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Rebel Yell with a Chest Enhancement

7 pax arrived at #F3RebelYell looking for an elective change in their physical appearance.  If you showed up with an A-Cup, you left with a C-Cup.

The Thang

Mosey to BBall courts for COP

SSH x 20

Slow Squat x 15

IW x 15

Mosey to picnic area for a quick circuit

Curb Merkins w Step up x 10

Derkins x 20

Dips x 30


Mosey to soccer fields for 11’s

90 yard gassers – 1 diamond merkin/10 jump squats; 2/9…… and so forth

Mosey to school for a merkin wall-a-thon

1 minute wall chair – 10 wall plank merkins

1 min wall – 20 wide arm merkins

1 min wall – 30 CDD’s

1 min wall – 40 CDD’s

1 min wall – 30 merkins

1 min wall – 20 mak tar jai

1 min wall – 10 merkins – I really can’t remember if we did these or not #foggy

**205 merkins completed (if you count the 20 Mak Tar Jai)***

Mosey back to parking lot for Mary

Dolly – as many as you can do in 2 mins

LBC – as many as you can do in 1 min

Back Scratcher – as many as you can do in 1 min


  • Great work by all the pax today.   ‘The’ Mighty Mite – dude smoked on the 11’s drill.
  • Long Distance threw in some arm raises requests on the wall chairs.  Little did he know the next 2 exercises performed would include 70 CDD’s #perfecttiming #shouldersmoke
  • Radar couldn’t attend today due to his Hot Taiwanese Yoga session


  • Purple Haze and Champagne leading F2 (faith) group at Panera at Corner of Carmel and 51 right after Centurion on Friday.
  • F3 golf tomorrow at Emerald Lake – Fairways and greens only gentleman – oh, and lot’s of libations



Cryptic Message Fail

12 pax incl 1 #BRR participant shook the fartsack in favor of a #F3RebelYell beatdown led by Crabcake.

The Thang

Mosey to center of soccer field #1 for COP

10 burpees OYO

25 SSH – cadence

20 Merkin – cadence

25 IW – cadence

Mosey to endline

Bearcrawl 30 yd / 5 Burpees / Bearcrawl 30 yd / 20 Merkins / sprint back

Crabwalk 30 yd / 5 Burpees / Crabwalk 30 yd / 20 Merkins / sprint back

Lunge Walk 30 yd / 5 Burpees / Lunge 30 yd / 20 Merkins / sprint back

Sprint 30 yd / 5 Burpees / Sprint 30 yd / 20 Merkins – Plank

Mosey to playground for pain stations

20 pull ups

20 dips

20 merkins

Rinse Repeat

Mosey to Wall

Wall Sit 90 sec x 2

Balls to Wall with slow 10 count by TR

Mosey to basketball courts for Mary

Flutter – 20 cadence …..hold it

Protractor……..hold it

Dolly – 20 cadence

20 merkins OYO

Spackler gets a little frisky and takes off for fields and the pax follows:

karaoke 50 yds/backwards run 25 yrs/shuffle 50 yd/regular 25 yd – 20 mak tar jai

repeat – 20 dips

plank/right arm/right leg/left arm/left leg/6 inches – 30 CDD’s OYO


Moleskin – Quick hits

  • Some confusion on Twitter led to TR not understanding he was supposed to bring weights to Crabcake for Hair Burners – #ThanktheLord.
  • Did anyone actually do all 60 pull ups during the pain stations? If so, T claps.
  • Gotta love Semi Gloss – sends Spackler a text last night saying he was almost out of gas in an attempt to fartsack no doubt – knew he would catch flack so Spackler gave him a lift this AM – there will be no missing #F3RebelYell for you sir.
  • Radar disappoints once again with a no show – must be the lack of energy from his diet.  If you need a ride next week, let me know.


  • Convergence this Saturday at The Rock – 1 year anniversary – Tell a friend
  • Good Luck to all you BRR’ers.  Remember to say a prayer for our brothers for a safe trip and safe running.







Tighten Up The Circle!

17 PAX incl 1 FNG graciously attended the debut of #F3RebelYell.  The workout did not disappoint and it never will…..

The Thang

YHC proudly scooped up his newly constructed flag (thank you Phaze/Radar) and led the PAX down to the well manicured soccer fields.  They were really nice.  Too bad none of us enjoyed them.


