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Gumby spotted at the Peak

YHC hadn’t planned for another soaking rain to fall last night, so with headlamp on, I went to explore the track – site of several planned activities.  The verdict: h-e-hockeystick-hockeystick no.  Some quick mods, and we were back on track (figuratively, not literally).

Quick semi-professionally delivered disclaimer, and a quick mosey to pick up the six, still getting out of his car, then shuffle back to the bus parking lot at back and circle up for:


Seal Jack-15IC


Clock Merkins-5@each quarter hour

Mission Impossible Jacks-10IC

On, and almost forgot . . . SmurfJack-10IC


Lunge-walk to near pull-up station or 20 steps, whichever comes first.  Group up in 3s for Partner-assisted Pull-up Ladder: go from 5 to 1 by 1s.  P1 pull, P2 assist, P3 hold the ground down (aka “Plank”).


Back to bus lot and form two lines for a quick relay race.

Recovery mosey to the end (couldn’t we just have raced here and waited??).

Partner up: P1 plank, P2 decline merkins with feet on P1’s shoulder/back then flapjack. Ladder down from 10 to 2 by 2s.


Lunge walk to toward the hill beside the ball field or 30 steps (whichever comes first), then mosey to base of hill for 7s.

1 SQUAT @ bottom, run to top, 6 PlankJacks, down: 2/5, etc


Mosey to near wall.  People’s Chair w/front-raisers 15IC, recover, resume with air presses 15IC, recover, resume with Wall Marches 15IC  


Mosey to back of church parking lot for Mary and car avoidance training:



Dolly-15IC (dodge first car)

Dead bug-15IC (dodge second car)


Close w/bit of stretching: Dead Pigeon, then side-bend Warrior 4  (what is this, Gumby??)


Mosey to cars and COT



Isabella Santos 5K – Register.  Participate.

Susan G. Komen and Speed for Need – Register.  Participate.

Anyone interested in getting together for volleyball, talk to Cocktail




I love bringing “fresh material” to a workout.  So with that in mind, YHC treated the Pax of Peak51 to some variations of Merkins and Side-straddle-hops that they may never forget.  We had some renaming of the “Mission Impossible Jack” which you’ll have to ask those who were there to learn. #notfitforpublicconsumption  And who can forget the wall thingy (what was it called?).

Oh, if you haven’t heard, or just forgot, YHC always brings the pull-ups.  Always.

Good to see some familiar faces, and great to see some new ones.  It’s been a real treat to watch the Peak stay strong over the years.  Hope YHC’s idea of “moderate” provided enough challenge to satisfy, without dishing out too much of the #downpainment to trigger the #refusenik

Thanks for the chance to lead, gents.  ‘Twas a blast.



Where is everyone??

I’m not sure what cosmic convergence created the dearth of PAX this morning, but Tweetsie and I managed to put together a good stretching workout for The Mouth and the 2 site FNGs.


2 Timothy 4:2 (NASB)  preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort, with great patience and instruction.

Main Thang:

Cat/Cow warmup
Vinyasa/Sun salutations
Runner lunge series
Warrior sequence
Air chair sequence with bonus neck stretching
Windshield wiper to hip stretch to Dead Pigeon

Announcements – None

Welcome to Jeter and Jockstrap. Site FNGs and relatively new to F3 in general. Thanks for posting with us today. Unfortunate that most of the regulars were no-shows. Madison and Lois submitted their leave requests, but the rest of you boys were just AWOL and will be on KP for the rest of the month.

Speaking of AWOL, where the bleep was Playoffs? Guy posts every week for months, then vanishes without a trace. Won’t reply to email or anything. If anyone reading this sees him, please let him know we miss him and would love to have him back, but if he ain’t doin’ it, at least let someone know so we can replace him on the schedule and not have to scramble to slap together a workout at the last minute.

And speaking of apologies, I owe a big one to Tweetsie, who tried to catch up with me last night. I was in way offline so missed the multi-media message flurry. He went ahead and cooked up an entire workout just to be sure the show would go on.

