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Denomination Stations- Round 2 (for me)

On another beautiful, quite humid (duh it’s summer) morning in the heart of Matthews, NC, 14 men came on down to Peak 51 for another foray into the gloom. I of course obliged:

The Thang 

Disclaimer then take off running

Depart Matthews Elementary and head Southwest on Trade St. to Matthews United Methodist Front Parking lot

Circle up

SSH IC x20

IW X 20

Mountain Climbers X 15

Depart Matthews UMC and head north (via Main and S. Freemont) to Matthews Presbyterian parking lot.

Plank O’ Rama

Partner up

Dora- three rounds

Partner 1- Suicides up the parking lot hill

Partner 2- Called Exercise (partners then flapjack- keep switching until the amount of called exercise is complete)

Round 1 100 Merkins

Round 2 150 Squats

Round 3 200 LBCs

Depart Matthews Presbyterian- but first run up the church entrance ramp and down the stairs because we can and roll Southeast to First Baptist of Matthews

In the pack parking lot:

Sprint AYG to the bottom of the hill, recovery mosey to the top (X2)

Mosey for wall sits/Air Presses

Mosey back to launch and meet up with SPARTA!!!!! for some core work

RosalitaX 20 IC

American Hammer X 20 IC

Freddie Mercury IC X 10

Protractor- one round around the circle



Praise- Madoff’s sister’s biopsy came back- no cancer!!

Come on out Wednesday for the July 4th 4miler- you can sign up here 


Confession time- I really, enjoy this workout. It was introduced to me a couple of years ago from the twisted genius of Booyah! who last year gave me permission to use his work…. so I took some liberties with the Fair Use act (I’m not sure that’s an actual act but sounds right) and used it again (ask forgiveness instead of permission right). I really enjoy the blend of mileage plus workout plus boot camp plus getting to get offsite and see some of the beauty of Matthews. The other Booyah staple of the workout was the working out of our minds…. and again this group did not disappoint with their theological trivia knowledge (as it ensured we did not have to pay a penalty in burpees, which was even better!).

Thanks as always Booyah- hope life is well in the Mint Hill, but make it back to Peak 51 soon ok? We miss you (well Sensei and I do at least- I can’t speak for everyone….)

Awesome to see some of the new guys have consistently kept coming back, and really are now a part of the Peak 51 family. Thanks Bernie, Madoff- and thanks Madoff for letting us know the praise regarding your sister’s biopsy! When we can celebrate moments like this as a community it makes us bettter- thanks for sharing with us.

Thumper was up front most of the day looking strong- I don’t think that kid is is on a BRR team just yet, but it’s gonna happen. The past two weeks he’s been cranking it out. Furly was aback again a 2nd week in a row, proving his return last week wasn’t aberration… and speaking of return, kind of sorta welcome back to Peak Early Bird! Well.. he showed up to launch expecting to do the Peak workout without realizing that Sparta launches from the same area a little early…. and didn’t realize he was doing Sparta until he was too tightly in Nomad’s grasp and halfway up a hill and that he had made a TERRIBLE mistake. I mean who wants to do a running workout???? (side note, I’m Qing Sparta this upcoming Thursday- you should come out!).

And welcome back Robin!! Good to have you back for the summer man- hope you can continue making it out.

This was a pretty strong group today- the only complaint I think I heard was Sardine complaining that he KNEW that Martin Luther started the Reformation. Which is technically true- however, he needed men like John Calvin and John Knox to spread Reformation into other nations after Luther was gone.

And that is one of the main points I hope you take away from this workout- we need each other. While not expressed on Thursday, I think the other big reason I like Denomination Stations is that it highlights the differences in thought and belief that there are even in a small town like Matthews. However, when we let those things keep us in conflict and prevent us from (you’re welcome Lois) ” Keeping the main thing the main thing” well then we will fall. That is the awesome thing about F3- in the COT we had guys ranging in age from 9-55, coming from all different walks of life- coming together with the one purpose of making each other better. That’s what has made F3 stick- and has had it grow from Mothership to multiple other states, and is why F3 Expansion has more and more cities asking for F3 to be planted. We need each other, and we are better as men in every capacity when we seek to better each other, when we reside in community with one another. Men from all different walks of life coming together in unity for the betterment of each other can truly change a community, and I’m grateful for the continued opportunity to come together with you guys each Thursday morning.

