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Magnificent 7s: Rock Edition


  • Mosey around Little, left on Walsh, circle up in Vet’s parking lot
  • COP (IW, Windmill, LS Squat, CDD, LS Merkin)
  • Mosey to rock pile and grab a lifting rock
  • Cross the street with rock and take stairs to the top of the deck, circle up for Magnificent 7s: Rock Edition
    • Round 1
      • 7 Rockies, 14 Thrusters, 21 Tricep Press, 28 Bicep Curl, 35 LBC.
      • Leave your rock, run down the stairs, to the other end of the deck, up the stairs, back to your rock
      • Extended Mary while we gather the six
    • Round 2: same but people’s chair/donkey kicks instead of Mary
    • Round 3: no rocks (Burpees, Jump Squats, CDD, Merkins, LBC) and only run to middle stairwell
    • Round 4: again with rocks but when done take your rock with you back to the pile and meet there
  • Once returning rocks neatly to where you got them from, line up abreast
    • 10 jump squat, lunge walk across lot, 10 jump squat, lunge walk back
  • Moset back across the street to the bus lane. Run down lane, 5 burpees every bump, back to launch.
  • 2 MoM to finish it out.



A man’s choice of rock says a lot about him, and it’s not always what you might think.

Sure, a big rock may indicate a powerful man. But, it can just as easily indicate a man who lets ego or overzealousness cause him to overpromise, overcommit, and then underdeliver when it comes to execution. Or, maybe it’s a man who has decided to dig deeper and push himself this morning. To try a rock just 10% bigger than he otherwise might have chosen to see what happens. Maybe he wins today. Or, maybe he learns what to do differently next time.

Just the same, a small rock does not necessarily indicate weakness. Maybe the man is coming back from injury, or didn’t sleep well last night, and is self-aware and humble enough to recognize this and choose an appropriate, lesser burden to lift until he is abler. Or, perhaps it is a man who has struggled with enough injuries in the past that he simply prefers to avoid them. Or a man who is overcautious and underestimates himself so, rather than risk failure or discomfort, chooses a rock he is certain he can lift — at the same time avoiding the very real chance of breakthrough and of building positive forward momentum.

Or, maybe you were just unlucky enough to be the last man to a rather small rock pile and had to take what was left and make the best of it.

If you were there this morning (and even if you weren’t), I encourage you to consider the rock you selected and reflect on how it might relate to other choices you make and the burdens you carry every day. Which man are you? Are you moving in the right direction? Should you choose differently next time? Maybe I’m just tired, but pondering that myself certainly led me to a couple interesting realizations which will certainly affect the next choice I make.

Whatever your choices, and whatever your reasons, I do know that carrying any burden is always easier when surrounded by my brothers — as it was once again this morning. Great representation at The Fishing Hole with an impressive 54 year age range between our War Baby – Kuechly (13) and War Daddy – Boomer (67). The sweat marks left on the top deck are just a small indication of the effort every man put forth at The Hole today. Thank you all for joining me.



  • Convergence on Monday (6/18) at The Big House to celebrate the life of Dumpster Fire’s brother, Tom Maxim, and to stand with DF as he mourns the recent loss of Tom. Please join if you can and, if not, keep Dumpster Fire and his mother and entire family in your prayers. Pre-run @ 0500; Boot camp @ 0530;
  • Q School 101 this Saturday, 6/16, at 0600 at the Panera in Ballantyne. 1 hour workout followed by coffee/discussion. We will wrap it up by 8. Please come or pass the message on to someone who may benefit from it.

The Murderhorn Had a Baby


  • Mosey in a small circle around the parking lot and circle up for COP (and for Cheddah to join us)
  • After COP, mosey (carefully) north on Elm, across 485, and make a left on Endhaven
  • Pause for some merkins and plank while waiting for the 6
  • Take a right on Prince Edward and left on Hickory Forest, plank it up at the dead-end at Ridgemore Drive
    • Round 1: Run to the right down Ridgemore to the first cul-de-sac on your right. 20 HR Merkins, 20 Jump Squat. Back up the hill to where we started.
    • Round 2: Run to the left up Ridgemore to the cul-de-sac. 20 HR Merkins, 20 Jump Squat. Back down the hill to where started.
    • Round 3: Run to the right down Ridgemore. 20 Jump Squat. Run all the way up to the top of the hill. 30 HR Merkins. Run back down to where we started.
  • Mary
  • Return the way we came and stop at base of much shorter, much steeper hill on Prince Edward
    • Forward sprint to 1st light, turn around, backward sprint rest of the way up to 2nd light, return to the bottom
    • Backward sprint to 1st light, turn, forward sprint to 2nd light, stay at the top
  • Mosey back down Endhaven, pausing for a line of monkey humpers halfway, and back down Elm to launch
  • People’s chair on back of movie theaters
    • Air press, donkey kicks, sprint up the hill, return to the chair
    • Wait for the 6, 10-count, donkey kicks, sprint up the hill, return to the chair
    • Wait for the 6, 2x 10-count, donkey kicks, sprint up the hill, return to the chair
  • Mosey back towards launch lot and line up abreast
    • 10 CDD, bear crawl to first parking line, 10 CDD, bear crawl back
    • 10 jump squat, lunge walk to first parking line, 10 jump squat, lunge walk back
  • AYG (about 100 feet) back to launch



We’ve all seen an ugly baby from time to time, and we all know how it goes. When you first lay eyes on it, so new and fresh, you can’t help but (rightfully) think what a miracle it is.