Music was the other side of the reference YHC made last week (Ravi Shankar is to the sitar what Warren Haynes is to the guitar). We heard Warren Haynes live from Bonnaroo. Hope it was suitably soothing and rocking.


Keep stretching, gentlemen.  Best way to keep getting stronger without injury.

-Swiss Miss

Rice in the crack

7 men who know the value of a good beatdown posted  at Gumby anyway for some of the physical and aural stretching YHC brought.   After suggesting towels and rope, and noticing some rice in the cracks of the concrete next to my mat, we got things going.  Here’s the official version of what went down:

On your 6 (Hero Pose) and focus on breathing to open with the Devo:  Five Things Forgiveness Is Not
“Love isn’t selfish or quick tempered. It doesn’t keep a record of wrongs that others do” (1 Corinthians 13:5b CEV).

Shift to Tabletop and stretch here with Cat/Cow/sidebends.

Following poses for a few breaths each:

  • Plank
  • Cobra
  • Down Dog
  • Forward Fold

Then back through poses until Down Dog and 3-legged Dog – Right side, followed by Low Lunge, and twist.

Repeato Left.

Repeato sequence Right/Left.  Adding Crescent Lunge at the end this time.

Back through Sun Salute to Mountain.  Then on your 6 for Dead Pigeon.

Knees to chest to massage lower back, then rock and roll up to catchers pose for ankle/toe/groin stretching.

Plank to Warrior 1, 2 and Peaceful Warrior on right. Then Side Angle, try to open chest each exhale.

Repeato Left.

Back to 6 and straight leg w/rope to stretch hips: 10 R/L with Right leg.  Repeato Left leg.




Next week, if Playoffs is still AWOL, we’ll have round-robin of stretching: each Pax leading his favorite (or most hated) stretch.  YHC will bring the Devo.

Mark your calendars for next anti-Gumby: Kinetic Field Trip, Friday August 11.  Join Slack “Kinetic-Trips” channel for details.



Kudos to Lois (fellow J-schooler) for the catchy title.  The scouts must have been doing some merit badge that involved rice, because there was a lot of it in the expansion cracks of the concrete floor.  I noticed it and blurted out, “There’s rice in the crack.”  (some things are better left unspoken)

Kudos also to Fireman Ed, for not only sporting the long sleeves but also inspiring me to run through the low lunge w/twist a second time.  I needed it.  Hope y’all felt the same.

Apologies to the Pax for my brain fart when I started the music.  I said “Rick Warren” when I meant “Warren Haynes.”  I corrected it later, but I think the confusion had already set up like concrete.  Anyway, for the record: Ravi Shankar is to the sitar what Warren Haynes is to the guitar.

Thanks for the privilege of leading, gents.

Swiss Miss

Yo-ga, where did you get that mat?!?!


It was the perfect balmy morning for some broga! 9 PAX joined in for some solid stretching. Ready Mix joined us for the first time and was unprepared, not having his own mat. Good thing Swiss Miss was there. As you all know, Swiss Miss is an avid garage saler. “Early bird gets the worm” he was once quoted as saying. And he scored not too long ago with the purchase of a solid yoga mat for “like $2.00” or so he says. We couldn’t figure out if he purchased it or just swiped it out of someone’s open garage. Either way, Ready Mix was grateful.


  1. Corps Pose

Knees up and Windshield 5 – 6 times back and forth

  1. Table top Cat/Cow followed by side bends
    Sun Salutations* – slow 2-breath pace at first, then OYO MEET IN PLANK
  2. Right Foot forward in runner’s lunge

Prayer twist – left elbow on right knee
Back to runner’s lunge
Up to Warrior 1 – Warrior 2 – Peaceful Warrior – Warrior 2
Turn to face side of mat and forward fold
Move hands to right ankle and hold for 5 breaths
Move hands to left ankle and hold for 5 breaths
Back to center
Warrior 2 – Warrior 1 – back to Mountain Pose
Sun Salutations – 2X OYO MEET IN PLANK

