 2.8 miles.

Goonie seemed to think this workout would’ve been a better off on a Tuesday at Fast Twitch- even as he led the pack for most of the morning. I personally am of the mindset that the “moderate workout” phrasing is more like a… suggestion.

The Mumble Chatter was loud and rowdy today- aFireman Ed and Simba were admiring how I was glistening from my pre-run sweat-I admit it’s a problem. However the further we ran, the less mumble chatter I heard. Interesting how that works.

The triple 5s was a combination of sevens and a triple nickel on a half pipe (if some name has been coined for this already, let me know) and it was a smoker.

The idea was for the snake run to be at mosey pace back to launch, but as Insomniac pointed out it seems once the run starts, mosey turns into AYG. Thus, with a quarter of a mile or so left, the Snake Run fell apart, and turned into a slow mosey back.


F3 Golf October 27th

Isabella Santos- this Saturday with the Speed for need Chairs (sign up here:

Gumby its one year Gumbyversary tomorrow!

Come enjoy the most unique workout in  Area 51-included tomorrow will be:

  1. A triple team Q
  2. The reveal of a new shovel flag
  3. Some stretching, yoga style work to help recover from the beating we take the rest of the week doing f3

Thanks so much Goonie and Drano (even if you had to leave for a “meeting”) for the opportunity to Q-always a pleasure. I can’t think of a better way to hit the week running than Base Camp


They’re called “Jeggings”

On a beautiful August morning, 13 PAX came to get all the kinks out. Here’s what happened:


“Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews 12:1-2 

We talked about how Christ has called us to run our race- we have the example of those who have gone before us. What that race looks like is different for each and every one of us- but the call is the same to run our race well.

There will be times when we are exhausted- times when the race becomes incredibly difficult. It is during these times that we look to Jesus, and HIS example.

The Thang 

  • Start out with Devotion (Run the race)
  • Corpse Pose- (Breathe in through nose out mouth)
  • Slowly get into Table Top
  • Cat Cow (5 times)
  • Butterfly- sitting tall, pushing your legs with your elbows in order to open up your hips (5 breaths)
  • Boat(15) and move into…
  • Canoe (30 seconds) repeat a couple times

The MAIN Thang

  • Mountain
  • Sun salutation (X4, 2nd and 3rd and 4th OYO)
    • Arms reaching overhead
    • Full fold (heavy body)
    • Up to halfway lift
    • Into plank
    • Down into up dog/Cobra
    • Move into Down dog (Walk the Dog)
    • Step into Lunge, then move into full fold
    • From full fold to mountain
  • Start Salutation, Once in downward dog Left right leg as high as possible and swing through to move into Warrior one (5 Breaths)
  • Move to Warrior 2
  • Move to Peaceful Warrior
  • Return to Warrior 2, and go to Triangle (Bend knee in, arm on shin, other hand high)
  • Back to Warrior 2, and drop into Star pose
  • Reach for your left leg, then right
  • Sun Salutation, and repeat Warrior flow opposite leg
  • While standing, Quad stretch/Flapjack
  • Tree, Flapjack
  • “Lord of the dance” Flapjack
  • Sun Salutation move into Dead Pigeon
  • Flap jack
  • Return to mountain
  • On your six, begin with two stretches
  • Pretzel
  • Child’s Pose
    • Stretch to the right
    • Stretch to the left
  • Back to Corpse pose
  • Review Devotion again


Sorry about the lateness of this Back Blast- I was planning on sending it the Thursday after, then time got away from me, then I went and got lost running around in the mountains with a bunch of men (otherwise known as the BRR)

We had a little bit of a larger crowd this morning- guess the message was heard that Gumby is a great BRR-prep as we had a lot of hard core runners joining us.

So Cocktail comes sauntering in and causes everyone to give a double take- as it seems that he had come rolling up in Toughskins (aka jeans). While we were debating a name change, he let us know that it was his comfy pants disguised as jeans- (known in some circles known as jeggings) that are available at Walmart

After some extensive research, I can confirm this is such a thing (can be purchased here: – you’re welcome) and they seem to be incredibly comfy. Kudos Cocktail- stand strong.