But, once you’ve had time to look at it a little more. To see the forehead that’s a little wonky. The eyes that aren’t quite spaced right. All the little details you missed in that first glance. That is when you realize the truth of it all. Although it’s soul is, and always will be, beautiful — this is, for the moment, one ugly ass baby.

That was our experience with the Murderhorn’s spawn this morning. It was not until the 3rd trip, when we ran the hill from the bottom all the way to the cul-de-sac at the top, that we recognized it as a true thing of nightmares. Don’t think it’s quite as long as the Horn, but I swear it hurt just as bad. So, we dry heaved for a few minutes and then got the hell out of there. Still, it was fun interesting visiting fresh (possibly virgin) Maul territory and I for one hope someone takes us back. Caution is definitely warranted on Elm and Endhaven, but it wasn’t all that bad and once we got into the neighborhood we didn’t see a single car (that I remember).

Quiet bunch this yesterday morning once we hit Endhaven. Charlotte 10-Miler race veterans did make themselves known with their collective groans as we turned down Prince Edward. This friendly little set of hills is towards the very end of that race and is, by what I could gather from the expletives muttered, a definite crowd pleaser there as well. Frasier, who ran repeats up the hill encouraging PAX at this year’s 10 miler, may be the only person who truly thinks this baby is cute.

Had a great time with you all this yesterday morning. Work travel (and Stanley Cup hockey) kept me out of the gloom for longer than I like. Never realize just how much you miss it until you are right back in the middle of it. If you know one, call up a kotter this weekend and tell him how much we need him out there with us.



  • Convergence on Monday (6/18) at The Big House to celebrate the life of Dumpster Fire’s brother, Tom Maxim, and to stand with DF as he mourns the recent loss of Tom. Please join if you can and, if not, keep Dumpster Fire and his mother and entire family in your prayers. Pre-run @ 0500; Boot camp @ 0530;
  • Q School 101 this Saturday, 6/16, at 0600 at the Panera in Ballantyne. 1 hour workout followed by coffee/discussion. We will wrap it up by 8. Please come or pass the message on to someone who may benefit from it.

That’s One Long Hill

21 PAX successfully dodged an onslaught of vehicles this morning and shepherded our FNG, Red Stripe, through his first workout. None of it was pretty, but it was certainly interesting.



  • Head up Little Ave and cut across 51, run to the crosswalk, push the button, wait awkwardly with 21 dudes for the walkie sign, cross 51
  • Circle up by our police escort in the Pet Supplies parking lot
  • COP (all IC): LSS x10, IW x10, Mtn Climber x10, Low Slow Merkin x15
  • Run towards Cabo’s, stopping at every crosswalk for 5 HR merkins
  • Take Carmel Commons across Carmel and plank at Bannington for instructions
    • Run down Bannington hill to street at the bottom past the bottom and up a little bit
    • 5 burpees
    • Run back up the hill
    • 5 HR merkins
    • Do this all for five rounds (triple nickle) three rounds ($0.13)
  • Continue down Carmel Commons to parking lot and large rock pile on the left
  • Form 7 groups of 3 for grinders
    • P1 – curl and press lifting rock
    • P2 – start lunge walk around set of 3 islands
    • P3 – run from P1 to P2, take over lunge walk, P2 back to P1 to take over the rocks, and so on
    • Once you get all the way around with lunge walks, switch to bear crawl
  • Avoid cars on Carmel, avoid cars in Carmel Crossing parking lot, cross 51 at the CC crosswalk
  • Gather at the base of the deck
    • 5 donkey kicks
    • Run up ramp and across the flat to next level
    • Repeat to the top
  • AYG down the stairs and back to launch
  • COT, FNG naming, BoM



YHC picked up our FNG, Andrew, at his house at 0515 and headed towards Charlotte Catholic for another muggy morning of pain fun. Without any prompting, he came out of the garage with a towel and water bottle — more prepared than I’ve seen any other FNG; good thing because Centurion is definitely an aggressive way to start an F3 career. Merlot may, or may not, have been spilled (all I know is bushes were involved) and he put in a damn solid effort and earned the name Red Stripe (Mississippi State grad — almost got Hotty Toddy; wife and 2 kids; Forest Hill elder; Air Force vet; grew up in Jamaica). Red Stripe already knew quite a few faces upon arrival and hopefully will be back soon to get to know some more. Welcome, brother.

