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Anvil – Its been a while …

It has been several months since I have been to Anvil but it was great to be back. Fourteen men joined up in the gloom and, yeah, it was pretty muggy out.  The men were disclaimed and off we went.

COP – Mosey out to the front of the church in the big field.

SSH, LSS, IW, Merkin x10 & LS Merkin x 10

Next we moseyed around the side of the church to collect a lifting rock and made our way to the long parking lot that borders 51.  We lined up abreast and ran suicides to each of the islands.  Each time we came back to the starting point we did:  curls, triceps and over head press (x10 each). 

After that fun, we partnered up and found ourselves in shallow left field at the t-ball diamond.  P1 ran to the far fence while P2 ran up the small hill to the church.  We met back in left field to do 10 HS merkins.  One more time with P1 going to the church and P2 going to the end of the field – all with 10 HS merkins to top it off.  Next.

Next we met up between the playground and the concession stand.  The initial plan was for P1 to do pullups, however, the consensus was the playground was locked – so P1 did 20 drydocks outside the playground while P2 ran back to the concession stand for 20 dips.  We flipped and ran this route 3 times.

Time for some sprints.  We lined up at The Avenue of Trees and sprinted the length of 8 trees and did lunge walk to the end.  We turned around and sprinted 8 trees back and did 20 flutters.  One more 8 tree length sprint back to the church with 20 LBC’s

Time to mosey back to the launch site for 4-5 minutes of Mary


Heard of little bit of mumble chatter and some general complaints as we headed out to the field for COP.  Someone’s feet got wet and someone else’s hands got wet during the merkins.  It was grueling.

Cheese Curd took a 2 mile pre-run coming in to Anvil.  I registered about 3 miles during the workout so getting a 7 miler in on a Wednesday morning is pretty impressive.

Always great seeing Snooka (R), Runstopper & Brilleaux out front.  Great work.

Thank you to Haze for taking us out.

Everyone was pushing it hard today and there was not much of a six to speak of.  Thank you to Brush Back and Lorax for the opportunity to lead the men.

Base Camp beat down

Five men met up at South Charlotte Middle School bright and early. It was a little lite from the normal crowd, but that’s all right! Originally, Costanza was slated to Q, however, he is on the IR with some back issues. We hope he gets better. Thunder took the Q

We circled up in front of the school for COP which was: SSH, IW, LSS, Merkin & LS Merkin x 10.

Next, we took a run down Strawberry Ln to Rosecliff stopping at each speed bump to do 10 Merkins.

We ran up and down the hill at Rosecliff and did heels to heaven at the bottom x 10 and LBC’s at the top x10. We made 5 trips up and down the hill.

Mosey back to the school with 10 drydocks at each speed bump.

Back at the launch site we lined up abreast (that word again). One man called the exercise and ran to the end of the sidewalk. The other men completed the exercise until the first returned. Each of the five men got to call an exercise : LSS, jump squat, LBC, lunges and something else

Next we grabbed a rock and did curls, triceps, overhead press x 10 each. Then we took a stroll down the ramp to the bleachers and did dips and supine pullups x10 each. We made this circuit 3 times

After carefully replacing each rock we did some peoples chair to wind up the workout.

Thank you to Hopper for taking us out

Announcements: Beer Run is upcoming, Hopper is leading MASH which also meets at 530 at SCMS and is for those on the IR who are looking to get back into the mix. Also keep Goonie’s sister in your prayers as she is having complications with a pregnancy.

Better late than never


Mosey to the middle of the parking lot for :  SSH, LSS, IW, Merkin x10

Mosey to St Matthews church where we grabbed a rock and a partner.  Partner 1 did the called exercise while partner 2 ran to the end of the parking lot.  The called exercises were:  curls, overhead press and triceps extension.

Next, we did a little catch me if you can around the church.  Partner 1 runs with the rock and Partner 2 does 5 merkins before dashing off to catch Partner 1.  We put our rocks back where we found them. 

Mosey over to Pearlz restaurant and conducted the following circuit:

Wheel of Merkin x 10 followed by a run around the buildings to the benches where we did dips x10.  This circuit was completed 3 X.

Peoples Chair by Michaels

Mosey back to the launch for some Mary.

Great to see everyone out there.  Lots of men pushing it hard and making themselves better bright and early.  Thanks to War Eagle and Billy Goat for the opportunity to lead.


