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7th Annual F3 Dads Camp

Camp Thunderbird
Friday August 16th – Sunday August 18th

F3 Dads Camp returns to Camp Thunderbird once again this summer for a weekend of Fitness, Fellowship, Faith (and a whole lot of Fun) with your 2.0s.

Many thanks are due to Blackjack & Halfpipe (and F3 Metro) for all their hard work the last 6 years making F3 Dads Camp the amazing event that it is — one that our 2.0s don’t stop talking about and that we Dads look forward to all year.

This year they are handing the reigns off to Thin Mint and Mad Dog who will be running things with a group of PAX from South Charlotte who have stepped up to help. Fear not though, Blackjack and Halfpipe are providing plenty of guidance and have turned Dads Camp into a well-oiled machine so the camp will be everything you have come to expect, and hopefully more.

For now, you have 3 things to do:

  1. Save the Date for August 16th – 18th. Tell your Ms to plan their weekend off because you will be at F3 Dads Camp.

  2. Spread the word and follow @f3dadscamp on Twitter or join #f3dadscamp on F3Nation Slack.

  3. If you, or someone you know, wants to design the 2019 F3 Dads Camp t-shirt reach out to Thin Mint ASAP (@F3ThinMint,, or thin_mint on F3Nation Slack).

Tickets go on sale 5/8/2019 at 8:00 AM EST

Remember to follow @f3dadscamp on Twitter or join #f3dadscamp channel on F3Nation Slack to make sure not to miss any announcements.

A Tale of Two Saturdays

It was the land of affordable chicken, it was the place of overpriced bagels. It was the original home of the SOBs, it was new land utterly devoid of hills. It was grit and focus, it was endless mumblechatter. It was pearls on a string, it was suffering in place under weight. It was a glorious sunrise, it was dark, wet gloom. It was the best of marketing, it was the worst pain.


da Vinci (2/9/2019)
One Niner, Cobbler, Escobar, Twinkle Toes, Mary Kay, Dora, Taco Stand, Purell, Teddy, Chopper [R], Mighty Mite, War Eagle, YHC

After some Mighty Mite / Wild Turkey marketing that went over most SOB’s heads (but was still entertaining) and a lack of Bucky (aka the carpool driver), numbers were slightly lighter than usual at da Vinci in spite of all the cars parked in the lot courtesy of an early run crowd consisting of Bunker, Gumbo, Enron, Meatloaf, Woodson and Turkey. Nonetheless, 12 left Chick-fil-a in search of a way to earn our delicious breakfast.

We did lots of merkins on our way up Ardrey Kell to our base of operations for the morning – the parking lot behind Mickey’s Nail Bar. Here we found some lifting rocks and did something like the following:

Round 1 – 20 Curl & Press, 20 Rock Thrusters, 10 Merkin Right Hand on Rock, run a lap (repeat all this 3 times)

Round 2 – 20 Tricep Extensions, 20 Rock Squats, 10 Merkin Left Hand on Rock, run a lap (repeat all this 3 times)

Round 3 – maybe? Actually no. Can’t remember.

Round 4 – Grab your rocks and line up facing long way up lot. 5 Rockies, 10 walking rock lunges, 5 Rockies, 10 walking rock lunges, go for a while

Then we returned our rocks to the pile, and did more merkins and mary and step ups and dips on our way back to launch.

Notable performances included Taco Stand who has gotten exponentially stronger and faster each time I have seen him. Pretty sure this guy is pulling a pool haul style hustle on all of us and will begin challenging people to competitions for money sometime soon. #dontTakeTheBait

Escobar was almost late, again. War Eagle lied to Mary Kay and told him the workout wouldn’t be too hard. Mary Kay killed it anyway. Really, everyone did. Cobbler picked the wrong workout for a bum shoulder but made the most of it and put in some good miles while we all suffered under the rocks. Purell won the prize for biggest breakfast burrito eaten in the least amount of time. He also gets a prize from everyone else who attended for pointing out the rock pile to YHC on the pre-run. Had to scrap the original weinke when I realized there were no street lights in the other direction on Ardrey Kell. For everyone else who had trouble walking for a few days after last Saturday, you can thank our bald friend.

Chick-fil-a breakfast right after sunrise was pretty damn awesome as usual.


