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These Pax had a fever for more “Rifle Carry”

Its Spring Break! The kids are ready to go have fun……So this BB will be Short and Sweet.

The Thang

Quick version—-We started with some intense merkins, air squats..and rifle carrys etc……..moved on to partnering up for  150 Curls, Overhead Presses, Chest presses, Squats …while the other partner–you guessed it Rifle Carries….Our upper body was toast. We moved on to some more exercises and Centerfold said “Sugar Daddy if we do more rifle carries I will shoot you with the rifle”…that was the “nice” version…….so guess how I ended the workout????????


With only 6 pax it was a great time to let loose and have some fun–and get a tough workout in…. Mumblechatter is one of the great things I really enjoy about F3…today the Pax were funny, working hard and having great fellowship! Thanks to Centerfold, Brutus, Elmers, Mayhem, and Chastain for the laughs! and getting the weekend off to a great start. Awesome effort today by everyone!


Mayhem-possible company switch—interview’s today

Good health for Centerfold’s Mom…..

Continued fellowship today at Stacks with Centerfold and Mayhem—-great guys!



WTF is May 1st







Muscle by Masonry

Its Chiseled——time to break out the Cooooooupons.

One nice thing about F3 Waxhaw is the variety of workouts. Yesterday , I was at Waxhaw Express (all running) So, I was more than happy to be able to Q at Chiseled today and work on the muscle of our colletive pax—- and they delivered…… Hardworkers in the crowd today!

Warmup (after Diccs of course)

Instructed the pax there would be lifting today—so the opening mosey would be long and slow to get loose—and lots of stretching focusing on the lower back.  The above 40 crowd definitely approved with the groans –thanks Schneider and gang…. Breadbowl and Swamp are probably still confused with the positive groaning that sounded x-rated

The Thang

Time to work–

  • Rifle carry coupon to the side of Mt. Chiseled
  • Find a parking spot line —plank left to the next line 10 merkins, plank right to the next line 8 merkins, back left 6 merkins, back right 4 merkins, back left 2 merkins— That is a chest killer
  • Get back on your line and rifle carry coupon to the other curb– do 10 air squats (to give the arms a rest) then rifle carry again back to original curb –10 air squats….rinse and repeat 3 times.
  • PARTNER UP—- P1 lifts while P2 runs
  • 150 per exercise: Curls, Overhead Presses, Bench Presses, Squats—-
  • Grab a curb–do 10 incline merkins—run across to the other curb and do 10 incline merkins –repeat 3 times.
  • Rifle carry to the front of MT Chiseled–partner up again. Time for “hills”….each pax runs up and back. switch with partner—- 5 times.
  • Time to finish up—-plank on your coupon and hold plank while we go around the circle and do 100 merkins–hold plank until its your turn to complete a merkin
  • Rifle Carry coupon back to COT and thats a wrap.


This was a hard working group!

-Schneider, Draper, Chainsaw, Rick Bobby—Respects that just put in the work. Appreciate you guys.                              -Flanders, Fuse Box, Loafer, Ex-Lax, Ackbar, Legal Zoom— Great effort as usual—OH YEAH                                            – The Mauls!!  Doughboy, Breadbowl, Swamp–How cool is that to workout with your two boys at your side …great leadership,                                                                                                                                                                                  – -Showgirl–Just met you this week (Lycan and today)- Great work- The Pax are glad you’re back! Keep coming.

Thanks for allowing me to lead you guys today. Great group that came to work!


Off the Chain— New Mountin Biking AO starts tomorrow evening at Walnut Creek . Contact Rockwell for more specific details,                                                                                                                                                                                          WTF–coming soon…May 1st  sign up on Groupme

6th man Ackbar: EH’d by Ice9 after a sermon he gave (he’s a pastor) where he descibed how he used to workout. Got his name because he is a Star Wars fanatic……Best Line: My Life is better because of you guys (F3).

Prayers for our F3 brother Premature as he will soon be getting a biopsy for possible prostrate cancer. Prayers are with you my friend…..Schneiders friend Mike in motorcycle accident

Ackbar prayed for these men and took us out.








The Glue (Neighborhood Watch explores Walnut Creek)

Great morning of  camaraderie….When I joined F3 last July I watched a 90 second video of Dredd explaining in brief terms the concept of F3… He described the “2nd F” as the “Glue”. (Fellowship- Consistent Male Friendship)

Today, I really saw that concept in action. This was my first time attending NW…. I have read how it is a great way to get to know your “brothers” better and have meaningful dialogue.  All of that is TRUE…plus just a good time!

