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Welcome, Pink Unicorn ūü¶Ą

8 PAX at The Brave did a quick U-turn and started with a nice Brave Mile(ish) sprint to start their Friday.



  • Quick mosey down the parking lot, u-turn back to launch
  • COP (IC) – IW x15, Windmill x15, LSS x10
  • Instructions given to AYG The Brave Mile
    • Get on N. Community House and head South towards Morrison Y. At the big traffic circle cross the street and hold for the 6
    • Plank-o-rama
  • Continue South to the next traffic circle and turn left into Ballantyne District Park
    • Stop at the triangular parking lot which turned out to be an Obtuse Isosceles Triangle
      • 40 merkins at the first vertex
      • 40 squats at the next vertex
      • 100 American Hammer at the last vertex
    • Continue mosey to parking lot by pool for burpee snake
      • 2 burpees, run length, turn corner
      • 4 burpees, run length, turn corner
      • Repeat to the end (10 burpees)
    • Alternate lunge walk / bear crawl down width of lot back to road through BDP
    • Run towards Morrison Y Main entrance stop at every light for 5 CDDs (about 40 total)
  • Mosey back to corner of Bryant Farms and N. Community House
  • Brave Mile in reverse but at every light post (lit or not) do 5 HR Merkines
    • Ended up being many more merkins than anticipated (at least 75)
  • Mosey across BCP and down the the big deck, sneak in on level 3 and take stairs to the basement
    • 10 Bobby Hurleys, sprint stairs all the way up to the 8th floor
    • Run a lap on the roof
    • People’s chair facing down ramps
    • Run down ramps to level 3 where we entered
      • Bottom of every decline = 10 Bobby Hurleys
  • 3 minutes left, AYG back to launch
  • 5 burpees OYO
  • Done



Madame Tussauds donned his new temporary name (Pink Unicorn) and new attire (pink, rainbow unicorn design shirt bearing the words “I Suck at Fantasy Football”). As a reward for his stunningly terrible 3-12 performance in FF this year, he will wear this shirt at his next 4 posts, including his Q on Thursday at The Arsenal. His counting during COP in whatever voice that is he uses during COP was made all the better with the addition of this shirt. Definitely worth posting with MT PU before he burns the thing.

Uncle Rico let us know that he will be moving back to Knoxville, TN over the next few weeks. Sad for us to see him go, but exciting times for him and his family ahead. More importantly, Brown Bag isn’t going anywhere. Seriously though, the way Uncle Rico has built Brown Bag up to where it is in CLT in under a year, along with the way he has immersed himself in F3 as well as the community, is nothing short of impressive and he will definitely be missed. F3 Knoxville doesn’t know how lucky it is.

Paper Jam did some very runner-like, borderline erotic, stretching both before we launched as well as while refusing to participate in COP with us. His running transformation is most definitely almost complete. He may, or may not, have uttered the words #FakeBrave at some point but that was just a moment of temporary insanity I am sure.

Woodson brought the beacon of hope hat to The Brave. Not sure if he washed it after Swift and I did my best stay as far in front of him as possible to avoid finding out. This was harder than it sounds, especially on the return Brave mile. Not sure how a guy who ran 2,500 miles this year can still do that many push-ups that quickly, but Woodson is fast and strong. Pretty sure that’s a recipe for trying an OCR race someday buddy.

Speaking of OCR, great seeing Buckeye back in the gloom after rehabbing the knees for some time. Pretty sure the knees, as well as Buckeye (and MT Pink Unicorn) didn’t appreciate the stair sprint at the end of the workout, but Buckeye crushed it anyway. Word has it his home re-construction is almost complete after the tree that took it out a couple months ago and he may finally get to move out of the hotel. Let us know what we can do to help when the time comes.