SSH x 25
Slow Squat x 20
Imperial Walker x 15
Football Up/Downs (Ring of Fire) – run in place, hit the ground on the whistle and back to your feet – More on this in moleskin

Mosey to goaline for The Gut Buster

Sprint 40 yards, perform exercise, back pedal back to start, perform same exercise – repeato with different exercise (5,10,20,30,40,50,5)

5 burpees (10)
10 merkins (20)
20 mary katherines (40)
30 squats (60)
40 wide merkin (80)
50 LBC (100)
5 burpees (10)

Crabcake Q – Mosey to playground for some circuit

15 pull ups
25 dips
25 merkins

Rinse Repeat

Mosey to basketball courts/parking lot

Suicide sprints using the 4 basketball courts (this YHC could have and should have spilled merlot) #sucked

Circle up for some Mary

Rosalita x 20
Flutter x 20
LBC x 20 (? can’t really remember – thanks to Zip)

Mosey to wall for some air chair (90 seconds x 2)

Mosey back to soccer field for a Jack Webb finale (Up to 8)


  • Thank you to all of you for attending the debut of #F3RebelYell. Welcome back Cheesecurd! Great to see you back out in the gloom. A few folks were HC’d and they didn’t show but I won’t name names (Skywalker & Radar). All fun. Hope you guys can make it next week.
  • Being that today is the start of the 2013 CFB season, YHC thought he would weave a football drill into the equation in the Up/Downs. It wasn’t until this morning that the thought of the ring of fire with the drill was a good idea. #urwelcome It sucked. So much so that direction was given not once, but twice to tighten up the circle.
  • Semi-Gloss once again has found a porta john on-site. #shocking
  • Thanks to Zipadee we have no idea how many LBC’s were done in Mary due to his Spanish banter. What we do know is he is awfully good counting up to ten in spanish but not so much down from ten. I will set up a tutor session for you with Long Distance.
  • Lastly, thanks to Phaze for the prayer.


  • A51 Convergence on Labor Day at 0700 at South Charlotte Middle.
  • Interested in running Thunder Road full or half marathon? Join the F3 A51 team. See details on website.
  • New 3rd F workout starts next Wednesday, 9/4, at Piper Glen Starbucks. Contact Skywalker or Busch for details.

It was easy…..Tell A Friend

43 of the finest PAX, fooled by YHC’s Twitter post, put in work at #F3DeathValley.  Told you it would be easy. #notsomuch

The Thang

Light jog down to track with a half lap and gather in center of field for COP:

SSH – 20
Burpees – 10
IW – 20
Burpees – 8
Squat – 20
Burpees – 6
Merkin – 15
Burpees – 4
Mtn Climber – 20
Burpees – 2
CDD – 15
(YHC really wanted to throw in 10 more Burpees – If you can’t do it, don’t Q it)

Partner up (3 pax to team) and mosey to goalpost

  • 300 LBC (1 pax run, 2 perform exercise – flapjack until 300 complete)
    Plank work
  • 200 Wide Merkin (” “)
    Plank work
  • 100 Burpees (” “)

Mosey back to parking lot/bleachers for circuit work (keeping same teams)

  • Merkin/Flutter – PAX 1 flutter at bleachers until PAX 2 runs down to flapjack – while PAX 3 is doing Merkins up in parking lot. Continue to flapjack alternate running back and forth.
  • CDD/Dolly – Same as above
  • Burpee/Dips – Same as above


  • Needless to say, this was the largest group of PAX that YHC has led and am not embarrassed to say that there were some nerves.  If you would have told me a few months ago that I was going to be leading a workout at #F3DeathValley, and now a site co-Q at #F3RebelYell, I would have laughed and bet against that.  YHC didn’t feel he was ready but it worked out.  If you haven’t volunteered to lead a workout, do it.  You are ready.  Very thankful for what F3 is doing in all of our lives.
  • Apologize to any PAX who showed due to Twitter post advising that there would be less running than at #F3FastTwitch as there was a good bit.  YHC gives the Twitch a good amount of grief on a weekly basis mostly because there is a ton of running, and I hate running.  For any who haven’t attended #F3FastTwitch, I put it up against any we have as it is one of the toughest.  T-Claps to TL on that front.
  • Happy Bday to the one and only StoneCold!  Where was the birthday suit?  Smart move by not announcing it pre-workout – 41 Burpees OYO.  There was another bday as well.  Who was it?
  • T-Claps to 49er, Phaze and Harley for allowing YHC to join their ‘team’.  Pretty sure how we split things up that 49er and Phaze got the raw end of the deal with the exercise reps
  • Tiger Rag can thank Bulldog and Radar for the CDD’s and Burpees at the end.  Some chatter during the flutter made YHC willfully change his plans.
  • ‘What Water’ – Many of you saw the tweet YHC put out yesterday on ‘Never Wet’.  YHC made a debut with the product on some older shoes in an effort to see if it would keep his feet dry.  It did.  #operationsuccess.  Be aware – it leaves a cloudy shine so dark shoes may not be the best idea.  Go to Home Depot if you want to try it.  Will keep the PAX posted on any foot sores from the chemicals.
  • Thanks to SkyWalker for a great send-off prayer


  • New Thursday workout, #F3RebelYell, launching August 29th at Polo Ridge Elementary. Spackler and Crabcake are site Qs.
  • New 3rd F workout, #F3TheStand, launching each Friday beginning September 13th at Panera Carmel Commons after #F3Centurion. Champagne and Purple Haze on Q. “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire” is the book.
  • New 3rd F workout, #F3Aftermath, launching each Wed at 6:30 beginning September 4th at Starbucks Piper Glen.  Skywalker and Busch on Q.  Will be going thru Search Ministries Foundations Study.
  • I think I forgot something so chime in if so………..