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Catch Me If You Can


17 Men of Fast Twitch headed out into the gloom for some early morning track and field…

The Thang:

Warm-up with moderate half mile around the track, mixing it up with some buttkickers, high-knees and karaoke.

4X timed interval runs on track: 4min run at tempo pace 80%, 1min walk.  Divided into three groups to keep pax with similar pace together.  Total distance for group one: 2.7mi

Mosey over to south end-zone for recovery and planks.

120s: goalpost-to-goalpost races.  Run with partner to north end, pain station with partner, sprint back together to south end, winner recovers, loser gets 5 burpees.

  • 20x squats
  • 30x lbcs
  • 10x merkins
  • 20x dollies
  • 20x hth
  • 25x smcs
  • 10x burpees  (final one, last 3 finishers get 10 burpees on return)

Jog back up to parking lot for COT

Total distance: 4.5mi


Perfect weather this morning at a crisp 72 degrees without any precipitation.  Thankfully we had TR there to provide some air pollution to ensure none of us are too fresh.

Interval training helps build the speed and ultimately get faster.  Relatively short intervals today of 4 min gave most a chance to get a half mile for each interval.  Will be building up these toward an 8 min pace over next several weeks.

Had some questions on the tempo pace we ran for the intervals and wanted to provide a little more explanation…   Hat tip to Bratwurst here who provides a great description: “T-pace / Tempo / Threshold / 15K Pace – some research calls this Lactate Threshold (LT) pace, or a hard pace that you could run for a race of up to 60 minutes.  For workouts, it is a pace that should be “hard” but controlled breathing (not breathless) and a pace slightly below at which your body can still process all of the Lactic Acid buildup so you do not get sore muscles during the workout.

To get your target pace, you can go here:, enter a recent race result (or timed pace from our 1-mile runs) and it will provide your T-pace for various run distances.  Aim for the right pace during the runs.. training faster than this risks injury.  Training slower doesn’t risk injury but doesn’t advance your speed either.

Great effort out there by all the groups, especially those out front 49er, Joker, TR, and Sprague.  I had trouble keeping pace with you guys today (too much beer over the 4th?).

Must have been more humid today than expected –  several “weight vests” (soaked shirts) seemed to fly off near the end to lighten the load.   Saw some of our female clipboarder friends turn their heads, though not sure if it was toward us or away from us at that point.  I’m sure they all appreciated the expose from the Men of Fast Twitch.

Limited chatter today due to the heavy breathing being expressed by all, but was good to keep together in groups for some 2nd F where possible.  Track and Field two weeks in a row, so expect some more off-campus tours in the near future.   Welcome FNGs to Fast Twitch – we hope to see you back!


  • F3 Charlotte South Pig Pickin’ 2013 Saturday 7/13 Will have a pig pickin, DJ, and kickball/cornhole competition. Olde Providence Baseball Fields July 13, 2013, 5-9 PM. $10 per grown up, $3 per child. No need to RSVP at this stage, just show up… questions send message/head count to Bugeater:


Fast Twitch Preblast


Fast Twitch Launching at 5:15am at South Charlotte Middle.  Mostly track and field work this week, working on interval runs to build up speed, with a little Haze-inspired competition just for fun.  Don’t forget your headlamp.  See you in the gloom!



Six Pack for the Turn

Six + a furry 4.0 joined together for a nice early morning jog in finally some crisp morning air.  3 + the furry 4.0 headed out at 5:15 for ~6 miles tempo pace, while 3 headed out at 5:30 for ~4 miles and change.   Second time out for Musket (furry 4.0) who did a great job of clearing the path of the numerous frogs and critters that seem to be out in full force.    Road Rash put in a good pace out in front and despite taking a pitstop for a “gutbomb” still managed to finish strong.  The second group apparently got caught in the gaggle of clipboarders and then took a slight detour to explore some of the fine suburban landscape outside the greenway.    Glad to continue seeing metro representation out there with Orlando setting a steady pace with the second group.   Welcome to Moses FNG – 3 claps for hitting a running workout first time out and putting up a strong pace – now we just need to get him out to Fast Twitch for a real indoctrination. 

Enjoyed seeing everyone out there today! 