Wild Turkey grumbled a little at the initial call for The Brave Mile. Understandable. Bodies are cold, the mile is mostly uphill, and it’s a pretty damn cruel way to start a workout. Exactly why we did it and will probably continue to do so. Thanks to Tolkien and his evil mind for conceiving the darn thing. Turkey’s grumble was followed by an all-out effort up the long hill, so I assume he was just either psyching himself up or trying to psych us out. On another note, this was my 3rd Q this week and I am absolutely exhausted. Gives me an even greater appreciation for Wild Turkey as 2-3 Qs in a week is fairly standard for that guy.

One Niner was the only Brave Site Q present this morning with Tuck and Mario off on an island somewhere running some flat race. One Niner definitely seems to back post-injury as he is consistently in the Top 3 guys now at most boot camps. Also gets an A+ on the Site Q card for some solid pre-workout Tweet advertising as well as for coining the name #Broatmeal — now the official name of 2F at Panera following The Brave (0630 at Panera in Btyne). He also saved my ass by letting me use Find my iPhone on his phone to locate mine in the middle of Ballantyne Corporate Place, where it fell off when I drove away with it on the hood of my car.

Just another day at The Brave. Hope you all have a great weekend.

This Escalator Only Goes Up

‚Ä™19 came to Swift this week. Some ran intervals, some tapered for Kiawah, some did a mix, none were fakers‚Ĩ. Here’s what we did.


We followed the pre-blast almost to a T

0500 – optional warmup
0515 – leave from the Vine, follow warmup route down parking lot, across Btyne Corp Place and around loop to Rushmore and Harney
0525 – dynamic warmup/stretching on Rushmore
0532 – begin intervals (below) on loop pictured below. at end of every work interval recover to the 6, then continue around the loop for recovery and next work interval
0609 – intervals done, return to the Vine using whatever route you like

Intervals (all at t-pace)
6 x 1 min, 1 min recovery (12 minutes)
3 x 2 min, 1 min recovery (9 minutes) – 2 minute recover after the last one
2 x 3 min, 2 min recovery (10 minutes)
1 x 6 min, recover home we are done (6+ minutes) (ouch)



Two groups today. One group pushing through the intervals. The other, smaller group was tapering for Kiawah and ran the loop with us doing various amounts of intervals and/or strides. Made for great encouragement and 2F as we kept the six in tow with our recoveries and all stayed pretty close together. Well, everyone except Mario who was doing his own thing running around in different circles than our big loop (nothing new here).

The intervals ascending in time while staying the same pace proved to be brutal. While you were getting used to pushing for one amount of time, you got to ponder how much the next, longer intervals were going to hurt. The only drawback was that by starting with the shortest interval we all went out faster than t-pace and had to suck it up and try to hang the rest of the morning. Woodson was especially guilty as the leader of the first three 1-minute intervals — his bright orange hat a self-described beacon of hope for us to follow.

Come to Swift. It’s awesome. Fast or slow. Runner or not. We will take you in and make you a better/faster/stronger runner and will not leave you behind.

Good luck to everyone running Kiawah this weekend!!

Two is Better than One

Two men ran different pre-runs and then met at the lot to wait for One Niner, Fire Hazard, General_, Madame Tussauds, Ringer… no one else to show up.



  • Mosey to the playground for COP – IW x15, LSS x15
  • Move to the pull up bars. Every minute on the minute: 10 jump squats, 5 burpee pull ups x6 minutes
  • Mosey down the hill of death to the practice field and grab yourself a tire
    • Line up facing across field
    • Flip tire once, run to other side, 2 HR Merkins, 2 Jump Squat, run back
    • Flip tire twice, run, 4 of each, run back
    • Tire thrice, 6 of each…
    • Until you get the tire across the field (last round was 9 flips, 18 HR Merkins, 18 jump squat)
  • Lunge walk back across the field
  • Run back to tires and roll them back to where we found them
  • Mosey back to parking lot and grab a KB
    • 10 reps of 3 exercises (choose from curls, swings, cleans, left hand rows, right hand rows, tricepts)
    • Run a lap
    • 10 reps of 3 different exercises
    • Run a lap
    • Continue until 6:13
  • 2 minutes of Mary
  • Lightning fast COT, go get warm



Expected attendance to be light today with many of the SOBs, especially the IL PAX, otherwise engaged traveling, tapering for Kiawah, eating for Kiawah (FH), and so on. Cobbler is a bad ass for not only showing up for a pre-run, but showing up at all with a shoulder that is stamped and ready for rotator cuff surgery. We modified where possible today and looked for exercises that didn’t send the shoulder into too many fits. Too bad Foxhole is dead and Genesis dies on Monday as Cobbler found KBs to be the only thing that didn’t hurt too bad.