Seven men ignored the Fart Sack and convened Base Camp bright and early.

COP – IW, SSH, LSS, Merkin, Superman, Standing American Hammer (all x10)

Mosey to the track to do the 4 corners of paradise. The called exercise at each of the 4 corners is as follows – Merkin x10, LSS x 10, Drydock x 10 and Lunge walk x 10.

Mosey to the foot of the steps and partner up for the wheelbarrow climb. Parter 1 wheelbarrow crawls up the first two landings then switch with partner 2 for the next two landings. Repeat a second time.

People’s chair with air presses.

Wheel of Merkin x 10 at each position, run to front of school for 10 step ups. Wheel of Merkin x 5 (each position) run to front of school for 10 dips.

Mosey to rock pile – Grab a rock – curls, overhead press and triceps (x10). Run to the bleachers at the bottom and back for 1 more round.

5 minutes of Mary

Great to see the guys out there today. Everyone pushed hard.

Irish morning

The gloom arrived an hour earlier this Monday thanks to the bi-yearly movement of time. Hannibal, Thunder Road, Smash, Marge, Bugeater, Clover, and Boss Hog were treated to the best dang Irish workout the world’s ever seen.

The post started with a slow Irish jig to get the blood pumping quickly followed with a run to the end of the rainbow–unfortunately the only gold to be had were wet hands and dirty mouths from kissin the blarney stone.

Next, the pax followed Leprechaun to lift up their beer glasses while they got comfy in their pub chairs. Many beers were lifted this morning as the pax paid their respects to their Irish themed beer mile.

The pax were led into a game of Squat Potato and exercised the four leaves of the clover with some St. Patrick’s, Bono Bicycles, Bog Jumpers, and LBCs–Leprechaun Baby Crunches) and completed their lucky clover with a double dose of beer burpees.

The pax climbed the sliabh to finish out their morning whiskey swig with some snake chasers, Irish shillelaghs, Irish twins, and topped off the morning with some Riverdance.

Christmas Eve

Five men met in the 530 gloom on Christmas Eve for a little cheer! All were disclaimed and we took a mosey around the parking lot.

COP – IW, SSH, LSS x 15

Wheel of Merkin on the raised sidewalk x10 in each of the 4 directions.

Mosey to the track for some 4 corners work. Lap 1 was 10 merkins at each corner. Lap 2 was drydocks x 10. Lap 3 was LSS x 10 and Lap 4 was lunge x 10 each leg.

Next stop was top of the hill and we all acquired a lifting rock for curls, triceps and overhead press x 10 each. Next we ran to the bottom of the hill for dips and pull ups x 10 each. This circuit was repeated x 4.

We grabbed some wall and did air presses.

We proceeded to the parking lot and lined up. The first man called a core exercise and ran to the far light pole while the other men performed the exercise. I believe we did LBCs, Flutter, Rosalita, Freddy Mercury, American Hammer.

We finished up with suicide sprints to each of the 4 baseketball goals.

Not a burpee in sight

Thanks to Drago for getting in 50 burpees prior to launch.  No one else had to suffer.  The men were disclaimed and away we went to the parking garage.


IW and SSH x 15

Merkin and LS Merkin x 10

Run up the ramps and do 10 merkins at the first turn and 10 drydocks at the second turn all the way to the top.

Circle up for some Mary:  Rosalita, Flutter, Dolly & American Hammer x 15 each.

Run down the stairs and get ready for the Four Corners.  While running around the football field, we stop at each of the four corners and perform the following exercises:  LSS, Calf Raise, Merkin and Monkey Humper x 10 each.  We completed a total of four loops around the track.

Partner up by the benches behind the school.  Partner 1 lunge walks up the handicap ramp towards the school and runs back to Partner 2 who is doing LSS.  Rinse & repeat twice.

Run around to the benches in front of the school for dips and durkins x 10 each with a total of three rounds.

Mosey back to the launch site we had time for 15 LBCs (not burpees)



Trash Pickup next week – starts at 5:05

Centurion site Q’s are requesting the Q to take any prayer requests.


Prayer Requests:

Runstopper’s child dealing with medical issues.

Uncle Phil’s wife is expecting a child.

All those affected by Hurricane Florence


Sixteen men made it out bright and early to Hydra.  All were disclaimed and away we went.

