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Two Fiddy

Despite the well-publicized warning of hill repeats, a healthy quorum of 18 pax still enjoyed a hillful morning…

The Thang:

After a stiff warmup mile down to Rea/51, 20 merkins to start.

Run up Rea to entrance of Five Knolls, turn in and race to bottom

Pause for plank, mary, and MCs at bottom of main hill

  • 20 merkins at bottom, run to top – all the way to Macdera Glen
  • 19 merkins at top, run to bottom, 18 merkins, run to top


  • 3 merkins at top, run to bottom, 2 merkins, run to top
  • 1 merkin at top

Mary while waiting for rest of pax to arrive

Mosey to front of Whitegate on 51.   Return to SCMS, with a few more merkins on the way back.


Mileage: 6.2

Merkins: 250 (if you did them all)


  • Returning to classic Fast Twitch style this week, with roughly even mix of flat running, hills, and body weight exercises, namely merkins
  • A few men made it all the way through the sequence – Bout Time, Rachel, maybe another?   YHC was ready to call it a little early to allow time for return, but was egged on by Alf, so eventually got them all in
  • It looked like the rest came close, getting 18-19 laps each – nice push up the hills
  • Due to the delay in posting this backblast, YHC can attest that the pain from this one stuck around a couple days
  • Thoroughly enjoy Qing FastTwitch.  HT to Purple Haze and Rachel for the opportunity to lead


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A small but highly dedicated crowd of Kevlar regulars showed up for a post-BRR shake-out…


The Thang:

Setup tires on field – one for each pax  (for warm-up and decoy purposes only)


Mosey to main lot for COP:

  • SSHx20
  • Merkinsx20
  • MCx20
  • Slow Squatsx20
  • IWx20
  • All above interspersed with 5 burpees OYO


Run down through campus to ring road, out to back entrance, over to John St., up to 51, back to top road and rock pile


Grab a lifting rock


Mosey down to front of church.  Partner exercises. One partner to top of hill 5x burpees and return. Other partner does called exercise, flapjack

  • Overhead press
  • Squat
  • Thruster
  • Good mornings

One round involved mary and a suicide.


Mosey to side of church and up to field.  Partner exercises again.  Partner one does exercises while partner two runs perimeter of field.  Exercises included:

  • Overhead press x20
  • Tricept press x20
  • Curls x20
  • Lateral raise x20


Flapjack, repeat with different exercises

  • Flutter press x20
  • Squat x20
  • Curls x20


Mosey back to rockpile, return rocks


Plank.  Sprint to front entrance of school.


Return tires to storage – one for each pax




Mileage: 2.9



  • With legs (mostly) recovered from #BlueRidgeRelay, it was time to stretch them a (little bit) more, while generously interspersing some rock and tire work – at least that was the plan
  • Really did have something up my sleeve for the tires.  Sadly, the running took a bit longer than expectation, so the tires ended up being little more than a decoy.    Such a shame as they were counted perfectly.
  • Pax (mostly) did a great job selecting a lifting rock – I know I was sore after that one.
  • However, we weren’t without some vocal complaining about the volume of lifting.   I’ve observed that the degree of complaining during rock exercises is strangely inversely proportional to the size of the rock chosen.  But we won’t mention Pop Tart by name.  Just an observation.
  • Hat tip to Spackler for the take-out.  Prayers for all those impacted by the hurricanes.
  • It’s been a while since I’ve Q’d Kevlar – appreciate the opportunity Fault Line and Orange Whip.



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Changing of the Guard

After four years of leading South Charlotte’s premier running/bootcamp workout, it is now time to hand over the reins to fresh (and faster) leadership to take it in new and tougher directions.   Our resident weasel-shaker, Purple Haze, the one who secretly runs the show behind the scenes, has been the co-Q for over half this time and deserves a lot more credit than I for holding the place together.  As a tribute to his exemplary administrative skills, I used one of his favorite (but painful) weinke’s as a swan song today:

The Thang:

  • Run out to Rising Meadow, start with brief COP SSHx20
  • Mosey to top of hill to start the loop
    • Start with 10 deep squats
    • Run out to bottom of Windbluff at speed bump
    • 10 deep squats
    • Return to top of Rising Meadow
    • Repeato 5-6x
  • With 10 mins left.  AYG sprint to end of Rising Meadow and back to bottom.
  • Return to start
  • COT