Tunes was a Hans Zimmer playlist- with hindsight being 20/20 it’s a a little too intense for a Broga workout- I’ll adjust next time.


Thanks again for coming out- I always appreciate the opportunity to lead this great group of guys.





Denomination Stations

On another muggy morning deep in the heart of Matthews, 15 PAX gathered for another  beatdown.

Disclaimer was given and and then we took off runnin:

Depart Matthews Elementary and head Southwest on Trade St. to Matthews United Methodist Front Parking lot

Circle up

SSH IC x20

Mountain Climbers X 15

IW IC x15

Hillbilly IC X15

Depart Matthews UMC and head north (via Main and S. Freemont) to Matthews Presbyterian parking lot.

Plank O’ Rama

Partner up

Partner 1- Suicides up the parking lot hill

Partner 2- Called Exercise (partners then flapjack)

Round 1 Merkins

Round 2 Jump Squats

Round 3 Carolina Dry docks

Depart Matthews Presbyterian and roll Southeast to First Baptist of Matthews for core work

RosalitaX 20 IC

American Hammer X 20 IC


Freddie Mercury IC X 10

Mosey for wall sits/Air Presses

Stretch it out-Gumby style

Strong Take Out by Snoopy


This is hands down one of my favorite workouts of F3- you get a good bootcamp style sweat going, and then run in between- I had us clocked at 1.9 miles for the workout.

This little baby was the brainchild of the one and only Booyah, and he gave me express written permission to break it out. The only condition he had for me for using his workout was that i had to give a unique fact for each denomination we visited.

I decided to raise the stakes and make it a trivia time game- a PAX gets the question right, we move onto the next station, if no one does another harder, gut busting  exercise. But, the PAX were up to the challenge- Lorenzo, and Lumberjack especially were dropping knowledge to help out the group achieve a score of 100%

You never know how a running focused workout is going to go, but everyone stepped out to the challenge.

There was an early  Q fail- I called for Mountain Climbers when in my head I was thinking Imperial Walkers. Winger gave me the weirdest look as I stay standing while the rest of the circle gets in the correct ready position. Thankfully we got it sorted out, and we moved right along. #thanksforgrace #alwaysgettingbetter #riseandgrind

Didn’t hear a lot of mumble chatter though, with the exception of Snoopy and Cocktail talking about the fact that they go sleeveless (but honestly- this happens most Thursday mornings).

T-claps to Bennie, Nomad and Early Bird for hitting up the Pre-run.. and then Early Bird turns right around after the workout ends and bikes two miles home… I mean the guy is a beast.

Thanks Lois and Sensei for letting me lead (unfortunately, no face timing of the Q Sensei). It is always a privilege to Q for these great men.



Well Officer- what happened was….

On a hot and humid August morning, Six weary PAX moseyed on down to the scout hut to stretch out the kinks. Here’s how it went:


Devotion- John 15:12-14

” My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.  You are my friends if you do what I command.”

One of Jesus’ last commands before he goes to trial and crucifixion is to love one another. Not only that, he said you are not a follower of mine unless you love. He then set the ultimate example by giving his life for those who despised him the most. We talked about how much of a difference men could make in this world if we truly love all those around us: our Family, our Friends, our Fellow PAX, even that annoying guy at work. Love will bring true change in the world.

