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Are you going to eat your fat?

Fourteen joined up at South Charlotte MS for a Sardine inspired beat down.  Floorslapper even beat Geraldo there.  You don’t see that often.


Hillbillies – 13
Windmills – 12
Superman – 11
Imperial Walkers – 11
Alabama Jackass Legkicks – 4 count – 10 each leg
Carolina Drydocks – 30
Run a lap in parking lot
Monkey Humpers – 30
Run a sprint
Jack Knives – 10 each leg
Run suicides
Obligue crunches – 10 each side
Diamond merkins – 10
Run a lap in parking lot
Dead bugs – 10
Diamond merkins – 10
Sit-ups – 10
Run a sprint
Hip Bridge Toe Touches – 4 count / 10
Run to rock pile
100 bicep curls with rock
100 tricep press with rock
Run to benches on other side of school
75 bench dips
Diamond merkins – 10
Sit-ups – 10
Indian Run down the road
Indian Run back / stopping at speed bumps – 10 merkins each time
Sit-ups – 10
Merkins – 4 count touch shoulder & side – 10
Not a lot of running today,  which was made up in a thorough boot camp beat down.  A couple new exercises out there today (or maybe just new to me).  Let’s talk about the Alabama Jackass Leg Kicks.  So, your on all 4’s and you kick your leg up in the air in two stages.  For a second I thought I was in some kind of deranged Saturday Night Fever episode but quickly realized I was in the synchronized swimming scene from Caddyshack.  All is well.
We should talk about Penis Pushups.  If you read back through the workout, you’ll notice diamond merkins keep showing up.  Apparently, someone (probably me) got called out on poor formed merkins – you know the kind where you bend at the waist and your crotch hits the ground before you barely bend your elbows?  That’s a Penis Pushup and they have been outlawed.
Thank goodness Point Break had his watch on today.  We’d probably all be back at SCMS wandering around the parking lot.
Way has been reading Floorslapper’s book on when workouts begin.  The answer is 5:32.  Always has been, always will.
Everyone was pushing hard today and getting a great start to a Monday.  Good to see some newer guys come out to BaseCamp – LaFawnda, Midriff, Way – welcome and I hope to see  you there again.
Sign up for the blood drive!!!
Sardine, thank you for leading today and taking us out!

Running with Floorslapper

Floorslapper’s BB:

Perfect weather for a trip out into the wonderful gloom:
Warm up laps around the construction site/parking lot. Few SSH, Hillbillies, merkins and mt. Climbers
To Woodfox I think. Merkin ladder to the cul-de-sac, quiet round of Mary three exercises.
To the corner of rounding run with some catch your breath Dry docs.
Along Rounding Run- for two 1/2 mile loops – I’m guessing- meet the partner in the middle for socially distanced Hand slap meekins which became regular Merkins. Second lap meet in middle jump squats. Run back to woodfox. Run back to school with street light merkins.
4 min Mary, two parking lot sprints as a time killer and done.
The intense fitness level of the group has done questioning if this was still a moderate work out. But it was an honor to lead today thank you.
Go Bucks!

Limey’s VQ

The Thang



  • Imperial
  • Low slow
  • Peter Parker
  • Mountain climber
  • mosey – 1 lap track
  • x2:

o   crabwalk/lunges/bearcrawl/broad jumps

o   1 lap track

  • mosey to rocks
  • x2:

o   rock: curl/bent row x20

o   run to bleachers – x10 step ups per leg

o   supine pull up x10

  • x2:

o   rock: tri/bench x20

o   run to bleachers – x10 step ups per leg

o   incline pushup on bleacher x20

o   decline pushup on bleacher x10

  • rock: pick one set from previous, x20
  • x2:

o   wall – arm raises x50

o   Calf raises x40

  • AYG run parking lot x2
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Rosalita
  • Hammer
  • LBC


Good crowd for a Monday.  A couple of new faces I hadn’t seen in a while which is always good.  Flojo showed up and helped represent the neighborhood.  Felt bad for Sardine, not an easy itinerary with one arm.  I think he modified more than he followed.  Spackler and Gloss weren’t wild about the all-you-got run at the end.  After realizing they ran an extra mile+ each way to get there I don’t blame them.  Appreciate Thunder Road including my brother-in-law in the prayer.  Reminder to enjoy every day and don’t take them for granted, you never know what can happen.


Enjoyed my first Q.  Thanks to Mr. Magoo for singling me out and making me finally pull my weight.