  • Double-Down opportunity for BRR runners this evening at 19:30 (or 7:30pm):   Evening Six:   An evening 5-7 mile route using the hills in Governors Square, Mountain Brook, Sharon View to Old Providence launching from Ben and Jerry’s on Fairview at 19:30.  (Barracuda will Q @F3Barracuda)
  • 2nd F summer event July 13th: Summer Pig Pickin’ 2013 including friendly cornhole and kickball tournaments;  please RSVP or reach out to Bugeater if you haven’t received an evite. 
  • Deadline approaching to order your Area 51 shirt – order closes on Saturday 6.22:–CLT-South-Area-51_c_37.html


Haggis Caught Mallcopping

Two for Tuesday:

An impromptu double-down workout inspired by a delirious 49er after slipping into a runners high on the last leg of this morning’s Fast Twitch rodeo.

The Thang:

Group of four fellow BRR runners gathered off at the 4-Mile Creek Greenway (current site of Devils Turn) for a nice evening fellowship run to top off this mornings’ fun.   Relatively easy run of about 4.5 miles – no hills, no sprints, no surprises.  Stepped up the pace a bit at the end and beat the lightning by about 5 minutes.


No, “Mall-copping” is not some kind of disease (though it does seem to be spreading) – this is F3 Lingo for the act of fartsacking after talking big game.

It was supposed to be 5 runners today, but somehow we missed Haggis.  For those who missed the banter on the other back-blasts, Haggis laid out a strong challenge with “I just hope the Fast Twitch fellows are taking this as seriously as the Sons of Ballantyne.  Do they even care about this epic battle…?”   After stepping it up a notch and receiving an invitation for today’s double-down, Haggis threw out the rock-hard commit of “It’s on, pal”.

So we all waited at 5:45… 5:50… 5:55… but no Haggis?  Looks like he Mallcopped-out on this one.   Apparently he didn’t even have the stones to make it out for a friendly fellowship run.  Just giving you a hard time… we all love you Haggis – and we’ll get this epic battle underway next time.  Live to fight another day lad.

We were actually a little worried as we didn’t even see him at the end – we all pray that he is safe and not stuck under a Balarney Stone somewhere in Waxhaw.


  • Friends don’t let friends Mallcop-out – at least not without a good beatdown in the backblast
  • HDHH Wednesday Vinter’s Wine Market in the Arboretum



Wranglers and Runners

16 courageous wranglers showed up for an early morning three-legged rodeo, kicking off from the gloom at South Charlotte Middle.

The Thang:

Lift off at 5:15 with lap around the parking lot mixing it up with some sprinting, high knees, butt kicks, and a round of burpees x 10. Set off on 3-leg rodeo:

Leg 1: Cowboy Run through Rain Tree

Corral down at end of parking lot to organize for the Cowboy run.  As opposed to an Indian run, with a Cowboy run YHC stays out in front to lead the pax down the dark neighborhood streets while varying the pace to keep it interesting.  What started out as a nicely organized 2-line cowboy run gradually spread apart into a thundering herd of PAX huffing, puffing, sweating and sprinting through the dark hilly streets of Rain Tree like the pack of thoroughbreds on the backstretch of Churchill Downs.

Corral for merkins at Raintree: 20 merkins + plank-o-rama

Cowboy run continues down Windbluff to Shallowood

Corral for burpee break: 10 burpees + plank-o-rama

Cowboy run finishes up to Providence Rd, covering 1.6 miles in total.

Leg 2: Hill from Hell

Sprint down Providence toward High Ridge, turnaround and sprint back up for total of 1 mile.  (1/2 mile down, 1/2 mile back up).  Meet at Church at top for round of 50 squats.

Leg 3: Tour de Arboretum

Run back down Windbluff, cut into woods, winding around pond and park, up the hill into the back lots of the Arboretum, stopping for some incline merkins at top.  Window shopping tour all the way down to the ABC store in the back.  Plank-o-rama. Grab some hill, sprint up for burpees x 10, back down for squats x 20.   YHC realizes we’ve barely got time to get back to the stables by 6am so… jailbreak down 51 back to the South Charlotte Middle.

Total Distance of all 3 legs: 4.2 – 4.4 miles depending on how far you went down Providence Road.

Circle up for Mary:  Flutter Kicks x 20, LBCs x 21.


Great mix of runners out there today from thoroughbreds to clydesdales.   We had a bit more distance today than usual, but kept it interesting by mixing in the recovery breaks to allow the clydesdales to stay with the pack while keeping the thoroughbreds honest with a little extra downpainment as a reward for being out in front.   Mixing it up with the shorter sprints, moderate runs across varied terrain and “recovery burpees” helps to stretch the lungs and build cardiovascular endurance.