As always thanks Lois and Sensei for giving me the reins- Peak 51 is a staple of F3 South Charlotte, and it’s in good hands.


Mid-week Break in

On a muggy morning in South Charlotte, Six Pax moseyed on down to the scout hut to stretch it out. Here’s what we did:

Devotion- God will provide- do not worry (Luke 12:22-31)

  • Corpse Pose- (Breathe in through nose out mouth)
  • Slowly get into Table Top
  • Cat Cow (5 times)
  • Side Bends (5 Breaths) L/R
  • Thread the Needle L/R

The main thing


  • Mountain
  • Sun salutation (X4, 2nd and 3rd OYO)
  • In Mountain, Move into AWKWARD (5 Breaths)
  • Back to Mountain and back to awkward
  • Mountain move to Chair (5 Breaths)
  • Move to Prayer Chair, and Chair Twist (Left)= 5 Breaths
  • Back to Mountain, Sun Salutation
  • To mountain and move to chair 5 breaths
  • Prayer Chair then chair twist (right)
  • Out of twist to mountain and Sun Salutation (X2 OYO)
  • Start Salutation, Once in downward dog Left right leg as high as possible and swing through to move into Warrior One.
  • Move to Warrior Two (5 breaths)
  • Move to Reverse Warrior (5 breaths)
  • Back to Warrior Two, move to starfish
  • Return to mountain, Repeat flow for other leg
  • Two Sun salutations
  • On your six
  • Butterfly- sitting tall, pushing your legs with your elbows in order to open up your hips (5 breaths)
  • Right leg in, reach for your left (switch)
  • Reach for both legs
  • Mountain- Sun Salutation (twice) go into a third time lift right leg up and go into…. Dead Pigeon (Right)
  • Hold for 45 seconds, and move into Down dog. Finish sun salutation, and move into another one until you lift left leg up and go into left side of Dead Pigeon Hold for 30 seconds, and move into finishing sun salutation (end in mountain)
  • Move into Child’s Pose
  • Finish in Corpse- review devotion


Gumby will be closed for the 4th- head to the 4 miler to support SFN instead:



Everything was going great. Lois and I showed up early, we got in the scout hut, I was able to deactivate the alarm (scariest part about being a Site-Q for Gumby) and we dropped our stuff to do our standard couple of miles before Gumby began. It wasn’t until I walked back outside and the door had closed behind me that I realized I hadn’t left the door unlocked, and had left the keys inside.

The lights were on, the alarm was disarmed… but there was going to be no way to get inside to stretch it out at 5:30. The stakes couldn’t have been higher.

Immediately, Lois and I jumped into action. Recognizing that breaking down the door was not the best way to maintain civil relations with church, we immediately circled the building, looking for a new way in. All doors were locked (And it is impressive how many doors a scout hut can have). It was about this time that I began contemplating how Gumby would work outside in the parking lot, on the hill when we began trying windows…. to discover one was unlocked and open!

Upon examination- those windows are a lot narrower and more precarious to climb in then you think. But thanks in major part to the flexibility that Gumby itself has allowed me to develop and maintain over the past two years I was able to shimmy in and unlock the door. Thus concludes the story  of how Gumby was saved one Wednesday morn.


Lighting for this session was just Antler lighting- and playlist was breezy summer classics. It was a good mix of regulars who showed up today- T-Claps to Arena, Beaver and Lois for pre-running.


Appreciate you guys! Always enjoy the opportunity to lead.

Ring around the Church

On a beautiful Spring morning, 13 PAX rolled on our to Skunkworks. Here’s what we got into:


To the rock and back


20 KB Swings

15 Mountain Climbers

Partner up for Catch me if you can (Church Loop)- but 10 Jump Squats

Meet at the front doors

Round 1: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 Overhead Press
• Round 2: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 High Rows
• Round 3: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 Goblin Squats
• Round 4: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 KB Merkins
• Round 5: Partner 1 runs church lap, Partner 2 Partners Choice


Mosey to the square

Partner 1- run up the steps

Partner 2- called exercise

Round 1- Clean

Round 2- Snatch

Round 3- Lawnmowers

Mosey on back to the school for Mary



Come out to Gumby! Best recovery workout in the F3nation- Matthews Scout Hut @ 5:30



So Hoover was on the schedule to provide his version of a beat down, but had to pull out last minute- so I dusted off an old Q last night around 9:00PM and we went at it- the PAX didn’t seem to mind.