As for the workout, the day started as many do in Area 51:

  • Chelms poked the bear the night before, trying to stir up trouble as any good (former) Site Q should.
  • Scabby ran in not even breathing hard.
  • Hightower showed again, getting stronger every time — consistency pays.
  • I learned how his uncle, Utah, got his F3 name this morning; funny story, ask Utah sometime #polygamistButNotReally — getting to a workout early pays, chance to chat while the brain still works.
  • Champagne grumbled gently reminded us that this is not Fast Twitch, this is a boot camp, etc.
  • Toolbag dropped some trash talk that No Show was going to be a no-show again about 30 seconds before No Show showed.
  • Tagalong showed up wearing his bright orange Dolphins shirt. Still not sure if it is cotton, but it sure looks warm.
  • Shrinkwrap bragged about how he has been practicing his cadence counting at home. We’ll have to see it to believe it.
  • Rachel pointed out that Champagne wouldn’t know a Fast Twitch workout if he saw one based on his attendance record at said AO.
  • Runstopper wore a perfectly color coordinated outfit (sans tights — must be summer).
  • Chelms jumped the gun went out hot and worked his way back to the 6 slowly but surely pretty quickly.
  • Ickey Shuffle reminded us all of his imaginary holiday called No Burpee Something-or-Other. We ignored him. He probably ignored my call for burpees.
  • Rachel and Lorax raced for pole position on the hill set with Brilleaux, Uncle Phil and a few more nipping at their heels.
  • There was much confusion when anything involving partners is called, even moreso today since it involved 3 (most of this confusion was admittedly the Q’s fault).
  • Runstopper pointed out YHC’s lack of color coordination.
  • Cars did not cooperate and a lot of people were headed somewhere at 0535 in the morning.
  • COT revealed the highest count of badass Respects at an AO in South Charlotte (Chelms, Shoe, Champagne not quite yet, Snuka) on a Friday morning. Less than usual, but 3 is still solid.

It was basically everything you might expect of a morning at Centurion. The most unusual thing about this morning was YHC at a Centurion workout. Definitely has been too long. Too many guys I look up to and that I enjoy working out with to let habit/bias (aka The Brave) keep me away so long. Recommend you also remember that this summer and try to mix it up a little.

Definitely seems like there is a lot more traffic on 51 and on Carmel than I remember there being. Seemed like every turn we made we were dodging vehicles in every direction. 21 is a large herd of PAX to move across those streets and YHC definitely could have done a better job of managing it. Next time we will just stay nice and cozy on campus.

Cut the hill set short today based on time when I realized this was actually going to be a Fast Twitch workout if we spent the whole damn time just running that hill. It’s definitely no Murderhorn, but that is one long hill. Downside, we didn’t complete our triple nickel. Upside, we had time for one quick sprint up the parking deck.

Enjoyed the time with the PAX of A51 this morning and hope you all have a great holiday weekend. Happy Memorial Day. Please remember to take a moment out of your time this weekend to remember the men and women of our armed forces who have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we can enjoy the freedom we often take for granted.



  • Memorial Day Convergence at RockZero – tomorrow (Saturday) – 7 AM – Calvary Church
  • Memorial Day Convergence / Patriot 5K – Monday –
  • Leukemia Lymphoma Society Charity Dinner on Wednesday, June 13th – Bout Time’s wife, Laura Palmer, is the keynote speaker. Couldn’t find info online so see Cooter for details (I think he is the one who announced it).
  • F3 Pool Party at the Lawson pool on Friday 6/8 from 8-10 PM. Pool will be rented out just for our group. $40 per family includes pizza and beer and all proceeds will be used by our region in future projects with The Sandbox. See #the_sandbox Slack channel for details and sign up here:




Paula Visits Fast Twitch

12 PAX arrived at Fast Twitch for what felt like a relatively cool morning ready (or not) for the grab bag of hilly running that came next.



  • Long(ish) warmup down (then up) Providence towards Arbo stopping at the lot before Windbluff
  • COP: Windmills x10 IC, IW x15 IC, LSS x15 IC, Merkin x10 IC (kind of)
  • Hold plank while instructions given for the first set. We will be running timed intervals down Windbluff, right on Raintree, stop at 51
    • 60 seconds hard, 30 seconds recovery
    • 30 seconds hard, 30 seconds recovery
    • 15 seconds all-out sprint (w/ good form if possible), 1 minute recovery
    • All recovery is jogging, return to the 6 then continue in a forward direction
  • Once at 51, instructions given for the main set. Paula Abdul (2 steps forward, 2 steps back 1 step back)
    • Route is Raintree towards Clt Latin / Providence
    • You will run forward 2 streets (only streets with a street sign count, no driveways/parking lots/etc)
    • 10 hand release merkins
    • Run back 1 street
    • 20 LBC
    • Continue this pattern until you reach Providence or we run out of time
  • COT / Name-o-rama (including Hawks Nest FNG Hightower) / BoM with Hawk’s Nest