Stonehenge (2/16/2019)
Wild Turkey, Nard Dog, Frehleys Comet [R], Cheese Curd, Cheddar, Strawberry, Cul de sac, Haggis, Fire Hazard, YHC

None of the same guys from last week. Either (1) they still hate me (2) they like chicken (3) the cultural divide between da Vinci and Stonehenge will never be bridged. Still, 10 guys (including 6 of whom are named after consumable products) made their way from The Vine parking lot on this rainy Saturday morning. Two of the guys had been personally EHed into showing up at Stonehenge with the promise that we would hit the deck. They showed.

Here’s what we did instead of the deck:

  • Mosey towards the bull ring
  • COP: IW, cotton pickers, merkin/shoulder tap ladder (1 that’s what she said, 1 refusenik)
  • 4 corners at Bull Ring putting green (Bobby Hurley, CDD, Sister Mary Katherine, Merkin). 3 rounds with reps of 5, then 10, then 20. 4th round of 5 for Haggis who did 15 on round 3. #notListening
  • Top of the steps at the pond that’s not Loch Ness with a partner
    • 10 handslaps, down stairs and opposite ways around pond, 10 jump squat when you meet then go back the way you came (remind Haggis to go back the way you came #stillNotListening)
    • Repeat but go the other way around pond
  • Mosey towards the deck and stop under an overhang for 6 minutes of Mary (and 7 minutes worth of mumblechatter)
  • Triple 7 (man I miss that guy) at the big hill up to Costigan Park
    • 7 jump squat at the bottom, 7 sister mary katherine at the top, 7 times
  • Mosey home and elbow plank for about 80 seconds until time

Really did have a plan for the deck but when it wasn’t raining too hard it just seemed like a crime to go inside. What we ended up with was a little more Brave than Stonehenge with 4+ miles and lots of exercises, but there was enough joking and chatter that it still felt like Stonehenge.

Wild Turkey was tearing it up today on 4 corners, Haggis made us all look like bumbling children on the hill sprints, Frehleys Comet was cutting weight and wore his heaviest sweat proof jacket. Cul de sac was kind enough not to compare this morning to the beautiful days he has been spending out at F3 Mountain View and Cheese Curd was kind enough not to mention that this workout was child’s play next to dragging his 120 lb sand bag around his garage while balancing a slosh tube on his noggin. Cobains to FH for abandoning the deck plan and props to Nard Dog for consistently coming out on one of two mornings he doesn’t have to get up at 3 in the morning.

Awesome seeing Strawberry back out in the gloom after a hiatus and hope it becomes a habit again. And while Einstein’s still may not be the best place to eat, it’s still top 2 in best dang places to hang out on a Saturday morning. We had Mario, One Niner and the man himself, Cooter(2-if you follow Slack) join us for coffeeteria. Cooter is on the up and up and looking to ease his way back into the gloom with some zero running options.


In Conclusion

  • I never read “A Tale of Two Cities.” Just got caught up in life and never wrote last week’s BB so this seemed like the time.
  • Posting on Saturdays, anywhere, is really worth doing if you don’t do it already. Different kind of energy when no one is heading to work after.
  • The pullup/merkin/core challenge thing has officially gotten awful. Tried to get the guys to 200 merkins today and bailed around 130 for leg exercises. Ouch.



  • Joe Davis Run is on 3/9/2019. Sign up to run, or sign up for the “sleep in” option. At the very least follow this link and watch last year’s race video.
  • COTS – get in touch with Strawberry if you want to get out and serve the homeless of Charlotte one Sunday. People are always welcome (bring your family) and the experience is consistently a great one.
  • Christ’s Closet is holding an event at Freedom School on 3/2. Get in touch with Ice Nine or Transporter to help set up/distribute items to the community as well as if you have things you would like to donate (clothes, books, etc.)


The Dukes of Hazzard

13 men, one an FNG, stayed off the hills (as promised) but still found a whole lot of hurt at the weekly edition of Rebel Yell.