The ring around the church is always awful- and today proved no exception.

BA made sure his displeasure was known regarding  Catch me if you can (something along the lines of I hate this so much!)- it was appreciated.

Well done Swiss Miss and Homeboy working with a travel sized bell….. and one not so travel sized. Way to make the best of a hard situation.

Welcome again Home Boy, Scratch and Sniff and Drumstick! Good to have you guys with us from all over the map- (two from ATL, one from Chicago). Hope to have you guys out soon.

As always Smokey was a ninja- but today he as a ninja with a birthday!! Happy Birthday Smokey- I want to be you when I grow up.


Thanks guys for the opportunity to lead!

Not in Front of Mother!!

On a beautiful Saturday morning, Five PAX moseyed on down to Outland to start their Saturday right. Here’s what we got into:

Mosey on down to the track

Run a lap for warm up- meet in the Circle for COP

20 X SSH

20 X IW

20 X Mountain Climbers

Head to the Track for Slim Fast Stretches

Four Corners- Sprint Straight aways, and at the corners do the following exercises

  • 10 LBCS
  • 10 Bomb Jacks
  • 10 Squats
  • 10 Flutter (4 Count)

First run- Straght

Second Run- Backwards

Third Run- High Skips


Mosey to the Tennis Court

Dragon Walk- at each line ascending Merkin (Start at 1, end at 9)

Bear Crawl Back- each line descending Merkin (Start at 9, end at 1)

Forest to the Sea

Bear Crawl first Court

5 Burpees

Crab Walk the second court

Reverse back

Lunge Walk across court- stop in the middle 5 Squats

Reverse Lunge Walk- Stop in the middle for 5 Monkey Humpers



5 Squats

5 Monkey Humpers


Paint the Lines (Entire Court)

Mosey to the school- find a lunch table

20 Dips

15 Derkins

10 Step ups (Five each leg)

Find the wall

Sit on Said wall for the people’s chair

Add arm raisesX50

Repeato- starting with dips/Derkins/Step ups

People’s chair- arm raisesX75

Head back for Mary



American Hammer

Freddie Mercury

5X Monkey Humpers



A great workout with some great guys today. We got it started out right with Smokey rightly noticing the beautiful tan line that the Wells Fargo Championship provided me- with a later start time, I didn’t take into account that it would be lighter outside.

They guys showed up to play- all of them cranked through four corners relatively easily with a good amount of mumble chatter- but then came the tennis courts.

I had the privilege of working out with the guys from F3 Dallas Wednesday, and AlrightAlright brought a proper beatdown on a tennis court. Seeing as Outland had a tennis court (first time I’ve had one at my disposal)- I couldn’t miss the opportunity to bring a little bit of what I learned from there here. News Flash- it was just as rough the second time around as the first.

Smokey had some some “reservations” about the Monkey Humpers- something about not wanting the shame of having to do them in the light…. oh well! Even though there were several times he starting doing additional MH when not called for… methinks he doth protest too much!

As pulled into the front of the school for Mary- lo and behold some of the teachers for Saturday school were standing out front, Leading Smokey to plead- “Not in Front of Mother!!” hoping to avoid additional monkey humpers- so of course we audibled  add some monkey humpers.

Well done guys- it was quite a hard workout but yall were more than up to the Task.  Great to see Bonhoeffer again- as well as Christmas and Arsenal. I’ve seen each of them on occasion at either a Area 51 AO or on one of my few Union Co trips- they all brought their lunch pail today and were ready to grind. T Claps to Christmas  especially for showing up on a Saturday morning right after getting back from a work trip the night before. Oh and of course Smokey was out front most of the day as well.

Thanks guys for the opportunity to Q Outland- I always enjoy my forays into Union County, and this was no exception! Honored to be able to lead.