F3 works even with just 2 PAX. That workout was decidedly less unpleasant than it would have been alone in the cold darkness. Too bad it wasn’t as warm down South there as I expected it to be. Good times and great conversation this morning in Indian Land. Thanks for the invite to lead. Madame Tussauds on Q next week.

Dropping a Burpee Snake at The Floater

14 men conquered today’s edition of the The Floater. Here’s how they did it.


  • Mosey around the block to the laundromat atop Kim Jong Hill
  • COP in cadence – SSH x20, IW x15, LSS x10, Low slow merkin x15, Shoulder tap x15
  • Hold 6 inch plank while instructions given
    • Run down KJH, stopping at every light pole for 5 jump squats
    • Meet at the end of Church Street
  • Plank-o-rama
  • Cross Providence to the sidewalk, 5 jump squats every 3rd light heading towards Bojangles
  • Mary where the sidewalk ends
  • Cross to other sidewalk and mosey to Bojangles lot
  • Burpee Snake / Conga Line
    • Run up first row of parking spaces, 1 burpee at the end
    • Go around island and back down the next row, 2 burpees at the end
    • Continue ALL the way down the (rather large) parking lot finishing with 10 burpees (55 burpees total)
  • Line up abreast facing the long way down the lot
    • 5 Bobby Hurley
    • Lunge walk to next parking line
    • 5 HR merkin
    • Bear crawl to next parking line
    • Continue this pattern all the way to the end
  • Return home the way we came but 5 merkins at every light until Church Street
  • 5 Bobby Hurleys every post on Church Street until Kim Jong Hill
  • Sprint all the way up the hill
  • Mary at the laundromat
  • Hit the short walls to kill some time (Derkins x10, Right leg step up x15, Left leg step up x15)
  • Back home for 30 seconds of Mary with Transporter, COT and take-out



As always, I appreciate the invite to come down and lead this morning. Thanks for the solid turnout on a chilly morning. We managed to warm up pretty quickly, almost too much. It was a good thing when Transporter’s hood came down, not so good when Tupperware’s shirt came off. Luckily it stopped there. Any more burpees and he might have been down to his skivvies. #PG13

Heading to Bojangles felt like a long field trip while we were doing it, but we ended up with just over 2.3 miles which isn’t too bad after all. Probably warranted another trip or two up the hill. Saw the burpee train rolling by as I pulled into the lot this morning and was sad to have missed it. The merkin snake became the burpee snake and problem was solved.

A lot of strong work thrown down by the Western UC PAX today and very little (if any) complaining even though some of those calls definitely warranted it. I was asked to make the workout tough this morning and hope it lived up to expectations. The hard work at The Floater continues the next 3 weeks with Transporter, General_, and Bottlecap mounting the throne the next 3 weeks. Better stock up on your witch hazel. (I know I’m a grown man, but it never gets old).

Great seeing a bunch of familiar faces this morning as well as plenty of new faces as WUC continues to grow. Had a great time with you guys and look forward to seeing many of you at the Christmas party tomorrow.

