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Ciabatta be KIDDING Me: Holiday Jukebox Edition 4.0

12 men got blasted in the face with Christmas music while doing a tabata workout at #F3Stonehenge.


Ciabatta refers to Tabata, a form of high-intensity interval training developed a Mongolian scientist.  Each exercise is performed for 8 cycles of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest; 4 minutes total for each set.  Doing eight different sets this way is a full F3 Ciabatta Cycle.  Add some Christmas music blasted through a guitar amp-sized blue-tooth speaker and you have the 4th annual Holiday Jukebox Edition.

Due to the rain we moseyed to the basement of the Ballantyne Village parking deck.  We warmed up a little by running up the stairs to the top of the deck and then back down.  When I say “we” I mean everyone but me.  I stayed behind to set up Wingman’s speaker.  How convenient.  When everyone returned we got right down to business.  Here are the 8 sets of tabata that we performed:

  1. Wall-o-rama: crab walls, donkey kicks, balls 2 the wall, wall sits, repeato
  2. Plank-o-rama: regular plank, right arm out, right arm out & left leg out, left arm out, left arm arm out and right leg out, elbow plank, left side elbow plank, right side elbow plank
  3. Merk-o-rama: merkins, diamond merkins, wide-armed merkins, stagger left merkins, stagger right merkins, hand release merkins, tempo merkins, merkins
  4. Lunge-o-rama: front lunge, back lunge, skater lunge, jumping lunges, repeato
  5. Mary-o-rama: 8 different mary exercises Q’d by the PAX
  6. Animal walk-o-rama: bear crawl, crab walk, frog leap aka broad jump, duck walk, repeato
  7. Jack-o-rama aka The Great Jack-off: SSH, seal jacks, smurf jacks, plank jacks, elbow plank jacks, 6-inch plank jacks, side plank jack left, side plank jack right
  8. Burpee-rama: 8 rounds of various kinds of burpees, Q’d by the PAX (worked around a couple refuseniks)


Thank you Wingman for the use of your sweet blue-tooth speaker (and convenient carrying case)!

Thanks to the PAX for putting up with this nonsense for the fourth consecutive year.  I appreciate the attendance despite the rain.  Merry Christmas.

Black Friday Convergence > Turkey Jam

13 PAX from Cerberus, Centurion and The Brave converged at Waverly on a blustery Black Friday morning to exorcise Thanksgiving debauchery and prove Paper Jam wrong.


Mosey across Providence Rd. to new Harris Teeter parking lot for COP:

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • IW x 20 IC
  • LSS x 20 IC
  • MC x 20 IC
  • Tempo Merkins x 20 IC
  • Peter Parkers x 15 IC

Mosey to Central Park and partner up.  Partner 1 performs merkins on side of field while partner 2 runs to opposite side of field, performs 2 burpees and runs back.  Flapjack until a cumulative 100 merkins are reached.  Repeat, but with a cumulative 200 squats.  Repeat, but with a cumulative 200 LBC’s

Run down field, doing a pyramid of jump squats along the way.  1 jump squat at first tree, 2 at 2nd tree, etc, up to 10 jump squats and then back down to 1.

Mosey to road that borders the park for suicides. 1 burpee at the start, then run to 1st street light and back.  2 burpees at start, then run to 2nd street light and back.  Etc, up to 7 burpees / street lights.

Back to Central Park for March of the Toy Soldiers aka lunge walk approx 100 yards.

Mosey to Harris Teeter parking lot for 4 Corners / 11’s.  At 1st corner perform 10 plank jacks and 1 flutter (each leg).  Run to next corner for 9 plank jacks and 2 flutters (each leg).  Etc, until down to 1 plank jack and up to 10 flutters.

Mosey to side of Harris Teeter.  Partner 1 in people’s chair while partner 2 runs up steep hill, performs 1 jump squat and returns.  Flapjack.  4 total rounds.

Return to launch for Jack Webb until time expires (got up to 7 merkins and 28 air presses).