  • Mosey to the lot near the Target speed bumps
  • Thorough disclaimer for our new guy
  • COT (IC) – SSH x15, IW x15, LSS x15, Merkin x10
  • Mosey to the speed bumps for BLIMPS
    • Run to 1st speed bump, 5 burpees
    • 2nd speed bump, 10 lunges (each leg)
    • 3rd speed bump, 15 IW (each side)
    • 4th speed bump, 20 merkins
    • 5th speed bump, 25 Plank Jack
    • 6th speed bump, 30 squats
  • Plank-o-rama for the 6
  • Mosey down and across street to St Matt’s
  • Partner up, Round 1
    • P1 runs one direction
    • P2 other direction
    • When you meet, do a combined 50 merkins
    • When you meet, do a combined 50 merkins
    • Mary for the six
  • Round 2 – Same as Round 1 but with 100 combined squats instead of 50 merkins, Mary for the six
  • Mosey back to Firebird’s with a few stops for plank/mary to keep the crew together
  • Different partner
    • P1 small lap of the lot
    • P2 do called exercises until P1 returns
    • Flapjack
    • Going to a combined 50 derkins, 100 step ups, 150 AH (I think, honestly can’t remember)
  • Called early for time, mosey back to launch, 10 burpees OYO while the six comes in


Welcome to our FNG, Brendan Grady, now known as Boss Hog. Almost went with Runner Up as his M is a Boston qualifier and he’s working on running a few miles, but after a few months of F3 that name shouldn’t fit any more and War Eagle led us to greener pastures. Brendan has a dog named Rosco and Boss Hog fit better than Daisy Duke (think Hoover height).

YHC knows Boss Hog from around the neighborhood where he is super-involved both in our community as well as with his family, including often organizing dad/daughter events for a group of us in Park Crossing. As soon as you meet him and talk to him a bit, you will know that if ever there was a guy made for F3, this is him. He committed to showing up the first time I talked to him about it and followed through by coming to not one, but two posts in a row. T-claps Boss Hog, and welcome.

Moral of the story? Keep EHing — F3 is too good not to share it.

The rest of the Thursday group was a motley crew of misfits if I ever saw one. From Happy Meal creeping around with his full face mask, to Escobar rolling in on two wheels then returning to his car two or three times before we even left, to our freakishly long-legged and low cadence friend Bucky, to some noisy guy we later recognized was Pop Tart (kotters, brother). We even had Jitterbug from F3 Louisville back out for his 2nd post in SOB Land before heading back home. As he did on Tuesday, he showed us how a respect should really throw down and shamed Frehleys into leaving immediately following the workout.

Market Timer overslept and Strava proves that he ran over and tried to find us. Missed us by about 100 yards. Not sure if he’s happy or sad about that. Next time Wingman just needs to swing by his place on his way out of the neighborhood and honk his horn for a bit.

Cobains on the tardiness of this backblast. I blinked and somehow it’s Monday.


Going Out Hot

A dozen Bagpipers, including a Respect visiting from F3 Louisville, noticed sandbags in the lot and left heading south, hoping we wouldn’t return for them.


  • Mosey to and around OrthoCarolina lot and circle for COP
    • IW x15 IC, LSS x15 IC
    • Plank and get comfortable
      • Low Slow Merkin x10 IC, Mtn Climber x10 IC
      • Low Slow Merkin x8 IC, Mtn Climber x8 IC
      • Low Slow Merkin x6 IC, Mtn Climber x6 IC
      • Low Slow Merkin x4 IC, Mtn Climber x4 IC
      • Low Slow Merkin x2 IC, Mtn Climber x2 IC
  • Mosey to bottom of Conlan Circle for 7s on the hill
    • 1 Bobby Hurley down low, up the hill to 2nd crosswalk, 6 Bobby Hurleys, down the hill
    • 2 at the bottom, 5 at the top
    • Finish at the top after 6 BH at the bottom and one up top
  • Mary for a bit
  • Return to launch lot and grab 4 sandbags, continue mosey to East side of Loch Ness
  • Groups of 3 for grinders
    • P1 – East wall 10x dips, 10x derkins, 10x jump ups, repeat until you are relieved by your partner
    • P2 – South wall 10x burpee jump ups, LBCs until you are relieved by your partner
    • P3 – run with the sandbag to P2 and hand-off to him to run back
    • etc.
  • After 3 rounds for each guy, continue grinders but change it up
    • P1 – East Wall Weighted step ups
    • P2 – South Wall 10x Bobby Hurleys, 10x merkins, repeat
    • P3 – run unweighted to partner
  • Mosey back to launch for COT, etc.


We went out hot this morning starting with the Merkin/Mtn Climber descending pyramid thing which was a shoulder smoker. Thanks to the whole Q-drenaline thing, YHC managed to make it through without the voice cracking. Grumbling was light at this point but increased in volume at the Conlan hill. Still, there were no refuseniks.