Hey Wang, what’s with the pictures it’s a parking lot

So I get a text from Hops at 227AM letting me know he is sick and will be unable to Q today at Base Camp.  Needless to say, I did not read this until 500am.   No worries, we got you covered.  Better to stay home, rest and get yourself feeling better.  I had a general plan on what I wanted to do but nothing specific.  Time to wing it, right.  Wrong.

At 528, I’m explaining to the 11 PAX that Hops is sick and unable to make it and they are stuck with me.  Again.  I asked for volunteers, not really expecting anyone to pick it up but low and behold Sardine raises his hand to gladly lead us around.  I only had to ask once.  Big thanks to Sardine.

Let’s see if I can get this right or at least portions of it.  I’ll probably make some of it up too.

  1.  COP in the parking lot – the typical warm up stuff.  You get it.
  2. Run to Rising Meadow doing Merkins and LBC on the way.
  3. Triple nickle at Rising Meadow with wide arm or diamond Merkin at the top and Ab Reapers at the bottom.
  4. Run back to the school doing various exercises (Merkins and Ab Reapers)
  5. Ran to the benches by the school.  Half of the men ran the short loop while half did:  Dips, Derkins, LBCs and then flip flop.
  6. Went to the rock pile for 3 rounds overhead press, curls and triceps x15 each.
  7. We took a lap around the track with various exercises at each of the 4 corners.
  8. With just a few minutes left, we finished up with a mini Merkin ladder in the parking lot.

Partner work is null and void until this virus passes over.  Hopper was disappointed that there would be no partner Monkey Humpers.  Monday is not starting off well.

I felt like we did lots and lots and lots of Ab Reapers.  I haven’t seen this much and there is probably a different name for it but it is a great core exercise.  You sit on your six and bring your knees up to your chest.  Clover needed a demonstration – imagine that.  Magoo made it back from California and says he did not bring any Corona Virus home with him.  So we got that going for us, which is nice.

Great to see Callaway return – it has been a while.

It was great to have Sardine step in and pick up the Q without any plans etc.  Great workout.  Hops, we hope you feel better.


Hawks Nest (Charlotte Latin) is closed until further notice due to the virus.  Hawks Nest will converge with Bag Pipe.

Hey Whitey, where’s your hat

Eleven men joined up Centurion,  they were disclaimed and away we went.

COP – at the base of the garage entrance.  IW, LSS, Cotton Picker & Merkin x 15ish.  Lots of mumble chatter not a lot of counting – but that is fine.

Next we took off and ran the short ramps to the top of the garage stopping at each turn to do 10 merkins and 10 dry docks at alternating turns.  Go to the bottom of the steps by the elevator.

From here we ran to the far stairwell and go up to the next level where we did 10 squats at each stairwell.  The same pattern was repeated for the remaining two levels.  Exercises were heels to heaven and wide arm merkins (x 10 at each stairwell).  Mosey to the rock pile at the corner of Little and McMahon.

Partner up with 1 lifting rock.  Partner 1 runs around the traffic circle.  Partner 2 does the called exercise (curls, triceps, press and squats).  Each partner gets to do the exercise and run.  Mosey to Charlotte Aquatics.

Partner drag up the incline for a good quad burner.  Rinse and repeat.  Mosey to the back of the school.

Partner 1 does dips while Partner 2 bear crawls up the ramp and runs down the steps.  Repeat twice.  Mosey to Launch site for a minimal amount of Mary before time is called.

The eleven were: Mermaid, Hops, Point Break, Snooka, Chelms, Lorax, Prohibition, Hopper, Cheese Curd, Purple Haze and Thunder Road.  (The tag feature on the website doesn’t work all that well – or it’s user error.  Probably both)



Prior to launch, Prohibition pulls in with several minutes to spare.   Being that there are only 11 cars in the lot, there are plenty of places to park.  Prohibition locates the space right next to Purple Haze in the corner.  When I say ‘right next’ to his car – you  probably could have gotten a nickel and two dimes between the two cars.  I’m not sure if that was intentional or not.

Cheese Curd had a full Northern Experience back at the rock pile.  Not sure what team he was on or what that was all about.

So when we were leaving Charlotte Aquatics after doing the Partner Drag up the hill, I couldn’t help but overhear someone talking about a Partner tip pull.  This is not F3 San Francisco and we’re not doing Partner tip pulls.  Maybe that’s why Prohibition parked so close to Purple Haze in the lot?  I’m starting to think the parking job was intentional.