  1. Left Foot forward in runner’s lunge

Prayer twist – left elbow on right knee
Back to runner’s lunge
Up to Warrior 1 – Warrior 2 – Peaceful Warrior – Warrior 2
Turn to face side of mat and forward fold
Move hands to right ankle and hold for 5 breaths
Move hands to left ankle and hold for 5 breaths
Back to center
Warrior 2 – Warrior 1 – back to Mountain Pose

  1. Bridge and hold.  Release, hug knees and release tension with slight rocking.  Repeat 2X


  1. Dead Pigeon

Right ankle on left knee for 5 – 6 breaths
Left ankle on right knee for 5 – 6 breaths

  1. Bound Angle

Sit on floor with legs extended straight out in front.
Bend knees but bring the soles of feet together
Use elbows to push knees toward ground  for 5 – 6 breaths

  1. Hurdle Stretch

Right foot out left foot to right knee for 5 -6 breaths
Flapjack for 5 – 6 breaths

  1. Extended Child’s Pose

Walk fingers RIGHT.
Walk fingers LEFT.

  1. Table top to Fire Hydrant 5X RIGHT, 5X LEFT
  2. Closing savasana.

2nd Annual Potluck-o-Pain

YHC’s plan for today’s edition of Skunkworks was to get back to our roots: the fun assortment of gear that used to be the bread and butter of a good Skunking.  Since YHC doesn’t own that much, I thought, “Hey, why not have everyone bring their own favorite gear?” And so the 2nd Annual Potluck-O-Pain was born.  Fortunately, some people remembered to bring gear, so we had a good variety of “dishes” (thankfully no plates).  Here’s how breakfast was served:

Disclaimer and bit of explanation and gear assignment for those who forgot, then:

Count off by 2s. (Turned out to be little more than an extended 10-count). Everyone go to your gear or some of the KBs for . . .

The Main Thang:
50 seconds on, 10 to switch.  Go Clockwise.  Repeato 10X.  10-count recovery then repeat 10-minute group.  Rinse and repeat once more for total of 30 intervals.

“Stations” =

  • Some kind of twisty Merkin things – look like defibrillator paddles
  • 50# sand bags for squats or running
  • 35# slam ball
  • Balance-board merkinator (2×4 on 3” PVC fulcrum)
  • Slosh pipe for squats or whatever
  • Sledgehammer + tire for wood-chops
  • Pullup station (AO provided)
  • Run around the track
  • Grass sled for “grassburners”
  • Sledgehammer and tire for “Happy Gilmore” side-ways smashing
  • Brick pavers for arm circles
  • (optional: Crate with pavers for squats, curls or whatever)
  • Tire flip (AO provided)
  • Jump rope (did anyone use it?)
  • Several kettlebells “stations” for PAX choice

20IC-Greatest American Hero
10OYO- Louganis

F3 Dads 0900 Saturday Col Beatty Park
Church on the Street – 1st Sunday of each month.  Need help July 2nd
Tomorrow 0530 – Gumby – recovery workout @ Scout Hut (Fullwood/Trade)
Tomorrow 0530 – Kinetic Heights field trip   LINK:

Thanks for everyone who posted today and special “THANK YOU” to the guys who brought some gear to make the 2nd Annual Potluck-o-Pain a success.  Lois brought the jump rope, but I can’t remember seeing anyone using it.  Including Lois.  Stone Cold travels with his gear, so he didn’t have to remember to bring anything.  Just pulled it out of the boot.  High Tide brought the slosh pipe (gave to me at Meat Head last week), and we all had fun trying to balance about 30# of water in an 8’ tube.  Someone (no names) knocked off the cap, and some kind of toxic waste spilled on the ground and started glowing.  Hope nobody stepped in it – think it would eat through the bottom of your shoes.  Fortunately we were about at the end, and everyone who wanted to had taken at least one turn on it.  Being waterless made it MUCH easier to load in the van.

YHC hopes some of this variety inspires the Qs of future Skunkings to mix it up.  KBs and running are good, but variety is a spice girl of life . . . or something like that.

Thanks for the privilege of leading, gents.