  • Billy Goat wore a full-on snowsuit and it was fantastic
  • Thin Mint had a dude wipe stashed under his hat.  The morning after Thanksgiving you can never be too careful.
  • After a flurry of Slack messages on Thanksgiving, Cheese Curd figured out where and when the convergence was.  If only there was a schedule online…
  • Tolkien flew under the radar, a far different beast than the Tolkien of old who would have been doing karaoke and backflips as we traveled from point A to point B.
  • Thin Mint almost impaled himself on a random stake on the big field. #disclaimer
  • It is pretty clear that the automatic mowers (think roombas) on the big field are self-aware and don’t like us
  • The 4 corners / 11’s thing made perfect sense in YHC’s head but not in the real world.  Mighty Mite implemented his own interpretation and it was probably better than what was called.
  • YHC pulled an audible with the people’s chair / hill climb combo.  After all, you can’t just mosey past a hill like that without doing something stupid on it. There was a little friendly competition during round 4 between YHC and Doc McStuffins, with the better athlete/man reaching the wall first.
  • During COT McGee made a passionate appeal for the PAX to check out WAMRAP (Wednesday AMRAP workout at Waverly).  He even definitively clarified what the “W” stands for, but you had to be there.
  • Overall the effort was strong by all and we stayed together nicely throughout.  Great work, men.
  • Fun times at Panera coffeeteria.  The only thing stronger than the workout was the oatmeal that YHC enjoyed.  I could feel it coursing through my veins and helping me to recover instantly.  I just might scoop a helping into my back pocket before Kiawah.  The highlight of the morning was when Mighty Mite pointed out that Thin Mint had egg on his face, and not the metaphorical kind.
  • After Paper Jam’s #fakenews that no one would post the day after Thanksgiving, we tied his “Turkey Sham” with 13 PAX.  However, if you count a Dasher sighting at coffeeteria, we actually won.  Better luck next year PJ.

PreBlast: VAGABOND 2018 CSAUP Info and Shirt Order


VAGABOND merges F3 Area 51’s “Southern Discomfort” and F3 Sons of Ballantyne’s “Balrog” into one epic #CSAUP (completely stupid and utterly pointless) event.  PAX from all over South Charlotte and surrounding areas will run a ~13 mile loop course through the Area 51 and SOB F3 regions, stopping for six 15-minute pain stations along the way.  Those looking for a modified version can start at one of the AO’s along the way (more info below).  For those nursing injuries, cyclists are welcome.


Saturday, November 10th.  Launches @ 0630 sharp, ends by 1100.


Start/end is at Hickory Tavern on Providence Rd. in Charlotte (11504 Providence Rd.) across the street from the Waverly shopping center.


It’s free, all your friends are doing it and we have badass shirts.  Plus, free beer and apps.  Need I say more?

After Party / Donation:

Join us for food and drinks at Hickory Tavern immediately following the event @ 1100.  1 beer and apps provided at no cost, courtesy of Kid Rock!  We only ask that you please make a donation ($5 suggested minimum) to Veteran’s Bridge Home, a non-profit that helps Charlotte-area Veterans successfully transition home after military service by identifying their education, employment and healthcare needs and connecting them to available community, state and federal resources.  Link: (just click “Donate” in the upper right-hand corner)

What to bring:

  • Shovel flags (we’ll be carrying them for the duration to show support for Veteran’s Day and F3)!
  • Fuel (GU, chews, etc.) *this is important*
  • Hydration will be provided at each pain station, but feel free to bring your own
  • Gloves
  • Blinkies, reflective vest, etc.
  • Change of clothes for after party


Garmin Course Link

Turn-by-Turn Directions Link

Here is the list of AO’s we’ll be stopping at for pain stations, and an estimated range of when we’ll be arriving at each one:

  1. Waverly: 0630
  2. Charlotte Latin: 0700 – 0720
  3. South Charlotte Middle School: 0735 – 0805
  4. Calvary Church: 0805 – 0845
  5. Stonecrest: 0845 – 0925
  6. Blakeney: 0920 – 1000