An SOB in the Nest

15 PAX set off in the frigid temps and waved to Fast Twitch on the track before heading to anywhere but the track.



  • Mosey by way of the path by the track to the lower Swim MAC lot for COP (All IC)
    • Seal Jack x15, IW x15, Low Slow Merkin x15, Shoulder Tap x15
  • Run up the road to the baseball pavillion
    • Every crosswalk = 5 burpees
    • Every speed bump = 10 jump squats
    • For the rest of the morning, do this every time you pass a crosswalk or a speed bump
  • Find a bench for the following
    • 10 dips IC
    • 20 right leg step ups (Civ count) (right foot stays on the bench, step up and lift your left knee then bring left foot back to the ground, repeat)
    • 10 dips IC
    • 20 left leg step ups (Civ count)
    • Do all that a second time
  • Continue up the hill to the big lot by the soccer/lax fields (don’t forget your burpees and jump squats)
    • Line up abreast – lunge walk to 1st island, bear crawl to 2nd island, run to the end
    • Mary
    • Same thing on the way back
    • Partner up
      • P1 – full lap CW, P2 – full lap CCW, 10 handslap merkins
      • Reverse direction, 20 pattycake situps
  • Back down the hill to the bridge and grab some wall (don’t forget your burpees and jump squats)
    • Sit for a while, some one legged
    • 10 hip slappers each side
    • Sit for a while
    • 10 hip slappers each side, 20 donkey kicks
    • Sit for a while
    • 10 hip slappers each side, 20 donkey kicks, 30 air squats in the wall sit
  • Triple nickel – 5 Bobby Hurleys, sprint up hill to the track, 5 burpees – do all of that 5 times
  • All you got left up the hill to launch to finish just after Fast Twitch (but still on time)
  • COT, etc. and Enron with the take-out



First off, want to say thanks to Hops for taking my Q a couple of weeks ago when I was IR and for getting me back on the Hawk’s Nest calendar. Too many unfamiliar faces this morning tells me I either need to spend a little more time in A51 or you guys need to spend a little more time in SOBland (probably both). I even managed to call Semi-Gloss Spackler at one point. I’d love to say it was just to piss your off, but I’m just bad with names. If it makes you feel any better, the hat Frasier was wearing at Timekeeper afterwards was far uglier than the banana hat you had on your head.

Saw the real-feel of 26 degrees this morning and decided we had to warmup quick and stay that way. Burpees and jump squats every time we traveled did the trick — and were a lot of fun as well, just ask the guys. Burpees on the final triple-nickel were admittedly unoriginal at that point, but we were off-weinke at the time and that’s what came out. At least we weren’t running ovals (except those 2 ovals in the parking lot).

All-in-all we got right around 2 miles with a good bit of full-body work in between. Great campus with tons of options and a strong crew at the Hawk’s Nest. Would love to see a Bagpipe / HN throw down at some point. If/when that happens, just don’t mention the word Panera unless you really want to get their blood boiling.

Appreciate all of you coming out today.



The Vanishing AMRAP


  • Mosey to stop sign just south of the Remi building facing down the long road towards Room 101
  • COP – IW, Abe Vigodas, enough of that
  • Take a tour of the AMRAP
    • Run towards Room 101 and do 20 HR Merkins at first crosswalk
    • Continue and do 20 HR Merkins at second crosswalk
    • Continue and do 20 Burpees at Stop Sign
    • Into Level 2 of Deck and do 20 Pull-ups/CDD combined (as many pullups as you can, finish getting to 20 with CDD)
    • Run down level to basement and use cinder blocks for 20 curl, 20 OHP
    • Run up stairs to top (level 8)
    • Backwards run length of deck
    • Bear crawl width of deck
    • Run all the way back the way you came to the stop sign we started at
  • Continue for as many rounds as possible but drop off 1 exercise each time
    • Round 2 we dropped off the 1st HR merkin set
    • Round 3 no HR merkins at all
    • Round 4 no HR merkins, no burpees
    • There was no Round 5
  • Return home for COT, Prayer, Announcements, etc.
  • Proceed to Panera



Still all kinds of humid today but, unlike last week, we spent more than half of our time outside the deck and in the fresh air which helped a lot. The burpees and the stairs did not, but it’s The Brave so that’s how it goes. Solid crew of 7 kicked some ass today. Two made it 4 full rounds, one a good amount faster than the other (you can guess who that was — hint, he was bald). The rest made it almost 4 rounds and most guys got right around 5 miles or more.

