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Happy Independence Day

6 men came out on their day off of work to celebrate America.

Mosey past the Wendy’s
10xPeter Parker
10xParker Peter
Marlin joins us.
Mosey to Garage
Partner Up
4 Rounds- Low Slow Squats, Monkey Humpers, lunges, side lunges
Partner runs a lap up parking garage and walks up stairs backwards, which I assure you is great exercise.
Mosey to top of little parking garage.
America 242 years old…242/3 is 80.6…3 sets of 80 shoulder presses
Mosey to rock pile at church, 20 Curls+20 Tricep Extension+15 OHP
Mosey behind strip mall, 5 merkins at each speed bump
Back to launch, Dolly, High Flutter, 1 minute of American Hammer (which was 27)
Glad Marlin found us to even up the numbers.
The shoulder presses in the peoples chair position were way harder than anticipated, Chopper had to take over the count because I count too slowly.
Lots of mumblechatter from No Show and Shrink Wrap throwing my count off during pretty much every exercise.
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Sea Monsters, Mud, And Calf Raises

6 men started their week off with the ability to actually sweat on the warmest day in recent memory. After a weak disclaimer that YHC was lucky enough to have Snowflake finish for him, we were off.

The Thang:

Leave Pineville PD to mosey to the new OoWee Barbecue Parking lot. The smell of smoked meat was in the air, and the PAX did the following:

SSH x 25

IW x 25

Low Slow Squats x 20

Merkins x 10

After this, a long mosey turned into a longer mosey as the mud level was deemed too high and YHC didn’t want to lose or ruin his shoes. Dumpsterfire led us to on an alternate route to get to the Pineville Lake/Belle Johnson Park.

Each of the Pax grabbed a lifting rock and called an exercise of their choosing for the group. During Snowflake’s exercise a mysterious creature was making a ruckus behind us and progressively getting closer. This inspired an Indian Run around the lake .

We then returned to the rocks and did another round, but limited the reps to 10 per exercise.

Following this, a quick mosey to the Gracelife Church for some Mary.

Flutter x 20

Freddy Mercury x 20

Dolly X 20

Another Mosey to the side of Corner Grind for some wall work.

It has been found out that all of our calves are weak and no one could balance well enough on a parking curb for a calf raise, we we scrapped it and headed back to the AO to try again on the curb with more success.

A little more Mary then we were done.



Thank you guys for letting me lead today. We were a bit short of my 3 mile goal, but it was good to be back out in short sleeves and not freeze.

I appreciate everyone’s team work with the rock exercises. I was glad we were all able to stay together for the duration of the workout.




9 men showed up to witness my VQ. We were all thrown off as we learned that the Pineville Fire Department had been condemned, and that we must find somewhere else to park. With Lieutenant Dan guiding the PAX all the way to the back of the park parking lot, we gathered in the darkness as our colleagues at Camp Gladiator began warming up.

After a quick but sufficient disclaimer, the moseying began with a quarter mile of extra mosey provided to us by the Pineville FD.


  • .5 Mile Mosey to behind Pintville
  • Side Straddle Hops x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Merkins x 10
  • Carolina Dry Docks (called by Shrink Wrap) x 10

From there we moseyed another .5 mile where a choice was given of 5 Burpees or 10 Jump Squats. No one chose Burpees. After this, a final .5 mile was run where we met at the pond at the Belle Johnson Community Center. There was women’s group also using the park, and Lieutenant Dan was approached about the two groups joining forces in the future. He told them they needed to ask the “guy in the red bandanna.”

The PAX was advised to be cautious of goose poop and snakes and to reach in the pond to retrieve a rock for both running and lifting, where three rounds of 20 X Curls, 20 X Overhead press, and 20 x Tricep Extensions were completed with a sprint and 10 merkins in between.

Following this, the men partnered up and did a round of Catch Me If You Can around the .5 mile loop of the pond, with one carrying a rock while the other did 5 merkins before catching, if they could.

Upon completion we lined circled up for some mary before the daunting 1 mile+ “downhill” mosey back to the start.



I wanted to make sure we ran 3 miles for my VQ, as I hate running but am trying to improve on it. I’m grateful to all who came out for my first and hope to improve my time management skills for the future. Also notably, we ended without being taken out then re-circled to be taken out by YHQ, which I thought was sort of funny.