• VQ from Bushwood after an assisted second base Q at the Waverly garage. Decided to go way back to the Pre-F3 At Home Deck Quarantine workout. Felt like the upper body needed some attention and fluffing….Especially those back and lats that have been neglected with the Bushwood back nine being closed off for some time. Couldn’t put, so we lift for show! Those expecting speed skaters were sadly disappointed.

    17 PAX showed up as the weather opened up for a few hours keeping us cool and somewhat dry.  Not sure if it was to bash me on the VQ or to get some of that tasty advertised Crumb Cake. (Crumb Cake Shout Out: Contact Sugar Rush https://www.facebook.com/charlottesugarrush/Either way, the pax showed up in force.


    SSH IC (18)

    Mountain Climbers IC (18)

    Shoulder Tap Merks IC (15)

    Calf stretches

    Up/Down Dog


    Front Nine

    Head to the famous rock pile, pick your favorite lifting and a partner. Exercise to failure using rock while partner runs the lot. I decided to switch it up and have the PAX run an hour-glass shape. Apparently, a few of us have never seen an hour-glass before and just ran wherever they felt like. One runs, the other lifts, then flip..

    Curls to Fail

    Bent over Row to Fail

    Squat shoulder Press to fail -Lateral raise modify

    On 6, Lat pull over with rock, add lower leg V-up to fail. This may be new and possibly called “The Hernia” from what I overheard.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Gently replace rock from which you found, mosey to what seemed to be a locked back nine, hop busted fence. (After the Back nine, upon further inspection, the gate was not actually locked. My Bad!)

    Back Nine
    Use same partner, same as the first, exercise to failure while other runs the shorter track lap, no way to screw this one up.




    Step-up (modify lunge if slick)

    Rinse and repeat for another round.

    5 minutes to roll, Mosey out, Hop fence, or simple walk through the discovered open gate, your choice.

    Time to hit the 19th hole, or wall…

    Jabs/press/Tyson, repeat.

    Sprint out and Finish up at COT..


    Finally, wasted the morning workout by eating some of that tasty Crumb Cakes thet Crumb Cake supplied. Guess that means we have to go back at it tomorrow.