Shirt Pre-Order

Turkey Leg’s M designed us some killer shirts.  See the design below.  The prices are very reasonable: only $10 for tee, $15 for long sleeve, $12 for sleeveless.  The shirts are performance fabric / moisture-wicking and athletic cut.  These are shirts you’ll wear proudly to any F3 workout.  Several colors are available.  Place your order by midnight on Monday, November 4th to get your shirt the morning of the event.  We will also place an order after the event if there is enough interest.  Send funds via PayPal to


Shirt – Front Design

Shirt – Back Design

PreBlast Trailer

Premature Evacuation

23 PAX accepted the annual Ballantyne “deck run” challenge and posted at The Brave to see what it was all about.


The plan was to run to the top of 8 parking  decks in Ballantyne using the deck ramps, stopping at the top of each one for 10 burpees in cadence before heading down the stairs to the next deck. With 10 burpees at the start and at the end we would have performed 100 burpees in total, ascended 33 parking deck ramps and traveled roughly 6 miles.

Everything started out great.  The big group of 20 PAX managed to stay together, with Tolkien leading the way up the ramps.  Burpees were getting knocked out (despite a refusenik by Frasier to call burpees in cadence for the group in deck 1).  No issues crossing 521.  No one ran into a pond or sand trap crossing the golf course.  Made it through Room 101 (the 8-story deck) despite a security car sighting on the ground level.  It was starting to look like the plan would go off without a hitch.


Somewhere in the middle of the sixth parking deck we were rolled up on by Northwood security and encouraged to vacate the premises immediately.  “You cannot be in this deck for liability reasons”, we were told.

“So we can’t be in THIS deck”, replied YHC, hoping to create a binding legal loophole whereby we could use all the OTHER decks at our leisure in perpetuity.

“You cannot be in ANY deck”, replied our friend, who, in the midst of this career defining moment was now drunk with power.

Quick search of empty pockets hoping that a Starbucks gift card would magically materialize.  It didn’t.

“Ok then” replied YHC, deflated and annoyed.

After prematurely evacuating the deck we ran around past the remaining 2 decks, just to keep our new friend on his toes.  Back to launch for one AYG around the parking lot.  In total we got in 60 burpees, 25 deck ramps and 5.2 miles.


Just as the crushing disappointment of a failed weinke was sinking in as we formed our COT circle, out of the ashes of defeat sprung the heroes of our story, PAPER JAM, KIRBY AND MIGHTY MITE.  As it turns out, these three mavericks had left early and got through not six, but ALL EIGHT parking decks, cleverly outwitting the security guards at every turn.  A subset of our group had in fact achieved the parking deck goal!  And just like that, all was right with the world.  Thank you, PJ, Kirby and MM for being truly Brave.  T-claps to Wingman and Fire Hazard for being the only PAX to post at YHC’s deck run all three times we have done it.


Bunker bought Fire Hazard a t-shirt with a giant pig face on it for his birthday and gave it to him before the workout.  After COT FH modeled the shirt for the PAX and it was truly a sight to behold.  If you are lucky he’ll wear it to Crane Relay so that others can bask it it’s glory.


Spots are filling up for the mission trip to Peru.  See Tolkien for more info on this life-changing event.

Going Rougemont

7 men skipped the BRR so they could kick ass at the The Brave.


Mosey 1.2 miles to the Rougemont neighborhood off of Endhaven.

Start at intersection of Rougemont and Endhaven.  Run down hill to Rougemont and Joliette (0.2 mi).  10 burpees, then back to the start for 10 burpees.  2 rounds total.  Mary for the 6.

Mosey East on Endhaven to Orchid Hill neighborhool.  Start at intersection of Orchid Hill and Red Maple.  Run down hill to Red Maple and Golden leaf (0.1 mi)  10 burpees, then back to the start for 10 burpees.  3 rounds total. Mary for the 6.

Mosey to new parking deck near Endhaven and Comm House.  Run up stairs to top level and back down.