YHC was excited to be offered this Q slot at Fast Twitch by Purell. The new launch point offers endless potential for painful, hilly suffering of which I am quite fond and I was more than happy to share this with the A51 PAX this morning. Morning felt cool at first but, as usual this time of year, that changed pretty quickly. I had visited the new AO a few times in the last few weeks so was aware of the new launch point, but multiple PAX were friendly enough to share addresses, pictures, maps and other various coordinates to make sure YHC arrived. Looks like Frasier has given us SOBs a bad name. Not sure whether I helped or damaged that reputation this morning.

The warmup was similar exactly the same as Fletch’s popular warmup last week. YHC made a point this morning to run far enough ahead of Purple Haze and Alf to not hear any complaining about running, running too fast, running on hills, etc. Unfortunately, the timed interval set required us to stay together and much mumblechatter was heard including the use of the word ‘Swift’ as a curse word. Nothing wrong with a little structure to the running, guys. Looking at Strava, it looks as if everyone played along for the most part. Appreciate it.

To appease the masses and avoid outright rebellion, our main set included moments of both hands and asses on the ground. This, unfortunately, did not make it any less painful. Took us about 4.5 miles to travel the 1.5 mile stretch of Raintree and it definitely felt like it was never going to end. The 3 trips up various parts of the Providence Colony hill, as well as the full trip up to Windbluff, were definitely soul suckers. Even Purell looked a little winded at one point so we knew we were onto something.

Rachel and Purell finished the entire Paula Abdul set with a little to spare and head back for the six. Believe Uncle Rico and Astro may have finished entirely as well and were close on Rachel’s heels either way. Uncle Rico’s (somewhat awkward by FT standards, perfectly acceptable at Swift) pre-warmup stretching* paid dividends as he edged out Astro. Astro likely would have finished quicker if not wearing a 30 year old cotton t-shirt that proved to be more of a wind-catching kite than an article of clothing. Alf and Purple Haze fueled each other with grumbles all morning and almost made it. Everyone else put in an impressive performance and refused to throw in the towel, all arriving at 0615 on the dot. All-in-all, we covered between 5.7 and 7 miles today, most at a healthy pace.

Thanks to all who came out. Pop Tart was last seen looking for a beer to fuel up for his next lap of Raintree after hearing Turkey Leg mention that the Beer Mile should really be the Beer Raintree 10K.

* recorded clip of Uncle Rico stretching available here:



  • Uncle Rico’s restaurant, BrownBag (, is open and serving lunches near Stonecrest now. Early reviews from the PAX are good so swing in for a bite some time or grab some bulk food to bring home for dinner and get some brownie points.
  • Memorial Day Convergence this Saturday at RockZero, 7 AM, Calvary Church
  • F3 Pool Party at the Lawson pool on Friday 6/8 from 8-10 PM. Pool will be rented out just for our group. $40 per family includes pizza and beer and all proceeds will be used by our region in future projects with The Sandbox. See #the_sandbox Slack channel for details and sign up here:
  • F3 Dads camping trip to Julian Price Park 7/20-7/22. $40 total for 2 nights. Lots to do including hiking, canoeing, rock climbing. Frasier needs HCs by 5/27 to make reservations. Talk to Frasier or check the #f3dads Slack channel for details.


Ben Nevis – The Gift That Keeps on Giving


  • Warm-up through the Bull Ring to parking lot
  • Dynamic stretching – heels, toes, high knees, butt kicks, lunge walk, b-skips
  • Head to Ben Nevis for the following:
    • 90 seconds hard effort uphill, recover to the base
    • 45 seconds hard effort uphill, recover to the base,
    • 15 seconds max effort uphill, recover 2 minutes
    • Repeat until 5:07 (4 rounds)
  • Head home the long or the short way for COP with Bagpipe



Ben Nevis is a beast of a hill and proved just right for this morning’s repeats. The idea was to run hard uphill for long enough, with a short enough break, that we built up some nice lactic acid in the legs and had to push through and keep our form in the final 15 second sprint. Worked out well enough although we probably went a little too hard on the 90 second efforts — par for the course at Swift. Saw some competition out there on the 15 second sprints — Haggis / Bratwurst showdown; Gumbo / Bunker duel; Woodson / Thin Mint drag race (Woodson by a mile).

Pleasantly surprised seeing One Niner out at Swift in spite of his tumble down a ravine a few days prior at PMBAR. Beast. Also good seeing Fire Hazard post somewhere other than the YMCA as he comes off his injury and great having Depth Charge back in the regular schedule (except for when he Qs mile repeats which YHC mysteriously did not attend). Awesome work by Magic Attic coming back to his 2nd Swift in 2 weeks. 5 minute T-pace intervals last week followed by Nevis this week is a strong start to a Swift career.