It was fun learning a little about each person there….the hour flew by…amd really you just skimmed the surface….The fellowship is great…the needling is fun….laughs mixed in with a little serious conversation.

I will keep this short and say I truly enjoyed today…I highly recommend it….This is is a great format. I look forward to doing it again and if you havent tried NW yet….give it a shot!  F2 is real.

Is that actual Sweat?

With the warmer temperature today, shirts were actually soaked again! Puddles of sweat were noticed on the pavement! It was like an old friend visiting again. Hope these warm temperatures last for awhile.,,,, Dancing Bear aka Wet T shirt contest– you were missed today.

DICCS- Roger that—and we are off.


A slow mosey past Rudy’s shed and circle up for some stretching,  exercises, and banter. The quick wit of the Pax is one of my most favorite things about F3….. Funny mumblechatter today….off to a great start.

The Thang

Decided on not too much running today….so let’s do a bit at the start to get it out of the way.

  • Run around the roundabouts 3 times doing 5 Burpees at the top circle and 10 Merkins/10 Big Bois at the bottom circle
  • To piggyback off the March Madness theme had Recalc lead us in Basketball slides to the stadium parking lot…and yes—his form was predictably flawless. Great job buddy.
  • Pick a line in the stadium parling lot—get in Plank position —plank right to the next line and complete 10 merkins–plank left to your starting line and do 8 merkins–plank right to the line again do 6 merkins—-you get the drill. We did 2 sets to get the uppper body torched and the sweat is flowing now.
  • Partner up and one pax runs to the end of the parking lot and back while the other pax exercises–100 Big Boys, 100 Bobby Hurley’s, and 100 merkins.
  • Individually do 10 Mike Tysons –run to the end of lot again do 8 Mike Tysons—keep going in this  same pattern

Time to head back to COT—- great effort men!


Thank-you pax for allowing me to lead you today! I was really impresssed with how everyone worked and pushed it today! You guys all got after it!

Thanks for the laughs as well—-always a great way to start the day!


  • Last Rooster announcement—its tomorrow!   Good luck boys!—-Commitment will be open.
  • CPR March 29th–spots still open. Contact Surge.
  • Continued prayers for Surge’s niece Lauren–she is off the ventilator.
  • Continued prayers for Legal Zoom’s parents health.
  • Prayers for Nametag (Fruit Loops son) as he starts a two year mission next Tuesday near London. Good Luck!
  • 6th man was Fruit Loops other son–12 years old–F3 name Herschel—after Herschel Walker —He said he got  his name because he was wearing a Georgia Bulldogs shirt and he was faster than everone—especially Fruit Loops!!

F3 Waxhaw is a great group for honing our LEADERSHIP skills—-here is a quote I hope you find helpful:

If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.

Keep inspiring others guys…and I thank you all for inspiring me on a daily basis!

Thanks Ackbar for taking us out in prayer

Waxtravanganza Legs

Brand new week…ready to crush it. (even with sore Waxtravanganza legs)

Since Ignition is a high intensity running workout, I fully came to Q today expecting only to see 1 maybe 2 pax that may not have made it to Waxtravaganza…..To my pleasant suprise we had 6 pax today. Special kudos to Gerber, Carbload, and Premature for overcoming their “Waxtravaganza Legs ” and posting today.


Disclaimer given and we are off…..Long Mosey to get the Waxtravaganza legs warmed up…. Various regular stretches for the legs —and some not so often used leg stretches– i.e. “The Hurry Stretch” -which is good for the IT Band (Iliotibial band)…Premature now swears by this stretch and it’s his new favorite.

The Thang

Rooster Training Part II

Last week at Ignition Bottlecap started Rooster training—A timed one mile run from the start of Champion Forest to the end of the cul-de-sac. So, we did Part II of the mile run today.

Next, we turned up one of the side streets for some “sprints” up to the top and jog back– with Dry Docks at the top and Squats at the bottom.

Time to head back to campus—10 merkins at every light pole on the left.

Run around campus until we reach the two roundabouts—Start at top circle with 5 burpees –run to the bottom circle for 10 squats and 10 merkins–run to the benches for 20 dips –and then to the cafeteria benches for 20 leg ups—rinse and repeat for 3 rounds.

Time to finish up–start at RS and “give it all you have” back to COT—-6:15


Great group of guys to workout with today. Thanks to all of you for letting me lead you today…. Amazed at the quality of men in this F3 Waxhaw group.

