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Touched for the Very First Time

Rebel Yell was the tryst location for Teleporter’s VQ. He was joined by 15 South Charlotte Brothers. To heighten the experience, we were joined by Imp (a Cousin Eddie from Cary, NC).

The Q eased into the situation with the old standbys of a capri run, the windmill, and the side straddle hop. Perhaps feeling a little too frisky, the Q then made a rookie mistake by moving on to the Finkle Swing. Although the FS is an F3 exercise, the move was foreign to all (or most) of the 16 other Pax, who appeared to be taken aback by the freakish maneuver.

But soon thereafter, the action heated up with the group moving to a more secluded area of Stonecrest. The Q sensed the time was right to introduce speed bumps into the dalliance from which we performed merkins (in three different positions), LBCs, carioca, and lunges.

Perhaps seeking absolution in a medieval kind of way, the Q enticed the group to follow his lead to the parking lot of St. Matthew Church, whereupon we commenced to lifting rocks and sprinting (in a very loose sense of that term).  As that exercise was nearing its climax, the Q attempted to introduce a superman move with arms moving in a swimming motion. Let’s just say that portion of the exercise ended awkwardly and prematurely.

After making our way back on campus, we did some wall sitting and extended our enjoyment with  à trois of hill climbs, merkins/burpees (Pax choice) and LSSs. Bucky then took the lead on Marys until the Q could dive back in. In hindsight, the Q should have stayed out because the combination of sweet, exhaustion, and scents (namely coming from the dumpster) overcame the Q to the point he forgot how to do the Dolly. No worries though, playing the role of Corrector, Billy Goat set the Q straight by screaming (gently of course) “what are you doing” with a possible expletive thrown in. Appreciative of the supportive nudge from Billy Goat, the Q changed positions and brought the workout to its unforgettable conclusion.

The Q wants to publicly thank all of the brothers who helped him through various points of the Q. A special thanks goes to Kirby who took some time after the workout to empathize with, encourage, and challenge the Q on his life journey.

Summer School Doesn’t Suck Anymore

Cuthbertson High School was the site were ten Q wannabes were transformed into Q ready-to-bes through the terrific tutelage of Posse and Goodfella. Our fieldwork included discussing the disclaimer, working on cadence, running through some exercises (including triple nickel) and dissecting the various parts of the COT.

Upon concluding the post, Q School continued as we ventured over to Chick-Fil-A (no bagel boys in site) for additional tips, instructions, and insight. After we filled our bellies and brains, well-deserved thank yous were extended to Posse and Goodfella. We parted as better men and better leaders.