Had a great time this morning with the men from Centurion.  Everyone pushed it hard and we all stayed fairly close together.  Thanks to Margo and Mermaid for the opportunity to lead!


Don’t forget to check out Slack for the 30 for 30 benefit for Red Rocks

Spalding, get dressed, you’re playing golf.

We had a veteran crew of 9 this morning at Anvil. No FNG’s. A light disclaimer was provided and away we went. The men present were: Way, Snooka, Clover, Brilleaux, Pop Tart, Man Tooth, Lorax, Jet Fuel & Thunder Road (my computer always drops a few names).

COP in lot

LSS, IW, SSH, Merkin & Mtn climber x15

Mosey to side lot by Hwy 51 & get a lifting rock.  Run suicides to each island and back.  Do curl, triceps, and overhead press (10 each) when you return to the start point.

Partner drag to each island and switch.  Partner drag back to start point. 

Mosey to concession stand.  Partner 1 runs to a light pole while partner 2 does 10 dips & 10 durkins.  Second leg was 10 step ups & 10 calf raise.  Third leg was 10 LBC’s and 10 Fred Merc’s

Roll back to launch site for 5 minutes of Mary.


It was a pretty quiet crowd today, not a whole lot of mumble-chatter.   The Partner Drag (I’m sure there is another name for it) was pulled out by Scratch & Win on Monday at Base Camp.  One partner runs backward while the other partner resists him.  That was a pretty good leg burner.  I don’t think there were many smiles when we did the partner burn back to the starting point.  I was also informed by Lorax that ‘Partner Touching’ in general, is frowned upon at Anvil.  Learn something new everyday.  Nix the partner Monkey Humpers.

Everyone pushed it hard today.  Thanks to Pop Tart for picking up a Mary exercise while YHC had a temporary brain fart.

Thank you to Man Tooth for taking us out.

Thank you to Lorax and that other guy who is the site Q for having me out to lead.

Fifty bucks says the Smails kid picks his nose.

Sixteen men met at SCMS this AM.  All were veteran F3’ers –  All were disclaimed.  Time to roll out!

Wait, here comes Floor Slapper at 5:32.  He was a few minutes early at least.


IW, LSS, SSH & merkin x 15

Indian Run to Rose Cliff – rinse & repeat 5 x

  1. 10 merkins at the bottom of the hill
  2. 10 squats at the top

Indian Run back to the school

Partner up by the benches in front of the school

  1. P1 runs around the short loop while P2 does an exercise.
  2. each man rotated through dips, durkins, squats and lunges while the other partner ran

Mosey to the rock pile

  1. P1 did curls, triceps, and overhead press while P2 ran the short loop to the bleachers and back – rinse and repeat 3x.

People’s chair

5 minutes of Mary


I’m looking to fill the calendar up through December – Get with Thunder Road to sign up.

Isabella Santos run – 5 or 10k – 9/28 at Ballantyne Corp Park.  Help support kids fighting cancer.

Everyone was pushing it hard through the heat and humidity.  I think I finally stopped sweating around 9am.  My co-workers were thrilled.  I was literally blown away by the sonic boom when Snooka and Sardine flew past me on the sprint part of the Indian Run.  Chuck Yeager would have been proud.  Good to see Thumper back out.  There was not much of a six today, everyone stayed pretty close. 

Spaulding, get your foot off the boat.

Twenty two men met up in the humid gloom at Olde Providence Elementary.  There were no new faces (although some to me), the men were disclaimed and off we went.


COP – field behind school

  • SSH, IW, LSS, Merkin, Plank x 15

Concession stand

  • dips & durkins x15 each and then run to jungle gym for pull ups and incline merkins (all you got on the pull ups and 15 inclines).  We ran this route 3x.


  • Partner 1 grabs a rock and does: curl, triceps, overhead press and thrusters x15 each.  Partner 2 runs to the opposite entrance and does 15 LSS.  We ran this route 3x.
  • We reconvened  by the rocks and threw them back.  Time for ‘catch me if you can’.  We left by the opposite entrance, crossed Rea, made it behind the school and back to the church.  Non running partner does 5 merkins.


  • 10 step ups by the benches under the oak and 10 incline merkins.  Run to the far end of the school and repeat once.

Mosey back to launch site for 5 minutes of Mary.


New launch site at Cuthbertson HS on Labor Day.  Base Camp, DMZ and the Matrix will be shut down on Labor Day.