The Thang

  • Started in corpse pose
  • Winshield Wiper both sides 5 times
  • Bring kneews up and go into Bridge
  • Table Top
  • Alternating Cat/Cow Poses
  • Side Bend Stretch – 5 breaths left side, 5 breaths right side
  • Sun Salutations (one guided, three OYO)

Crescent Flow

  • Begin a Sun Salutation, meet in Downward Dog
  • In DD, swing right leg up, and move into Crescent lunge (5 breaths)
  • Crescent Lunge Warrior 2 (5 breaths)
  • Reverse Crescent (or the Peaceful Crescent- 5 breaths)
  • Slide from reverse Crescent into Starfish and drop your hands to the floor
  • Move to your right leg then left leg
  • Return to mountain, and repeat flow (but with left leg)

I Just Want to Do Dead Pigeon Flow

  • Two Sun Salutations
  • Begin Third, meet in downward dog.
  • In DD, lift right leg up, and swing it forward into Dead Pigeon
  • Return to Downward Dog, finish the salutation
  • Repeat Flow

Seated Flow

  • Sit back on your heels and stretch our your feet
  • Child’s pose
  • Move arms to your right, then your left and hold
  • On your six
  • Butterfly
  • Right leg in, left leg out reach for left (Flap jack)
  • Reach for both lefts
  • Corpse Pose
  • Review Devotion


Came in this morning and had my first Site-Q experience wrestling with the alarm. After entering the code it didn’t accept it, so I had to enter it two or three more times , thinking that the Police were going to show at any moment, forcing me to relive being pulled over by the boys in blue Tuesday morning on my way to Fast Twitch (another story, another time). Thankfully, none did, because i’m not sure I really want to explain why six men are up in the gloom doing Stretch/Yoga moves at a scout hut #awkward

Today’s music was a solid playlist I refer to often of Epic movie scores, and I must say we had some movie buffs slinging out correct movie names this morning.

Welcome Chopper – hope to see at Gumby very soon.

T-claps to Paper Jam and Drive by with the Pre run(s)- this morning was a miserable jungle like humidity. Makes the air conditioning that much sweeter.

As always gents, an honor and privilege to lead.

Stretching out the Kinks

9 weary PAX in need of rejuvenation showed up to the Scout Hut, ready to get their stretch on. I willing obliged.


Devo: Psalm 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth! 

I shared with the PAX how life has just been crazy for the past couple of weeks, but that I (and all of us) truly need to be still. The speed of life can create anxiety, especially as we review the world around us. Be Still is not a suggestion- but rather a command. Only when we are, can we truly know God, and experience true peace.


The Thang 

  • Corpse Pose- (Breathe in through nose out mouth)
  • Kneeds up to windshield wiper left right (5 times)
  • Bring Right Knee up and hold- Flap Jack
  • Slowly get into Table Top
  • Cat Cow (5 times)
  • Side Bends (5 Breaths) L/R
  • Balance the cat (right leg out, left arm out) flapjack
  • Mountain
  • Sun salutation (X4, 3rd and 4th  OYO)
    • Arms reaching overhead
    • Full fold (heavy body)
    • Up to halfway lift
    • Into plank
    • Down into up dog/Cobra
    • Move into Down dog (Walk the Dog)
    • Step into Lunge, then move into full fold
    • From full fold to mountain
  • Start Sun Salutation
    • Meet in downward dog.
    • Leg up to move into runners lunge (2b)
    • Then drop the knee
    • Slowly straighten the leg as you shift your weight back
    • Flapjack
  • Neck Streches- Grab your head and slowly tilt your head to one side
    • Flapjack
  • Start Sun Salutation
    • Meet in downward dog
    • Transition into Warrior 1
    • Move into Warrior 2
    • Five Pointed Star- Drop down to stretch out legs
    • Shift weight to the Right, and then to the left
    • Back all the way into DD
    • FlapJack
  • Mountain- Sun Salutation (twice) go into a third time lift right leg up and go into…. Dead Pigeon (Right)
  • Hold for 45 seconds, and move into Down dog. Finish sun salutation
  • Flapjack
  • Standing in Mountain, on your six down on the ground
  • Dead Pigeon, Flapjack
  • Corpse Pose
  • Review Devotion again



High Tide has the Q next week. Get ready as he’ll surely bring the thunder.


