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Top of the hill

Fourteen men got out of bed a bit earlier than most to make a difference in themselves.  We met up at South Charlotte Middle School.  Weather was cool and dry – So off we went.

We made a few laps around the parking lot to collect a few 5:31’rs.  Now we are really ready.



We circled up at the flagpole for a disclaimer and started off with:  IW x 15, LSS x 15, Merkin x 10 and LBC x 15



Starting at the top of the hill on Woodfox we ran down to Fireman Ed circle (aka Burning Tree Dr) and did:  Low Slow Merkin x 15, LBC (center, right and left) x 15 each and 15 Drydocks.  Then we run back up to the top of the hill.  This circuit was completed three times.

After reconvening in the parking lot, we lined up along the side walk ledge and completed the Wheel of Merkin twice (5 x in each position).

We paired up in two man teams at the bottom of the steps.  Partner 1 took a running rock and ran up the steps and around the short loop while partner 2 did:  supine pull ups, steps ups and dips (10 x each exercise).



Everyone pushed hard today, especially running up the hill multiple times.  We got in about 2.5 miles.  There was some expected grumbling and a few protests but we all made it through.  Perhaps we made ourselves just a bit better than we were yesterday.

Fireman Ed was not present this AM.  Perhaps the cadence count could have been louder down in the circle.  Maybe we would have shaken him loose from the fart sack.

Insomniac – It was great to see you but when did you get there?  I first noticed you about 6:14.



Our prayers continue to be with Bout Time, Jennings and his family.

Basecamp 7/31

Eighteen men showed up for Basecamp

COP at the 50 yard line:

  • Rest of the disclaimer was given
  • SSH X 20
  • IW X 25 – (cadence was questionable)
  • Low slow squat x 15
  • Low slow merkin x 10

100 yard dash x 4

  • far end zone = Merkin x 15
  • near end zone =  Drydocks x 15
  • far end zone = Low slow squat x 15
  • near end zone = Merkins x 15

Wheelbarrow Steps– (Two equal lines of men at the bottom of the stairs)

  • Partner one wheelbarrow crawls up the first two flights of steps. Switch up after the 2nd flight of stairs so partner two can wheelbarrow crawl up the last two flights.  Roll out around the side and rinse and repeat 3 X.

Partner Rock Carry

  • Partner 1 runs with a ‘running rock’ one lap around the track while partner 2 conducts the following at the bleachers:
  • step ups x 15
  • dips x 15
  • durkins x 15
  • supine pullups x 15
  • Rinse/repeat so the other partner can enjoy

Planker’s Delight with Handslap Merkins in Centerfield – two lines

Mosey to Launch Site.

  • suicides between the four basketball goals

 Circle of Mary to conclude with various PAX calling exercises.


The cadence was off during  IW.  Understood.  Lots of mumbling regarding the rock size.  Various attempts to shorten the run around the small loop instead of the track.  Several rock exchanges.  Lots of great work.  Good to see some faces who have been away for a while.

Basecamp (a few days late)

Twelve Men braved the cold this past Monday for some early morning work

Disclaimer was given and off we went to the track


  • SSH X 15
  • Low Slow Merkin X 10
  • Low Slow Squat X 15

3 Man Relay around the track 2 laps (1/2 mile)

A runner relieved his teammate behind each goal post who was completing:

  • Merkins X 15
  • Dry Docks X 15
  • LBC X 15

Planker’s Delight – Always a crowd pleaser!

  • Each man planks shoulder to shoulder while the end man crawls around and does a hand slap merkin with each on the plank line.

Mosey to the rock pile and form 2 man teams, grabbing a rock and continuing to the baseball bleachers.

Partner 1 runs the stair loop while partner two completes:

  • Curls X 15
  • Overhead Press X 15
  • Triceps X 15

Completed the above loop twice then ditched the rocks for another two rounds of dips and pull ups.

Returned the rocks and Mosey to the parking lot for 2 lines of wind sprints to complete the morning exercise.

We welcome FNG Benjamin Brandenburg AKA Button.

Minimal chit chat afterwards.  It was cold and time to go home.

Base camp sweat rag

Nineteen PAX and 1 FNG met at BaseCamp to enjoy a low humidity workout.

First stop:  50 yard line for some side straddle hop, LBC’s, Merkins and Imperial Walker.  Following remarks, Q remembered he needed to lead the Cadence as well as the exercise.

Second stop:  PAX broke into 3 man teams and each team ran a relay around the track stopping at stations behind each of the goalposts.  Each man completed 3 laps around the track, while doing 15 x Squats, Merkins, LBC’s & Carolina DryDocks behind each goalpost.

Third stop:  baseball diamond.  PAX lunge walked to each base, performed Merkins at each base, ran to the outfield fence and back to home plate.

Fourth stop:  PAX met in centerfield for The Planker’s Delight (I’m sure there is another name for this).  PAX planked shoulder to shoulder while the end man went down the line doing a hand slap merkin with every other man.  That was lots of fun.

Fifth stop:  back at the parking lot for a few minutes of Mary.