Mileage: 6-7


  • Painful as many of us remember.  Lots of missing shirts by the 2nd lap. At least we had a little cool drizzle to help this time
  • As appropriate, our new Site Q, Rachel up in front, along with Hairball, with Alf and Mr. Brady not too far behind
  • Mostly regulars out there today, but apparently this workout was too tough for some?  Lots of whining for the final AYG up Rising Meadow.  Atypical for Fast Twitch, especially so close to prime running season.  I doubt Rachel will be so easy on that in the future.
  • Rachel clearly made the cut (in terms of speed), and I suspect is unlikely to be challenged anytime soon.  Looking for big (and fast) things out of Rachel and it will be good to have some fresh leadership to take the workout to the next level.  Best of luck Rachel!
  • It’s truly been an honor and pleasure leading this fine workout for the past four years.  And despite all the umbrage I give PH, he is truly the one who keeps it all together and running smoothly on the back-end.  Gotta hand it to the weasel shaker.
  • Thank you all for making Fast Twitch what is today.  Of course, I’ll still be a regular in the Q rotation.  See you out in the gloom soon!


  • F3 SPEED FOR NEED Charity for Team Hoyt Blade 2 Running; Goal to raise $30,000 for running wheelchairs… already raised over $22,000.  Please donate and/or volunteer to this noble cause.
  • Multiple Memorial Day weekend convergences. Please see website, twitter, and slack for details
  • Timed mile at Mountain Goat Friday
  • With running season upon us, spread the word and bring out FNGs
  • Haze/Rachel will be working on filling the schedule – keep an eye on an updated and extended schedule in the near future.

Froggy Style

Twenty men joined hopped out to a quick start at this week’s Matrix

The Thang

Mosey to East lot for COP:

  • Merkins x20
  • PP x20
  • MC x20
  • 5 burpees OYO
  • SSH x20
  • 5 burpees OYO
  • IW x20

Run down McKee road to the rockpile.  One rock per pair of partners.

Mosey to playground

Partner A: Run to median island and back
Partner B: Called exercise: 50 pull-ups, 100 squats
Partner A&B rotate on run until total # of reps are complete.

Mosey to back lot

Similar partner exercises as above with:

  • Overhead press x50
  • Squat x100
  • Merkin x150
  • Break:  partner “Leap Frog” races. Last pair does 5 burpees. Out and back.
  • Flutter press x200
  • Lunges x100

Mosey to return rocks and then back to start for Mary

  • H2H x20
  • Rosalita x20
  • Bicycle x20
  • Protractor



  • Big crowd today at the Matrix, and got off easy with just over 2mi.  The original plan called for twice that but the pax lucked out as YHC pulled an ankle the day prior.
  • Another good sweatfest with all the humidity left over from last nights drenching.  Almost needed a paddle at COT
  • Good to see some fresh faces out there today.  No FNGs, but a few new guys who have joined recently – welcome and glad to see you coming out regularly
  • Nice to see Little Mike (former Metro) joining in out the south action
  • Thanks to Squid, site chaplain for the inspiring take-out as usual.
  • Thanks Pop Tart for the opportunity.  Always a pleasure to Q the closest AO to my house… (though apparently I’m not as close as Cold Cuts, Picasso and a few others who walked in)


  • Wednesday FNG day at the Maul, 5:30 Stonecrest
  • Wednesday Death Valley and Anvil converging at Anvil.  Stinger will be doing a testimony immediately after the workout at Calvary (6:20-6:50).  Coffee will be served.
  • Saturday convergence Rock Zero, Calvary 7am
  • Monday Matrix will convergence at Basecamp
  • Monday, Metro Convergence at Symphony Park with 5K
  • See Pop Tart to get on the Q list if you haven’t already done so

Climbing the Pyramid

10 men and 2 turkeys climbed the pyramid at Friday’s Mountain Goat

The Thang:

Warm-up:  Mile run down Strawberry and Rosecliff to Browne’s Pond.  U-turn, stop on way back at Strawberry and Rosecliff for COP:  IWx15, Squatsx15, RDsx15;  Return to school, mosey down to track.

Partner up for CMIYC. 5 squats. continue for two laps.

Mary while waiting on the six

Main Event:  Interval Pyramid.  Run the following at mile pace:  400m, 800m, 1200m, 1600m, 1200m, 800m, 400m.  In between each run, recovery jog/walk for 400m.

After YHC completed the 1600m, we hit the time limit, finished our last lap, and returned to the parking lot for mary:  flutters x20, bicycle x20.


Mileage: 4-6mi


  • Obviously the Q bit off more than he could chew on this one.  Wrote up the main event first, and then recognized we would need a good warm-up in advance.  While helpful, the warm-up only allowed us to get halfway through the pyramid.
  • Despite the over-estimation, it seemed that nobody was disappointed and all got their money’s worth at the goat last week.
  • Did the pairing up for CMIYC to align speeds up front.  Goal was to have a few groups of folks at various speeds running together during the pyramid.  Seemed to work well (mostly).
  • Overall great effort by everyone out there
  • Thanks to Retread and Slim Fast for the opportunity to Q Mountain Goat.  Always a great time.


