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Up the River / Down the River

Warmup 20ea



Leg stretch

Mountain climbers

Calf stretch


Moroccan night club

Mosey to collect coupons

The thang: 10 reps each timed for 10 min with recovery mosey between rounds

Cumulative/ “days of Christmas” style with short hot lap between

Round 1: top to bottom

Round 2: bottom to top

  • Hop over coupon
  • Squat bent over row
  • Squat thruster
  • Coupon flutter press
  • Lunge
  • Romanian deadlift with curl
  • Merkin side to side

Bonus: AMRAP w/o running x 8 min till …



Quite a showing from a greater than 50% respect crowd. Everyone pushed hard and worked up a great sweat despite low mileage. Who needs the mileage anyway, right @fusebox? And since the backblast is coming out day after, I can attest that the legs are feeling the benefit of those weighted deadlifts.

COT (kneeling no – man- touch shield kick prayer)

Prayers for death of a neighbor in Lawson

Folding party at Christ Closet Thurs

DM YHC if you haven’t Q’d in March and want a 3/30 q at Asylum

Cold Hands

A chilly end to an otherwise balmy week might’ve diminished the numbers …

for Camp Gladiator

But 15 HIM braved a nippy first morning in November and my Hope was to make it worth their while.

Warm up

McGee understood “warm up” to mean cup your hands over the warmest part of your body at every possible opportunity.

15 each

Los low squat

Imperial walker

Morrocan night club (in squad)


Jingle balls

Mosey to

The thang: (on the green monster).

Paula Abduls using tree circles (to the sidewalk)

Sets of 10

Round 1:

Two steps forward: Sister Mary Catherine’s

lunge walk back: Imperial squawker.

While we started on the sidewalks on either side of the green monster we gradually spread across the grass noticing it was surprisingly less damp than we expected. Meaning it wasn’t a large puddle.

I had originally planned using the entire length of the green monster but the going was slower than expected so I audibled to the sidewalk in the middle as our goal...but not because of McGees moaning mumble chatter

From the sidewalk Bear crawl back for the six – (how are the hands feeling now?)

Round 2:

In and out

bear crawl back

Mike Tyson.

The whole body was warm now except, of course, the hands.

Mary at the sidewalk for:

Heels to heaven.


j lo’s

mosey back to Viva chicken with time enough for American hammer and Freddie Mercury x 20 IC.


Judging by the gradually diminishing mumble chatter as the pax progressed through the Paula Abdul’s (and my own burning legs right now) I think the pax got the workout they needed to cap off the work week. Great effort by every one and a pleasure to serve you all. Thanks to Mousetrap for taking us out

See you again soon in the gloom.


Christ closet CSUP nov 9

Q source books available on Amazon and will be rinsing and repeating once the year turns over

Q School and Site Q school tomorrow morning

Hiphopopotamus* Mix Tape

After fending off @zinfandel ‘s weinke – peak attempt, semi DiCCS were given. I think I hit everything but we’re in an empty parking lot… or so we thought…

Warm Up

We were on our Warm Up mosey to the Five Stones sign and back when the howl of a suburban wolf hound split through the mumble chatter. An omen?

20 Ea IC:


Imperial Walker

Morocan nightclub

Mountain Climber


With the warm done, mosey to the Corolla to pick bricks for the…

Second breakfast warmup

What?! a second warm up? Much like the first but a little more intensity ’cause… bricks

20 ea IC

Hiphopopotamus* : picture a SSH with arms and legs criss – crossing in front… with bricks.

*not in the exicon that I can tell, but it should be … and it now has a name for which I cannot take credit:

this one features some fashionable safteywear:

Imperial Squaker … with bricks

Morocan night club … in Al Gore … with bricks

Jingle Balls IC: no bricks but one of my favorites ’cause… balls

Peter Parker Merkins x 10

Then Mosey over to the back of Mt. Chiseled to set bricks aside briefly for light-ish dumbells. Now… I already felt the questioning from both site Qs and @damascus prior to this. Really? You only need bricks and 10-15 lb dumbells?? for a gear work out??? Ah but this isn’t just any old fling -around -some -big- heavy- weights- and -grunt -and -then -do -some -curls- for- the -girls gear workout. Some backstory is in order here: Before my wife encouraged me to check out F3- yes I’m man enough to admit that it was she that introduced me to this amazing organization – we had done some BeachBody DVDs together. P90x; T25; and her favorite- 21Day Fix. As I was prepping for Chiseled this week I thought, “I wonder how a workout designed by a (#seriouslycut) woman would go over in a purely man’s group?” And so my little experiment was born. Here it is:

Really? You only need bricks and 10-15 lb dumbells?? for a gear work out???




The Thang:

x 25 single leg with dumbbells or bricks then flap jack

  • Curtsy lunge with arm fly raises: one leg goes back behind and across to the outside while the arms raise over the head
  • Sword Pull side lunge: lunge sideways with weights to the floor then raise the opposite arm laterally above the head as you return to center (touche’)
  • Single leg Romanian lift with curl: tweetie bird down with both weights then bring the back leg forward as the arms curl up
  • Sister MC with clean: jump lunge with a single dumbell

It became immediately evident to most pax including YHC that to keep good form we would have to adjust weights for each move. i.e bricks for the fly/ dumbbells for the curls. Fly raises with 12lb bells was not happening. Form is more important than pride in the weight. Heavy weight + bad form = injury. Judging from the silence and grunts and sweat, the experiment was a success.