-Swiss Miss

Gumby goes to Motown

After some struggle with the building alarm, YHC was able to get the lights on and tunes cued for another amazing edition of #F3Gumby.

Start in Savasana. Today’s Devo: Time to Contribute (Psalm 3:6)

Swing around to come up on hands/knees:
TABLETOP. Take 10 breaths to stretch here CAT/COW or side bends or whatever feels good.
PLANK, UPDOG – take 5 breaths here to stretch hips, side, shoulders . . .
DOWNDOG – walk it out 5B
Step/hop up to top of mat

High Lunge Sequence: ALL OF THE FOLLOWING INHALE/EXHALE for each move: Half-way lift, forward fold, upward salute.
Swan Dive to forward fold, half-way lift, forward fold and step back with RIGHT leg (inhale), square hips (exhale), INHALE UP, EXHALE DOWN, INHALE PLANK, EXHALE CHATURANGA, INHALE UPDOG, EXHALE DOWNDOG, INHALE RIGHT LEG FORWARD to HIGH LUNGE, EXHALE square hips, INHALE up, Exhale down, INHALE left leg to top of mat and half-lift, Exhale forward fold, Inhale upward salute.
REPEATO with other leg.
REPEATO entire series with 4-BREATH hold at each Up of the High Lunge for RIGHT
then LEFT
REPEATO with 3-BREATH hold, 2-BREATH hold and 1-BREATH hold

On your six. Windshield wiper legs right and left. 5B. Left ankle on R knee and fold left, arms “T” 5B. Flapjack and repeato.

Grab both knees to chest and rock around a bit to massage lower back, then font to back until get enough momentum to roll up to toes.

Toe stretch: Place feet with toes on ground and push back to bring weight to bear on the toes as you either sit fully on your toes (i.e. Catcher) or keep some weight in your hands to soften the stretch. Take 10 breaths to relax into this pose, letting the tension go from your feet. Come back down to knees and hands and pick up toes and take a breath to flex them.
Plank, Sun Salute OYO 2X, meet in elbow plank.
Shift to Table top, then put padding under knees if needed facing windows for Gate Pose 10B right, 10B left.

Sun Salutation
Mountain down to Table Top.
Right Leg straight behind, then draw in to nose, back out/in 3X total.
Repeato Left for 3X total.
Right Leg out straight behind, then bend at knee 90degrees and draw circles 3 X forward, 3X backward. Back to Table Top, then Repeato Left Leg for 3X forward, 3X backward.
Back to Table Top. Push back to sitting on six for Firelog 10B right on left, then FLAPJACK 10B
Savasana and END

3rd F 11:45 Wednesdays @ LePeep, Arboretum
Donate to Speed for Need here and put a “3” in your donation, like $103
Booyah on Q next week. Come warmed up.

Music today was from Amazon Music album called Motown. Trying to get something more upbeat than flute and bells, but not as keyed up as . . . whatever. The description of the album is “Smooth Jazz Sax Instrumentals.” I thought it was fine. Comment below if you felt differently.
Hope the introduction of a new pose “The Gate” was helpful as we try to expand our repertoire. It was pretty uncomfortable for me, but not as much a Ninja stretch, so I hope we’ll see it again.
Solid take-out, Paper Jam. Thank you.


Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track. Proverbs 3:6 Message Bible

Bunch of hollering but no yodeling

There was a full house at the Peak this morning.  So cool for YHC to come back after months away and see how well things are growing.  Speaking of growth, we welcomed our newest FNG this morning . . . but more about that in a second, first, here’s what we did:

Disclaimer – Mosey around front of school to basketball court for COP:
Slow Merkins-15 (3 down/1up)
Hillbilly – 15
CDD – 15
LSS-15 (low slow squat)
8-count Man-maker – 10

On to the Main Thang:  Mosey to playground equipment and find a pull-up or supine pull-up bar of choice
Up & hold 5 count then 5-count descent – Q hollering the counts
Various recovery things OYO (8-count man-makers, diamond merkins, wide-arm merkins).
Repeato 10X

Mosey to bus parking lot
Rock Hoppers,  Merkins, Jump Squats
Set of 10 each, then 8/6/4/2
Plank or LBC recovery until all Pax done