Vanishing AMRAP was courtesy of Rachel who did a different version of it a year or so at The Brave and it sucked so much it stuck with me until I could pull it out today. You’d think it would get easier dropping exercises, but it never feels that way. Feels like you just barely escaped death, but that’s about as good as it got.

  • Purell gets props for even showing up after waking up at 5:02. The man skipped his morning business to make it there by 0515, true to his word that he would show. I think the extra gut weight slowed him down as YHC was able to keep up with him longer than usual.
  • Kirby almost hacked up a lung for pretty much the entire workout. Not sure if it was a cold or if he swallowed a cicada, but he toughed it out anyway. Nice work.
  • Fire Hazard loved this workout and never complained, not once. In fact, he is still not complaining about it.
  • Cheese Curd actually seemed to love the workout and never skipped a rep. Strong work today. Thanks for coming out.
  • Wild Turkey, our birthday boy, failed to mention it was his birthday but we did plenty of burpees in celebration anyway. Happy Birthday, WT!
  • One Niner alternated between pushing hard and checking on the 6 — about all you can ask for in a new Site Q.

Speaking of One Niner, thanks for stepping up as YHC’s replacement Site Q of The Brave. It’s been fun, but I can only take so much of Mario and Tuck so it’s time for someone else to step in. Seriously though, One Niner is a regular and should bring some great new energy and ideas to The Brave. Welcome!!



  • Isabella Santos 5K — Speed for Need Race right in our backyard in Ballantyne Corporate Park. Incredible event. Prices go up tomorrow. Sign up now and talk to Fire Hazard or General_ about details or if you would like to push —¬†
  • Wild Turkey Birthday Q at Stonehenge tomorrow, 0600, Vine
  • There was more but I can’t recall at the moment

Bend and Snap

9 PAX for this week’s edition of Cerberus, including one FNG who earned the name Legally Blonde


  • Mosey to the lot behind Whole Foods for COP (IW, LSS, Merk, Mtn Climber)
  • Line up abreast facing opposite end of lot
    • 10 merkins, 10 spider crawl steps, 10 merkin, 10 spider crawl, sprint to the other side
    • 10 squat, 10 lunge walk, 10 squat, 10 lunge walk, sprint to the other side
    • Sprint all the way across
    • Sprint all the way back
    • Burpee broad jump to the halfway point, sprint the rest of the way
  • Enough of that, mosey to the base of the parking deck and find a partner
    • P1 has the option of lunge walk, bear crawl or crab walk
    • P2 runs up ramps to the steps on the next level up from wherever P1 currently is, down one flight of stairs, and then up the ramps to find P1
    • Flapjack and repeat until you get to the top of the deck
  • Extended Mary
  • Down the steps and head to the traffic circle at Waverly Walk and Matthews Farm for 4 corners (ish)
    • There are 4 roads leading away from the traffic circle, instructions given on how far to run down each
    • Run them in any order
    • At the end of each pick one of the following until you have completed 4 roads and each of the exercises (20 burpees, 20 jump squat, 20 HR merkin, 20 CDD)
    • Lunge walk, bear crawl or crab walk round and round the circle while we wait for the 6
  • Mosey to the park with the doggy turf and find a spot on one of the low walls
    • 10 modified step ups each leg (foot remains on the wall so right foot on the wall, step¬† up and lift your left knee, bring left foot back to the ground with right foot still on the wall, right foot stays until reps are completed and then switch)
    • 20 dips
    • 10 derkins
    • Repeat but with 20 modified step ups each leg, 30 dips, 20 derkins
  • Head back to launch, done



Nice varied crew of A51, SOB and UC this morning as is usual at Cerberus. Tried to throw out a mixed bag of exercises for this crew and venture a little bit away from YHC’s typical run-heavy workouts. 2ish miles is where we ended up.