Not too much chatter from the pax amid all the winded huffing, though I could swear I heard some snorting and neighing in the middle of the herd on the Cowboy Run. Joker, 49er and Road Rash took the hill by storm churning out a breakneck pace both down and up #speeddemons. Brew busted out the red cape at the end and I swore he was ready to fly away like superman after COT.

Despite the option to do rounds of squats/merkins instead of the hill, all pax opted to run the Hill from Hell, and kept up a solid pace to boot.  Really enjoyed leading the group today who all put in a tremendous effort – thanks for coming out!


  • Congrats to Spackler on his new 2.0 arrival last night.  (though we suspect M.Spackler did most of the work) – great job on posting this morning!
  • New Wednesday workout ‘Anvil’ starts tomorrow at the Rock (Calvary Church) with Younglove and Baracus on Q.  Death Valley and The Maul continuing as usual.
  • Double-down opportunity today being led by 49er – considering an evening run after work… look for details in the comments below.


Fast Twitch Liftoff at 5:15

The sun has not caught me in bed in fifty years. 

Thomas Jefferson

Be ready for a healthy dose of speed at Fast Twitch with Turkey Leg on Q for this week.  As a reminder for those who have been just missing the start time, we blast off promptly at 5:15am… yes you can live without that extra 15 minutes in the fartsack.

What to bring:  Headlamp, GPS watch (if you want to keep track of mileage), and an extra lung if you have one.


Another “Cop”-out?

14 early risers gathered in the post-monsoon humidity to go for some nice jogging and enjoyable down-painments to start the day, unfortunately without Mall Cop who was missed today as he his recovering from some kind of kettlebell injury (despite his HC the evening prior).

The Thang


Quick jaunt down 51 and over to the back of Davie Park for some COP:

  • 30 SSH
  • 20 IW
  • 26 Squats
  • 15 Merkins
  • 16 SMCs

Blitz back over to the playground and pair-up for a SIMPLE circuit.  One man sprints down the hill from the playground to the gate, and sprint back up to the playground to switch off exercises with his partner, as follows:

  • Squats
  • Incline Merkins
  • Mary (pax choice)
  • Pull-ups
  • Lunges
  • Extra run (for those pairs out in front)

 Miscellaneous plank work throughout.

 Run back to the school for some Mary

  • 25 Dolly
  • 25 LBC


A number of FNGs to Fast Twitch workout today – glad to see everyone out there putting in a strong effort.   Apparently some of the new guys to this workout weren’t aware of the extra running angle, as on the jog over to Davie there could be heard desperate cries for some SSHs.  Luckily they got their wish and were treated to a long-awaited COP after the warm-up jog.     

The PAX seemed to be in good spirits today, but unfortunately it was a bit over-shadowed by the late scratch of Mall Cop who had to bow out due to a back injury (despite his HC via twitter Monday night).    Mall Cop was missed in person, but certainly not in spirit.  Ah yes, the jokes were flying, especially after his late showing last week at the end of the workout (of course he was running laps on the track since he had shown up late).  

Let’s take it easy here guys… of course it is easy to poke fun at Mall Cop for fartsacking two weeks in a row, especially when he is not there to defend himself.  I want to go on record and stand up for my fellow BRR runner.   This man deserves our respect, and I personally hold him in the highest regard.   We need to keep in mind that Fast Twitch is an intense workout that can instill fear and trepidation in even the most seasoned suburban shopping center security personnel.    However, he not only posted last week, he actually had to run windsprints around the track because Sprague’s neighborhood blitz just wasn’t going to be enough for his ultra-endurance.  This week, to ensure he would even get enough workout, he apparently got up to do some kind of midnight kettlebell extravaganza, which was so intense he may have even pulled a fallopian tube.  Seriously though, injuries are no laughing matter, and Mall Cop: we all feel for you and hope you recover from your injury quickly… so much so that the PAX were generous enough to pitch-in to buy you some prescription-grade Midol to ensure you can make it to Death Valley tomorrow.  Hope to see you there! 

Great effort by all… the Fast Twitch crew is expanding and will be well-prepared for the 1:1 competition vs. Bagpipe in a few weeks in the Fastest Workout in South Charlotte competition, coming soon to a neighborhood near you.


  • F3 Dads – every Saturday in June at 9am at Col. Francis Beatty Park.  Great turnout 40+ pax and 2nds last couple weeks. 
  • Area 51 Shirts now available:–CLT-South-Area-51_c_37.html
  • HDHH, Wednesday 6pm at Vintner Wine Market, Arboretum
  • may have missed some… feel free to comment below

TL out.