Mosey to wall: People’s Chair with straight-arm raises in cadence: 60, 45, 30 secs

Mosey to top of parking lot behind church
Lunge-walk to mid-point then mosey rest of the way to the bottom
Backward lunge-walk back to mid-point then backward mosey to the top
Speed skate 15 OYO (R+L=1)
Calf raises – 15 IC

Circle up and on your 6 for some Mary:
Flutter – 15IC
Freddie Mercury – 15IC
Dolly – 15IC
Dead Bug – 15IC

Mosey to cars and circle up for Merkin wave (as much fun to watch as to do)

Q-school Saturday in Union County at Sun Valley BoJangles at 6:30.  Don’t ask.  Just post.
Join Tuesday workouts Fortitude @ Men’s Shelter 5:45 on N.Tryon (Qs Slaughter/Pipeline)

Welcome to Gas House!  Newest member of the F3 Nation.  Thanks to Tebow for EH’ing him.

I had fun leading this morning, guys, thanks for the opportunity.  We had great weather and an appreciative audience for some novel ways to sweat, like the 8-count man-maker, dead bugs, and merkin wave. I haven’t been at the Peak since they eliminated that middle-of-the-track play set, so was grateful for the help in finding those other two play sets over on the side so everyone could find a bar to pull up.

If you haven’t Q’d, then you need to post at the BoJangles on Saturday for Q school.
Have a great day!

-Swiss Miss

Time to bring out the rope

It was nice to head out without getting rained on this morning.  Even if it was only to walk to the scout hut.

Disclaimer given, we got started with some sleep . . . well, not exactly.  Here’s what really went down:

Meditation/Reflection: shavasana and breathe
TABLE TOP: Cat/Cow -> Plank -> Down Dog (Walk the dog) -> Half-way Lift -> Forward Fold -> (i.e. Sun Salutations) once slowly with Q, then 2X OYO – follow breath, meet in Mountain
Mountain -> Plank -> lower through chaturanga to Up Dog and hold.
Sun Salutation, stopping in Mountain
Eagle Pose – on right leg, R arm over L. Hold 5 breaths. Flapjack and hold 5 breaths
Chair to sit and then savasana
Neck stretch: right hand under hip, left hand over head and gently pull head to left and hold 10 breaths. Flapjack with 10-breath hold.
Bit of Abs: Canoe/Boat
Up to Seated. Right leg straight, left leg bent with foot flat beside inner thigh. Twist left with elbow. Back straight, head last. Hold 5 breaths, try to get bit more stretch each exhale. Release with head first then back. Flapjack for 5-breath hold.
Lie down and grasp knees to chest. Rock side to side for a bit, the rock front to back getting bigger and bigger until come to feet and hands.
Plank. Once all in, Sun Salutation 2X OYO. Meet in Mountain.

Lower down through Chair to 6. Lie down. Start hip stretches with rope:
Alternating knee to chest 5 rounds of R/L. Start w/1 breath then +1 each round
Alternating straight leg up (with towel or strap). 2 rounds w/5 breaths per side. Feet @90 to legs and toes pulled in to shin. Press through both heels. GENTLE HAMSTRING STRETCH. Total 2X/side.
Straight leg to side: Return to your right side and take both strap ends in your right hand, extending your left arm along the floor. Exhale to lower your right leg to the right. Try to keep your left hip on the floor and your left kneecap pointing up. You should feel a stretch in your inner right thigh, but no lower-back strain. Inhale to lift your right leg back up; exhale to release it to the floor. Switch sides. 5 breaths. Total 2X/side.
Inhale to bring your right leg back to vertical. With the strap around the arch of your foot, bring both ends into your left hand. Place your right thumb into your right hip crease and draw your hip down slightly so that you maintain length and space in the lower back. Exhale to draw your leg left across your body. 5 breaths. Inhale to bring your leg back to vertical. Release the strap and switch legs. 5 breaths. Total 2X/side.
Dead Pigeon. 10 breaths. Switch sides and repeat. Total 1X/side

Lie down for shavasana (revisit meditation)

Q-school Saturday in UCo at Sun Valley BoJangles at 6:30
Richard Sheltra Memorial 10K, 5K & 1 Mile Fun Run on Saturday. Preblast here.
Sign up to Q Gumby here.