Kirby had to pause after the 3rd round to ensleeve his calf — just happy he did it before he finished, can never be too safe. Frehleys may have skipped a round, but no judgment here as I am pretty sure that is fully legal in the Respect rulebook. Another respect, our visitor Jitterbug from F3 Lousiville may have been regretting splurging on the corporate card at dinner last night. He was playing a symphony on his way up the hill that even Frehley’s would’ve been proud of had he been close enough to hear it. Nonetheless, my man Jitterbug represented Kentucky well and pushed hard with no complaints all morning. Word on the street he may be joining us again this week, perhaps with his boss in tow. Long Haul rounded out the trio of Respects and left Frehleys and Jitterbug in his dust. Hip looks like it’s healing well.

Thanks to Fire Hazard and One Niner for the sandbags this morning. Next time will have to spend more time with them as they add a nice twist to work around Loch Ness (and because Mighty Mite was offended that we didn’t use his bags). The even dozen PAX worked out just right for 4 bags and 4 groups of 3. War Eagle or Kirby, not sure who, even invented a new exercise by making the jump part of the Bobby Hurley a box jump. Seeing as Michigan is now officially better than Duke and just took over the #1 spot last night, this exercise (also better than Bobby Hurley) is now called the Charles Matthews (because Ignas Brazdeikis is just too damn hard to remember). #GoBlue

Great morning with great guys. Awesome having Teddy back with us on the regular now that he has moved back! Appreciate the invite to lead.


2019 SOB/WUC Leadership Updates

With the coming of a new year, we have a number leadership changes/updates in SOB Land and Western Union County.

First, I would like to announce the formation of the WUC Transition Committee. After speaking with a number of people both in WUC as well as in SOB, we have identified 4 individuals (Posse, Goodfella, Bottlecap and Mad Dog) to form this committee. Their mission is to take the next step in the formation of WUC as an independent region. Over the next few months, they will be attending SOB Board Meetings as well as working behind the scenes to identify and form the inaugural WUC leadership structure and get a handle on the logistics of forming and running a region. It won’t be an easy job and I hope you join me in saying thank you to them for stepping up. Both they, and I, will be communicating more information as we make progress.

Additionally, I would like to welcome the incoming 2019 SOB Board consisting of Mighty Mite, War Eagle, Transporter, Toolbag, Frasier, Cheddar and Mario. Also, we have a new F3 Dads Q (Gumbo), a new 2F Q (Mighty Mite) and an additional 1F Q (One Niner). All of these guys have lots of great ideas and will be bringing their time and energy to help SOB improve and grow. Talk to these guys (or me) if you have ideas, concerns, etc about our region. We want, and need, to hear from you.

Finally, I would like to thank the outgoing 2018 SOB Board (Doc McStuffins, Fire Hazard, One Niner, Private Benjamin, Nard Dog and Market Timer) as well as all of you in the region for your past and future efforts whether it be Qing, Site Qing, EHing, or simply showing up and making an effort to help the man next to you leave a little better than he came.

Looking forward to a great 2019.

Make it Spicy, Please

15 men received Toolbag’s message promising hurt at The Maul and decided to show anyway.


  • Mosey around lot for COP IC (15 IW, 15 Low Slow Jump Squat, 15 Low Slow Merkin, 15 Mtn Climber, 15 Alt Shoulder Tap)
  • Head across the street and down the Murderhorn stopping at every light for 10 jump squats
  • Triple Nickel using the hill up to  the playground
    • 5 HR Merkins, Up hill, 5 HR Merkins, Down hill
    • Repeat x5
  • Head back up the hill to playground lot for extended Mary
  • Groups of three
    • 10 x pull ups (timer)
    • Picnic table jump ups
    • Bobby Hurleys
    • When pull up guy finishes he goes to jump ups, jump ups to hurleys, hurleys to pull ups
    • Do each station 3 times
  • Back to home, the hard way
    • 10 HR Burpees
    • Down the hill
    • 10 HR Burpees
    • Halfway up murderhorn
    • 10 HR Burpees
    • Rest of the way up murderhorn
    • 10 HR Burpees
  • Mosey back to launch lot and plank in front of Regal facing down parking lot
    • 6 inches, 10 count, GO = AYG sprint to other end of lot
    • Plank, 10 count, GO = AYG sprint back to launch
  • COT and Kirby with the takeout


Running on fumes this morning in the mental department so we went with bread & butter (aka boring simple, but hard). Even the stats were bread & butter – some hills, about 2.5 miles, and a decent amount of upper and lower body work with some burpees (really no workout should be without burpees). Playground set took a little longer than expected and we had to ditch a little competition that was planned. Back in the bag for another time.