Mosey back to launch for 6 minutes of mary:

  • Poptart: can opener
  • Wild Turkey: slow flutter
  • Cul de Sac: American hammer
  • Tuck: windshield wiper
  • Enron: Makhtar N’Diayes (Wild T wasn’t happy about this one)
  • Madame T: J-low
  • Mic Check: plank and 6-inch plank for 1 minute and 15 seconds


This was a sweaty affair.  YHC got the prize for the biggest puddles.  We had a strong group out there and moved around pretty quickly.  Enron led the way on the hill work but the rest of the team wasn’t far behind.  All in all we covered 4.5 miles with some serious hills and got in 100 burpees and lots of core work.

Congrats Cheddar!  And good luck to all the BRR teams out there.

Bermuda Triangle Comes to the UC

24 men posted at Dromedary and were greeted with stifling humidity and coupons!



  • SSH x 25 IC
  • IW x 25 IC
  • LSS holding pavers x 25 IC
  • 1 merkin w/ right hand on pavers, 2 merkins w/ left hand on pavers, 3 merkins w/ right hand on pavers, etc, up to 8 merkins
  • On your back, hold feet at 6 inches and arms at 6 inches while holding pavers
  • Supermans w/ pavers x 15 IC
  • On your back, hold feet at 6 inches and arms at 6 inches while holding pavers
  • Plank w/ slow lateral windmill arm motion while holding paver – 5 each side

Mosey to the spooky mist-covered soccer field for Bermuda Triangle:

  • 5 man-maker merkins (hand on each paver) at corner of field
  • 5 sit-ups w/ pavers behind head at mid-line on opposite side of field
  • 5 jump-squats w/ pavers at opposite corner (forming triangle)
  • Repeat circuit 5 times, adding 5 reps each time, up to 25 reps
  • Mary while waiting for 6

Mosey to the courtyard area for people’s chair-o-rama w/ pavers:

  • People’s chair w/ overhead press
  • People’s chair w/ front arm circles
  • People’s chair w/ front arm raises
  • People’s chair w/ lateral arm raises


In conclusion, lugging around 2 pavers for 45 minutes sucks.

You all can thank Abacus’ brother Chelms for letting me ‘borrow’ the Bermuda Triangle idea w/ pavers.  I’ve had the pavers for a few years and break them out once in a blue moon for a change of pace.

This was Big Ten’s final time not doing SSH in the UC before relocating to Tampa to not do SSH there.  Give ’em hell, Big Ten.

Welcome FNG Hermey aka Jeff.  He is a dentist, hence Hermey from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Solid name.

Thanks to Goodfella for the opportunity to lead.

Rea Farms

11 pioneers gathered at Cerberus and explored a ginormous mixed-use development.  No, not Waverly.  Rea Farms bruh!


Cross Providence Rd. and mosey to road between the old Harris Teeter and the new Harris Teeter for some COP betwixt the ‘Teets.

  • SSH x 20 IC
  • IW x 20 IC
  • MC x 20 IC
  • Plank Jack x 20 IC

Mosey to a wall next to the new Harris Teeter parking lot for 10 Bulgarian split squats (each leg) and 20 hip slappers w/ feet on the wall OYO.

Mosey to what I’m just going to call Central Park… a large (easily 100 yards) rectangle-shaped plot of grass in the middle of Rea Farms, bordered by saplings and light posts.  It is PERFECT for all kinds of F3 shenanigans.  Such as:

  • Partner up.  Partner 1 bear crawls across the Park (sideline to sideline if you will) and runs backwards to the start while partner 2 performs squats.  Flapjack.
  • Partner 1 craw walks across the Park and runs backwards to the start while partner 2 performs American hammers.  Flapjack.
  • Partner 1 broad jumps across the Park and runs backwards to the start while partner 2 performs Makhtar N’Diayes.  Flapjack.
  • PAX line up and lunge walk roughly 50 yards to middle of Central Park.
  • Suicides to 7 saplings bordering the Park, starting w/ 2 jump squats at each sapling and increasing by 2 at each subsequent tree, up to 14

Mosey to Golf Links Dr. (where Lifetime Fitness is).  Head East back towards Waverly, stopping at each tree for 2 burpees.  There were 32 or 33 trees, good for 64 or 66 burpees.

Cross Providence Rd. and head to the little park in Waverly behind Ted’s Montana Grill and Carolina Ale House.  Grab some wall.