Great to welcome two new site FNGs: Mad and Elrod. T-claps for coming to give Gumby a try – AND for bringing your own mat.
We never get enough time to stretch everything, but today YHC tried to hit most. Some arm/shoulder and neck stretching, which we don’t often do, plus some hip/hammie, which we usually do, but today we went after it in a different way.
Hope the stretching helped you loosen up all the tightness from workouts – and regular work.
High Tide has the Q next week, so you know it’ll be great. EH your neighbor or co-worker – plenty of space in the scout hut for more pax.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

The Return of the Ninja

Hoping to save the good name of Gumby from the ravages illness and travel brought last week, YHC brought a new playlist and extra-stretchy weinke for this morning’s workout.  Here’s how it rolled:

Savasana, Devo.
Windshield wiper – 5 Breaths
Right ankle on left knee and twist left, face right, arms T – 5B; flip it – 5B
Cat/Cow – 10B

Plank, Sun Salute 2B each pose, 2X together then 2X more OYO, meet in Mountain
Up, down, half-way lift, chaturanga, UpDog, DownDog.
Right leg high, to nose, high step through to runner’s lunge – 2B
Sweep arms up and stretch – 5B
Arms down and back to plank.  Sun Salute OYO X2, meet in DownDog.
Repeato other side.

Right leg high, to nose, high step through to runner’s lunge – 2B
Sweep arms up, the to prayer-center, then twist to Right (elbow on knee).  Hands stay or spread to deepen twist – 5B.  Then back to center and twist to left, right hand on ground – 5B.  Back to center, frame foot, SunSalute OYO X2, meet in DownDog.
Repeato other side.

Step back with Right foot into Warrior 1 – 2B, Warrior 2 – 2B, Face side: 5-pointed star -2B, Fold at middle, straight back and stretch inner thigh, hammies, back, whatever feels good for 10B.
Back up to 5-pointed star, Warrior 2, Warrior 1, step up to Mountain.  Sun Salute 2X OYO meet in Mountain.
Step back with Left foot into Warrior 1 – 2B, Warrior 2 – 2B, Face side: wide-legged squat all the way down and slowly shift weight to right side, left leg straight and toes up = ninja stretch 10B.  Use hands to walk to left side and stretch right leg 10B.  Walk hands to middle and slowly raise torso.  Warrior 2 – 2B, Warrior 1 – 2B, step up to Mountain.  Sun Salute X2 OYO.
Squat and lower to back (roll if want).
Dead Pigeon 10B each side.

Savasana and refresh of Devo

Q school at SunValley/Outland AO April 29 – meet at 6:30 @ Bojangles (Madison has details – and watch Twitter)
Need Qs for Gumby: Sign up here.  High Tide and I can help with the music and weinke

It was great weather this morning – cool, not raining . . . all perfect for a solid outdoor beatdown, so it was hard for YHC to turn my back on the chance to have a pre-run (very mini beatdown).  But the call of duty prevailed, so I headed in and got ready to stretch . . . by stretching.  Well, actually, just using the roller, but still, there’s enough irony there to be worth the mention.

Anyway, it was great to see the regulars, some irregulars, and one site FNG: WELCOME BULLWINKLE.  Thanks to Madison for the rescue with the extra mat for Bullwinkle.

John 15:4, NIV: “Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me.”

No one is safe

With more cars than PAX, YHC got Gumby going knowing that things were a little off. Sadly for one of us, it only took being off a little to make all the difference . . .

Start in seated position, long spine relaxed shoulders, legs comfortably crossed, eyes closed and relax. Focus on breathing.

MEDITATION/DEVO: Refuse to worry!