Special shout-out to all the folks running the Smoky Mountain Relay – looked like challenging and painful event.  T-claps!


Loopy loop

14 Fast Twitchers ran the (mostly flat) loop this week…

The Thang

Warmup run:  Long way to Rising Meadow (via 51 and Raintree)

Triple nickel up hill to lightpost:  Romanian Deadlifts and Squats

Mosey over to the Rounding Run loop:  4 rounds:

  1. CMIYC, 10 merkins
  2. Partner runs opposite directions; 10 Partner Merkins, return, squats
  3. Partner runs opposite directions; 20 Partner Merkins, return, jump squats
  4. CMIYC, 5 squats

Mary interspersed throughout

Mosey back to Strawberry down to 2nd speedbump; Mary; AYG Sprint back to school

Mileage: 6.0



  • Apparently warm-up run got progressively faster as we went along – thought you wouldn’t notice, but got called on it anyway.  It’s good for you
  • Avoided the hills today (mostly) as YHC is starting taper for Corporate Cup (lucky you).  Mixing in fast paced drills with “mary-breaks” was perfect for this week.
  • Rachel, now a FT regular and consistently taking the lead.  I think I caught him once on the CMIYC, and was left in the dust. Why is it that F3 guys with girl names tend to be the fastest?  Still a mystery to me.
  • Interesting to see folks recovering from injuries (Brady, Tolkien) out here today.   Tolkien said he was trying to avoid sprints at Swift. Not sure if this was much easier?   Looks like you guys have recovered well so far.  Nice to see you out.
  • Appreciate the thoughtful take-out Mr. Brady
  • Always a pleasure to lead this beat-down.  Let me know if you’d like to take a crack at it.

Announcements:  None

Rock ‘n’ Run

21 men eschewed the fartsack and were the better for it at F3 Kevlar this morning.

The Thang:

Warm-up run halfway around the church to the back lot.  Stop for COP
SSH x20
20 merkins OYO
IW x20
19 merkins OYO
MC x20
18 merkins OYO
… cut short by request for more running from Gummy

Continue around back to Covenant Church lane, out to John St, up to 51, and back in to campus

Stop at rock pile, partner up, grab a rock. Mosey over to bottom of hill

Count exercises with partner.  Partner 1 runs up to top of hill and back while Partner 2 does called exercise.  Swap and continue until total reps completed.

  1. Overhead press x100
  2. Good mornings x100
  3. Curls x100
  4. Squat x100
  5. Flutter press x100
  6. Alt lunges x50

Mosey over to front of church

Partner 1 runs suicide in parking lot up to hill.  Partner 2 runs around church with rock.  Flapjack.

Mosey back to rock pile to return rocks

AYG back to entrance.  Circle up 20 dollies; 20 LBCs

Mileage: 2.8



  • Lots of mumblechatter in COP this morning.
  • Heard some rumblings of complaints.  Some guys initially disappointed by the lack of running. Little did they know that YHC dontated blood earlier this week so the running was not at full capacity.  Nonetheless, Gummy was granted his wish with a run circling the campus.  Anyway, if you want running, come to FT next week – I’ll be sure you get your fill there!
  • Bit of a dangerous run in the pitch blackness on the backside where we ran between 51 and the graveyard… someday we’re going to lose someone back there. Note to site Qs:  Could use some more lighting.  Luckily I had Joker out in front of me to clear any obstacles.
  • Hat tip to Squid, resident chaplain, for the take-out (consistent as usual)
  • Always a pleasure to lead Kevlar – thanks for the opportunity @FaultLine and @OrangeWhip



Christmas Hills

Five men worked off their Christmas dinners climbing hills on Five Knolls this morning.

The Thang:

Launch from lot (picking up one straggler coming in at 5:16), and head to Davie Park for brief COP with IWs.  Continue on past Rea to Five Knolls White Gate entrance, to the big hill and regroup at bottom.

Ladder:  Run up Five Knolls north to manhole, one squat, back to bottom by gallows, one burpee, up Five Knolls south to Macdara, one merkin, back down to gallows, one burpee.  Continue 5-7x, adding on 1x each time.

Return:  Take Five Knolls up to Rea, Rea to 51, 51 down past Davie, back to Stawberry.  Leaders loop back for 6 at each point.

