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We were not crucified

13 PAX (plus another 5 at Swarm) at Impromptu this morning…no site Q’s to be found…Recalc looked all morning.

Easy mosey behind the school to Rudy’s shed/bus lot. Circle up for SSHs, Imperial Walkers, 6” planks, some stretching (against Recalc’s advice), Elbow plank/reverse Peter Parkers.

The Thang
Mosey to the traffic circle, to the wood benches. Partner up, exercise is 200 dips, partner runs down to and around the circle. Then to the steel benches/picnic tables for 200 shoulder taps with feet on bench (2 was 1).

Mosey to large parking lot by football field for 4 corners. Since it’s Good Friday…
20 Crucifix merkins
20 Toe touches
20 Bicep merkins
20 Crucifix crunches
Since it is the 2nd day of the month, 2 burpees in between each set in the middle

Mosey to Rudy’s shed. 1 burpee at each light as we finished at COT J.I.T.


Anytime you want Golden Plates to attend a workout tell him I am the Q (Fusebox).

Waxhaw Trail Fest (WTF) – May 1st starting at Walnut Creek Park, t-shirts available for purchase
Clean up downtown Waxhaw, April 17th…should be quick. Coffeeteria afterwards. Bring leaf blowers, rakes, gloves, etc.
Off the chain site is moving to Wednesdays, 6pm Walnut Creek
FNG (Dustin) who started his first workout with SWARM…aka Dunkin

Rain rain didn’t go away…

DICCS covered, all good except Posse doesn’t like being asked for the time more than once

Mosey to covered area by the school bus lot.

Imperial walkers, potato pickers, 6″ plank, mountain climbers, calf stretch (from the pax that blew out both of them in 2020).  Should we stay under cover?  NOPE…needed a little mileage.

Mosey to neighborhood across the road.

Driveways on right to the cul-de-sac, alternating speed skaters & bobby h’s.  Comment (mad dog) made about how glorious it was be to stay off the ground with the stated exercises.

On way back, driveways on right, alternating lunges & side straddle hop

Mosey across to other neighborhood (same side as school) to first street on left for 7’s on the hill…

Dry docks & plank jacks

Mosey back to covered area by the school bus lot.

American hammers, merkins, lbc’s, shoulder taps, peter parkers

Mosey back to COT.  Rudy had enough of the rainy condition and took off…should have competed at the Rooster with that pace.  90 seconds left we finished with low slow squats


CPR March 29th – Sign up

New A/O on rising of the next full moon @ Waxhaw elementary.  In addition, whenever there is a full moon we will have an iron pax workout, first one will be led by Chastain.  Purpose is to split up Flash so Posse will review recent Flash workouts and assign pax as Q’s.

Also noted there are too many announcements in the COT and that may be limiting the opportunity for pax to open up so we are looking for guys to help start a weekly news letter to communicate all of the announcements, upcoming events, etc.  Based on historical texting examples, Schneider will not be allowed to help with the newsletter.

Prayer request for my niece Lauren was added.

We kind of had a FNG (Return of Golden Plates v2)

16 Pax showed up for my VQ at Chiseled today.  After very little prodding I was able to get a few Pax to attend that do not normally attend Chiseled so that was great…appreciate the support

Warm Up

Mosey up to the entrance on Cuthbertson Rd then back to COT, doing butt kickers the last 1/4.

Then some quick warm up exercises in cadence:

  • Side straddle hop
  • Potato pickers
  • Merkins
  • Calf stretch (didn’t hear Damascus moaning so he must have been fartsacking)
  • Runner stretches


The Thang

Walked over to Mt. Chiseled with our coupon (rifle carry), partnered up with someone with different abilities and performed the following with a run around Mt Chiseled as the timer:

  • Curls w/coupon
  • Speedskaters w/bricks
  • Dry docks
  • Low slow squats w/coupon
  • Chest presses w/coupon
  • American hammers w/bricks
  • Lunges w/bricks
  • Derkins
  • Step ups
  • Shoulder taps
  • Continue until 6 caught up and there were 8 min left

Walk back to COT with coupon (rifle carry) to finish with a few more exercises:

  • Moroccan night clubs
  • Heels to heaven
  • LBC’s
  • Flutters
  • Fuse Box’s version of a ½ burpee
  • Draper’s chest presses



No Vups or Blockees which didn’t go well with Doughboy.  Not a hard workout, easy to understand but it’s what we all put into it.  None of us get up to work out at 5:30am to dog it and that was clear today.  069 enjoyed it so much he was still doing curls after everyone left 5 stones.  Also thanks to Golden Plates for the music.


  • Happy Hour tonight, 5-7pm, at Lawson pool parking lot new side.  BYOB
  • Q-school 3/6, 6:30am @ Cuthbertson MS
  • Rooster 3/13 starts at 6am in Rock Hill. SIGN UP on GM
  • CPR signup sheet will be posted soon. March 29th, 6-8pm @ 5 stones
  • Mention for my niece/goddaughter Lauren in the prayer

VQ…rain ray stay away

23 men arrived for Impromtu…the forecasters promised rain but it didn’t rain which was awesome (so I didn’t have to modify).

Warm Up

There was a mention of Driftwood and his warm up runs…maybe a little similar but definitely not the same pace.

SLOW jog behind CMS, past buses to front of CMS

Circles up to do:

20 side straddle hop
20 imperial walkers
Plank, then 6”, back to plank
20 mounts climbers
Calf stretch, flapjack
20 shoulder touches

The Thang

Mosey to picnic tables behind HS
Partner up. One does dips/squats, other runs around circle, 2 runs each. Then one does merkins/step ups, other runs around circle, 2 runs each.  Total of 4 runs around circle for each person.

Then mosey to large parking lot, 4 corners
20 heels to heaven
20 plank jacks
20 American hammers
20 Derkins
2 burpees in middle between exercises, Repeat until the 5 min warning

Head back to COT


Thanks to all for all of the support in helping before and showing up this morning for my VQ.


F3 dads on Saturday, 8/15 @ Newtown, 9am

Open Door – 3 meetings, 2 zoom, one live Sun 7:30am at 5 stones

F3 Waxhaw 1 year anniversary celebrated on 9/7 @ Cuthbertson school 0630 hrs.  We will have a choice of 3 exercises:

  1. Mash
  2. Boot camp
  3. 5K race

School is not in session (anymore…late)

Warm Up

On a fine summer morning we went to school…and then it was over.

Chastain and Fuse Box explained what we would be doing until 8:30am, preached the DiCCS format and then we were off…no that was Fuse Box…with no weinke


We moseyed towards the front of the school trying to keep Fuse Box in sight.  An example of what not to do as a Q.  It also didn’t seem like Chastain knew how to count but again a lesson for us to do it right.


Jump Squats

4 corners (split the group/on your own)

  • Dry docks
  • Flutters
  • LBCs

Moseyed to the school bus lot for some work with a partner.  No partner carry exercises allowed now with Covid (phew) so we caught a break.  So while one partner did derkins, the other ran ~40 yards then back to change exercise positions with said partner.

Short mosey to rock area…


Shoulder press

Tricep press

Used the lamp posts by the shed/field to practice american hammers…only twice and then sprinted/jail break to the COT.


I really appreciate everyone taking the time to help me learn how to Q (after being here only 3 weeks) especially Chastain, Fuse Box and Posse.  Apologize for submitting this 3 days late (from time I could access).


n/a.  Chastain took us home with something other than a prayer