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? Since you cannot do this very little thing, why do you worry about the rest?” – Luke 12:25-26

The main Thang:
Lie down onto back: windshield wiper slowly following breath. 5/side
Grab knees and rock front to back until get to seated then to table top for: cat/cow 5B

Table Top: bend right/left with breath 5B

Plank, Chaturanga, up dog 2 breaths, down dog and peddle out, walk up and sun salutation with breathing at each position. Meet in upward salute.

Warrior 3 (R planted, Left leg swings up), step back to Warrior 1, 2, Peaceful, elbow to knee and side stretch. Stopping at each pose for 2 breaths.

Hands down, runner’s lunge stretch (crescent stretch) 5B

Plank to salutation series 2X following your breath. Meet in Mountain.

Warrior 3 (LEFT planted, R leg swings up), step back to Warrior 1, 2, Peaceful, elbow to knee and side stretch. Stopping at each pose for 2 breaths.

Hands down, runner’s lunge stretch (crescent stretch) 5B

Plank, Chaturanga and salutation series 2X following your breath. Meet in Mountain.

down to table top, then feet wider and sit up to ease back onto six (support with block or hands if can’t fully land on six), 5B

Transition to Down Dog through table top. Up on toes. Lift R leg straight up, cheetah, back, cheetah, Left foot flat on mat and Right knee at 90degrees and do large circle 2X forward, then 2X reverse.
Sun Salute OYO ending back in Down Dog.
Up on toes. Lift LEFT leg straight up, cheetah, back, cheetah, Right foot flat on mat and Right knee at 90degrees and do large circle 2X forward, then 2X reverse.
Sun Salute OYO ending back in Upward Salute.
Lower down onto toes and rock back like baseball catcher. Use hands/fingers to keep balanced if needed. 5B

Back to table top then right foot forward and flat on mat, bend in knee if can’t make straight. Left leg still on knee and foot on arch or toes. Half forward fold. Hands on leg or foot if can stretch that far. 5B.

Back to table top and straighten right leg, cheetah, straight, cheetah, straight and tabletop.

Repeat stretch on left leg (left foot forward and flat (bend knee if
needed) and stretch over it and breathe 5B.

Back to table top and straighten LEFT leg, cheetah, straight, cheetah, straight and tabletop.

Straighten Right leg and place, toe down, on left side and twist body to left and gaze to left toes. 5B

Straighten LEFT leg and place, toe down, on Right side and twist body to Right and gaze to Right toes. 5B

Child’s pose, walk fingers out. Head to mat if possible with six on your heels. Breathe 5X, then finger walk to left 5B, right 5B

Plank to Mountain. Face LEFT and step wide for wide-leg forward fold. Keep breathing, but take a few minutes to gently stretch, using slow side-to-side movements if you want, or just shifting hips to get slightly more/less stretch in each side.

Step to top of mat and Sun Salutation with 2 breaths at each pose, meet back at Sun Salute.

Eagle Pose ~5B then switch

Bridge with a bind

Roll it out.

Rest all the way down, relax and deepen your breath. Devo revisit: Refuse to worry!

Opening for this Saturday Outland Q – contact Madison
Paper Jam has the Q next week (his Gumby VQ)
Plenty of other Q opportunities. Don’t be shy. Go for it!


Things got off to a slow start this morning. Only 4 other PAX joined YHC when the clock struck 0530. Arena had spotted Madison’s car in the lot, but he wasn’t here. After a while he and Paper Jam came in. Turns out they took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and got a bonus mile on their planned warm-up run.
Sadly for Nomad, things also didn’t go as planned this morning for him. At some point early on, his lower back decided it was time to stop being nice. It communicated it’s displeasure by sending shooting pain to his brain and effectively ending his workout for the day. By the end, he was able to get to his car when we all left, but his back was still not right.
YHC has had a similar encounter with a recalcitrant back, which had a fit while I was putting down the double kettlebells at a Skunkworks post last year. Moving was hard for the next few days, and only after many weeks did my back finally stop complaining. I guess the moral of the story is: Injuries suck and can come at the least expected times. If you have a story to share along these lines, post in Comments. Or if you see a better moral, ditto.

Thanks for the chance to offer some suggestions and get stretchier.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 “Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”