Crawling around Conviction

On a beautiful Wednesday morning, I broke county lines to lead the 4 Pax at Conviction. Here’s what we did:


Mosey around the parking lot to warm up


20X Hillbilly

Mosey to Playground area

Plank it up

Mountain Climbers X20

Peter Parker X20


Mosey onto the track

Four Corners-

1st Round- Running

2nd Round- Bear Crawl

3rd Round- High Knee Skips

4th Lunges on the straight away Spiderman Crawl around the turns


Corner 1- MerkinsX 10

Corner 2- Jump SquatsX 10

Corner 3- Reg SquatsX10

Corner 4- BurpeesX5


BROGA BREAK- Sun SalutationX2 (yes on pavement)

Mosey to the Sidewalk

Partner 1- Exercise

Partner 2- run to the baseball field

Exercise 1- Monkey Humpers

Exercise 2- Russian Twist


Mosey halfway back to launch, then AYG to the parking lot




I always enjoy making the epic trip from Mecklenburg county to Union- those ten minutes transport you to such a different world (not really)

Normally my Wednesday’s are a strict recovery day- you’ll usually find me at Gumby stretching it out (5:30 at Matthews United Scout hut *Cough *cough). So while I wanted to bring a beat down- I also wanted to educate the Pax on the beauty of the Broga- and I’d say the melding of the two was pretty successful.

Lois struggled early with the wet grass during our first Broga Break- he transition to pavement and promptly recovered.


Honestly… i misjudged how long the track at the school … or it just is longer when you are bear crawling it. Initially the plan was to Spiderman crawl the entire thing- but quick Q audible after the bear crawl… it was rough!


The Po-lice rolled up on us at the track- as Gypsy hurriedly consumed all the moonshine he had brought to stay hydrated. We then hastily explained to the officer that we were working out. Satisfied he rolled out- not before denying Gypsy’s invitation to join… something about it being to early ( #sadclowncop)

Great job guys cranking it out- Lois joined me for the trek to Union County and brought the pain.

Gypsy is a machine- I was tempted to add additional 10-counts to the workout just to see how many Merkins he’d do.

Crypto cranked it out as well- bad back and all!


Thanks Gypsy and BullWinkle for letting me lead- this is always an awesome Q and a great workout to be at (especially when EHing New guys).


Until Next time- Aye!



Is the heat on?

On a beautiful spring morning, 7 PAX moseyed on down to the scout hut for some recovery stretching time. Here’s how it went:


  • Devotion:

Psalm 32:7- “You are a hiding place for me; you preserve me from trouble; you surround me with shouts of deliverance.”

  • Corpse Pose- (Breathe in through nose out mouth)
  • Stand up into Mountain
  • SSH X 15
  • IW X15
  • Move into Table Top
  • Cat Cow (5 times)
  • Side Bends (5 Breaths) L/R
  • Child’s Pose
    • Shift to the Left
    • To the Right

The main thing

  • Mountain
  • Sun salutation (X3, 2nd and 3rd OYO)
    • Arms reaching overhead
    • Full fold (heavy body)
    • Up to halfway lift
    • Into plank
    • Down into up dog/Cobra
    • Move into Down dog (Walk the Dog)
    • Step into Lunge, then move into full fold
    • From full fold to mountain
  • Mountain move to Chair (5 Breaths).
  • Move to Prayer Chair, and Chair Twist (Left)= 5 Breaths
  • Back to Mountain, Sun Salutation
  • To mountain and move to chair 5 breaths
  • Prayer Chair then chair twist (right)
  • Out of twist to mountain and Sun Salutation (X2 OYO)
  • Start Salutation, Once in downward dog Left right leg as high as possible and swing through to move into
  • Warrior 1
  • Warrior 2
  • Reverse Warrior
  • Warrior 3
  • Shift into Starfish
  • Reach for right leg then left
  • Return to mountain, lead salutation
  • Repeat flow
  • In Plank
  • Mountain Climbers X10
  • Six inches (hold for ten seconds)
  • On your six
  • Right leg in, reach for your left (switch)
  • Butterfly- sitting tall, pushing your legs with your elbows in order to open up your hips (5 breaths)
  • Mountain- Sun Salutation (twice) go into a third time lift right leg up and go into…. Dead Pigeon (Right)
  • Hold for 45 seconds, and move into Down dog. Finish sun salutation, and move into another one until you lift left leg up and go into left side of Dead Pigeon Hold for 30 seconds, and move into finishing sun salutation (end in mountain)
  • Then move to one legged wind removing
  • Once you do both sides do happy baby, and back to Corpse pose
  • Review Devotion again




Another great time with a great group of guys. I will say though- it was stinking hot today. It almost appeared that since the temperature was warmer outside, that the heat had to be cranked up in the Scout Hut to accommodate the rising temps.