Core work was next: Slam ball circle Pass w/ American hammer while waiting for 2 slamballs to make it around until YHC saw 10 go by. At 8, @zinfandel offered to expose the final 2 required but he couldn’t stand up fast enough ’cause around they came.

Scorpion Docs: dry docs with a leg raised x 25 each leg

Suicide / Brick lunges: teams of 2 using the moves learned above with a light post suicide partner timer.

We got through Curtsy Lunge with arm raises, Sword Pull side lunge and Single leg Romanian lifts with curl before time was called


ZERO Prostate cancer 5K/ SFN Sept 14. Sign up to learn more via email. Will keep blasting out.

Big announcement coming /save the date for Labor Day convergence

Wedding Singer on stage

Sandbox Prom Friday before Labor day


It’s an honor and a privilege to lead a work out of beautiful men under a beautiful sunrise instead of avoiding the silicone allure on a DVD or nearby stairmaster! This was now my 3rd Q and I thought it appropriate to honor my M who has always been more diligent with exercise than me and heard about F3 years ago from a girlfriend. It took me another 2 years to decide to check it out for myself. Now almost 8 months later, I can say I am grateful to all my brothers in F3 Union county, Waxhaw, SOB, Area51 and beyond. Looking forward to DadCamp and years of Fitness, Fellowship and Faith to come!

Sent from my iPhone


Given that

  1. dudes love jokin’ about ’em
  2. we all owe our existence to ’em,
    • AND
  3. I fix ’em and/or chop ’em off for a living

I thought I’d try my hand at bustin’ em for my VQ.

Warm up:

Mosey around Hickory Tavern to the first audible of the morning: a tree across the sidewalk meant we were running across parking lots and curbs rather than the sidewalk on our way to the bank parking lot to circle up.

  • SSH IC x 20
  • Imperial Walkers IC x 20
  • Goofballs IC x 15 (picture a standing mountain climber with arms and a visual result as the name implies)

Up to this point was all I could remember and the VQ jitters were still in play while I fumbled with my iPhone to refresh my memory…

Deep breath, embrace the anxiety and carry on…

  • Squat IC x 20 (dodging my phone on the ground as pax after pax winced at the close calls)
  • Mountain climber IC x 20
  • Jingle balls in 8 count cadence x 10

From the plank position, move right foot to right hand, back, right foot to left hand, back, left foot to left hand, back, left foot to right band, back.

F3 Exicon

Actually a good leg stretch and once you get the rhythm, it begins to burn the obliques. Might make this my signature move. Also, if they weren’t before, the Pax are beginning to pick up on a theme…

  • DD/ calf stretch while I fumble again with the iPhone / weinke
  • Plank/ 6 in (Damascus says “NO!”)
  • Plank jacks IC x 20
  • Compass with slow count Merkins IC x 8 (one per pax) with pax calling out compass points.

“N… E… S… ” was totally boring until Smokey calls out “270 degrees (why not just say West?). Much confusion ensued. Total slow (3-count lowering in cadence) Merkins: 30 (started at 5 per compass point but audible to 3 due to YHC knowing the shoulder pain ahead and hoping to protect the rotator cuffs assembled)

Indian run w/ bupee to Target parking lot for

the THANG:

Four star in Target parking lot a la @fusebox

Introduced Bulgarian ball busters:

Reverse lunge ending with a sharp knee-up. Should be accompanied by a karate sound for maximum effect

  • 5 burpees in the middle
  • Bulgarian ball busters x 20 Left leg
  • Bulgarian ball busters x 20 Right leg
  • Mary Catherine x 20
  • Squats x 20

Pax were asking for more.

Just one time through?


Mosey around the back of Petsmart where we had to reel @transporter back from picking up the black plastic “sandbags” laying by the (un)loading dock … of the PET STORE… 

Marry at the parking strip above starting point for sprint suicide

options: “near” speed bump / “far” speed bump / “farthest” stop sign …. sprint there and back and marry for 5 Merkins IC in between. Each pax calls a destination. Much sweating ensued. And even though @Smokey has recently earned the respect moniker, when he was breathing down my neck on last sprint, there was no way I was letting him past…

Finally, my pièce de résistance: Mosey to the alley by Hickory Tavern forAscending testicles.

This is the Exicon exercise that gave me the whole idea for the theme of my VQ. There it sat at the bottom of the first page of the Exicon site beckoning. I modified as follows:

  • OYO with feet against the alley wall: 10 Merkins
  • 15 degrees up the wall: 5 Derkins
  • 45 degrees up the wall: 5 Derkins
  • Balls to the wall: hold for 10 count or press it out: if… you… can.
  • rinse and repeat x 3: if… you… can

Sundry Ab work until time called (during which my repeated compressions on my phone caused it to reset itsself and erase all record of the last 2 weeks of my life). I need a watch.

CoT/ announcements

  • Q source
  • Bible study monday night
  • Murph’s a-coming
  • Thanks to Transporter for taking us out

As the first (so far only) FNG to Asylum, it was an appropriate venue for my VQ. Much thanks to all the pax who out came in support. I love the camaraderie of a smaller AO and especially the opportunity for an always deep QSource after. Ackbar’s only complaint was the indian run pace that sped up as soon as he dropped for his burpee. In actuality, you always bring joy and positivity with you and I love being around you. Chastain put in a solid performance and embraced the pain. Transporter, Kid Rock, Blue Screen and Smokey led the charge and pushed us all on the sprints . Shop Dawg led from the back like a wolf pack Alpha and his presence always brings a steadying force. Damascus not only refused to plank 6 inches but he refused to removed his 15 pound vest even with his balls to the wall – a beautiful beastly man.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you all a ball – busting this morning.