Near anarchy when lunge walking was called during the dynamic warmups. We survived. Such is the world of Swift in a post-Bratwurst era. New things will happen, mistakes will be made (although lunge walking was definitely not a mistake — if it’s good for the glutes, it’s good for the running). My only question is who’s running the pool on how long it will take before Bratwurst throws the amateurs out of the saddle and takes the reins back.



  • F3 Pool Party at the Lawson pool on Friday 6/8 from 8-10 PM. Pool will be rented out just for our group. $40 per family includes pizza and beer and all proceeds will be used by our region in future projects with The Sandbox. See #the_sandbox Slack channel for details and sign up here:
  • F3 Dads camping trip to Julian Price Park 7/20-7/22. $40 total for 2 nights. Lots to do including hiking, canoeing, rock climbing. Frasier needs HCs by 5/27 to make reservations. Talk to Frasier or check the #f3dads Slack channel for details.
  • Great Wolf Lodge family outing the weekend of 11/9. Discounted room rates are available now. If you plan to attend, the sooner you can sign up the better as it will help MT gauge how many more rooms we need to add to our block:
  • Upcoming date night at the Whitewater Center (paddle & dine) on 7/21. Need sign-ups in the next couple of weeks so we can make reservations:!/showSignUp/20f0a4eaaaf2ba1fc1-f3sob2nd

Even Less Clever Than Fuse Box

7, make that 8, came to The Brave in spite of weather forecasts to finish their week right. 5+ miles later, they hopefully found what they were looking for. Quoting from Fuse Box’s backblast posted a few minutes ago: “In my haste to post a back blast before getting to my Saturday Honey Do’s, I failed to come up with a clever workout name.” (



  • Long, fast mosey all the way down Community House towards Johnston to the new hotel on the left
  • COP in the parking lot (Merkins, Mtn Climbers, 6-inch toe tappers, low slow squats, IW)
  • 7s on the decent sized hill in the parking lot (burpees / jump squats)
  • Run fast back up Community House stopping at every road sign on our side of the street for 10 merkins
  • Stop at entrance across from launch and head back north by the parking decks towards THE deck. Stop at every bump for 10 jump squats
  • Deck work – partner up
    • First Set
      • P1 up the stairs to 8, head down the ramps;
      • P2, head up the ramps;
      • When you meet, 10 handslap merkins;
      • Go back the way you came and meet at the bottom for 5 dumbocrats each;
      • Flapjack and repeat;
    • Second Set
      • P1 up NW stairwell to 8;
      • P2 up SE stairwell to 8;
      • Meet at the top for 10 handslaps;
      • Go back the way you came and meet at the bottom for 10 handslaps;
      • Flapjack and repeat;
  • Jail break back to launch
  • Finish your last handslappers if you missed them
  • Done



Solid crew at The Brave today, as always. You can guess who was out front with names like Purrell, Rachel and Frasier on the PAX list. You can also guess who was late with a quick glance at the PAX list (hint, he made a bathroom stop on the way). What you may not have guessed (but only if you haven’t been paying attention lately) was Paper Jam coming out to The Brave for his 2nd or maybe 3rd time in a month. The whole “Paper Jam is not a runner” thing is pretty much played out at this point (Snopes officially gave it a “False” rating), but it’s really great to see new faces such as his becoming semi-regulars at my favorite place to be on Friday. Now we just need some of our old regulars back out there (I’m looking at you General_, Ringer (is this guy allowed to cross the border?), Argo, Goonie, Market Timer, …) and even more new faces coming to see what they are missing.

Forecast called for possible thunderstorms this morning which also ended up being false. Humidity was some high number, but that’s pretty much a given this time of year. Broke my promise a little and stayed away from the deck for the first half of the workout or so. Thought it would be nice to get some miles in the fresh, moist air first. Much confusion over what a “street sign on our side of the street” was, so instructions were modified to “any sign attached to a metal pole with small holes in it that is in the grass immediately to your left.” This seemed to appease Frasier and the correct number of merkins got done. Had trouble following my own directions in the parking deck, but that’s different.

Anywhere between 4.5 and 5.5 miles today, plenty of elevation change and no man left behind. Only 6 days left until another Fun Friday at The Brave.