McGee started the workout by insulting our FNG’s car and telling him he didn’t need to worry about it getting broken into since all of the other cars parked next to it were nicer. He then went on to wonder why he was the only one who showed up to the soft launch of his workout the day before. Cause and effect, my friend. Cause and effect. (That, and not letting anyone know about it until 9PM the night before).

In all seriousness though, McGee showed us how an FNG should be welcomed to F3. Talked to him throughout the workout and even had a name waiting and ready to go by the time we got to COT (something which YHC is very grateful for as my naming record as Q is pretty shabby). Legally Blonde was brought out by Doc McStuffins — he is a student at UCLA pursuing a pre-veterinary degree, is out here for the summer, and has spent a few days shadowing Doc at his office. McGee, with a Hops-like knowledge of movie trivia, quickly realized that the main character in Legally Blonde went to CULA and thus the name was born. The fact that Doc informed us he is quite bright and that he is a competitive powerlifter in his spare time put the icing on the cake. Welcome, Legally Blonde. Hope to see you out there more this summer.

There has to be a better name for the modified step up things we did. We should do them more often. The PAX can confirm that they hurt way more than your regular, run of the mill step up and they are a great way to train your legs for the hills in the absence of an actual hill to run on. BRR is less than 6 weeks away. Get excited people.

Good seeing Shop Dawg back out consistently after a hiatus from the 1F, even if he did straight up refuse to lunge walk, bear crawl, or crab walk. He chose Option D: none of the above. Still, after hearing about the time and talent he put forth leading the Sandbox pallet project last weekend, I have nothing but respect for this Respect. It’s an honor to know you, buddy.

Another muggy morning but we made the best of it and everyone pushed hard today. Appreciate you all coming out.



  • McGee’s new Thursday AMRAP workout at Waverly (yet to be named) continues next Thursday. He’s hoping to double, or maybe even triple, the attendance so come check it out. Meets 0530 at Viva Chicken in Waverly. 30 minute AMRAP bracketed by warmup, cool down. Guaranteed to kick your butt.
  • Fast Twitch and Swift converge at Charlotte Latin track this Tuesday for time trials (1 and 2 mile timed options available)
  • Crane Relay – sign up
  • UC 3F Opportunities
    • Sundays at 700 AM, Open Door, @ Five Stones Church Office
    • Mondays at 730 PM, Sanctuary, @ Brooklyn Pizza in Wesley Chapel

The Quadruple Triple Nickel

What We Did
Mosey to the base of Blue Ridge and gather for instructions on the quadruple triple nickel (originally a triple triple, but these guys were too darn fast)

Triple Nickel

  • 5 squats at the bottom of the hill, run up
  • 5 hand release merkins at the top, back down
  • Do this 5 times

The Hills (complete entire triple nickel on one hill before moving to the next)

  1. Blue Ridge Circle up to the flag
  2. Dark corner of Mountain View up towards the yucca, hang a right at the Old Bell cul-de-sac up to the peak
  3. From Sardis & Wilby up Wilby to where the road bends hard right
  4. Back to the dark corner of Mountain View, but up the other way to the flag

Pledge of Allegiance and mosey home

What We Did Not Do

  • Complain
  • Quit
  • Mail it in
  • Understand the directions the first time (ok, this was only Purell)


I love Horsey. I know it well enough to not go too often (probably not often enough), but I still love it. Not many places a Q can give 30 seconds of instructions, telling you to do a god awful, monotonous thing over and over again for an hour, and have it actually be done the whole time (excluding the infamous Bratwurst fiasco of 2017*).

As an F3 guy, my M and 2.0s are, to their great delight, treated to an abundance of F3 talk throughout the week. They’ve heard about the mysterious Horsey and expressed opinions other than “love” for it when I mentioned on Sunday night that I was Qing.