  • 10 derkins OYO
  • 10 incline merkins OYO
  • 10 dips OYO
  • 20 flutter IC (sitting on wall)
  • 10 in-and-outs IC (sitting on wall)


This was my first Q in 6 months due to injury and rehab.  It felt great to lead again.  It was fun exploring Rea Farms for the first time.  It is starting to take shape and has at least two fantastic bootcamp features: the large football field-sized patch of grass described above and the new Harris Teeter parking lot that is huge and lit up like a Christmas tree.  But be warned: crossing Providence Rd. is not for the faint of heart, and not recommended until the crossing signals are up and running.  It was dicey to say the least, especially on the way back when traffic had picked up.  It was a strong group of PAX out there today.  We stayed pretty close together throughout.  Good work, men.  And thanks for the invite, Argonaut.


  • Dredd is Q-ing Cerberus next week (8/17).  The Brave is converging there.  Don’t miss it.
  • CLT Craft Course II is Sat, 8/18.  4 mile fun run in Southend, stopping at ~6 breweries.  Launching from Unknown Brewing at noon.  Contact Tuck for more info.
  • Consider participating in the Hope Challenge.  During COT, share a struggle you were able to overcome to instill hope in others that may be suffering silently.  PreBlast
  • Per Prohibition, keep Charlotte Robson and her family in your prayers.  She is a SCLT 2-year old suffering from an incurable neurological disease  There is a gofundme.  Reach out to Prohibition for more information.

LT Training at Pursuit – Wk 2

7 men rendezvoused at Pursuit and lactated all over each other.

For more on this training series see the PreBlast.

The course this week was a very hilly 2.5 mile road loop.  Man, there are some serious hills in Millbridge.  The plan was to do at least 2 loops, but due to some unplanned off-course “exploration” we only did 1+.  Regardless, we got in our 6 intervals of 5 minutes @ Lactate Threshold pace with 2 minutes of recovery, bookended by 10 minutes of warm-up/cool down.  Bratwurst and Frasier got in an extra interval instead of a full cool down.   As usual we got in 7-8 miles total.


The hills made it hard to maintain LT pace at times, but we pushed through.  Maintaining a consistent level of effort is more important than pace when the terrain is challenging.

Major kudos to site FNG Stub Hub, who performed exceptionally well despite not doing running workouts in the past.

Great to have Doc McStuffins and Rock Thrill show up on time this week so they could join us instead of wondering which direction we went!

Brat and Frasier let the way.  This is news to no one.

Hollywood killed it as usual.  Looking forward to his Q of The Brave tomorrow!

Tune in next time for week 3 of the plan.  We’ll do 6 minutes @ LT pace w/ 2 minutes of recovery.  The route will be flatter, so that is something we can all look forward to.

LT Training at Pursuit – Wk 1

5 men crushed week 1 of an 8-week Lactate Threshold training series at F3 Pursuit.  2 others arrived a few minutes late and missed out on the fun.  And YHC had a mustache.

For more on this training series see the PreBlast.

The course was a fairly flat 1.6 mi road/path loop.  We’ll be avoiding the Thread Trail during this series for obvious reasons.  We may avoid paths as well going forward because it was challenging to maintain LT pace on some of the twists and turns.


We were relieved when the rain subsided a few minutes into our warm-up lap.  After ~13 minutes of easy running we got to work on the assignment for week 1:

  • 4 minutes @ LT pace with a 2 minute recovery x 6

We paired off by like speed due to a couple guys missing headlamps (always bring a headlamp to Pursuit).  Table Slam and Wahoo (both Millbridge residents) joined forces and YHC and Transporter linked up.  Frasier was where Frasier always is: out in front.  We circled back for the 6 during the recoveries and stayed together throughout.  After the intervals we cooled off for about 10 minutes with a slow mosey.

Lactate Threshold (LT) pace is typically somewhere between 10-mile and half marathon race pace.  This first week of the plan was good for dialing in the pace.  YHC’s intervals started off too slow and got progressively faster as we went along.  Now YHC has a better idea of what pace to target for next week.  The goal will be more consistent splits.  That is always the goal when running intervals.  They should be as consistent as possible.