  • F3 Pool Party at the Lawson pool on Friday 6/8 from 8-10 PM. Pool will be rented out just for our group. $40 per family includes pizza and beer and all proceeds will be used by our region in future projects with The Sandbox. See #the_sandbox Slack channel for details and sign up here:
  • F3 Dads camping trip to Julian Price Park 7/20-7/22. $40 total for 2 nights. Lots to do including hiking, canoeing, rock climbing. Frasier needs HCs by 5/27 to make reservations. Talk to Frasier or check the #f3dads Slack channel for details.
  • Great Wolf Lodge family outing the weekend of 11/9. Discounted room rates are available now. If you plan to attend, the sooner you can sign up the better as it will help MT gauge how many more rooms we need to add to our block:
  • Upcoming date night at the Whitewater Center (paddle & dine) on 7/21. Need sign-ups in the next couple of weeks so we can make reservations:!/showSignUp/20f0a4eaaaf2ba1fc1-f3sob2nd



This Could Be The Whole Workout

10 men arrived at Brazwells this morning unsure of who the Q would be but ready to get down to work as we do at The Brave every week


Thin Mint – 1st Half

  • Run up BCP to Ballantyne Country Club entrance
  • Enter BCC and stop at Lederer and Ballantyne Country Club Drive for COP
    • 10 IW in cadence
    • 10 Windmill in cadence
    • Enough warmup
  • Long distance suicide running up BCC Drive, using the speed bumps as targets
    • When you are running out, run straight to your target speed bump (1st one 1st time, 2nd one next time, suicide style) and do 10 burpees
    • Then come back. On the way back, stop at every bump and at the start for 10 merkins
    • Goal was to get to the 6th bump by the clubhouse. Audible after 3rd bump to bring the suicide back down to the 2nd, then the 1st again, done
  • Quick mosey back across BCP to the basement of Room 101

Mario – 2nd Half

  • Stair suicide
    • Up all stairs to 8th floor and back down
    • Up to 7th and back
    • Repeat until done
  • Mary – Box Cutters, Flutters
  • AYG up the decks to the top floor
  • Wall sit
  • Back down the steps
  • Mary – Slow Windshield Wipers, Leg Lifts
  • Up stairs to the 8th floor then meet on the 3rd
  • AYG back to launch
  • Crazy Mary type sit up, leg lift, touch your toe, alternating, coordination thing



Mr. Bean had to pull out of his Q this morning due to IR. Apparently, he injured his hands doing so much spam marketing for The Fishing Hole and wasn’t prepped for a Brave Q. Lucky for us, he will be Qing in 2 weeks on 5/4 which is also his 4 year anniversary of F3. Probably don’t want to miss that. MT complained commented early (last night) that he was expecting an AMRAP — then he didn’t show to find out it wasn’t. The PAX were instructed to give him plenty of crap for fartsacking or going somewhere easier else, until YHC noticed a message from 0430 this morning that he wasn’t feeling well. All is forgiven. See you next Friday.

Always great having a Site FNG come try his mettle at The Brave. One Niner even stopped me at one point to ask who the heck was that guy giving Frasier a run for his money on the speed bump suicide. Yep, that’s Purell, making all most of us feel slow.

The goal was originally to get all 6 bumps in, but it quickly became obvious that this was not going to happen while still giving Mario his 2nd half of the Q. According to Haggis, YHC had a shit-eating grin on his face when announcing the suicide and it was as fun as it sounded. Frasier commented, accurately, that all 6 bumps could be the whole workout and we will definitely have to give this a go one day and see if anyone can get it done. My money is on Rachel. He was steadily making up ground on our 2 rabbits and would have taken them given a little time.

The stairs sucked, as always. We even had a refusenik, who turned into two, then 4 by the time the last trip up the stairs was called. They still ran, just not the stairs. Mario has been learning some new Mary moves lately, it seems. My abs hurt more than my legs at the moment which says something considering we got between 5 and 6 hilly miles.

Another tough morning at The Brave with no six left behind. Hope to see some more Site FNGs next week.



  • Dads and 2.0s camping at Cane Creek Park in Waxhaw tonight. Bring a tent and some food. Super cheap. Contact Frasier for details and come for one or two nights.
  • FNG/Kotter day at Cerberus on 5/11. If you have a new guy you have been thinking to EH or know a guy who hasn’t been out in a while, this is the event to bring him to.
  • Q101 on Saturday 5/26 at The Vine. More details to come.