Carbload and Premature– Great job pushing through any soreness today and both of you crushed it. It was great seeing both of you out here today and running with me!

The Gazelles– Hurry, Gerber, Ice9—Is it possible you guys are getting even faster!  All three smoked the mile run….They are Rooster ready…..Great to see Hurry back in action.


Did Carbload say he is already thinking about another CSAUP!  Wow ….I will say he did a great job and everyone had an excellent day!

Gerber–6th man–always great to find out more about each pax…Nice to hear how important F3 is to you…. Thanks for sharing.

Goodfella took us out in prayer.


Coming in Hot!!!!!!

So does the cop who sits at the top not care at all? Or was he just taking a nap? Eating breakfast? Checking GME ‘s current stock price? Or does he know its just the ole F3 guys at this time of morning?….so leave them alone? Thankfully, one of the above is true! (He never budged) Maybe it was Enos —remember him–Waxhaw cop– use to workout at F3 last Summer for a short while.

Anyway, Diccs were given….Its 9 seconds until 5;15 am– were ready to roll and all a sudden we all look up and there is a car coming in on two wheels—can’t make out yet what kind of vehicle -then someone yells out “IT’S ZIN”—and we all perk up seeing if he is going to get nailed—WHEW!!!! …we mosey around and pick up Zin as he get out of his Jeep.

I got to admit that got us all fired up and it was great seeing Zin and he put us all in an amped up mood on an otherwise cold boring morning,…Thanks for the adrenaline rush Zin. (We couldn’t have planned  it any better)


Long mosey across the front of the schools to the parking lot by the football fields for some SSH, MNC, IW, and various stretching to get ready to run….

The Thang

Headed to Champion Forest to take advantage of the long stretch of road to the first cul de sac…run the entire length doing 10 merkins at each lightpole on the right side then 10 merkins at the bottom—that will equal 100 merkins when finished.

Go to the second street for some gassers up the hill and jog back down —do 5 Dry Docks at top and 10 squats at bottom–rinse and repeat for three rounds.

Head back on same street stopping at every other stoplight on the left for 3 burpees. Then back on campus.

Get a few ab exercises in at the rock to rest a little before we mosey to the stadium parking lot and then run the hill up the parking lot until you get to the island then jog back down and repeat 4 times. Everyone pushed it and is gassed right now! Great work by each Pax.

Mosey for more ab work—-each Pax calls out an ab exercise—-time to head to Rudy’s shed to prepare for the final push back to COT.

Stop at first two lights-and complete 5 merkins –then give it everything you have back to COT.


I want to thank- you men for coming out and for the support today—I was thinking with the 20 ish degree weather it may have been just me….You all crushed it today!

Zin: Thanks for making it fun right from the get-go! Also, man you are killin it in January—and you killed it today.

Ice, Gerber, and Dasher—The Gazelles just doing their thing!!! Way to lead!

Carbload and Premature- Representing the Antelopes in fine fashion today—- I know you guys racked up the miles yesterday at Pursuit so I appreciate you working hard again today!

Blue Screen!- Great work -You had one helluva week—Turned 62 , showed your compassion at Rice N Beans, then crushed it today.

It was truly my pleasure  and alot of fun to get to workout with each of you this morning.  Thanks for letting me lead your workout.


Blood Drive tommorrow! Congrats to the Dryuary guys.

CSAUP on Feb 6th—Downtown Waxhaw

Continued prayers for Shop Dawg and his family.

Ackbar took us out.

Fun Night! at Clyent Dinner

If you have seen the picture that Gerber posted last night look again at the kids….they made it FUN!!!!! Also, I think Gerber summed it up well when he noted below the picture “the pandemic has made pax hungry for fellowship, hungry for exercise, hungry for family time, hungry for positivity. Nowhere, is that more evident than by the explosive growth of these evening 2.0 friendly workouts”. Well said Gerber!

He is right! As the pax (and 2.0’s) made their entance last night a different vibe was in the air. It was a fun vibe. An exuberant vibe. A happy vibe. A positive vibe. The adult pax were in turn all smiling and we were all taking in the youthful enthusiam, energy, and exhuberance of the kids!



DICCS given- we have cell phone, CPR trained, reminder for non- related pax to keep socially distanced -its go time!

Mosey down the trail– to keep the energetic pax together I interrupted the usual mosey with 10 SSH at every 3rd light—this kept our big group together (still socially distanced) until we reached Rudy’s shed and circled up for some more exercises and light stretching – SSH. IW, Moroccan NC, LSS etc..more of the usual suspects.