This week, my legs been hurting something fierce from increasing my mileage/elevation (thanks horsey) , so I specifically added some focus to the hips. We had a few others beat up from Skunkworks, so hoped this morning helped.

Not sure how many pre-runners we had this morning, but T-claps to Paperjam, who strolled in looking like he owned the place at 5:31 after he finished his run #doyou #driveitlikeyoustoleit

Went for Yoga Classical today- personally I thought it was a bust (made the workout seem  too serious) but let me know if you thought otherwise.

Thanks guys! Always enjoying Qing for this group.


“They Didn’t Do Burpees in Star Wars!”

It was a beautiful morning at Peak 51 and there was a full house as the beat down commenced:

-Mosey to the Bus Parking Lot


– SSH X 20 reps

-Mountain Climbers X10

-Peter Parkers X10

-Imperial Squat Walkers X10

Mosey to the back edge of parking lot

“Us Catch if You Can” (Catch Us If You Can Yoda style!)

-Partner 1 does 10 merkins.

-Partner 2 is on Partner 3’s back, and they run ahead- Partner 1 has to catch up to them and everyone switches.

– Start the run down the grassy hill, and continue down the greenway until you hit Trade St.

– Mosey on down the road to the Matthews UMC Parking lot for the Main Event:

Death Star, Fish

A tweaked version of the Star Fish, we began in the center with an exercise, and run to one of four stations. After stations 1-3 you head back to center to repeat the center exercise. After station 4, you take a lap around the perimeter and plank it up in the center. We did two rounds:

Round 1: Upper Body

Center Exercise: Burpees X5

Station 1: Merkins X15

Station 2: Hand Release Merkins X15

Station 3: Carolina Dry Docks x15

Station 4: Diamond Merkins X15

Round 2: Lower Body

Station 1: Jump Squats X 20

Station 2: Donkey Kicks X 10

Station 3: LSS X 20

Station 4: Donkey Kicks X 10

Once completed, we Moseyed back to the start of the Four Mile Green Way for a quick set of Freddie Mercury’s (x20) then heading back to launch for some time with our friend Mary:

LBCs X20

American Hammer X20

Flutter X20

Rosalita X10




There was some serious pre workout discussion as to whether or not this was my VQ, as I had Q’d at Gumby last month. After lengthy debate, it was decided that while #F3Gumby is essential to F3 nation, to be considered your VQ there has to be a COP, and counting in cadence. So say we all.

With it being May the 4th (be with you) and all, I decided to create a little bit of themed Q- hence the Star Wars stuff. I got a lot of great feedback on the Imperial Squat Walkers (thanks !)- a little awkward being a four count, but we made it work. I’m also very disappointed I didn’t hear anyone yell “It’s A Trap!” but you can’t have everything I guess.

Had a little confusion with how long to do the “Us Catch If You Can” and some of the called exercises- sorry guys just first time jitters- it’ll be better my next Q.

There was a decent amount of mumble chatter- best quote goes to SlimFast and his “They didn’t do Burpees in Star Wars!” Granted I mean obviously they did- it was just in the years Jedi spent  training that they don’t show in the movies.

Great to have the Mouth back posting after an extended absence – he made himself known in the  way only Mouth can.


The Wednesday after Memorial Day, a New AO will be launching in Union County from Stallings Elementary on Wednesdays- See Bullwinkle for more details (no name yet)

Goruck Cadre Danny Stoaks is doing a million burpee challenge for Operation Enduring Warrior as well as Capital City Ruck Tour and is hitting Columbia in October- plan to come out and ruck with him! Geraldo is graciously donating to Operation Enduring Warrior for all the burpees we did today- check the links below for an interview with Danny as well as a link to Operation Enduring Warrior:

Interview with GORUCK Cadre Danny Stokes: Capital Tour 2017

About Operation Enduring Warrior

Thanks to Booyah and Sensei for handing me the Q- Peak51 has made such an impact in my life over the past year,  I love coming every Thursday morning and being a part of this community.