Milk & Cookies

11 men showed at The Floater to find out if there really was life beyond “the hill”
  • Mosey towards the bridge over South Main
  • Circle up and dodge cars COP (windmill x10, lss x10, low slow merkin x15), enough
  • Cross bridge and run down Providence stopping at every mailbox for 3 jump squats until we reach the school
  • Plank stuff
  • Partner up
    • P1 box jump burpees on the stone benches
    • P2 round corner, up the stairs, return
    • Flapjack and repeat until you have done both twice
  • Mary on the anthills
  • Continue down Providence, and go to the bottom of the small hill, stop facing up the big one
  • Triple Nickel: 5 merkins at the bottom, 5 jump squats up top, 5 times
  • Mary
  • Return back the way we came to the school
  • Ascending Curb Crawl:
    • Feet on curb, 1 derkin
    • Bear crawl across stree
    • Hands on curb, 1 incline merkin
    • Reverse bear crawl back
    • Continue with 2,3,4, then 5 derkins/inclines
  • Continue back up Providence, cross bridge, stop at half wall
  • Civilian count: 10 derkins, 10 dips, 10 derkins, 10 dips
  • AYG around corner back to launch
If I am interpreting Slack and previous BBs correctly, Fuse Box is not a fan of The Floater’s seeming obsession with KeithJongHill and was pleased when YHC announced last night that we would not visit today. I failed to mention the hill we would run, which until it is renamed by someone wittier, will be called KeithHillSung, KeithJongHill’s long-lost daddy. I believe I am now on Fuse Box’s sh&$ list, an honor when Qing a site called the Floater. Mad Dog expressed similar sentiments. Posse picked today for his first Floater post and so, for the moment, holds the distinction as the only PAX to have posted at The Floater and not visited KeithJongHill. Some enjoyed the hill more than others, but every man dug in got it done.
To be honest, this workout was not the original plan. However, after experiencing the unlit/potholed streets further yonder in Waxhaw and stumbling upon this big beauty of a hill closer by, an audible was necessary. There are not too many cars in Waxhaw at this time of the morning, but YHC did his best to make sure almost every single one of them came close to hitting us. COP placement around a blind corner was especially interesting. #needsSomeWork Thank you all for calling out and keeping us safe.
After all the talk of lactation this morning that seems to happen often down in the Waxhaw AOs, cow was on the mind and YHC just devoured a steak the size of my face. Would write more, but bed. An unexpected benefit of being in Longhorn’s favorite state at the moment is that it is central time and, technically, this backblast is still on time and The Floater’s skidmark streak continues.
Appreciate the invite to Q by Moneyball and Bottlecap and enjoyed leading this morning. Really wish I was a little closer and could get down here more often as it is a fantastic group of guys. Great, as always, meeting a few new face as well as seeing some familiar ones. Thanks to Mad Dog for taking us out.
  • Operation Sweet Tooth 8K Race – 5/6 – sign up to race or sign up as a virtual runner to help the cause –
  • Sandbox work opportunity this weekend to help a local family trimming trees in their yard. #the_sandbox channel on Slack for more details

Peckers and Elephant Scrotums

6 men ignored the weather forecast for rain and made their way out to Basecamp to discuss, among other things, peckers and elephant scrotums workout.


  • Lap around the lot for the latecomer (Bug Eater) and COP
    • Windmill, IW, LSS, Merkin, Mountain Climber
  • Head towards the steps down to the ball fields and grab a lifting rock on your way. Line up abreast at the base of the steps.
    • 10 Curls, 10 OHP, 10 Merkins – run up the steps, around the sidewalk to the left, and back down to your rock
    • Repeat but with 20 Curls, 20 OHP, 10 Merkins
    • Repeat with 30 Curls, 30 OHP, 10 Merkins
  • Leave your rock and head down the sidewalk to the bleachers by the ball fields
    • 20 dips, 20 derkins, 20 supine pull-ups, run down around the sidewalk, up short flight of steps back to bleachers
    • Repeat with 15
    • Repeat with 10
  • Run back to our rocks
    • Same as before but with Bent Over Row instead of Curls and Squats instead of OHP
  • Head to the dry patch of concrete by the bathrooms for Mary
    • LBC, Flutter, High Flutter, Am Hammer
  • Head to YHC’s truck and grab a partner and a sandbag
  • Sandbags in place
    • P1 runs a lap of the lot while P2 picks up bag and throws over alternating shoulders
    • Flapjack
    • Repeat with bent over rows
  • Moving with the sandbags
    • P1 sprints to far end of lot and does merkins until P2 arrives running with the sandbag
    • Flapjack on the way back
    • Repeat with CDD
    • Repeat with LBC but do a full lap of the lot instead of just going to the end
  • Put the sandbags back and line up for a suicide using basketball goals
    • Run to first, 5 merkins, run back to start
    • Run to 2nd, 5 merkins, back to start
    • After the 4th time you return, run all the way to the end of the lot and plank abreast
  • Merkins IC
  • AYG back to launch side of lot for COT and take-out



Goonie texted me the night before saying that coupons didn’t make their way out to Basecamp often and thought sandbags might be a fun idea. YHC concurred and quickly loaded up the truck. Had a great plan going into it, but that plan included the track (which I did not realize becomes a lake after even a little bit of rain) and at least 8 PAX (which we didn’t get). Luckily, we got 5 badasses (and 1 Q) ready to work and that is exactly what we did.

The workout started with Fireman Ed regaling us with tales of his trip to D.D. Peckers the night before. If you’ve never been to this local gem, I highly recommend you change that. The wings are ridiculous, the atmosphere is great, and the buffalo chicken wrap is on my Top 10 list. Better yet, it’s practically walking distance from YHC’s house so hit me up if you are heading that way and I will meet you there. Once we finally got Red to quit yapping, we headed out listening to the swish-swish-swish of his raincoat which remained dry as a bone most of the morning (#overPrepared).