Kids vs Adults—- Guess who won??????

I wanted to make it fun! What do kids like to do for fun?   Compete and Win!!!!

We moseyed to the two roundabouts and it was kids vs adults- like we normally do circle the two roundabouts doing 5 merkins at each one—fastest back to the start wins. (kids only have to reach the roundabouts-not circle them—distance shorter) Ready go!!!!!….They were pumped to beat the Adults! Baby Gazelles are off. Adults are smiling then gettting gassed as this is hard. Kids win round one. Adults are punished with MERKINS.I wanted to get a good w/o for the adults while stimulating the kids. No rest for the Adults —Round 2 begins. Time for revenge??? No–Kids win again. More MERKINS for the adults. The THANG was to have the adults run as hard as they could and still lose-made possible by the much shorter distance for the kids without being too obvious to them —then Merkins for the Adults. Kids were happy.

Time to mosey and bunny hop our way to the Stadium parking lot…..It is now time for the Adults to pair up with the kids and LEAD them in 4 corners –they needed guidance on where to go and what exercise to do—-it was so great seeing all the adults (parent or not) LEAD the kids—Then lineup on the parking lot lines for bear crawls, frog jumps, backward run etc…. Now race to the lightpole—Who won? Did more kids win or did more adults win? KIDS win again….more MERKINS for the adults—Kids do five adults do 15 rinse and repeat…..Kids win again.

Mosey back to the roundabouts for exercises down to Rudy’s shed to finish the evening—Adults time to call out different exercises—-then its time to (5 Minutes)-to race back up to COT—finshed!!!



FUN:…lots of energy.

IMPRESSED and HUMBLED: I witnessed Pax in a different environment. I saw some really terrific Dads! You are good men! Great Leaders to your kids! Very inspiring!

Special shout out to Posse, Rudy and Driveby—They were 3 Pax without their own kids tonight—they were HIMS tonight—each of them helped lead the kids and assist and got a great workout in…Selfless. Great job men,

High Hat, Zinfandel, Gerber, Cobbler, C3PO, Carbload, Rubbermaid—it was easy to see what your priorities are in life! All your kids look up to you and I could see the love and respect.



  1. Reminder: CSAUP-Feb 6th–Starts and Ends in Downtown Waxhaw- F2 to follow
  2. Blood Drive: Saturday January 30th Five Stones Church-Zinfandel announced that the information and link is now posted on Social Media-Facebook, Twitter, Instagram—share with friends and family.
  • Cobbler was the 6th man-found F3 on website-got his name because he likes to build”stuff”
  • Thanks to Carbload for sharing a conversation with us he had with his daughter about us being “brothers” or as she said “cousins”…..the meaning we are all family-lets continue looking out for each other.
  • Special shoutout to Zinfandel who ran “rucked” with his daughter—(that was awesome) she did great!
  • YHC took us out


Success!!!!….or did he fake it???

Ever since I started F3, Ice9 has always encouraged me and pushed me to get better. I really have appreciated it. The guy is a workout beast and pushes himself every day. So, when Ice shows up to your post, the goal of the Q is to make it challenging enough for him  to dry heave.  Today, as we were on our final stretch going up KJH, Ice was crushing it as usual and I hear the MAGICAL ” dry heaving”–SUCCESS!!! SUCCESS!!!!! Yes… Goal Achieved…. But after a few minutes my mind started playing tricks on me…., I started thinking–He is such a nice guy…was he faking it …was he faking it so I would feel good about my Q????    Ahhhhh, this is a question we may never know?????????



DICCS given and its time to Mosey as it was chilly….completed full loop back to starting point parking lot for some SSH, IW, Moroccan Night Clubs, Arm Windmills, Calf Stretch, Runners Stretch, Jimmy Dugans, Upward and Downward Dog….we are ready!


Mosey to beautiful downtown Waxhaw and keep running until we hit The Baptist Church Parking Lot for a little Bear Crawling….getting warm now.

Now, complete 15 Merkins in the Baptist Church Parking Lot then run over to the Lutheran Church Parking Lot for 15 Bobby Hurley’s …Rinse and repeat for 3 reps. Great job pushing it here fellas!

Time to Mosey to the new Swimming Pool Parking Lot for an Abs/Core Four Corners….Start in the middle island with 2 Burpees then run to a corner and complete the ab exercise (20) then back to the middle for 2 burpees –rinse and repeat.