I decided to go with the antler lighting this morning- switching it up a bit but we prevented it from getting to romantical by balancing the lighting with a playlist of great Classic Rock songs

Great seeing Band Aid for week 2- even if he looks 15 years younger with no beard.

T-claps to Arena and Lois for the pre runs before- weather was perfect for it.

Get ready for another VQ next week! Chopper will be taking the reigns for the first time at Gumby next week!

Thanks guys for coming out- always a pleasure to lead!



Makin our way downtown

On a cold spring morning, 10 PAX made their way downtown, walking fast to Matthews Elementary.

After a brief disclaimer, we went out to hit the town:

The Thang 

Mosey to the strip mall parking lot and circle up



IW X 15

Hillbillies X 15

Mountain Climbers X 15

Travel to the Post Office- head to the Hill

11s- start with one squat at the bottom, 10 Carolina Dry Docks up top

Merkins once done

Back to the orginal parking lot- partner up.

Partner 1- Bear crawl across the parking lot- 2 doing merkins

Then partner 2 crab walk back (Flapjack)

Head to Stumptown park


Partner 1- run the paved loop at Stumptown park

Partner 2- perform exercises- flap jack until complete

– 100 Merkins

-150 Squats

-200 LBCS

Head back to launch


Rosalita X20

Freddie Mercury X15



In three weeks Lumberjack is heading to Nepal to do an Everest Base camp trek to raise support for Leukemia!  You can donate to support Lumberjack is this awesome endeavor  here:


Conviction Site Q’s needed at for April- see Bull Winkle to sign up

Also Peak 51 Qs- reach out to Sensei or Lois and get on the docket!



Whenever I Q at Peak- I have an irresistible urge to take the whole crew off campus- and today was no exception. Of course this travel involves a good amount of running for a moderate bootcamp (strava had us at 1.7- and Strava don’t lie) but the PAX were up for the challenge.

I was honestly nervous about Stump town- to my knowledge, I’ve never seen it used for Peak. It seemed to work really well- it’s about the perfect size for some Dora.

Bonhoeffer honestly has the most educated- distingushed sounding F3 name out of all of us- I mean just look at this group of names (Tweetsie included). You’ve got a bunch of guys with all kinds of odd sound names and he’s named after the notable German Pastor/Theologian/Anti-Nazi Dissident. Those PAX had their thinking caps on the day he was named.  Anywho, he had a strong performance and was out front all morning.

Guys it’s true- SENSEI WAS AT ONE OF MY Qs. I never thought I’d see the day- after avoiding my Q’s for months he was here- and as usual he cranked it out. T claps to both him and Nomad for the pre run this morning as well- the Slimfast 5k around Matthews always takes a lot out of you before the workout even starts.

A good amount of mumble chatter especially around the Bear crawl/Crab walk combo. Something along the lines of stealing pieces from Nomad’s Q last week (true) as well as just the stink of crawling up a parking lot situated on a hill (also true).

Thanks guys for coming out- let me know what else I’ve missed in the comments. And thanks to Lois and Sensei- this really is a fantastic place to Post and Q (make sure and sign up if you haven’t yet) and that’s indicative of great leadership. It’s always a great way to start out any Thursday.






Plankin up

On a cool Spring morning, 8 PAX moseyed on down to the scout hut to recover from the week’s beatdowns at Gumby.


Here’s what we did:


Devo: Romans 1:16-17

This passage states “I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.” We talked about how important the message is- the message we have. Working at the BGEA,  I’ve been privileged to see the example of a man who was not ashamed by the Gospel, and who with every moment of his adult life shared that message.

I asked the PAX- who in your life can you share the message of the Gospel- or even a general message of hope with? We all have people around us that we influence. It is up to us to carry the message of hope- to be lights in this world (and be not ashamed to of said Light).


Mountain climbers



Plank flow


Six inches(repeato)

Right leg high- left arm out- then cheetah (flapjack)


End in table top position

Cat/cow 5 times

Side band

Jump up into mountain.

Sun Salutations- two together increasing speed, then four OYO

Go through flow to get into warrior 1

Warrior 2

Peaceful warrior

Warrior 3



Back into plank

Six inches (just because)

Mountain- begin sun salutation until Downward Dog

End in pigeon (Flap Jack)

On your six


Right leg out reach for toes (Flapjack)

Both legs out reach for toes

Cross arm stretch

Triangle stretch


One legged wind removing (Flapjack)

Happy baby and move back into corpse pose

Review devotions again




Arena’s on Q

Savage Race May 19th- some of the F3 guys will be participating (Chopper will be with a Respect group) you can register for the race here:

Prayers for Beaver’s friend Chris- diagnosed with Cancer

Benny is doing well!