Toolbag received some flak this morning for his promise that YHC would hurt everyone today at The Maul. I heard, among other things, comparisons to a restaurant promising salmonella to its customers if they come for dinner. But, as men of F3 we know that the promise of hurt is more like a restaurant advertising the spiciest dish you’ve ever tasted. Regular men would be turned away. But not us. And, sure it may burn your esophagus and probably won’t taste too good — but you are damn sure going to be walking out of that restaurant with more hair on your chest. More importantly, you will walk out armed with the knowledge that if you could handle that hell-fire of a dish, you can handle just about anything else any other restaurant (or your M, or your mother-in-law) tries to throw your way.

All that to say, Toolbag is a subliminal marketing genius and 15 men showed up to get hurt and walk away stronger. Hopefully YHC delivered at least somewhat on that promise. Will be Qing at Bagpipe on Tuesday and Rebel Yell on Thursday. My goal will be to make it spicy and hurt you just enough, no matter your athletic abilities. I hope you’ll join me.

Strong crew of veteran and new, young and old, SOB/IL and A51 PAX all left it out there today as we chased Purell around and tried to catch him. Appreciate you guys and the opportunity to lead.


Oh Hai, It’s Raining Again

17 PAX agreed they were sick of the rain and hit the deck at #F3Cerberus. FAMRAP was considered, and then abandoned when @BobbySamuelson wasn’t present.


  • Head straight to the deck, go to level 2 to avoid Camp Gladiator and circle up for COP
  • All IC: IW x15, Low Slow Jump Squat x15, Low Slow Merkin x15, Alternating Shoulder Tap x15, Mountain Climber x15
  • Return to the 1st level and take a seat on the wall facing the ramp
  • Round 1
    • Some exercises on the wall then
    • 10 donkey kicks, sprint the ramp, easy on the flat, back to the wall on level 2 facing the ramp
    • Repeat up to level 3
    • Repeat to the top but instead of the flat on level 4 go downstairs to level 1, easy on the flat, on your six at bottom of level 1 ramp
  • Round 2
    • Flutter x20 IC
    • 10 hand release burpees
    • Sprint the ramp, easy on the flat, on your six at base of ramp 2
    • LBC x30 IC
    • 20 Bobby Hurley
    • Sprint ramp, easy flat, base of ramp 3
    • American Hammer x25 IC
    • 10 hand release burpees
    • Sprint ramp, stairs, easy flat, base of ramp 1 (plank)
    • Low slow merkins while we wait for the six
  • Round 3
    • 10 Bobby Hurleys, run up ramp and flat to base of ramp 2
    • 10 Bobby Hurleys, up to base of ramp 3
    • 10 Bobby Hurley, up to the stairs
    • Run all the way down and up stairwell 1 twice
    • Go to stairwell 2 and run all the way down and back up twice
    • Go to stairwell 3 and run all the way down and back up twice
    • Some muddled directions here — we all ended up back at the bottom
  • Back to Level 2 to get Knish’s sweatshirt then return to launch some dips on the low walls by the dog park to kill the last few minutes
  • Back to launch, COT, Hops with the takeout


Hops originally had the Q but asked YHC a few weeks back if I could swap my Q the following week with him. A last minute cancelled trip turned my “no” into a “yes” and YHC was Q to the surprise of any who do not follow Twitter (mostly just Bratwurst).

After a soggy day at Devil’s Turn the day before (and rain just about every day prior), the decision was quickly made to head straight to the deck, to the disappointment of none. Well, except for maybe the Camp Gladiator folks who were hoping to have the deck to themselves. Luckily, they never left the bottom straightaway they made camp in so we had all the good stuff to ourselves. Who goes to a parking deck and doesn’t touch a ramp or a set of stairs? I’ll tell you who. But, I digress.

Came today intending to deliver a good ol’ Friday ass-kicking and hope that I did so. Bit of a Q-fail with the directions of what to do on the final set after finishing the stairs led to a lot of people running around in different places on the deck. Good reminder to self that clarity tops complexity every time.