At each of the 4 Corners complete 20 ab exercises-1st Corner: Flutters, 2nd Corner Big Bois,  3rd Corner American Hammers, 4th Corner: LBC’s

Now we are ready to finish this bad boy up…what is a Waxhaw workout without the Monster Hill (KJH)….. Mosey over to that Unforgiving Bad Boy (KJH). We will run up the hill stopping at the  4 light poles  Stop at the first light pole complete 3 Burpees and then return to the bottom for 10 T-Merkins . Then go to the second light pole and return to the bottom for 10 T-merkins -rinse and repeat until 4 light poles are completed.

Now its time for everyone to push it back to COT….go at your own speed and discretion This hill is rough.

What is that I hear??????  I  hear dry heaving!!!!     YES!


I was so impressed the way each man was putting in maximum effort today…Thank-You

Shout-out to the  guys that were coming off injuries or nursing injuries—you were pushing the best you could and crushing it….Great job.

17 for Floater with 2 for Mash

It was my pleasure leading this great group of guys today….



New Bootcamp workout starts tomorrow:


AO Location:  Marvin Ridge High School

Goodfella will be on Q for a 6 am start time.


Reminder 9am Saturday: Paper Jam needs help moving items from Blakeney to Waxhaw .Details are on F3 service opportunities or reach out if you can help.


Zinfandel mentioned tracking your goals for 2020 on the F3 spreadsheet—for example one of his was to take his boys to the evening workouts…I have witnessed him doing this…..this tool is a great accountability source.

One of mine is to encourage/compliment my kids and wife on a daily basis. Since I was Q today, I encouraged all PAX to do so today within an hour of getting home as YHC took us out…(love the response Trojan received!)

Have a great day fellas!






Done-Finished-Completed-Accomplished-Over-In the Books!!

I always feel great when a workout is over!  The same was especially true today for my “VQ.”   It is nice having it ” in the books.” I wanted to do a good job for the PAX. I want to thank all the PAX for coming out to support me and all the kind words of encouragement. It was nice being a 50 year old virgin this morning– as a few of the PAX called me today!

Warmup:  After the Disclaimers (of course)

  • Just the Basics—Short Mosey, SSH, Morrocan Night Clubs, Imperial Walkers, Low Slow Squats, Planks, Calf Stretch, Glidah Stretch, Jimmy Dugans—and we are off…….(Rain is still holding off)



  • I really like the You vs You concept I have learned about since joining F3. So, I tried to incorporate that concept into the workout today so that everyone got as much out of it as they wanted and needed today,
  • Small Loop–Ran around the round abouts—doing 10 Merkins at the first—10 Squats at the second. You vs. You—Do as many as possible within timeframe.
  • Headed over to Football Parking lot doing some basketball slides along the way.
  • Pick a parking spot line (good for social distancing) and bear crawl forward to the end and run backwards back to the curb….go as hard as you can. You vs You until time called.
  • Big Loop: This was the loop we did on Halloween—when back at the lightpole do Burpees and LBC’s rinse and repeat until time called. You vs You—-awesome effort by everyone.
  • Back to parking spot–Mosey to end of parking lot then as fast as you can back to beginning. Great job all were pushing. One more time— only half way this time. Pax are winded and working hard right now!
  • Slow Mosey to Rudy’s shed to finish up—Shoulder presses and donkey kicks.
  • Then lets finish STRONG- 3 burpees at the first 3 lightpoles then Jaibreak Home.



  • Honored to be able to lead this group of Men this morning. Thought it was going to be raining and nasty but we got lucky.
  • You vs You—Too many PAX to name today but everyone was working hard and pushing themselves…I was impressed with the work ethic today. Thanks for putting in the work.
  • Special thanks to Rockwell for EHing me and then inviting me for my VQ at Flash—(Flash was my first workout site —and I will always remember Chicken Little for making it so welcoming. First Impressions last and he made it great for me. I hope I can do the same for other FNG’s.
  • I’m honored to be part of F3 Waxhaw….great group of guys.
  • Big group at Cutty today with Ignition and Mashers also here.
  • Welcome FNG—Prison Break—brought out by Transporter.
  • 6th man —Das Boot—-Got his name because he was in a walking boot at his first F3 workout. He was EH’d by Dark Helmut



  • Service Opportunity—Mayhem will be leading a group of volunteers out of town  (Jan 26-Feb 2nd) to work on homes for those still struggling from Hurricane Florence. See Mayhem for details.
  • Congrats to Smithers on the birth of his daughter Quinn.

YHC tooks us out.