Tenleigh (aka Savannah Smile), age 6, isn’t buying it: “It doesn’t sound like a real place. I think you are just joking again but I hope you don’t get scared by the panty man.” Coincidentally, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t believe in Santa either and is just keeping her mouth shut to keep her present count up. #smartLittleCookie

Taelyn (aka Pele, formerly Swordfish), age 10, will believe in Santa and unicorns until she’s in college just because she wants to. Not looking forward to her dating years when I have to remind her that even Prince Charming thought with his weinke when he was a teenager. She’s in a Shel Silverstein phase and thought this place worthy of a poem she brought me later and made me promise to share:

The morning is dark
Chester’s cigarette makes a spark
He’s in his underwear
As if he doesn’t care
We run away and try not to stare
The horsey hills are really steep
Why didn’t I stay home and sleep?
I see green lights! Up ahead!
I feel like I am almost dead
We say the pledge under the stars
Then we head to our cars
Wow, that was a hard climb
Oh well, I’ll see you next time

And Jocelyn, age undisclosed, called it like it is and said as only a loving wife can: “You are an idiot. I seriously don’t understand why any of you would want to do that.”

Fair enough, nail on the head. It’s dumb, we all know it. It hurts. We hurt. It’s a dark little hole of suck we (some more often than others) knowingly climb inside on Monday morning. I could ramble on about how giving everything you got up towards the yucca and then realizing you had to dig for more as you turn right to head up the cul-de-sac is preparing us for when the real sh*t hits the fan. But, if you’re coming to Horsey, you’ve been around F3 long enough to have heard (and hopefully know) all of that. For me, I mostly just have a good time getting out there with a bunch of like-minded idiots to hurt for a while. And, feeling like a badass when I have to stumble down the stairs for the next 48 hours. In the end, it’s better to be a guy who has come to Horsey at least once, than to be a guy who hasn’t.

Too many faces to name names. You all kicked as$ and I didn’t see one man quit. Thanks to Spooky Jon for letting me run the show for a day, and thanks to all of you for coming out and climbing in the hole with me this morning.

* For the record, YHC was one of the few who stuck with Brat and actually enjoyed the pain of that workout quite a bit. Albeit, I had a headlamp and did not pull a Tweetsie, so I may be biased.

The Crane Relay

Join your F3 brothers on Friday, October 26th at 9 PM in the Ballantyne Corporate Park for The Crane Relay, straight from the mind of Frasier himself.

The Crane Relay is a Ragnar style running race (everyone based at the same location running 3 loops), but with shorter loops run on roads/paved greenways and, most importantly, teams picked in a draft. Total distance is 12 miles over 3 loops.

If you can get through a boot camp, you can (and should) do this race. More details are below or you can jump straight to the sign-up sheet here: We need all signups by August 25th, no exceptions.



  • Teams of 5 will be selected by captains in a fantasy snake draft style in the hopes of creating a number of evenly matched teams making for better competition and 2F
  • Each member of the team will run 3 loops (3, 4, and 5 miles) for a total of only 12 miles in a rotating fashion
  • All loops¬†will be on paved roads / greenways
  • Each loop will start and end at the same point where we will all be stationed
  • Expect some great 1F while racing, but even more 2F as you will be hanging out at “camp” quite a bit


  • The race starts on Friday, October 26, 2018 at 9 PM
  • We should wrap up by 5 AM or so on Saturday morning, just in time for 2F breakfast and getting back to the family without even being missed


  • Exact location is TBD, but the starting line will be somewhere in the Ballantyne Corporate Park, likely at one of the hotels
  • Also a possibility of renting a block of rooms for showers, naps, etc.


  • None of the loops will be especially hard so this is perfect for PAX of all abilities — I will repeat, if you can get through a boot camp, you can (and should) do this race.
  • The draft should create a number of relatively balanced teams which removes all of the pressure as you are only expected to run to your current ability level (and will be running against guys of a similar level of running ability).
  • Because it’s cheap, close to home, and at a perfect time so you won’t even be missed by the family.
  • Because it’s a great introduction to relay races (multiple legs, night running w/ headlamp, running tired, etc.) without the miles, expense, logistics, stinky vans, or time away from family.
  • Because you don’t want to be the guy who missed it.