Mileage: 6-7


  • One last trip to the Knolls for 2016.   Needed to work-off the gargantuan amounts of food and beer that has been consumed in the in-law filled household.  Figured heavy hill work at the Knolls would do the trick.
  • Started with four in the lot, but were greeted by Icicle coming in on two wheels at 5:16, along with Fireman Ed, who apparently was lost (something about being up since 4am).
  • Keeping the Pax together was challenging today, with Frasier up in front, but managed to do so with a slight weinke modification and creation of a Knolls loop.
  • Frasier was on fire out there – new CR on the Knolls downhill.  Nice job!
  • Kudos to Margo for making it out with a rough chest cold – I think he may have left one of his lungs out on the course.  Feel better Margo!
  • Best of luck to all in upcoming races (New Years 17K and Joe Davis)!

Announcements:  We’re putting together the Q list for 2017, please reach out to TL or Purple Haze to be included in the upcoming schedule

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Turkey Pyramid

Sixteen men showed up in the chilly gloom to kickoff Turkey Week with a burpee-free pyramid of fun.

The Thang:

Warm-up jog to east lot.  Brief COP w/SSH and Merkins x10.  Jog back to west side of fields to pickup blocks and rocks.  Mosey to south lot and circle up for Turkey Pyramid:

  1. Lap around parking lot – both islands
  2. Overhead presses
  3. Curls
  4. Squat thrusters
  5. Hand release merkins
  6. Arm lifts
  7. Tricept presses
  8. Flutter presses
  9. Derkins
  10. V-ups
  11. Jump-ups
  12. Pull-ups (including run to/from playground)

Build up pyramid to Pull-ups. When finished, reverse the pyramid.

Cut-off with 5 min left

Return blocks and plank at back of field.  AYG back to lot.



  • Holidays always seem to evoke a spirit of sharing, caring, and in F3 workouts: Pyramids.  We made sure this Thanksgiving would be no exception.
  • Several strong performances out there this morning, but as usual, it wasn’t long before Lobster Roll was way out in front, tossing the block around like it was a basketball.  Alf was close behind – several others, but it was mostly a blur due to the sweat freezing in my eyes
  • We came close to finishing the pyramid (at least a few did), getting down to round 4 on the backside.  I think I was in round 6.  Nice push gentlemen.
  • Latecomer Cheesecurd claimed he couldn’t find us initially and thought we may have gone off campus. Luckily he finally found us around round 3 of the pyramid.  Not sure how he missed a mob of men throwing around cinder blocks in the parking lot.  Maybe he was watching from afar thinking it may not be too hard.
  • Site Q: Noticed we’re getting low on cinder blocks – may need to replenish.  I think we lost at least one more this morning from the pax manhandling
  • COT: Great take-out by Squid (as always)
  • Always a pleasure to lead my closest neighborhood workout The Matrix, thanks for the opportunity


  • Christmas Party next Friday.  Toy Drive – bring toy drives to your site Q. Operation Sweet Tooth
  • Turkey Bowl postponed – may be a convergence on Thanksgiving.  Check Twitter
  • Friday – convergence Kevlar and Joust converging at Joust 7am

Giving up the Ghost

Eight men paid for their Halloween sweet tooth with 6.6 miles along the Ghostrunner route with a chaser of burpees.

The Thang:

Warm-up pace run to Arbo ABC store for COP:

Burpees OYO x 18  (quantity of candy collectively eaten by pax on Halloween)

Sprints to entrance on Providence.  Stop at each speedbump for increasing number of merkins.

Tempo runs at 5k pace over the Ghostrunner route:

  • Arboretum to Raintree (along Providence)
  • Whitethorn from Raintree
  • 4 Mile Creek from Whitethorn to RainTree
  • RainTree from 4 Mile Creek to Rounding Run

Break on 4 Mile creek for brief set of grinders (jump ups and LBCs)

Mosey to Woodfox for AYG back to school.


Mileage: 6.6


  • We got off easy on the candy punishment today with a relatively small crowd and apparently a healthy one.  Perhaps the others were wallowing in a post-Halloween sugar hangover???
  • The Pax that did show got their money’s worth and stepped up to the task of a “shadow” Ghostrunner route.  Pro seemed to be consistently out in front, with most of the gang not far behind.
  • The ghosts were still out indeed… looking through the thick mist in the air, Halloween decorations were in full light.  The ghosts seem to nail a replica of Hillary Clinton to a tree with a sign “Terrorist”?  no comment
  • Always a pleasure to lead the men of Fast Twitch – nice job seeing everyone get after it on a misty post-Halloween morning.
  • Announcements:  Sign-up for Christmas Party, and Joe Davis Run