COP in the field behind the school

LSS, IW & Monkey Humper x 15.  Merkin and LS merkin x 10

First station of the circuit work began at the jungle gym where each man did as many pull ups as possible followed by 15 merkins.  Mosey to the benches by the front of the school and complete dips and durkins x 15 each.  Mosey to the third station which is the benches at the other side of the front of the school and complete LSS and step ups x 15 each.  We ran this circuit three times.

Mosey to the back field for a little core work.  Starting at the zero yard line, we completed LBC’s center, LBC right and LBC left x 10 each.  Mosey to the 50 yard line and get some Dolly and Rosalita x 15 each.  Run to the 100 yard line for flutter and American Hammer x 15 each.  This circuit was completed twice.

From the back filed we ran to the church lot and grabbed some rocks.  Partner 1 did curls, triceps and overhead press (x15 each) while partner 2 ran the parking lot to the far street.  Flap jack and complete this circuit twice.

By now we were running out of time and steam.  Time to head on back.  Frosty paws took us out.


It was a great morning as we finally got a break in the humidity.  Perhaps fall is here to stay.  Everyone really pushed hard today and made it happen.



Good morning, Hawk’s Nest

Sixteen men met up at Charlotte Latin this morning for a little workout.  All were disclaimed and off we went.


IW, LSS x 15, Merkin x 10 and LS Merkin x10


Mosey to the soccer field for a four corner workout.  First lap was 10 merkins at each corner, Second lap was drydocks, third was LSS and the last lap was LBC’s.  By the way, the astro turf is really great to run on.  You can notice a huge difference in your knees.  Utah concurs.  I guess these are the kind of things 45 picks up on; 35 will have to wait a few years.  Somewhere in this circuit, Mermaid started having concerns about the lack of burpees.  QIC advised that his workouts are generally burpee free events.  Even it the gloom, you could see the disappointment on his face.

Next stop is the bathroom pavilion by the soccer field where partners were chosen.  Partner 1 does the wall sit while partner 2 runs to the end of the bleachers and does 10 drydocks.  Partners flip flopped.  The second round, air presses were added to the wall sit.

The PAX ran to the top pavilion which I believe is a concession stand.  The tables were moved out of the way which made it great for a core workout.  Partners reconvened.  Partner 1 stayed under the pavilion and did 15 reps of the following:  Freddy Mercury, Flutter and WWII situps while partner 2 ran to the bottom of the hill and did 15 dips on the bridge.  This circuit was completed 3 times.

By now, it’s time to mosey on back to the launch site but not before we threw in about 20 yards of lunge walk on the way there.

Most of the Fast Twitch guys were already there but we had a few minutes left for some Mary and a handful of burpees, which made Mermaid smile!

It was a very humid morning which can take it out of you real quick.  Everyone fought through it hard and hopefully got something good out of it.  Announcements were pretty thin – something about a Christmas party, BRR is coming up and  see Pop Tart is you are interested in a paint ball showdown.

Big thanks to Laronda for taking us out.




Base Camp Sweat Shop

Eleven Men gathered at South Charlotte Middle School bright and early to start the week off right.  Thankfully, the rain held off but in the end, it didn’t matter as we were sweat soaked within a few minutes.  The PAX were disclaimed and off we went . . .


Mosey to the front of the school

SSH x 15, IW x 15, Merkin x 10 and LS Merkin x10


Mosey to the track in front of the bleachers

I think everyone enjoyed the 1 mile Indian Run around the track.   The run was broken up by four stops in front of the bleachers for LSS x 15 and Drydocks x 15.


Mosey to the top of the hill by Goonie’s office.

Partner 1 took a lifting rock and did curls, triceps and presses x 15 each.

Partner 2 ran around the short loop to the benches and did dips and pull ups x 15 each.


Reconnoitered by the office for the wall sit sprinkled in with some Jack Webb.  A nice touch.

By now, time is starting to run out, so we finished up with some suicide sprints at the goal posts (not the light poles).



Everyone pushed hard today and hopefully got something out of it.  Sardine, where did this guy come from on the Indian Run?  The sprints were phenomenal!  I thought Chuck Yeager was passing me by.  I swore he broke the sound barrier – or perhaps that was something else. We had some great conversation about taking trees down during the rock lifting.  Very insightful.  Goonie was upset that we did not get any Mary in towards the end – I’ll aim to please next time.  Have a great day!  TR