COP started out a little on the rough side.  Q called the first exercise as IW but started with SSH.  There was an objection or two.  Several men were thrown off, including myself, however we all recovered and were fine.  Crisis averted.  During the merkin part of COP, I noticed someone’s flatulence was also in step with the cadence count and it was mighty impressive.  Puddin know anything about this?  Puddin also advised that CMS is building a new high school on the back fields of OP.  It should be done by next summer.  The initial plan was to run the catch me if you can with the rocks.  I called an audible and the rocks were replaced.  Thank goodness – I didn’t want to deal with a mutiny.  After the workout, Cotton Mouth advised a great way to cool off is to put two bags of ice under your armpits.  Makes sense to me.  Puddin further advised that a bag of ice could be placed under another bag to cool off.  I don’t know about that one.  I’ll have to take his word for it.  Spackler what kind of vote response did we get for today’s workout.  Was it a 6 or a 7?  Maybe an 8?  As we were departing the parking lot, several men noticed Semi Gloss and Motor Boat were somewhat disrobed in Semi’s car.  Both were sharing genuine smiles of anticipation.  I’m sure it had a lovely smell going into work.  I believe it was referred to as a ‘burner car’. 

Anvil – Its been a while …

It has been several months since I have been to Anvil but it was great to be back. Fourteen men joined up in the gloom and, yeah, it was pretty muggy out.  The men were disclaimed and off we went.

COP – Mosey out to the front of the church in the big field.

SSH, LSS, IW, Merkin x10 & LS Merkin x 10

Next we moseyed around the side of the church to collect a lifting rock and made our way to the long parking lot that borders 51.  We lined up abreast and ran suicides to each of the islands.  Each time we came back to the starting point we did:  curls, triceps and over head press (x10 each). 

After that fun, we partnered up and found ourselves in shallow left field at the t-ball diamond.  P1 ran to the far fence while P2 ran up the small hill to the church.  We met back in left field to do 10 HS merkins.  One more time with P1 going to the church and P2 going to the end of the field – all with 10 HS merkins to top it off.  Next.

Next we met up between the playground and the concession stand.  The initial plan was for P1 to do pullups, however, the consensus was the playground was locked – so P1 did 20 drydocks outside the playground while P2 ran back to the concession stand for 20 dips.  We flipped and ran this route 3 times.

Time for some sprints.  We lined up at The Avenue of Trees and sprinted the length of 8 trees and did lunge walk to the end.  We turned around and sprinted 8 trees back and did 20 flutters.  One more 8 tree length sprint back to the church with 20 LBC’s

Time to mosey back to the launch site for 4-5 minutes of Mary


Heard of little bit of mumble chatter and some general complaints as we headed out to the field for COP.  Someone’s feet got wet and someone else’s hands got wet during the merkins.  It was grueling.

Cheese Curd took a 2 mile pre-run coming in to Anvil.  I registered about 3 miles during the workout so getting a 7 miler in on a Wednesday morning is pretty impressive.

Always great seeing Snooka (R), Runstopper & Brilleaux out front.  Great work.

Thank you to Haze for taking us out.

Everyone was pushing it hard today and there was not much of a six to speak of.  Thank you to Brush Back and Lorax for the opportunity to lead the men.

Base Camp beat down

Five men met up at South Charlotte Middle School bright and early. It was a little lite from the normal crowd, but that’s all right! Originally, Costanza was slated to Q, however, he is on the IR with some back issues. We hope he gets better. Thunder took the Q

We circled up in front of the school for COP which was: SSH, IW, LSS, Merkin & LS Merkin x 10.

Next, we took a run down Strawberry Ln to Rosecliff stopping at each speed bump to do 10 Merkins.

We ran up and down the hill at Rosecliff and did heels to heaven at the bottom x 10 and LBC’s at the top x10. We made 5 trips up and down the hill.

Mosey back to the school with 10 drydocks at each speed bump.

Back at the launch site we lined up abreast (that word again). One man called the exercise and ran to the end of the sidewalk. The other men completed the exercise until the first returned. Each of the five men got to call an exercise : LSS, jump squat, LBC, lunges and something else

Next we grabbed a rock and did curls, triceps, overhead press x 10 each. Then we took a stroll down the ramp to the bleachers and did dips and supine pullups x10 each. We made this circuit 3 times

After carefully replacing each rock we did some peoples chair to wind up the workout.

Thank you to Hopper for taking us out

Announcements: Beer Run is upcoming, Hopper is leading MASH which also meets at 530 at SCMS and is for those on the IR who are looking to get back into the mix. Also keep Goonie’s sister in your prayers as she is having complications with a pregnancy.