Goonie ran a solo pre-run this morning — he then complained the rest of the workout that we weren’t getting enough miles (#overDedicated). He was crushing the sprints though so who can argue with results. Speaking of dedication, Thunder Road is a little bit stronger and a little bit faster every darn time I see him. This guy is the definition of steady progress. We did have one moment where he claimed that the sandbag, which was admittedly quite wet, felt like carrying an elephant scrotum. We almost left it alone, but the question was definitely raised as to how one even imagines what that would feel like. I do know my sandbags will never look the same again (#foreverUnclean). Snoopy is back from winter break and brought his best today. Great meeting you. Appreciate you making your way out on a less than ideal morning (#kotters). What Bug Eater lacks at being on time (#LIFO) and at counting to 30, he makes up for with mumblechatter effort. Pushed the pace all morning.

It was fun, guys. Glad it didn’t rain any harder and appreciate you all lugging around those schweaty elephant balls.

*Side note: if you didn’t recognize the quote “forever unclean,” look it up and then watch The League. You won’t be disappointed.



  • Benny is home from the hospital and looking at a long recovery. Keep him in your prayers and keep an eye out for ways we can help.

A Good Old Fashioned Mystery at The Maul


  • Mosey to Target lot for COP (windmill, LSS, IW, Low Slow Merkin, Mountain Climbers, Low Slow Merkin)
  • Mosey to Saint Matt’s lot and partner up
    • P1 goes left, P2 goes right
    • 5 merkins at every bump until you meet your partner
    • 10 handslap merkins
    • Run back the way you came, no merkins
  • Flapjack directions and repeat
  • Repeat again with jump squats instead of merkins at the bumps
  • Flapjack directions and repeat
  • Mosey to Cantina 1511
    • P1 on the wall 10 dips/10 derkins/10 step ups, keep repeating until partner returns
    • P2 run to fountain behind Pearlz, 10 burpees, run back
    • Flapjack
    • Continue until each partner has done the burpees twice
  • Mosey home
  • Toolbag led COT, name-o-rama, etc.



Big turnout at The Maul — not something uncommon here at one of SOB’s staple weekly workouts. Found out the night before about an early morning work meeting and had to head straight to the car before COT. Cobains to all who were there for not sticking around and big thank you to Toolbag (Site Q) for finishing out the morning for me.

Doc and Mic Check (unsurprisingly) out front on the partner work. They had some trouble listening to directions, but this is also unsurprising. And, I guess I should say that Doc was out front on the partner work dragging along Mic Check (who has apparently come out of hibernation for this unseasonably warm weather). Wingman has been doing some kind of secret training and has become impressively fast — look out for this guy at P200. Honestly, everyone killed it today and we were able to cover 3+ miles of pretty heavy work in the 45 minutes we had together.

Turns out we had a new(ish?) guy today. Unfortunately, YHC’s mind wasn’t working too well this morning; did the disclaimer but did not ask if new guys were present and so didn’t even realize we had an FNG 2NG? until hearing Toolbag’s recording after. Some ambiguity here I am still trying to get to the bottom of. Good chance it was Olde English, Pleats or Zekeface (all of whom first posted that Monday). Just spoke with Tagalong and he was useless in providing intel. Comments welcome below clearing up this mystery.

Either way, lesson one learned is always, always ask if there are new guys present. Wouldn’t have changed the workout, but definitely would have made a better effort to introduce myself and Tweet a welcome afterwards to my thousands hundreds tens of followers. My apologies, new(ish) guy — look forward to seeing you out again soon and meeting you properly.

Second lesson learned: try not to have to leave early, especially if you are the Q. The 5 rules of F3 exist for a reason, including the last one that it must end with a Circle of Trust. YHC made sure to ask the Site Qs to lead COT, but not actually being there definitely takes something away from it. Feels more like just another workout without those few minutes at the end to come together, recognize each other, and take a moment to pray together. Bonus points for anyone who can list the other 4 of the 5 rules in the comments.

Had a blast leading these men at The Maul and hope everyone got what they came for. Thanks to Toolbag and No Show for the invite to lead.



  • None on Toolbag’s recording and BROlympics is over now (thanks to all who came and those who helped!)
  • RunJenRun 5K is this weekend at Symphony Park. F3 and Speed For Need will be there. Still time to sign up or to come out and cheer. Talk to Frasier for details.
  • For anyone interested in OCR, a group of guys will be running Savage Race again this year. This is a great first obstacle race for those who are curious and is extremely well run (and less expensive than Spartan) for anyone looking to test themeselves. You can get 20% through tomorrow (3/1) using code LIBERTY4ALL