Great mix of PAX, as always, at Cerberus with the usuals out front, the six getting stronger, and four of the toughest respects I know showing some true grit.

Listening to talk radio on the way home (after a great Week 1 of QSource at Panera following Cerberus), there was a gentleman talking about the futility of blessings left unspoken. So many of us have people in our lives (wives, children, siblings, F3 brothers, and so on) who we don’t tell enough, if at all, how much they mean to us and our lives. We assume that they know, and they might suspect, but why not speak it and tell them?

It hit home with me in that 15 minute drive that I couldn’t remember the last time I told my daughter that I am proud of her and how happy she makes me without some kind of impetus (e.g. after a great soccer game, good grades at school, helping her sister, etc.) I told her that afternoon, out of the blue, that I look forward to seeing her every day and that I know she is going to do incredible things with her life. The light in her eyes when I finished those few words is something I hope I never forget. Certainly not advocating for telling people things you don’t mean. But, leaving those things you do feel unsaid because you’re too busy (me), not entirely comfortable saying them (me), or some other excuse (me) seems crazy in retrospect.

As tends to happen with all moments of clarity, I’ll probably forget all this next week and need to be reminded of it again somewhere down the road (hopefully not too late). Nonetheless, I thought it worth writing down in case it inspires anyone else to have even one moment like I did with my daughter.


Laps Around the Track

10 PAX showed up on yet another rainy morning to run laps around, not on, the track. 5 stayed after for SCLT’s first edition of QSource.


  • Head East on Bevington into Piper Glen and up to the dead end
  • Right on Coburn to start Lap 1
    • Straight on Coburn to dead-end
    • Left on Brownes Pond to dead-end
    • Right on Rosecliff to dead-end
    • Left on Strawberry Lane
    • Run past SCLT Middle and the track
    • Left on 51
    • Left on Cary Ridge
    • Left on Coburn
  • Repeat the above for Lap 2 by the track
  • PAX choice when you get back to Cary Ridge
    • Option A: head back to Coburn and down the way we came to the start (6.5 miles)
    • Option B: head to Rea and left to the start (~7 miles)
    • Option C: something else, just get back to launch on time


Seeing as I’m not even sure that Devil’s Turn BBs want to become a thing, and that it’s 2 days later, this will be short and sweet. The rain was quite annoying, mostly because it was day 12 or so in a row of it. But, strong group of 10 PAX cranked out both hilly laps and no one got lost. Better yet, every PAX had either a headlight, a blinkie, or something reflective on (or some combination of multiple). Happy Turkey Leg was able to find us after a slightly late start and appreciate Gumbo and Enron giving me the chance to lead DT and both showing up to run with us as well.

Pretty sure none of us was running fast enough to make Rosie even sweat, but we tried (where’s Purell when you need him). He’s off to App State in a few days and will be missed in the gloom.

Solid start to QSource (and solid breakfast) over at Eggs Up Grill after DT. Hope the numbers will grow over the next few weeks as the content and discussion will just get better and better.


  • QSource Schedule (3 weekly options):

Hateful Eight, Silent Night Edition

11 men showed up on time, many under-dressed, and a 12th came a little bit late (but barely) to a poorly Christmas themed, and music-free Anvil edition of the Hateful Eight.


  • Mosey around the lots towards the playground for COP (all IC)
    • Seal Jackx x15, IW x15, Moroccan Nightclub x15, Low Slow Merkin x15, Alternating Shoulder Tap x15
  • Mosey to rock pile, grab a lifting rock, circle up at the lot nearby for the Hateful Eight
  • Hateful Eight – Eight exercise, variations of 8 reps each. Go through all exercises and reps then run a lap of the lot down to the bottom of Northface, up the big hill, and back to your rocks. Mary and wait for the six, then the next round. Each round you drop off an exercise from the end of the list
    • Hand Release Burpees x8
    • Elf on the Shelf w/ Rock x8 (each side)
    • Merkin x8 left hand on rock, x8 right hand on rock
    • Tree Toppers (Curl & Press) w/ Rock x8
    • Tricep Extension x8
    • 10-count American Hammer x8 (so really 80 Am Hammers)
    • Rock Thrusters x8
    • Triple Merkin Burpees x8
  • 0612 Return rocks to pile
  • One last lap through lot and up Northface, meet at launch
  • COT & Cookies