Now that you are convinced and ready to sign up, here’s what’s next:

  1. Commit to the race by adding your F3 name to this sheet by no later than August 25th:
  2. Some additional steps that we haven’t figured out yet (seed time? t-shirt size? etc.). As we figure it out, we will let you know.
  3. Draft party in early September (attendance optional, but encouraged).
  4. Show up on race night ready to have some fun.



Magnificent 7s: Rock Edition


  • Mosey around Little, left on Walsh, circle up in Vet’s parking lot
  • COP (IW, Windmill, LS Squat, CDD, LS Merkin)
  • Mosey to rock pile and grab a lifting rock
  • Cross the street with rock and take stairs to the top of the deck, circle up for Magnificent 7s: Rock Edition
    • Round 1
      • 7 Rockies, 14 Thrusters, 21 Tricep Press, 28 Bicep Curl, 35 LBC.
      • Leave your¬†rock, run down the stairs, to the other end of the deck, up the stairs, back to your rock
      • Extended Mary while we gather the six
    • Round 2: same but people’s chair/donkey kicks instead of Mary
    • Round 3: no rocks (Burpees, Jump Squats, CDD, Merkins, LBC) and only run to middle stairwell
    • Round 4: again with rocks but when done take your rock with you back to the pile and meet there
  • Once returning rocks neatly to where you got them from, line up abreast
    • 10 jump squat, lunge walk across lot, 10 jump squat, lunge walk back
  • Moset back across the street to the bus lane. Run down lane, 5 burpees every bump, back to launch.
  • 2 MoM to finish it out.



A man’s choice of rock says a lot about him, and it’s not always what you might think.

Sure, a big rock may indicate a powerful man. But, it can just as easily indicate a man who lets ego or overzealousness cause him to overpromise, overcommit, and then underdeliver when it comes to execution. Or, maybe it’s a man who has decided to dig deeper and push himself this morning. To try a rock just 10% bigger than he otherwise might have chosen to see what happens. Maybe he wins today. Or, maybe he learns what to do differently next time.

Just the same, a small rock does not necessarily indicate weakness. Maybe the man is coming back from injury, or didn’t sleep well last night, and is self-aware and humble enough to recognize this and choose an appropriate, lesser burden to lift until he is abler. Or, perhaps it is a man who has struggled with enough injuries in the past that he simply prefers to avoid them. Or a man who is overcautious and underestimates himself so, rather than risk failure or discomfort, chooses a rock he is certain he can lift — at the same time avoiding the very real chance of breakthrough and of building positive forward momentum.

Or, maybe you were just unlucky enough to be the last man to a rather small rock pile and had to take what was left and make the best of it.

If you were there this morning (and even if you weren’t), I encourage you to consider the rock you selected and reflect on how it might relate to other choices you make and the burdens you carry every day. Which man are you? Are you moving in the right direction? Should you choose differently next time? Maybe I’m just tired, but pondering that myself certainly led me to a couple interesting realizations which will certainly affect the next choice I make.

Whatever your choices, and whatever your reasons, I do know that carrying any burden is always easier when surrounded by my brothers — as it was once again this morning. Great representation at The Fishing Hole with an impressive 54 year age range between our War Baby – Kuechly (13) and War Daddy – Boomer (67). The sweat marks left on the top deck are just a small indication of the effort every man put forth at The Hole today. Thank you all for joining me.



  • Convergence on Monday (6/18) at The Big House to celebrate the life of Dumpster Fire’s brother, Tom Maxim, and to stand with DF as he mourns the recent loss of Tom. Please join if you can and, if not, keep Dumpster Fire and his mother and entire family in your prayers. Pre-run @ 0500; Boot camp @ 0530;¬†
  • Q School 101 this Saturday, 6/16, at 0600 at the Panera in Ballantyne. 1 hour workout followed by coffee/discussion. We will wrap it up by 8. Please come or pass the message on to someone who may benefit from it.