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There just Cones!!!

12 Got out of their Fart Sacks and decided they wanted to become better men than they were yesterday!


50SSH, 40 MC, 30 Imperial Squakers (yes that’s correct), 20 Cotton Pickers, 10 Merkins

The Thang:

7 cones lined the road and explained the bulk of the work today, spread about 40 yards apart we ran up 2 than back one, each cone listed an exercise: 10 Burbees, 20 Heels to heavens, 10 Maryland Crab Merkins,  20 Flutter Kicks, 10 Jump Knee Tucks, 20 Supermans, 10 Burbees. Finish- Plank it up with a partner for some paddy cake, 20 rock hoppers in cadence, 10 J-lows (the Q was busted out by ice on form, apparently J Low is sexier than I am)

Mosey over to the Hill, for some stairway’s to 7’s Low slow squats at the bottom, Carolina Dry Docks at the top- Plank it up when done- it is here some of our story begins,  while were planking Ice starts telling Doc about him getting back into it,  feels a bit sluggish, guys are patronizing him a bit, “you can do it Ice…” Keep up the good work”  More to the story later….

Mosey over to the round about and pick a partner for 40 burbees 10 in rotation while the other grabs the railing and does supines while they wait.

Mosey on back toward the cones, quick stop for 20 american hammers in cadence then mosey over to cones.  As the Q, I state we got enough times to run the cones back and do the exercises… ICE asks.  HOW DO WE KNOW WHAT TO DO?? I tell him, “Don’t worry keep showing up and an you’ll get it:)”  He quickly realized the exercises were written on the cones still.  Finished the cones at 615 promptly for a count and namorama…



I realize that I tend to get a bit sappy…but,,, suck it up buttercup and deal with it…. I continue to be motivated and impressed by these men who choose to leave the comforts of their cozy beds and challenge themselves to be better.  Not only better in physical fitness but better husbands, fathers, workers,  we challenge each other, we have fun (ironically enough at 530 in the morning), and we keep showing up. I love it.. So my take on the players of #F3 Flash today- Popeye- you continue to impress me the most, all heart, pace is picking up, your giving it 110%– DON’T STOP!  T-Ball, Shampoodle, Shop Dawg, Captain Phillips and Shooter- The progress you all have shown is exponential and impressive, hoping to see some Q’s (or at least partial) out of you guys shortly. Turtle and Short are pulling quickly in to beast modes and both bring a level of energy and fun to the group.  Frack and Doc,, your just Freaks, you both have past beast mode and entered into a league of your own! Ice, you are the rock!  Your leadership and energy is infectious, you push us all to be better physically but more than that, your leadership as a husband and father impacts us more than you know. I appreciate you all and am glad to be part of something bigger than me.

Short Circuit, thanks for taking us out! Your prayer hit home with me today.


Don’t forget about PLAN B- Posse will send out an calendar shortly

Spartan Race- April 9th

February 6- F3 Family Fitness Day 8:30 Kid friendly (even if they only last 15 min, still come)



Commitment burns off the FOG!

Literally and figuratively speaking the pax of 21 burned off the FOG with a high energy work out that cleared the air and apparently a PAX members head as he enjoyed a Christmas party last night, HA! No Advil necessary for him after the sweat he worked out by 6:45:)

Warm Up:

50 SSH

40 MC

30 IW

20 Reverse Lunges

10 Merkins


Truthfully we had such a large pax I had to modify so I don’t remember all we did but I do remember some, so here we go.  Mosey over to the rock wall, quick peoples chair with some air presses. Grab a friend and partner up,

Partner 1- Curl Partner 2- Run Down w/rock and do 10 Burbee; Flapjack

We did this 4 times with Presses, LSS, Curl to press and finished the last round with 15 Burbee’s and then a quick set of LBC with rock on your chest. Ditch your friend, and we mosey over to the bridge with a quick stop to do 10 Burbee’s and a quick lunge walk across the bridge.  Plank it up with some rock hoppers in cadence.

Line it up for plank Indian Hop up to the the short wall.  Quick Peoples chair then,,,,10 more burbees,, on your six for some LBC’s and Protractor ab work out. Mosey up to the cinder block pile and we begin to work.  Round of 15 shoulder shrugs in cadence, followed by staggered Merkins Left (10 Civilian count) Center then right.  Ditch the blocks and mosey back to the wall with a quick bear crawl on the way.  10 More burbees and 15 flutter kicks in Cadence.  Mosey with a quick backwards lundge across the bridge and plank it up on the other side. Mosey back to the rock pile, 10 Burbees.  Mosey back to base for a short round of 15 LBC’s and 25 Russian twists in cadence.



Going to be a bit sappy here but this group is amazing and more and more men are choosing to get out of there comfort zones (FART SACKS as well) and become better men, both physically and spiritually.  You all continue to inspire and challenge me to be a better Husband, Father, and most importantly a follower of Christ.  The Sad news is that we are all going to die someday, the good news is we get to choose what we are going to do with our lives until that time comes.  I am honored to be part of a group of men that CHOOSE to not waste there time and their lives and CHOOSE to find a ways to improve it.  I don’t have time to call out everyone, but i am seeing strength and gains in this whole group and for those that are new, if you CHOOSE to continue and stay #committed, I think you will find out quickly that you can push yourself more that you realize and the rewards for that are more than I can explain.  Bouncer, thanks for taking us out!


Spartan Race April 9th and 10th

Bring a friend next week- Outland is going to wish they never made this bet