I always get a little nervous when Swiss Miss is out of town. The weight of responsibility is on me to ensure that the door to the scout hut gets open and the alarm gets turned off so the one Matthews police officer who is always in downtown when you drive through in the morning doesn’t have to come and see what’s going on- and on top of that, I had the Q!

Thankfully, no issues getting in this morning- however I did immediately get my Q fail out of the way. When calling out Imperial Walkers, I actually said Mountain Climbers.. needless to say the PAX were a little confused (Lois was already in position ready to get going). Thankfully things went a little smoother after that.

I worked on switching it up this morning- added some additional cardio-some traditional F3 called exercises a la Paper Jam to get us warmed up. From the lack of mumblechatter and heavy breathing- it seemed to have worked. When we started the Plank flow I was planning on having some additional pieces- but quickly audibled as I was personally struggling not to fall over #notaprofessional.

Music this morning was a Pandora radio station of 60s,70s and 80s radio station- however it seemed to stay mostly in the 60s this morning, but I aint complaining.-

T Claps to Madison, Arena and Gypsy for the pre run- Arena rolled in a little late because he’s all about those miles (#stravadontlie)

Special T Claps to Beaver- still coming out and getting stronger each day as he continues to recover.

Thanks as always gents for allowing me to lead- twas an honor!

Flyin Down 51

On a Foggy Monday morning, 9 PAX gathered to start their week off right.

At 5:31, 2 additional PAX (including the Q) screamed in on three wheels, and we got going. Here’s how it went:

Welcome Disclaimer
Mosey to Gateway


– SSH (15)
– Imperial Walkers (15)
– Mountain Climbers (15)
– LSS (15)

– Mosey to 51/Strawberry
– At the intersection
– Head left towards Davie Park stop at each light post to do alternating exercises:
– First light 10 Merkins
– 2nd light 15 LBCs
– Meet up at the park entrance
– Mosey towards the soccer field and get in groups of three/four
– Two Stations
– Station 1: Burpees
– Station 2: LSS

Partner at each station, while the other one runs suicides on the field

Halfway through we audibled from the regular soccer field to the fancy one because well…. Turf

Mosey to the bottom of the hill

AYG back up to 51

Return to Gateway Academy by way of Route 66:

Start at the first light post with one BombJack

At each light post add a rep (two Bombjacks, three, four, etc.)






Bennie has Q next week

The Eagles won!




So we had a great crowd that showed up the day after the Super bowl (Fly Eagles Fly)- everyone must have heard my call to put down the Bacon wrapped Jalapenos the night before (true confession- it was me guys. I was talking to myself).

We struggled to get off the ground however, seeing as the Q almost didn’t make it- let me explain:

So Lois and I clown car, and being a much better friend than I am, he agreed to attend my Basecamp Q. So he shows up at my doorstep, I jump in and we are off…… for .20 of a mile where we have to pull over and check his back tire. Yep…. Flat.

After a brief conference, it was agreed upon that we would try to get his car back to my house and take mine, but just in case Lois didn’t make it, I would run back and get my car. So I’m running pell mell back to my house in the middle of the road being followed by Lois on three wheels.

Long Story Short, we made it to my house, got my car, and broke a land speed record getting us to Basecamp only one minute late.

This was a strong showing for a hard workout- at the end of the day we had over 2 miles running but no complaints (Minus Fireman Ed… but being an experienced Q that’s more like white noise now).

Special T-claps go to Mad- he didn’t bat an eye at the prospect of a moving workout with a ruck on. Dude’s stone cold mean.

Little bit of grumbling as we headed towards the soccer field- the prospect of dampness will do that to any group of PAX. Thankfully some friends pointed out that the turf field is right there, so we got our professional on for a few minutes.

Also apologies on the numbering off- definitely a Q-fail on my part.

T-claps to anyone who pre-ran with Bennie- that guy has turned into a machine heading into half marathon/marathon season. Seriously, if I need to pick a person who has to run non stop over a certain amount of speed for a certain amount of time (think the movie SPEED with the venerable Keanu Reeves)- Bennie is on my short list.