Rock Thrill and Doc McStuffins posted but arrived a few minutes late, after the group had departed.  Since the route was not published ahead of time they had no idea where we might be and never found us.  Cobains, fellas.  The course will be published from now on.

Tune in next time for week 2 of the LT series.  We’ll be extending our intervals a bit as we gradually increase time spent at LT pace through the 8 week plan.  We’ll do 5 minutes @ LT pace with 2 minutes of recovery x 6.


PreBlast: In Pursuit of a Lower Lactate Threshold

Do you want to run faster with less effort in time for Spring race season?  Join us for an 8-week Lactate Threshold training series at F3 Pursuit starting Thursday, March 1st.

I Don’t Even Know What Lactate IS.  Does it come from a cow?

Not exactly.  Your body breaks down glucose for energy and a by-product of this process is lactate, aka lactic acid. During easy running, your body reconverts and recycles this lactic acid back into energy and efficiently expels the waste products. Therefore, the production of lactate will remain relatively constant while running at an easy aerobic pace, which doesn’t require a huge demand for energy.

As you continue to run faster and demand more energy, the production of lactic acid will slowly increase. At some point, whether it be too fast a pace or holding a steady pace for too long, the production of lactic acid will soar exponentially and your body will no longer be able to convert lactate back into energy and expel the waste products. This point is commonly referred to as your lactate threshold. The lactic acid then floods into your system, muscle power is diminished and you begin to slow down. Ultimately, lactic acid is one of the largest contributors to why you slow down as the race goes on.

Explain Lactate Threshold One More Time.  I Zoned Out.

In short, your lactate threshold is defined as the fastest pace you can run without generating more lactic acid than your body can utilize and reconvert back into energy. This pace usually corresponds to 10 mile or half marathon race pace.

Why Should I Care?

By training/running just below your lactate threshold you can begin to improve the pace at which you begin to produce too much lactic acid for your body to manage.

For example, your current threshold might be 9 minutes per mile. This would mean you could run a 10 mile or half marathon race at this pace. As you spend time training at lactate threshold (LT) pace, your body gets stronger, adapts to the increased production of lactic acid, and decreases this threshold pace to, say, 8:30 per mile. Now, since your threshold is lower, you are able to run faster with less effort, which means you can burn fuel more efficiently.

Development of your lactate threshold can be one of the easiest ways to improve your running, both short-term and long-term.

So What About This LT Training Series at Pursuit?

Starting Thursday, March 1st, we will embark on an 8-week LT training series at Pursuit that will progressively increase the amount of time we spend running at LT pace.  Here is the plan:

  • Week 1 (Mar 1): 6 x 4 min with 2 min recovery (BackBlast)
  • Week 2 (Mar 8): 6 x 5 min with 2 min recovery (BackBlast)
  • Week 3 (Mar 15): 6 x 6 min with 2 min recovery
  • Week 4 (Mar 22): 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 5 / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1 min ladder with 1 min recovery
  • Week 5 (Mar 29): 3 x 10 min with 3 min recovery
  • Week 6 (Apr 5): 3 x 12 min with 3 min recovery
  • Week 7 (Apr 12): 2 x 20 min with 4 min recovery
  • Week 8 (Apr 19): 1 x 40 min

The LT interval pace is somewhere between your 10 mile and half marathon pace.  If you haven’t raced those distances before you can use the Jack Daniels Running Calculator to estimate those paces based on other distances you have run.  Each week we will start with an easy warm up pace and end with a cool down.  In between intervals we will loop back for the 6 and try and keep everyone somewhat together.  This plan is completely optional, so feel free to post at Pursuit even if you want to run a steady pace.  And always bring a headlamp.

I’m Lost.

That’s ok.  Bottom line: dedicate 8 weeks to Pursuit, put in the work, and you will come out the other side running faster with less effort.

Pursuit launches from the Millbridge clubhouse on Thursdays @ 0515: 1401 Millbridge Pkwy, Waxhaw, NC 28173