Going to start on a somewhat serious note. Most of us have heard about the recent tragic loss of Digits (Dianne Wells) in FiA Lexington who was hit by a car during a workout on Tuesday morning. Aside from prayers for her family and thoughts of how we can better keep each other safe, I’ve been stuck thinking about how the worst really can happen at any time. We all know this, but most of the time we don’t really believe it. Even when we’ve been surrounded lately by brothers and sisters who are gone too soon, have lost loved ones unexpectedly, or have had brushes with diseases or conditions or incidents where the worst could have happened. When I stop and really, really think about being gone tomorrow it’s overwhelming as the list of things undone in my life is quite long — as I’m sure it is for all of us. As we go into the holidays (and hopefully some free time away from the daily grind/distractions), my ask of you, and of myself, is to pick just one thing off that list and get it done. Maybe it’s an unresolved conflict with your wife. Perhaps a long overdue phone call to a family member or a friend. It could be a board game you have been promising your daughter you would play with her “later.” Or that life insurance you have been meaning to research. I don’t care what it is, big or small, pick one and get it done. Then, maybe pick another. Ok, serious note complete.

Site Q extraordinaire Lorax tweeted the night before that YHC would be bringing Christmas cookies for all who attended my Q at Anvil. While this may have been a false campaign promise pulled out of thin air at the time, YHC did indeed Bring the Cookies. Lorax, unfortunately, was not there to partake but Big League Chew ate extra portions on his behalf. The (delicious) spritz cookies also sent Mermaid on a nostalgic trip down memory lane to Grandma’s house. Quite a pleasant way to end a quite unpleasant morning.

The Christmas cookie tweet can also be blamed for the poor attempt at Christmas theming the Hateful Eight. Did a search in the F3 exicon for Christmas and found the Elf on the Shelf — perfect fit for rocks. Came up with terrible name for the Curl & Press. Creativity and ingenuity ended there. This is why you never want me naming an FNG. Nonetheless, the Hateful Eight was as fun as the name implies. This is a favorite workout of the General_ himself (perhaps invented by him?), but he does it tabata style with music and such. See the above and know that my lack of skill applies to playlists as well so I decided to add an 8x rep theme in lieu of ciabatta.

Utah showed up in shorts and a t-shirt — misread the temp reading of 34 as a 43 — and definitely had the shivers before we got moving. BLC was also in a t-shirt and complained about how hot he was. He is also the only one of us who managed to break his rock in half. #respect. Speaking of #respect, Snuka never fails to impress. Pretty sure that guy is getting younger even as he gets older.

Hops was spotted doing almost SSHs and actually participated in the Seal Jacks. He was quick to name them the 2nd most useless exercise in F3 until we did the Moroccan Nightclub. Purple Haze kindly remembered that Anvil was where F3 had all begun for me. He should know because he was next to me most of the workout telling me to ignore that McGee guy who was trying to drop me. #someThingsNeverChange

Hammer, Sledge and Cocoa all showed up without gloves. I didn’t think to recommend them ahead of time because, well, 34 degrees. Forgot it was Anvil. The fact that 7 of the 12 of us were weak enough to wear coverings on our arms and hands probably broke some kind of unwritten rule. Still, those cold rocks certainly didn’t do bare hands any favors. Sledge ran fast enough (whooping us all every time) to keep the mitts warm. Hammer, on the other hand, just took Sledge and left early when his fingers started turning black.

Appreciate my fellow Free Rangers Frasier and Fletch making their way over. Fletch, as a Site FNG (I think), was particularly impressed with the lip at the top of Northface. On a side note, I have Qed at Anvil many times and this was the first time in almost 3 years that it didn’t rain on or around my Q and we could actually run up Northface. Good times.

Merry Christmas, brothers.