I’m sure I missed something- let me know in the comments.

Thanks Goonie, Thunder Road, and Bennie for letting me Q- while Mondays are usually my day off, I couldn’t think of a better way to start out the week than in the gloom with this crew.






Stretching with a Summer Breeze

Days after the arctic cold left, 7 PAX came on down to the scout hut to participate in Gumby. Here’s how it went:



Luke 12:22-29 “Do not worry”

We talked about how we are called not to worry by Christ- and how if he is taking care of the sparrows, how much more will he care for us and our families even during the hard times.


The Thang


  • Corpse Pose- with butterfly combo- (on your back, with feet together into the butterfly)
  • Bring your knees up, and then slowly straighten your legs
  • With straightened legs, Keep pressing down through your feet, and bring your arms up one at a time for the pencil. You should feel the stretch all the way up to your fingertips
  • Cat Cow (5 times)
  • Side Bends (5 Breaths) L/R
  • Balancing the Cat Both sides
  • Mountain
  • Sun salutation (X3, 3rd OYO)
    • Arms reaching overhead
    • Full fold (heavy body)
    • Up to halfway lift
    • Into plank
    • Down into up dog/Cobra
    • Move into Down dog (Walk the Dog)
    • Step into Lunge, then move into full fold
    • From full fold to mountain
  • Back to Mountain
  • Begin Sun Salutation until Plank
  • Sun salutation (X4, 2nd and 3rd OYO)
    • Arms reaching overhead
    • Full fold (heavy body)
    • Up to halfway lift
    • Into plank
    • Down into up dog/Cobra
    • Right arm high 5 breaths
    • Flapjack
    • Step into Lunge, then move into full fold
    • From full fold to mountain
  • In mountain, beginning balance poses
  • Begin with Tree (right leg up, then flapjack)
  • Eagle
  • Right leg pull up
  • Left leg pull up
  • Right knee up
  • Left Knee up
  • Lord of the Dance (Flapjack)
  • Start Salutation, Once in downward dog Left right leg as high as possible and swing through to move into Crescent Lunge (5 Breaths)
  • Move to Crescent lunge Twist (5 breaths)
  • Move to Reverse Crescent Lunge (5 breaths)
  • Crescent Prayer
  • Crescent Prayer Twist
  • Extended Crescent Prayer twist
  • On downward dog, lift left leg and move into Crescent Pose (5 BREATHS)
  • Transition into Crescent twist (5 breaths)
  • Into Reverse Crescent
  • Sun Salutation, and repeat Crescent flow opposite leg
  • Two Sun salutations
  • On your six, begin with two stretches
  • Right leg in, reach for your left (switch)
  • Butterfly- sitting tall, pushing your legs with your elbows in order to open up your hips (5 breaths)
  • Hold for 45 seconds, and move into Down dog. Finish sun salutation, and move into another one until you lift left leg up and go into left side of Dead Pigeon Hold for 30 seconds, and move into finishing sun salutation (end in mountain)
  • 10 Merkins (just for kicks)
  • Standing in Mountain, on your six down on the ground move to Supine Spinal Twist left (5 breaths, 15 seconds) then right (5 breaths, 15 seconds)
  • Then move to one legged wind removing
  • Corpse Pose and review the Devotion




I so enjoy this group of guys who show up ready to recover from the crazy beatdowns we inflict upon ourselves. It was a good mix of regulars with  one PAX making a rare appearance.

That said PAX, the Mouth jumped out of his car ready to workout since it wasn’t so cold- but then promptly headed into the climate controlled scout hut with us for Gumby. Hmmm…

Kudos to all the Pre-Runners- Arena, Madison, Paper Jam, Lois and myself all took advantage of the milder weather to get  a warm up in.

Thanks guys for your patience as my verbal commands were not very crisp, and kept coming out in a discombobulated manner- but they somehow were able to manage. When you mix up arms and legs as you are calling out stretches, you know it’s a day on the struggle bus.

Workout music today was an Amazon Music playlist called “Breezy Summer classics.” Fittingly, it began with Bob Marley, and “Three Birds,” really driving home the point from our devotion today to not worry (and not even intentional).

Thanks Gents for showing up to the most unique AO in Area 51. Gumby has become an essential in my workout regiment, and I was honored to lead this time.