Welcome, Pink Unicorn 🦄

8 PAX at The Brave did a quick U-turn and started with a nice Brave Mile(ish) sprint to start their Friday.



  • Quick mosey down the parking lot, u-turn back to launch
  • COP (IC) – IW x15, Windmill x15, LSS x10
  • Instructions given to AYG The Brave Mile
    • Get on N. Community House and head South towards Morrison Y. At the big traffic circle cross the street and hold for the 6
    • Plank-o-rama
  • Continue South to the next traffic circle and turn left into Ballantyne District Park
    • Stop at the triangular parking lot which turned out to be an Obtuse Isosceles Triangle
      • 40 merkins at the first vertex
      • 40 squats at the next vertex
      • 100 American Hammer at the last vertex
    • Continue mosey to parking lot by pool for burpee snake
      • 2 burpees, run length, turn corner
      • 4 burpees, run length, turn corner
      • Repeat to the end (10 burpees)
    • Alternate lunge walk / bear crawl down width of lot back to road through BDP
    • Run towards Morrison Y Main entrance stop at every light for 5 CDDs (about 40 total)
  • Mosey back to corner of Bryant Farms and N. Community House
  • Brave Mile in reverse but at every light post (lit or not) do 5 HR Merkines
    • Ended up being many more merkins than anticipated (at least 75)
  • Mosey across BCP and down the the big deck, sneak in on level 3 and take stairs to the basement
    • 10 Bobby Hurleys, sprint stairs all the way up to the 8th floor
    • Run a lap on the roof
    • People’s chair facing down ramps
    • Run down ramps to level 3 where we entered
      • Bottom of every decline = 10 Bobby Hurleys
  • 3 minutes left, AYG back to launch
  • 5 burpees OYO
  • Done



Madame Tussauds donned his new temporary name (Pink Unicorn) and new attire (pink, rainbow unicorn design shirt bearing the words “I Suck at Fantasy Football”). As a reward for his stunningly terrible 3-12 performance in FF this year, he will wear this shirt at his next 4 posts, including his Q on Thursday at The Arsenal. His counting during COP in whatever voice that is he uses during COP was made all the better with the addition of this shirt. Definitely worth posting with MT PU before he burns the thing.

Uncle Rico let us know that he will be moving back to Knoxville, TN over the next few weeks. Sad for us to see him go, but exciting times for him and his family ahead. More importantly, Brown Bag isn’t going anywhere. Seriously though, the way Uncle Rico has built Brown Bag up to where it is in CLT in under a year, along with the way he has immersed himself in F3 as well as the community, is nothing short of impressive and he will definitely be missed. F3 Knoxville doesn’t know how lucky it is.

Paper Jam did some very runner-like, borderline erotic, stretching both before we launched as well as while refusing to participate in COP with us. His running transformation is most definitely almost complete. He may, or may not, have uttered the words #FakeBrave at some point but that was just a moment of temporary insanity I am sure.

Woodson brought the beacon of hope hat to The Brave. Not sure if he washed it after Swift and I did my best stay as far in front of him as possible to avoid finding out. This was harder than it sounds, especially on the return Brave mile. Not sure how a guy who ran 2,500 miles this year can still do that many push-ups that quickly, but Woodson is fast and strong. Pretty sure that’s a recipe for trying an OCR race someday buddy.

Speaking of OCR, great seeing Buckeye back in the gloom after rehabbing the knees for some time. Pretty sure the knees, as well as Buckeye (and MT Pink Unicorn) didn’t appreciate the stair sprint at the end of the workout, but Buckeye crushed it anyway. Word has it his home re-construction is almost complete after the tree that took it out a couple months ago and he may finally get to move out of the hotel. Let us know what we can do to help when the time comes.

Wild Turkey grumbled a little at the initial call for The Brave Mile. Understandable. Bodies are cold, the mile is mostly uphill, and it’s a pretty damn cruel way to start a workout. Exactly why we did it and will probably continue to do so. Thanks to Tolkien and his evil mind for conceiving the darn thing. Turkey’s grumble was followed by an all-out effort up the long hill, so I assume he was just either psyching himself up or trying to psych us out. On another note, this was my 3rd Q this week and I am absolutely exhausted. Gives me an even greater appreciation for Wild Turkey as 2-3 Qs in a week is fairly standard for that guy.

One Niner was the only Brave Site Q present this morning with Tuck and Mario off on an island somewhere running some flat race. One Niner definitely seems to back post-injury as he is consistently in the Top 3 guys now at most boot camps. Also gets an A+ on the Site Q card for some solid pre-workout Tweet advertising as well as for coining the name #Broatmeal — now the official name of 2F at Panera following The Brave (0630 at Panera in Btyne). He also saved my ass by letting me use Find my iPhone on his phone to locate mine in the middle of Ballantyne Corporate Place, where it fell off when I drove away with it on the hood of my car.

Just another day at The Brave. Hope you all have a great weekend.